chris4585playing with my tv as a second monitor00:06
chris4585doesn't work too well00:06
chris4585bought a 15" long hdmi cable and it works well I think I may move my computer or something00:07
wrstcool chris458502:11
jfenn2199morning all20:53
xTEMPLARxmorning sir20:56
jfenn2199how've things been xTEMPLARx20:56
xTEMPLARxslow but busy21:09
xTEMPLARxhow's life?21:09
jfenn2199*life's pretty well21:13
wrsthello jfenn2199, xTEMPLARx21:13
xTEMPLARxi was about to say... lol for a sec there I thought you were insanely jaded21:13
xTEMPLARxheya wrst21:13
jfenn2199whats going on wrst21:13
xTEMPLARxI fixed my box at home, btw, wrst21:13
jfenn2199yeah I got really bummed out but that's all healed21:14
xTEMPLARxjfenn2199: good :D21:14
wrstnot a lot for me jfenn2199, you?21:29
wrstand xTEMPLARx how did you fix it?21:29
jfenn2199just taking it easy right now21:29
* wrst hopes xTEMPLARx read the documentation better since it was obviously his fault :)21:31
xTEMPLARxI installed gnome-buntu 12.1021:32
xTEMPLARxate a sandwich and soup, and by the time it was done I could get into both that and my win7 partition again21:32
xTEMPLARxeasy as pie21:32
wrstxTEMPLARx: well you obviously aren't as good as i thought you were :P21:33
* xTEMPLARx is not as patient as you thought he was.21:33
wrstxTEMPLARx: patience is part of it but i think its tenacity more than that21:34
wrstbut once you go arch you will never go back21:34
xTEMPLARxwell, I set myself up for failure by not setting aside enough time to actually patiently read through the steps, I suppose21:36
xTEMPLARxI needed/wanted my machine back up and useful, and it wasn't happening as quickly as I wanted it to21:36
xTEMPLARxinstant gratification or ELSE21:36
wrstyes i have gotten down to i can do it pretty quick as i mess with arch in a vm sometimes to check out changes coming21:36
xTEMPLARxi have an arch vm on here, but I haven't had much free time here at work the last few work days21:37
wrstthey should give you more goof off time21:37
xTEMPLARxi know!21:38
xTEMPLARxor call it research, as they keep hinting at the future possibility of a linux version of our primary product21:38
wrstthere you go!21:40
wrsthello chris458523:31
chris4585hey wrst23:34

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