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superflyMorning Kilos05:07
Kilosmorning superfly  and others05:07
mazalMorning guys05:09
superflyYo mazal05:09
Kiloshi mazal 05:09
superflyKilos: so, my company's year end dinner is going to be a train ride to Kalkbay, and then lunch at a restaurant there.05:12
Kiloslol hopefully not a train that gets stuck all over05:12
superflyKilos: yeah, hopefully not05:13
Kiloshavent you had enough of train rides superfly ?05:15
Kilostell them to bring yours in a doggy bag05:15
superflyKilos: it's just around the corner from where we live05:17
Kilosah thats good05:17
Kilosso early home for once05:17
superflyI don't know... Probably not much earlier05:18
superflyOh, and the mrs and the boys will be coming too05:18
superflyAh yes, I remember now, vandalism at Claremont = delays05:19
mazalMy work is not even having a year end at all05:20
superflyIt looks like we're just outside claremont anyways05:21
superflymazal: we're a startup, and we *just* got funding05:21
superflyand we're moving again. See Kilos, nothing to worry about05:22
* superfly is wearing shorts to work again today... Too hot for jeans today05:25
mazalLucky fish05:25
superflyDaar's hy! Claremont station05:25
barrydkGood morning all05:31
mazalmore B05:31
Kiloshi barrydk 05:48
barrydkMore  Kilos05:50
barrydkWaar kom die Kilos vandaan is dit gewig of afstand?05:51
mazalMorning Squirm 05:59
Squirmsuperfly: now that it's school holidays, I tend to wear shorts most days05:59
Squirmto work05:59
barrydkI wish i can come to work in shorts06:03
Squirmand slops06:06
Squirmthough, I'm waiting to be spoken to about it :P06:06
superflyour CEO came to work in shorts and slops the other day06:07
mazalThen you are safe to do it as well :)06:08
Squirmmazal: no necessarily, CEO is the CEO06:08
Kilosbarrydk, i started as miles but someone already had that nick06:09
Kilosso we just metricated06:09
barrydkok but what does it stand for06:10
Kilosmoet afstand wees. eks nie vet nie06:10
Kilos86 kgs06:11
barrydkok ouderdom?06:11
Kilosya ouderdom pas06:11
mazalSjoe oom is lekker streamline06:11
barrydkok so ek moet dan ook maar oom se06:12
Kilosha ha ha06:12
Kilosdit pla my nie06:12
Kilosek soek die kortste pad met tik werk06:13
KilosSquirm, normally if the CEO does something it is accepted as an example he is setting06:14
barrydkja diekant ook maar, maar die sleutelbord is darem baaaaie beter as de selfoon s'n06:14
Kilosand mooiriver can get kinda hot at times06:14
SquirmI can't see our CEO wearing shorts06:15
Kilosek tik 2 fingers en moet kyk waar die letters is06:15
barrydkja as ek tik lyk dit ook soos 'n hoender wat mielies pik06:16
Kilosaw well if he sees you in shorts 3 times and says nothing you are most likely safe06:16
Kilossuperfly, what do you say about ddrescue06:17
superflyKilos: don't know it, never used it06:18
Kilostrying it will let you know06:19
Kilosi know you stay away from dd commands06:19
mazalStill that 2TB drive ?06:19
Kilosyip mazal 06:19
* mazal dunno ddrescue either06:19
Squirm.:Kilos:. superfly, what do you say about ddrescue06:19
Squirmit's good06:19
Kilosgotta make drive accept any os so i can try a firmware upgrade06:20
Kilosoh you used it Squirm 06:20
Kilosthats nice to know06:20
SquirmKilos: http://surrey.lug.org.uk/kb/datarecovery06:20
Kilosim just trying to rescue the important parts of the drive so i can do an install06:21
Squirmit's written by a guy I know from the surrey lug06:21
Kilosah ty06:21
Squirmmy favorite recovery program might be foremost though. ok, it recovers files and numbers them randomely, but it has their extensions. I've picked up files off pretty bad drives with it06:22
Kilosi got a prob. the drive is 2 tb and im trying to fix it from 160g06:22
Kilostried them all06:22
SquirmKilos: what do you mean?06:22
Kilosfoemost scalpel testdisk 06:23
Kilosim not running from cd im using my 160 gig drive to work on a 2 TB drive06:23
Kilosthe prob is in the 2 TB drives firmware06:24
Kilosthe more i tried to install ubuntu the more it marked bad sectors, till the i/o error comes up all the time06:26
Kilosim not  trying to save any data off it. just want it to work and accept ubuntu06:27
Kilosi have the patch but the i/o error must be fixed first06:28
Kilostried it06:33
Kilosfsck -f /dev/sdb06:33
Kilosthen i saw one site says dont use fsck till other stuff is fixed first06:34
Kilosand some sites first want you cell number and play music. so i dont waste data trying to see what their cure is06:41
Kilosand smartmon tools wants $3906:43
Kiloshi zeref 06:52
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:12
Kiloshi timkeller 07:12
Kilosand jrgns 07:12
inetprogood morning world07:14
* inetpro greets the folk before getting into trouble with Kilos07:14
mazalMorning inetpro 07:16
jrgnshi Kilos07:22
jrgnsmorning inetpro07:22
Kiloshiya inetpro 07:23
Kiloshi henkj 07:23
henkjmorning peeps07:24
maiatodayhi everyone08:12
maiatodaydon't be alarmed if our team expires, I sent all the emails and we are on the next meeting slot08:12
maiatodayIf all goes well we will be official again soon08:12
Kilosoh my\08:14
mazalHi maia , thank you for all the efforts08:14
Kilosinetpro, so what was the troubleshooting yesterday?08:27
Kiloswho did what wrong08:27
inetproKilos: a long story08:29
charl_good morning08:30
charl_Maaz: coffee on08:30
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:30
Kiloshi charl_ 08:30
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:30
MaazKilos: Alrighty08:30
charl_hi Kilos, inetpro08:31
charl_hi maiatoday 08:31
inetprothe day basically started with problems the moment I stepped into the office and there was just no end to it08:31
inetpronot just one issue08:31
maiatodayhi charl_08:31
charl_hi zeref 08:33
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!08:34
KilosMaaz, ty08:34
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:34
inetproKilos: anything and everything in one day, bandwidth issues, networking issues, proxy issues, software upgrade issues, anti-virus, etc, etc08:39
inetprooh and having to deal with impatient users on top of everything08:39
inetprofun and games08:40
mazalImpatient users , tooooo many of those08:40
mazalAnd picnic users08:40
zerefHi charl_ 08:43
Kilosai inetpro that sucks but you still kicking so all is good08:45
inetproKilos: hehe, the only problem is when you reach the end of the day and you ask yourself what have I done today08:46
Kiloswell you can list it all08:47
Kilosmake a hard copy on paper and read it when you wonder those things08:47
barrydkKilos what keeps you busy all day 08:48
Kiloscooking shepherding washing dishes and watering my strawberries and chilis08:49
Kilosand fiddling with pc's08:50
barrydkok are you on  plot08:50
Kiloswest of pta08:50
barrydkok sounds nice. Hows the crime in your area08:52
inetproKilos: haha08:53
Kilosnot bad actually. only been 2 murders about 5 ks away08:53
inetproKilos: on such days there's not even time for coffee08:53
Kilosai inetpro thats tough08:53
Kilosand sheep stolen at christmas time08:54
Kilosinetpro, who does it when you are on leave08:54
barrydkYa we had a burglary last week almost 200 000 rands worth of tools stolen. Some other plots and farms in and around town were also burglared recently. Crime shot up the last few weeks, looks they are busy with afirnative shopping08:56
barrydkThats why they call a sheep a take away08:57
barrydk3 years ago they stole 28 of our sheep, cut their throats and load them on a 1400 bakkie. That wasn't a nice sight08:58
Kilosyeah things arent good for farmers08:59
Kiloswhen i was running a beef farm outside rustenburg they used to tie cows to a tree or fence pole and cut hind quarrters of and duck09:00
barrydkBad. i don't know how one can be o cruel.09:00
Kiloscruel is just another word to them09:01
barrydkwithout meaning09:02
Kiloshmm modem just disconnected09:11
Symmetriahrm, does anyone have any good hints as to the best way to trace memory leaks in C code09:15
henkjSymmetria valgrind09:18
Symmetriathanks, will take a look, I may have found the issue though, but will take a coupla hours to se09:19
Symmetriadont think I was clearing one of my postgres result checks09:19
Symmetria:P if its not using 3 gigs of ram in 4 hours, I fixed it09:20
Symmetriaheh, come to the conclusion though that Im gonna have to start adding a few threaded db queues to this thing though to try and speed it up09:20
Symmetriatakes just over 40 minutes to actually start at the moment09:21
henkjhow much memory is it supposed to use?09:22
Symmetriaheh, bout 500meg09:23
Symmetriawell, actually depends on how many data feeds Im throwing into it, if I go up to like, 9 feeds, it could get to over a gig09:24
henkjso  pretty serious memory leak09:24
Symmetriaat the moment though, feeding it two full tables, its hitting about 450 - 500meg on startup, and 9 hours later is using 3.3gig09:24
Symmetriayeah, as I said, pretty damn sure its got to do with not clearing a database query result 09:24
Symmetriaand at the rate this thing runs queries, it could easily use that kinda memory09:25
Symmetrialol, its executing 900 thousand database queries just on startup09:25
Symmetria13950 quagga    20   0  170m  80m 2324 S  29,9  1,0   1:48.56 bgpd09:25
Symmetriaso far so good though with 200k routes outta 900k built 09:26
henkjthose poor dbs :P09:26
SymmetriaARGH FUCK, *looks for some dry clothes to wear*, my damn dog was outside playing in the rain and just came and launched herself into my lap soaking wet09:41
Symmetria32 kilograms of dripping wet very excited puppy dog09:41
magespawnmorning all09:50
Kiloshi magespawn 09:50
magespawnhey Kilos 09:51
magespawni think to do a frimware upgrade you can connect the drive to a working pc09:51
Kilosim kinda bang and first gotta see if ddrescue can rescue something so that the patch cd can see the drive not give i/o error09:53
Kilosjust takes long09:54
Kilosoh and that logfile is for it to use with next command so it doesnt redo what it has done09:54
Kiloswould have liked to have tried ddrescue on a small drive first to see and try understand09:56
Kiloshmmm peer got him10:01
Kiloswhere did you get that info magespawn_ it would be easier from a working pc methinks10:12
magespawnhey Kilos11:16
magespawnpower probs11:16
magespawni have written a short piece for our local newspaper on FOSS what do yo guys think?11:17
magespawnI was resticted to 350 words11:17
magespawnbbl go to go get kids.11:18
Kiloslooks good magespawn 12:07
magespawnhey Kilos ty12:16
mazalNice magespawn 12:20
magespawni would like to write more but the limit is 350 words for now12:22
magespawnty mazal12:22
mazalJa there is so much to say about open source hey12:30
mazalBye everyone , have a good evening12:33
mazalGod bless12:34
Kilosyou too mazal 12:34
Kilosinterwebs not so stable again12:56
charl_ah interesting, i got 500mb of free internet from voda http://gratisblox.nl/14:16
charl_they seem to be desperate to try and sell people internet14:16
Symmetriahaha I ended up with a rather nice problem14:40
SymmetriaIDCG published an article of mine recently14:41
Symmetriait generated 1300 business queries to myself14:41
SymmetriaIm a one man company and have no concept of who I would hire to help with this shit14:41
Symmetriaresponse was slightly greater than anticipated14:41
Symmetriaheh for anyone interested in the african internet14:48
Symmetriathe article I wrote is the one about the African cause14:48
inetpromagespawn: Free and open-source software (FOSS) or free/libre/open-source software (FLOSS) 15:00
inetpronot F.O.S.S15:01
* superfly just calls it "open source" because he leans toward being pragmatic15:04
inetproI can agree with that, it's short and sweet, sadly often abused15:05
inetproor misused15:06
magespawninetpro so just remove the full stops?15:07
superflyinetpro: when talking to plebians, it is easier to talk about "open source" as it is often unheard of. "free software" just means gratis software to most people15:08
inetpromagespawn: those dots are just not right, but superfly is also right15:08
magespawnI should be doing more articles along the same sort of lines, so the concepts will be more deeply explored and explained15:09
magespawnhopefully i will also be able to get more words15:09
inetpromagespawn: for interest sake, where will it be published?15:09
magespawnjust a local community newspaper called The District Network15:10
superflymagespawn: did you put down your contact details for support?15:11
magespawnnot on the article no, but i am running an ad at the same time for the shop15:12
magespawnbenefits of a small community 15:12
superflyah, OK15:12
Kilosthey only got telephones 6 months ago guys15:14
superflyOhi Ludo15:15
magespawnlol 15:16
magespawnseriously they still had a manual exchange like 15 years ago15:17
Kilosmagespawn, 15:18
Kilosrescued:         0 B,  errsize:  10737 MB,  current rate:        0 B/s15:18
Kilos   ipos:    33818 MB,   errors:       1,    average rate:        0 B/s15:18
Kilos   opos:    33818 MB,     time from last successful read:    10.6 h15:18
Kilosafter every command it shows only 1 error15:19
Kilosam i reading it right15:19
superflymagespawn: still looking for an editor for your article?15:26
magespawnokay superfly15:33
magespawnKilos but does not look like it has recovered anything15:34
superflyI'll check it out later this evening - on the train right now15:34
Kilosoh my goodness after all them hours15:34
magespawncool i need to send if off today sometime before 12 ahould be okay15:35
Kilosmaybe that one error is the I/O error15:35
magespawnKilos not sure what ipos and opos stand for but it looks like the errsize is 10737 mb 15:45
magespawnwhat program was this Kilos?15:46
Symmetria^^^ funniest bank note I have15:47
Symmetria:P that dude has balls growing on his face15:47
Kerberoperhaps they call that thing a "pusund"15:49
Kerberoor pusXXX in short :P15:49
Symmetriaman that was some hilarious tv15:50
Kilosddrescue -i30GiB -s10GiB /dev/sdb hdimage logfile15:53
Symmetriabtw Kilos15:53
Symmetriayou know I said I had that memory leak?15:53
Kilosyes Symmetria ?15:53
Symmetria13950 quagga    20   0  376m 286m 2336 S   1,0  3,6  20:37.20 bgpd15:53
Symmetria<3 15:53
SymmetriaI fixed it15:53
Kilosgood man15:53
Symmetriaheh 376meg is better than 3gig15:54
Kilosvery much so15:54
magespawnKilos did it make the logfile/15:55
Kerberoi memory leaked to about 24GB on a 16GB machine last week15:55
Kilosyes magespawn 15:55
Kilosbut dont ask me where15:55
Kilosand its still running15:55
magespawnah well let it run if you can 15:55
Kilosyeah i am15:55
magespawnthen lets see if we can locate the logfile is and when it finishes15:56
Kilos11.2 hours so far15:56
Symmetriaheh Kerbero I had a problem where I wasnt freeing up memory from DB queries15:56
Kiloslol must i leave out the next 3 commands15:56
Symmetriaso every 4 or 5 hours I was leaking 3 or 4 gigs of ram 15:56
KilosSymmetria, leaking how and where to?15:56
SymmetriaKilos I'd forgotten to PQclear() after getting result sets outta postgres 15:57
magespawndo you have to run those commands immediatly or are they to run on the logfile15:57
Symmetriaso query result, finish with it, and then overwrite it wihtout clearing up15:57
Kilosi think they remain there so next time dd will go on from there mage15:57
Symmetriabut its done a little over 2.2 million DB queries since I started it this run15:58
Symmetriaand still sitting happy at < 400meg of ram15:58
Symmetriaso Im happy15:58
Kilosgreat fix the whole internet now15:58
Symmetriaworks out at under 200meg of ram per global routing feed15:58
Kilosdid you rhetorically remember to update that ubuntu thing?15:59
Symmetriaoh the local repo at my house, heh, lol, no havent gotten to that16:00
SymmetriaI was busy optimizing my db :P16:00
Symmetriabut I now have it moving *FAST*16:00
Symmetriabgptracker=# select count(*) from tracker;16:00
Symmetria  count16:00
Symmetria 214066416:00
Symmetria(1 row)16:00
SymmetriaTime: 214,332 ms16:00
Symmetriaheh, 214.3ms to count 2.1 million records16:00
Symmetriaheh, can also run this in under half a second:16:02
Symmetriabgptracker=# select distinct prefix,count(prefix) from tracker where withdrawl='1' group by prefix order by count(prefix) desc;16:02
Symmetria   |  126916:02
Symmetria    |  124916:02
Symmetria   |  102416:02
Symmetria   |  102416:02
Symmetria    |  101716:02
Symmetria^^^ worlds most unstable internet prefix's at the moment16:02
Symmetriaheh and entire query took 389ms16:02
magespawnokay Kilos I am off home will chat later16:05
Kiloscool . go safe magespawn \16:05
Kerbero151.118, is that perhaps SA?16:05
Kiloshow far do you go?16:05
Symmetriahrm Kerbero lemme check where that is16:07
Kerberowhat database do you use for bgptracker?16:08
Symmetriathats an international prefix16:09
Kerberoahh ok16:09
Symmetria | 9009 174 209 3909 3909 390916:10
Symmetria | 9009 3257 209 3909 3909 390916:10
Symmetriaannounced by Qwest16:11
SymmetriaASNumber:       3908 - 391016:11
SymmetriaASName:         QWEST-AS-390816:11
SymmetriaASHandle:       AS390816:11
SymmetriaOrgName:        Qwest Communications Company, LLC16:11
Symmetriaheh Kerbero its pretty nifty what I can see in bgp tracker16:11
Symmetriainstant access to figure out who is announcing what 16:11
Symmetriaand how stable it is16:12
Kerberoyou can basically plot the entire graph of the internet live16:12
Kerberowould be really interesting to see that on a website16:12
SymmetriaKerbero heh, I can tell you about every single change in the global table yes16:12
SymmetriaKerbero working on that 16:12
Symmetria:P my html/css sucks though so Im having to teach myself as I go along 16:12
Symmetriaheh, the php / javascript coding is easy, but the actual layout and design shit, that stuff isg etting to me :p16:13
Kerberoyeah i know16:13
Kerberoit's the same for me16:13
Symmetriaheh, Im actually developing bgp tracker as a proper product 16:14
Symmetriaso I'll be able to sell a service where you can feed me a bgp feed from your routers and I'll give you an interface to analyze the internet from your specific network perspective16:14
Symmetriathen at the same time working on a more public version which will let a client of a particular ISP take a look at stuff from their ISP's perspective16:15
Symmetrialike right now, I can tell you the path to anywhere from an IS perspective sinec I have all their data16:15
Symmetriait just requires the ISPs to actually feed me the bgp 16:15
Kiloshi SmilyBorg_w magespawn_ Vince-0 psydroid 17:24
psydroidhi Kilos17:25
LudoKilos, so I get no hi?!17:57
Kiloslol hi there ludo17:58
Kilosi thought you just wanna lurk in the quiet17:58
Kilospeeps greet you everyday17:58
Kilosare you only active at night ludo17:59
Kiloshmm we need a nudge thing on irc thats shakes the whole screen around18:01
KilosSmilyBorg_w, why you at work still?18:02
Kilosor is it an auto boot pc after power off?18:03
KilosMaaz, ping Ludo 18:08
MaazKilos: Error: unknown host Ludo18:08
KilosMaaz,  ping ~ludolphn@41-133-214-4.dsl.mweb.co.za18:09
MaazKilos: Error: unknown host ~ludolphn@41-133-214-4.dsl.mweb.co.za18:09
magespawn_hey Kilos18:10
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=== smile-infinitum is now known as smile
magespawnMaaz ping
Maazmagespawn: 5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4032ms18:19
magespawngues that is not an ip then18:20
magespawnMaaz ty18:20
MaazYou are welcome magespawn18:20
Kiloshi smile 18:20
magespawnMaaz ping gnc.no-ip.biz18:20
Maazmagespawn: 5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss, time 4004ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 223.841/223.990/224.334/0.460 ms18:20
smilehi oom kilos :)18:21
smileany new testimonials? :)18:21
magespawnhi smile18:21
smilehi, magespawn 18:21
inetprogood evening18:25
Kilosevening inetpro 18:25
inetprotumbleweed: nice testimonial, thanks!18:26
Kilosaw i didnt see18:26
smileinetpro: do you love him? :p18:28
inetprosmile: are you ok?18:28
tumbleweedinetpro: np18:29
* tumbleweed is busy mucking around with Ubuntu on an ARM-based chromebook. It's pretty neat18:29
inetprotumbleweed: that sounds like fun, what speed?18:29
smileinetpro: just a bit tired :)18:30
Kilosty tumbles18:30
inetproKilos: hy dink seker ek is skeef of iets?18:30
tumbleweedinetpro: 2x 1.6GHz ARMv7 cores, 2G RAM18:30
smileKilos: ja? :p18:31
tumbleweedinetpro: the exynos 5: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exynos_%28system_on_chip%2918:32
tumbleweedit would be a totally awesome machine with decent I/O, but I'm running on an SD card, so I/O is dog slow18:33
Kilosinetpro, did you have a better day today?18:34
inetproKilos: oh much better thanks18:35
inetprobut still rough18:35
inetproto much to do, to little time18:35
Kilosthats the good thing about bad days18:35
Kilosthey make normal days feel good18:35
Vince-0hello* was afk18:36
inetprowb Vince-018:36
inetprotumbleweed: a Samsung device?18:36
tumbleweedinetpro: yeah18:37
inetprosounds like fun18:38
inetprotumbleweed: why on an SD card?18:39
tumbleweedinetpro: so I can dual boot. Only got yesterday, don't know the bootloader yet. The on-board storage is eMMC, not sure how much faster it'll be18:40
Kilosbig storm coming inetpro 18:43
inetproKilos: still coming?18:44
* inetpro thought it was here already18:44
Kilosoh ya coming from your side tonight18:45
Kilosmaybe some hail18:45
inetproKilos: just a bit of a strong wind here18:49
inetproat the moment that is18:49
Kilosno thunder??18:49
inetprono serious stuff no18:49
Kilosits banging somewhere18:49
inetprook, now some18:50
inetproBTW I think tomorrow we'll see some chaos on the roads in Gautengeleng18:51
Kiloswhy whats happening18:51
magespawne-toll protest?18:52
inetprotweets are telling me a big story about etolls18:52
magespawnslow drive on the highway i think is the plan18:52
Kilosi go crash now and hope the power doesnt cut ddrescue in half18:53
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:53
inetproKilos: good luck and good night18:53
Kilosty you too18:53
inetprotumbleweed: how much did you get that for?18:55
inetproand where?18:55
inetprowb Ludo19:02
tumbleweedinetpro: some dodgy person on bidorbuy, R3k19:08
tumbleweedI tried to get one when I was in london, but they sold out at the PCworld I visited, a couple of hours before I got there19:09
inetprowhen February comes I will have to make a decision19:10
inetproNexus 10 or Note II19:10
inetproor something else19:10
inetproam leaning towards the Note 2 at this stage19:11
inetproto replace me Nexus S19:11
inetproguess I can't really use the tablet for a phone19:12
tumbleweedyeah, you want a phone for that :)19:14
tumbleweedthe nexus tablets are nice toys, though19:14
magespawnmight be old but i love the n90019:15
magespawnwhen do you guys think we will get to phones where we are with pc? able to choose the os?19:19
* inetpro at this stage would really love a android device with a full keyboard and good battery life 19:20
inetproultimately with full ubuntu, but we still have some way to go before we get there19:20
inetpromagespawn: I guess if the likes of tumbleweed are playing with Ubuntu on these devices it's not so far off19:21
magespawni use the hackers keyboard on my flyer19:23
tumbleweedmost of these devices run linux anyway, so running a custom userland isn't too hard19:23
magespawnindeed but to make it easy that would be key to get it going everywhere19:25
tumbleweedinstalling ubuntu on nexus 7s is rediculously easy19:29
inetprotumbleweed: but is it practicable?19:30
tumbleweednot yet19:30
tumbleweedbut they gave nexus 7s to all the canonical employees at UDS19:31
tumbleweedso I'd expect it to get better19:31
inetprothat's what I thought19:31
inetprohope we get there soon :-)19:31
tumbleweedit's totally usable, until your mouse gets locked "clicked"19:31
tumbleweedbut if you have a USB mouse, I guess that's solveable19:31
tumbleweedand unless you have very nimble fingers, it's not particularly touch friendly19:32
magespawni did use android on the n900 for awhile, but did not run smoothly19:33
magespawnhave not tried any of the others yet19:33
smilebyee guys :D19:33
smilegood night :)19:33
magespawncheers smile19:33
smilesee ya :)19:33
inetprobye smile19:34
smilesleep good :)19:34
magespawnhow is this http://www.zdnet.com/25-gpus-devour-password-hashes-at-up-to-348-billion-per-second-7000008368/19:34
inetproAndroid has come a long way and has become a very versatile OS19:34
inetprobut a native Linux would be my preferred OS on a mobile device somewhere in the future19:36
magespawnnow that would be awesome19:37
magespawnas a side i installed a version of midnight commander on the n90019:43
inetprosuperfly: you don't perhaps have a way to find how drubin produced those irc stats last time around?19:48
superflyinetpro: no19:48
inetpromaybe a search in the old logs or something19:48
superflyinetpro: I could pull all my IRC conversations, but then we'd have to figure some way of making them insto stats19:49
superflyinetpro: do you have a link to the old reapproval application?19:49
inetprosuperfly: last link in the topic19:49
magespawn. http://www.zdnet.com/in-just-three-years-android-has-crushed-the-smartphone-competition-7000007447/19:49
superflyinetpro: the old one, not the currnet one19:50
inetproahh, wait19:50
inetprosuperfly: I think it is this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReApprovalApplication?action=show&redirect=ZATeam%2FApprovalApplication19:51
inetproyes, that is also linked in the new approval application19:52
superflyinetpro: ah, probably a general estimate19:52
inetprosuperfly: you don't think it's something that reads the logs at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ ?19:53
superflyoooo, pretty19:56
inetprosuperfly: what?19:57
inetprosuperfly: what about that?20:01
magespawnsuperfly how did you do that?20:01
inetpromagespawn: how did he dow what?20:02
inetprothose logs have been around for ever20:02
magespawnthats almost how it looks in an irc client20:02
magespawnbut with that colouring?20:03
inetpromagespawn: yes20:03
inetproGenerated by irclog2html.py20:04
magespawnohh okay20:05
inetprosuperfly: look at the url of those images20:08
inetprosomething on en.gogloom.com20:09
magespawnwhen was this channel first set up?20:12
inetpromagespawn: Registered : Jul 22 11:27:44 2005 (7 years, 19 weeks, 5 days, 08:46:39 ago)20:14
inetpro /msg ChanServ info #ubuntu-za20:14
magespawncool ty20:15
magespawnthen the logs must be somewhere else because they are not there20:15
inetproubuntu-za logging only started later20:15
inetproon irclogs20:16
magespawnwould be neat to have all of them20:17
magespawnany who, good night all 20:19
inetprogood night magespawn20:20
Vince-0*was jamming guild wars20:32
inetprotumbleweed: how do you survive being a member of so many teams?20:52
inetprowe really need more peeps to follow in his footsteps20:53
tumbleweedinetpro: most of the teams I'm in, I'm an indirect member of20:53
tumbleweedhttps://launchpad.net/~stefanor/+participation for the gory details20:53
inetprotumbleweed: you an active motu?20:53
tumbleweedI've been more active in the past, but yes20:54
inetprowe need more South Africans in there, how do we do that?20:54
tumbleweedI'm only a member of those xubuntu teams, for example, because all Ubuntu core-devs are indirect members of them20:54
inetproI think we should have that as one of our goals for the next year20:55
inetproGOAL: to support one of our members to become a MOTU in a three(3) year term20:56
* inetpro reading some other country applications20:57
tumbleweedI'd love to see more developers from ZA20:58
tumbleweedand would be happy to help however I could20:58
WrazWhat happened to Zanet ?20:58
Wrazwas an awesome #programming on there.20:58
tumbleweedthat's on shadowfire these days, I think21:00
inetproperhaps we should even try to get some ubuntu-za t-shirts at some point21:02
tumbleweedwe had some at some point21:03
tumbleweedI lost mine :(21:03
* superfly has 2, 1 for him and 1 for mrs_fly which was too small for her21:10
* Squirm falls asleep21:19
* magespawn not sleeping tonight21:40
magespawninetpro would we make our own?21:41
inetpromagespawn: why not?21:41
magespawnnot sure what the the rules are regarding logos etc21:42
magespawnwould also be pretty cool to get some of the ubuntu branded merchandise21:42
inetpromagespawn: for sure21:43
inetproguess we should make an effort and find out21:43
magespawndoing some research now21:46
magespawnthere are a couple that come up, do we have a logo to use? .jpg .png file?21:47
tumbleweedour logo predates the Ubuntu re-branding http://sourcewave.net/files/projects/ubuntu-za/UbuntuLogo-za.zip21:51
tumbleweedalthough, the logo on the website seems inline with the current design...21:52
magespawnthere are some that will go as low as R32 per tea minimum order 50021:53
tumbleweedi assume we need something with much lower volume21:54
magespawnthey will do single but fot R115 -R130 each21:54
magespawnalso depends on colours and texr etc21:55
magespawntext even21:55
magespawnhttp://creativebrands.co.za/t-shirt-printing.html 21:56
magespawnthe thing that will count against us is all the colours 21:58
magespawnwe might have to see if we can do it in an outline, i count at least 8 colours22:02
magespawnthere is one there for R95 full colour minimum 1 22:03
* inetpro just fell asleep22:05
inetprogood night 22:05
magespawnnight inetpro22:06
magespawntumbleweed do we need to redo the logo to fit in with the rebranding?22:07
tumbleweedmagespawn: we can do anything we want22:15
magespawnokay 22:15
magespawni will look into it22:16
magespawngood night all(again)22:36
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za

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