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JamesTaitMorning all! :)09:24
facundobatistaHola jamesh10:28
facundobatistabah, autocomplete fail10:29
gatoxgood morning!11:04
mandelgatox, morning!11:06
mandelgatox, I'm not here, but I am ;)11:06
gatoxmandel, buenasssss11:06
gatoxmandel, .....mmmmm...... ok (??)11:07
mandelgatox, as in, I have the morning off11:07
mandelgatox, but I wanted to check on the nux people before they disappear11:07
gatoxmandel, ahhhhhh....... so what are you doing in irc?? go!! enjoy the morning!! smell the flowers or anything! jeje11:07
mandelgatox, I alreay did nearly all the errands I had to do11:08
gatoxmandel, ahhhhh i forgot that you are 4 hours in the future11:08
mandelgatox, exactly ;)11:08
Anomie21Hey, Just opened an account and trying to upload 5GB worth of files, it's been on for about 20 hours and it's only done 866MB? Tried switching my DNS to googles ( but the problem persists12:08
mandelAnomie21, is it stuck? we can take a look at the logs and see what is going on12:40
Anomie21mandel: Getting it off the windows PC with a USB and trying it on a Ubuntu box12:41
mandelAnomie21, you mean the logs or the content?12:41
Anomie21mandel: content12:41
mandelAnomie21, ok, try with linux, nevertheless the windows client is the same code (expect some OS dependent parts) so it should work the same..12:43
Anomie21mandel: All the trouble shooting solutions I've found are given in Ubuntu commands though :)12:44
mandelAnomie21, oh, but they work on linux too, you mean the command line right?12:44
Anomie21mandel: yeh12:44
mandelAnomie21, we should update those pages to state that the same works on windows..12:44
ralsinaAnomie21: if those are u1sdtool commands, then we have the same command on windows :-)12:45
mandelralsina, thanks for the double check ;)12:45
alecuhello, all!13:01
ralsinahola alecu!13:05
mandelgatox, proposing this: lp:~mandel/unity/fix-static-cairo-text13:13
gatoxmandel, :D13:13
mandelgatox, fixes the static cairo text, once it lands we start bombarding them with mps :)13:14
mandelgatox, got to reviewers, now is a matter of time o/13:31
gatoxmandel, awesome13:34
* gatox hurry up to finish with the tests13:34
Anomie21How can you check what speed ubuntu one is uploading?13:41
mandelralsina, any idea on how to do what Anomie21 wants?13:46
ralsinamandel, Anomie21: I don't have a good answer13:46
Anomie21Seems to be working from my ubuntu box fine13:49
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Anomie21First 1.9GB went fine now its just stopped - any ideas?15:03
Anomie21Tried restarting to see if that would kick it back into action15:03
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chaselivingstonmmcc: fyi, RAM usage by the proxy tunnel task is still holding strong19:58
chaselivingstonmmcc: 175.5MB19:59
dobeywow that's a lot20:04
dobeyi guess maybe not unexpected though if data is actually going through it20:04
chaselivingstondobey: nothing transferring atm20:05
mmccchaselivingston: ack, thanks for the update there.20:07
mmccdobey, for background, he transferred a ~1gb file a while ago and the tunnel is still holding on to that memory20:08
mmccneed to look into this on other platforms too20:08
chaselivingstonmmcc: restarted the app and menu agent, down to 21.7MB20:10
mmccinteresting. on my system it's like 5mb. are you running behind a proxy?20:11
chaselivingstonmmcc: not that i'm aware of20:11
dobeymmcc: right. gc is fun like that :)20:15
mmccdobey: like how? fun like broken?20:16
dobeymmcc: fun like "oh, you're done using that memory? that's ok, we'll keep it open in case we ever need it later" lind of fun20:16
mmccright. still pretty strange that even after restart he's 4x my usage.20:17
dobeybut shouldn't it also just exit after some timeout, if you're not actually using a proxy?20:18
mmccit doesn't. I don't think it's supposed to, no20:19
dobeywtf is going on with libdee/libunity on raring though :(20:21
mmccon second thought, the proxy-tunnel should exit if the proxy is not enabled. it looks like maybe that check isn't working on osx or windows though20:38
dobeyi don't know if it works on linux either; but doesn't matter as much i guess since we don't install it by default on Ubuntu20:41
ralsinaif it exits how do we handle proxy config changes? I am guessing "we don't"?20:45
mmccralsina: good question. I'm not sure how it handles config changes even if it doesn't exit20:48
mmccwhich it doesn't now anyway20:48
ralsinait's a second-order problem anyway.20:48
dobeyralsina: well i don't know if we do on linux, and i guess qt handles them everywhere else?21:43
ralsinadobey: well, it will handle changing between proxy configurations, but if the tunnel exits, it won't handle a proxy starting to be required21:44
ralsinadobey: OTOH, not really the biggest of problems21:44
dobeyoh, right, that, yeah21:45
dobeybut easy to work around as well21:45
dobeybriancurtin: hrmm. but with just PEP8FILES="%%P" don't you only end up with the last one in the list, so it's not actually running pep8 over all the files under bin/?21:56
briancurtindobey: ah, ehh, yeah i guess thats true. i guess we need it to be comma separated PEP8FILES="%PEP8FILES%,%%P", but then we need u1lint/pylint to strip the leading comma out21:58
dobeybriancurtin: can we not use a space there instead of comma?21:58
dobeybriancurtin: with comma, pep8 would have to strip all the commas afaik and replace them with spaces22:00
briancurtindobey: i guess i dont really know. putting a space there results in the following22:00
briancurtinIOError: [Errno 22] invalid mode ('r') or filename: '"'22:00
mmccthe last answer here looks like a different path to the same thing: http://superuser.com/questions/460598/is-there-any-way-to-get-the-windows-cmd-shell-to-expand-wildcard-paths22:00
dobeybriancurtin: oh, it looks like the double quotes are causing issues?22:01
mmccthe first answer uses a for loop but just to run a cmd, not to accumulate things. the last answer accumulates a list22:01
dobeyah i see22:01
mmccbriancurtin: weren't you thinking about replacing the .bat with a python script at some point anyway?22:01
mmccimport glob; glob.glob("bin/*"); print("DONE")22:02
mmccok glob("bin\*")22:02
briancurtini dont know anything about batch files and i dont ever plan to, i just google the problem and commit whatever appears to work22:02
dobeya single python script could probably work for all the platforms, but would be a bit more complex (well, maybe not more complex than the .bat)22:04
mmccoh I posted those as a joke but now I'm reading them what is wrong with me22:05
mmccquick hack: FOR %%P in (bin\*) DO pep8 %P22:06
mmccjust run pep8 individually on each file in bin22:06
mmccthen proceed to run it again for the directory22:06
mmccand go home happy22:06
mmccok, we all work from home so go to the living room happy22:07
dobeysuppose that could work too22:07
dobeybut anyway22:07
dobeyi pushed a change based on that one answer that should work22:08
mmccin other news, the proxy tunnel running all the time appears to be intentional.22:13
mmccping alecu - I just wanted to verify that it's by design that the proxy tunnel always runs, even if no proxy is configured…22:13
briancurtini'm not alecu but i believe i asked that before and i believe the answer was yes22:15
mmccI see the change that's causing check_proxy_enabled to return True when there is no proxy configured, and it looks intentional.22:16
mmccor maybe it's not totally intentional? this is the diff that changed check_proxy_enabled so that it returns True when the system returns QNetworkProxy.NoProxy: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/ubuntuone-client/trunk/revision/1196.6.2822:17
dobeymaybe a workaround for another problem, rather than a design to have the proxy run always though?22:17
dobeythere's no real indication of why that specific change was made though :(22:20
mmccthe first change changes the fallback for linux, but the second change is not really related22:21
mmcccheck_proxy_enabled and build_proxy are a little confusing. need to see what gsettings.get_proxy_settings might return22:21
mmccit looks like if we have a e.g. ftp proxy configured but not an http proxy, we'll do something different (call build_proxy and return a default) than if there are no settings returned from get_proxy_settings(), in which case the tunnel bails22:22
dobeyright, and the gsettings stuff is kind of a mess anyway22:23
mmccoh never mind, get_proxy_settings will only return settings for http or https anyway22:24
briancurtindobey: your change wont work, but i tweaked it a few times and it also wont work so i think the answer is "this cant be done"22:25
mmcchooray windows22:25
briancurtindobey: any combo i've tried just results in some IOError either for commas, spaces, PEP8FILES, or something being appended or prepended to a file name22:27
briancurtinwindows batch files in GIF form: http://i.minus.com/iTvcpHrpfYKD0.gif22:28
mmccthis works: FOR %%P in (bin\*) DO "%PEP8PATH%" "%%P"22:30
briancurtinmmcc: but then we'd need to insert all of the excludes and ignores from the following line22:31
mmccyou don't need the excludes, and for now the ignores don't matter either :)22:31
mmccbut we could do that right22:32
mmccthis is fun22:35
mmccoh hello wrong comment syntax and terrible syntax error feedback, two great tastes that go great together22:38
briancurtinthat works22:49
dobeymmcc: hrmm, i guess that works but I see an issue with it :)22:55
mmccgo on22:55
dobeymmcc: you're running pep8 over all the *.py files for every file in bin/, and then again, along with passing "ubuntu_sso" as an argument (though hopefully pep8 is smart enough to cause that to run the checks twice)22:55
dobeybut I can merge the change into my branch and fix it there22:56
mmccoh, the dot22:56
mmccd'oh. I must have left that in there when I was thrashing about in bad-error land22:58
mmccyeah, just remove the dot from PEP8CMD and change ubuntu_sso to .23:00
dobeydone and pushed23:05
dobeywell i think i need to call it a day. later all23:11
briancurtinyeah im getting out of here in a few minutes as well23:11

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