len-dtzequence, same in 12.1000:38
len-dtI'm not running 12.10, but have a disk with it on this machine.00:48
smartboyhwUm now can someone tell me what that merge is for!?12:23
zequencesmartboyhw: Check the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-selector/+bug/107697512:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1076975 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "Please port input method function to use im-config" [Undecided,In progress]12:31
smartboyhwzequence, then you merge it (strangely since the Website Team is now under the Dev Team I actually get direct push access to ~ubuntustudio-dev branches)12:32
smartboyhwHi scott-work 12:38
zequencesmartboyhw: Really? That's a mistake. I suggest you do not do any merges on your own. 12:39
smartboyhwzequence, that is a mistake....12:39
scott-workgood morning smartboyhw 12:39
* smartboyhw will not do any merge12:39
smartboyhwscott-work, zequence please fix it then:P12:39
zequencescott-work: smartboyhw says the website team gets ubuntustudio-dev team privileges12:39
scott-workzequence: ooooooh. hmmmm, we need to fix that12:39
smartboyhwsince ubuntustudio-website is a direct subteam of ubuntustudio-dev12:39
smartboyhwscott-work, yes:D12:39
zequenceMaybe the teams should have the opposite relationship12:40
zequenceOr none at all12:40
* smartboyhw thinks none is better12:40
zequenceIt seems weird, how the hiearchy works12:40
scott-workzequence: we could place all under ~ubuntustudio i suppose12:41
zequencescott-work: Yea12:41
scott-workanyone of a sub team then would also be only part of ubuntustudio12:41
zequenceThat sounds sound to me12:41
* smartboyhw thinks it is great12:41
scott-workwe will need to get janne involved most likely. i believe he is owner of ~ubuntustudio. but i also seem to recall a team or project that is owned by luis as well12:42
smartboyhwscott-work, I thought you are now the owner...12:44
scott-workoh, maybe i am. i can check those out in a bit12:45
* smartboyhw hates the Ubuntu Forums Ops for playing jokes on the Ubuntu Studio Section on the Forums13:01
scott-worksmartboyhw: what did they do?13:02
scott-worksmartboyhw: oh, would you also like to write something up for the website (then get posted to social) about the changes in our testing for this cycle13:03
smartboyhwscott-work, OK. But how do I post it to social websites eh!?13:04
smartboyhwThe jokes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1412430/  (A very bad joke)13:05
smartboyhwzequence, where is that "staging" area BTW? (I want to have a look13:06
scott-workme or kaj can get it on to g+ and facebook13:06
smartboyhwscott-work, so I can't and so social websites aren't my job:P13:06
scott-worki'll probably then post it to my blog, facebook, g+, twitter, identi.ca13:06
* smartboyhw really needs to get membership (in January) to post more about QA)13:07
scott-worknot necessarily, i think that only g+ has a multi-manager feature at this point13:07
scott-workand kaj has only _just_ been set up on there13:07
scott-worki need to look at the facebook page and see what can be posted there as well13:07
smartboyhwHmm BTW scott-work I think for the posts we can add more "Categories"13:08
scott-workand to be honest, if the plugin is installed onto the website, having multiple managers of multiple social networks is moot13:08
smartboyhwscott-work, when is the plugin going in!?13:08
scott-worksmartboyhw: absolutely, remember, we really haven't used the website (as we probably should have been) so many things are not developed at all13:08
scott-worksmartboyhw: i don't know. although kaj has made an RT ticket, we really have no control past that point other than poking people from time to time13:09
scott-workdoes anyone know who 'Gunnar Hjalmarsson' is and why he is proposed the merge?13:10
scott-workis this something ubuntu vanilla is doing?13:10
zequencescott-work: ubuntustudio.mousike.me13:12
smartboyhwscott-work, should be. He subscribed the Ubuntu Sponsors Team for that13:12
zequencescott-work: No theme loaded yet, so it's just standard WP13:12
zequencescott-work: You're the owner of ~ubuntustudio13:12
zequenceastraljava changed that for us a while back13:12
zequencesmartboyhw: We're waiting for a plugin to be installed on WP, allowing us to post to multiple sites at once13:13
* smartboyhw goes to rt.ubuntu.com13:13
smartboyhwzequence, let me leave a reply on the staging area:P13:14
zequencescott-work: We should be able to post to facebook from WP later. So, it's only G+ out of the social sites that doesn't have this possibility, because of their hidden API13:14
zequencesmartboyhw: That will be more of a playground area. We'll have the opportunity to do changes to the theme, and see the results right away13:15
smartboyhwzequence, for the first thing: Can't you just install the theme made by knome!?13:15
zequencesmartboyhw: I will let knome handle that. He has full access to the server. 13:16
smartboyhwknome is our web mastermind...:D13:16
astraljavaDid we have a amd64+mac version of our image already? Someone asking on mailing list.13:40
smartboyhwastraljava, NO13:41
astraljavaRight, thought as much.13:41
smartboyhwastraljava, I don't think we have people to support and test these images anyway13:41
astraljavaTrue, I could only test the live part of it.13:42
smartboyhwastraljava, what do you mean!?13:42
astraljavaI have (thus far) access to my work MBP, but I won't be resizing the hard drive, nor definitely be doing the whole-disk installations.13:42
smartboyhwastraljava, ouch OK13:43
astraljavaAhh... man. Different things altogether.13:43
* astraljava feels so silly.13:43
astraljavaI should try to handle 37.4 matters at once.13:43
smartboyhwastraljava, list them:P13:43
astraljavaIt was about Windows8 machines, not Macs.13:44
smartboyhwastraljava, uh hum alright13:44
smartboyhwBTW guys had a question since that guy asked about Ubuntu Studio and Windows 8: Is it possible that we get a linux-lowlatency-signed image?13:44
zequenceI think that will be totally up to the kernel guys13:45
zequenceDon't know yet how that works at all13:45
astraljavaTalk on the support phone, answer support emails, write follow-up questions to internal support requests, code one customer project, code another customer project, code yet another customer project, code internal dev project, drink coffee, eat chocolate, solve support issues on Ubuntu Studio, read imgur, think of Grumpy Cat jokes...13:45
astraljavaDamn, this is exhausting.13:45
smartboyhwastraljava, LOL13:46
zequenceHeard they are still waiting for Microsoft to respond to some stupid request from the Linux Foundation about that13:46
smartboyhwholiday for me for the coming two days13:46
smartboyhwzequence, oh is it?13:46
astraljavazequence: Right, thanks.13:46
zequence"However, that’s the status: We’re still waiting for Microsoft to give the Linux Foundation a validly signed pre-bootloader.  When that happens, it will get uploaded to the Linux Foundation website for all to use"13:48
zequenceI guess that will be the same for all kernels13:48
smartboyhwzequence, wow13:48
astraljavaI wouldn't hold my breath either.13:49
* smartboyhw is starting an ambitious project to try to translate most open source projects into the specific Chinese (Hong Kong) language.13:49
smartboyhwMy goal for 13.04 and 13.10:P13:49
zequencesmartboyhw: Use google translate :P13:49
smartboyhwzequence, no no no:P13:49
smartboyhwzequence, if that is we don't even need translators13:50
zequenceThat does sound a little ambitious, yes. How much text is that, and how many work hours?13:50
smartboyhwzequence, probably 1 million strings and 1000 work hours (one package at a time)13:50
zequenceIf you can finish a 10th of that, I'll be impressed13:51
smartboyhwzequence, LOL13:52
zequenceAnd I'm not being sarcastic, when I say that13:52
smartboyhwzequence, yes you are not13:52
zequenceastraljava: Drinking coffee, eating chocolate and reading imgur are important efficiency heightening activities!13:54
smartboyhwAnyone got a Nexus 7 to play with the core images?13:54
* smartboyhw really hopes to have one13:54
zequenceI'm thinking of getting a Nokia N913:56
zequenceSomeone had one at UDS, and showed me a setting which allowed you to enable a linux repo, I think it was a Debian one13:56
astraljavazequence: Absolutely! I brought a coffee mug here at work, in April. Loosely translated, it says:"Drink coffee, so you can do stupid things more efficiently!" When my boss saw it, she pondered whether we have company policies prohibiting the use of silly coffee mugs.13:56
smartboyhwzequence, no Nokia is rubbish (after 2010)13:57
astraljavazequence: When I was developing sw for MeeGo, I really wanted to get the N9, because the dev model, N950 was one of the best phones I've ever laid my hands on. But then sadly they stripped the physical qwerty, and I mourned.13:58
zequencesmartboyhw: Not the N9. I wouldn't have been interested in it otherwise, but since it can install GNU/Linux software directly, it's quite a machine actually13:58
zequencesmartboyhw: The guy was playing quake3 on it13:58
zequenceastraljava: The performance is bad?13:59
* smartboyhw has the cheapest smartphone from Samsung13:59
zequencesmartboyhw: Nokia wouldn't have released the N9, had they not had a contract with Intel where they were required to do so. 13:59
smartboyhwzequence, oh?13:59
zequenceThis is since they are now collaborating with Microsoft, and has shut the door to anything Linux14:00
zequenceThe former Linux people have moved on. There are a couple of other projects going on, in the wake of that. Jolla, for instance14:00
zequenceYou'll probably be seeing Jolla in China next year14:01
zequenceI was intending to get a Samsung SIII, but when I saw the N9, the geek inside me talked me out of it14:02
astraljavazequence: No, I just really would love to have a physical qwerty.14:03
astraljavaS3 is awesome, though! Even without the qwerty.14:03
zequencesmartboyhw: It would be a terrible work situation, if no silly coffee cups were allowed. Think how stupid it would look when everyone were instead required to wear silly hats14:03
smartboyhwzequence, LOL14:03
astraljavazequence: Yes, but we also (at least used to) have a "Support Duty Mask". It has eyes that bleed. Amongst other things. It never fails to get the appropriate reaction on any customer visitors we might have.14:05
astraljavaBut I concur, it's better with the silly mugs.14:06
zequenceMight be terribly difficult to find a N9 though14:10
zequenceIt seems to be out in all the stores14:10
zequenceNah, it's available14:11
zequenceAbout 200 €. Fair price14:11
astraljavaJolla, a new start-up, bought the licenses for N950, and are developing a new phone line on top of that heritage. They recently came out with a demo of the ecosystem. But I have no idea when we'll be able to see the first actual products.14:13
zequenceastraljava: Seems like there's a chance a product may be out next year, but they will be starting out in China, from what I understand14:13
* smartboyhw realizes that installing WordPress is quite easy14:28
zequencesmartboyhw: Same thing with most web applications14:36
zequenceThis is an automatic install, on a web hotel, so it's even easier. I just push a button14:37
smartboyhwzequence, I have even managed to get the Studio theme on it14:37
smartboyhwHowever I14:37
smartboyhwam getting something like     arning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/a6997917/public_html/wp-content/themes/ubuntustudio-wp/tabs.php on line 2614:37
smartboyhw    Free Web Hosting14:37
smartboyhwRecent Posts14:37
smartboyhw    Hello world!14:37
smartboyhwRecent Comments14:37
smartboyhw    December 201214:37
smartboyhw    Uncategorized14:37
smartboyhw    Site Admin14:37
smartboyhw    Log out14:37
smartboyhw    Entries RSS14:37
smartboyhw    Comments RSS14:37
smartboyhw    WordPress.org14:37
smartboyhw    December 201214:37
smartboyhw    Sample Page14:37
smartboyhwarning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/a6997917/public_html/wp-content/themes/ubuntustudio-wp/tabs.php on line 2614:37
* smartboyhw apologizes for copying the wrong things14:38
smartboyhwGo to smartboyhw.tk14:38
zequenceCheck what it says on the line 26 in /home/a6997917/public_html/wp-content/themes/ubuntustudio-wp/tabs.php14:38
zequencethere's a foreach() function there, that is not working for some reason14:38
zequencePerhaps something is missing?14:39
smartboyhwzequence, probably\14:39
* smartboyhw will go and install every plugin that is available in the main website14:39
smartboyhwzequence, got rid of that error now go to smartboyhw.tk again:D14:57
smartboyhwzequence, BTW what's your old account doing here joining the main team?:P https://launchpad.net/~ailo15:02
micahgsmartboyhw: not advised, each plugin is a potential additional security hole15:14
scott-workmicahg: i believe he is talking about installing it on a non-canonical staging area setup by kaj15:25
scott-workmicahg: btw, how are you doing these days? i haven't spoken to you in a while15:25
micahgscott-work: really busy, trying to stay afloat15:26
smartboyhwscott-work, that is an INDEPENDENT staging area. :P15:33
smartboyhwmicahg, don't worry it aren't in the main sites:P15:33
smartboyhwFor myself only, I will use other themes soon15:34
zequencesmartboyhw: ~ailo is a third account, which I use for testing stuff, when I need to not be a member of some groups15:40
smartboyhwzequence, oh15:40
smartboyhwzequence, so many accounts;P15:40
zequenceI only have two now, which is the same as before I created the new one15:40
zequencescott-work: So, we should probably decide a time when to talk about what we would like to try to change for the website17:18
scott-workwebchat dropped connection. this is the last thing i saw:18:49
scott-work<zequence> scott-work: So, we should probably decide a time when to talk about what we would like to try to change for the website18:49
scott-workzequence: we can talk about it now if you would like. i can only think of a small selection of changes at this point.18:50
zequencescott-work: I think what we want is a good looking front, with a news feed. I'm thinking the optimal solution aught to be a page showing a short intro to Ubuntu Studio, under that a header saying "Latest News", and then a news feed with headers and short descriptions18:55
scott-workdoes this mean removing the slide show portion?18:56
zequenceWe keep that as is. Just make the content under it be a bit more informative than now18:56
zequenceAs for the news feed, I could imagine just showing one article is enough, if there's a link to "news" as well18:57
scott-worki wonder if the short intro to ubuntu studio could be in the right column18:57
zequenceThe right column is more auxiliary, isn't it? Like a toolbox18:58
zequenceActually, it's quite easy to add hmtl content to it18:58
scott-worki'm not sure to be honest, i was just thinking about ways to minimize how much vertical space we use by stacking things on top of each other18:58
zequenceLike embedded youtube18:58
zequenceIt would be one page size18:59
scott-workzequence: i say, if you have a vision implement it, and then we can iterate if we need to from that point18:59
scott-workerr "if you have a vision *then* implement it,"18:59
zequenceYea. We could actually try different versions19:00
zequenceI'll talk with knome19:00
zequenceI do some php myself, so I will probably want to get under the hood a bit with this one19:00
zequencescott-work: Do we have a slogan?19:13
zequenceI think if we had a slogan that clearly says what Ubuntu Studio is, it would be enough as informational text on the front page19:14
zequenceThe Artistic Operative System. Somethine like that19:15
zequenceWell, something better than that19:17
zequenceOperative System for Multimedia Content Creation. A bit technical, but might work. Especially with some nice font19:17
zequenceWe could add something like that. A slogan, or a descriptive text beneath the logo19:18
zequenceIt would be nice if it had some energy, but still was very correct19:19
zequenceAh, what does the plymoth theme say? OS for creative human beings?19:25
zequencescott-work: Something like this https://dl.dropbox.com/u/12809728/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Frontpage.png19:40
scott-work"create stuff...using ubuntu studio" :P20:29
scott-worksorry, been busy with emergencies20:30
holstein"get it together!"20:30
scott-work"right now....over me"20:30
scott-work"riiiiiiight now.....over me"20:30
scott-workzequence: it's funny you ask this because last night i found a bunch of images i had made previously and this is one: http://imagebin.org/23825920:33
zequencescott-work: I like it. Linux is not the most accurate term, but from a laymans perspective, it makes things very clear21:12
zequence..and it has energy22:05
scott-worksorry, more "fires" at work. i'm glad you like the concept, i was quite happy with the thought and how it turned out. not the best, but certainly pleasing. to me at least22:23
zequencescott-work: I think we should go with it. We could add it to the current logo, but also make a new one.22:24

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