twcookI broke my UbuntuStudio, I installed VLC and now even though I used Synaptic to Completely REmove it.  US still does output to my Alesis iO2 anymore.  IT worked fine before.  Any tips on what may have changed?08:23
twcookdoes not output08:23
zequencetwcook: I assure you, it's not related to VLC08:26
zequenceAlesis i02. Let me look it up08:26
twcookOk, but it worked fine before that. so ?08:27
zequenceYea, but still unrelated08:27
zequenceVLC has nothing that would affect hardware08:27
zequenceIt's just an application and some codecs08:27
twcookthat is good news, I love VLC :-)08:27
zequencetwcook: So, when you say no audio, are you talking about pulseaudio or jack?08:30
twcookPulseAudio, though JAck isn't working anymore either.  But I haven't tried to change the settings or anything in JACK08:31
zequencetwcook: You could try restarting pulseaudio (would happen if you reboot too): pulseaudio -k08:32
zequenceAnd make sure you selected the Alesis as your output08:32
twcookI have rebooted08:32
twcookWhen I set the output to the iO2 I get no sound08:32
zequencetwcook: If it shows, it's working. Just a matter of configuration08:33
zequenceIs there a hardware mixer inside that card?08:33
twcookIt is an external 2 channel USB adapter, no mixer08:34
twcookyeah, it is the config I don't know how to fix08:34
zequenceYea, it looks like the hardware monitoring is done from the knobs08:35
zequenceSome devices has a hardware mixer that you can only control with software08:35
zequencetwcook: You could try looking at the controls using alsamixer to see if there's something hidden, but I wouldn't think so08:37
twcookOK, I feel like an idiot.08:37
zequenceJust run it in a terminal: alsamixer08:38
twcookBut I have to come clean so this doesn't confuse anyone else.08:38
twcookI had at some point turn down the audio output to my external speakers.08:38
twcookREALLY sorry to bother you08:38
twcookBut thanks anyway for the speedy reply08:39
zequenceI feel pretty confident that it's some kind of levelling problem, somewhere along the chain. Or routing08:39
zequenceThe drivers seem to work, since it shows up08:39
zequenceYou haven't messed around with any alsa configs right? like a .asoundrc in your home folder08:40
twcookzequence, Leveling, as in my external volume control to the speakers was turned all the way down08:40
twcookit works now that I fixed that08:40
zequencetwcook: Ah, so it works now?08:40
zequenceGreat :)08:40
twcookyeah, sheepish, go hide in the corner look08:40
zequenceHappens to everyone08:41
twcooknow I can reinstall VLC08:42
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Guest79309dude, jack is the shit08:49
ubuntu-studiohey everyone. i'm trying to install from the live CD, but its not progressing from the 'preparing to install' screen. i'm not seeing any network/cpu activity. any thoughts?08:51
DR01D-Engineerdoes your system meet required specs?08:52
DR01D-Engineeror maybe the cd is corrupt08:52
ubuntu-studioit should meet the specs, i've had previous versions of ubu studio on here before08:55
ubuntu-studioi did the CD check before i started and it produced no errors08:56
DR01D-Engineernot sure then. i just installed via usb stick and it went smoothly08:57
ubuntu-studiohmm i guess i'll give that a try08:57
ubuntu-studioyou didn't have a pause at the screen that verifies disk space/power supply/internet connection?08:58
DR01D-Engineercant say i remember08:59
ubuntu-studiojust restarted the install for a 3rd time and it worked09:00
ubuntu-studiomakes me feel pretty stupid for waiting 20+ minutes the previous two times09:00
DR01D-Engineerahh cool09:00
DR01D-Engineercould be your cd reader or something then09:01
ubuntu-studioyeah the first time the disk spun but nothing happend.. second time nothing09:01
ubuntu-studionow i shouldn't run into any problems until i try to configure jack, hahah09:03
rutgervdb_hello - noobie here in this channel - have recently installed UbuntuStudio 12.10 + Line6 Toneport UX2 - looking for some procedures in hooking it all up. I have sound from electric guitar coming back through headphones and have introduced Rakarrack and Guitarix connected with Jack (QJackCtl) - but am totally unsure where and how it happens14:25
rutgervdb_It is a very simple setup, and I think it is working. Still looking for references and guides that will help me determine it is connected optimally14:27
zequencerutgervdb_: If you get sound, then you're alright. If you require lower latency, set frames/period lower in qjackctl -> Setup14:39
zequencerutgervdb_: As for setting levels, and monitoring them. That's more in the area of sound engineering14:41
rutgervdb_zequence: thanks. yup - was able to adjust latency down by reducing frames - it is at 5.8 ms which is quite acceptable.14:41
rutgervdb_So you are saying - I should be alright if I follow my nose. NExt step is to get the sound into ardour - but that should be easy with qjack too.14:42
zequencerutgervdb_: Could be it's hard to get xrun free performance at lower latencies. One tip is to disable the pulseaudio bridge, which you can do in: qjackctl -> Setup -> Misc -> Enable DBus14:43
zequenceOr just uninstall pulseaudio-module-jack14:43
zequenceAnd restart pulseaudio after that14:43
zequencerutgervdb_: Yea, just start ardour, and whatever other apps you like. Make connections in whatever jack connection application you prefer. qjackctl works fine14:44
zequencerutgervdb_: gladish is a session manager, which allows you to save a setup with applications and connections14:45
zequenceHaven't used it much myself, but it's probably something you'd be interested in looking at, especially if often using the same mix of applications, with the same connections14:46
rutgervdb_Cool - thanks - I will check out Gladdish too.14:46
rutgervdb_Yes - saving all the setups is a good idea so I can quickly get something down on "tape"14:47
antholhey, anyone here have any experience with specimen?22:36
holsteini have used it briefly anthol .. my friend lsd over in #opensourcemusicians uses it22:38
antholcool, thanks for the lead.22:38
antholi was just wondering if it is possible to set different samples to have different root notes, so you don't have to use different midi channels on your hardware22:39

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