zodiakanyone got any recommendations on a nice/small/quick image viewer ?02:15
zodiakall these ones that pull in half of kde can jst .. *ahem*02:15
zodiakpreferrably one that works like the old zgv used to (if anyone can remember that ;)02:16
v1adimiryea the viewer is meh02:21
xubuntu798where can i find a user manual for "blueman"?02:35
c2tarunHi friends, anyone using launchy here?03:29
c2tarunnever mind, I found the alternative synapse and its working just fine03:35
unheedingso i have the flgrx driver installed, and now the boot splash screen doesn't show up - it's just a blank screen until the login screen pops up.   is there a way to fix this?04:28
holsteinunheeding: is it broken?04:28
unheedingno, it just doesnt show the splash screen04:28
holsteinsure.. is that a problem?04:29
unheedingnot really, i am just a perfectionist04:29
holsteinunheeding: i would ask amd to give you a "perfect" driver.. otherwise, you might just want to tolerate it04:29
XRS1it is for me.   embedded systems running on flash memory dont show the splash screen and take longer to load. people dont know the thing is on and working properly so they power it down while its booting and get all mad wanting to know why it doesnt work04:30
XRS1non issue after they see it successfully boot and understand it works fine, it just takes a second to turn on04:32
holsteini have one of the nvidia/intel ones.. nvidia ion i suppose its called.. i have a different splash depending on which chip im booting04:34
phunyguy_t430s_ question, I am trying out connecting to file shares on my linux server via gigolo, and SSH.  In the option for "Folder" I am trying to put the remote folder I want it to connect to but it still maps to my home folder on the server no matter what I put05:37
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xubuntu658need some help getting started wiht my new Xubuntu09:36
xubuntu658programs installation step failed during instllation and no GUI was installed. Anybody can tell me how to retry it manually from console?09:38
v1adimirxubuntu658: hi not sure who's here09:42
xubuntu658hi vladimir! can you help?09:43
v1adimirxubuntu658: not really, sorz; just got up and don't know it by heart anyway09:44
xubuntu658hi schlaftier! can you help me, please?09:46
schlaftierI doubt it :-)09:46
xubuntu658lol only starters around here i'm afraid?09:47
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knomem00se, mind stopping that?10:01
m00sestop what10:02
knomem00se, changing the nick10:02
m00seget over it - like I do it all the time10:03
m00seis it breaking your internet or something?10:03
TheSheepxubuntu658: just do 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop'10:03
TheSheepm00se: it's spamming the channel10:04
m00seit isn't spamming anything10:04
TheSheep!hi | m00se10:04
ubottum00se: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:04
m00seit's tweaking your OCD...so please, contain yourself10:04
knomem00se, unless you're able to follow the channel !guidelines and !coc, please leave10:04
m00seI have idled in here for over a year and it's the first (and probably only) time you have witnessed it, and I don't feel like I need to write you an apology for 1 minute of your unsolicited attention10:05
m00sekick me if necessary, but I'm not going anywhere10:06
m00sethis is idiotic10:06
m00sefeel better now?10:07
knomem00se, please note that if you break the guidelines again, we will most surely ban you10:07
knomem00se, try to be a little bit more civil and we don't have to do that.10:08
m00seyes mass will10:10
m00semuch sorry massa10:10
m00sewill try harder massa10:10
m00semassa need anything else?10:11
xubuntu233I've previously install Xubuntu as a dual boot partition form inside windows hassle free but the ios I've burned doesn't autoplay in the same fashion, can you please help?10:13
xubuntu233I've downloaded 12.1010:13
xubuntu233essentially I simply want to install xubuntu10:14
TheSheepxubuntu658: ios? what do you mean?10:16
xubuntu233no, iso.10:16
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xubuntu233sorry, typo10:16
TheSheepxubuntu658: well, I have no idea, maybe someone else, or you can try searching the forums10:19
xubuntu658Thanks TheSheep! Problem: I booted from usb drive and now it is asking me to insert the cdrom... my netbook doesn't even have one...10:35
xubuntu658a reader I mean10:37
xubuntu658 the flashdrive is already inserted...10:39
TheSheepxubuntu658: try a different socket, on some laptops it will only work on one of their usb sockets10:42
Conti_Hey. Quick noob-question: can the xfce power manager display the remaining battery time in the system tray (instead of just on mouseover)? And if not, are there alternatives that can?11:40
zuriaakeanybody chinese?11:41
knome!ch | zuriaake11:41
ubottuzuriaake: The Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it11:41
knomehmm, that's not correct..11:41
knome!chinese | zuriaake11:41
ubottuzuriaake: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:41
LachezarHello all... How can I add a Generic Postscript Printer to be used to print to file only, no real connection.11:55
donnieall my packages are broken on a fresh install of 12.10 and they can not be repaired by any forum I've been browsing for hours12:36
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kobrakaotodo mundo usa?14:15
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:16
phunyguy_workcan someone help me wrap my head around what I am doing wrong with Gigolo and SSH?  In Gigolo, I put in the name of the Bookmark, the IP of the server running OpenSSH, the username I connect as, and the folder I want it to mount on the remote server.  I click OK, and when it goes to connect, I enter my password.14:59
phunyguy_workProblem is14:59
phunyguy_workproblem is, it ignores what you put in for the remote folder to mount locally, and just maps to my home folder on the server.14:59
v1adimirdoes it work with filezilla?14:59
v1adimiror some other program15:00
phunyguy_workI have no idea.  Was trying to stay Ubuntu-supported.15:00
v1adimirmidnight commander, whatever15:00
v1adimiri mean just 2 check whether it's an SSH and/or server problem, or some local config15:00
v1adimiroic.. could be settings15:01
GridCubephunyguy_work, do you have gvfs-backends installed?15:02
phunyguy_workno it connects fine, just to /home/phunyguy15:02
phunyguy_workI am not on Xubuntu, but #ubuntu was cluttered and Gigolo comes standard on Xubuntu15:02
phunyguy_workso I should have that, yes15:02
phunyguy_workI am on standard Ubuntu.15:02
GridCubephunyguy_work, check anyway15:03
phunyguy_workdid, and do.15:03
phunyguy_workI can make it work with smb instead, but gvfsd-smb gives me trouble15:04
phunyguy_workwhen accessing anything from the mounted folder for non-gvfs aware apps, the process deadlocks after some time15:05
GridCubei dont really know much about networking, you might want to check this? http://howto.blbosti.com/2010/09/mount-a-remote-ssh-folder-in-ubuntu-cmd-and-gui/15:05
phunyguy_workso I am trying SSH instead15:05
phunyguy_workKI've looked at that link already15:05
phunyguy_workI googled it.15:05
GridCubemmhm yes15:05
phunyguy_worklast night and this morning.  Nothing mentions that folder option in Gigolo15:06
phunyguy_workand I like how Gigolo will dynamically mount when a share becomes reachable.15:06
phunyguy_workI just want to find a working solution with the dynamics in mind15:06
phunyguy_work(laptop that I use at home, and keep connected to home via VPN when I am at work or on the road)15:07
phunyguy_workthe plot thickens.  I can click the mounted folder that comes up in Nautilus, and then hit the back arrow and get to /15:21
phunyguy_work...not ideal.15:21
wonderworldit's ugly in general, that you need gigolo to do thinks thunar should be able to do on it's own15:33
wonderworldbookmarking sftp connections has been broken forever15:35
phunyguy_workI'm not using Thunar15:36
phunyguy_workand I said I need it to be dynamic15:36
phunyguy_worknot have to moint it the first time I need to use it.15:36
phunyguy_workespecially for apps that aren't gvfs aware.15:36
wonderworldyou can do it with /etc/fstab then15:37
wonderworldor use sshfs if it's ssh/sftp15:37
phunyguy_workwonderworld, thats not dynamic.15:37
phunyguy_workif I put the laptop to sleep, take it to work, then connect it back up via VPN, it needs to "just work"15:38
phunyguy_work...or things break.15:38
wonderworldsure, you can write a script that checks for the host being up periodically and mount it15:38
phunyguy_workwell the thought was, why not use something that is already available.  Guess I have to code.15:38
phunyguy_workand I have a similar script for my ssh socks proxy.  Problem is, its not dependable.  the ssh process doesnt realize it went down.15:39
phunyguy_workso it never dies leading to the next iteration to reconnect.15:39
phunyguy_workI am also not very good at scripting.15:40
wonderworldyou could run it as cronjob every minute, check if the connection is still there, if not kill ssh and reconnect15:40
wonderworldnot too hard... 6liner15:40
phunyguy_worksounds like a lot of work that I don't know how to do.15:40
phunyguy_workmaybe you can guide me15:41
phunyguy_workgive me a baseline and then I can work from there15:41
wonderworldk, tell me what exactly you need to do15:41
phunyguy_workand sshfs is nice.15:41
phunyguy_workI need it to mount the filesystem to my laptop when it is available, and leave it alone if not.15:41
phunyguy_work(or umount()15:41
phunyguy_workor unmount)**15:42
phunyguy_workthis is functional for now15:42
phunyguy_work ijust like dhaving the bookmarks there15:42
SiilenceJust periodically check your mount points. If it doesnt exist, mount it.15:42
SiilenceIf it fails, email you.15:42
phunyguy_workffs I cant type.15:42
phunyguy_workplus my wife needs it to be easy.... lol15:43
phunyguy_workget tired of hearing "how do I get to the pictures again?"15:43
wonderworldbuy her an iphone :)15:43
phunyguy_workI suppose I could symlink the crap out of it.15:43
phunyguy_workwith sshfs15:43
phunyguy_workjust will have broken symlinks if the connection isn't active.15:44
wonderworlddo you use ssh interactive logins or do you use key-based logins?15:44
phunyguy_workinteractive, but I can use sshpass15:46
phunyguy_workI would imagine anyway15:46
phunyguy_workI had to use it for my socks proxy script.15:47
phunyguy_workbut that is much dirtier than what you would write I am sure15:47
phunyguy_workpretty much a while sleep 1; do sshpass blah blah ssh xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -D 1080; done.15:47
wonderworldhow about somthing like -> test -e /media/myshare/somefile || my_mountscript15:48
wonderworldwould check if somefile is available, if not run mountscript15:48
phunyguy_workwhat about killing the disconnected ssh session?15:49
phunyguy_workif it works like my socks script it wont15:49
phunyguy_workwill just sit there playing dumb.15:49
wonderworldyou can do that in my_mountscript. "killall sshfs"15:49
wonderworldor if you have the PID of your sshfs session stored, you can kill -kill $PID15:49
phunyguy_workmaybe a looped script would be better with the PID of sshfs logged15:50
phunyguy_workcheck connection, then kill if the server doesnt respond to a ping15:50
phunyguy_workthen check for availability every 60 seconds15:50
wonderworldor check any file on your share15:50
phunyguy_workbut this doesnt fix the bookmark issue.15:50
phunyguy_workhowever it does show up as a local drive in nautilus15:51
wonderworldyou can make your scruipt dynamic and pass it variables for your different shares. then create nice desktop icons for every connection15:51
phunyguy_workwell I will tell you I am not on Xubuntu15:51
phunyguy_workI am on reg Ubuntu15:51
phunyguy_workI asked here because gigolo is in Xubuntu standard.15:52
wonderworldbut you won't need to do that anyway, because your script will make shure that all your shares are available all the time15:52
phunyguy_workso the same may not apply15:52
wonderworldno difference with ubuntu15:52
phunyguy_workits why i liked the idea of Gigolo, smb access worked well, just deadlocked with non-gvfs aware apps15:52
wonderworldif you don't want them to be available all the time, you need to create some bokmark concept15:53
wonderworldgvfs is a pain15:53
phunyguy_workno they need to be there.\15:53
wonderworldnot really stable15:53
phunyguy_workI agree.15:53
phunyguy_workbut the concept is fantastic15:53
phunyguy_workI will do this.15:56
wonderworldnice, enjoy :)15:56
phunyguy_workuse Gigolo, let it connect however it wants, and just create symlinks, like ~/Music/Main Collection for my music folder on the share, ~/Pictures/Main Collection for pictures15:57
phunyguy_work~/Downloads/torrents for the torrents share15:57
phunyguy_worksounds reasonable.15:57
phunyguy_workand a single folder with the root of the /media folder on the server.15:58
phunyguy_workso far so good.  putting it in a script to replicate to the rest of my machines16:04
phunyguy_workhmm yeah wonderworld, this will have to be a custom script.  ssh gets just as confused as my proxy script16:33
phunyguy_workso I will have to write one that launches sshfs, and grabs the PID.16:33
phunyguy_workthen checks once a minute for connectivity and kills it if there isnt16:33
phunyguy_workstarts it if there is.16:33
wonderworldyes, sounds good.16:44
wonderworldmaybe it would be even easier to setup the sshfs connections in /etc/fstab16:48
wonderworldbut i have no idea if this is stable....16:49
phunyguy_workwonderworld, ssh will do the same thing16:49
phunyguy_workit will never disconnect16:49
phunyguy_workand get ALL confused, same with Samba16:49
phunyguy_workat least Gigolo tries to manage it if it doesnt exist16:50
superbootHi all. I'm trying to copy custom menu entries that I setup on one machine (with icons etc..) to the rest of my machines. What files do I need to copy/modify?17:05
superbootThe main system menu that is. (the one with the mouse head on it)17:06
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* Catbuntu is back17:09
phunyguy_work...aaaaaand GVFS died17:20
xubuntu014hi! anybody around I can ask for help?19:30
knome!ask | xubuntu01419:31
ubottuxubuntu014: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:31
xubuntu014sorry. Installed xubuntu 12.04.1 today, installation process failed at the step "install programs", now I don't have a GUI19:33
knomexubuntu014, can you get to a command line?19:33
xubuntu014yes, tried apt-get install xubuntu-gui or something like that someone told me here19:34
xubuntu014now it asks me to insert a cd19:34
xubuntu014but i booted from a usb drive19:34
knomeis the usb stick in?19:34
xubuntu014and don't have any cdrom unit19:34
knomeare you connected to the internet?19:35
knomeok, just a minute19:35
knomealso, do you have another computer to irc from next to you?19:36
xubuntu014yes lol19:36
xubuntu014no other way19:36
knomeok, good. type the following command:19:36
knomesudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list19:36
knomeit will ask for your password, insert that too19:37
xubuntu014lots of txtlines runnning...19:38
knomenow you should see the software sources list19:38
knomethere should be lines starting with about "deb cdrom:[Xubuntu..." in the beginning19:38
xubuntu014some files were not found19:38
xubuntu014no wait19:38
knomefiles not found? did you type the command i posted?19:39
xubuntu014"impossible to get cdrom: [Xubuntu...19:39
xubuntu014sorry i'm translating from spanish19:39
knomeyou sure? 'sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list' without the quotes19:39
knomethat should only open a text editor19:40
xubuntu014sudo: nano: command not found19:40
knomeoh, ok.19:41
knomexubuntu014, just a moment19:44
xubuntu014(thanks a lot for doing this for free, by the way! hope to be able to help someday)19:45
knomexubuntu014, what happens if you type 'sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list' ?19:46
xubuntu014same thing19:47
knomecommand not found? ok...19:47
raytrayxubuntu014, when you ddi apt-get install xubuntu-gui what happened?19:48
xubuntu014no wait i tipped it wrong19:48
xubuntu014now I see two text lines and a lot of ~in the middle19:48
knometwo text lines only?19:49
xubuntu014deb cdrom:[Xubuntu....19:49
knomeis there something like "deb http://..." later?19:49
xubuntu014and "etc/apt/get/souces.list" 2lines, 125 char19:50
knomexubuntu014, oh, ok. then type ":q" (without the quotes, literally) and press enter19:50
TheSheepwait /etc/apt/get/ ???19:50
xubuntu014maybe an internet problem?19:50
knomexubuntu014, it looks like the installer didn't get very far19:51
knomexubuntu014, i'd suggest trying to install again, since there's not much you can lose19:51
xubuntu014i did it two times already, always crasches at the same step19:51
xubuntu014and the iso should be fine  - i checked the md5 thing19:52
xubuntu014should i try to burn it again anyway? maybe with another burner? the one i did it was which i found in the ubuntu help pages19:53
knomeif you've checked the usb stick is fine, let's try to continue then19:54
xubuntu014i've just booted from the stick again and clicked at "check disk" : integrity test failed:19:56
knomexubuntu014, ok, in that case you should try creating the usb stick again19:56
knomeit's the easiest way19:56
xubuntu014ok thanks!19:56
xubuntu014wait! which program you suggest?19:57
xubuntu014the burner may have been the problem...19:57
knomei don't know those apps, use something that's suggested on the ubuntu wiki19:57
xubuntu014ok thanks a lot again!19:57
holsteinxubuntu014: test the integrity of the disk... should be in the alternate menu if you hold shift while the live CD is booting19:58
holsteinthat will confirm the image, and the media19:58
xubuntu014thanks, holstein, just did it - "integrity test failed" i'm burning it again. Bye guys!19:59
xubuntu014thanks a lot19:59
phunyguy_workwonderworld, baseline script is complete. Wanna see?20:06
phunyguy_workworks great20:11
phunyguy_workbounced my openvpn conncetion a few times20:11
wonderworldnice.... and you said you couldn't script :)20:11
phunyguy_workwell to be fair, my brain is hurting20:12
wonderworldit gets easier over time and it's very useful20:12
phunyguy_workI used perl for a long time, but I am trying to get away from that20:12
phunyguy_workI also set up the ssh tunnel with certificates20:12
phunyguy_workso no password required20:13
wonderworldfor me it's the real great thing about linux... if something doesn't work the way you want it, you can script it for yourself 99% of the time20:13
wonderworld(and it will work forever)20:13
phunyguy_workthanks for your help20:13
* phunyguy_work beers wonderworld 20:13
wonderworld* thankfully *burps*20:14
phunyguy_workI can use this same script to make my proxy work better as well20:14
wonderworldjust ordered my personal xmas present Lenovo EDGE S430. great20:19
phunyguy_workwonderworld, nice.  We are a Lenovo shop here.20:50
wonderworldhey great...good choice? i was researching and thought it was pretty much the best i could get for the money with full ubuntu compatibility20:52
phunyguy_workI use a T430s, and T420s20:53
phunyguy_workvery nice laptops20:53
phunyguy_workthe X1 Carbon sucks though20:53
phunyguy_workthe touchpad on it is like a mac.. but worse.20:57
phunyguy_workits just one big button but you have to press the corner still to left or right click.  very tough to use.20:57
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wonderworldhope thinkpads are as good as people say. just wanted something robust and hassle free for linux use with keyboard lightning21:24
phunyguy_workthey are good.21:24
phunyguy_workthe Desktops are nice as well21:24
phunyguy_workThis machine is a quad core Xeon21:25
phunyguy_workThinkStation E3021:25
phunyguy_worksorry E3121:25
phunyguy_work16 gigs RAM21:25
wonderworldwhats the most frequent RMA you receive?22:06
holsteinrma for a thinkpad? i might talk about that and mention looking at a system76 or some other linux preloaded PC's in the offtopic channel22:12
phunyguy_t430s_wonderworld, do you happedn to have the pastebin link still?23:19
phunyguy_t430s_or anyone for that matter.  If they still have it in their chat scrollback, please send along to me.  Thanks23:21
knomephunyguy_t430s_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1413192/ ?23:24

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