ScottKafiestas: I installed it serveral times and it worked fine for me.00:55
afiestasit doesn-t for me, it is still trying to go to page300:59
ScottKI even tried it once in French to make sure non-English installs work.01:01
ScottKDunno what to tell you.01:01
ScottKLook in /var/log/installer01:01
ScottKMaybe it can tell you something relevant.01:01
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1088091] Battery monitor widget does not show estimated battery lifetime @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1088091 (by xor)01:23
BluesKajhowdy all01:48
smartboyhwHowdy. Having problems building Chromium OS:(01:50
ScottKThe KDE games would probably build better if someone would upload https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libkdegames02:30
ScottKRiddell: ^^^?02:30
jussiOk, so 2 minor weirdness bits that I have seen so far with this beta. 1. I lost my Hplip icon in the task bar - just a white "sheet of papper" icon now. 2. I had to click the notification 3 times to get to quassel... was strange07:43
Tm_Talso skype icon isn't showing up on systray08:01
Tm_Tagain, white placeholder icon08:01
ScottKJontheEchidna: kpythonpluginfactory for python3 is in raring-proposed now, so you can start to use it.08:17
apacheloggerjussi: supposedly a bug report on bko would be best ;)10:08
jussiapachelogger: yes... and I will10:08
jussijust felt the need to grumble10:08
apacheloggeroh well... plasma :P10:09
Riddell"Jussi Schultink (jussi01) renewed their own membership in the Kubuntu10:53
Riddellyay jussi still loves us10:53
R33D3M33Rhello, so i tried out the 13.04 alpha 1 live CD. I installed the languague pack with no problems, but after logout it now asks me for a password10:56
R33D3M33Ri tried leaving it blank, entered kubuntu, ubuntu, password and so on but it doesn't work10:57
apacheloggerit always did that10:57
apacheloggerwell, the broken login not so much10:58
R33D3M33Rso there is no way to relogin?11:06
R33D3M33Rhow could I then use the localized version of kde?11:07
apacheloggerR33D3M33R: f9 in the CD boot menu or something like that11:24
apacheloggernow I get it11:25
apacheloggerno idea though ^^11:25
apacheloggeryou'd probably have to manually restart ubiquity or something weird like that11:26
apacheloggerR33D3M33R: if you are testing on a virtual machine I'd simply install11:26
apacheloggertesting on the livecd does often not paint an accurate picture of what the behavior/result will be in an installed system11:27
apacheloggerplus the installation takes like 5 minutes ^^11:27
R33D3M33Rok, that is a valid point, but ... i'm testing on a virtual machine only because the image somehow doesn't fit on a 1 GB stick11:32
R33D3M33Rotherwise i would do a live boot from usb key11:33
R33D3M33Rthat's why i'm asking11:33
apacheloggeryeah as I said, until we have a lightdm fix this will be less than trivial to do without install11:51
R33D3M33Rwill this be fixed in the final release?12:07
Peace-R33D3M33R:  btw i have installed 13.04 and it works 12:13
Peace-but i have 3 computers12:13
Peace-so if one doens't work i have backup12:16
BluesKajHI folks12:51
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [932177] XFCE (and other non-GNOME) desktops do not initialise gnome-keyring correctly / WARNING: gn... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/932177 (by Paul Bogmat)15:06
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mfraz74Wanted to remove k3b from Kubuntu 12.10 on a netbook, but it wants to remove some translation packages too. Any ideas?16:10
yofelit probably depends on k3b-i18n which the transation packages depend on. Feel free to file a bug as this should probably be solved differently16:14
yofeler, k3b-i18n depends on it rather16:15
mfraz74on bugs.kde?16:15
yofelno, launchpad. This is a packaging issue16:16
* yofel is off 16:18
Mamarokholy crap, why on earth do the kernel devs have to screw up thinkfan settings with every new kernel?16:21
Mamaroknow I have to rewrite the whole stuff again16:21
mfraz74Bug #1088205 filed16:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1088205 in k3b (Ubuntu) "Removing k3b, I have to remove language-pack-kde-en" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108820516:30
Peace-pavillionhi guys i found a problem on raring 16:49
Peace-pavillionit seems there is not a file here 16:49
Peace-pavillionso that kate can't load snippets plugin 16:49
Peace-pavillioni mean 16:49
Peace-pavilliondownload \ load16:49
jussiapart from the aforemetioned issues, Im finding 4.10 beta very fast...18:14
claydohin 12.10 and kde 4.9.90 kontact crashes 'Protocol version 28 found, expected at least 29'18:18
claydohlooks like akonadi didn't upgrade?18:18
claydohok I lied it did18:19
claydohInstalled: 1.8.80-0ubuntu1~ubuntu12.10~ppa118:20
shadeslayeryou're not supposed to be running -proposed :P18:20
claydohI am?18:22
claydoh 500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/beta/ubuntu/ quantal/main amd64 Package18:22
* claydoh checks18:22
shadeslayerclaydoh: nvm18:23
shadeslayerI'm sleepy and tired18:23
shadeslayershould go back to bed18:23
ScottKPeace-pavillion: Thanks.  Looking in to it.18:33
Peace-pavillionScottK: :))18:33
claydohok akonadi just needed a restart18:37
ScottKPeace-pavillion: Upstream bug.  Support for that got removed, but clearly the removal was incomplete.  Here's the relevant commit: https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kde-baseapps/kate/repository/revisions/650ee880188bd49614d5a4d65d7b9e373fbec0bb - please file a bug about it on bugs.kde.org.18:53
Peace-pavillionScottK: i will 18:56
Peace-pavillion:))) running plasma-desktop via ssh xD and with ati works 19:07
shadeslayerScottK: can we get a SRU exception for KTP?19:10
shadeslayerthey're going to do a 0.5.2 release soonish19:10
shadeslayerand since it's a fairly crticial app that everyone uses, we should have the latest bug fix release in Quantal19:11
ScottKshadeslayer: They are a pretty young project, so I think it's premature to ask for a standing exception from the tech board, but I'd be happy to look at the diff and see if it seems suitable for a one time trial.19:11
shadeslayercool :)19:11
ScottKIt's critical then that they really limit themselves to fixing bugs.19:11
shadeslayerand from what I've seen, they do follow that19:12
shadeslayerbut ofcourse, it's possible I missed something and something inadvertently crept in19:12
mfraz74is there any way of disabling the lock screen in KDE 4.10's screen saver?19:13
yofelanyone against me putting up an announcement that our 4.9.90 packages are ready for testing in quantal? (Or what's the state of marble in raring?)19:15
mfraz74Not liking 4.10 so far19:28
shadeslayerScottK: I'm not sure, but I think oxygen-icon-theme leaked into the main raring repo19:29
ScottKshadeslayer: I'm sure it did.  It doesn't depend on kde4libs.19:29
mfraz74if a notification pops up, clicking on the 'x' doesn't do anything19:29
ScottKTranslations did too.19:29
shadeslayerah so you basically block one central package19:29
yofelmfraz74: ping me so I can try19:30
ScottKI did.19:30
ScottKI could have blocked a list, but didn't see the need.19:30
shadeslayerright, I thought you block a list19:30
ScottKI did, but the list only had one item ...19:30
BluesKajyofel, kde installed , kwin seems to have trouble with desktop effects ,,, I had a couple of plsama crashes , but they've since stopped , altho cube animation is really not working well19:31
shadeslayerwhen I meant list, I meant kde4libs, kde-workspace, etc etc19:31
ScottKI could have, but the dependency on kde4libs made blocking that sufficient.19:31
mfraz74yofel: are they working for you?19:31
shadeslayerScottK: yeah, didn't realize you could do that :)19:32
yofelhm, here the X is working, but this is raring. Let me fire my other system up19:32
shadeslayeryeah, the X works fine in raring19:32
BluesKajthis is 12.10 19:32
mfraz74here in 12.10 i have to let he notification disappear before clicking on the arrow and then clearing them19:33
yofelwait, are you trying to hide or clear the notification? Clicking on the X while it's popped up by itself hides it. Clicking on the X after opening the list removes it19:34
mfraz74Clicking on the x in 4.9 cleared it19:35
shadeslayerah yes ^19:35
shadeslayernew design decision?19:35
yofelworth filing a bug then I guess19:35
mfraz74how about the new screen locker?19:36
yofelthat one will stay, what's your problem with it?19:37
mfraz74I can't disable the lock screen, it always asks for a password19:38
yofelwhen the screensaver is running?19:40
mfraz74the password window appears before the screen saver starts19:41
mfraz74if I exit the screen saver shortly after it appears, I get a crash notification19:41
yofelmfraz74: indeed, the require password setting doesn't seem to have an effect20:04
mfraz74yofel: do i report a bug with KDE?20:05
yofelmfraz74: you should20:14
mfraz74yofel: what do I file it against?20:19
yofelkscreensaver, component: locker-qml I think20:20
ubottuKDE bug 311434 in locker-qml "Screen lock always asks for password even when disabled." [Major,Unconfirmed]20:27
apacheloggeryofel: TBH that may be an issue with our packaging22:37
apacheloggerif that magic foo requires a new pam file 22:38
yofeloh, hm22:38
yofelshouldn't it take care of that itself...?22:38
apacheloggeryes, no, would be bad if it did anyway :P22:39
apacheloggerjust guessing here22:39
apacheloggerif it uses the old internal magic it should work from that POV22:39
apacheloggeri.e. it'd be a UI bug at that point22:39
apacheloggerPHONON-GST         "Could not open CD device for reading." 22:39

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