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papertigerWhen i use "kcmshell4 icons " it takes about 20-30 minutes to apply a change to icon theme =P01:38
papertigergot any idea how i fix this?01:39
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BluesKajhowdy all01:48
papertigerhi BluesKaj01:57
BluesKajhey papertiger01:57
papertigeri am trying to figure out why it "kcmshell4 icons" can not apply my icon theme..01:58
papertigeror any theme...01:59
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DoyleHey. 12.10 - Setting screensaver threshold has no effect. Always activates at the default 15m04:55
DoyleChanges are reflected in the conf.04:56
DoyleApparently it's only affecting the fishtank04:58
heoyeaapply changes05:03
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DoyleNope. Affects all screensavers.05:24
DoyleI can set the threshold to 1m or anything under 15, but above that and it activates at 1505:24
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arbircan anybody get the Dejavu font condensed working ?06:27
papertigerBy doing exactly what?06:34
arbirpapertiger:  i am trying to use dejavu condensed and it keeps switching back to book06:35
papertigerrename book to a later alpabet letter... that should work.. it picks the one at the top if errors occurs for some reason... name it zook instead =P06:58
papertigersorry i am tired, but it should work06:58
papertigeror you could just remove the fonts you do not use or want to use06:58
papertigerim trying out razorqt, but i have not figured out how to alter screensaver and screen dimming settings yet.07:14
papertigerhehe on a small storage system razorqt could really come in handy. But compared to the entire KDE Sc it falls a little short....07:19
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R33D3M33Rhello, so i wanted to try out the 13.04 alpha and it doesn't fit on a GB USB stick O_o ... ok, it's development release, but does this mean the final version will be the same?10:14
nine_not even close at this stage10:16
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R33D3M33Rso I just logged out of the live mode, to relogin it asks me for a password. I tried "", ubuntu, kubuntu, password, but nothing works ... any ideas?10:48
Peace-R33D3M33R: mmm where did you download the image?10:49
R33D3M33Rfrom the daily live page10:49
R33D3M33Ri386 version10:49
R33D3M33Ri'm running in virtualbox10:49
R33D3M33Rinstallation of programs worked without pass, but now it's asking for it10:50
Peace-R33D3M33R: this is strange no password should be required10:50
Peace-R33D3M33R:  try to ask here #kubuntu-devel10:50
Peace-R33D3M33R: have you tried to leave password emty?10:51
R33D3M33Ri'll post a screenshot10:52
R33D3M33Rany ideas where to i can save, imageshack suddenly wants me to register :(10:54
Peace-R33D3M33R: there is a widget called pastebin just drag and drop the file into10:54
R33D3M33Rso i tried to enter blank password but it does nothing10:55
R33D3M33Ralso ubuntu, kubuntu, password and so on10:56
Peace-R33D3M33R: ask to riddel he should know on #kubuntu-devel10:56
Peace-i have to go (eat)10:56
R33D3M33Rbon apetite and thanks10:56
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BluesKajHI folks12:51
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monkeyjuicemorning BluesKaj13:15
monkeyjuicesnow coming tonite13:15
BluesKaj"morning monkeyjuice13:15
BluesKajwe have a half inch or so13:16
Peace-BluesKaj: Here too13:17
monkeyjuicewere are you Peace-13:18
BluesKajPeace-, snow in Italy ...you must be near the mountains13:18
Peace-BluesKaj: nope verona13:31
the_antjust join this room. hai everyone.13:34
_Adrodhi guys13:35
_Adrodhi peace13:36
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justbenwhere are you from?14:22
carl3399Austria :D14:23
justbeni come from china.14:23
justbenhaha, i am new here14:23
justbeni am excited when i talk with foreigner14:25
Tm_Thi justben and carl3399, welcome to the support channel, we have a chit chat channel at #kubuntu-offtopic (:14:25
justbenthanks, i have been there yesterday.14:26
carl3399oh hello Tm_T14:27
dmattI attempted install of K12.10 and both times installer crashed. how to troubleshoot this? is there a log file or something i can examine?15:00
dmattbooting into live worked and usb install medium was checked15:02
Tm_Tdmatt: /var/log/ should install related log files, atleast I recall it had something15:05
dmattthanks, there seems to be a /var/log/installer/ directory15:14
dmattsome io error...15:15
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rfirminhello, i just upgraded to kubuntu 12.10. for some reason resolve.conf is not being initialized with any name servers. i see a nameserver come in via the dhcp config in syslog, but it never makes it to resolv.conf16:38
rfirminany ideas?16:38
rfirminnobody around?16:43
BluesKajrfirmin, open /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head, ignore the warning and paste your nameservers there16:44
rfirminthanks! will cisco anyconnect vpn still be able to work with that hardcoding (once i set it up; it's not yet installed)?16:45
rfirminguess i'll find out :)16:47
BluesKajrfirmin, I imagine it will , not sure ..I gather you're not using network manager , or if so you've had vpn setup in the options16:47
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BluesKajpreviously that is , rfirmin16:48
rfirminBluesKaj - yeah anyconnect circumvents the network manager. however currently this is a stock kubuntu install, so there is a bug somewhere16:48
rfirmini.e. it is out of the box networking setup which is not generating resolv.conf16:48
BluesKajrf  normally i just purge network manager and use the /etc/network/interfaces, the new resolvconf , and hosts.allow16:50
BluesKajif you keep network manager , it will keep rewriting the resolvconf/resolv,conf file and wipe any edits you've added there16:51
rfirminfair enough. surprises me because i thought network manager was finally relatively stable16:51
rfirmini had issues with it way back in 2008/2009, but since then it seems to have been functional16:51
rfirminuntil now16:51
BluesKajok , I have no experience with vpn so i can't tell whether network manager is buggy or not16:52
rfirminthanks for the resolv.conf.d/head trick, it works well. i'll file a bug and see if anyone bites16:52
blazemoreCan I make the Kickoff menu launch when I press the Super key?17:10
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xixorblazemore: don't think so, super key is registered as just a modifier, so I don't think it can be used on it's own17:22
blazemorexixor: I swear I've used distros where that was the default behaviour, although they might not have been KDE17:25
xixorIt's a possibility.  That isn't default on KDE, and I'm not sure it would be possible.  Maybe, I'm no expert in these matters.  Default keybinding for the KDE klicker menu is ALT+F1, ALT+F2 brings up the krunner launcher17:28
blazemorety for alt+f117:28
xixorblazemore: right click on the klicker menu->Application Launcher Settings->Keyboard Shortcut, it will tell you what the keyboard shortcut is, and will let you change it17:29
xixorblazemore: Klicker menu->System Settings->Shortcuts and Gestures.  In there almost any existing KDE keyboard shortcut can be seen and customized17:30
xixorblazemore: lots of good ones are in Global Keyboard Shortcuts, select KDE component KWin and there are lots of good ones there17:31
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Tygartxixor: blazemore:  You can edit the Kickoff menu launch shortcut by right clicking on the "Kickoff Launch" icon and choose "Application Launch Setting" Then on the left Choose "Keyboard shortcut"18:05
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morovenowhat do I need to install to get GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode support19:54
jeltschHi, I’m using Kubuntu 12.10. If I go to the “Touchpad” entry in KDE’s systems settings, I’m told that no touchpad could be found.19:59
jeltschAny ideas about how to debug this problem?20:00
jeltschI’m using a Dell Latitude 6430.20:00
[Raiden]how to apply changes after manual editing of kdeglobals file?20:05
morovenoanyone in here to help?20:25
BinaryCortexis anyone awake for a question20:27
morovenoguess everyone is watching football20:28
BluesKajmoroveno: just ask your question20:34
BinaryCortexi found an answer, not one i like but ill remember that BluesKaj20:35
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P_WalkerI must say i'm impressed of Kubuntu. +1 to all devs20:54
invariantWhere do I have to put xrdb -load "${HOME}"/.Xdefaults such that it is applied? I put it in ~/.kde/env/a.sh, but this had no effect.20:59
oneadventhi. I have a problem with dragging and dropping in dolphin. This is both with dragging inside dolphin and dragging to a browser or another program. copy/paste works fine...any ideas21:17
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Guest5780ist jemand noch wach heute abend?21:53
oneadventhmph started working..that was weird. i didn't do anything to make it work....21:55
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T___hei, i wanna switch off the status-updates from kopete to the other chatpartner "blabla closed the chat". But how can i do this in telepathy?22:22
holyguyverwhat is the terminal code for launching konqueror?22:25
tsimpsonholyguyver: what do you mean "terminal code"? just launching konqueror from a terminal?22:26
holyguyvertsimpson: Yes22:27
tsimpsonjust type "konqueror" (without quotes) and press enter22:27
tsimpsonmake sure you have it installed22:27
holyguyvertsimpson: That is not working & yes it is installed22:28
tsimpsonholyguyver: what happens when you try?22:28
holyguyverIt syas it is not isntalled, but it is22:28
tsimpsonwhat does "apt-cache policy konqueror" show?22:29
Plagiatinghey, studiert jemand zufällig geschichte?22:30
holyguyvertsimpson:  apt-cache policy konqueror-trinity konqueror-trinity:  Installed: 4:3.5.13-1ubuntu0+ax3~precise  Candidate: 4:3.5.13-1ubuntu0+ax3~precise  Version table: *** 4:3.5.13-1ubuntu0+ax3~precise 0        500 http://ppa.quickbuild.pearsoncomputing.net/trinity/trinity-v3.5.13/ubuntu/ precise/main i386 Packages        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status22:30
tsimpsonI didn't say konqueror-trinity, I said konqueror22:31
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tsimpsonit likely is installed as a different binary22:31
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holyguyvertsimpson: Konqueror trinity is the only konqueror I wish to use22:32
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holyguyvertsimpson: So how do I launch it?22:32
Plagiatingis it possible to get in quakenet?22:33
tsimpsonholyguyver: look at the output of "dpkg -L konqueror-trinity|grep /bin, see what it shows22:33
holyguyvertsimpson: Thanks, that answered a lot22:34
holyguyvertsimpson: dpkg -L konqueror-trinity|grep /bin /opt/trinity/bin /opt/trinity/bin/kbookmarkmerger /opt/trinity/bin/keditbookmarks /opt/trinity/bin/kfmclient /opt/trinity/bin/konqueror22:34
holyguyvertsimpson: I think that answered my question :D22:35
tsimpsonholyguyver: so you can either run "/opt/trinity/bin/konqueror" directly, or add  /opt/trinity/bin to your PATH environment variable (by editing ~/.profile)22:35
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Plagiatingis it possible to get into qnet?22:36
holyguyvertsimpson: I will just run it directly, that is what I am used to, thanks for helping me find it22:36
tsimpsonholyguyver: you're welcome22:37
unheedingwhat's the best theme for window decorations?22:37
tsimpsonwhichever you like best22:37
unheedingoxygen is pretty sweet, it has the blue outline... i like that22:38
[Raiden]bespin and skulpture  also good22:40
[Raiden]kwin themes22:40
[Raiden]and some qtcurve presets22:43
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STiAThey guys, I got a little problem here for grub2 recognizing my win7 installation on this computer22:59
STiATsetup: uefi, win7 (two "system" disks, two normal disks)23:00
STiATand linux (swap, / and /home)23:00
STiATbut for some reason, grub does not configure the win7 installation, any ideas?23:00
STiAToh, and using gpt ofc23:01
STiATto make it even more complicated23:01
STiATi already changed /etc/default/grub accordingly, but it only shows the ubuntu installation, no windows.23:02
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girnaarhow to  install java on kubuntu23:52

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