EtherninHey guys, anyone played with multitouch stuff on Nexus 7 running ubuntu?00:16
Etherninwhen i search the repos for multitouch i find:00:16
Etherninxserver-xorg-input-mtrack - Multitouch X input driver00:16
Etherninxserver-xorg-input-multitouch - Multitouch X input driver00:16
Etherninalso wondering if magick-rotation is worth the trouble?00:17
Etherninwould be siiiiiiick00:17
EtherninI've got things running pretty darn well with XFCE4, but it would be nice to actually use the touch screen effeciently00:17
Etherninone of the problems is by default you can drag the windows around or maximize or close the windows via touchscreen....00:18
Etherninwhich is pretty lame considering it works so well in gnome-classic and lxde ect00:18
Tassadardon't worry, there are people still awake and coding, but as for me, I did not really tried multitouch on n7)00:25
Tassadar*haven't...dammit 1AM00:25
Etherninright on thanks man00:37
EtherninTassadar, it's usually 1am here and im the only one ranting!00:37
Etherninyeah i saw some sweet links of people using it, not on the Nexus7 but i thought id give it a try00:38
Etherningoing to look up the system requirements to see if it's even doable00:38
Etherninbut i figure it should be00:38
Tassadarit must, on android it can handle up to 10 fingers00:38
Tassadaror at least 10 fingers, because I don't have any more to test00:39
Ethernini've been messing with a lot of different desktop environments trying to find one that's both stable and usable00:40
Etherninunity is just too damn slow, and i haven't been able to get unity2d to work00:40
lilstevieEthernin, there isn't really much point in those packages, evdev does multitouch, you just need a wm that supports it00:41
lilstevieunity2d doesn't exist anymore00:41
Ethernini did however try, xfce4, lxde, and gnome-classic via fallback00:41
Etherninyeah no kidding00:41
Etherninnot in raring that's for sure00:42
Zero_Chaosevdev does multitouch? but how to enable it?00:42
Zero_ChaosEthernin: it's the main keyboard and mouse xorg driver00:42
lilstevieZero_Chaos, you don't need to enable it, it already tracks multiple fingers00:42
lilstevieZero_Chaos, you need a part of the windows manager to track00:43
Zero_Chaoslilstevie: ahh00:43
Etherninlilstevie, awesome what part of the windows manager ?00:43
lilstevieZero_Chaos, or something like utouch-geis00:44
lilstevieEthernin, I'm not sure, I don't care enough00:44
Etherninlilstevie, sweet, ill look around00:45
Zero_ChaosEthernin: search for utouch and have fun.00:45
Zero_ChaosEthernin: I'm going to five guys00:45
Etherninhahaha nice Zero_Chaos00:45
EtherninZero_Chaos, yeah going to take a break myself00:46
EtherninZero_Chaos, ill be back in a bit00:46
Etherninah yes, xserver-xorg-input-multitouch - Multitouch X input driver comes up00:48
davecheneywhy does zentiy installer use 100% cpu while running ?03:09
davecheneyis this ia bug03:09
davecheneyor just one of those things ?03:09
davecheneylp #107797303:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1077973 in ubuntu-nexus7 "zenity consumes about 100% CPU when installing Ubuntu on nexus 7" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107797303:12
davecheneyafter flashing with the 1.7 installer to raring03:22
davecheneyand waiting for the disk resize to complete03:23
davecheneyi am greated with random video corruption03:23
davecheneyjust static on the screen03:23
davecheneyany suggestions ?03:23
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Julle131I'm trying to make a kernel boot android 4.1 and Ubuntu. Got any tips? I'm a beginner.13:00
Julle131There is a kernel that can boot Ubuntu for my device, and a kernel that can boot 4.1. But no kernel that can do them both.13:01
lilsteviesome things required for android break ubuntu, and vice versa13:02
Julle131Well, I keep looking then. I don't know does these matter, but the board is OMAP 4460 and kernel version is 3.0.8+ for both kernels.13:05
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