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jeahead_victim: ping11:38
head_victimjea: pong12:15
head_victimWorking on a strategy assignment so I'll be at the pc all night just not always paying attention to IRC. Feel free to PM or leave a message here if you like if I don't respond\12:16
jeahead_victim: I suspect we were supposed to have a meeting tonight. I realise now that we (or I) did not create an event for the December meeting12:34
jeaShould we skip this one, and try for Jan 2013 instead?12:34
head_victimMaybe try again in January, I completely forgot and my reminders didn't happen either.12:59
head_victimWe can attempt to create some conversation on the ML as a replacement for tonight's meeting.12:59
head_victimI'd like to see who is going to LCA and if anyone is interested in hanging around for the open day to get some more publicity.13:00
head_victimI have all the posters still and can apply for some merchandise from Canonical. Just need volunteers to hang around and talk to people while giving them free stuff13:00
head_victimPerhaps even a BOF13:02
jeaOk. Will you be able to send that email, or should I?13:16
head_victimWhoever gets to it first :) Happy for you to lead with the missed meeting and I can chime in with the other if you like.13:44
jeaOk. I will try to get to it in the next day or two13:51
head_victimCool, well I should hit the bed, the director is coming up to see us tomorrow so I should attempt to be not completely exhausted. Cheerio :)14:17

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