keeshallyn, jdstrand: libseccomp 1.0.1 now in debian unstable and raring00:49
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slangaseksmoser: bug #978127> OOI, what's the reason to not handle this by having the ephemeral image run ntp?03:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 978127 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Precise) "incorrect time on node causes failed oauth" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97812703:48
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infinitytjaalton: BTW, I'm still getting i915 GPU hangs.  But they're no longer triggering apport popups.  I'm not sure this is progress. :/05:57
lifelessinfinity: you're getting less apport errors, so the strategy is winning05:59
infinitylifeless: *smirk*06:01
lifelessCheap shot, I know.06:01
infinitytjaalton: Readily reprodible (several times an hour) by watching The Walking Dead in mplayer.  I suspect it's the content that matters, turning my GPU into a zombie.06:03
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infinitytjaalton: (It's also possible that my debugging skills and ability to tie cause to effect diminish slightly on weekends)06:03
infinitytjaalton: In all seriousness, though, there could be a bit of cause and effect here, as I can go hours working in terminals/firefox/etc and usually not tickle the bug, but it's never more than 15 or 20 minutes of x264 playback in mplayer before my GPU has a sad.06:07
tjaaltoninfinity: ok that's good to know, since I've been unable to make it hang myself (with normal "office" usage)06:30
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tjaaltoninfinity: also, are you able to reproduce bug 108612306:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1086123 in linux (Ubuntu) "3x power consumption compared to quantal" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108612306:36
tjaaltonthis after suspend/resume06:36
tjaaltonhaven't bisected it yet06:36
infinitytjaalton: Hrm.  I have no /sys/kernel/debug/dri ... Do I need to do something magical to get that?06:39
tjaaltonguess you should see it as root?06:39
infinitytjaalton: (But I haven't noticed power consumption going up, I've been on AC since I got back from UDS)06:39
tjaaltonheh, ok06:39
infinity(base)root@cthulhu:~# ls /sys/kernel/debug/06:40
infinityNo such luck.06:40
infinityDid just get another:06:40
infinity[600472.021256] [drm:i915_hangcheck_hung] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung06:40
tjaaltondebugfs is mounted here, dunno how to turn it on06:40
infinitytjaalton: Since apport's now failing to pick these up, how do I get more debug info than that for you?06:40
tjaaltoninfinity: "enable debugfs" would be the first step, but it's just working for me..06:41
tjaaltonso I'm not sure how to enable it06:42
tjaaltoni915_error_state would be there06:42
infinityOh, hrm.  Maybe something's gone sideways here.06:42
tjaaltonthere were patches to make it root-only, but should still be available06:43
tjaaltonthis happened for precise I think06:43
infinityYeah, there's an upstart job that makes sure it's read-only, but I can't find anything that's meant to actually mount it.06:43
infinityPerhaps mountall does it.06:43
infinityBut clearly failed to.06:43
infinityAnyhow, manually mounted for now.06:44
infinityCAGF: 650MHz06:44
infinityMine doesn't seem to be spinning at 1300.06:45
infinityI haven't rebooted into the -5- kernel yet, though.06:45
infinitySo, that might break it.06:45
infinityWhich would help your bisect.06:45
tjaaltonanother thing would be to give 'drm.debug=0x0e' to the kernel and then reproduce the hang06:45
infinityI'll have to give that a whirl when I'm not in the middle of being lazy at midnight. :P06:46
tjaaltoninfinity: have you suspended it?06:46
infinityIt's been suspended dozens of times since the last cold boot, I'm sure.06:46
infinityAlso, your bug report says "only the discrete GPU is in use", did you mean the inverse?06:47
infinityOr is your i915 spinning out of control despite you using the NVIDIA one?06:47
tjaaltonI'm not using hybrid06:48
tjaaltonthis is slightly better with the current kernel06:49
infinityOh, you're using -4.12- in that bug report too.  Same as me.06:49
infinityMaybe we need to get our 420Ss to compare notes.06:50
infinityOr go to some sort of reform boot camp together.06:50
tjaaltonwith -5 it's slightly better06:51
tjaaltontakes 22W, and 13W after fixing the stuck gpu06:52
tjaaltonbut still 5-6W extra06:52
infinityAnd every watt counts on this thing, with the teeny-tiny battery...06:52
infinityAnyhow, debugfs manually mounted, back to my TV.  I look forward to more apport popups again. :/06:53
infinityMaybe I'll reboot later.06:53
tjaaltoncool, thanks06:56
tjaalton(i've got an extra battery mounted on the ultrabay ;)06:57
tjaaltongives 2-3h extra06:57
infinitytjaalton: Yeah, I've been considering that.  I'm miffed that their online custom ordering thing forces you to put a CD/DVD drive in the ultrabay, or I'd just order it with a battery straight up.07:00
infinity(Who needs optical media anymore?)07:00
vibhavPeople still use it here :(07:04
infinityAlright, screw these hangs.  Rebooting.07:09
infinitytjaalton: drm.debug=0x0e you say?07:09
infinitytjaalton: What will that do?  Just more vomit in the ringbuffer?07:09
tjaaltoninfinity: more vomit in kern.log07:10
infinitytjaalton: That's what I said. :P07:11
infinityHaha.  Speaking of ringbuffer vomit, since I remounted debugfs, apport-gpu-erro broke.  Nice.07:12
tjaaltonthen when you get the hang, collect /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state and attach to a bug (ubuntu-bug xorg, dmesg will be attached by it)07:13
infinitycat: /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_error_state: Cannot allocate memory07:14
infinityMy laptop is so confused right now.07:15
infinityWe'll see how it fares after a reboot.07:15
infinity(base)adconrad@cthulhu:~$ ps ax | grep apport | wc -l07:47
infinityTurns out this can bring a machine to its knees...07:47
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jtaylorinfinity: you can sync cython from experimental13:15
jtaylorthe ubuntu diff is not needed anymore13:15
jtaylorbut did not test build it yet13:15
voldymanguys i want to modify/write-from-scratch the lock screen. is there any documentation/reference?13:47
voldymananyone ? ^^^13:49
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jtaylorwhere can I see why a package does not migrate from proposed?14:10
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cjwatsonjtaylor: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/14:19
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blamiis there some description of unity? I don't understand if it's just couple of things built around gnome 2 compiz thing or gnome 3 shell ...20:57
ScottKblami: #ubuntu-desktop might be a better place to ask.21:02
blamiScottK: aha, thanks21:03
LaneyMore likely #ubuntu-unity ;)21:04
ScottKEven better.21:12
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jtaylorbdrung: I attached a patch to 1088051 which fixes the fftw uninstallablilty21:40
jtaylorseems to work fine in debian21:41
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