cqfd93Hi Carsten !15:56
CarstenGHi Sylvie16:15
CarstenGcqfd93: How can I help you?16:19
cqfd93Just saying "hi", I don't need help.  Thank you! :-)16:24
CarstenGOk, nice. :-)16:28
CarstenGDid you already finish the French manual?16:31
cqfd93Not yet!  Someone sent us hundreds of places to look at and we're now working on that :-(16:33
cqfd93But at least, the screenshots are OK :-)16:34
cqfd93And you?  Are you about to publish yours?16:35
CarstenGYes, review process is time consuming.16:35
CarstenGOh, no. Not soon.16:35
CarstenGWe are now fixing first the fussy string from the lucid release.16:35
cqfd93What do you call " the fussy string"16:36
CarstenGIf this is done, we have to translate the last strings ( ca. 500)16:36
CarstenGOh, I mean "fuzzy"16:36
cqfd93Same question with "fuzzy" ;-)16:37
CarstenGOk, one example16:37
CarstenGIn lucid was the string "Welcome to Ubuntu 10.04", translated to "Willkommen zu Ubuntu 10.04". Due to the merging from the lucid and precise translation template, the new string "Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04" has now the fuzzy string "Willkommen zu Ubuntu 10.04".16:40
CarstenGWe check this strings and update them, so they are no more fuzzy.16:40
cqfd93I see!16:41
cqfd93How many reviewers are actively working on the German translation?16:43
CarstenGmmh, I guess 3 to 5 ...16:44
CarstenGI hope we get more when the fuzzy strings are checked and the template on LP is updated.16:45
CarstenGThen there will be only ca. 500 string left.16:45
CarstenGNow there are over 1200 strings untranslated...16:46
cqfd93mmh, I guess 3 to 5 ... : not that bad16:48
cqfd93"Now there are over 1200 strings untranslated..."  Ouch!  This was already partly done for the French translation when I started working on the manual16:49
CarstenGYes, a lot to do. :-) But fixing the fuzzy string is not soo difficult. Most of them are easy to release.16:58
CarstenGWell, I just tried making the French manual. I got a warning about a missing reference to the wubi section.16:59
CarstenGI think this is because you added a \gls{wubi} in the translation which was not there in the English version. So you should add the right label in the wubi section.17:00
cqfd93We added a  \gls{wubi} because there was a \newglossaryentry{wubi}, and it works fine when I generate the French manual17:15
cqfd93But I don't understand what you mean with "add the right label in the wubi section."17:15
CarstenGWell, in the \newglossaryentry{wubi} is a reference to "sec:installation:using-wubi". But there is not yet a \label{sec:installation:using-wubi} in the document.17:17
CarstenGDue to this, you get the LaTeX warning "Reference `sec:installation:using-wubi' on page 147 undefined"17:18
CarstenGYou see this warning after your make run17:18
cqfd93I see, and in the pdf, the wubi glossary entry ends with "Consultez la page ?? pour plus d’informations"17:29
cqfd93Can I add a \label{sec:installation:using-wubi}?17:30
CarstenGYes, you should :-)17:34
CarstenGI would add it in this string "Vous pouvez installer et lancer Ubuntu en parallèle de votre installa-17:35
CarstenGtion courante de Windows, via Wubi17:35
CarstenG", page 2017:35
* cqfd93 is going to try that17:36
cqfd93"Consultez la page 20 pour plus d’informations."  It works!  Thank you, Carsten!17:43
CarstenGYou are welcome. :-)17:49
CarstenGNow you should not get any more a latex warning about missing references.17:50
CarstenGOtherwise you have to fix them, too.17:50
cqfd93Problem is, there are so many warnings, I just wait until I get the "success" message :-)17:55
CarstenGYes, you are right, there a lot of warnings which you can ignore, like "LaTeX Warning: Marginpar on page 134 moved."18:05
CarstenGSo have a look directly above the "Success" message. If there is written "LaTeX Warning: There were undefined references." you should fix this.18:06
CarstenGThen scroll upwards to a dark red highlighted message like "LaTeX Warning: Reference `sec:foobar' on page 147 undefined on input line 139."18:07
CarstenGBut now, with you change, there are no missing references. :-)18:08
cqfd93That's great!18:09
CarstenGI found another small issue in your French translation19:00
CarstenGThe word Appendix is not translated19:00
CarstenGYou could use \appendixname to get the right translation from LaTeX directly.19:00
cqfd93Yes, I saw that in the precise version, but not in the quantal version19:24
cqfd93Oops, wrong!  Same problem in quantal19:25
cqfd93I see that the English string has the \appendixname, but it is not in the French strings, I wonder why19:27
cqfd93And I am the one who translated and reviewed... ;-)19:28
CarstenG:-) Copy paste mistake :-)19:37
cqfd93\appendixname worked!  "Pour avoir une copie de cee licence, consultez Annexe A, visitez le site..."19:50
cqfd93Have to edit the strings in launchpad19:50
cqfd93Thanks again!19:51
cqfd93I'm running into another problem:The chapter title "A License" (in English) should be translated into "A Licence" (in French)20:09
cqfd93The quantal manual shows the French translation, but the precise version doesn't20:09
cqfd93Do you know how to fix that?20:09
CarstenGI know that.20:45
CarstenGIn precise the string "License" is not in the translation template.20:45
CarstenGYou can only fix this in the ubuntu-manual-fr.tex file itself.20:46
CarstenGOops, wrong!20:48
CarstenGyou have to edit it in the file license-en.tex in the directory "backmatter".20:50
CarstenGBut be careful, that you do not upload the modified license-en.tex to the repository.20:53
cqfd93What about making a copy of this file and renaming it as license-fr.tex?20:56
godbykI'm confused. You're saying that the 'License' chapter heading doesn't appear to be translated?  It should work like any other chapter heading.20:56
cqfd93Hi kevin!  Yes, in the precise pdf, the chapter title is "A License"20:57
cqfd93I thought it had been fixed a long while ago, bu it isn't20:58
CarstenGHi Kevin, yes in precise this "License" comes not to the template, because the license file is loaded over the latex macro \LoadLicenseFile in the license.tex20:59
CarstenGIn quantal I fixed this, but in precise it isn't.20:59
CarstenGIf we fix this, we get again some new strings to the translations...721:00
godbykAh, okay. I just glanced at the quantal branch, I guess.21:00
CarstenGthere it is ok21:01
cqfd93ubuntu-manual-fr.toc has these lines:21:01
cqfd93\select@language {english}21:01
cqfd93\contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {A}License}{137}{appendix.A}21:01
cqfd93\contentsline {section}{Creative Commons Attribution--ShareAlike 3.0 Legal Code}{137}{section*.383}21:01
cqfd93\contentsline {section}{Creative Commons Notice}{143}{section*.384}21:01
cqfd93\select@language {french}21:01
cqfd93\contentsline {chapter}{\textfrench {Glossaire}}{145}{section*.385}21:01
godbykcqfd93: For the precise-e2 branch, when we generate the ubuntu-manual-fr.tex file, we can correct the chapter heading there.21:01
godbykcqfd93: But we have to wait until all the work done via Launchpad is complete first.21:01
CarstenGKevin, in the ubuntu-manual-fr.tex file is only the macro \LoadLicenseFile21:03
godbykCarstenG: Hmm.. okay. Well, we can fix it just before generating the final French PDF, then.  As long as someone reminds me! :-)21:04
cqfd93I'll try to remind you ;-)21:04
CarstenGOr we fix it. There will be only the new string "License"  in LP...21:06
CarstenGShould be ok, or?21:06
godbykCarstenG: I won't bother fixing it for precise-e2. It'd cause fuzzy strings in Launchpad (probably).21:07
CarstenGYes, this one string will be new then...21:07
godbykYes, but it may cause problems with existing strings, too.21:08
godbykLaunchpad seems so finicky when it comes to uploading new .pot files.21:08
CarstenGok, this I don't know.21:09
CarstenGSo we have to think on this special treatment of this tring for the final PDFs for all languages. :-)21:09
godbykFor precise-e2, yes.21:11
godbyk(I expect that most translators would be working on quantal at this point instead of precise-e2, though.)21:12
CarstenGWell, in the German team we are working now on precise-e2...21:13
cqfd93And the French team is working on both21:14
godbykSince the contents of that chapter are in English, I didn't really pay much attention to the chapter heading, I guess.21:15
godbykIf someone were inclined, they could contact the Creative Commons folks and see if they still recommend we stick to the English language license for all translations.21:15
godbykThey may have fixed things so we can use generic, translated licenses now.21:16
godbykIt's been a few years.21:16
CarstenGMaybe a link to the complete license text is sufficient?21:17
CarstenGOr do we have to print the complete text?21:17
godbykWe're not required to print the text.21:19
godbykIt's just nice to have for people who don't have Internet access to read the test.21:19
godbyktext, rather.21:19
CarstenGOk, see you.22:04
CarstenGHave a good night, or afternoon. :-)22:05
cqfd93Good night!22:07
cqfd93Bye everybody!22:31

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