pleia2sent the email off to summary writers this morning, so whenever people have a chance to jump in.. :) http://bit.ly/vDkJyf01:16
smartboyhwpleia2, can I be a summary writer too? (Spare time now)01:22
pleia2smartboyhw: yes, everyone can01:24
pleia2smartboyhw: I'd suggest looking at older issues to get some idea of how they are written, and take a look at our style guide for tips: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/StyleGuidelines01:24
pleia2then you should be ready to go :)01:25
pleia2oh, and if you do write stuff, be sure to add your name on the bottom of the doc so we can give you credit (if you want credit)01:41
smartboyhwpleia2, writing already:D01:43
pleia2great :)01:43
smartboyhwpleia2, well I've written almost all of them:D02:20
pleia2smartboyhw: think you can add a little more detail to some of them?02:26
smartboyhwpleia2, which ones?:P tell me and i will add it02:26
pleia2like "person writes about this" instead say something like "person writes about this, including improvements to dash appearance, how smooth it is..."02:27
pleia2just so it gives a bit more details than the article title02:27
pleia2mostly ones in the blogosphere section02:27
smartboyhwAh ok02:28
smartboyhwpleia2, is the blogosphere section better now?02:32
pleia2smartboyhw: that's great! thank you :)02:34
smartboyhwpleia2, :)02:34
Silverlionhey there!12:21
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
pleia2editor time :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue29519:18

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