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ibeardsleehads: I'm sure I'd already mentioned about wanting to talk to you about the academy19:03
ojwbrhythmbox seems very crashy on precise19:03
ojwbthough it's never been the most stable piece of software19:04
ojwbis there some new bug finding/hardening thing?19:06
ojwbit seemed to have an error due to longjmp not initialising the stack frame19:06
ojwbwhich I'm a bit unclear how it knows19:06
hadsibeardslee: Not that I recall.19:18
ibeardsleeit was a while back when the idea of an arduino/robotics Academy first came up19:24
* ajmitch wonders why it needs to be monday already19:34
ibeardsleewe have to go through Monday to get to Friday19:34
ajmitchat least there aren't too many mondays left in the work year19:35
ibeardsleeand then just think about all the mondays you have to go through to get to the next end of year ;)19:36
ibeardsleethe madness starts all over again19:36
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Atamirabeautiful day here today23:27
* mwhudson wouldn't know :/23:54

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