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ubottuTimAnderson called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()04:30
TimAndersonSystem.out.println("FUCK UBUNTU");04:30
bazhangkees, hi11:38
Tm_Thi kees12:27
ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu (anonymous_)14:42
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Ankit said: ubottu: that is too technical for me ... someone has to break it down for me...15:53
ubottuIn ubottu, bobweaver said: !wh  Sometimes it is just best for one to state "what happened", By stating. I am trying to do X . I  tried to do X But I got X results. also see !details16:22
IdleOne!details > bobweaver16:22
DJones!list > alexandra16:52
ikoniahello phunyguy_t430s20:22
phunyguy_t430shello.  Just lurking.20:24
ikoniathe channel has a no idle policy20:25
phunyguy_t430soh.  Didn't see that in the /motd.20:25
ikoniano problem20:26
IdleOnewas that all?20:55
ikoniawhy are you pasting that in here20:55
dontknowikonia, just live with it20:57
ikoniadontknow: please don't paste any more pointless stuff21:09
ikoniadontknow: what do you want ?21:09
dontknowikonia, all you can do is kicking or banning. you don't discuss21:09
ikoniadontknow: there is nothing to discuss21:09
ikoniayou joined the ops channel and pasted and RMS blog post21:09
k1l_dontknow: this is not a discussion channel for that topic21:09
ikoniait's nothing to do with this channel21:09
ikoniawhat do you actually want ?21:10
dontknowikonia, you banned me from offtopic and ubuntu because of this subject21:10
ikoniayou where banned a while ago21:10
ikoniaI can tell you what for21:10
ikoniahang on a moment21:11
ikoniamost of the reasons I see you being banned for is bad language or just making stuff up21:13
ikoniabut for example, that post / blog would not be welcome in #ubuntu as it has nothing to do with support21:13
dontknowikonia, where should i paste that article then?21:14
ikoniawhy do you need to paste it ?21:15
dontknowbecause of discussion21:15
dontknowwhat shouldn't i?21:15
ikoniaright, #ubuntu-offtopic would be an "ok" place21:15
ikoniahowever you are banned because you seem unable to communicate with people21:15
dontknowikonia, it is your opinion21:15
ikonia"talking about fucking google search"21:16
ikoniathat's not my opinion21:16
ikoniathat's you typing rude interactions21:16
ikoniatelling people to "shut up"21:16
ikoniathat's not my opinion - that's you being rude to people21:16
dontknowok i will call them my dear21:17
ikoniano, you won't21:17
ikoniayou seem unable to to interact with people at all21:17
dontknowikonia, you are not discussing with me21:17
ikoniano, I'm not21:17
dontknowabout on subject21:18
ikoniamyself/others have tried to disscuss it with you, and failed21:18
ikoniaso at this time, I'm not discussing it,21:18
dontknowikonia, no you didn't try it, not even close. you just told me "stop nonsense" etc... i was talking to other people21:19
dontknowikonia, you are wrong, just live with it21:19
k1l_dontknow: honestly. you should stop trolling in first place if you want to discuss over your bans21:20
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
ubottuIn ubottu, escott said: !foo is bar23:18
ubottuIn ubottu, escott said: !fdisk is Use parted instead of fdisk to manage disks. Unlike fdisk parted can properly understand GPT disks that appear on modern EFI systems. "sudo parted -l" will list partitions in a format similar to fdisk.23:20

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