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d3wyHowdy all, anyone free to give a quick hand with samba (Ubuntu) host with OSX client?04:43
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a5m0is there a way to auto-login to root on console cli and run a program on boot?07:48
mikal/etc/rc.local is run at the end of each runlevel as root. You could put something there if you had the right safeguards?07:52
lifelessa5m0: why do you want to login on the console, why not just run it on boot ?07:59
lifelessa5m0: @reboot in crontab may be all you need08:00
lifelessmikal: ^ in case you didn't know ;)08:00
lifelessI suppose you could set getty to bash08:03
mikalOr do something with a bonkers custom init...08:04
a5m0i just want it to boot up into a cli status program08:11
cwillu_at_worka5m0, look at /etc/init/tty1.conf08:21
cwillu_at_workI've done exec /sbin/getty -n -l /usr/local/bin/nobodytop -8 38400 tty6 on one of my boxes08:23
cwillu_at_workwhere nobodytop is just a wrapper that starts top as nobody08:23
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sliddjurhello my dns server doesnt resolv domain name. only subdomain. what did i miss?16:00
RoyKsliddjur: sorry, I don't understand - does 'host google.com' work?16:20
sliddjurRoyK, nothing happens16:21
sliddjuri have tried to set up my own bind server. but when i ping my server (student481.linuxkurs.tfe.umu.se) i get no replys. but for example www.student481.linuxkurs.tfe.umu.se) works16:21
RoyKsliddjur: there isn't an A entry for student481.linuxkurs.tfe.umu.se16:28
RoyKroy@smilla:~$ host student481.linuxkurs.tfe.umu.se16:28
RoyKstudent481.linuxkurs.tfe.umu.se mail is handled by 10 mail.student481.linuxkurs.tfe.umu.se.16:28
cloudmansliddjur, try putting in your resolve.conf  might be something temporary16:54
cloudmanresolv.conf I mean16:56
tedskior if you don't like the googles16:57
cloudmanwhatever works :)16:58
tedskitrue :)16:58
cloudmanI had the problem the other day, it went away ??16:59
i3luefirehttp://pastebin.com/EEMDhFzh why does an upgrade want to remove my kernel?17:07
tedskiit's only removing the kernel header packages17:09
i3luefireok. good point. but is that not bad?17:10
tedskii3luefire: uname -r output, please?17:10
tedskiit is not bad... if they're needed, they won't be removed17:11
i3luefireroot@ubuntu-server:~# uname -r output17:11
i3luefireuname: extra operand `output'17:11
i3luefireTry `uname --help' for more information.17:11
tedskiskip the output17:11
tedskii was asking for the output of 'uname -r'17:12
tedskiso, you must have had a package that required the source of the kernel (kernel headers) and you may have removed it17:12
tedskiaptitude realizes this and says it will remove those header packages17:13
i3luefireok. thank you very much. it just seemed scary at first17:13
tedskia scared, reluctant sysadmin is a safe sysadmin :)17:14
i3luefirethat is a guide i am following17:14
i3luefire:) thanks17:14
i3luefirei may be back later i guess17:15
tedskilooks like a good guide17:15
tedskii'm glad they explain the worker model in brief rather than just saying, "type apt-get install blah" and look for the It works! page!17:15
i3luefireoh. that sounds good17:16
i3luefirei am currently using apache for webmin and some other minor stuff17:18
i3luefirei think i am going to stop with the nginx install because i dont want to mess up my currently working setup with apache. and running them side by side seems too difficult.18:11
anepanal1ptosHello, how do i change the metric of a dhcp gateway route?18:40
anepanal1ptosfor example, in debian, the dhcp'd default gateway has metric 0, but in ubuntu it has metric 10018:41
maxbMine doesn't seem to have any displayed metric at all ... does that just mean metric 1 ?19:03
maxbAlthough wouldn't the metric on a default route only be useful if you had multiple default routes?19:03
maxbWhich doesn't seem to make much sense19:03
qman__it's a failsafe19:04
qman__if that interface or router goes down, you still have another route to the internet19:05
qman__the other purpose is, if you want DHCP on one interface and static on another, but you want the static gateway to take precedence19:05
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maxmahemI've noticed that the 12.10 install seems to hang when detecting hardware if it has like 128mb of ram, am I correct on this or just not patient enough w/ it?19:27
escottmaxmahem, 128MB is very very little ram, suggesting a very very old system. it might be that it hangs because it tries to access some kind of hardware bus that doesn't exist19:28
maxmahemescott, well in this case it's a virtual machine.19:29
maxmahemHardware detection works fine if I increase it so say 512 or so.19:29
escottmaxmahem, so give it more ram for the install19:29
escottmaxmahem, you will want that extra ram during install just to make the install go faster19:30
maxmahemescott, I did :). I'm just wondering if this is expected behavior, or maybe I'm not being patient enough w/ the hardware detector when running on such a small amount of rma.19:30
escottmaxmahem, i dont think anyone cares19:31
escottmaxmahem, there is a javascript implementation of qemu. if you want to see something go slow you could install ubuntu in your web-browser19:32
maxmahemI'm not particularly interested in watching things go slow, I'm interested in the minimum memory required for the installer.19:33
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu19:33
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qman__the requirements aren't hard, though; for example, I've run lubuntu on 128MB and the system runs fine19:36
qman__can't use youtube with that little RAM, but can't really expect that19:36
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anepanal1ptosmaxb: the problem is, i already have a route advertiesed on my network19:48
anepanal1ptosmaxb: and i want this machine to use the one that is local, as it is also connected to the internet.19:49
anepanal1ptosthis is my debain route list19:50
anepanal1ptos0.0.0.0         UG    0      0        0 eth119:50
anepanal1ptos0.0.0.0         UG    2      0        0 eth019:50
anepanal1ptosas you can see, the advertised one has metric 2 (the bottom one) so the machine prefers it's local gateway19:50
anepanal1ptosbut in ubuntu, the advertiesed route gets metric 2, and the local gateway has metirc 100, so it still prefers to go out another 'exit node' (so to say).19:51
anepanal1ptosidealy, i need to find the script that calls the dhclient and start from there (i think.)19:51
qman__you just need to configure your static address with a metric of 019:52
qman__there are a few ways to do it19:52
anepanal1ptosno no, the internet address is dynamic19:52
anepanal1ptosit comes from a cable modem19:52
qman__so the internal address isn't static either?19:53
anepanal1ptos(sorry to break you/cut you off, i just didnt want you wasting your time in the wrong direction. i know how to do that via etc network interfaces)19:53
anepanal1ptosthe internal is, and it has metric 019:53
qman__then set its metric over 10019:53
anepanal1ptosand from the internal, via a routing protocal, it learns there is another gateway on the network19:54
anepanal1ptosso it gives the 'other gateway' metric 2.19:54
anepanal1ptoshowever this machine also has a local gateway, and for some reason, dhclient is adding it to the route table with metric 10019:54
qman__fair enough19:55
qman__sounds like it would be configured in the dhcp client somewhere19:55
anepanal1ptosyeap. ill rtfm for the rest of it, i just need a little push in which files deal with calling dhcp19:56
qman__might look into man dhclient, or /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf19:57
qman__it might also be different in the version you're using, I'm on 10.0419:58
anepanal1ptosi am also on 10.0419:58
anepanal1ptosi think the magic is someplace else, my debian and ubuntu dhclient.conf look identical19:59
maxmahemqman__, for what I'm doing w/ this server, 128 is more than sufficent, it's just that setting the ram to one thing for the install then changing it once I get it up and running is kind of a hassle.20:28
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