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bobweaverping cm-t  you around broseph ?17:32
bobweaverI am looking for  someone here to make me some xcf images of some of the things that are in the Design of the wiki17:35
bobweaverLike to take these images and make each item of the picture into a layer in gimp17:36
bobweaveresp page 9 and 1017:36
bobweaverthen export it to qml with the export tool17:36
bobweaverif anyone is up to the task that is17:37
bobweaverI should do it and make a tutorial that is what I am going to do :)17:37
mhall119bobweaver: unfortunately I made those mockups in Pencil, not Gimp :(18:34
mhall119bobweaver: page 9 and 10 are just screenshots from existing apps (youtube's leanback UI, and Gnome's media explorer)18:34
bobweaverno worry's I just finshed it up in gimp and am going to move to other computer(tv) and make a tutorial on it18:35
bobweaverwhat is gnome-media explorer ?18:35
* bobweaver goes to google 18:35
bobweavermhall119,  remeber my idea for getting more peps for design18:36
mhall119app design?18:36
bobweaverthat is the tutorial that I am going to make sure others that may not be coders can make design18:36
mhall119the chat we had after UDS?18:36
mhall119that gimp exporter will make that super-easy18:36
mhall119bbl, off to the store to buy a new tree-topper18:37
bobweavercya have a good one thank for the info18:40

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