dwatkinstrue, penguin4200:00
dwatkinsI was hoping for something about a fifth the price00:00
dwatkinsI'd consider building it myself, but I'm not comfortable with messing with mains voltages.00:00
penguin42yeh ditto00:00
penguin42almost cheaper to use rack-pdus depending on the number of ports you needed in one place00:03
dwatkinspenguin42: I considered that, havn't looked up prices yet, but if they're in the low three-figure range, it might be about the same00:03
dwatkinswe had a really simple mains splitter on the network in my previous job, never saw it, but I used it to power stuff up and down from the other side of the atlantic a couple times00:04
penguin42dwatkins: What you trying to control?00:06
dwatkinspenguin42: just curious really, I have a remote for a VPN unit, light and print server (i.e. nothing high-wattage) and wondered if I can control them via a web browser or similar.00:07
dwatkinsWhat I have is essentially this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Remote-Control-Socket-Set/dp/B000H9HU70/00:07
dwatkins(but doesn't look awful)00:08
penguin42dwatkins: The interesting stuff with the 'control it via a web browser' is what to connect that control to00:08
penguin42http://www.audon.co.uk/usb_digital/np8800.html isn't cheap00:09
dwatkinsindeed, penguin42 - and windows-only00:09
hazrpgdwatkins: *clicks* link00:10
dwatkinsSo, my options are: continue to use the remote (which has poor range), spend a hundred or so pounds on an X10 solution (and have fun setting it up to run under Ubuntu) or something else00:10
penguin42dwatkins: Yeh you want to get a spare remote and a soldering iron; that way you don't mess with the 240v00:11
dwatkinspenguin42: good call :)00:11
dwatkinsI could setup some relays on a USB port00:11
dwatkinsor opto-isolate them or something hoopy like that00:11
penguin42or lego with a plunger onto the button :-)00:11
dwatkinshaha, guess what my Arduino case is made from...00:12
penguin42dwatkins: So normally the problem is whether you connect the DSL router to the PDU switch and whether that lets you screw up and turn your connection to said PDU switch off00:14
hazrpgdwatkins: lego ;)?00:14
hazrpghmm, just thought!00:15
hazrpgwhy not just get a regular on/off switch device... jimmy it together with some wires to the off/on mechanism and wire directly to an arduino ;D00:16
penguin42dwatkins: The 8 port APC masterwitches are about 400gbp which is I guess a bit OTT00:17
hazrpgsurrogates just came on fox-movies (via nilesat in egypt)00:17
hazrpgalways an odd film to watch - but bruce willis non-the-less00:18
penguin42hazrpg: With dirty string vest?00:18
hazrpgpenguin42: *raises eyebrow* Hmm?00:19
penguin42hazrpg: Bruce willis; he normally has a dirty string vest somewhere in most of his films00:19
dwatkinspenguin42: yeah, APC switches seem to be rather pricy. I'm not looking to switch the DSL router on or off (that stays on permanently) just a few devices I don't always use.00:19
penguin42dwatkins: Yep00:20
dwatkinshazrpg: this is my phone charger/holder at home: http://i.eho.st/pjxg6ekh.jpg00:21
dwatkinsit has a cable restraint so I can just slide the phone in00:22
dwatkins(and out)00:22
hazrpgpenguin42: ah, heh, possibly00:25
hazrpgdwatkins: nice ^_^00:26
dwatkinsIt took a couple iterations to get it right.00:28
hazrpgdwatkins: what made you want to do it?00:28
hazrpgother than having the phone tilted the right way to quickly view it00:28
dwatkinshazrpg: I got fed up with having to find the cable every evening, made a stand-up stand and learned a few things, then made this one after seeing the wooden 'alarm clock music player' style phone stand00:29
dwatkinsI should really take a photo with it showing the time in the correct orientation00:29
hazrpgheh, interesting00:30
hazrpgwish I had some lego lying around... always wanted to make a bed-side dock, mainly cos the official dock is no longer available00:31
dwatkinsA colleague gave me a box of it, her kids weren't using it :D00:32
dwatkinshazrpg: a slightly improved photo: http://rowla.dyndns.org/images/alarm_clock.jpg00:37
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hazrpgdwatkins: heh, nice photo quality there! Looks good in that. :D05:49
hazrpgdwatkins: sorry it took so long, was up doing video editing for a video I was responding to a question for in #ubuntu-eg ... took longer than I thought it would... but hurray its done! \o/ http://youtu.be/xEGtn_Cezyo05:51
* solarcloud_3scrn has opened his present of a new apple UK keyboard.09:08
dwatkinshazrpg: no worries, nice video demo too.09:43
dwatkinssolarcloud_3scrn: the wired or wireless one?09:43
solarcloud_3scrndwatkins, Wired .. funny usb interface .. but seems to work alright.,09:51
solarcloud_3scrnjust been on the phone to my dad .. he 's happy for me :D09:51
solarcloud_3scrnIt is a good time to de-clutter this weekend .. I did all of mine last night.09:52
solarcloud_3scrnFunny thing was I stopped every half an hour and did a Video diary to my cheap camera (10.2 MP) as a kinda vlog about thoughts.09:53
solarcloud_3scrnvery inspiring :)09:53
dwatkinsI did a lot of decluttering recently, it helps me focus when there's less stuff in the way.09:55
solarcloud_3scrnGoogle plus seems 2 be missing photos this morning ... :(09:56
solarcloud_3scrnplus there is a seven hour gap in between posts .. dont you just hate that ?10:01
solarcloud_3scrnI'm in 62 communities already :)10:12
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:21
dwatkinsmornin brobostigon10:25
dwatkinssolarcloud_3scrn: you mean the gap where the US is asleep? ;)10:25
brobostigonmorning dwatkins10:26
solarcloud_3scrnI'm on gmt time.10:26
brobostigonmorning popey10:28
solarcloud_3scrnLet the shoveling commence .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=G0YSBuw3i0g#!10:52
popeygosh, he's a wide chap, and no wonder if he eats that lot11:06
popeyhowever, i did discover via that video a nice advert for ocado iphone app :)11:11
solarcloud_3scrnpopey, As a moderator for google communities, (as I am one myself for the 99% commune)  .. I was wondering if there has been any 'tasks' that you've been appointed to-do. either from the community or google ?11:33
AlanBellthey have only existed for a couple of days11:35
popeysolarcloud_3scrn, not really11:35
popeywe haven't set any rules in place yet, or roles11:35
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, true, I'm loading gigabytes of info onto my communities as we speak :)11:35
popeybut i have rejected some posts11:35
solarcloud_3scrnme too.11:35
AlanBellgigabytes of info ??11:36
solarcloud_3scrnI do like the D.I.Y. c-groups.11:36
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, Yes, my external hard drive said on Friday " Aww crap, I'm in overdrive for the next couple of days while I share all those pics/vids/ and tracks that have been dormant for so long " ..  :-)11:38
* solarcloud_3scrn wonders if 'anonymous' have woken up to this new platform , yet ?? anyone seen anything ?11:39
solarcloud_3scrnSlightly strange that I see invites for groups hat I am already in though .. were do I file a bug ??11:41
AlanBellI think you are seeing slightly more in the communities feature than I am11:59
AlanBellit is just a way of posting and discussing stuff with "people interested in topic foo" rather than "people I know"12:00
AlanBellbut apart from a different audience selection methodology it is just the same as before isn't it?12:00
AlanBelljust been catching up on the new lens privacy flamefest12:01
AlanBellanyone got a few minutes to test bug 108787312:03
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1087873 in unity-lens-github (Ubuntu) "lens privacy feature does not work on all lenses" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108787312:03
AlanBellbasically install unity-lens-github from the software centre and flip the privacy switch in settings and see if it stops working12:04
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, Personally feeling part of a community is the best news so far this Month . I'm just stoked in a big way. I put an advert in the national newspaper to join the local community (3 papers) .. So I expect big disruptance next week.12:04
solarcloud_3scrn.. but it's like the Hotel night receptionists book will say .. nothing happened. probably12:05
solarcloud_3scrnbreakfast was a Yorkie bar today :)12:06
jacobwDIY c-groups?12:15
solarcloud_3scrnjacobw, Yeah like DIY biuld your own rig/computer G+community .. if I see the link I'll post you.12:18
jacobwi see :)12:19
solarcloud_3scrnhave to say that it is a bit slow though .. for example when i see a sub-category it says "50 new posts" but when i click on the category there is only 10 or so.12:21
solarcloud_3scrnCyanogenMod is a massive community cosidering it's all opensource .. 10,000 members ! Go opensource !!12:26
jacobwthere's a lot of large open source communities12:34
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andylockranmorning all; I could do with some help on setting up 5.1 sound on Ubuntu 12.10 through HDMI.. it's not outputting sound and not sure where to look.  pavucontrol doesn't have a 'test speakers' option12:42
penguin42hmm I wish there was a firefox-esr package12:50
jacobwpenguin42: i thought there was12:56
jacobwpenguin42: just googled and found a ton of 'how to install firefox esr in ubuntu: wget firefox-esr.bz2'13:01
penguin42yeh, don't see any packaged versions in the repo, and a bug where someone asked for it is a won't-fix-we-haven't-got-time13:01
penguin42could just download the upstream13:01
* penguin42 wants it so he can run pentadactyl again13:02
* jacobw uses vimperator13:03
jacobwpenguin42: why pentadactyl?13:03
penguin42jacobw: I've been using pentadactyl for a while and I can't quite describe what's missing, but it feels like a lot13:04
penguin42heck, the ESR timescales are still only about a year - not that extended13:05
jacobwpenguin42: what's missing in vimperator?13:06
penguin42jacobw: Let me get back to you on that; I've been using vimperator for a few days and I keep kind of swearing at it and not quite figuring out exactly what's missing13:07
AlanBellRIP Patrick Moore http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-2065793913:08
GentileBenAlanBell, did you just update his Wikipedia article?13:10
* jacobw thinks AlanBell isn't faster than the Wikipedians13:12
penguin42first change was apparently at 12:5913:13
SuperEngineern0000! an life through & of intelligence is always a loss - please, let this not be true13:15
SuperEngineer...fare thee well, Patrick13:16
SuperEngineerjust found a cute way of creating a unique [but not memorable] password:  clean your keyboard while pooter is active ☺13:31
jacobwpwgen -Bsy 1213:32
GentileBenThere's no Wikipedia article for vajazzles. Why?13:34
AlanBelldunno, ask in #wikipedia perhaps13:41
* AlanBell still wants someone to try the github lens13:41
SuperEngineerdoes ubuntu have a ppa or similar where I download a darn heating engineer?  I've just replaced the thermo-couple & still no heating!... me diggy no further into boiler as me no like unwanted loud bang type noises13:42
SuperEngineeror maybe a ppa where I can find out the cost the 2 halogen heaters no in use to ward off jack frost13:44
penguin42SuperEngineer: No but if you get enough machines and try and rebuild the repo it should keep you warm13:45
GentileBenAlanBell, will it send all your github searches to Amazon? >_>13:47
SuperEngineerhey - if Ranolph Fiennes can put up with -90 I guess I survive [just need to nick his polar gear & I'll be ok I guess]13:47
jacobwit's -11 overnight here in Bavaria13:49
GentileBenYOLO Toure is on for Kompany.13:51
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
penguin42seems to have got a bit warmer here, quite a reasonable +4c in Manchester; that's abotu 5c warmer than it was earlier in the week13:52
dwatkinsit's been fairly warm in Edinburgh too, although it's set to go down to about -2'c on Monday night.13:52
dwatkinsno, I lie, -4'c13:52
penguin42dwatkins: We had that on early Thursday morning http://www.wolframalpha.com/share/clip?f=d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e3m4ejlcqe313:54
penguin42but yes next week does look like it's going to be mostly around 0 perhaps pulling itself a few C above around the middle of the day13:56
SuperEngineerhmm & anyone seen next week's *snow* forecast? - not good without heating13:58
* SuperEngineer thinks: this will be good for the soul - remind me of what less fortuante peeps are always going through13:58
penguin42SuperEngineer: Of course you could just get the boiler engineer in13:58
SuperEngineerPendulum: you think I haven'r been trying!!!!13:58
penguin42SuperEngineer: If you're really desperate Gritish Bas have been advertising that you can supposedly ring them up for one off fixes13:59
SuperEngineeryep.  that's what I was thinking as well13:59
AlanBellGentileBen: nope, it sends all your amazon searches to github as it happens14:05
GentileBenAlanBell, are you watching the derby?14:06
AlanBellthe what?14:06
AlanBellno, not into sport14:09
AlanBelldidn't the derby used to be about horses or something?14:10
GentileBenAlanBell: not since about 1890.14:27
GentileBenIt now means "sporting contest between two teams based within the same city".14:28
GentileBenThere are exceptions though - big cities like London have about 20 teams, whilst radioactive wastelands like the north-east don't have many teams.14:29
GentileBenEg. Newcastle-Sunderland is known as the Tyne-Wear derby despite nobody else caring.14:29
GentileBenThe more you know~~~14:29
penguin42jacobw: OK, things missing (you may know of similar shortcuts); Pentadactyl has s and S that start a google search (in the same or next tab), there is also ctrl-z that suspends it for the current tab so that all key strokes are passthroughs14:41
jacobwpenguin42: i'm only using o to open in current tab and t to open in new tab followed by the search prefixes ('google' foo, 'amazon' foo)14:49
jacobwpenguin42: i want the passthrough to be easily accessible14:50
penguin42jacobw: nod; I guess the ctrl-z is intended to be like backgrounding vi14:51
jacobwpenguin42: gmail is the use case mentioned in the faq, also you can scroll up and down slashdot articles and comments with j and k14:52
penguin42jacobw: So what's the equivalent in vimperator of the ctrl-z in pentadactyl?14:52
jacobwpenguin42: the vimperator faq says it's ctrl-z, but it doesn't work for me14:58
penguin42jacobw: Hmm, me neither14:58
AzelphurI think my new flat is designed to troll postmen or something14:59
penguin42non-existent postcode?15:00
AzelphurI don't have a postbox in the main area, there's a notice up saying he should deliver it direct to my door, but my door doesn't have a letterbox.15:00
Azelphurnope, I have a postcode and my flat exists on most registries15:01
penguin42ok, a friend has lived in a few new-build flats where the postcode system hadn't caught up yet15:02
jacobwyou need a US style mailbox to the side of your door15:03
penguin42or a shredder15:03
jacobwunfortunately ignorance isn't an excuse to not paying bills15:03
Azelphurneed a new door really, for some reason my door has big weak-ass windows in it15:04
* penguin42 tries to avoid Windows15:04
SuperEngineerAs much as I am ashamed to ask.. anyone up to date with facebook [in particular re Facebook/Gwibber]?15:04
jacobwa door running windows ce sounds terrible15:04
SuperEngineerGwibber has stopped updating f/b15:05
jacobwSuperEngineer: use Pidgin/Empathy for Facebook IM (it's XMPP based)15:05
SuperEngineerI have succesfully re-authorised it just in case15:05
jacobwSuperEngineer: or at least, it's accessible by XMPP15:05
SuperEngineeryeh - gwibber set up for XMPP a/c - and has been for agres - no trouble in past but now no updates...15:06
SuperEngineer...Empathy might well be worth a go though15:06
SuperEngineerthanks jacobw15:06
SuperEngineeroops - just closed xchat by mistake :(15:09
SuperEngineerjacobw: hmmm - empathy for chat only - I was looking for something that shows postings15:15
SuperEngineerwibber stylie15:15
jacobwlike the web interface? :)15:15
SuperEngineerthere used to be a facebook app [like an early desktop widget] in 11.something - not there in software centre now - boo hiss15:16
SuperEngineer[using 12.04]15:17
jacobwisn't this the use case for unity web apps?15:17
SuperEngineeris it viable / reliable to install on 12.0415:17
SuperEngineerfogger for instance15:21
jacobwah, i forgot it was new in 12.1015:22
jacobwi've been using mint for a while15:23
* SuperEngineer also has Mint installed [for Wine & that wonderful google photo app whose name dare not be mentioned ;) - SuperEngineer doesn't want to expose a Windows "structure" to the outside world on main op sys15:27
SuperEngineer...so would fogger be ok anyone... sounds promising but seems very java script based15:28
jacobwyou can use those things with unity too15:33
jacobwfogger looks like an experimental project15:34
SuperEngineeryeah... but can I use webapps on 12.04?15:34
jacobwyou can install the preview from the webapps ppa15:38
SuperEngineerrepository ppa:webapps/preview  that one?15:40
SuperEngineercheers - will give it a go - thanks jacobw15:41
jacobwo/ popey15:50
SuperEngineerjacobw: well that was a fail - thank heavens for ppa-purge15:52
jacobwi don't think the unity team intends to backport any of the dependencies of webapps15:53
SuperEngineertime to say bbs - need to clear down a few things methinks15:54
SuperEngineercan someone have a look at this please http://paste.ubuntu.com/1421307/16:21
SuperEngineersynaptic, software xwnre, software sources et al are all now snafu'd16:22
penguin42so what does line 3 of that look like?16:22
penguin42it does tell you exactly where the error is16:23
SuperEngineerwell that was I was expecting it say but line 3 = 1 word: ain16:25
SuperEngineer[and that's not a spelling mistake16:26
penguin42can you pastebin that whole file16:26
SuperEngineerall of the above software, synaptic etc give onlt that clue16:26
popeythe file is malformed16:26
popeyits quite clear16:26
SuperEngineerpopey please make it as clear to my brain as it is to yours16:27
penguin42SuperEngineer: Please pastebin the file16:27
popeyE: Type ‘ain’ is not known on line 3 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webapps-preview-precise.list16:27
popeyline three of the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webapps-preview-precise.list is malformed16:27
penguin42SuperEngineer: All those things share the same file parser, and that error is telling you exactly the error - now lets see the file and we'll be able to spot it16:27
popeypaste /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webapps-preview-precise.list and we will see line 3 has erroneous characters16:28
SuperEngineerwill do16:28
SuperEngineerhmmm... that *was* the file I pasted16:29
penguin42..307 just has the error - not the actual file16:30
mfraz74I have squid-deb-proxy running on a server, is there an easy way of removing redundant packages from its cache?16:30
penguin42SuperEngineer: My guess is that you pasted into that file from somewhere else (on the web?) and the previous line ends with an    m     and it should really be a single line that ends in   main16:31
SuperEngineeroops - checked the pastebin - ignore that last comment please16:31
SuperEngineerpaste coming up..16:32
penguin42SuperEngineer: Just delete that 3rd line16:33
popeypenguin42 wins :D16:33
SuperEngineeras simple as that!?16:33
popeyline should start "deb" or "deb-src"16:34
popeynot "ain" :)16:34
penguin42popey: Well, I'm disappointed the previous line didn't end with an m16:34
popeyhalf a star then16:34
penguin42SuperEngineer: All lines in these files should normally start with   deb   or deb-src   or be a # comment, if they aren't then they're normally just plain wrong16:34
SuperEngineerso delete "ain" or add an "m" to make it main or deb main or deb-src main or...16:35
penguin42SuperEngineer: Just delete it16:36
SuperEngineerwill do16:36
SuperEngineer...and by the way - you're heroes, thankyou16:36
SuperEngineerpopey & penguin42 - I'm sure you'll both be surprised & amazed to know that synaptic, s/w sources & s/w centre are all now working aok ;)16:43
SuperEngineerthankyou once again16:43
penguin42SuperEngineer: No problem; trust the error messages - they're normally pretty good16:44
SuperEngineer[even more so if one looks at the orignal msg, not the secondary generated in synaptic! [that's the one I wronly posted]16:45
mungjerrylooking for most lightweight linux distro for a eee pc 701 that works well OOTB - suggestiosn?16:47
SuperEngineerdon't think I'll be trying the webapps preview though as that's what snafu'd16:48
penguin42mungjerry: Puppy linux is one I've heard of but not tried16:48
mungjerryusing lubuntu 11.04 which needs an update, so wondering if anything else is better16:48
mungjerryhave to say that puppy is a bit ....strange16:48
penguin42mungjerry: How much RAM & storage have you got?16:49
mungjerryprefer a *buntu or debian derivative. i see cruncheee is no longer16:49
mungjerryram 2gb16:49
mungjerryalthough cpu well slow16:49
mungjerrystorage 4gb i think16:49
penguin42heck, 4GB hmm16:49
mungjerryi know there's a few 701 owners usually in here16:50
penguin42mungjerry: If you can get a bear Ubuntu onto it and then add MATE it should work reasonably well16:50
brobostigoni use debian and gnome3 on my eeepc 900, works well, but on the 701, debian would work well, but a lighter DE, like xfce.16:51
mungjerryany processor scaling issues?16:51
brobostigonmungjerry: not found anyhting yet,16:51
mungjerrymaybe its unique to 70116:52
brobostigonno idea.16:52
mungjerrydebian stable or testing brobostigon16:52
brobostigonmungjerry: i am using sid,16:53
brobostigonmungjerry: testing should work fine,16:53
mungjerryany reason not to use sid/unstable?16:57
penguin42mungjerry: There is a clue in the name16:58
mungjerrybut its debian...16:58
brobostigonmungjerry: at the time, gnome3 wasnt in testing, so had to go with sid. now that gnome3 is in testing, it doesnt really matter.16:58
penguin42mungjerry: It'll be fine most of the time, but then you'll get something fun (the one I remember was an accidental swap of uid/gid fields in /etc/passwd)16:59
SuperEngineerright - let's get on with the sunday system clean-up now, once again - bbs16:59
mungjerryi'm mainly gonna run chrome, irc and irc server on it17:00
brobostigonmungjerry: but unless you can fix pretty much anything that will go wrong, dont go with sid, use testing,17:00
brobostigonmungjerry: ah, a server, use stable then.17:00
mungjerryi probably don't use it enough to need new stuff, running 11.04 atm for exaplone17:00
mungjerrymight settle for inbetween17:01
mungjerrybrobostigon: one more quicky - any problems with wifi driver in debian?17:06
mungjerryis it included etc17:06
penguin42you normally have to install the -firmware packages for a lot of stuff in debian, but once you've done that it's normally ok17:06
brobostigonmungjerry: not on the 900, no, the etheros driver is open and in kernel. but you need a fairly recent kernel.17:06
mungjerrythanks chaps17:07
SuperEngineerOk.. now missing the central heating, still not found a "repairmyboiler" ppa - so cold my fungers art missung the keybird kays!18:00
SuperEngineer[so no change there ☺]18:01
=== Experium is now known as FailDrain
penguin42SuperEngineer: Got eletric heaters?18:34
SuperEngineerpenguin42: yup - & the foresight to think about how much 2x halagen heaters are gonna cost by the time all is fixed18:37
penguin42SuperEngineer: I've still not figured out the relative costs; sure gas ch is cheaper per kwh of gas v kwh of electric, but I'm assuming those heaters are more direct as to where it's needed18:38
SuperEngineerpenguin42: thanks sounds comforting to the wallet18:39
SuperEngineer[I think I'm more annoyed [for now] that I couldn't fix it myself!  -the temperature predicted if not fixed soon is just an added insult18:41
penguin42is it a modern boiler or an old one?18:42
SuperEngineerold one - maybe time to replace18:43
SuperEngineer[it's the third fail in as manty years18:43
SuperEngineer! fixed the last 2 myself tho18:43
lubotu3SuperEngineer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:43
SuperEngineeroi - l3 - who asked you to join in!18:44
penguin42SuperEngineer: We have a modern one; not a chance of us fixing it, and we've had to get the people in a few times in the space of 3 or 4 years18:44
penguin42SuperEngineer: It has the heating pump internal, it failed with a spectacular leak after a year, and there's a pressure problem somewhere and it doesn't like coming on on cold mornings sometimes (Gah it's a boiler!)18:45
SuperEngineerooo - nice modern condensing voiling that freezes when it get's cold - that's what I'm trying to avoid ;)18:45
SuperEngineerlet's all play get lubboto annoyed18:46
SuperEngineer! you're stupid18:46
SuperEngineer[didn't dare respond to that - I win! lubotto18:47
penguin42don't taunt the bot18:47
shaunofor you a crunchy, and taste good with ketchup18:47
SuperEngineercrunchie + ketchup... nom nom!18:48
shaunoI can't remember where that comes from now (besides the paraphrased tolkien); "Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!18:49
SuperEngineerjacobw: you need to ask lubotu the answer to wut!18:49
jacobwoh, he's shy. he PM'd me18:50
SuperEngineer..me thinks it's surrendered18:51
shaunoor it was wise enough to rewrite the rules :)18:51
SuperEngineerjacobw: what did it say? "don't taunt me - the others are doing enough to confuse me already"?18:52
* SuperEngineer sees people already adding new rules to lubotu just to account for those from other planets ;)18:54
SuperEngineerand if anybody wonders why the sillyness... I'm celebrating getting a snafu'd system back18:57
SuperEngineer...thanks to help from this here channel and it's people18:57
dutchielong time no see #ubuntu-uk18:57
dutchiehow have you been?18:57
SuperEngineerbtw lubotu3 says... Sorry, I don't know anything about "you're stupid" - I rest my case ;)19:00
* SuperEngineer stops the taunting19:00
SuperEngineero/ dutchie19:03
SuperEngineerwhich reminds me - where's the MartijnVdS - hope you're ok19:05
=== d0m is now known as dw4tkins
solarcloud_3scrnjacobw, Here is that DIY computer rig community I was on about earlier :: https://plus.google.com/communities/11445119690201689187319:22
jacobwsolarcloud_3scrn: thanks20:09
bigcalmHey kids :)20:31
bigcalmpeep peep20:33
jacobwhey bigcalm21:04
AlanBellpopey: http://www.sorrysap.com/21:11
popeythats just as bad as the windows #droidrage tbh21:12
AlanBellit is21:12
AlanBellhttp://v6.openerp.com/node/1291 interesting article about it though21:13
AlanBellI am not a fan of negative marketing in general these days21:13
dwatkinsAnything which challenges SAP is a good thing, imho, AlanBell.21:49
dwatkinssource: I use a SAP-based support ticketing system at work21:50

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