snap-lApparently Halestorm is playing in Royal Oak ronight03:39
snap-lJust watched a video of theirs. First thing I thought was "female-fronted Nickelback"03:41
snap-lCan guarantee they'll get the nod at the grammys this year.03:41
tony-smlrSunday Morning Linux Review is Live http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0VMOf9Kw53CMh9bl4X5nA?v=i2ofWJBHb2Q12:05
snap-lGood morning13:56
snap-lrick_h_: Netflix and Disney partnered after 201614:03
rick_h_snap-l: yea, posted that a few days ago. Very happy16:01
brouschWe were looking for new tree topper this morning. I want a weeping angel16:29
brouschI want to hook it up with a camera and simplecv. When you're not looking at it, it turns to face you16:30
_stink_holy crap, someone made opencv easier??16:50
_stink_this made my day16:50
brouschYou need to get out to meetings more :P16:51
brouschHe is from Ann Arbor, rick_h_'s cousin in law or something16:52
snap-lYeah, Nate is pretty awesome.20:56
snap-ljcastro_: ^^22:44
snap-lThere's just something wrong about that23:36
brouschI guess when you're locked in you have to make due23:38

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