* skellat waits on Launchpad to accept the uploaded new metapackage rev and to build said rev04:44
* skellat wanders off to break stuff05:20
paultagin and out all day, this skellat is05:22
Cheri703I know! How dare someone not leave their computer signed in to IRC all the time!05:34
Cheri703I mean come on05:34
paultaghe has a guruplug that's always on iirc05:43
Cheri703well, I mean he signs in and out a lot05:43
paultagoh Cheri703, did you see my new badass sticker?05:43
paultaglooks swagtastic05:44
paultagoh and my buddy just gave me a buff that's debian branded from france05:44
paultagsuper amped05:44
paultag(one of these - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewVEK-AElDY)05:44
Cheri703I am going to denver in January for work! \o/ first annual kickoff meeting for the company with everyone in person together05:44
Cheri703yeah, I'm pretty excited05:45
Cheri703of course I found out about it like less than a week after I officially decided not to pursue moving to denver in 2013 >_<05:45
Cheri703but that's ok, I'm going to try to stay a few extra days and explore anyway because denver is still on my list of places to possibly move in the future05:46
paultagdenver is nice05:46
dzhobut denver can stop you from doing all the things you'd like to16:42
dzho(in case that's too obscure, don't take it too seriously http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEpAtTe-oJY )16:43

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