nibalizerslangasek: pong, by way if blkperl00:02
slangaseknibalizer: hey there00:07
slangaseknibalizer: I need people with macs for me to beat up on00:07
slangaseknibalizer: want to come to the BSP at Free Geek next Sunday and bring yours? :)00:08
slangasekjust to be clear, I'm proposing the beat up the macs, not the people00:10
nibalizerbtw at this point i am happily running ubuntu albiet in bios emulation mode00:31
nibalizeri have 12.10 at this point, should i do anything else to prepare?00:32
slangaseknibalizer: nothing at all; I mostly want to know if the raring media will boot, so I'll bring those with00:35
slangaseknibalizer: do you have an optical drive?00:35
slangasek(I have a USB DVD drive; it's crap, and half the time fails to work)00:35
nibalizernot an apple one, i have a usb cd drive kicking around somewhere though00:36
slangasekthese are DVD images, Ubuntu doesn't fit on a CD anymore00:38
slangasekI'll just bring mine00:38
nibalizerslangasek: found the usb dvd drive, so we're double covered04:47
nibalizeri usually just dd the iso onto a usb though04:47
c_smithnibalizer, that'll be the quicker method, too,04:54
c_smithand more supported if the machine is so old it doesn't support DVDs.04:54
nibalizerc_smith: well its a mac book air 2011, its too new to support DVDs05:17
bkerensanibalizer: you going to come bang on RC bugs at the BSP? :)05:20
c_smithnibalizer, ah, that can be a problem, too.05:21
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* c_smith goes to look when Raring is set to be released05:21
* c_smith now hopes he will be fully recovered from the operation in February when the release party is for Raring05:22
c_smithmight run Kubuntu 13.04 when he gets his new desktop05:23
c_smithmy laptops are toast.05:23
slangaseknibalizer: well, as this is supposed to be a hybrid image that works on both USB and optical, it's useful to test that05:44
bkerensac_smith: you just bought a new laptop this year no?05:53
c_smithbkerensa, yes, that laptop met the sidewalk05:54
c_smithan accident, of course.05:54
c_smithand my older laptop has been falling apart for some time, and it finally died05:55
c_smithout lasted the new one, though.05:55
philipballewI hate when you take a fall with a laptop05:55
philipballewhappened to me twice on my bike.05:55
c_smithoh, I didn't fall, the bag I had it in broke.05:56
c_smithI'm not clumsy enough to fall walking on a straight sidewalk.05:56
c_smithwith no obstacles.05:56
philipballewlol, sorry about that.05:56
c_smitheh. no prob.05:57
c_smithkinda hard to guess what had happened with just the little info I gave.05:57
c_smithanywho, I'll be getting this next week: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1688322928505:57
philipballewseems cool05:59
bkerensac_smith: Protip: Always get coverage on all electronics18:55
tgm4883bkerensa, can you check the model number of your 14z and see if it's a 5423?22:14

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