root__hello, just testing my new irssi client01:37
chris4585probably shouldn't do it while root01:51
wrstchris4585: nah not really with IP address showing :)02:08
wrsthow you doing ?02:13
chris4585wrst, okay, looking for a good SSD02:17
chris4585wrst, you?02:20
wrstjust installed a sad02:58
chris4585never mind I just heard of it03:47
wrsthmm chris4585 meant ssd :)03:51
wrstwas typing on my phone03:51
chris4585oh well strange because I just heard of a sados03:51
wrstusable desktop in under 30 seconds including logging in and bios post stuff03:56
chris4585my bios takes forever, it checks cpu, ram and video04:05
ComputerChicHi all04:06
wrstmine is pretty quick but on a laptop not nearly as robust04:12
wrsthello ComputerChic04:12
chris4585hey ComputerChic04:13
chris4585wrst, my bios/mobo is pretty kickass but I beat my head over the fact that it takes at least 15 seconds to get out of bios04:13
chris4585uefi is awesome04:14
wrstchris4585: sounds like my desktop04:14
wrsti have very little UEFI experience04:14
ComputerChicchris4585: Just by chance have you done a bios upate?04:15
chris4585this mobo is the first I've ever owned, but my brother has one too04:15
chris4585ComputerChic, I'm not sure if I'm on latest, I should be though, I'm not really worried about it04:15
ComputerChicchris4585: I'd try that first if the bois is slow.04:16
wrstas long as it works i don't mess with bios updates, thinking i could brick it all just isn't worth it to me04:19
chris4585wrst, agreed04:20
chris4585nothing wrong with it so I'm not messing with it04:21
ComputerChicchris4585: Oh wait, NM.... I thought you talking about a desktop sys.04:21
chris4585I am, desktop motherboard04:22
ComputerChicK, Update the bios04:22
ComputerChicI just once a year by habit04:22
chris4585I might if I ever find time, I'm glad I do have an asus motherboard because their utilities are awesome :)04:23
ComputerChicJust make sure you have proper updates04:23
chris4585wrst, as much as I want an SSD I'm not yet prepared to spend $100-150 on a product that may die within a day to a year of having it04:25
wrstthat's the thing but man its fast :)04:26
chris4585yeah, so far though everything I've bought from newegg has not been doa04:27
chris4585I'm just wondering how long it will be before I do run into a doa item04:27
wrstme too :)04:31
wrstwell good night all04:31
chris4585wrst, which SSD did you get?23:54
wrstchris4585: its on the budget end of that line of disk but still better than anything else on this laptop23:55
chris4585ah, for that price it isn't that bad per gb23:56

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