* cjohnston is filing ltp bugs for daker 00:48
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cjohnstondaker: are you familiar at all with the teams stuff on django-openid-auth?01:10
dakernot too much, but if you explain maybe i can help01:11
cjohnstonOPENID_LAUNCHPAD_TEAMS_MAPPING_AUTO = True doesn't seem to be working01:12
dakerwhat do you mean ?01:15
cjohnstonAFAIK, you create a group in django admin that is the same name as the launchpad team you want to map it to. Then, when a user logs in who is a member of that team, they are added to the group01:16
cjohnstonThat doesn't seem to be happening01:16
dakercjohnston: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~django-openid-auth/django-openid-auth/trunk/view/head:/django_openid_auth/views.py#L22501:27
cjohnstondaker: that's assigning the team to the group, no01:33
dakerthis one https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~django-openid-auth/django-openid-auth/trunk/view/head:/django_openid_auth/auth.py#L9701:34
cjohnstonso it either isn't getting a teams response, or it isnt working01:35
dakerdoes LP show the teams membership ?01:36
cjohnstonlogin to pad.u.c and it asks you to pass your teams to it01:38
dakeryes, i mean for you...01:39
dakergoing to sleep cjohnston if you want to share the code so i can look at it tomorrow :)01:49

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