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Kiloshi superfly and all others07:27
mazalMorning everyone08:29
magespawnmorning all09:09
Kiloshi magespawn Vince-0 09:20
Kilosmazal, 09:20
Kilosnot much09:21
magespawnhey Vince-0 , Kilos , mazal 09:21
mazalLo magespawn , Kilos , Vince-0 09:24
mazalWhat would you guys suggest is the best format for a boot usb , ext3 or fat32 ?09:42
mazalGonna take an iso to usb09:42
Kilosmazal, look at makebootfat in synaptic10:01
Kilosforget what all it say10:01
mazalI'm somme using startup disc creator , but dunno what is best to format the usb too before beginning10:03
Kilosjust delete stuff off it10:05
Kilosi think fat32 was it otherwise other pcs dont see it10:06
magespawndepends on what os you want to use the disk with ext file systems are linux only10:14
Kilosdoesnt disk creator dlete them anyway10:15
mazalIt's an ubuntu iso magespawn 10:16
magespawnyes that is not too seriouse but if you want to use it on windows machines it has to be fat32 or ntfs10:17
magespawna startup disk creates its own file system, a startup can be used to run a pc in case of hard drive problems10:18
mazalThat's idea yeah. Want it to boot in case of emergency to copy files of from the pc's hard drive. I am making it to use instead of a cd10:20
magespawni run a laptop without a hd completly from a flash drive startup disk10:20
magespawnthen the startup disk creator takes care of that for you10:20
mazalk thanx10:21
magespawnis actually pretty cool, cause you can carry a fully functional os on a flash drive, you can then work from any hardware10:22
Kilostrying the estool from ubcd now10:24
Kilosnothing else can write ti drive10:24
Kiloscant zero, lowlevel format or kiks10:25
Kilospmagic says handling damage10:25
charl_Maaz: coffee on10:35
* Maaz washes some mugs10:35
KilosMaaz, coffee pleas10:36
MaazKilos: Sorry...10:36
KilosMaaz, coffee please10:36
MaazKilos: Yessir10:36
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!10:39
KilosMaaz, ty10:40
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:40
magespawni am off for awhile later all10:52
Kilosgo well magespawn 10:53
Kiloswhat does volatile mode mean on a drive11:14
Kilosand unvolatile of course11:14
charl_never heard of it before11:15
charl_hard drives are non-volatile memory, meaning they don't lose their data when the power is of11:15
charl_but i've never heard of "volatile mode" before11:16
charl_wb psydroid 11:34
psydroidty charl_11:34
Kiloshi psydroid Ludo 11:54
KilosWraz, ?11:54
psydroidhi Kilos12:34
psydroidhi Ludo12:34
Symmetriacan someone explain to me how a statement like "pStats = pStats_first" segfault something, when both pStats and pStats_first are struct pointers, and pStats_first is a VALID structure pointer (tested that)13:57
Symmetriaomfg Im getting irritated14:00
charl_hi Cantide 17:26
Cantidehey charl_ :p17:27
charl_when you leaving for korea17:27
Cantidei just arrived back today17:27
charl_ah nice!17:27
charl_how was it17:27
Cantidetwas awesome :)17:28
charl_lekke man17:28
Cantidesome things didn't go according to plan17:28
charl_did you take a bunch of pics17:28
Cantidebut some cool, unexpected things happened as a result17:28
Cantideyeah :)17:28
charl_ah ok17:28
charl_did you buy some cool electronics while you were there?17:28
Cantidebought an SSD17:29
Cantidethat's it :p17:29
Cantideand lots of kimchi and other stuff17:29
charl_yeah you can buy practically anything anywhere in any case right?17:29
charl_but food is a different thing17:30
charl_kimchi looks interesting17:30
Cantidehaven't you tried it yet?17:30
charl_nope never been to korea myself17:30
Cantidepity :)17:30
Cantideit's good stuff!!17:30
charl_you can probably buy it at a korean restaurant in the west too17:31
CantideIt did take me a few months to get used to it though17:31
Cantideyeah, i bet you can17:31
charl_i was at a korean restaurant one day in dublin17:31
charl_the food there wasn't too bad17:31
charl_but it's a pity they use pork in everything17:31
charl_and i try to avoid pork17:31
Cantideyou can get beef17:31
Cantidehaven't set up my Korean input yet..17:32
Cantide소갈비 <- that's what i meant to type before17:38
charl_so how's your korean coming along?17:43
charl_your girlfriend was korean if i remember correctly?17:43
magespawnevening all17:58
charl_hi magespawn 17:59
magespawnhey charl_ 17:59
Cantidecharl_, long story about the girl :p18:00
Cantidebut yeah, my Korean is shocking :)18:00
CantideI did meet a Korean teacher while i was there18:00
Cantideand i spent some time with her18:00
Cantideso i will get lessons from her in the future '-'18:00
magespawnCantide: how was the net access there?18:01
Cantideawesome, of course :)18:01
Cantidei had 0 ping18:01
Cantideand 18 mb down or so18:01
Cantideaccording to speedtest18:01
magespawnalmost makes we want to emigrate18:02
magespawngo and stay there18:03
charl_18mb? not wanting to start a pissing contest but i have 60mb here so pretty crap for internatinal standards18:20
charl_(my internet is concidered "slightly above average" in NL)18:21
charl_according to speed test anyway18:21
Cantidei'm not sure what line it was18:21
Cantidebut i got 18 MB down as actual throughput18:21
Cantidewhich is definitely fast enough for me18:22
charl_ah 18 mb or mB?18:22
charl_bit or byte18:22
Cantide"Slower than 53% of Korea"18:24
Cantidehaha, i guess my friend's connection sucks18:24
Cantidestill, it was fast enough for me18:24
charl_0ms ping is interesting though18:25
charl_that means you need to be right on the server that does the test18:25
Cantideyeah, weird :)18:25
charl_mine for comparison: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2361719494.png18:26
charl_my only complaint is my upload speed18:27
charl_because uploading files takes forever18:27
charl_but download is pretty decent18:27
Cantidenice :)18:27
Cantidei couldn't care too much for upload18:27
Cantidei'd like to see what good connections are like in Korea18:27
charl_from what i have heard a lot of people have fibre to the home18:28
charl_a good amount of people have that in europe too but most people are still on cable18:29
charl_or even dsl18:29
charl_good evening all, i'm off18:37
Kilosnight all19:04

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