XMLnewbiI'm only really familiar with php im starting here http://php.net/manual/en/book.sockets.php00:01
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escottXMLnewbi, i would be very careful running a service with php. how is the data currently delivered to you?00:01
XMLnewbijava program watching a websocket updating a database on my server. (java was wrote for me, not by me)00:02
XMLnewbiits updating everytime there is a trade on mtgox; 5-30 seconds ish00:03
escottXMLnewbi, ok. so that java program opens and listens (not watches) on a socket (ie runs a service). and you can just grab it out of the db. why do you need cron?00:03
XMLnewbiI need to perform a function on that data, then store it in a new table. As the data comes in00:04
escottXMLnewbi, you need to modify and broadcast the new value? how will you broadcast your result? to whom and in what format are they expecting?00:05
escottXMLnewbi, sounds like this is all in the database. in which case check if your DB supports triggers00:05
XMLnewbilivestream on a webpage, and ill be calling to it a lot in email/ext00:05
escottXMLnewbi, the insert operation can trigger a function in the DB which inserts into another table00:05
XMLnewbihmm ok, im useing mysql ill look into triggers00:06
escottXMLnewbi, you probably want the mysql variant of "after insert for each row" or "after commit for each row" might be better00:06
XMLnewbiim probally going to have to dig into this java app updating the database arnt I00:07
RickZilladisk utility isn't showing up in my software list, even though synaptic is showing it as installed, any ideas what could be going on? running ubuntu 12.1000:08
escottXMLnewbi, the trigger would be in the database in the mysql scripting language00:09
escottXMLnewbi, you could also do it via java which has some advantages and disadvantages.00:09
escottXMLnewbi, if you are not comfortable with sql commit semantics and rollback i would go with modifying the java program00:09
apkI created a new user, logged into it but it doesnt have sudo rights so now I cant log in to another user and i cant reboot00:11
apkhow do I solve this?00:11
XMLnewbiim scraping by with phpmyadmin lol, and java is gibberish to me. but thats I think Im understanding my options00:11
escottapk, sudo usermod -a -G sudo username00:11
RickZillaIf I create a HD partition using gparted (or similar), and I want to install ubuntu in that partition, do I need to manually move that drive to the top of the boot order in bios every time I want to run ubuntu?00:11
escottXMLnewbi, if java is gibberish to you.... this is going to be very hard for you to do00:11
escottRickZilla, no00:12
RickZillaescott: Would it just come up in grub, like it normally would?00:12
apkescott: but the user is not in the sudoers file...00:12
SolarisBoyis there anyway to boot=casper from grub2 without using nfs?00:12
escottapk, so login as one of the users who is an admin, or boot to recovery console00:13
SolarisBoyrather without using r/o media or from the local disk00:13
escottRickZilla, ubuntu's grub will present a list of OSes installed on the system. if you have some other linux OS their grub would hopefully do the same, but i can't speak for them00:14
apkescott: when i try to reboot it says i dont have the rights00:14
apkneed to be root00:14
escottapk, you are going to have to logout so logout to start00:15
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip E: Unable to locate package fglrx-legacy00:19
ActionParsnipweltzooo: did you run:   sudo apt-get update00:20
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip yes00:20
ActionParsnipverysoftoiletppr: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc00:21
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip precise00:21
ActionParsnipverysoftoiletppr: should be ok then, I don't believe you'll need the driver from the ppa00:22
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verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip what do you mean.. I uninstalled fglrx00:23
apkWould Ubuntu make a good mediacenter?00:23
apkIm thinking buying a 800GB harddrive, a decent processor and make it so Í can log into it from my laptop then have it running constantly.00:24
Guest10102Does anyone know if displaylink dual head USB 3.0 adapters work in Ubuntu?00:24
ActionParsnipverysoftoiletppr: just removing the ppa is fine00:24
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip I need drivers right?00:26
ActionParsnipverysoftoiletppr: you may find the GPU runs with the open source driver00:26
emesI've been noticing that my compositing is slow. I have an ivy bridge laptop with intel graphics. it seems the intel driver is being used. what else can I check?00:27
escottemes, what version of ubuntu00:28
ActionParsnipemes: does the system have a make and model?00:28
escottapk, yes00:28
emes12.10 thinkpad T430s, escott, ActionParsnip00:28
phunyguy_t430ssame thinkpad I have00:28
phunyguy_t430sno compositing issues, however.00:29
escottemes, i dont know that compositing would be any faster. what makes you say it is slow00:29
emesescott: noticeable hanging00:29
ActionParsnipemes: if you run:   sudo lshw -C display    can you use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com   to host the text00:29
escottemes, when doing what00:29
phunyguy_t430semes, yeah I have no issues on this laptop.00:29
escottemes, "hanging" could mean a lot of things. the last i would think of is display00:30
emeswindows don't close smoothly00:30
emesif I try to drag a window around it might jump00:31
n0sqIthis is weird, nmap shows my smtp server filtered to the outside world but i am still getting mail - i can't telnet to the server from another network either00:31
phunyguy_t430semes, lets both run that command that ActionParsnip said, and we will compare results00:31
emesActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1420063/00:31
emesbtw I have 6 workspaces00:31
ActionParsnipemes: did you see this: http://www.linlap.com/lenovo_thinkpad_t430s00:32
phunyguy_t430semes: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1420064/00:32
phunyguy_t430semes, no you go00:32
ActionParsnipemes: there is a long boot option you can add, may help00:32
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip but won't the official drivers deliver more performance?00:33
ActionParsnipverysoftoiletppr: possibly, its about what the drivers support thoughj00:34
emesActionParsnip: it doesn't seem to explain what the purpose of those boot options are00:35
emesActionParsnip: looks like powersaving stuff00:36
ActionParsnipemes: make the video better...00:36
SarkyninCan someone help me with an installation problem? I'm new to Ubuntu ._.00:36
ActionParsnipemes: run:   gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub     find the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and change it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash i915.i915_enable_rc6=7 i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 i915.lvds_downclock=1 pcie_aspm=force"00:37
phunyguy_t430s!ask | Sarkynin00:37
ubottuSarkynin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:37
ActionParsnipemes: save the new file, close gedit and run: sudo update-grub00:37
ActionParsnipemes: reboot to test, if its no good, you can always remove it easily00:38
SarkyninIt's been ~10 minutes that the installator is blocked on "ubuntu CRON[3825]: (root ) CMD ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly).00:38
SarkyninWhat should I do? x_x00:38
ActionParsnipSarkynin: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?00:38
SarkyninUmm, no. ._.00:38
SarkyninIs there a risk for my computer now? ._.00:39
locojayhi i just installed ubuntu 12.04 alternate and would like to upgrade to 12.10. going to updatemanager i don't get a 12.10 upgrade question?00:39
ActionParsnipSarkynin: you may need to cancel the install00:39
locojayhow can i uprade from cmd00:39
Deep6anyone done anything with  a synology nas here by chance?00:39
ActionParsnipSarkynin: you havene't tested the data you used so there may be errors in the data00:39
emesActionParsnip: trying, brb00:39
phunyguy_t430slocojay, you have to go into software dources and allow upgrading to any version00:39
phunyguy_t430sit is a dropdown box option00:40
SarkyninHow can I cancel the install...?00:40
ActionParsnipSarkynin: may just have to reboot, are you using wubi to install?00:41
ActionParsnipSarkynin: good00:41
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip yep.. it doesn't work well enough with the open source drivers00:41
verysoftoiletpprvery slow00:42
SarkyninI used an iso I downloaded from ubuntu-fr (yeah I'm french)00:42
phunyguy_t430slocojay, http://i.imgur.com/sZ6vz.png  <---- see bottom option00:42
SarkyninI'll try to shut down. Thanks!00:42
ChogyDanwhat program should I use to record from my webcam?00:43
Sarkynin(And download the iso again, and actually check the md5 value.)00:43
ActionParsnipSarkynin: as long as it passes MD5 sum you can get it from literally anywhere00:43
SarkyninOkay, bye! o/00:43
fsvieirahello, I installed something local, exported the path var in bashrc, but when trying to run the programs in geany it says "/bin/sh program" not found how can I solve this ?00:43
SarkyninUmm? It finished installing.00:44
SarkyninI'll reboot to see if it was correctly installed...00:44
emesActionParsnip: does seem better at the moment. we'll see if the slowness comes back. thanks!00:44
Troy^anyone here use logitech g15 or g110 keyboards etc. with ubuntu?00:44
phunyguy_t430slocojay, in your case it may only notify you of LTS releases, and even trying sudo do-release-upgrade -p may not work.00:44
escottfsvieira, what is geany00:44
phunyguy_t430sso you must change it in software sources like I suggested and it will work.00:45
emesActionParsnip: could also be that my x session had been running for a month, but I'd prefer to think that that wasn't the issue00:45
Troy^escott: an ide/text editor for programming00:45
Troy^escott: but if you are looking at that. I would suggest going with sublime text 2 instead. Much better.00:45
escottfsvieira, gui programs do not parse bashrc so they won't see your PATH modifications00:46
Sarkynin_It correctly installed, this time.00:47
Sarkynin_I don't know how it happened, but the installation finished!00:47
Sarkynin_(And I have my wallpaper from seven)00:47
Sarkynin_Thanks for helping me! o/00:47
atluswhy is ubuntu killing my bandwith!!!00:48
ActionParsnipSargun: no worries :)00:50
ActionParsnipatlus: in what way?00:50
apkHow do I log in as root?00:51
ActionParsnipapk: you don't00:51
Troy^fsvieira: use sublime text 2 and you can edit the way your scripts execute. By editing a build or creating your own. sublime text 2 is always way better then geany00:51
ActionParsnipapk: if you want a root terminal, run:    sudo -i00:51
PhabaActionParsnip, whats the diff between sudo su and sudo -i?00:55
Troy^man sudo?00:55
ActionParsnipPhaba: sudo su   your profile and environment is roots, if you use:  sudo -i   your environment will be your own00:55
escottPhaba, how the environment is handled. sudo -i is correct for ubuntu.00:55
Phabaokay thanks guys :D00:56
Guest10102are displaylink dual head adapters compatible with ubuntu01:00
SargunActionParsnip: eh?01:01
Rob1337Hi. My internet speed is normally about 20 mb/s, but when I use ubuntu 12.10 and wi-fi my speeds are unstable and closer to 2 mb/s on average. I get normal speeds when using windows 7 (wired or wireless) or when connected via LAN cable in ubuntu. My laptop is a Gateway NV53a and my wireless card is a Atheros AR9287. How do I fix this?01:01
escottGuest10102, rather new technology... my guess is maybe but its probably buggy01:01
Rob1337ActionParsnip, I think you gave me a solution the other day. It worked temporarily but now things are back to the way they were.01:02
Rob1337Anyone around?01:03
blondielegsim having a problem with my graphics card after i tried to update the driver. it wont let me go back to default01:03
blondielegscan anyone help01:03
ActionParsnipRob1337: does it involve: nohwcrypt=101:03
Guest10102escott, do you know of a solution other than displaylink to connect 1 or 2 monitors to 1 usb port01:03
Sivikblondielegs, what kind of drive?01:03
escottGuest10102, i really dont know. thats why i was throwing the most general answer out there01:04
blondielegshow do i look it up on the black screen that looks like dos01:04
Guest10102escott, ok thanks01:05
fsvieiraTroy^, the problem is that I want to run things with /bin/sh and I like geany01:05
Siviklspci is a good start blondielegs01:05
Rob1337ActionParsnip: I'm not sure. You gave me a long terminal command and it worked at the time after I rebooted. Things are back to the way they were today though. I guess I should have written down the command for future reference, but I thought things were fixed at the time...01:05
Sivikthat will show us what kind of card you have01:05
Troy^fsvieira: i understand that. for that sublime text is the way to go01:06
Rob1337ActionParsnip: After I started having problems again today, someone directed me to follow as instructed here: http://pleph.appspot.com/init/posts/view/265786501:06
Rob1337I did but there was no affect01:06
blondielegsnvidia gforce 620001:06
yeatsfsvieira: Troy^: note that sublime text (while very cool) is not free/open source software - just FYI01:06
escottfsvieira, i think ~/.profile might be parsed on X session login01:07
volume_8_Greetings. I was at a friend's house. He is not technical and I woudn't expect him to know Unix, but he was actually using Ubuntu. A casual Ubuntu user.01:07
volume_8_So the thing is, that he was getting a "You need to update your stuff" tray icon all the time.01:07
ActionParsnipRob1337: try:  sudo modprobe -r ath9k; sleep 2; sudo modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=101:08
Troy^yeats: it does not require you 'buy' it though.01:08
ActionParsnipRob1337: is it then ok?01:08
volume_8_When he was clicking it, instead of having a "You have outdated stuff. We are updating them" kind-of dialog, it just says "Your computer is up to date".01:08
yeatsTroy^: correct - free as in cost, but not as in freedom01:08
* yeats returns to on-topic conversation ;-)01:08
volume_8_The tray icon was an alarming red sign.01:08
volume_8_Why does Ubuntu have alarming red signs to say "Your computer is up to date"?01:08
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Does ; indicate multiple lines?01:08
ActionParsnipvolume_8_: can you pastebin the output of:   sudo apt-get update; lsb_release -a; uname -a01:09
volume_8_ActionParsnip: I'm not there anymore.01:09
ActionParsnipRob1337: its all one command.....01:09
ActionParsnipvolume_8_: how do you mean?01:09
volume_8_I'm not able to access his computer. I'm not at his house anymore.01:09
Rob1337k, i wasn't sure because I'm not used to seeing "sudo" anywhere other than the start of the line01:09
volume_8_Although, I guess that's not the intended behavior.01:09
ActionParsnipvolume_8_: I see, weel, next time you are run the command and pastebin the text01:10
volume_8_Was it a bug in his system?01:10
Rob1337is there a symbol that is used to seperate multiple commands?01:10
escottvolume_8_, because he needs to update01:10
volume_8_We updated once.01:10
volume_8_Then the same tray icon appeared.01:10
ActionParsnipvolume_8_: did you not install an SSH server and setup port forwarding so you can access?01:10
volume_8_We tried to update again, and then we got "Your system is up to date".01:10
volume_8_ActionParsnip: no, I was not that dedicated.01:10
Rob1337ActionParsnip, I ran the command. Do I need to reboot?01:10
ActionParsnipvolume_8_: the output of the command will tell us a lot01:10
ActionParsnipRob1337: no, or it will undo what you did....01:11
ActionParsnipRob1337: this isn't windows01:11
Troy^where is the dns settings located? i need to change it. my isp dns settings blow.01:11
volume_8_Well, I guess I'll hop in next tiem I'm able to get that ouput.01:11
fsvieiraescott, thanks I will try01:13
Troy^what file do i edit to change my dns nameserver? my DNS is not working randomly...01:13
Rob1337ActionParsnip: I just did a speed test, speeds are now about 10mb/s. Better but still not up to 20 mb/s...what does that mean?01:13
Troy^Rob1337: you using a wireless card?01:14
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Rob1337ActionParsnip: K, I did another test. Nevermind, down to really slow again.01:14
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:14
Troy^lol nice netsplit01:15
ActionParsnipRob1337: there are lots of people posting about the atheros chip you have01:15
ActionParsnipRob1337: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc    (sorry if I asked already)01:15
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Troy^Why did my DNS come back when the netsplit happened?01:15
Rob1337ActionParsnip: "quantal"01:16
ActionParsnipRob1337: ah, lots of people saying update kernel but quantal should do it01:17
ActionParsnipRob1337: could try raring liveCD, see if its any better01:17
amigamiawhen you do a startup it says applying cpu microcode update.. is it actually applying microcode?01:18
Rob1337"raring liveCD"?01:18
bibi23hi, I have a file only readable by a given user and I'd like to know when an unauthorized user tries to read it, ideally some logs on a file, is it possible? thx01:18
Rob1337You mean run in liveCD and see how fast that is?01:18
apkIs there some good canonical tutorial for learning linux? like mounting filesystems and harddrives, managing users, activaing and unactivating peripherals etc?01:18
escottbibi23, perhaps with SELinux01:19
escottbibi23, but ubuntu uses apparmor. i bet you could do the same with apparmor... not sure how01:20
escottbibi23, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppArmor01:20
bibi23escott: ok thanks, I guess it's possible, it says "Complaining/Learning: profile violations are permitted and logged."01:22
Rob1337ActionParsnip: I'll do a LiveCD boot using my Ubuntu USB and see how internet speeds are there. Brb.01:22
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alien2050How can I add a second choice to "OPEN WITH" in Nautilus and also thunderbird attachments ? I have a document in excel format but I would like to open it using the default libreoffice OR openoffice, I have fiddled with mimeinfo.cache, defaults.list and home/.local/share/applications/mime*, still doesn't show, even after reboot... is there abetter way or another mime manager out there to help nautilus?01:25
apkWhy does windows need reinstalls and linux not? fragmentation must be a problem on linux too?01:29
Rob1337ActionParsnip: I'm booted from LiveUSB. Speeds are what they should be.01:30
blondielegshow do i find and open more repositories to find linux-headers01:31
joker_I installed samba to enable file and folder sharing, but each time I connect to the Internet or even I connect to the LAN, the samba returns an error, it says "a system software has occured an error, report it or ot?", but samba does not quit, and it still serves well. but this is annoying, I hope there's someone can tell me why this is happening.Thanks01:32
Fudgeapk  NTFS and EXT are different file systems01:32
Fudgeblondielegs  have you installed linux-headers-generic01:32
blondielegshow do i do that01:32
Fudgesudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic01:32
Fudgeit will make sure you always have the latest headers with your kernel01:32
jesusemelendezmhey guys, I think Richard Stallman said something about Ubuntu.... this week01:33
apkFudge: ok so EXT is the reason linux has less fragmentation?01:33
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Do you want me to test anything from the LiveUSB boot, or can I switch back to my install?01:34
Fudgeapk  yes I believe so, try a google ext ntfs differences01:34
apkim tired of my windows computer lagging and having degrading performance, i just want basic things to alwys work.01:34
Fudgeapk  any OS will have its downfalls01:34
ActionParsnipRob1337: then the newer kernel in raring doesn't have the issue. you can either 1. Hang ou  and wait for raring to be released    2. Upgrade to raring and all its pre-release fun til April next year    3. Grab the raring kernel and install it in Quantal01:34
apkare all formats like mkv etc supported by linux?01:34
ActionParsnipRob1337: 1. will keep you fully supported 2. will give you support in #ubuntu+1  and 3. will mean a lot of issues will not be supported here due to 3rd party kernel01:35
Rob1337What does raring mean exactly?01:35
ActionParsnipapk: with codecs, yes01:35
ActionParsnipRob1337: raring ringtail, its the codename of 13.0401:36
Zaelhas anybody managed to install ati drivers off the website to 12.10?01:36
DrManhattanoh heck yeah! I got everything working properly - WOL, zoneminder, everything. THanks ubuntu devs!01:36
* DrManhattan happily dances around01:36
ActionParsnipRob1337: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/10/ubuntu-13-04-named-raring-ringtail01:37
apkWhat do I need for a mediacenter? just a harddrive and a processor? I want to be able to steer it via mouse on my TV, otherwise it should be just like a normal computer01:37
ActionParsnipapk: you can install xbmc if you want, its in the official repos01:37
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Oh...I'm just in the same Quantal usb I used for my current install. Does the 12.10 live usb use a different kernel than a 12.10 install?01:38
ActionParsnipRob1337: should be the same01:39
crimsonmaneapk: you need Plex01:39
mark_ Hello.  I want my default browser to be Chrome, but whenever I set it as default (through preferred applications or the browser itself) it always goes to not being the default.  How can I go about fixing that?01:39
ActionParsnipmark_: isn't there an option in chrome to set it as the default01:40
Rob1337ActionParsnip: For whatever reason, internet is fine in my Ubuntu live usb even though it's not fine in the OS installed from it...01:40
root__hello, just testing my new irssi client01:41
mark_There is one, ActionParsnip, but I have tried that and it still does not stay.01:41
Flannelroot__: It works.  But it's generally not advised to IRC as root.01:42
Phabahow do i find out whats using .ruby.bin01:42
ActionParsnipRob1337: maybe its the newer kernel causing the issue01:43
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Switching back to my regular install, brb01:43
escottPhaba, pstree might tell you, or ps aux might let you see enough to identify the executable01:43
ActionParsnipPhaba: lsof | grep -i ruby01:43
ActionParsnip!rootirc | root__01:44
ubotturoot__: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.01:44
Phabathanks guys :D01:44
Phabaman its metasploit01:45
Phabadaemon should even be running01:45
root__thanks, I am just testing my irssi client on my backtrack machine. I am new to irc in general so forgive my ignorance.01:46
root__normally I dont like being root ever01:46
ActionParsniproot__: backtrack is supported in #backtrack-linux01:46
apkcan i not log in as root in ubuntu? just use sudo?01:46
root__apk- that is just borrowing root powers01:47
escott!backtrack | root__01:47
ubotturoot__: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:47
Phabaapk,  they told you, use sudo -i, that is root01:47
Phabaapk, everything you execute is then root, the # indicates this on your terminal01:48
ActionParsnipapk: its not advised or even required01:48
root__thanks, like I said I was just testing out my new client, that is all...01:48
BluesKajhowdy all01:48
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj01:48
Phabaroot__ why you using irssi?01:49
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip , you're up late :)01:49
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phunyguy_t430s!ot | (lol)?01:49
ubottu(lol)?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:49
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: nights today dude, nearly 2am so 5.5 hours to go01:49
BluesKajahha, irc'ing on the job eh01:50
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: hells yeah01:50
phunyguy_t430sBluesKaj, I do the same thing (see phunyguy_work)01:50
ActionParsnipapk: why do you want to? What do you think you will gain?01:50
PhabaActionParsnip, where do you work that allows irc access??01:51
BluesKajphunyguy_t430s,it's a good way to kill the time :)01:51
phunyguy_t430sinteresting, so who is "phunyguy"? Must be the Mac my daughter powered up.01:51
phunyguy_t430sdidnt think I was signed in on it.01:52
ActionParsnipPhaba: our firewalls allow SSH out, so I SSH home, then use irssi to chat01:52
Phabahaha, smooth01:53
phunyguyyup, it's the mac.01:53
ActionParsnipPhaba: itsthe only time I use irssi, i usually use Pidgin01:53
BluesKajActionParsnip, no X forwarding , but that's so bad01:53
phunyguy_t430smy work doesnt allow it, but I found TCP port 1935 open going out, so I set up a VPN server at home on that port.01:53
phunyguy_t430sso I just grap an IP on my home network and proxy what I want.01:54
Phabado you work security or something??01:54
Joshua__Hey! I have an issue with the Installation.01:54
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: I don't have admion on my work pc, so no xming for me :)01:54
phunyguy_t430sask away Joshua__01:55
BluesKajnot so bad rather ...I'm tired ...was along day01:55
ActionParsnipJoshua__: wassup?01:55
phunyguy_t430sdont let our offtopic chat stop ya01:55
phunyguy_t430sit got quiet for a bit  :)01:55
Joshua__Hey action! I have an issue installing ubuntu. Checked the forums. Tired. need help!01:55
phunyguy_t430s!ask | Joshua__01:55
ubottuJoshua__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:55
ActionParsnipJoshua__: what is the issue?01:55
godbodJoshua__: can you describe the issue ?01:56
Joshua__I have windows 7 ultimate installed currently on my laptop. I want to dual boot Ubuntu12.04. Here's the thing, I run the installation from the flashdrive and choose the option "manually specify partitions". The Windows drives do show up.01:57
ActionParsnipJoshua__: use Win7 disk manager and resize the NTFS partition, then boot to the install media and install to the free space01:59
min|dvir|usDoes anyone know how to get a 16-pair hexadecimal representation of a .pub?01:59
Joshua__...in the partition table. And when i try to create the /boot or /root partions from the freespace, it does create one and next i see "unusable space". What is this?/02:00
ActionParsnipJoshua__: you don't need a separate /boot partition02:01
Joshua__I have around 350GB of free space. I'm trying to use the "specify partitions manually" option and install ubuntu 12.04. My windows 7 is running. And as I mentioned, I want to dual boot. how do i go about this way? I have the "C" drive and the "D" drive and the system reserved for the the win7 [obviously].02:03
Nemixis it possible to move the icon from ubuntu 12.10 from top right corner to left right corner?02:04
ActionParsnipJoshua__: resize a patition and make free space, then boot to the ubuntu install media and use the new free space02:04
BluesKajbrb.have to check the other drives02:05
Nemixis it possible to move the icon from ubuntu 12.10 from top right corner to left right corner?02:05
Nemixleft top corner sorry02:05
cowsquadcan anyone help me, I am trying to do some homework assignment. I have created a script menu and on option 4 i prompted the user to attach a text file only. How do i make sure the user doesnt attach binary files?02:06
tryingUbuntuHi guys... I want to shut down remotley at 9pm    I get command not found??  $ sudo shutdown -h 18:45 "Server is going down for maintenance"02:07
elena-IKI have problems with poor sshfs performance. with rsync or scp I get around 128 kB/s, with sshfs I get between 10 and 60 kB/s. is that normal?02:07
Joshua__ActionParsnip I have free space. why is the need to resize a partition arise?02:07
cowsquadI have tried a if statement in bash like this: if [ $userinput = *.txt ]; then send a email; else echo "text files only"02:07
cowsquadbut it doesnt work02:07
alien2050cowsquad: hint.... have a look at the "file" command ;)02:08
ActionParsnipJoshua__: is it free as in unpartitioned?02:08
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cowsquadalien2050 yes file command list the type of file right?02:09
ActionParsnipJoshua__: having free space on an NTFS partition, and having space on the drive unpartitioned are very different02:10
alien2050cowsquad: yes it does.... now if you combine it with another simple command that searches for stuff, you can grab the result and put it in a variable in your script or use it on the fly to check02:10
cowsquadalien2050 I am barely starting to learn bash, so I have no idea how to do that02:11
Joshua__Exactly. I'm creating the /root, /boot, and the rest from UNpartitioned space.! And one more thing, the min i create a /root or /boot partition as a primary, the next thing i get to see is "Unusable space". However if i create a swap partion first, I dont see the "unusable space". after this when i'm creating the /root or /boot or /home, I can. But I dont see a "primary" or a "logical" option that i can choose from while allocating02:12
elena-IKIf I run find the first time, it takes quite some time. If I run it a second time after that, it's done almost instantly. what is caching there? find? file system?02:12
Joshua__No no no! I'm talking about FREE SPACE alone. The unpartioned space. Not freespace in ana existing partion.02:13
SunMoonStaranyone else periodically gets failed attempt trying to resume from suspend/hibernate?02:13
ActionParsnipJoshua__: make an extended partition of the space, then use logical partitions. Your drive can only hold 4 primary partitions, the extended partition gets around this02:13
phunyguy_t430sSunMoonStar, I do.... have you searched for a bug in launchpad?02:13
SunMoonStarno i came here first02:13
phunyguy_t430sthere may be a bug.02:14
SunMoonStarubuntu asked me to report the problem so i'm sure it's been reported02:14
alien2050cowsquad: we all started somewhere :) Do you like to learn or you just want the answer and don't care at all about bash? Cuz some of us actually do care ;)  So what is the command that searches for stuff02:14
phunyguy_t430syou should create a launchpad account, fund the bug report, and then subscribe to it.02:14
Joshua__While installing win7 I deliberately created two partitions alone and left the remaining as unallocated. So u want me to boot into windows and do what now?02:14
SunMoonStarI even want to contribute to something but I am only somewhat capable in python and never added to a project before02:15
cowsquadman Ive been working on this assignment for like 7 hours. I dont give up, and i Know grep search for specific words inside a text file02:15
tryingUbuntudoes anyone know the command to shut down computer at a specific time.. Google isnt much help02:15
alien2050cowsquad: you're looking for a critically useful command called grep02:15
ActionParsnipSunMoonStar: find a project and ask if you can play :D02:15
ActionParsniptryingUbuntu: use the 'at' scheduler02:15
alien2050cowsquad: do "man grep" to learn it, it's actually super useful02:15
escotttryingUbuntu, cron job calling shutdown -h now02:15
tryingUbuntusorry guys????  AT scheduler??02:16
SunMoonStar● locate – Find files by name02:16
SunMoonStar● find – Search for files in a directory hierarchy02:16
SunMoonStarWe will also look at a command that is often used with file search commands to process02:16
SunMoonStarthe resulting list of files:02:16
SunMoonStarxargs – Build and execute command lines from standard input02:16
SunMoonStarIn addition, we will introduce a couple of commands to assist us in or exploration:02:16
FloodBot1SunMoonStar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:16
escotttryingUbuntu, or more simply shutdown -h HH:MM02:16
alien2050cowsquad: also pastebin your code so I can have a look and help a little02:16
ActionParsniptryingUbuntu: what time do you want to shutdown?02:17
Joshua__Action. what now?02:17
tryingUbuntuescott   thanks.. I tried  $ sudo shutdown -h 18:45 "Server is going down for maintenance" and got command not found,.,.,, thanks02:17
phunyguy_t430sJoshua__, if you type out the whole nickname verbatim, it actually sends him a highlight02:17
ActionParsnipJoshua__: drives have a limit of 4 primary partitions, so if you want more than 4 partitions you will need an extended partition. Within the extended partition you will make logical partitions02:17
phunyguy_t430sJoshua__, that partition trick ActionParsnip is talking about dates waaaaaaay back, it's a very useful trick.02:18
ActionParsniptryingUbuntu: run:   sudo at 18:45       hit ENTER, then type:    shutdown -h now      press ENTER, then press CTRL+D02:18
SunMoonStarDoes anyone have any opinions on Ubuntu's Backup program vs grsync?02:18
tryingUbuntuActionParsnip     escott got me.. thanks for your time yesterday with my sound issue.. I guess reinstalling alsa was the key.. Thx02:18
ActionParsnipSunMoonStar: try both, see which you prefer02:18
Joshua__ActionParsnip ook. I'm booting in windows and creating that extended thing. Thanks again. You saved me thrice!02:19
SunMoonStarsee I was trying to avoid trying both :)02:19
Joshua__How do i join a different channel.?? I got backtrack issues too. So..02:19
ActionParsnipJoshua__: I try02:19
cowsquadhttp://pastebin.com/72fXhj38 there it is, is the very last function02:19
alien2050Got another question for ne1... I'm trying to suppress the message "blabla.sh is an executable text file Do you want to "RUN in terminal" "Display" "Cancel" "Run" " you know the one, it's a generic message that identifies executables .sh on the desktop for example... how can I prevent it from opening this box everytime and just run the script (at my own risks of course)!!!02:19
ActionParsnipSunMoonStar: I'd use rsync but I'm old school. Dejadup has a nice UI02:19
phunyguy_t430sJoshua__, /join #channelname02:20
phunyguy_t430swith the forward slash02:20
SunMoonStarActionParsnip: thanks02:20
tryingUbuntuActionParsnip  FYI  escotts is easier     shutdown -h 21:00  YOU guys are really great for doing what you do.. thanks again and I think I will stay with UBUNTU02:20
ActionParsnipalien2050: right click it and hit properties. I believe there will be an option to 'run in terminal'02:20
ActionParsniptryingUbuntu: both ways are good, learning both  is also good, using 'at' you can schedule any command for a time. Is like a one-shot cron job02:21
Joshua__I'm sorry to interject , but why isn't the backtrack-linux channel not working since a month and half?02:21
ActionParsniptryingUbuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV   (scroll to the bottom) for example, you can schedule an AV scan late at night :)02:21
alien2050ActionParsnip: nope, but I actually found the inverse in properties, there is a check box called "Allow executing file as program"02:21
alien2050ActionParsnip: Hi btw!02:21
Joshua__phunguy_t430s Thanks and that's one hell of a name!02:22
Rob1337ActionParsnip: I made a mistake earlier. Speeds were fast when booted in my liveUSB because I had the lan cable still plugged in, so i was getting lan results rather than wireless results. I retested with my wireless and internet is slow from the liveUSB, just like in my install.02:22
Rob1337ActionParsnip: It's something to do with the 12.10 kernel I guess02:22
phunyguy_t430sJoshua__, we can't control backtrack IRC, it is a question for them.02:22
alien2050ActionParsnip: maybe there is something in gconf-editor?02:22
Joshua__phunguy_t430s alright.02:23
ActionParsnipRob1337: try the 13.04 ISO in USB02:24
ActionParsnipalien2050: you could make a .desktop file for it and use that to run it. Put the script in /usr/bin :)02:25
phunyguy_t430swait, there is a 13.04 ISO already?02:25
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Where do I get the 13.04 iso?02:25
phunyguy_t430sI thought there was only going to be a single Beta for that?02:25
alien2050ActionParsnip: Thank I think you're right, .desktop should do the job, lemme try02:26
ActionParsnipRob1337: the web02:26
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ActionParsnipalien2050: you can copy one from ~/.config/autostart and change the lines as you need ;)02:26
alien2050ActionParsnip: Cool, I didn't know!!!02:27
ActionParsnipalien2050: much easier, they are simple too not like the ones in /usr/share/applications02:27
Rob1337ActionParsnip: K, downloading now. Is there any particularly good program for burning the .iso to a flashdrive in ubuntu? I've always done this from windows before.02:27
BluesKajodd when i set the main HDD as the boot drive in the bios  and installed grub to / , I get the grub rescue , but for some reason grub got installed to the windows drive ,, I can't get my head around that ....seems strange to me02:28
ActionParsnipRob1337: unetbootin02:28
ActionParsnipRob1337: you don't really burn it, just transfer it. But I know what you mean02:28
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip do you know how to install drivers for a nvidia geforce 6600GT02:29
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Yeah, I know, I just wasn't sure what the appropriate term for "sending something to a usb in a way comparable to as if you were burning it to a cd" would be...02:29
Rob1337lol, "transfer" sounds good enough02:29
phunyguy_t430sActionParsnip, Rob1337, there is a program called "Startup Disk Creator" in Ubuntu built it.02:30
phunyguy_t430sworks a charm02:30
cntbnot a big issue - on 12.04 unity had 2 users standard and admin no problem here. installed google chrome - not chromium - admin uses it standard user has it<- no problem<here created another standard user after installing gogle chrome - second sandard user doesn not hsave google chrome - why the problem and what solution . thanks guys in advance02:31
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: +102:31
phunyguy_t430sIs regular Google Chrome supported here?02:31
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: yes02:32
phunyguy_t430shmm..... didnt think it was02:32
phunyguy_t430sChromium maybe02:32
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: like any other app02:32
phunyguy_t430sChromeium ~= Chrome02:32
phunyguy_t430sChromium != Chrome02:32
Rob1337I've never seen chrome for linux before. I just chromium.02:32
cntbfunyguy why not help?02:32
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: i prefer chromium, but its just cause thats what i started with02:33
Rob1337I thought Chromium = Open source project which chrome gets all its code from, so pretty much identical, no?02:33
RickZillaYou can install the Chrome deb directly from Google and install it that way02:33
phunyguy_t430snever said anybody wasnt helping.  I asked if it was supported.02:33
BluesKajphunyguy_t430s, you might have trouble with flash on chrome ..chromium browser works better IME02:33
phunyguy_t430sI thought items not in the repo weren't supported02:33
RickZillaRob1337: Depends on what extensions work for it02:33
RickZilladefine supported02:33
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phunyguy_t430sanything Ubuntu puts in the repo?02:34
phunyguy_t430saka controlled by ubuntu?02:34
cntbquestion is why existing standard user got it from admin install while the new standard user after install doesnot have it?02:34
RickZillaWell, if you ask a question about it on here, it may or may not get answered02:34
phunyguy_t430sthats what I am saying02:34
RickZillaI don't think it's in the repo...somebody may answer it, but you also might get encouraged to go to another channel02:34
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: the channel is not owned by conical, support here is what ever runs on the base system 'ubuntu'02:34
phunyguy_t430sand from what I understand, you even get a warning with Chrome at install time about it potentially breaking your system02:34
alien2050ActionParsnip: Is there a way to add a custom icon entry in the .desktop ? I would like it to find it from the file instead of me trying to set it by the gui, I'll have hundreds of machines to reconfigure, I'd prefer copying the file02:35
phunyguy_t430swhat is Conical?02:35
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: i doubt it, install it, find out02:35
phunyguy_t430soh you meant Canonical.02:35
OerHekscntb is the new user added to sudoers file ?02:35
RickZillaCanonical, the company that runs ubuntu02:35
phunyguy_t430sthis is the OFFICIAL Ubuntu support channel.02:35
phunyguy_t430sso I doubt it isn't supported by Canonical.02:35
Rob1337This channel is official? There's an OFFICIAL channel!?02:35
cntbdunno OerHeks all default02:36
Rob1337Is there anyone here who actually works for canonical or something?02:36
phunyguy_t430sread the motd.02:36
OerHekscntb so how did the new user install chrome? default new user cannot install it, afaik02:36
cntbsimply added standard user and tried if it had the google chrome like the admin and first standard user02:36
phunyguy_t430smy guess is it doesn't add it to /etc/skel.02:37
phunyguy_t430sor whatever Ubuntu uses as a template for a new user.02:37
RickZillaI think there's a ppa with chrome somewhere02:37
phunyguy_t430sPPAs arent supported either.02:37
BluesKajphunyguy_t430s, I don;t see google-chrome in the repos02:37
RickZillaon here, you mean02:37
cntbnope OerHeks never said new user installed google chrome had it installed before creating user and look it up inHUD02:37
phunyguy_t430sBluesKaj, exactly my point,02:38
almoxarifeBluesKaj: its avail at the web site02:38
OerHeksi wonder if you can file a bugreport on chrome...02:38
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BluesKajphunyguy_t430s, think it's optional02:38
cntbsorry repos is not the point point is old standard user sees installed prog by admin while new post install created user does not02:39
phunyguy_t430sBluesKaj, maybe that is one of those gray area items.02:39
alien2050ActionParsnip: There's a weird way to name an icon in the .desktop file, like Icon=geany, it probably will find it in .icons but then.... how should it be named?02:39
ActionParsnipalien2050: by the Name= line02:39
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa02:39
BluesKaj!info google-chrome02:40
ubottuPackage google-chrome does not exist in quantal02:40
ActionParsnipalien2050: you can also specify icons absolutely02:40
mazda01my ubuntu software center isn't opening.02:40
almoxarifeBluesKaj: its avail at the web site02:40
phunyguy_t430salmoxarife, what website02:40
cntbthanks for trying guys bbl02:40
alien2050ActionParsnip: like.... path to png or something ?02:40
ActionParsnipmazda01: if you run:  sudo apt-get update    are there any issues?02:40
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: google02:40
Rob1337How long should startup disc creator take to  wipe the data off a flashdrive? It's been going for a couple minutes now...02:40
ActionParsnipalien2050: yes,   /oath/to/filename.bmp   or whatever02:40
phunyguy_t430salmoxarife, thats what makes it not really supported.02:40
phunyguy_t430sChromium is a valid option.02:41
alien2050ActionParsnip: cool cool02:41
BluesKajalmoxarife, I'm just verifying that it's not available in the repos02:41
almoxarifephunyguy_t430s: i am tired if the circle-jerk, use what ever makes you happy02:41
mazda01ActionParsnip: i am using linux mont 14 with mate if that makes a difference. i ran it from the command line and this is what it returned. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420191/02:41
BluesKajalmoxarife, whoa , no need for that02:42
phunyguy_t430salmoxarife, you can use what you want, but some stuff isn't supported.02:42
ActionParsnipmazda01: what is linux mont 14 ?02:42
Rob1337circle jerk? With vocabulary like that, almoxarife must be a redditor.02:42
ActionParsnipmazda01: do you mean Mint?02:42
mazda01ActionParsnip: yes, lol02:42
ActionParsnip!mint | mazda0102:42
ubottumazda01: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:42
almoxarifeRob1337: merry-go-round?02:43
mazda01ActionParsnip: they sent me here because it02:43
RickZillaFeel free to break your install...the worst that can happen is you wipe your hard drive and start all over again. That's how you learn.02:43
mazda01ActionParsnip: it's the ubuntu software cetner02:43
mazda01ActionParsnip: center02:43
ActionParsnipmazda01: I suggets you use their mint centre. We don't suppor Mint in ANY way here02:43
RickZillaYeah, there's plenty of support for Mint on the internets...just not here02:43
phunyguy_t430sChrome as well.02:44
mazda01ActionParsnip: how can I install RC Mini Racer then? or any humble bundle indie games?02:44
Rob1337Guys, I think startup disk creator is broken. It's been erasing the data off my flash drive for several minutes now. How long should I wait before I assume that something is wrong?02:44
Rob1337This kind of stuff usually takes like 30 seconds.02:44
ActionParsnipmazda01: no idea, You will need to ask in the channel for your distribution02:44
almoxarifeis it possible to use a mint repo? should be, staying within the same version across the two mint-buntu02:44
ActionParsnipRob1337: use unetbootin, may help02:45
Anarchistegrrrr finaly02:45
phunyguy_t430slets give a reminder here to everyone that this is community support, AKA free support.  Nobody here is paid by Canonical.  Support for third party apps isn't required and best of luck if you ask.02:45
Rob1337What I mean is: I clicked "erase data off flashdrive" in the program, and it's been "erasing data" for quite a long time now. I think it might be broken. There's no cancel option. Can I just unplug the flash drive or kill the program?02:46
phunyguy_t430sRob1337, I had that issue02:46
phunyguy_t430skill the program02:46
ActionParsnipRob1337: try gparted then, you can do all kinds of formatting etc there02:46
almoxarifeRob1337: thats a bug, still there i guess02:46
phunyguy_t430susually I get a dbus timeout02:46
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Downloading Unetbootin02:48
Anarchistehelp help help plaese help. I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 and i'm already thinking of trying to fix my win XP installation. I can't update the Nvidia driver, i can't add french and it took me for ever just to get here.02:48
AnarchisteFor some details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/226986/no-language-support-new-ubuntu-12-10-install#comment280168_22698602:49
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: if you use the DVD ISO it has a lot of languages on the disk02:49
RickZillaIs xo based on ubuntu, or is it it's own Linux distro?02:50
AnarchisteI used the DVD that my bro burned me02:50
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: do you not get a screen like this when the CD start>02:50
weirddan455what's up02:51
AnarchisteActionParsnip: Like what?02:51
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/extra/LINUX/large/ubuntu1110installation-large_001.jpg02:51
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: I'm not that fast ;)02:51
AnarchisteI did and i installed in english but i also want french02:51
ActionParsnipthen use the blue flag in the system settings and you can add french02:52
Rob1337ActionParsnip: /dev/sdb1 should be my flashdrive, right?02:52
Rob1337I just want to be sure before I hit install so I don't accidently my HDD or something02:52
phunyguy_t430sRob1337, what is the size on it/02:53
phunyguy_t430sthat is a good indicator of what volume it is02:53
ActionParsnipRob1337: you can check by opening a terminal and running:  sudo fdisk -l02:53
AnarchisteActionParsnip: Software database is broken  It is impossible to install or remove any software. Please use the package manager "Synaptic" or run "sudo apt-get install -f" in a terminal to fix this issue first.02:54
ActionParsnipRob1337: its more than likely sdb102:54
AnarchisteActionParsnip: btw i did the command and yet i still get the message02:54
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: can you give the output of:  sudo apt-get -f install; lsb_release -a    please, use http://pastebin.ubuntu.com (or similar) to host02:54
Rob1337Yay, creating 13.04 disk02:55
RickZillaMy ultimate ubuntu dream: Seeing an ubuntu-powered tablet used in schools02:56
AnarchisteActionParsnip: sudo apt-get -f install or sudo apt-get install -f ?02:56
ActionParsnipRob1337: hopefully the newer kernel will not have the issue but we'll see02:56
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: ther are the same :)02:56
Rob1337ffffuuuuuuu, this app makes my computer lag like hell02:57
rcubeHi all.  I am trying to get RDP service working on a new 12.10 desktop install.  I installed xrdp and I can connect fine but I only get my the gnome desktop but dont get the Unity interface.  Any sugestions?02:57
AnarchisteActionParsnip: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1420203/plain/02:58
amigamiaactionparsnip ther? or did you mean they?02:58
AnarchisteActionParsnip: I got much more the first time02:58
Rob1337yay, time to try 13.04. brb.02:59
alien2050ActionParsnip: Nice, it works fine......!!!!! Thx!02:59
ActionParsnipalien2050: yay03:00
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: looks fine, if you run:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install nano    does it install ok?03:01
ActionParsnipalien2050: if you copy that file to /usr/sahre/applications03:01
ActionParsnipalien2050: it will show in dash, you can also drag it from there to the unity panel is you like03:01
AnarchisteActionParsnip: what's nano?03:01
alien2050ActionParsnip: the .desktop file ? really ?03:01
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: its only a small app (22kb or so) its a default install CLI text editor03:02
ActionParsnipalien2050: yes, just copy it in and it's ready to rock03:02
alien2050ActionParsnip: holy *........ that's a nice trick!!!!03:02
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: if it installs without issue then your packages are square03:02
ActionParsnipalien2050: lets you add ANYTHING to dash :)03:03
alien2050ActionParsnip: Thx so much dude03:03
ActionParsnipalien2050: no worries dude03:03
AnarchisteActionParsnip: It seems to install fine http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1420208/03:04
AnarchisteActionParsnip: could the language support be trying to read the installation dvd that i removed?03:05
almoxarifercube: i dont think you will see unity via rdp, look at the docs, says something to that effect, you may need vnc03:05
verysoftoiletpprhow can I install drivers for 6600GT via command line on 12.04?03:05
rcubealmoxarife: tyvm, lame question.. where aer the docs you're referring ot?03:06
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: if you have it marked as a source then yes, if you run:  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   you can comment out the top few lines which reference the CD and save the new file. Your system will now only use online sources03:06
ActionParsnipverysoftoiletppr: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current03:06
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip nvidia-current is already the newest version.03:07
AnarchisteActionParsnip: Can i make it so it "ask" for the dvd when it wants it?03:07
verysoftoiletpprActionParsnip how do I check which driver is being used?03:07
almoxarifercube: the rdp spec via wikipedia is where i found that out, i also wanted rdp because of the ability to have sound03:07
Rob1337ActionParsnip: Wireless connection problems were present in 13.0403:07
Rob1337same as 12.1003:08
rcubealmoxarife: same here, but more importantly I wanted clipboard sharing03:08
ActionParsnipRob1337: dang03:08
almoxarifercube: vnc! or ssh with X,03:09
Rob1337Quite the difficulty my problem is being eh?03:09
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: if it is marked as a source it will definately want it and moan if the disk is not present. If it is not a source then you will use ONLY only sources03:09
elena-IKI have problems with poor sshfs performance. with rsync or scp I get around 128 kB/s, with sshfs I get between 10 and 60 kB/s. is that normal?03:09
ActionParsnipRob1337: all I can suggest is post a bug or post on an existing bug. State it also affects raring03:10
AnarchisteActionParsnip: well it never ever asked for the disk03:10
Rob1337I posted on askubuntu a while ago: http://askubuntu.com/questions/226862/problems-with-wireless-internet-connection-with-12-10-and-atheros-ar928703:10
Rob1337I've been ignored :(03:11
rcubealmoxarife: I've never set that up, would you be willing to help me with it?03:11
ActionParsnipRob1337: by whom?03:11
ActionParsnipRob1337: post a bug, on the bug pages03:11
almoxarifercube: with which?03:12
rcubealmoxarife: lets start with waht's X?03:13
rcubei know hwat ssh is03:13
almoxarifercube: which is the host and the client, OS wise03:13
rcubeubuntu host, windows client03:13
Anarchistewooo ooo i just managed to update my Nvidia driver03:15
OerHeksRob1337, maybe this post is a solution, http://pleph.appspot.com/init/posts/view/2657865 > "sudo modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=1"03:15
AnarchisteActionParsnip: still can't get french03:15
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: http://askubuntu.com/questions/10223/display-current-layout-language-code-country-flag-in-keyboard-indicator03:18
AnarchisteActionParsnip: eeee ... so? i actualy have "no" keyboard indicator03:22
Fudgeany ideas to make my netbook perform decently using quantal? revert to gnome 2?03:23
AnarchisteActionParsnip: I do have a lettre from when i tried to use Empathy to get here03:24
ActionParsnipAnarchiste: you can add one03:26
ZaelFudge check the drivers03:26
ActionParsnipFudge: use LXDE, its super light03:26
ActionParsnipFudge: it'll allow your CPU to run slower so will prolong battery life a bit03:26
FudgeZael  drivers for what?03:27
FudgeActionParsnip  good idea mate but gnome offers the best accessibility for screen readers though03:27
ActionParsnipFudge: Gnome isn't the only available desktop ;)03:27
ActionParsnipFudge: you can run any Gnome app in LXDE03:27
Fudgetrue but the panels dont speak with orca, might have to jsut hack something up03:28
almoxarifeFudge: and kde too03:28
AnarchisteActionParsnip: did "dconf write /org/gnome/libgnomekbd/indicator/show-flags true" and still nothing03:28
* alien2050 likes fluxbox, very customizable03:28
ZaelFudge: video03:28
FudgeZael  doubt that will help but ill look03:28
ZaelFudge: and if your video drivers are up to date, look into xfce or lxde03:29
AnarchisteActionParsnip: not sure about part 203:29
almoxarifeFudge: looking for something to assist the sight impared?03:30
Fudgealmoxarife  yeah well I use vinux but my problem is on netbook hardware gnome3 is slow03:31
thock2does anyone know what the command to install xubuntu without all of its programs is?03:31
almoxarifeFudge: no such thing as vinux-light?03:32
almoxarifeFudge: no such thing as vinux-lite?03:32
Fudgealmoxarife  nah not really we havnt got accessibility to a stage yet with xfce or lxde where we can offer that, accept for older gnome2 classic03:33
Zaelthock2: all i know about is xubuntu-desktop03:33
almoxarifeFudge: nothing wrong with gnome203:33
Fudgebut on precise though03:33
almoxarifeFudge: lxde is sort of gnome2, nice desktop actually03:35
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: well, its dead. that's quite a big thing wrong :)03:35
Fudgealmoxarife  yeah but last time i tried it orca barely worked03:35
almoxarifeActionParsnip: DEAD?03:35
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: yes, gnome2 is no longer deveop[ed by the Gnome team03:36
almoxarifeActionParsnip: lxde dead too?03:36
Fudgeill give lubuntu a go though on my quantal install03:36
Fudgelightdm sees the environment doesnt it?03:37
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: no, lxde is actively maintained03:38
Chaos7TheoryWhich channel is meant for Ubuntu discussion?03:38
rcubealmoxarife: the host os is ubuntu 12.10 and the client is Windows 703:38
almoxarife!info openssh-server03:39
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.0p1-3ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 336 kB, installed size 824 kB03:39
urfriend20hi, in mew to this i have some question can anyone help i have a PE4600 and i would like to put ubuntu on it but it only has a old cd drive. how can i put ubuntu on it. web pages says you need a dvd to install it and i can't install from jump drive.03:40
rcubeFudge: What's the dif between lubunu and ubuntu?03:40
Phabaurfriend20, you on windows atm??03:40
ActionParsniprcube: default apps and default desktop03:40
Phabaurfriend20, you can use wubi, it installs it inside of windows03:40
urfriend20yes with new pc but not old one03:40
rcubeare the specific differences listing on the ubuntu site?03:41
Fudgercube  big differences03:41
Fudgesuggest you look at the lxde website or lubuntu03:41
Phabaurfriend20, so its empty?? not sure it needs a particularly fast spin speed to install ubuntu, maybe x20 or less?03:41
Fudgelxde is targetted toward older hardware with less cpu overheads so the desktop and apps work faster03:41
urfriend20yes empty03:41
almoxarifercube: install openssh-server on ubuntu, use 'putty' on win to access ubuntu via ssh, you should be able to run graphics apps within ubuntu via putty set to default settings03:42
urfriend20i put in new hd and more ram but it has cd drive not dvd ..03:42
rcubegood grief, how many flavors of ubuntu are there?03:42
Phabai see, you can install via usb but im not sure of the specifics03:43
ActionParsniprcube: official ones:  ubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu, edubuntu03:43
Ben64urfriend20: you can install from cd03:43
almoxarifercube: quite a few03:43
urfriend20sorry im new to ubuntu..lol03:43
ActionParsniprcube: the unofficial ones are getting ridiculous03:43
Phabai presume it needs a 2.0 port though03:43
urfriend20ok what ver would i need to get03:43
Phabaurfriend20, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick03:43
almoxarifePhaba: no, should not03:43
ActionParsnipPhaba: or usb 1.1 will do too03:43
Chaos7TheoryPhaba: I've always wondered that, Since it's technically installing 'under' Windows, does that mean there's a reduced performance/stability because of it?03:43
Ben64why even do usb when he has a perfectly good cd drive?03:43
PhabaChaos7Theory, not that i found, but your tied into windows still03:44
Chaos7TheoryThat's the preconception I had in mind when I chose to install Ubuntu under dual-boot instead of under Windows 7.03:45
PhabaChaos7Theory, i think perhaps its under a different file system it may suffer but not noticeably , ubuntu can deal with ntfs pretty well03:45
almoxarifeBen64: that assumes a rw dvd/cd drive and like cd/dvd, not everyone has those, but most of the world does have a usb stick03:45
viasolusHello folks, is this a good place to ask for help with a Vaio running 12.04?03:45
Ben64Chaos7Theory, Phaba: loop mounting a file inside ntfs slows it down compared to a full install03:46
Chaos7TheoryPhaba: Unfortunately with 12.10, NTFS compatibility seems to be unstable since when I use it for a flash drive, it always ends up 'corrupted' somehow, so been forced to use FAT32 instead.03:46
urfriend20well this is a older server and it won't boot from usb stick hd or cd..03:46
osuserwhich channel is competent for os4?03:46
PhabaBen64, yeh i thought it might a little, i never really noticed though. i have dual boot now though.03:46
Ben64Phaba: more than a little, I get probably half the write speed on NTFS as I do on ext403:47
almoxarifeurfriend20: what do you boot from?03:48
viasolusI'm looking for support after being unsuccessful on Ubuntuforums,  is this the right room to look for advice?03:48
Phabawow, really? thats a pretty big hit, i thought ubuntu could read/write ntfs pretty well03:48
Zaelviasolus: yeah03:48
Ben64viasolus: you'd have to ask a question first03:48
viasolusGreat, thanks.03:48
Chaos7Theoryalmoxarife, urfriend20: Older BIOSes aren't compatible with booting from flash drives, though not sure how old it has to be for that to be the case.03:49
almoxarifePhaba: it can read/write ntfs, it can not fix corruption of ntfs or does it see it03:49
ActionParsnipPhaba: its proprietary, the ntfs access is a best effort03:49
almoxarifePhaba: which is why chkdsk in win becomes important with wubi installs03:50
roastedSo I'm trying to set things up so I can shut down via terminal without root. I added "jason" to thegroup wheel, and this is my entry in sudoers, however, I still cannot shut down without root.... %wheelALL=(ALL)NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown   is thisincorrect?03:50
PhabaActionParsnip, i see, so its a 50% reduction in write speed?? n03:50
Ben64Phaba: depends on the partition and the cpu03:51
viasolusI'm pretty new to Ubuntu.  Prior to installing Ubuntu I had disabled my Vaio touchpad using a windows utility. After wiping windows and fully installing 12.04 I have been unable to detect or reactivate the touchpad. A usb mouse works fine, but I would love to have it back. My forum post with attempted workarounds is here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209051303:51
viasolusAny help cool cats?03:51
hyprvxgood morning/afternoon/evening03:52
ActionParsniproasted: %wheel      ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/shutdown03:52
ActionParsniproasted: or whatever shutdown is03:52
roastedActionParsnip: /sbin/shutdown?03:52
ActionParsniproasted: yes, just did a which :)03:52
Phabaviasolus, as far as im aware anything done in windows is irrelevant in ubuntu unless its been disabled at bios level if thats even possible03:53
viasolusI agree.03:53
rcubealmoxarife: how would I run graphics apps via putty and ssh?  It's a console only.03:53
Chaos7TheoryIt's possible, I've disabled my built in wireless adapter for a while when it stopped working.03:54
Chaos7TheoryAt least, depending on the BIOS03:54
Phabaviasolus, perhaps theres some generic touchpad drivers you could try in ubuntu? i wouldnt know where to start though sorry, check your bios for checks sake, pretty sure it wont be there though03:54
roastedActionParsnip: it's still saying I need root...03:54
viasolusThanks Phaba, I'm going to check the bios just to see. Brb.03:54
MacuserDoes Ubuntu come pre-installed with the Java JDK and JRE?03:55
ActionParsniproasted: you still need to use sudo, it just won't need a password03:57
almoxarifehttp://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/running-x-window-graphical-application-over-ssh-session.html <-- rcube... there is a setting within putty that should be set to default 'X11Forwarding yes' , thats how you will run those apps03:57
roastedActionParsnip: even when I use sudo, it asks me for the password....03:57
roastedActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420283/03:57
locojayhi i upgraded to 12.10 but i only see the background when connecting via vnc03:58
Chaos7TheoryMacuser: I believe it comes with OpenJDK's jre and icedtea-web pre-installed, though I know not the JDK package by default for sure.03:58
ActionParsniproasted: maybe it needs a reboot03:58
roastedActionParsnip: maybe..find that hard to believe tho. I'll try it.03:59
roastedActionParsnip: didn't work04:00
locojayanyone using vnc with success on 12.10. no issue in 12.0404:00
Chaos7TheoryEven if it isn't installed by default, you could always use synpatic to install them afterward. If you need Sun's Java for whatever reason, you can use webupd8's package to automatically install and update both the jdk and jre here: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html04:01
Chaos7TheoryOr generally described in Ubuntu's wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java04:02
ActionParsniproasted: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420292/04:02
ActionParsniproasted: there's mine04:02
OerHeksdoesn't openJDK come with ubuntu restricted extras ?04:03
roastedActionParsnip: and you shut down without root?04:03
roastedActionParsnip: via terminal that is04:03
Chaos7TheoryDepends on your needs. Minecraft isn't compatible with OpenJDK 7, so you're forced to use Sun Java04:03
ActionParsniproasted: i'll double check04:03
rootpthow can i disable this password http://rootpt.no-ip.org/foto.JPG04:07
rootpti need to put that passw everytime i restart the computer :-\04:07
useri dont know man04:08
unitymanrootpt: yes if you don't have auto login04:08
rootpttheres no way to pass that thing ?04:08
rootptclear that option ?04:09
unitymanrootpt: for what service are you logining into?04:09
rootptjust normal desktop04:09
rootptthat happens before the login04:09
unitymanrootpt: yes, but I wouldn't do it! Not a good idea to have unsecure data. Even if it is just login in for user account.04:10
userre hi04:10
rootptunityman: how can i disable that thing ?04:10
rootpti dont understand why that appears :-\04:11
unitymanrootpt: just google it you'll find it! srry been a bit since I played with ubuntu on desktop using ubuntu on cell phone for primary reason.04:11
locojayanyone able to solve vnc problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207765704:12
binary_glitchIs there any way to reset user privileges to there original defaults?04:12
rootptunityman: can u tell me for what im looking ?04:12
rootptjust a tip04:12
binary_glitchgoogle just wants to help me reset the desktop settings04:12
unitymanrootpt: autologin for ubuntu04:12
unitymanrootpt: give me a second I will look for link04:12
rootptok ok04:12
rootptunityman: i apreciate man :-\04:13
rootptsorry my english.04:13
Jordan_Urootpt: auto login will not help you.04:13
rootptyep, cant find nothing04:14
unitymanJordan_U: what did I miss?04:14
Jordan_Urootpt: The reason that you need to enter a password is that you have an encrypted partition.04:14
rootpti see Jordan_U04:14
Jordan_Urootpt: Do you know why you have an encrypted partition? Did you want that?04:15
rootpttheres a way to disable that?04:15
rootpti dont want that04:15
rootptand i didnt know how i do that :X04:15
rootptjust a mistake04:15
roastedQuestion - this is my sudoers file. Jason is a member of wheel, yet Jason cannot shut down the system without needing a password (whether or not I run with sudo). The command is sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now. The sudoers file is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420292/   What am I doing wrong?04:15
Jordan_Urootpt: It's not the default configuration, so I'm not sure how you ended up with it. Did you install Ubuntu or someone else?04:15
rootpta friend of mine04:16
rootptbut its my machine04:16
rootptits here, next to me04:16
rootptand i just want to disable that passw04:16
unitymanrootpt: backup data and reinstall ubuntu from livecd or liveusb04:17
rootptunityman: i think that, just answer here, maybe a another way to do that04:18
rootptbut if not,i will need to reinstall :-\04:18
unitymanJordan_U: srry if I stepped on you helping rootpt . :)04:18
Jordan_Uunityman: Not at all, I'm in and out anyway so it's good that you picked it up :)04:19
rootptthank u guys..04:19
rootpti think i will format and reinstall afterall04:20
unitymanrootpt: reinstalling ubuntu is 20 mins out of your time. Not a lot but updating the system may take more time.04:20
binary_glitchIs there any way to reset user privileges to there original defaults? Google just wants to help me reset the desktop settings to there original defaults but not user privileges...04:21
rootptunityman: yep =) thanks man, really appreciate04:21
unitymanrootpt: No problem. Got run.04:22
unitymanHave a good night all! Going to study up on Android and sdk have fun :). I think I might try develop an app for android. How to root your phone basics like a game. Similar to the cheevos for firefox. Get stars for rooting and understanding your phone.04:24
heoyeamake a new user04:29
heoyeathen is default04:29
binary_glitchwill that make the default "custom" user privileges that come with the only account on a new install?04:30
=== milind is now known as abyss42
Googol30Are file permissions specific to the ext family of Linux compatible filesystems?04:32
Googol30Can you use FAT with permissions?04:33
binary_glitchthank you. ./quite04:34
binary_glitchshiza how do I exit irc again?04:35
Googol30No period prefixing /quit04:35
binary_glitchoops not running an app lol.04:35
Googol30Can anyone explain filesystem permissions to me?  Or at least tell me if FAT uses them?04:37
heoyeaeverything has permission rules04:40
justin_anyone want to get it on?04:40
justin_kiyoura, let's get it on.04:41
=== Luis_ is now known as Luis1117
d3wyHowdy all, anyone free to give a quick hand with samba (Ubuntu) host with OSX client?04:47
Googol30Just an observation: you can tell where most active people live, generically of course, by when they are on and how much activity is in the channel.04:51
Googol30As of now... this channel is dead.04:52
d3wyObviously no Aussies in here ha.04:52
Googol30If anyone knows enough networking... can anyone tell me if there is a limit to the number of network switches that you can have in a single network?  Is that limited only by the overall latency?04:56
Googol30Network switches don't have their own IP addresses, right?04:57
Googol30I'm not getting anywhere on this channel at this time... I'll probably be back in ~10 hours.05:02
ejoprobably oughta ask ##unix rather05:03
ejoor so05:03
=== Tux is now known as school
onboradDear all, I update Xorg and require packages ,when upstart system show blackscreen . switch VT check Xorg.log have not error report .any ideas?05:05
brady2600does anyone know of any torrent applications, that have it as a feature to enable downloads when the computer is inactive?05:06
brady2600i like downloading torrents, but not typically when im actually using my computer.  Ive had torrent clients before that could work based on a scheadual, but you had to know when and when not you would be using your computer, it would be much perferable to simply have an application that enables / disables your downloads based on when your using your computer05:07
d3wybrady2600: I'm not sure but I have a feeling you could set up some automated script that would throttle the torrent application. Not sure how you would trigger it with activity tho05:11
brady2600im just surprised that there isn't already a client that does this.05:11
ActionParsnipd3wy: throttle as in restrict speed?05:11
ActionParsnipd3wy: transmission has that in its options....05:12
nongooglehow do i not fail to make a script executable, it keeps not sticking to executable from the right click menu05:12
d3wyYeah, I am aware it can do it.05:12
ActionParsnipd3wy: you can set max up and down speed05:12
ActionParsnipd3wy: is that not the issue?05:12
d3wyI'm not sure how you would make it respond to system activity tho05:12
Zaelnongoogle: chmod +x05:12
d3wyI'm thinking for brady2600 's issue05:12
mehworkhow can i make it so unity search windows don't show up when i hit the <Super> key? i want to map something else to super05:12
nongooglei have the script on a bootstick, it keeps not sticking to executable format05:13
Zaelnongoogle: was it from an image?05:14
Zaelnongoogle: may be something funky cause of that05:14
Zaelthe file system might not support the executable flag for instance05:15
ActionParsnipnongoogle: is the USB stick NTFS by any chance?05:15
ActionParsnipZael: ;)05:15
kapzhi! any steam beta testyers here? I have few questions.05:15
Zaelkapz: #ubuntu-steam05:16
kapzthanks Zael05:16
nongoogleit doesnt say ntfs it says msdos05:16
irishmac1022how do i liveboot ubuntu from a flash drive?05:16
brady2600yeah.. im looking though transmission and not finding what i was talking about05:17
ActionParsnipnongoogle: if the file system doesn't support good linux stuff then you will need to mount the whole filesystem as executable and it will work05:17
brady2600im looking for something that only downloads when the computer is inactive05:17
Zaelirishmac1022: try unetbootin05:17
Zaelbrady2600: you might use a torrent client that supports the command line05:18
irishmac1022Zael: thank you!05:18
jv432hello i was able to boot on ubuntu now using usb05:18
Zaelthen you can script something and put it in your launcher or on your desktop or something05:18
brady2600im not really looking to built it myself.. im looking for a client with that already as a feature.05:19
ActionParsnipbrady2600: you could have a cron'd job which tests the net use then uses transmission-cli to set the bandwidth higher / uses the alternate speed etc05:19
jv432but i had a problem05:19
nongoogleActionParsnip i remember trying that yet i dont have any success running the script05:19
jv4323 options were given to me05:19
jv432i pick install on windows 7,it was succesful i was able to use ubuntu05:19
almoxarifebrady2600: who decides what and when 'activity' is where you want it? time of day? load?05:19
brady2600not time of day05:19
jv432but when i restart and remove the usb its not on the os selection05:20
ActionParsnipbrady2600: http://superuser.com/questions/367209/a-torrent-client-which-automatically-detects-http-and-related-activity-from-the   another way you can do it05:20
brady2600not a schedule , simply when the computer is not in use05:20
jv432the supposed install ubuntu on windows 7 is like = boot ubuntu on usb only05:20
brady2600you fall asleep, the computer goes to sleep, and into download mode05:20
sargenntoHello All. When trying to play games via Steam It tells me I need to update my video drivers. When I tried to install the fglrx drivers I get an error telling me to check var/log/jockey.log .. output is >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420360/05:20
Zaelbrady2600: you can ask over in the #transmission channel, but i think it supports command line05:20
brady2600as i had said, i have no desire to build it myself.05:21
=== jv432 is now known as jv324
jv324hello any help on my problem05:22
ActionParsnipsargennto: what is the output of:  lspci | grep -i vga; lsb_release -sc05:22
mohajuicehi dr_willis05:23
irishmac1022Zael: does the flash drive have to be clear for it to work?05:23
mohajuicewill u help me installing usb modem on ubuntu 12.0405:23
almoxarifejv324: without the usb attached you dont have ubuntu?05:23
Zaelirishmac1022: i believe so05:24
jv324it doesnt stay05:24
jv324it supposed to install insde windows 705:24
ActionParsnipmohajuice: run:   lsusb  one line will idenify the modem, use the 8 character hex ID to find guides05:24
jv324but when i shutdown ubuntu it also disappears05:24
almoxarifejv324: you ran ubuntu live session or did you install?05:24
sargenntoActionParsnip: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV620 LE [Radeon HD 3450] | precise05:24
kapzokay guys #ubuntu-steam appears to be dead. Anyway Steam asks me to update the driver to nvidia experimental but I use bumblebee, so how do I go about updating driver?05:24
irishmac1022Zael: will i have to install it directly onto computer after installing onto flash drive or is it completely portable?05:25
Zaelirishmac1022: it should be portable in live mode05:25
irishmac1022ok thanks05:26
ActionParsnipsargennto: then run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install fglrx fglrx-amdcccle05:26
ZaelActionParsnip: he's using nvidia i think05:26
ActionParsnipZael: ATI RV620 LE [Radeon HD 3450]  ....05:27
mohajuiceyes i already did with lsusb here is the result 1dbc:066905:27
sargenntoZael: i need fglrx05:27
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:27
irishmac1022Zael: how will it work with Wireless network drivers on a netbook?05:28
Zaelirishmac1022: should work ok05:29
ActionParsnipmohajuice: is it a 3g thing?05:29
Zaelsargennto: i had to upgrade my ati drivers as well to get tf2 to launch in steam linux... i used these: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+packages05:29
irishmac1022Zael: on a Samsung NC130?05:29
mohajuiceActionParsnip i can send u the driver files that r inbuilt into flash storage of usb modem05:29
sargenntoActionParsnip: that was successful. let me reboot and see if it works now :)05:29
sargenntoZael: awesome ill book mark incase this dont work after reboot05:30
Zaelsargennto: if you have 12.04 though the fglrx will probably work05:30
mohajuiceyes its 3g HSPA modem05:30
Zaelsargennto: but if it's 12.10.. you'll probably need those05:30
ActionParsnipmohajuice: those will be for windows05:30
sargennto12.04, brb let ya know05:30
jv324sorry i was caught up chatting on other room05:30
jv324i install it05:30
ActionParsnipmohajuice: do you have usb-modeswitch installed?05:30
jv324like i said i did that unetbootin stuff yous aid05:30
Zaelirishmac1022: i'd be suprised if it doesn't05:30
mohajuiceyes i have05:31
jv324and boot using usb,it gave 3 options05:31
jv3241 - Install ubuntu inside windows 705:31
jv3242- install ubuntu over windows 705:31
jv3243 install ubuntu on partition05:31
mohajuicether r separate files for windows, mac and ubuntu05:31
jv324i pick the no 105:31
ActionParsnipmohajuice: are there any bugs reported for it?05:31
jv324and it run ubuntu but disappears when i shut down05:31
mohajuicei m on windows right now as i don't have any means to go online with ubuntu05:33
numsixI'm having a ubuntu problem, anyone care to take a stab at it :)05:34
sargenntoActionParsnip:  Zael : Unfortunately steam still gives me this error: Required OpenGL extension "GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode" is not supported. Please update your openGL driver05:35
ActionParsnipnumsix: ask away05:35
Zaelsargennto: if you have a 3k card, ati dropped support for them on linux05:36
jv324What should i do please help05:36
Zaelyou have to use legacy drivers, from my understanding05:36
sargenntoZael: yup.. radeon hd 3450 ... nice...05:36
Zaelthey dropped support for 2k, 3k, and 4k05:36
numsixOK so here's my problem. I have a file server i run ubuntu on, been going for years. was working great.05:36
sargenntoZael: sigh... stupid ati05:37
jv324i wish someone would help a newbie like me and not only people who knows ubuntu already05:37
numsixI had Ubuntu 11.04 running because i hate unity. About a month ago started running out of space constantly. would free up stuff, run out in a week. It was a wubi install so i was like whatever, dumped it and did a fresh 11.04 install no wubi/windows05:37
mohajuicei try again installing those drivers n will show u the results05:37
Zaelyeah, i'm considering going back to nvidia on my next build05:37
Zaeli have a 567005:37
numsixFresh 11.04 same thing, hard drive fills up.. reboot, space is magically back. 80gb partition with virtually no user files so whats going on05:38
almoxarifesargennto: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/846938351012409765/ <-- you want to look at that05:38
numsixI upgrade to 12.10 because i hear gnome classic works better now (which it does) but problem persists!05:38
Zaelnice, a workaround05:38
numsixFInally start  combing through, find its .cache/gdm/session.logs thats doing it. grows to fill up hard drive.. 70+gb which brings down everything as it crashes VNC and i only access this via VNC05:39
numsixso any ideas? its gotta be a bug or something05:39
jv324hello are you gonna help or not05:39
numsixi got nada installed right now.. 12.10 x-chat, gnome.. thats it05:39
sargenntoalmoxarife: okay I will give it a read right now05:39
jv324i dont like wasting time05:39
jv324i followed what you suggest and you just left me hanging when it give another error05:39
ActionParsnipnumsix: have you read the logs?05:40
irishmac1022Zael: how much room do you think that Ubuntu will need for this liveboot?05:40
numsixthe logs aren't readible when it balloons up its just corrupt05:40
Zaeljv324: i don't know much about that installing ubuntu into windows stuff; i recommend giving ubuntu it's own partitions05:40
jv324how can i give that05:40
jv324i dont even know05:40
numsixits also not an incremintal thing.. so not like a problem with a program going bad over time.. its like a switch. one minute 74gb free.. within 5 minutes 005:41
Zaelirishmac1022: the image i believe is about 800 mb05:41
jv324when i pick install on partition it read the whole disk05:41
jv324and chop it to parts05:41
irishmac1022Zael: so 8 gb will do?05:41
jv324its not clear if itll be a clean install and will erase my current partition05:41
Zaelirishmac1022: should be plenty05:41
irishmac1022Zael: thanks05:41
Zaeljv324: if you pick the windows partition, it will erase it.. yes05:42
FloodBot1mohajuice: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:42
numsixis there anyway to disable the creation of the session.log files? or hell, even move them to another drive. i'll make a partition and it can fill it up for all i care just not the file system05:42
almoxarifejv324: is there a dir/folder in the root of your win machine called 'ubuntu'?05:42
Zaeljv324: you can resize that partition with something like gparted though to allow space for a dual boot with their own partitions05:42
Zaeljv324: almoxarife probably knows about your current install05:44
almoxarifeprobably :)05:44
Zaeli always felt that wubi stuff was a bad idea05:44
jv324i dony know almoxarife05:45
almoxarifeZael: probably because you never installed it05:45
ActionParsnipnumsix: i'd boot to liveCD, delete the file, then log back in and read the new, smaller, file05:45
jv324i have two partition05:45
Zaelalmoxarife: true05:45
jv324let me check05:45
numsixHold on, lemme see if the file is readable now. I can always delete the file and everything is cool05:45
almoxarifejv324: the partion would be 'boot' c: one05:45
numsixIt's just it usually happens when i'm at work which blows my VNC and i can't fix it until i get home which bites05:45
jv324almoxarife yea in c05:46
jv324weird though it should be in e: cause theres where windows 7 is installed05:46
almoxarifejv324: what are the files in that dir?05:46
jv324disks and isntall dir05:47
jv324and uninstall-wubi.exe05:47
almoxarifejv324: specifically, what files exist in dir c:/ubuntu05:47
jv324i already said05:48
jv324thats the only 3 in c:/ubuntu05:48
numsixko, nothing insane but lots of these: (gnome-settings-daemon:7925): libappindicator-CRITICAL **: app_indicator_set_lab05:48
numsixel: assertion `IS_APP_INDICATOR (self)' failed05:48
numsixbut right now file is small and normal05:49
jv324inside the sub dir disks theres another sub directory boot and a file ubuntu-12.04.1-wubi-amd64.tar.xz05:49
almoxarifejv324: those are not file names, you have a nice day05:49
jv324i said theres 2 dir named disks and install and 1 file called  uninstall-wubi.exe05:50
jv324your sayign im a liar05:50
jv324i can even send you a fraps of it on 720p if you dont believe05:50
numsixHe'll need at least 1080p to verify that05:50
almoxarifefraps? what did i miss?05:51
Zaelhe's gonna fraps you his directory tree05:51
almoxarifefrapping something new? can i install 'frap' on kde?05:51
Zaeli think it requires lasers05:52
numsixHe's going to play Quake 3 at you to prove his wubi sucks05:52
jv324cause you said have a ncie day05:53
jv324you think im joking,im already frustrated at this05:53
causativeI would like to search for the presence or absence of a certain image on the screen (i.e. test automation)05:53
causativewhat should I use for this?05:53
Zaeljv324: why are you interested in linux05:53
jv324and here i thought ubuntu is the best linux distro05:53
jv324cause i need it to fix my smartphone05:54
numsixUbuntu was the best until unity, lol05:54
Zaelcan't you just take it to your provider and let them hook it up05:54
almoxarifejv324: #android-root , thats the place for 'i need linux to fix(root) my phone05:55
jamampnumsix, then remove unity? there's alternatives05:55
jv324what you mean take it to provider05:55
Zaeljv324: another question.. why don't you just use a live cd05:55
numsixYeah well that's why i'm here.. my gnome is blowing up05:55
Jonathan_Ri just finished instaling ubuntu 12.10 and dont know what the rot pasword is05:55
jv324first of all i dont use android tahts nto even mroe linux than my os05:55
jamampnumsix, i heard KDE/Xubuntu/Kubuntu ones look okay05:55
jv324second take it to my provider?my smartphones has software problem not hardware05:56
Zaeli love Xubuntu05:56
numsixi may have to look into alternatives if i can't figure out this session.log bug05:56
jv324why would i take it to my provider,and you know not all around the world providers sell smartphone05:56
numsixit's GOTTA be a bug. i mean, i've formatted the drive and done a fresh install for god's sake.05:56
almoxarifeJonathan_R: there is not one, your user pass with 'sudo/gksu' is how you get at root05:56
krunalany idea why i can't access windows share from my ubuntu machine? i'm running 12.1005:56
jv324in my country they only service us for waht we need not like your providers in USA that sucks money out of you05:56
Zaeljv324: why not just use a live cd?05:56
numsixthat would be too easy05:57
jv324nvm im already pissed 1 or 2 of you obviously isnt even taht smart05:57
Jonathan_Ralmoxarife: when instaling software its asking for authentication05:57
almoxarifejv324: Zael..., take it elsewhere, this is not a chat channel05:57
almoxarifeJonathan_R: your user password05:57
jv324its no brainer that not every provider int he world are the same05:57
Jonathan_Rdoesnt work05:57
krunalhow about some help05:57
krunalany idea why i can't access windows share from my ubuntu machine? i'm running 12.1005:57
jv324thanks for those who help me though05:57
Zaeli'm just trying to help him05:57
ActionParsnipJonathan_R: then you aren't typing it right. Check your capslock etc05:58
jv324th eonyl eprson who help me is  ActionParsnip05:58
numsixkrunal try pointing to the ip of the windows machine from your ubuntu box05:58
krunalhow do i do that on gui.. without using terminal05:59
almoxarifekrunal: also, did you firewall the win machine?05:59
Jonathan_Rgot it ActionParsnip05:59
numsixyeah check firewal05:59
numsixplaces -> connect to server05:59
krunalalmoxarife, yeah05:59
Jonathan_Rits a keyboard isue or something05:59
almoxarifekrunal: cant get access if you are firewalled05:59
Jonathan_Ri noticed in another place05:59
krunalwhat changes do i need to make on windows firewall06:00
Jonathan_Rwhen typing it in, it mised the last character06:00
almoxarifekrunal: win changes06:00
Jonathan_Rhad to wait a second and type in the last character again06:00
numsixfor whatever reason i can never get into my windows machine by it's UNC buy the ip works06:01
numsixfrom ubuntu06:01
almoxarifekrunal: before you do that, can you ping the win machine from buntu?06:01
krunalyes i can ping06:01
numsixbut you gotta make sure its open first and nothing is blocking it. windows firewall, some anti-virus has another firewall, etc06:01
ActionParsnipjonathaN: all ok now?06:01
almoxarifekrunal: assume the firewall is not the issue then06:01
numsixwell ive got nothing on this log problem06:02
krunalalmoxarife, when i go to 'connect to server' - it has some crediential issue06:02
numsixis there no way to disable o rmove the log?06:02
almoxarifekrunal: you are back to a win issue then06:02
ActionParsnipnumsix: you could mark the file as read only, it may just make another file though. Worth a try06:02
numsixcheck your permissions or put in your windows username/password06:02
numsixyeah it does session.old06:02
numsixso that doesn't work06:02
numsixwhat blows my mind is the fact that it's done it on 2 different installs06:02
krunalalmoxarife, just got it to work...thanks06:03
numsixmaybe it hates this cheap AMD06:03
almoxarifekrunal: i dont use win, so i dont know where the fix would be06:03
almoxarifekrunal: cool06:03
krunalalmoxarife, was missing the domain...workgroup06:03
almoxarifekrunal: that helps06:03
krunalnow we all know :)06:03
numsixstupid workgroups06:03
almoxarifekrunal: now you are the resident win samba guru06:04
krunalhaha sure06:04
numsixwhere are the settings for the logs kept anyone know? maybe i can move it to a different drive06:04
almoxarifenumsix: trying to read a log?06:04
krunalso why'd ubuntu decide to change the layout? i really enjoyed version 10.xx06:04
numsixthey wanted to piss everyone off. UNity is terrible06:05
krunalyeah i dont like unity06:05
numsixalmox the logs don't look crazy, you can't read it when it blows up06:05
almoxarifeblows up?06:05
numsixhere's one repeating error: ` (gnome-settings-daemon:7925): libappindicator-CRITICAL **: app_indicator_set_lab06:05
numsixel: assertion `IS_APP_INDICATOR (self)' failed06:05
numsixYeah once every 24-48 hours the session.log fills up the hard drive06:06
numsixgoes like 74gb in size06:06
numsixit does this almost instantly06:06
numsixif you delete it, you are fine06:06
krunalanyone use kubuntu yet?06:06
numsixuntil it happens again06:06
almoxarifekrunal: i use kde06:06
ActionParsnipkrunal: I have in the past06:06
Zaeli use xfce06:06
krunalwhich is the best06:06
ActionParsnipkrunal: there is no single best06:07
Zaelpick for yourself06:07
krunali'll try a few06:07
numsixI love Gnome 3. Not the new gnome..the remix one.. and not unity. I hate apple, i hate os x. I don't want anything that looks or feels like os x. i want a simple clean desktop. gnome 3 is amazingly awesome what's wrong with it?06:07
krunalsee what i like06:07
ActionParsnipkrunal: if there was, the others would cease to be as nobody would use them06:07
krunalActionParsnip, true06:07
krunalgood to know06:07
ActionParsnipkrunal: you can even just use a WM like fluxbox and not use a desktop at all :)06:07
almoxarifeActionParsnip: that would not be the best :)06:08
numsixare there any other major distros that use gnome? if i can't figure this out soon i may drop ubuntu for the time being06:08
numsixas if i wanted to deal with headaches and annoyances i'd install windows back on this thing06:08
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: its great if you want a lightning fast system using fewer resources06:08
ActionParsnipnumsix: Fedora uses Gnome by default06:09
numsixi may have to give that a go06:09
Zaelnumsix: just customize the way you want it06:09
krunalwe're starting to sell systems with windows 8 at work... not going so well06:09
numsixzael read my problems above06:09
ActionParsnipnumsix: have a look at some videos on youtube, see what you reckon06:09
Zaelnumsix: maybe there's a ppa for that06:09
krunalthanks fellas....have a good night06:09
numsixif not for this problem i'd be happy with ubuntu. 12.10 isn't so bad as the gnome classic is close to what i had before.. although evolution doesn't seem to work well06:09
numsixthe gnome work around in 11.10 was miserable so i stuck with 11.0406:10
ActionParsnipnumsix: tried xfce, its very close to the Gnome2 smell06:10
almoxarifeActionParsnip: i am like a dog, i found my favorite kibble, true, kde is considered less than lite but i cant live without it, everything else seems less than perfect :)06:10
numsixwhen i first gave ubuntu a try 3 or 4 years ago i was blown away by how great gnome was.. i just hate to see them monkey with it and trying to move it into something thats just terrible with unity06:11
numsixi'm looking into fedora now06:11
numsixi dont keep anything on this computer other than email and my media files so swapping os's isnt a big deal06:11
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: it can be light, there is a new thing based on Qt which is light06:11
almoxarifenumsix: good for you, just say its 'ubuntu' when you need help here, cause they dont offer help\06:11
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/lightweight-qt-desktop-environment.html06:12
almoxarifeActionParsnip: i use it, qtrazor, when on batt for along time without need for pim06:12
numsixi'd be much happier if i could just have ubuntu back though dammit.06:12
numsixthere's gotta be a way to fix this06:12
almoxarifenumsix: what is the issue?06:13
onborad(WW) intel(0): No outputs definitely connected, trying again...06:13
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: totally06:13
onboradwhy report Not outputs definitely connected . my system boot ,display blackscreen .06:14
almoxarifeActionParsnip: someone just figured out about qtrazor at web8 :) , damm lite06:14
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: its pretty sweet06:15
numsixalmoxarife: long story short, there's some bug that's been causing the session.logs to randomly balloon up causing a crash when there's no space left on the file system. A complete re-install has not resolved it.06:15
almoxarifenumsix: do you know which bug?06:15
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: I still prefer openbox + xcompmgr + docky :)06:15
numsixseems similar to this: http://markmail.org/message/4jqmo4kdhzewqrv206:16
ActionParsnipnumsix: if you use a different session (like xfce) is it ok?06:16
numsixand thats about when the problem started06:16
numsixseptember / october06:16
numsixhold on just found that link, looking into it being tied to vino06:17
almoxarifenumsix: un-install vino or stop the service to begin with06:17
numsixit makes sense because i normally exclusively use VNC to connect to this06:17
almoxarifenumsix: then look for a replacement for 'vino' for the mean time06:18
numsixYeah i have installed x1106:18
almoxarifenumsix: see, no need for fedora06:18
numsixlets hope06:18
numsixcan't believe they haven't fixed this06:18
numsixif its been a problem for 2 months06:18
YcareneSo, the ubuntu update servers are down I take it.06:18
numsixits a pretty nasty bug06:18
almoxarifenumsix: problem fixed for now06:19
numsixwell problem worked around for now06:19
numsix.. maybe .. if thats it06:19
numsixi'm going to stop vino and see what happens06:19
onyon_00selamat siang semua06:19
numsixdoes evolution not work properly under 12.10?06:20
numsixthats the one thing i noticed when i upgraded.. evolution just bombs out06:20
ActionParsnipYcarene: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420427/   not at all06:20
YcareneI'm getting the error described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146799/unable-to-connect-to-getdeb-net-how-do-i-fix-it and it says to "be patient", however, it's been days, is it gone for good or what?06:20
ActionParsnipnumsix: try running it from a terminal, may give clues06:20
numsixit loads up but then it just tries to refresh the main folder and never gets anywhere06:21
numsixthunderbird works but once again i found evolution to be better. seems like everything about 11.10+ is a step back for me06:21
YcareneOr has precise fallen off of the supported list?06:21
numsixmaybe i'll dump this and go back to 11.0406:22
almoxarifeYcarene: your issue cant be solved here06:22
ActionParsnipYcarene: Precise is supported til April 2017...06:22
ActionParsnipYcarene: did you try switching update server?06:22
ActionParsnipnumsix: 11.04 is EOL06:22
almoxarifenumsix: at least 12.04 , its lts06:22
YcareneActionParsnip - How do I do that?06:23
=== Elv13 is now known as Elv1313
ActionParsnipYcarene: ok, how have you been trying to troubleshooot this?06:23
cheesecakesi wanted to install grub2 to a sepreate partion i.e move /boot06:23
cheesecakesis this possible without reinstallation06:23
YcareneActionParsnip - Well, my current troubleshooting has been to just wait for the server to come back up.06:24
almoxarifeActionParsnip: there is no fixing his issue, the server is down06:24
ActionParsnipYcarene: you can switch update server using software centre, or you can manually tweak /etc/apt/sources.list   (if you are using server)06:24
numsixi don't really care about support. as long as x-chat works, transmission works and it can serve files.. thats all i use this for06:24
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: but user can still take steps to switch source06:24
numsixfunny one of the last updated introduced this vino/log bug06:24
numsixthanks for nothing :P06:25
almoxarifeActionParsnip: true06:25
ActionParsnipnumsix: what do you use vino for?06:25
ActionParsnipnumsix: when you connect to the remote system, what activitis do you do?06:25
YcareneI don't like making the changes manually, last time I did that, I did an update and it made my system unbootable.06:25
numsixthis computer isn't hooked up to a monitor/keyboard normally06:25
numsixusually i just interface via VNC with it only06:26
ActionParsnipnumsix: yes but what do you do on the desktop?06:26
numsixemail, irc06:26
numsixthats about it06:26
numsixmanaging the file server which is its primary function06:26
ActionParsnipnumsix: you can irc via SSH (like I am now)06:26
ActionParsnipnumsix:  you can run X apps via SSH using X forwarding,  you don't need full desktop access06:26
numsixyeah but i like x-chat :)06:27
cheesecakesi just want to know whther possible or not without re-installing ubuntu06:27
ActionParsnipnumsix: you can access the files via SSHFS which you will get if you install openssh-server, the files can be managed using the nautilus on the client system06:27
ActionParsnipnumsix: you can run xchat via X forwarding06:27
numsixi like having the GUI. I lived on shells in the 90s but i'm happy to have a bit more flexibility06:27
numsixworked fine for years06:28
ActionParsnipnumsix: note the word 'nautilus', that's not a shell06:28
numsixYeah i would still like to have the full desktop if possible06:28
almoxarifenumsix: replace vino with 'x11vnc'06:29
ActionParsnipnumsix: you can even make bash scripts to connect to the server and run the app. The integration will be 100% seamless06:29
ActionParsnipnumsix: why though, you don't need it06:29
numsixI'm sure it could be done no doubt just don't feel like spending the effort06:29
numsixYeah vino is uninstalled06:29
numsixi'll give it a day or so and see if it blows up again06:30
ActionParsnipnumsix: your call but what you are doing can be done so much more gracefully06:30
numsixno doubt06:30
almoxarifeall that because of x-chat?06:30
ActionParsnipnumsix: and its why I always ask when people think they need vnc06:30
numsixit may not be that i need it more so that i just like it06:30
ActionParsnipnumsix: there was a guy in here a while back who was VNCing to the system then opening a terminal06:31
numsixor dont feel like messing with setting up an alternative06:31
numsixhe needed that box around the terminal.. made him feel good06:31
Tit_renehi, i did this command line:            sudo -s        startx -- :1 for use graphiq mod, and now i can't log with my user/pass, when i put my pass a black page come 1sec and i return back to reput my pass. some one can help me ?06:31
almoxarifei tried vnc'ing into the toaster, it would not respond, can someone help me?06:32
numsixi'll look into setting up ssh and forwarding instead but for right now i'm just hoping this problem is resolved06:32
numsixis it a microsoft toaster? try rdp06:32
ActionParsnipnumsix: if you setup ssh keys you can have a .desktop file on your desktop to run:   ssh -X username@server xchat      and it will appear on your system, but be executing on the remote system (like a Citrix app)06:32
almoxarifenumsix: thats nice, hope is good06:32
numsixwe'll see :)06:33
numsixYeah i'm sure i could set everything up via ssh, thats not a problem.. id just have to actualyl sit down and set it all up and right now ahh.. well lets get the thing to stop crashing every 3 days first06:33
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
ActionParsnipnumsix: it'll allow you to not run vino too :)06:35
numsixwell vino is out the window so we'll see how it goes :)06:35
numsixit's been drunk and the bottle has been discarded06:35
Gangadhari've trouble in logging in to my system06:36
Gangadharcan some one help me on tis06:36
almoxarifeGangadhar: you need to be much more specific06:36
numsixYour password is Pencil06:37
bhaveshGangadhar: Elaborate your problem06:37
numsixMatthew Broderick hacked your PC while trying to start a war with russia06:37
numsixit happens06:37
ActionParsnipGangadhar: www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword06:37
Gangadharam not able to get my login window.. i've ubuntu studio latest installed on my laptop06:38
almoxarifeGangadhar: never could or just now cant?06:39
Gangadharjust now..06:39
Gangadharafter installing grub lite theme06:39
almoxarifeGangadhar: ohhhhhhhhhhh06:39
almoxarifeGangadhar: yea, tossed grub maybe?06:40
Gangadharplymouth mount failed is the error06:41
Gangadharand am strucked in that06:41
almoxarifeGangadhar: can you at least get to a terminal?06:41
Gangadharyeah.. an able to get the terminal06:41
almoxarifeGangadhar: and do you know what you installed and via how?06:41
Gangadharinstalled via ubuntu software center06:42
almoxarifeGangadhar: and do you know what you installed and via how? what specifically?06:42
Gangadharhmm.. grub lite theme.. am not sure which is it exatly06:43
Gangadhari've used my ubuntu CD to get live session..06:44
almoxarifeGangadhar: you are in live session?06:44
Gangadharyeah right now am in live session..06:44
almoxarifeGangadhar: anything else you may have left out?06:45
ActionParsnipGangadhar: and you want to reset your password on the installed OS?06:45
Gangadharok.. after googling.. i've seen some instruction to uninstall ndvidia drivers and i did the same06:46
almoxarifeGangadhar: nvidia caused it?06:46
ActionParsnipGangadhar: what has a password got to do with nvidia drivers?06:46
almoxarifeor grub-lite06:47
Gangadharthat made more worse to my laptop... the error which i had previously had gone and i could see only circlle rounding the logo06:49
Gangadhari thought OS is loading and waited for a logn time.. still the same nothhing was happpening...06:49
ActionParsnipGangadhar: again, I thought you had a password issue?06:50
almoxarifeits like pulling teeth06:50
Gangadhar==<almoxarife>any help plz.. i;ve very imp data on my system06:51
Gangadharalmoxarife : atleast i need my data safe..06:52
almoxarifeGangadhar: i have no clue what your problem is, and you have not helped , is the issue grub? or nvidia? cant log in?06:52
Gangadharit is with grub06:53
almoxarifeGangadhar: your data should be avail to you via the livecd06:53
Gangadharok.. can u assist me how can i do that06:53
almoxarifeGangadhar: do what?06:53
Gangadhari've external drive with me06:53
bazhang!enter | Gangadhar06:54
ubottuGangadhar: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:54
bazhang!grub2 | Gangadhar please have a read First06:54
ubottuGangadhar please have a read First: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:54
KI4ROTrying out XCHAT for the first time.  Anyone know how to make the window larger?06:55
bazhangKI4RO, drag the lower right corner and adjust06:56
ActionParsnipGangadhar: if your data is "important" why do you not have a backup?06:56
KI4RObazhang, Tried that to no avail06:56
ActionParsnipKI4RO: same as any app window in any app06:57
almoxarifeKI4RO: re-start xchat06:57
ActionParsnipKI4RO: move the cursor slowly near the edges06:57
KI4ROActionParsnip, I thought so too but nothing happens06:57
bazhangKI4RO, hover your mouse there, the resize option will appear06:57
reeedmaybe he is running X naked, without wm06:58
DakoI am having a problem installing Ubuntu on my machine06:58
DakoI was wondering if someone might be able to help me out06:58
johnesmillerwhat is the issue06:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:59
DakoI am trying to do an Ubuntu install on one of my desktops, I have an install disk burned. When I boot from disk - I get to the screen with the gradient background and it shows the load icon. After a minute or two it looks like something loads but then the screen goes completely black and all I see is the loading icon07:00
almoxarifeKI4RO: would you stop with the dot thing07:01
almoxarifeDako: my first guess is that the cd/dvd is trash07:02
almoxarifeDako: better the the cd trash than the system not accepting an install07:03
DakoOkay - I am using ImgBurn to do the Iso, you think something else might work better? (this is my second CD - first one was trash)07:03
reeedif it got that far, it's unlikely the CD is trashed.07:03
DakoI am using a DVD07:03
Dakojust to make it clear07:04
almoxarifeDako: then perhaps the image was trash, the iso?07:04
DakoI downloaded it from ubuntu and I didn't have any problems07:04
almoxarifeDako: verify the md5 hash07:04
reeedconfirm that when the screen goes blank, you move the mouse and the pointer moves ?07:04
Dakowhen I move the mouse the pointer moves07:05
reeedyou're doing an install, or just trying the liveCD ?07:05
almoxarifeDako: how about a simpler approach? 'mini.iso' , the greater portion of the install is network07:06
DakoI am attempting to do a full install07:06
Dakobut I don't get the the install screen07:06
reeeddoes the live CD mode work OK?07:06
almoxarifeDako: it will do a full install, mini.iso07:06
ActionParsnipmini iso is great07:07
DakoI can't do either - I never get to the screen that gives me the option07:07
ActionParsnipDako: what video chi pdo you use?07:07
almoxarifeDako: if you just want to plink with livecd then that is also an option, for an install though, MINI.ISO07:07
Dakoah, so mini.iso does the install with the files from the net07:07
almoxarifeDako: correct, you hardwired?07:08
DakoI will have to wait - no I am not hardwired07:08
ActionParsnipDako: wubi pulls down the ubuntu iso then uses it to install to a file in your NTFS07:08
almoxarifeDako: forget mini.iso07:08
DakoI was going to use a wireless PCI card once I have it up and running07:09
ActionParsnipDako: what video chip do you use please?07:09
almoxarifeDako: once up is not the issue, the initial install is07:09
Dakoso I don't have to run a hard wire since it will require me drilling a hole in my floor - and I don't see that ending well with my security deposit07:09
almoxarifeDako: no, just means you have to have viable cd to begin with, what kind of box is it going on?07:10
Dakoi am trying to pull info from the BIOs - it's an older machine, my brothers old desktop07:11
ActionParsnipDako: try the boot option:  nomodeset07:12
almoxarifeDako: how old and what cd did you choose to install?07:12
ActionParsnipDako: if  that doesn't work:  radeon.nomodeset=107:12
DakoI am doing Ubuntu 12.1007:12
almoxarifeDako: how old07:12
Dako5 years old?07:12
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
almoxarifeDako: not that old07:13
ActionParsnipDako: if its an Ati 2xxx, 3xxx or 4xxx then you will need a PPA for the legacy driver. The Xorg in Quantal hates those ATi GPUs07:13
almoxarifeDako: which 32/64 bit?07:13
DakoAMD Athlon 6407:13
almoxarifeDako: did you use 64bit iso?07:14
Dako...no... i386... well that will cause some problems...07:15
irishmac1022Zael: can i install the latest ubuntu to my flash drive stably using unetbootin?07:15
ActionParsnipDako: you can run 32bit OS on 64bit CPU without issue07:15
Dakoisnt the i386 though intel?07:15
irishmac1022can i install the latest ubuntu stably using unetbootin?07:17
reeedthe mouse pointer still moves -- the machine hasn't crashed07:17
ActionParsnipDako: yes, i386 == 32bit07:17
Dakoyes, but you said it should still work on my 64?07:18
irishmac1022can someone please answer my question? i am itching to get into Ubuntu07:18
ActionParsnipDako: yes, it will work. the only thing it will affect is that each process will only see 3.2Gb, but you can use up to 64Gb RAM07:19
Dakoso that is not the cause of the boot disk failing07:19
irishmac1022ActionParsnip: i hope that is gigabits :D07:20
irishmac1022ActionParsnip: can i install the latest ubuntu stably using unetbootin?07:21
jamampirishmac1022, yes. unetbootin should have your usb live boot 12.10 finey. make sure it's at least 1gb, fat32, and clear of anything else. If you use it for a Mac make sure to install Refit07:22
DakoI will do another disk burn - try the amd64 version. See if that does it.07:22
heoyeadd command07:22
irishmac10228 gb, FAT32, and clear07:23
reeedDako: I have another tip. When Ubuntu boots, press Escape to clear the boot splash screen and show the kernel messages07:23
JennyBlueBirdOk, so I can't seem to enable middle mouse button emulation, and all googled solutions fail07:23
heoyeathe matrix07:23
JennyBlueBirdxorg.conf doesn't work07:23
jamampirishmac1022, then it'll work fine07:23
ActionParsnipirishmac1022: sure07:23
irishmac1022jamamp: i apologize for multiple messages, im kind of excited07:23
Dakois there anything particular I am looking for?07:24
JennyBlueBirdgpoint-settings seems to work but doesn't ( I checked the box, it doesn't make a difference )07:24
jamampirishmac1022, don't worry. im just idling and nobody else was answering07:24
ActionParsnipirishmac1022: you only need 1Gb, you could use the rest for persistance :)07:24
irishmac1022alrighty :D07:24
JennyBlueBird"gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.mouse middle-button-enabled true" complaisn about a missing schema07:24
reeedDako: No, just report anything that you don't feel comfortable with.07:24
DakoHere /init: line 7: cant open /dev/sr0: no medium found07:25
Dakopwconv: failed to change the mode of /etc/passwd- to 060007:25
ActionParsnipDako: is this in root recovery mode07:26
irishmac102212.10 downloading now, any tips or tricks i should know about?07:26
ActionParsnipirishmac1022: install and then get updated07:26
Dakoata1: SRST railed (errno=16)07:26
heoyeau need to know everything07:26
irishmac1022ActionParsnip: affirmative, 2 hours remaining... any faster way to get it?07:26
DakoI/O error, dev sr1, sector 5269** (a shit ton of these errors)07:27
DakoSQUASHFS error: Unable to read data cache entry07:27
DakoSQUASHFS error: Unable to read page, block 100b5970, size ead407:28
OY1Rq: why when i set my laptop ip to static instead of dhcp cant i connect to the internet ?07:28
ActionParsnipOY1R: if you use static IP you will need to set DNS servers too07:28
ActionParsnipOY1R: If you can ping then its DNS07:29
OY1RActionParsnip, ok so i set ip and try pinging yes ?07:29
phunyguy_t430sSo I am looking to change the color scheme on Ubuntu if possible... how does one install "themes"?07:29
Jordan_UDako: That's definitely a bad disk.07:29
reeedwhat's ??07:29
ActionParsnipOY1R: just ping to see if routing is ok first07:29
jamampirishmac1022, when everyhting's good do 'sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping' to get rid of amazon search in unity07:29
Dakobad CD or bad hard disk?07:29
ActionParsnipreeed: is Google's public DNS07:30
jamampirishmac1022, big security and privacy and convenience thing07:30
reeedwow, that's a cool IP addr07:30
OY1Rit's ping'able07:30
Jordan_UDako: Bad CD (or CD drive),.07:30
phunyguy_t430sI usually test on
heoyeabad news07:30
reeedOY1R: setup using DHCP first07:30
irishmac1022jamamp: roger, i dont like amazon anyway07:30
ActionParsnipOY1R: then it's just DNS07:30
OY1Ri am using dhcp atm07:30
reeedOY1R: then do "ifconfig /a" and note the IP and settings07:30
reeedOY1R: then switch to static and use the same numbers07:31
reeedOY1R: you probably also need to to do a "route add default _____"07:31
Jordan_UDako: Try reburning the CD/DVD again at the slowest speed and use the "check disk for defects" option at the boot menu before installing, even if it seems to boot correctly at first (this is important, you don't want to use a bad disk or drive to install from and the self test will check both).07:32
reeedOY1R: try this now: "netstat -r" and note the "default" entry07:32
OY1Rdefault genmast
Dakostill I am getting can't open /dev/sr0: no medium found07:33
Dakobut it is going through and doing the check07:33
reeedyeah then the command (for static IP setup) is "route add default genmast"07:33
reeedyour /dev/sr0 is fried07:34
Dakowhat is that?07:34
Jordan_Ureeed: OY1R: As we've pretty firmly established that the problem is with DNS, fiddly with routs and internal ip addresses is futile.07:34
reeedJordan_U: OK07:34
OY1Rok thanks07:35
OY1Rwhat about the gateway ?07:35
reeedOY1R: listen to Jordan_U07:35
OY1Raddress netmask and gateway ?07:35
Jordan_UOY1R: It sounds like all you need to do is set a DNS server to use. How are you configuring this static connection?07:36
Jordan_UOY1R: To clarify though, you have tried pinging while you weren't using DHCP, correct?07:37
DakoIs there an Ubuntu 12 install that is under 700 MB so I can do a burn on a normal CD and see if my other non DVD drive works?07:38
reeedmini.iso :-)07:38
OY1R_that was simple, thanks"07:39
Dakointeresting - I have a table that shows up now with one column of 'data' one column of 'prog' and then in the table footer "err 201: eff2f6 1"07:41
Dakoand "ip d3a7: 2.7"07:41
reeedthe aliens are now in your computer07:42
Dakothat excalated quickly07:43
DakoThis whole thing would be easier if my bios let me just boot from USB...07:44
reeedwhy wouldn't it boot from U ?07:45
Dakothere is no option to do so07:45
mehworkmy laptop still plays sound out of the speaker after pluggin headphones in, any idea why?07:47
jamampHow old is the computer/mobo? Seems like a common function within the past several years07:48
mehworkbrand new07:48
researcher123is there a software in Ubuntu using which I can extract email IDs from a doc ?07:48
lotuspsychjei have to reboot my latop 3 times stuck on purple boot screen, how can i solve this07:49
irishmac1022i tried to download ubuntu 12.10 from torrent site, but apartment complex seems to have blocked torrent connections D:07:49
reeedresearcher123: man strings07:49
jamampirishmac1022, ubuntu.com hosts it fine. not too slow a download imo07:49
researcher123reeed: thanks.Im trying07:50
DakoHere are my boot options: Floppy, LS120, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, ZIP, USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM, Legacy LAN07:50
reeedDako: it shuld recognise your USBstick. *but* you need to format it correctly.07:50
reeedDako: use UNetBootin07:50
irishmac1022jamamp: slow internet connection offered by apr complex, no other choice, got about 21 hour download time07:50
reeedirishmac1022: my sympathies07:51
jamampirishmac1022, oh jeez. seems like tehtering through a phone would be better07:51
irishmac1022reeed: i guess you could kind of see why i would use the torrent :D07:51
irishmac1022jamamp: no unlimited internet07:52
irishmac1022jamamp: *stupid AT&T*07:52
DakoUNetBootin? What should I set as the boot option?07:52
jamampirishmac1022, internet cafe/library? unfortunately it's late07:52
irishmac1022jamamp: yeah its 0:53 here07:53
irishmac1022jamamp: it sped up to 7 hours :D07:54
irishmac10226 hours07:54
irishmac10225 hours07:54
irishmac1022my apt complex has had illegal torrenting problems in the past so the ISP just banned it altogether07:55
JoshIs there any mac alike DE available for Ubuntu?07:55
irishmac10224 hours07:55
x_what is the benefit of a 3.5 kernel vs a 2.6 kernel ?07:56
irishmac1022back to 5 hours07:56
Dakoreeed: out of these [Floppy, LS120, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, ZIP, USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM, Legacy LAN] Which one should I set as the boot option for it to boot from the USB?07:57
x_irishmac1022, I don't think anyone cares about your terrible internet :-\07:57
irishmac102221.3 MB out of 75307:57
irishmac1022x_: oh well07:57
irishmac1022x_: lol07:57
reeedDako: dunno. Try each of the USB-XXX in turn?07:57
x_Dako, what is usb-fdd? you mean usb-hdd ?07:57
jamampDako, most likely USB-FDD. im not sure what zip would be, and usb-cdrom might mean an external cddrive07:57
irishmac1022x_: i can pretend they care, right?07:58
almoxarifex_: i cared07:58
x_ irishmac1022 if that makes you feel better07:58
reeedZIP is a kind of super floppy, c.200007:58
almoxarifex_: dont assume for me07:58
irishmac1022well thank you for caring07:58
x_almoxarife, screw off, I said I don't *think* anyone cares07:58
Dakox_ no, it is USB-FDD07:58
x_if you care good for you.07:59
x_I bet 99% of people don't care if his net sucks07:59
anv`a`ndarerhythmbox is skipping when playing back mp3s like a cdplayer with an old cd. what to do?07:59
x_and how is he saying 4hrs 5hrs xxMB out of xxMb downloaded ubuntu support related?07:59
irishmac1022in another channel we have a bot that we can enter commands like !g <something> and it googles it and posts the topmost lnk07:59
reeed!g ubuntu08:00
irishmac1022come over to #ahk and do !g ubuntu08:00
reeedwhich _ubuntu are you guys on? X? L? K?08:00
almoxarifeirishmac1022: that i dont care for, dont spam08:01
aeon-ltdreeed: most guys here are on stock08:01
farhanwhat is ubuntu's default email server type?08:01
lotuspsychjehow can i solve purple boot screens freezing instead of login window?08:01
=== boozer is now known as buntunub
irishmac1022i dont mean to spam just stating a feature of hers08:01
irishmac1022i apologize08:02
farhanI'm looking through the Ubuntu manual, but Can't find it08:02
reeedlotuspsychje: press Escape during bootup so you can see the kernel messages08:02
x_irishmac1022, put a sock in it08:02
lotuspsychjereeed:is that something other then f1 messages?08:02
=== irishmac1022 is now known as silenced
lotuspsychjereeed:any other logs i can see those kernel messages?08:03
=== silenced is now known as irishmac1022
almoxarifelotuspsychje: /var/log/kern.log08:04
lotuspsychjelets see08:04
reedoshow to execute VMware-Workstation-Full-9.0.1-894247.x86_64.txt08:07
reedoshow to execute VMware-Workstation-Full-9.0.1-894247.x86_64.txt08:07
DakoWell I'll be damned... the 12.4.1 version is 695MB - fits on a normal CD. I will see if it is the DVD drive on the computer instead of the CD Drive08:07
anv`a`ndaremusic playback keeps skipping no matter which music player i use08:07
anv`a`ndarewhat to do?08:07
anv`a`ndaresomething wrong with a codec perhaps?08:08
almoxarifeanv`a`ndare: playback from where?08:08
anv`a`ndarei listened to these mp3s before and there were no recorded skips08:08
anv`a`ndarefrom mp3 files08:08
almoxarifeanv`a`ndare: before on same machine with same os?08:09
anv`a`ndaresame machine but different os08:09
anv`a`ndarewas using windows 7 and osx08:09
almoxarifeanv`a`ndare: what player?08:10
anv`a`ndarerhythmbox and audicious, same skipping. i suppose they use same codec08:10
dchernivanv`a`ndare, nope different codecs. check your dmesg for "polling mode" or something similar08:12
anv`a`ndareugh, dont know what that means08:12
jsr423can anyone see my text?08:13
jsr423does anyone have any experience with c programing?08:13
almoxarifedcherniv: where to look for dmesg?08:13
reeedjsr423: i'm good08:13
BlueEagle!anyone | jsr42308:13
ubottujsr423: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:13
dchernivalmoxarife, run dmesg | grep -i "*poll*" in terminal08:14
BlueEaglejsr423: I'm still waiting for the real question.08:14
\\Mr_C\\if i installed the server 12.10 and i type X and its just blank, whats the problem? if i press alt-ctrl and f1 i can go there and then press ctrl-c and it returns with no errors08:15
reeedmaybe he needs coaxing08:15
phunyguy_t430s!patience | BlueEagle08:15
ubottuBlueEagle: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:15
BlueEagle!helpful | phunyguy_t430s08:15
BlueEagleBahh.. Either that has been removed or was something else.08:15
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, try running startx08:16
\\Mr_C\\i did08:16
\\Mr_C\\that works08:16
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, so whats the problem?08:16
\\Mr_C\\im new, and what is the difference in startx, xinit, X, Xorg ?08:16
\\Mr_C\\are they different in any way or the way they work?08:17
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, startx setups up the enviroment for X and such08:17
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, thats the one that should be used if you want to start X from console08:17
\\Mr_C\\what is X and Xorg for then?08:17
reeed\\Mr_C\\: type "X & sleep 5; xterm -display :0"08:17
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, startx runs xinit, xinit runs Xorg, Xorg runs X binary08:18
farhanso, I was using dpkg-reconfigure and then killed the process. Now I'm getting an error saying that /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat is locked. How do I unlock it?08:18
jsr423hey I'm having an issue with the sort function at the end of my program in c, here is a link to it http://codepad.org/ganCKNPr08:18
BlueEagle\\Mr_C\\: startx starts your default X session (as specified in .xinitrc. xinit I haven't heard of. X and Xorg are names for the windowserver which startx starts. Note that in addition to X you would want to run a window manager like Gnome, KDE, XFCE4 and so on.08:18
\\Mr_C\\reeed, it worked08:19
alexglhey guys i installed lubuntu and installing lamp stack, for some reason i'm missing a /etc/php5/apache2 entry. any ideas?08:19
dchernivjsr423, that aint sort, thats garbage08:19
reeed\\Mr_C\\: i'm good08:20
\\Mr_C\\ok, i understand now, i thought they were different programs08:20
dchernivjsr423, you have to swap the values instead of just erasing the ones stored in copystor[k]08:20
dchernivjsr423, line 156-157-15808:20
BlueEaglealexgl: Which command(s) did you use to install the lamp stack?08:20
\\Mr_C\\i really like how i can install the aps-get thing, not used to this, last time i used linux i was like 15 years ago08:21
alexglBlueEagle, it's from here, http://groups.drupal.org/node/24230 specifically sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 etc08:21
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jsr423dcherniv, makes sense08:21
reeed15 years ago Linux was Minix08:21
* reeed ducks08:22
jsr423ill give it a shot and post again in abit08:22
phunyguy_t430swait, we provide C support in here too?08:22
BlueEaglealexgl: More to the point. Have you installed libapache2-mod-php5 ?08:22
alexglBlueEagle, i must've missed that one08:23
BlueEaglealexgl: That would explain the missing directory I guess. :)08:23
phunyguy_t430sjsr423, dcherniv, looks an awful lot like homework...08:23
jsr423 phunyguy_t430s my final exam is in 2 days08:23
reeedjsr423: my sympathies08:23
jsr423i am playing with code to learn08:23
alexglBlueEagle, thanks08:23
reeedjsr423: best way to learn08:24
phunyguy_t430s!ot jsr42308:24
phunyguy_t430s!ot | jsr42308:24
ubottujsr423: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:24
BlueEaglealexgl: Most welcome. Please also read up on litterature on securing your box if you plan to expose servers to the web. That goes double if you plan to set up a mail server.08:24
cheesecakesanyone here can help me with a grub query08:24
jsr423what does !ot mean?08:24
BlueEagle!ot | jsr42308:24
ubottujsr423: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:24
phunyguy_t430slike I just said... lol08:25
BlueEagle!anyone | cheesecakes08:25
jsr423off topic lol?08:25
ubottucheesecakes: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:25
cheesecakesi want to install arch alongside ubuntu and windows on the same HDD08:25
phunyguy_t430sjsr423, your C homework is DEFINITELY off topic.08:25
BlueEaglejsr423: Yes, your query is outside of the scope of this channel.08:25
jsr423phunyguy_t430s it is not homework and you do not need to be an ass about it. BlueEagle sorry changing channels08:26
phunyguy_t430s!language |  jsr42308:26
ubottujsr423: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:26
phunyguy_t430show's that?08:27
BlueEagle!enter | phunyguy_t430s08:27
ubottuphunyguy_t430s: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:27
* phunyguy_t430s high-fives BlueEagle 08:28
\\Mr_C\\last question for now, if im in the X session, how do i exit without going to ctrl-alt -f1 and pressing ctrl-c?08:28
\\Mr_C\\all i see is a mouse point and nothing to click08:28
node1hello all08:29
BlueEagle\\Mr_C\\: I think: killall -hup xorg08:29
\\Mr_C\\no where to type08:29
\\Mr_C\\just blank with a huge X08:30
BlueEagle\\Mr_C\\: You might want to run `/etc/init.d/ldm start` instead of just X08:30
BlueEagle\\Mr_C\\: If you do not have a window manager (or terminal emulator) running then you have little in the ways of telling the X-server to shut down. Therefore you would have to switch to a terminal and force it to close.08:31
reeednot sure if Ctrl-Alt-Backspace kills the X server08:32
reeed(in old versions it did)08:32
reeed\\Mr_C\\: you need to install a window manager, or a desktop environment (eg KDE, GNOME)08:33
\\Mr_C\\reeed it doesnt work08:34
* reeed shrieks08:34
reeed\\Mr_C\\: you need to install a window manager, or a desktop environment (eg KDE, GNOME)08:34
reeedhow did u manage to get naked X ?08:34
BlueEaglecheesecakes: I am still waiting for your question. What do you need to know regarding Grub? If it was me I would install in the order Windows, Arch, Ubuntu because I know Ubuntu to be really good at detecting other OS installations.08:35
BlueEaglereeed: I think that was changed to ctrl+alt+ins at one point and then disabled by default as X grew more stable.08:36
reeedBlueEagle: amen08:36
irishmac1022how portable is ubuntu when installed on a flash drive and run? does it leave any trace whatsoever?08:36
reeedu up to no good?08:37
aeon-ltdirishmac1022: it loads stuff to ram, how dedicated are the people following you?08:37
\\Mr_C\\reeed i install the server plain08:37
BlueEagleirishmac1022: That depends. By default a pendrive installation does not automatically mount any HDDs. But when you mount and/or write to a hdd you would change the access times of files and so on and that could count as a trace.08:38
reeed\\Mr_C\\: then u need to install a plain window manager too08:39
reeedi previously used icewm08:39
BlueEagle\\Mr_C\\: Perhaps you want to look at the *-desktop virtual packages if you would want to run X. If you want a minimal setup then xubuntu-desktop is one of the lighter options. If you want to do it from scratch then perhaps you would want to read up on how LFS or Gentoo is set up.08:39
irishmac1022BlueEagle: but no trace if you use unetbootin?08:39
reeedquick n dirty, does the job08:39
irishmac1022and installed on flash drive08:39
BlueEagleirishmac1022: On a "regular PC" it should not leave a trace. However some BIOS-es log power cycles and that is something outside of OS control.08:40
irishmac1022ok, so unless the snooper knows what they are doing i will be safe?08:41
irishmac1022just hypothetical08:41
irishmac1022im not going to do anything bad just curious08:42
BlueEagleirishmac1022: If you are mounting harddisk partitions then you will leave all sorts of traces in the allocation tables.08:43
hadAchHi at all08:43
reeeddid u manage to fix your E key, hadAch ?08:43
irishmac1022and how safe is the internet browsing for ubuntu?08:44
aeon-ltdreeed: donate some on your Es08:44
reeedinternet? safe??08:44
hadAchE key?08:44
reeedaeon-ltd: good one :-)08:44
irishmac1022like how safer is it08:44
aeon-ltdirishmac1022: it's as safe as you set it to be08:45
reeedhadAch: headAche?08:45
hadAchhahaha no08:45
irishmac1022its not completely safe, nothing is, but it won't have virtually any viruses right?08:45
reeedno viruses08:45
hadAchnormally its haderach08:45
hadAchbut it was taken08:46
farhanI just installed postfix and went through the configuration, but mail is still not being delivered to my server.08:46
reeedhadAch: !!!! ok !!!! sorry !!08:46
llutzfarhan: check /var/log/mail.*08:46
aeon-ltdirishmac1022: but you are still prone to other forms of attack like phishing, and exploits in software like java flash etc08:46
irishmac1022i managed to get a torrent connection but im tired and pausing it until i wake up, goodnite08:46
farhanllutz: Thanks :-)08:46
farhanrelax access denied...08:47
hadAchi have an problem reagarding my wireless keyboard + flash:08:48
hadAchMany times it partly freezes my pc, e.g. could not use normal keyboard keys, but audiocontrol key work08:48
hadAchAlso the lock after time screen does not work, I cannot open new Programs, but i can use the old oney with my mouse.08:48
hadAch 08:48
\\Mr_C\\you sure are a bunch of friendly people, not like back in the beginning on efnet08:48
FloodBot1hadAch: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:48
reeed\\Mr_C\\: we're good08:49
llutzfarhan: i guess you mean "relay access denied" and you want to check your configuration again. also there is #postfix08:49
BlueEaglehadAch: You may want to have xev running so that when this happens you can see if anything is received by the X server.08:51
BlueEaglehadAch: That will determine if it's the X server or the window manager that is at fault.08:52
hadAchi will try08:53
patiewhat GPU is better for linux/ubuntu ? nvidia / amd ?08:57
patieati ?08:57
reeedfor what application?08:57
farhanGrr, why can't I get postfix working?!~08:59
almoxarifepatie: the one who most supports opensource drivers or has the biggest stable of linux drivers08:59
llutzso, intel09:00
almoxarifeintel works for me :) so does nvidia so far09:01
almoxarifewould increasing the screen resolution have any bearing on vid quality?09:03
farhanI purged postfix, but though I reinstalled it I now don't have /usr/bin/mail. How do I get it back?09:05
BlueEaglealmoxarife: If you run a 1024x768 display and run a 1080p video then you will get increased video quality by increasing the resolution.09:05
almoxarifeBlueEagle: thnks09:08
hadAchhi if i use xev -> i get the same result. no normal key events, but ctrl+shift+del works, and i see that event in xev09:11
Dakoso I finally got Ubuntu installed, and when I restarted I ama getting the following error: "symbol not found: 'grub_disk_firmware_is_tainted'09:11
serp_doesnt sound too good09:12
farhanI just 'purged' postfix, and though I re-installed it, I do not have /usr/bin/mail. How do I get it back?09:12
llutzfarhan: install bsd-mailx (which requires a mta being installed)09:13
llutzfarhan: you just want to send some mails from your site to a smarthost? use msmtp/ssmtp instead of postfix, much easier to configure09:14
hadAchBlueEagle: If i unplug my usb-wirles keaybaord adatper everything works well for a short time. (Even the lock screen appers. Is it the fault of the windows manager or of X ?09:14
reeedDako: so it worked?! /dev/sr0 is borked?09:15
BlueEaglehadAch: If you unplug (and replug) your wireless keyboard adapter the keyboard starts working? Is it Bluetooth or generic rf?09:15
farhanawesome, thanks :-)09:16
hadAchyes, its an wireless keyboard from logitech i think with normal wirless kommunication on 2.4 ghz09:16
BlueEaglehadAch: The adapter has a connect button or similar on it, right?09:16
hadAchBlueEagle: yes its works again. its an wireless keyboard from logitech i think with normal wirless kommunication on 2.4 ghz09:17
farhangot an alternative to 'pine' that's better?09:17
BlueEaglefarhan: birch? </jk>09:17
llutzfarhan: mutt, alpine09:18
BlueEaglehadAch: What you could try is to hold the connect button on the receiver as you plug it in and keep holding it for ~5 seconds. I know some logitech keyboards work better that way for no discernable reason.09:19
BlueEaglehadAch: It could be that that just applies to Bluetooth keyboards. Ie. they fall back to RF:09:20
almoxarifehow does a mail spammer make a buck?09:20
hilarieAnyone know of a media player that has a web interface like media player classic does?09:21
BlueEagle!ot | almoxarife09:21
ubottualmoxarife: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:21
BlueEaglehilarie: kplaylist is a web based meida player.09:22
almoxarifehilarie: xbmc09:22
hadAchBlueEagle: I have no connect button, (logitech is correct)09:23
hadAchBlueEagle:  It could be that that just applies to Bluetooth keyboards. Ie. they fall back to RF: what todo then?09:23
almoxarifehilarie: xbmc has a android remote even, nevermind they got it to run on android too09:23
BlueEaglehadAch: Then I do not know. Perhaps open a window to tail /var/log/kern.log and see if anything useful hops up there when the keyboard falls out.09:24
hadAchok thx, i try it but i did that before and found nothing useful09:26
manisabriHi . I have some invalid path in my $PATH that I want to remove but Its not in .profile or .bashrc , where else should I look?09:27
llutzmanisabri: /etc/profile (environment, bash.bashrc)09:29
=== Steph_De_Chine is now known as worm
bjorn_hey how do i make one of those like more than 1 directory at once like09:32
bjorn_2012-01 and then 2012-02 etc09:32
bjorn_but in one command?09:32
Jordan_Ubjorn_: for dir in 2012-{01..10}; do mkdir "$dir"; done09:33
llutzbjorn_: mkdir 2012-0{1,2}09:34
Kalidarnhmm, noob question, if i wanted to check the date in say San Diego, which is california, and i did TZ=09:34
Kalidarnwhat would it be?09:34
manisabrimmm . its not in bash.bashrc either. the path is /usr/local/games I think one of the games of humble bundle did that but it didn't work with my dual monitor setup so I uninstalled it but I don't know where is added the path , any ideas?09:34
Jordan_Ubjorn_: You're welcome.09:35
llutzmanisabri: /usr/local/games is a debian default path09:35
llutzmanisabri: look at /etc/profile09:36
wormKalidarn: How about have a look at /usr/share/zoneinfo ? I think that Los_Angeles probably work09:37
Kalidarnah my answer was TZ=PST8CDT date09:37
manisabrioh right and it even exist!  why I'm getting the No such file or directory when looking at $PATH?!09:37
Jordan_Umanisabri: What do you mean by "looking at" $PATH?09:37
manisabrityping $PATH at bash prompt and hitting enter09:38
llutzmanisabri: echo $PATH09:38
Jordan_Umanisabri: That's not how you display variables, that tries to run the command whose name is contained in the variable $PATH. You want "echo $PATH".09:39
manisabriuh i see ... thanks a lot09:39
manisabriI thought thats why I'm not getting the added paths that I added to .bash.rc , must be something else then09:40
hublaoHello , which is a decent software for resizing images for ubuntu 12.04 ?09:40
Hon-Bunhi everyone!09:40
llutzhublao: convert (imagemagick)09:41
meinolfhi who are you09:41
bjorn_hublao i think gimp might work09:41
wormGIMP is really useful and HUGE! That is sometimes considered as open-sourced PhotoShop... That should work.09:43
alok_anyone used gluster09:43
nongooglei feel butthurt because i didn't figure out how to get the script running on the USB stick as per recipee :C09:45
sawrubhhey, is there any way I could support for USB3.0 in Ubuntu 12.0409:45
sawrubhI tried searching fr solutions online but nothing seemed to be fruitful09:46
hublaothanks llutz , bjorn_  and worm09:50
razasHello, im using Ubuntu 12.04.  Today when im trying to install any package using sudo apt-get install <package_name>, im getting "  Could not connect to ubuntu.oss.eznetsols.org:80 ( - connect (111: Connection refused).Failed to fetch http://ubuntu.oss.eznetsols.org/ubuntu/pool/main/i/irssi/irssi_0.8.15-4ubuntu3_i386.deb  Could not connect to ubuntu.oss.eznetsols.org:80 ( - connect (111: Connection refus09:55
razased)E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?"09:55
razasMy /etc/apt/sources.list is as follows : http://pastie.org/private/xbyzz4bxwii1xan2k84d6w09:56
Ben64razas: switch to a different repository then?09:57
razasBen64: which one would u recommend.im located in india09:57
razasbtw, is the repo down ?09:58
heoyeado update 1st09:58
Ben64that one you listed is down09:58
razasBen64: k i did sudo apt-get update09:58
razasBen64: what change should i make in sources.list ?10:00
Ben64razas: open the software center, go to edit->software sources10:00
Ben64there should be a thing that says "Download from:"10:00
Ben64you can change it there to somewhere close to you10:00
Hon-BunI install Ubuntu use windows installer (via wubi.exe), I choose 30GB for my Ubuntu :)10:02
razasBen64: got it...thanks a lot :)10:02
diverdudeHey, /dev/sdX are harddisks. What is then /dev/hdX ?10:05
llutzdiverdude: disk not handled by libata10:05
diverdudellutz, what does that mean?10:06
llutzdiverdude: years ago, scsi disks were named /dev/sdX and IDE were /dev/hdX, then they all were handled by libata and named /dev/sdX10:07
diverdudeahhh okay...i see10:07
qwebirc13600hello complete newb here looking for networking help10:08
llutzdiverdude: there aren't many distros using /dev/hdX today10:08
qwebirc13600i have no wlan0 and am trying to get wifi connectivity10:08
qwebirc13600although I know the server has wifi10:09
=== patrick is now known as Guest32616
anonymosvous aller bien10:09
=== bandymas is now known as alisas
anonymoscomment je peux mi dentifier10:10
worm!fr | anonymos10:10
ubottuanonymos: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:10
qwebirc13600looking for ubuntu help for a n00bie10:12
john__hi, I installed gedit amd64 and need to deinstall it, but dkpg -r  and apt-get remove do not work10:13
john__anybody an idea10:13
wildwindjohn__: what do apt-get say?10:14
piglethi there10:15
pigletanyone using NFSv4+idmapd+LDAP ? I would like to check something10:15
john__wildwind, I installed in manually via dpkg force10:15
ania_qwebirc13600, hi are u there?10:15
john__wildwind, so apt-get says it is not installed10:15
wildwindok what dpkg says10:16
alisasbinary file?10:16
john__wildwind, it says gedit:amd6410:16
ania_qwebirc13600, what to you see desktop? in top right corner should be icon of wifi manager10:16
john__wildwind, dpkg --remove gedit:amd64 ... does not work10:17
almoxarifejohn__: is your system a 64bit system? with a 64bit buntu?10:18
john__almoxarife, nope, thats the problem10:18
wildwindjohn__: try dpkg --audit10:18
john__wildwind, ok says need to configure it... but configure does not work10:20
almoxarifejohn__: did you already have gedit installed? 32bit?10:21
wildwindtry dpkg --purge10:21
john__almoxarife, yes before10:21
john__wildc4rd, dpkg --purge what?10:22
CasWHey guys, I've set my computer to AHCI and back to IDE, and now Ubuntu won't start anymore, all I see is a blank screen with a cursor.10:22
almoxarifejohn__: does gedit run?10:22
john__almoxarife, no10:22
almoxarifejohn__: sudo dpkg --purge gedit <-- anything happen?10:23
john__almoxarife, it says that gedit is not installed10:24
almoxarifejohn__: when you forced the install, did alot of 64bit libs get installed with gedit?10:25
tripelbanyone with experience with Ubuntu on Nexus 7?10:25
john__almoxarife, cant say really10:26
almoxarifetripelb: yeap, on android anyway10:26
almoxarifejohn__: does 'sudo apt-get update ' finish error free?10:27
wildwindjohn__: pastebin dpkg --audit10:28
tripelbalmoxarife: you have one?  I ordered.  might come as early as Monday.10:28
almoxarifetripelb: ? have what?10:28
tripelbI will need to make love jump from for L which I have on my phone to jelly bean. What joy!10:28
john__wildwind, http://pastebin.com/PqejdmwG10:28
john__almoxarife, yes it does10:29
tripelbs/for L/Froyo/10:29
tripelbalmoxarife: I asked about nexus (oops,  forgot the 7) and Ubuntu on nexus.10:30
wildwindjohn__: dpkg --purge gedit:amd64; pastebin if any arrors10:31
almoxarifejohn__: is the executable gedit sitting in /usr/bin ?10:31
tripelbsorry re voicetype error10:31
john__wildwind, http://pastebin.com/zQLeFvmD10:32
almoxarifetripelb: i dont have a nexus, i have a rooted KF with lxde-buntu installed10:32
john__almoxarife,  yes10:32
gccsterguys when i use 75hz in my monitor settings in ubuntu my display has wrong horizontal position and can't be fixed by monitor menu can anybody help?10:33
tripelbI will will need to make the jump from Froyo, which I have on my phone, to jelly bean on the new Nexus 7. What joy!10:33
gccsteris there any command for .config/monitor.xml to give it horizontal position like -20?10:34
tripelbalmoxarife: oh.  that's cool.  But different. is that a phone? --- after I check out my Nexus  7, then I will root it and install Ubuntu. I wanted to know about switching back. Or switching back and forth.10:36
almoxarifetripelb: you need to head to #android-root :)10:36
john__I guess reinstall complete os ``10:40
almoxarifejohn__: here's a thought, install gedit via 'sudo apt-get install gedit' , apt does not know it is there, first rename gedit in /usr/bin to something else, gedit.bak , see what that does10:40
almoxarifejohn__: re-install? if you did the same with alot of other apps then maybe, but the issue is only gedit? correct?10:41
almoxarifeunless the install is fresh, then have at it john__...10:42
john__almoxarife, I tried to rename it and install it, it does not work, it stops because of gedit error10:42
john__almoxarife, well, not really, and yes, it is only this problem :x10:43
almoxarifejohn__: you tried to re-install a 64bit app or just plain 'gedit'?10:43
=== anon is now known as Guest25331
john__almoxarife, I tried to install gedit via apt-get10:44
Guest25331Is it possible to have programs, that can only be run from the shell, autostart?10:44
Guest25331I mean all in one shell?10:44
john__almoxarife, http://pastebin.com/7MBmErHe10:44
llutzjohn__: apt-file search gedit |awk '/^gedit:/ { print $2 }' | xargs rm10:44
llutzjohn__: you still will have to get gedit out of the broken dpkg database (just an ugly way as an idea)10:45
almoxarifejohn__: the 64bit deb is here >/var/cache/apt/archives/10:46
alinmearhi all! i am currently playing with gnome 3 and have the following issue; when i gonna press the super button the start menu appears but there is still no background image; any advice? thx!10:48
john__llutz, ok I tried, all is "no such file or directory"10:49
john__almoxarife, not sure what you mean?10:49
almoxarifejohn__: the 64bit deb is here >/var/cache/apt/archives/ <-- the deb file is located at that location, delete it,10:50
Guest25331How can I auto start programs after logging into Ubuntu. Cron starts programs on a specified schedule but I want certain programs to always start after logging into Ubuntu. Is that possible?10:50
john__almoxarife, no it is not there10:51
MadsRCAnybody know how to check which processes keeps a drive from spinning down?10:51
CasWHey guys, I've set my computer to AHCI and back to IDE and now Ubuntu won't boot anymore, all I see is a blank screen with a cursor, could you help me fix it?10:52
almoxarifejohn__: right, thats the 32bit10:52
john__Guest25331, you can add in Session and Startup in ubuntu10:53
almoxarifejohn__: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you knowingly try that install? just curious10:54
john__almoxarife, I tried to remove zeitgeist and reinstall gedit without zeitgeist10:54
Guest25331john__, is there a way to do this over the shell?10:54
john__almoxarife, and just did not remember that I had i386 on this laptop...10:54
john__Guest25331, to add the autostart? I dont know how10:55
almoxarifejohn__: rule of thumb, dont use the extentions, there is a way to clean this up, question is what do you have to lose from a fresh install?10:55
Guest25331john__, yes to start programs automatically after logging in10:55
john__almoxarife, well, it bothers me just to reinstall because of this. :D10:56
john__maybe there is an good text editor alternative to gedit, with tabs :)10:56
almoxarifejohn__: btw, i thought there was a way to keep zeitgeist from starting rather than removing?10:56
MadsRCjohn__, I'd recommend Sublime Text 210:57
Dandylionhi all, I have a laptop with 2 physical disks, and the main Ubuntu OS is on sdb. I want to replace sda with another physical disk. Can I expect to boot normally afterwards if not preparing something beforehand?10:57
Dandylion(boot as usual into the Ubuntu on sdb, I mean)10:58
john__almoxarife, yes I saw that too, but to late10:58
llutzDandylion: sda holds the MBR, so you will have to reqrite that after changing the disks10:58
Dandylionor might sda/sdb change or something?10:58
Dandylionllutz: ok, can I do that with/from ubuntu?10:59
almoxarifejohn__: well, i do happen to have a vm of ubuntu -32, it would be interesting to try to undo what you have there, if you would like10:59
llutzDandylion: yes, but you will need a live-cd/usb to boot into ubuntu once, when MBR/grub is missing11:00
Dandylionor can I boot into a live USB disk or DVD and fix it from there afterwards?11:00
john__almoxarife, great if you have the time11:00
almoxarifejohn__: but you d/l the gedit?11:00
llutzDandylion: you should be able to rewrite grub from live-cd11:00
Dandylionllutz: yes, I have a live usb stick11:00
john__almoxarife, what do you mean?11:00
almoxarifejohn__: you forced the install via apt-get ?11:01
john__almoxarife, downloaded here http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/amd64/gedit/download11:01
Dandylionok, which terms should I google for to find documentation on how to do that?11:01
llutzDandylion: similar to this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows11:01
john__almoxarife,  and then forced, dpkg --force-all -i gedit_3.6.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb11:01
Dandylionllutz: ah, great, thanks! :-)11:02
john__almoxarife, but before that deinstalled all gedit and all zeitgeist related11:02
almoxarifejohn__: give me a sec. need to get uby-sacrificial lamb up11:02
john__almoxarife, I tried 2 hour to remove it, irc last hope :D11:03
=== matt_ is now known as Guest38396
MaxFrameshello. I've installed Ubuntu with Wubi.  I have a bluetooth Logitech keyboard+mouse combo. When I boot Ubuntu, the keyboard does not work. If I logon with the onscreen keyboard, I find that it's "disconnected"11:04
Guest38396Hey guys, I have a quick question. How do I set my bootloader so that it does not display OS choices in a dualboot environment?11:04
Guest38396Or would only do so by holding shift or some key.11:04
MaxFramesif I try to set it to connected, it does not happen. I have to remove the device and detect it again. that is every time I boot Ubuntu11:05
MaxFramesin windows it works fine11:05
=== Guest38396 is now known as Shinypaper
almoxarifejohn__: i need to create the error first,11:06
BasomisHi. Can anyone help me how to solve this error: "mount: no medium found on /dev/sr0"?11:09
MaxFramesinsert a medium on /dev/sr0 :P11:09
virtual-almoxarijohn__, the link pls11:09
=== Garr255_ is now known as Garr255
BasomisMaxFrames: i did that11:10
MaxFramesBasomis: are you sure the disc is readable?11:11
MaxFramestried another?11:11
=== virtual-almoxari is now known as virt-almoxarife
Basomisyes, tried even empty ones11:11
virt-almoxarifejohn__, the link pls11:12
john__virt-almoxarife,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/amd64/gedit/download11:13
doroty911how to configure xchat to work with Tor11:13
Wiz_KeeDhey guys why does this come up when trying to install qbzr The following packages have unmet dependencies:11:13
Wiz_KeeD qbzr : Depends: python-qt4 but it is not going to be installed    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.11:13
john__virt-almoxarife,  dpkg --force-all -i gedit_3.6.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb11:14
MaxFramesanyone for my bluetooth problem please?11:14
doroty911I keep getting errors11:14
qwebirc18706hi i am having a networking issue - i can't get a wired connection11:14
BlueEagledoroty911: Unless you can specify the errors received it will be near impossible for us to help.11:14
qwebirc18706can anyone help out a beginner11:14
psiryan_Q: I just installed the pulse audio package but am not getting any audio; why?11:15
qwebirc18706fares: do you know what the default network connection page should look like? i haven't played with this server in a year and it looks wrong11:15
qwebirc18706my only commands are auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp11:16
qwebirc18706but im not getting any wired connection11:16
john__qwebirc18706, maybe you try use fixed ips11:17
qwebirc18706ok - how do i do that?11:18
qwebirc18706and thanks john__11:18
john__qwebirc18706, I think it is really easy via the network manager11:18
qwebirc18706there isn't network manager on here because i dont have an internet connection :(11:18
Wiz_KeeDanyone know how to fix those broken packages?11:19
d4rch0nwhos runk11:19
OrbI wish the ipad would not disconnect colliloquy after a few minutes.11:19
d4rch0ndid i not join drunk channel11:20
d4rch0napparently not\11:20
Npcdid you not not join or did you not join11:20
OrbI mean it would be nice I'm saying.11:20
d4rch0nthere is no one there11:20
d4rch0nthat sucks11:20
Npcdoesn't it11:21
d4rch0nwhere ius a good drunk irc11:21
d4rch0ndo irc's get tdrunk11:21
theravenwhen i set single click to open directory in nautilus, i still have to dubble click to open it?11:21
john__virt-almoxarife, you got the error?11:21
d4rch0nsingle click to open directory freaks me out11:21
d4rch0nthat is unnatural11:21
virt-almoxarifejohn__, i download a dir via wget, i dont have a browser, whats the full address to the file?11:22
john__virt-almoxarife, http://ubuntu.cs.nctu.edu.tw/ubuntu//pool/main/g/gedit/gedit_3.6.0-0ubuntu1_i386.deb11:23
psiryan_Is there something I need to configure for audio support in E17?11:23
=== __- is now known as weldan
theravenso my question is why doesnt it apply when i make that setting to open directory with single click?11:24
virt-almoxarifejohn__, thats a 32bit deb11:24
alfameqheath: hey11:24
john__virt-almoxarife, you are right, 1 sec11:24
d4rch0nls -al11:24
john__virt-almoxarife, http://ubuntu.pesat.net.id/archive//pool/main/g/gedit/gedit_3.6.0-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb11:24
d4rch0npj ficl ypoui11:25
d4rch0nwhatsup wtih all mu ubuntu folk tonight11:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:26
d4rch0n.join #ubutnu0offtopic11:27
psiryan_So, I just installed the pulseaudio package from synaptic but I still have no sounds. Help please.11:29
diverdude_is grub v. 1.98 version 1 or 2 of grub?11:29
virt-almoxarifejohn__, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420765/11:30
virt-almoxarifejohn__, thats the damage done11:30
john__virt-almoxarife,  nice11:30
d4rch0ni think you have dependency problems11:32
d4rch0nbut i may be a luttle fuck up11:32
d4rch0nbut it says python11:32
BlueEagle!language > d4rch0n11:33
ubottud4rch0n, please see my private message11:33
john__virt-almoxarife, maybe an idea, to install all dependencies?11:33
=== don is now known as Guest84480
virt-almoxarifejohn__, noooooooooooooo, there is enough installed11:33
john__virt-almoxarife, ok, I tried also already with all installed...11:34
bartzyHow do I open docx documents with Abiword ?11:41
bartzyIt doesn't work11:41
=== acidflash_ is now known as acidflash
kanliotbartzy, there's an online converter if you google it11:43
bartzykanliot: No way to open it through abiword ?11:44
BlueEaglebartzy: Abiword does not have filters for loading docx afaik.11:45
ZuserWhy must it be so hard to find the Ubuntu netinstall ISO?11:47
ZuserActual question: where can I find the ubuntu netinstall iso?11:48
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:48
Zuserdoesn't really help :(11:48
Zuserno I think I found it :)11:49
ZuserThey really should put a link to that ISO on the main download page11:50
lancecoderhello all. how install ati openGL on integrated video hd 4200 ? sorry for my broken english11:51
kanliotlancecoder, use 12.0411:52
virt-almoxarifejohn__, just realized something, i never had gedit installed to begin with, this is xfce, was gedit already installed on yours?11:52
john__virt-almoxarife, I have also xfce11:52
john__virt-almoxarife, I think it was already installed11:52
lancecoder kanliot: i have 12.1011:52
kanliotlancecoder, i know11:53
virt-almoxarifejohn__, i removed gedit from /usr/bin11:53
lancecoderkanliot:  on 12.10 not really?11:53
virt-almoxarifejohn__, i dont have gedit showing in /var/cache/apt11:53
lancecoderi install and broken work table, all icons hiddens11:54
john__virt-almoxarife, hmm11:54
john__virt-almoxarife, just rm?11:54
john__virt-almoxarife, what about dkpg?11:54
virt-almoxarifejohn__, rm yeah11:54
john__virt-almoxarife, well I renamed it... does not help11:55
virt-almoxarifejohn__, dpkg audit sees same error11:55
john__virt-almoxarife, ok well...11:55
virt-almoxarifejohn__, the error is now in 'file associations' and dpkg database, synaptic does not see it11:56
john__virt-almoxarife, yes, synaptic does not show any files related to  that 64bit version here too11:56
virt-almoxarifejohn__, the editor for xfce is ?? leafpad?11:57
winbAny icc (chess) players here? What program do you use to connect to chessclub.com?11:57
virt-almoxarifejohn__, yeah, leafpad11:57
FarkieHey, got a question but I think it's sort of OVH specific... How can I add a second ethernet adapter with a seperate static IP to a ESXI VPS? The "hardware" is there, but it won't route any traffic over it. I have the correct ethernet adapter setup using the correct network card. It's just config that's wrong, I believe11:57
FarkieI'm not used to the whole debian networking, i'm a RH guy :D11:59
john__virt-almoxarife, leafepad does not have tabs :x11:59
virt-almoxarifejohn__, tried scite?12:00
john__virt-almoxarife, yeah I looked already into it... but more as a last resort, I am happy with gedit12:00
bandai'm trying to upgrade (sudo apt-get upgrade) and 14 packages are being held back: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1420806/, i'm wondering why with apt they're being held back12:01
shallwehi guys, i have intel i5 with hd 3000 using hdmi cable, but no sound12:01
shallwesome help please?12:01
shallweubuntu 12.1012:01
lancecoder shallwe: also12:01
qqqtabHi ubuntu wants to suspend to S1 instead of S3 - how can I fix this ?12:02
bandathough with the gui update manager they're ready to install12:02
andi3hi, how to restart graphics?, my pc sometimes boot to text console.12:02
qqqtabbanda:  service lightdm restart12:03
andi3banda: I tried, I get a background image but nothing more after calling startx12:03
qqqtabcan anyone help me with my suspend problem ? Or give me ideas ?12:03
MadsRCIs it possible to find out what processes keeps my disks from spinning down?12:04
andi3qqqtab: it works, many thanks!12:04
qqqtabMadsRC: yes - man lsof12:04
rnixhi #ubuntu. any idea whether i can show / hide onboard keyboard from a python script using some python bindings rather than using popen?12:04
Abhijitqqqtab, whats the issue12:04
MadsRCqqqtab, does that also show if a daemon is using a disk?12:04
andi3qqqtab: shold I report bug? I have dmesg and Xorg log12:05
john__virt-almoxarife, so you are out of ideas too?12:05
andi3looks like some sort of timing is going on, my setup is I5 with ssd.12:05
qqqtabAbhijit: when trying to suspend to ram eg echo mem > /sys/power/state .... from the logs I see it going to S1 instead of S3 and therefore all the fans are still spinning12:06
Abhijitoh that suspend. no idea qqqtab12:06
rnixah, cat /usr/bin/onboard -> already a python script, sry for the noise12:07
virt-almoxarifejohn__, tried installing gedit via apt-get, crashed12:07
qqqtabAbhijit: no worries thanks for trying :) Anyone else ?12:07
qqqtabMadsRC: If you're too lazy to do that install iotop12:08
MadsRCqqqtab, well, I'm sifting through lsof right now :P12:08
qqqtabGHmmmmmmm why is it that when I come here asking for help I end up helping others - D'Oh12:09
qqqtabMadsRC: Good man ! :)12:09
qqqtabok then ... how do I find out what power states are supported by my kernel ?12:10
qqqtabhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnderstandingSuspend is not helping me :/12:11
troophi, when i try to boot from dvd my monitor goes into power saving mode, i also tried with fedora 17 dvd and was same. i have nvidia9600gt, gigabyte ep35 s3l board and lg flatron w2486l monitor. i was using 10.10 before and it was booting without any flags. whats now?12:11
MadsRCqqqtab, lsof doesn't  show either the mount point /mnt/disk01 or the disk (/dev/sdc) - Got any other idea?12:12
kanliottroop i had that problem12:12
qqqtabMadsRC: I have scripts .... brb let me fetch ;)12:12
troopkanliot its weird. it runs sometime and doesnt run sometime.12:13
MadsRCThanks qqqtab :) - Menawhile, I'm trying iotop12:13
kanliotqqqtab, why don't you just do trial and error see what works12:14
qqqtabMadsRC: yeah iotop will give you the goods but it's always good to know more ... ps do you understand this if [ "$(/sbin/hdparm -C /dev/$HD | grep "drive state" | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ pri nt $1}')" = "standby" ]12:14
mee_hello, in config panel, software source is not loading anymore, it just ask me to send a bug report,  is there a way ton run that interface in command line ? (and see whats going on ?)12:14
LeMikehello. can i somehow switch the windows by console or so? wine does not give a symbol in the shell nor is accessable via alt+tab12:14
=== RobinScherbatsky is now known as shojo
john__virt-almoxarife, I think I will take geany12:15
MadsRCqqqtab, that will output if something if the drive is in stnadby12:15
qqqtabMadsRC: Bingo hdparm -C /dev/sd[a-f] will tell you12:16
qqqtabSomeone help this linux noob suspend to ram pleeeeeeeease12:16
lancecoderhow place pidgin icon to panel (default top in gnome)12:16
MadsRCqqqtab, Already made up a script that uses that command to check if drive state is active or standby, and then mail me the result every 15 minutes (Used it through the night to check if it wouldspin down in the night)12:17
qqqtabMadsRC: I like :) I have one too logging to /var/log is iotop helping you much ?12:18
qqqtabMadsRC: iotop -oPa12:18
john__virt-almoxarife, thanks for trying. I checked geany editor and it feels even better than gedit ;)12:18
virt-almoxarifejohn__, cool, everything that is suppose to force purge does not12:18
MadsRCMine logs to /var/log too :) Want a sample? - iotop o-Pa doesn't tell me anything :(12:18
darkbyte.join #archlinux12:19
* darkbyte fails12:19
qqqtabMadsRC: :) Hmmmm  iotop -oPa should work..... ps are you sure that your drives are set up for suspend ?12:20
BuPy7You are gavno!12:20
lancecoderBuPy7: herase12:20
qqqtabMadsRC: /sbin/hdparm -S 12 /dev/disk/by-id/ata.... etc etc /sbin/hdparm -S 180 etc etc12:21
BuPy7I here not one?12:21
MadsRCqqqtab, Yes, it worked a couple of days ago, then i set up deluge as a daemon telling it to download to that drive, and now it won't spin down anymore... I then tried to stop deluge-daemon but that still didn't allow me to spin it down... (I'm not 100% sure it's the deluge-daemon that is the problem)12:21
AnkitI need help with installation12:22
MadsRCqqqtab, I tried hdparm -S 1 /dev/disk before, didn't spin it down :( But lemme try again :)12:22
Ankit I dont know how to the output of installation, this is my first time installing ubuntu. Searched the help database , the method did not work. Made USB, Installed, set nomodset as screen was going blank during installation, net connected, installed with updates, installation finishes, system reboots, I hear the 3 drum sound, screen goes blank, I hold the power button for reboot, there is a flash of ubuntu desktop before the system swit12:22
qqqtabMadsRC: deluge could be using the drive dude. I use torrentflux .... black hole is on the system drive and downloads on the one that needs to sleep. Any active torrent on that drive and it will never sleep so I schedule torrents off during daylight hours12:23
BuPy7Gop-Stop, we come from the corner!12:23
Ankitanyone ?12:24
LeMikeare there some issues with wine since the last ubuntu update these days? my windows no longer appear12:24
Ankit I dont know how to the output of installation, this is my first time installing ubuntu. Searched the help database , the method did not work. Made USB, Installed, set nomodset as screen was going blank during installation, net connected, installed with updates, installation finishes, system reboots, I hear the 3 drum sound, screen goes blank, I hold the power button for reboot, there is a flash of ubuntu desktop before the system swit12:24
ion__hello guys12:24
ion__i am having Root Access problem in ubuntu 12.0412:25
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BuPy7Get Out, pidar!12:25
almoxarifeAnkit: can you reboot again and when you have given it some time, hit control-alt-backspace twice12:25
darkbyteion__, Elaborate.12:25
MadsRCqqqtab, the problem is that deluge isn't installed to the drive... Just points to it for downloading... And the download doesn't work because I'm getting permission errors... That's why i don't think it's deluge12:25
Ankitthanks almoxarife , lemme try this12:26
LeMikeAnkit press ctrl+alt+F7 for the current screen, press crtl+alt+f4 for another one. login with your credentials and run "unity"12:26
BuPy7Here have Russians?12:26
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:27
RaionAnyone there...?12:27
ion__I want to simulate the openFlow network (working on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)  and for that i started working as per given in this link(http://www.openflow.org/wk/index.php/Ubuntu_Install), up to "Installation of Regression Suite" is OK.12:27
ion__Problem is verifying the installation, when i tried to run command "source ~/env_vars" as root is shows me Error "bash: /root/env_vars: No such file or directory". though i have copied that file in the root directory.12:27
ion__Any suggestion??12:27
FloodBot1ion__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:27
ion__sorry for flooding12:28
AnkitNot working12:28
Ankitthe screen is dead blank12:29
almoxarifeion__: that is not root, tilde is your home dir12:29
ion__so wat to do to access the root env_vars?12:29
AnkitThis is just after I installed ubuntu12:29
Ankitshould i install 12.04?12:29
qqqtabMadsRC: exactly having a pointer is more than enough to keep a filehandle open. I have no experience with deluge but I'm sure some process is holding it.... if  lsof | grep 'disk1/yourpath' returns nothing then you have not got disk suspend setup properly ...do a hdparm -I and pastie12:29
almoxarifeAnkit: if you hit cntrl-alt-f1 , takes you to a terminal?12:30
Ankitno, screen is blank12:30
Ankitcant see any menu12:30
tagabaghow to make ubuntu pointer into the middle finger flipping me off while hovering a link?12:30
lancecoderAnkit: ctrl+alt+t12:30
almoxarifeAnkit: re-install12:31
ion__Ankit: any linux flavour have totally 7 terminals....pres ctrl+alt+f1,f2,f3...12:31
qqqtabAnkit: press return12:31
LeMikeagain Ankit: ctrl+alt+f1 does NOT take you to a black screen where you can type?12:31
Ankitthe complete screen is blank, like dead12:31
ion__Ankit: out of them one is for GUI interface12:31
Ankitwhen i hold the power button to reboot12:31
Ankitthe screen flashes for a sec12:31
qqqtabctrl+alt+f1 doesn't work for me either..... then again I am running windows 8 LOL12:32
tagabagwhats the image file for finger pointer12:32
MadsRCqqqtab, http://pastebin.com/SJ0wv7LE12:32
almoxarifeAnkit: its too early in the game to trouble shoot a dead system if you can manage to get a good install, are you hardwired to the internet?12:33
diverdude_Is this a correct way ofd installing grub? 1. create a 20MiB partition. 2. tell this partition it has type grub. 3. use grub-install to install grub.12:34
ion__almoxarife: I have copied env_vars to the root , then i loged in to root on terminal and then i wrote "source ~/env_vars", but i shows No such file or directory12:35
ion__so whats the solution for this12:35
almoxarifesource (~)/env_vars <--- that is your home dir, (~)=/home , ion__...12:36
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LeMikeAnkit: also try 12.04, perhaps you argue with new nvidia issues in 12.1012:37
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ion__almoxarife: then whats the command to copy "env_vars" to the root from home directory?12:38
LeMikewhy copy? no link needed or allowed? ;)12:39
almoxarifesource (~)/env_vars <--- that is your home dir, (~)=/home , ion__..., seems to me that if you are at root then it would be 'source /root/env_vars'12:39
qqqtabMadsRC: looking at my script I've also got a hdparm -y /dev/sdb12:39
MadsRCqqqtab, doing that works, forces the drive into standby12:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:41
almoxarifeion__: what filemanager do you use?12:41
ion__almoxarife:ion@ion-Studio-1450:~$ su12:41
ion__root@ion-Studio-1450:/home/ion# source ~/env_vars12:41
ion__bash: /root/env_vars: No such file or directory12:41
FloodBot1ion__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:41
qqqtabMadsRC: care to help me with me suspend problem then ? LOL12:41
MadsRCqqqtab, but wierd thing is, one of the drives, the one I pasted, is a drive used only for parity... and is ONLY accessed 2 times a day... So should spindown with no problem...12:41
peterrusyou might have more succes in ubuntu-server with these questions12:42
peterrusas raid is rarely used on a desktop12:42
almoxarifeion__: what filemanager do you use?12:42
qqqtabMadsRC: You're playing with fire if you're doing with an array :p12:42
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interali0sHas anyone managed to configure chrome and Tor in Ubuntu?12:43
ion__almoxrife:  i used "cp <openflow-dir>/regress/scripts/env_vars  ." this command12:43
MadsRCqqqtab, No array :) Nothing RAID or anything, using snapRAID :) - Guess I better email rubylaser about it... - What is the problem with suspend?12:43
ion__almoxrife: what does thsi "." means here12:43
guest-76qmehI'm having a issue after installing latest nvidia driver (310.19) The driver seems to be working just fine, but I cannot login on my main account, it bounces back to lightdm after hitting log in12:44
almoxarifeion__: what filemanager do you use?12:44
ion__i didnt use any filemanager..12:44
almoxarifeion__: what filemanager do you use?12:44
almoxarifeion__: are you on a server?12:45
ion__i have midnight commander installed on my system12:46
qqqtabMadsRC: It's probably an issue where Ubuntu thinks it can only suspend to disk instead of memory... It's doing my head in ....I'll get there in the end12:46
ion__R u able to get my messages?12:46
almoxarifeion__: doesnt MC copy paste? as root?12:46
yeatsion__: would is the output of 'ls ~/env_vars'?12:46
guest-76qmehIs /etc/X11/xorg.conf loaded on the boot? Do I have to  reboot after changing it?12:46
MadsRCqqqtab, Oh yeah, Ubuntu always had problems with suspend :S Actually never solved it myself, so never used it12:47
ion__root@ion-Studio-1450:/home/ion# ls12:47
ion__Desktop    Downloads  examples.desktop  openflow  Programs  Templates12:47
ion__Documents  env_vars   Music             Pictures  Public    Videos12:47
FloodBot1ion__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:47
mnshow do I find out how fast the fan on the laptop is going, and why ?  and how can I control that ?12:47
yeats!paste | ion__12:47
ubottuion__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:47
qqqtabMadsRC: all the best ... cya later.... I'm out of here12:48
yeatsion__: that's not the same thing as 'ls ~/env_vars' - looks like you're logged in as root, so ~/ would be /root12:49
ion__R u able to read my messgae Almoxarife12:49
almoxarifeion__: i have no clue what you are doing, neither do you it seems and i cant help you12:50
davHi, i upgraded to quantal and then removed all the packages from ubuntu-desktop that aren't on xubuntu-desktop. now lightdm won't start on boot12:50
davI tried sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults -g lightdm-gtk-greeter and /etc/X11/default-display-manager contains /usr/sbin/lightdm12:50
davI reinstalled/reconfigured lightdm, nothing seems to do it. Any ideas?12:50
yeatsion__: what is the output of 'whoami'?12:51
BluesKajHI folks12:51
ion__hmmmm.....thanks almoxarife ....let me try i myself...thank a lot.12:51
almoxarifedav: did you re-install lightdm yet?12:51
davalmoxarife: yes: "I reinstalled/reconfigured lightdm, nothing seems to do it"12:52
almoxarifedav: what were you wanting to install as a desktop?12:53
mnsdav why not try re-instaling xubuntu-desktop ?  maybe there is something there that you've removed which it needs ?12:53
Pelomorning folks12:53
almoxarifedav: what mns... said12:53
Ankitalmoxarife , thanks...downloaded 12.04 to see if it works .... installing now, I am connected via WiFi, also, how do I reply to you here ? simply type your name here and you will get the beep ?12:54
almoxarifeAnkit: yeap :)12:54
almoxarifeAnkit: thnks for what?12:54
Ankitso my previous post had that beep ?12:54
Peloyesterday I installed ubuntu 12.04 on my brother's computer , runing Gnome classic mode, and I was surprised to see he has a menu for wine , I don'T have this on mine , but I'm working from a heavily personalised very old original install, how would I get that menu ? uninstalling and reinstalling wine didn'T do it12:55
Ankitwell, for hearing me out.. and reinstalling now12:55
almoxarifeAnkit: only if my nick is included :)12:55
davmns / almoxarife: odd.. thought apt-get install xubuntu-desktop was happy. now it's installing packages. let's see.. thanks!12:55
Ankitso i'll have to type it everytime .. no keyboard shortcuts ?12:55
davwait a second.. why is xubuntu-desktop installing unity?!12:55
almoxarifedav: there you go, you over purged12:56
PeloAnkit, first few letters and then tab12:56
=== webfox_ is now known as webfox
lancecoderstop this haos12:56
Ankitalmoxarife: lala ... thanks !12:56
Ankitalmoxarife: lemme update you after a while12:56
almoxarifeAnkit: almo<tab> :)\12:57
almoxarifeunity on xfce?12:57
davdavid(pts/1)@crusher:~$ sudo apt-get -s install xubuntu-desktop | grep ^Inst.*unity' ('12:58
davInst unity (6.10.0-0ubuntu2 Ubuntu:12.10/quantal-updates [i386])12:58
davhow do you guys explain that?12:58
davI have another machine which has xubuntu-desktop but doesn't have unity..12:59
almoxarifedav: its a miracle12:59
FalconXCan anyone help me with making shared WINEPREFIX on Ubuntu ?12:59
dav--no-install-recommends seems to do it..12:59
Paul_is it possible to have a file browser and text editor launch with root access without having to use the terminal so that i can for example go into every single directory and have root access and be able to right click on any file and edit it12:59
almoxarifePaul_: alt-f2 , type , gksu <somebrowser>13:00
Ankitalmoxarife: I think there is some issue with my displayt13:01
ion__paul_ : install main menu <apt-get install mainmenu> if you want everytime to launch it with root access13:01
Ankitalmoxarife: inserted the fresh ubuntu 12.04 bootable pen drive13:01
blamihi I am hitting weird problem with lightdm13:01
davblami: you too ? :)13:01
ion__and edit the properties ..and write "gksudo" in command leaving the written text as it is13:02
Ankitalmoxarife: chose install unbuntu on this hard disk, and the things started13:02
blamisometimes system boots I see cursor for a while and then it reverts back to console, I have to restart the service 3-4 times to login13:02
Ankitalmoxarife: then screen goes dead13:02
blamidav: is it known bug?13:03
almoxarifeAnkit: during install?13:03
Ankitalmoxarife: yes13:03
ion__Ankit : partitioning the HDD?13:03
lancecoderadvise player where sound control with mouse wheel13:04
Ankitalmoxarife: for 12.10 i used nomodset and atleat it installed ... then after first boot ... all goes blank13:04
lancecodervlc not work (((13:04
ion__Ankit : r u doing this in "text mode installation" or  "GUI installation".13:04
Ankitalmoxarife: yes ... it was windows earlier, C: and D:13:04
Ankition__: gui13:04
davblami: not sure.. the problem I have is different.13:04
blamidav: ah13:04
blamidav: anyway i have a little bit weird installation so maybe I caused this one13:05
davblami: I fixed mine by reinstalling the pkg :) you might want to try..13:05
blamidav: good idea13:05
ion__ankit : do one thing...empty one partition , i mean if you have windows on C : then empty the D: partition, boot the CD and make partition out of the D: drive13:06
=== Guest82947 is now known as Phryq
Ankition__:  how do i do that, a headstart ?13:07
almoxarifeAnkit: do you have hardwire internet?13:08
ion__Start the GUI installation...when then Partition dialouge appear let me know13:08
Ankitalmoxarife: wifi13:08
ion__let the C: parttion as it is13:08
ion__and delete the D: partition so that it show the "freespace " the size of D: partion13:09
ion__are you able yo get my message ..:Ankit ?13:11
almoxarifeAnkit: you already have the iso, so all you need is wubi exe for a wubi install, using that setup you might figure out what the issues are that are hammering your install,13:11
Ankitalmoxarife: too late for that ... windows is gone now13:12
almoxarifeAnkit: ohh13:12
Ankition__: yes... the 12.04 setup doesnot have nomodset option ... still blank screen13:12
almoxarifeAnkit: can you get yourself to a wired internet connection? try the mini.iso install, its actually more complete13:13
Ankition__: should i remove the hdd and format it using my desktop13:13
ion__ok ok13:13
Ankitmini.iso ?13:13
ion__so do one thing...13:13
Ankitalmoxarife: mini.iso ?13:13
ion__delete all the partiton13:14
Ankitalmoxarife: I can do that ... what needs to be done ?13:14
almoxarifeAnkit: yes, its a network install13:14
tozenAnkit: I can suggest you alternate version to try...13:14
almoxarifeAnkit: same as what you have done, mini.iso to a stick and install13:14
ion__Ankit : whats your pc configuration13:15
Ankition__:  intel core 2 duo t6600 , 3 gb ram, 320 hdd13:15
ion__ok...jus jus delete all the partation..13:16
ion__and then create new partition13:16
almoxarifeAnkit: and if you do decide on the mini.iso install, do yourself a favor, when the option to create a /home partion comes up, do so13:16
ion__\home parttion of larger size13:17
ion__swap parttion size double your ram sizre13:17
enapupeHi, I just installed the latest nvidia (current-updates 310.19) and now I can't login to my account.. it seems that lightdm fails to start13:17
almoxarife /home!13:17
ion__and a one root mount point "/"13:18
jeremiah_I can't update ubuntu 12.04, and i need help!13:18
ion__jus make partition in this way and proceed with install...13:18
jeremiah_Every time i  try to update i get this error:13:19
jeremiah_The installation could have failed because of an error in the corresponding software package or it was cancelled in an unfriendly way. You have to repair this before you can install or remove any further software.13:19
tozenjeremiah_: what for do you need to update stable version?13:19
jeremiah_tozen,  ?13:19
tozenjeremiah_: r u trying to get 12.10?13:20
jeremiah_tozen,  no, i am just doing the normal updates13:21
almoxarifejeremiah_: what command did you run to get that error?13:21
jeremiah_i didn't use command prompts13:21
jeremiah_i just clicked on the install updates13:21
jeremiah_and it gave me that error13:21
jeremiah_the details were E:Method  has died unexpectedly!, E:Sub-process  returned an error code (100), E:Method /usr/lib/apt/methods/ did not start correctly13:22
tozenjeremiah_: try terminal command sudo apt-get update13:22
ion__hey ankit r u der13:23
Ankitalmoxarife: i have reformatted the disk using my desktop, trying a fresh install13:23
Ankition__: i have reformatted the disk using my desktop, trying a fresh install13:23
Ankitalmoxarife: what do you suggest 1210 or 12.04 ?13:23
almoxarifeAnkit: how is a reformat going to make a diff?13:23
jeremiah_tozen,  http://pastebin.com/iT6DCp7713:23
ion__it has long term support13:24
almoxarifeAnkit: 12.0413:24
Ankitalmoxarife: windows partition , so i thought13:24
almoxarifeAnkit: you said you tossed win13:24
=== __- is now known as weldan
Ankitalmoxarife: yes but doing it the hard way.. i tossed it when ubuntu was installing...13:25
almoxarifejeremiah_: the repos are not responding13:25
ion__you can have gone for dual boot13:25
jeremiah_almoxarife,  what does that mean?13:25
Ankitalmoxarife: so i can upgrade to 12.10 from 12.04 ... and hopefully the system would have updated so that i dont get the blank screen ?13:26
ion__jermiah: which version of ubuntu ur using?13:26
almoxarifejeremiah_: pick another server, try 'main' , the 'ca' servers are dead13:26
jeremiah_how do i do that?13:26
almoxarifejeremiah_: via synaptic?13:26
tozenjeremiah_: u nee to change servers13:27
jeremiah_on ubuntu forums, someone told me they are dead to, just never told me how13:27
ion__do as almoxarife say...jeremiah13:27
tozenjeremiah_: Update Manager settings13:27
jeremiah_so i go to synaptic, then what?13:27
almoxarifeAnkit: yes, you can update, 12.04 is nice and stable now13:27
brady2600when i start up , i use ubuntu 12.10 and Gnome 3.6 , i see the default ubuntu desktop picture, before it loads my desktop pic.. is there some way to change that so i just see a plain black as my system loads?13:28
ion__https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline/Repository : jermiah13:28
jeremiah_i tried updating in synaptic, this is the error:13:28
jeremiah_E: Method  has died unexpectedly!13:28
jeremiah_E: Sub-process  returned an error code (100)13:28
jeremiah_E: Method /usr/lib/apt/methods/ did not start correctly13:28
jeremiah_E: Unable to lock the download directory13:28
Ankitalmoxarife: ok, i'm on the boot screen .. it says : run ubuntu from this usb ... install .. etc etc ... so I choose Install ubuntu on hard disk... right ?13:28
ion__hmm...carry on ankit13:29
almoxarifeAnkit: are you using mini.iso?13:29
jeremiah_i can't install or update anything13:29
kafsonhello world !13:29
tozenjeremiah_: did u tried to change server in synaptic?13:29
Ankition__:  loader screen up .... things processing ... and there the screen goes blank13:29
kafsonwtf ?13:30
almoxarifeAnkit: are you using mini.iso?13:30
Ankitalmoxarife:  no .. 12.0413:30
ion__mini.iso means...700MB ISO13:30
tozenjeremiah_:Settings - Repositories-Download from13:30
almoxarifekafson: watch your mouth, there are kiddies here13:30
Ankition__: almoxarife silly me ... yes13:30
kafsonscuse me guys13:30
Ankitits a 700 mb installation13:30
almoxarifeAnkit: no, mini.iso is like 20meg13:31
jeremiah_which one do i pick?13:31
Ankitalmoxarife: then no ... where can i get that ?13:31
almoxarifejeremiah_: 'main'13:31
ion__20meg??...didnt get you ?13:31
tozenjeremiah_: main13:31
almoxarifeAnkit: from the web, alternate sources at ubuntu13:31
jeremiah_i still get13:32
Doxinwhat's 12.04 called again?13:32
jeremiah_E: Method  has died unexpectedly!13:32
jeremiah_E: Sub-process  returned an error code (100)13:32
jeremiah_E: Method /usr/lib/apt/methods/ did not start correctly13:32
jeremiah_E: Unable to lock the download directory13:32
almoxarifeAnkit: but you would need to be harwired to use mini.iso13:32
kafsonlook your log in /var13:32
Ankityes ... i am hardwired almoxarife13:32
jeremiah_it works!!!!13:32
ion__oohh....let me guess.....almoxarife is talking about online installation ?13:32
Ankitalmoxarife: lemme find this mini thing13:32
jeremiah_Thanks guys!13:32
almoxarifeAnkit: then use mini.iso for the love of god mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn13:33
kafsonyou're welcome jeremiah13:33
tozenjeremiah_: u r welcome13:33
yeats!mini | Ankit13:33
ubottuAnkit: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:33
jeremiah_I appreciate your help!13:33
almoxarifeion__: its a network install , yes13:33
jeremiah_now, to update 200 mb of stuff....13:33
almoxarifejeremiah_: the 'ca' servers may comeup or not, canadians you know13:34
ion__hmmm....then how does it differ from the offline installation...infact it will  consume much time copared to offline installation13:34
yeatsion__: depends on your bandwidth13:34
jeremiah_maple syrup must have spilled on it...13:34
ion__Ankit : dude...jus check you internet speed first..13:34
jeremiah_anyway. thanks for the help!13:35
jeremiah_have a good day13:35
almoxarifeion__: mini.iso is a more complete install, its like the old 'alternate' disk install13:35
Ankition__: getting bout 1mbps13:35
almoxarifeAnkit: thats good d/l, imagine the 56k days13:36
ion__Ankit : hmmmm....u can try13:36
voldymanguys i want to write a new lockscreen for ubuntu but cant find any prior project/reference . any help??13:36
Ankitalmoxarife: hhaha13:36
Ankitalmoxarife: can i do this mini.iso on a pendrive ?13:36
almoxarifeAnkit: yes13:37
Ankitalmoxarife: using that universal usb installer13:37
ion__Prerequisite seems unavailable13:37
Ankitalmoxarife: or just extract and copy all on a pen drive13:37
almoxarifeAnkit: no, it needs to be put on the stick same as the other isos13:37
Ankitalmoxarife: that tool on the ubuntu website doesnt recognize this mini.iso......so many roadblocks13:38
almoxarifeAnkit: wait one13:38
blamivoldyman: lockscreen as-in gnome-screensaver?13:39
blamivoldyman: or lightdm greater?13:39
almoxarifeAnkit: this site, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:39
blamivoldyman: lightdm greeter i meant ...13:39
voldymanblami, as in, when we close the laptop lid and open it there is a lockscreen. different from the greeter13:39
voldymani want to customize that lockscreen13:40
almoxarifeAnkit: 32 or 64 bit?13:40
Ankitalmoxarife: 3213:40
blamivoldyman: that is afaik gnome-screensaver13:40
almoxarifeAnkit: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso13:40
Ankitalmoxarife: yes, i read this, it doesnt have a usb burn option13:40
almoxarifeAnkit: that should start the d/l13:41
blamivoldyman: i think it would be nice if that functionality could be handled in lightdm as well ... afaik fedora is doing similar thing with gdm13:41
Ankitalmoxarife: already done13:41
=== andrea is now known as Guest74414
Ankitalmoxarife: now i need that on a pen drive13:41
voldymanblami, i tried reading its source code(gnome-screensaver). i am unable to find the mechanism by which its activated.13:41
almoxarifeAnkit: or a cd/dvd13:41
almoxarifeAnkit: same as the other iso's you created cd or usb from13:42
voldymanblami, there is so little documentation. its like gnome-screensaver can only do it.13:43
almoxarifevoldyman: if anyone is avail at #ubuntu-dev , they would have the answers you are looking for perhaps13:43
voldymani can activate that lockscreen using dbus org.gnome.screeensaver.lock() but dont know how to register myself to receive that call13:43
voldymanalmoxarife, its empty :(13:44
blamivoldyman: its #ubuntu-devel13:44
blamivoldyman: you'd better to hack on top of gnome-screensaver or read its code13:45
voldymanthanks blami13:45
blamivoldyman: its common practice in gnome that code is unreadable and poorly documented13:45
almoxarifeoops sorry voldyman...13:45
voldymanalmoxarife, np13:45
blamivoldyman: having some api reference is luxury in gnome project ;)13:45
voldymanblami, i have been working with vala for sometime and you are 100% correct. documentation is "almost" nonexistent13:46
voldymanexcept valadoc of course13:47
dajxdany idea why an ubuntu live cd won't allow me to wipe the internal drive because the CD is mounted?13:49
Ankitalmoxarife: desktop reboot13:50
Ankitalmoxarife: burning disk now13:50
tagabagdajxd whatbuttons did you press13:50
tagabagdid you use partitioner?13:51
tagabagon the cd13:51
dajxdi'm in gparted13:51
tagabagis it ubuntu cd??13:51
dajxdubuntu studio, it's treating the cd like a partition on the hard drive?13:51
dajxdit's kind of a secondary problem, i'm trying to figure out why the installer crashes as soon as it begins and i'm trying to give it a clean slate.13:53
Ankitalmoxarife: disc in place..hard wired .. booting13:54
almoxarifeAnkit: cool13:54
Ankitalmoxarife: unknown file system     grub resvue13:55
Doxingdebi is giving me "Dependency is not satisfiable: zenity (>= 3.4.0-0ubuntu4)" whilst zenity _is_ installed. is there some way to make it ignore this deb?13:55
Ankitalmoxarife: rescue13:55
bekksDoxin: So which version of zenity is installed currently?13:55
Doxinbekks: how do I find out?13:56
almoxarifeAnkit: the iso was not made bootable or crashed while burning13:56
bekksDoxin: dpkg -l zenity13:56
Doxinbekks: 3.4.0-0ubuntu213:57
Doxinbekks: so it's not the newest13:57
bekksDoxin: Which Ubuntu do you use?13:58
Ankitalmoxarife: win7 instructions, right click ... burn disk , verify check ... anything else ?13:58
Doxinbekks: it's 12.4 in a chroot.13:58
disharmonicAnyone know if purchases through Ubuntu Music get added to your 7digital account if you already have one?13:59
almoxarifeAnkit: i guess, i dont have win, same process used to create bootcd like last ones you made?13:59
nrdbwhere would I ask about network routing troubles?13:59
bekksDoxin: Then get the latest updates :)13:59
Doxinbekks: I did.13:59
Doxinhence being confuddled13:59
disharmonicAnkit, never used the integrated windows burner, but yes that should be it14:00
bekksDoxin: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise-updates/zenity14:00
Ankitalmoxarife: yes, i followed the instuctions online ... last ones i made on a usb14:00
=== voldyman_ is now known as voldyman
almoxarifeAnkit: were you using usb prior or cd?14:00
whatwhatwill my pc get hacked14:01
Doxinbekks: so what could cause me not getting that update?14:01
whatwhatif i don' upgrade14:01
almoxarifewhatwhat: no14:01
Ankitalmoxarife: usb ... but now CD14:01
bekksDoxin: Please pastebin the output of sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade14:02
Doxinbekks: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/28297/ is upgrade14:02
Doxinlemme pastebin update14:02
bekksDoxin: First run the update THEN run the upgrade AFTER it.14:02
almoxarifeAnkit: use the method that created a viable booting media the most times14:02
Doxinbekks: I did.14:02
Doxinbekks: multiple times.14:02
Doxinbekks: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/28298/14:03
Doxinbekks: did that, then upgrade,14:03
Doxinstill nothing14:03
Doxinbekks: besides, I installed the system today, so it should already be at the newest version14:04
bekksDoxin: No.14:04
Doxinwhat no?14:04
bekksAs you can see, you are not hitting the precise-updates repository.14:04
Doxinbekks: why not?14:04
bekksThat why you dont have the latest updates.14:04
almoxarifeDoxin: precise is 12.04, lts,14:05
Doxinalmoxarife: yes.14:05
bekksDoxin: Because you did not enable it in the repository lists until now.14:05
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)14:05
Doxinbekks: http://paste.pound-python.org/show/28299/ is my sources.lst14:05
bekksalmoxarife: What do you want to tell us? :)14:05
Doxinalmoxarife: bananas grow on a shrub that looks like a tree. so what?14:06
almoxarifebekks: just did, :) tell you that is14:06
bekksDoxin: As you can see, no precise-updates...14:06
Ankitalmoxarife: for ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10, 700mb installs have a usb method ... couldnt find for mini, only cd burning option was there, burnt CD , now grub rescue prompt14:06
Doxinbekks: so what do I add?14:06
bekksDoxin: I'd enable the repos needed/wanted in synaptic14:06
Doxinbekks: I don't have synaptic14:07
Doxinbekks: keep in mind I've installed it a bit oddly14:07
almoxarifeAnkit: the burn method for the mini is exactly the same as 12.04 or 12.10, other than picking 'mini.iso' rather than xxxxxxx.iso14:07
bekksDoxin: Then install it :)14:07
cjaecant the startup disk creator make a dos environment on usb stick, I have a win98.iso but I cannot select it14:08
* cfhowlett win98? 14:09
disharmonicAnyone know if purchases through Ubuntu Music get added to your 7digital account if you already have one?14:09
almoxarifei prefer windows for workgroups myself14:09
Doxinbekks: right, got synaptic, now what?14:09
loopAndAhalfguys, I need to access a retarded site that _REQUIRES_  Internet explorer. What do you suggest that I do? Any workarounds?14:10
almoxarifeloopAndAhalf: whats the link?14:10
Doxinbekks: doing settings->repositories only reloads the package list.14:10
mazda01when I click to install RC Mini Racer a dialog pops up that states it will use xdg-open apt://decane-rcminiracers but it just opens a new chrome browser window with nothing in it14:10
loopAndAhalfalmoxarife: It's not linkable.. screenie okay?14:11
cfhowlettloopAndAhalf: iirc IE6 can run in wine.  Check the wine database14:11
almoxarifescreenie? new word14:11
Doxinbekks: the problem is that I dont have the default package sources list.14:11
loopAndAhalfalmoxarife: Screenie is short for Screenshot.14:11
mazda01i am using Mint 14 which the ubuntu software center doesn't work in.14:11
almoxarifeloopAndAhalf: install wine, install internet explorer?14:11
loopAndAhalfcfhowlett: Tried. didn't work.14:12
iceroot!mint | mazda0114:12
ubottumazda01: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:12
loopAndAhalfalmoxarife: It requires _NEW_ internet explorer.14:12
almoxarifethere are still sites that require windoz only browser? sounds scary14:12
bekksDoxin: Thats no problem, install synaptic, the enable the repos you are missing.14:13
icerootloopAndAhalf: use playonlinux to install IE814:13
Doxinbekks: _how_?14:13
Doxinbekks: not a single button in synaptic opens the repo list.14:13
mazda01when I click to install RC Mini Racer a dialog pops up that states it will use xdg-open apt://decane-rcminiracers but it just opens a new chrome browser window with nothing in it14:13
bekksDoxin: Because it is a menu entry, not a button. :)14:13
icerootmazda01: as i said already, we dont support mint here14:13
Doxinbekks: which one then?14:13
Doxinbekks: settings->repositories?14:13
Doxinbekks: because that doesn't do _anything_14:14
bekksDoxin: Did you start synaptic as root?14:14
Doxinbekks: yes.14:14
mazda01iceroot: i am asking about xdg-open and apt://14:14
Doxinbekks: it refreshes the package list if I click it.14:14
bekksmazda01: But you dont have Ubuntu.14:14
bekksDoxin: What is "it"?14:14
icerootmazda01: as i said already!, we dont support mint here14:15
Doxinbekks: that menu option14:15
icerootmazda01: go to the mint channel to ask for support on your system14:15
FireStormsHey, how can I delete a file of an SD card (not SDHC)? I've even tried with gksudo nautilus and nothing14:15
almoxarifemazda01: chrome is not picking up on having to run apt, do it long hand, sudo apt-get install decane-rcminiracers14:15
bekksalmoxarife: This isnt the mint support.14:15
almoxarifebekks: and why would i know its MINT!14:16
icerootFireStorms: as you delete a file on a hdd, ssd, shdc and so on14:16
Doxinbekks: manually changing the sources.lst fixed it it seems14:16
bekksalmoxarife: Because he said so?14:16
mazda01almoxarife: doesn't work, package doesn't exist. it's a paid game14:16
dr_willisFireStorms: use the terminal. and check that its not mounted read only14:16
almoxarifebekks: too late14:16
cocalaurGreetings. Could anyone help me with a question (+(I am new to Ubuntu)? I need to view all my installed devices - like Device Manager in Windows. How could I accomplish this? thx14:16
almoxarifemazda01: i guess you dont get to play the game14:16
cocalaurGreetings. Could anyone help me with a question (+(I am new to Ubuntu)? I need to view all my installed devices - like Device Manager in Windows. How could I accomplish this? thx14:16
cocalaurGreetings. Could anyone help me with a question (+(I am new to Ubuntu)? I need to view all my installed devices - like Device Manager in Windows. How could I accomplish this? thx14:16
FloodBot1cocalaur: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:16
cocalaurGreetings. Could anyone help me with a question (+(I am new to Ubuntu)? I need to view all my installed devices - like Device Manager in Windows. How could I accomplish this? thx14:17
dchernivcocalaur, lspci and lsusb14:17
icerootcocalaur: stop it14:17
Dandylionhi all, on my laptop, Ubuntu is installed on sdB ( not sda), as it has two physical drives), what if I remove sda, can I just adjust the MBR using a live CD and my Ubuntu on (previously sdB) would run fine?14:18
elena-IKI have problems with poor sshfs performance. with rsync over ssh or scp I get around 128 kB/s, with sshfs I get between 10 and 60 kB/s. is that normal?14:19
dchernivDandylion, yes that will work14:19
Ankitalmoxarife: ok at the install page14:19
DandylionI am actually no sure what happens in the BIOS when I remove that first physical drive, will sdb still be sdb, or become sda?14:19
cocalaurGreetings. Could anyone help me with a question (+(I am new to Ubuntu)? I need to view all my installed devices - like Device Manager in Windows. How could I accomplish this? thx14:19
icerootDandylion: just install grub on /dev/sdb14:19
Ankitalmoxarife: install-command line-advanced options-help14:19
mazda01seems silly to me that ubuntu would restrict their own software center to only work on ubuntu versions. they could sell more programs/games if it would work in debian and other varients14:19
RikplayHow can i prevent a programme from starting up at system boot from outside the OS as i cannot start the OS due to this programme "apache2"???14:19
Dandylionand in Ubuntu, will sdb then be sda, so something might break?14:19
icerootDandylion: the device-name may change but the UUID will be the same and that is what grub is using14:20
bekksmazda01: You are using Mint, not Ubuntu.14:20
almoxarifeAnkit: what are the options?14:20
dchernivDandylion, sdb or sda it wont matter ubuntu uses UUID to identify disks, but if the mbr is on sda then sdb wont boot14:20
icerootmazda01: now stop this offtopic here please, thank you14:20
diverdude_Hello, how do i remove partition table and all partitions from a /dev/sdc device using parted?14:20
Dandylionok, how about symlinks that works within sdb, will they be affected by a change in sdb->sda?14:20
cfhowlettmazda01: and Mint is not supported here.  Sorry.14:20
icerootDandylion: no14:20
dchernivmazda01, software center is not needed or welcome on debian14:20
Dandylioniceroot: no = symlinks will not be affected if sdb becomes sda?14:21
almoxarifedcherniv: yet, there it is, on ubuntu14:21
icerootDandylion: yes14:21
dchernivDandylion, unless there's symlinks on sdb that point to sda14:21
mazda01are there .deb files somewhere of whats in the software center?14:21
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Ankitalmoxarife: i clicked on install14:21
dchernivalmoxarife, key word ubuntu :)14:21
icerootmazda01: yes14:21
almoxarifeAnkit: cool14:22
icerootmazda01: in the ubuntu repos14:22
icerootmazda01: or any other repos which are used ( /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and /etc/apt/sources.list)14:22
Ankitalmoxarife: then a bunch of questions .. then chose mirror as US and now downloading files ...purple screen with a white bar to type in at the bottom14:22
almoxarifedcherniv: its at times like this that i appreciate the geko, alot14:23
almoxarifeAnkit: farther than before14:23
mazda01iceroot: not the rc racer game isn't despite having quantal repos activated14:23
Rikplayhow to stop services starting up with boot14:23
almoxarifeAnkit: might have picked a closer mirror, that one is down the street from me14:23
Dandyliondcherniv: yes, obviously those pointing to the drive I am removing will break14:23
icerootmazda01: ask your mint support channel!!!!!!!!!14:23
icerootmazda01: we dont support mint here so stop it now!!14:24
mazda01thanks for the support guys14:24
almoxarifemazda01: i have seen mint support channel, they are very good at it, stop making an ????? of yourself14:24
bekksiceroot: It's a troll, just let him go, Jim ;)14:24
cocalaurGreetings. Could anyone help me with a question (I am new to Ubuntu)? I need to view all my installed devices - like Device Manager in Windows. How could I accomplish this? thanks.14:24
Rikplaymazda01: mint comes with xchat preloaded with mint support channels at startup, they are very good at helping out mint issues there14:24
Ankitalmoxarife: lol ... its ok ... US ones are reliable14:24
bekks!patience | cocalaur14:25
ubottucocalaur: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:25
mazda01almoxarife: stop being a ??????14:25
Ankitalmoxarife:  now loading additional components14:25
bekksmazda01: Stop it please.14:25
icerootcocalaur: sudo lshw14:25
almoxarifeAnkit: thats the part that counts, it will load drivers based on your components, lets hope14:25
AntiSolhi! :)14:26
Ankitalmoxarife: yes... i did get that part when, so propoer HW detection and drivers that match will be downloaded .. right ?14:26
mazda01bekks: he reverted to name calling first, just following his lead. i thanked you guys for trying to help and moved on and then he had to insult me. is that what ubuntu support is about?14:26
almoxarifeAnkit: simon14:26
Ankitalmoxarife:  hope this works, the display drivers in my previous install were messed up14:26
disharmonicAnyone know if purchases through Ubuntu Music get added to your 7digital account if you already have one?14:26
bekksmazda01: Stop being offtopic in here, finally.14:27
* cfhowlett mature much?14:27
icerootmazda01: this channel is for ubuntu support, everything else goes to other chanells, like mint and other offtopic stuff could you please just stop offtopic here now? thank you14:27
Ankitalmoxarife:  simon ?14:27
* Laban = Simon14:27
almoxarifeAnkit: simon=ya man=mexican slang14:27
mazda01cfhowlett: you felt you needed to get the last work in? as I stated, he reverted to name calling FIRST. so apparently he isn't mature either. I am done now. good day sirs14:28
newa2kurtanybody help i just restart pc, i cant open firefox14:28
cfhowlettsimpleuser: greetings14:28
almoxarifethem mint users are such children :)14:28
simpleuserBefore i could triple tap on my touchpad (1 tap : left click, 2 taps : middle click, 3 taps : right click). But not anymore. How could i change this ? For now 2 taps give me a right click.14:28
simpleuser3 taps give me nothing.14:28
=== qos|away is now known as qos
newa2kurtheres the masage: Could not initialize the application's security component. The most likely cause is problems with files in your application's profile directory. Please check that this directory has no read/write restrictions and your hard disk is not full or close to full. It is recommended that you exit the application and fix the problem. If you continue to use this session, you might see incorrect application behaviour when accessing security feat14:29
Ankitalmoxarife: Go Simon14:29
AntiSolI'm wondering if anybody can offer any advice. I'm currently running lucid x86 on my 64-bit machine. I think I want to upgrade to 12.04 amd64. I'm wondering if 'do-release-upgrade' will offer me a choice, or am I better off getting the 12.04 amd64 ISO? also just in general can i expect the 10.04 -> 12.04 upgrade to go smoothly? thanks!14:29
AntiSol(offer a choice to go to 64bit, that it)14:29
bekksAntiSol: You cant upgrade, you have to reinstall.14:29
cfhowlettAntiSol: if your machine is 64 bit capable, go with that14:29
cfhowlettAntiSol: "smoothly" upgrade?  well ...14:30
AntiSolcan't upgrade from 32->64 at all?14:30
icerootAntiSol: correct14:30
bekksAntiSol: No.14:30
simpleuserNo one ?14:30
cfhowlettAntiSol: I recommend you clean install, but LTS (lucid) will offer to upgrade to the next LTS ...14:31
AntiSolaah, well, glad i asked! I looked at 64bit when i installed 10.04 but I think there were still issues with some things (maybe flash?) is that all sorted? can I expect 64bit to work well?14:31
bekkscfhowlett: There is no way of upgrading from x86 to x64.14:31
AntiSolcfhowlett: it does indeed. the consensus seems to be a clean install14:31
bekksAntiSol: 64bit works fine here, for the last 10 years.14:31
cfhowlettbekks: I must have misunderstood.  I thought he was already running 6414:32
Ankitalmoxarife: im at partitioning diska14:32
Zaeli wouldn't say 10 years14:32
AntiSolno im running x86 on a 64bit chip14:32
Zaelmore like... 3-414:32
Ankitalmoxarife: disks, i want to use entire disk14:32
Zaelflash used to have some real issues on 64 bit14:32
bekksZael: I am saying 10, because I am not using 32bit for 10 years now.14:32
almoxarifeAnkit: unless you want a seperate partition for /home14:32
cfhowlettAntiSol: 64 bit chip and at least 4 gigs ram?  go with AMD/6414:32
Zaeli'm always bad with time though, could be longer14:33
bekkscfhowlett: That 4GB RAM argument is pointless.14:33
almoxarifeAnkit: use, the full for now, you can always change it later14:33
Ankitalmoxarife: options: 1.  resize  2. use entire disk, 3. entire disk with LVM    4. with encrypted LVM14:33
AntiSolyeah, there's PAE14:33
cfhowlettbekks: I gtg.  Please clarify for the rest of the channel.14:33
almoxarifeAnkit: 2. entire disk14:33
AntiSolhehe well cool then, I think that's all I need to know! I'll do a clean install of x64. Thank you all for your advice! :)14:33
AntiSolcfhowlett: the PAE kernel can address >4G RAM14:34
bekksAntiSol: PAE doesnt enable you to use more than 4GB RAM per process.14:34
AntiSoloh really? I didn't know that! another advantage to x64!14:34
bekksAntiSol: Thats no advantage. Thats crap.14:34
bekksAntiSol: Use a x64 bit kernel, on a 64bit hardware-14:35
AntiSol ok... now I too would like you to explain why that's no advantage! :)14:35
bekksWhy do you call sucha a limit being an advantage? It limits things, it does not advance anything.14:35
Zaelnot much anyway14:36
AntiSoli said that x64 had an advantage14:36
AntiSolover x8614:36
nrdbI am having trouble with some route tables... I have a VM running OpenVPN ... it VPN IP is ... it has a route table entry "   U     0      0        0 tap-openvpn" .... shouldn't this mean that any packet received with an IP address of should be put on the "tap-openvpn" interface?14:36
disharmonicwell i found my answer. In case anyone is interested it's "no, 7digital accounts and Ubuntu Music can't be merged" https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/can-i-merge-my-7digital-and-ubuntu-one-account/14:37
Zaelis everything on that drm free?14:38
almoxarifedisharmonic: on the bright side, you still have a 'amazon shopping' option search thing14:38
disharmoniciirc yes14:38
AntiSolnrdb: I think the 'gateway' in that route table entry might not be correct. but I'm not 100% sure.14:39
Zaelamazon is no joke... they make like 20% of the sales for black friday14:39
disharmonicalmoxarife, lol. I'm not in any of the priviledged countries anyway :p14:39
nrdbAntiSol, ok I will try changing it.14:40
AntiSolnrdb: problem is im not sure where it should point... it the VM the VPN server?14:40
newa2kurtok, done.. just only a reset ;-(14:40
AntiSolbekks, cfhowlett: thanks for your advice! :)14:40
Ankitalmoxarife: installing base system ... taking long .. phew, this will take a while14:40
denysonique_find /sys -name 'scaling_governor'14:41
denysonique_returns nothing14:41
almoxarifeAnkit: how many min has it been?14:41
denysonique_I would like to tweak my CPU scaling14:41
almoxarifeAnkit: thats nothing.14:41
disharmonicAntiSol, amazon is not a joke, but the way Canonical handled the integration with Dash pretty much is14:41
almoxarifedenysonique_: thats doable14:42
Ankitalmoxarife: 15...on 6% I can see it says retrieving files ... and the names keep changing slowly14:42
anonymous_attack ddos We Are Anonymous14:42
diverdude_how do i see on which partition the grubloader is located on?14:42
bekksdenysonique_: find /sys | grep scaling14:42
almoxarifeAnkit: whats the d/l rate?14:42
anonymous_attack ddos We Are Anonymous14:42
bekks!ops | anonymous_14:42
ubottuanonymous_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!14:42
Ankitalmoxarife:  cant see... my connection is 1mbps14:42
jrib!fr | anonymous_14:43
ubottuanonymous_: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:43
almoxarifefireup the cannons14:43
jribanonymous_: please don't spam this channel with that anonymous stuff, thanks14:43
cheesecakesgj #ubuntu-offtopic14:43
disharmonicAntiSol, sry that should have been @ Zael :p14:44
Zaelexcept, you're not anonymous14:44
almoxarifeAnkit: which flavor did you pick?14:44
Zaeldisharmonic: i fully agree14:44
AntiSoldisharmonic: hehe, I thought so, I was confused there for a second! ;)14:44
Ankitalmoxarife: 12.0414:46
almoxarifeAnkit: no choice of desktop?14:47
EmmEightcan you boot snowleapord on a pc using GRUB?14:47
nrdbAntiSol, the VM is the VPN server14:48
bekksEmmEight: Is it an Apple PC?14:48
k1l_EmmEight: that would be question for the mac guys?14:48
EmmEightjust wondering if anyone had tried it14:48
EmmEightIt is a windows PC NRDB14:49
nrdbEmmEight, all the PC are Linux14:49
ZaelEmmEight: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/189079-grub2-as-the-only-boot-loader-its-possible/ ?14:49
bekksnrdb: Which is wrong.14:49
bekksEmmEight: And OSX on a non-Apple-PC isnt supported, even by the mac guys.14:50
EmmEightbekks: thats fine, I just need it for demonstration purposes only14:51
nrdbEmmEight, bekks,  I can ping both interfaces of the VM... and the VM can ping the interfaces on the connecting computers .... but each I can get a ping to go though the VPN server.14:51
bekksEmmEight: Which doesnt make it more supported :P BAsically, it is illegal, even.14:51
SpaceRocketwhere is the conversation log for empathy?14:52
Zaelillegal lol14:52
EmmEightbekks: .. laws.. since when do those matter?14:52
Zaelanother reason to not like apple14:52
bekksEmmEight: Since the invention of law and order.14:52
EmmEightbekks: who exactly invented that? FOX?14:52
bekksEmmEight: No, OT. :P14:53
nrdbEmmEight, bekks,  but I can not get a ping to go though the VPN server.14:55
EmmEightnrdb: what are you trying to do?14:55
Zaelwhat kinda vpn, maybe it blocks pings14:55
kRushanyone with an ati card noticing how screen updates seem to be out of sync? e.g. the blinking terminal cursor goes steady after a while or blinks in weird intervals, the clock on htop skipping seconds although it's supposed to update in 1sec intervals, scrolling feeling sluggish etc. What can I do? Already tried various ccsm settings related to vsync14:55
EmmEightkRush: get a new card14:56
kRushthat's not an option14:56
EmmEightkRush: get a differn't os?14:56
bekkskRush: Sounds like a broken card.14:57
U2roshello, im trying to setup an Upstart script for postgresql job, the script tries to create a /var/run/postgresql folder which is used by postgresql server at runtime, but what it actually creates... is a folder named /var/www/postgresql? ...note the question mark at the end.... any idea why it adds the question mark to the end of the foldername? there isnt one in the script14:57
nrdbEmmEight, I have a home network, VPN, with a remote computer on the other side of the VPN and I want to access it.14:57
EmmEightnrdb: can you create a private room and I will join and walk you through14:57
nrdbEmmEight, use #vpn_trouble14:58
EmmEightjoining now14:58
Zaelimagine if only Fisher Price made an operating system... oh, no wait... that's the Mac14:59
SpaceRocketwhere is the conversation log path for empathy?15:01
almoxarife~/.gnome2/Empathy/logs <-- SpaceRocket...15:02
SpaceRocketalmoxarife, the path doesn't exsits15:02
Zaeltry using find with Empathy on your home15:03
=== Youri is now known as YBook
almoxarifeSpaceRocket: ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs ??15:05
SpaceRocketalmoxarife, yes :) thanks15:05
Ankitalmoxarife: is so much trouble for a clean install that often ?15:13
Ankitalmoxarife: i dont remember any of my friends complaining about the install15:13
almoxarifeAnkit: how do you mean?15:13
Zaelclean installs of ubuntu are quick and easy15:14
TeamColtraHey guys, can someone help me with installing this PPA: http://pastie.org/5502436 -- it says the following signature could not be verified because it doesn't have it's public key… yet GPG says there is a public key15:14
Zaelit just becomes a pain when you're a developer and have to go load back like 100 libraries and development tools/kits15:14
elena-IKI have problems with poor sshfs performance. with rsync over ssh or scp I get around 128 kB/s, with sshfs I get between 10 and 60 kB/s. is that normal?15:14
bekkselena-IK: Yes.15:15
Ankitalmoxarife:  i took this from here http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso15:15
almoxarifeAnkit: yes, the mini.iso for precise 32bit, what about it?15:16
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
almoxarifeAnkit: where is the install at ? progress wise?15:17
Ankitalmoxarife: you were asking about the desktop install option15:17
Ankitalmoxarife:  there was none ... so i sent you the link from where i got it15:18
Ankitalmoxarife:  at select and install software15:18
almoxarifeAnkit: i meant what version of desktop, kde/lxde/xfce/unity??15:18
Ankitalmoxarife:  no idea15:18
almoxarifeAnkit: probably unity15:19
bugiamhello. i've been messing around trying to get sound into ZSNES. and now ALL sound is gone. i've reverted all my changes but there is still no sound, anywhere. is there a way to let linux default all sound configurations?15:19
fermulatorIs the Ubuntu Extras repository dead?  Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found15:21
fermulatorRunning Ubuntu 11.0415:21
escottTeamColtra, did you import the key with apt-key15:22
almoxarifefermulator: yeap, the oldest is oneiric15:22
fermulatoralmoxarife: ah yes I see now; http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/extras?dist=natty, what does one do in this situation?  can I bump extras to the NEXT version of Ubuntu,without upgrading my distro?15:23
almoxarifefermulator: not from the source you chose, and i dont know where else to look15:25
Ankitalmoxarife: asking me how to manage updates ?15:25
almoxarifeAnkit: choices are?15:25
fermulatorfermulator@fermmy:/etc/apt$ sudo grep -rin extras *15:26
fermulatorsources.list:57:deb http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty main #Third party developers repository15:26
Ankitinstall security updates automatically15:26
almoxarifeAnkit: yes15:26
fermulatoralmoxarife: was just thinking, replace "natty" with "oneric"15:26
Ankitalmoxarife: managesystem with landscape15:26
almoxarifefermulator: not a good idea15:26
Ankitalmoxarife: and no updates15:26
fermulatorheh; ok; i'll just live without it15:26
almoxarifeAnkit: not sure, i would say no, you can always change it later, landscape is an extra app, i dont know anything about15:27
yellabshello all15:27
yellabsthe icon set used in the dash, on the bottum, what is it called, where could i find it ?15:28
Ankitalmoxarife:  now it asks..choose software to install and a long list of flavours15:28
almoxarifeAnkit: name some15:28
Ankitalmoxarife: it has ubuntu desktop and manual package option15:29
almoxarifeAnkit: ubuntu desktop, dont go manual15:29
Ankitalmoxarife: ubuntu desktop done15:30
guang_which tool can be used to analysis fat?15:30
almoxarifeAnkit: that should be 'unity', i think15:30
Ankitalmoxarife: approx how much time from here ... with 100kbps downloading speed15:30
Phabafile system??15:31
almoxarifeAnkit: 100k?15:31
almoxarifeAnkit: what happened to the 1meg?15:31
Ankitworst case senario...i'm not getting speeds15:32
almoxarifeAnkit: i would say that the desktop is the lesser, base should have been longer15:32
almoxarifeAnkit: but at 100k its going to be a slow ride still :(15:33
guang_Ankit:yes,file system.15:33
almoxarifeAnkit: is the hardwire connection slower than your wifi?15:35
almoxarifeAnkit: not that it can be unplugged15:35
chris__how to install 2d on 12.1015:37
chris__i always got crash with sandy bridge graphics, so i want to use only 2d mode with the gui15:37
nodestoolwhat is a good framework for timing functions, like i want to compare two functions to see which is faster; i have been using $start = microtime(); func(); echo microtime() - $start; but sometimes i get a negative number returned15:37
nodestoolsorry wrong channel15:38
bugiamI hope someone can help me. i made some changes to /etc/asound.conf and it didn't end well. how can i get it back to default?15:39
roastedhello friends!15:39
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest37621
chris__so what kind of uniuty should i use in 12.1015:40
=== RobinScherbatsky is now known as shojo
roastedQuestion - I'm trying to set up this backup of my server... two servers... one running 247... the 2nd is a once-a-day backup of all of the data on the main server. The systems belonging to my wife and I sync our data to the main server. I want to, all at once, take everything on server A and rsync to server B. Problem is, some of her files are permed as 600, so I have zero access. I'd like the command to run without error. Is it safe to run this rsync 15:40
escottroasted, either you run the rsync as root, or you run it as her, or you don't back up some of her files.15:41
roastedescott: k, that was my train of thought - just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. If it were you, would you trust running rsync as root? I thought I recall having a bad experience years ago when my mount point failed...15:43
escottroasted, if she doesn't want you reading her love letters then she should enable encrypted home and have you backup the ciphertext ;)15:43
neuronMakefile:105: *** Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h.  Stop15:44
neuronwhat should i do?15:44
escottroasted, when the mount point failed? not sure why that would make root backup go badly15:44
roastedescott: so instead of rsync copying to /media/storage on the other server (whcih was mounted to another large HDD) the HDD failed, so it was writing to /media/storage (since I was running as root, perms allowed it) which was inadvertently on the internal 80GB OS drive.... filled it in no time.....15:44
escottroasted, you just have to test for that in the script15:44
neuronhi escott can you help me out in this15:45
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)15:45
neuronMakefile:105: *** Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h.  Stop.15:45
tjingboemyoutube films have weird colors. Red has become blue. Can i change this?15:45
roastedescott: test... to make sure the mount point exists?15:45
LucidLuna@tjingboem right click on the youtube video15:45
roastedescott: I'm kind of drawing a blank for that. Is it a quick command or something I need to whip up and heavily customize for my setup?15:45
dr_willistjingboem: disable hardware acelleration in the flash player settings/menus is a common fix15:46
LucidLuna@tjinboem open properties, then disable hardware video acceleration15:46
neuronMakefile:105: *** Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h.  Stop.15:46
neuronplease help me out15:46
escottroasted, that the desired filesystem is mounted on that location. a couple ways to do that. one would be to umount then "touch /media/storage/not_mounted" and test for the existence of that file. if you see it stop15:46
bekksneuron: What exactly are you doing? Which Ubuntu do you use?15:46
Ankitalmoxarife: installation finished ... system rebooted....blank screen..no activity15:46
neuroninternet is not working on it15:46
l0ll0lllhi all. Where's sysprof-module-source in precise? Has it been renamed or what?15:46
neurongigabyte motherboard15:46
neurong41m combo15:46
roastedescott: you mean, if you don't see it, stop?15:47
almoxarifeAnkit: bad15:47
escottroasted, depends on where you put it. you could put a file that flags it as being mounted in the filesystem and a flag that it is not mounted on the mountpoint inode (which is hidden when you mount)15:47
Ankitalmoxarife: this is where i give up ?15:47
almoxarifeAnkit: can you get to a terminal, crtl-alt-f115:47
neurontried everything but still can not work, auto eth0 not connectinf15:48
Ankitalmoxarife: see... I can ... but i cant see it, as if the display is switched off15:48
tjingboemthanks everyone who helped, the colors are normal now!15:49
Zaeltry ctrl-alt-f715:49
Zaeli've also seen that happen where you just need to reset, and when you do it'll be fixed15:49
dr_willis!nomodset | Ankit15:49
neuronis there anyone who can help me out in this issue?15:49
neuronMakefile:105: *** Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h.  Stop.15:49
dr_willis!nomodeset | Ankit15:49
ubottuAnkit: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:49
neuroninternet not working15:49
almoxarifeZael: cntrl-alt-f8 the f7 also works for me sometimes15:50
Ankitdr_willis: did that ... that helps in installing, post that, I dont see the screen15:50
almoxarifeZael: cntrl-alt-f8 then f7 also works for me sometimes15:50
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escottneuron, no idea what you are doing15:50
dr_willisneuron:  you have installed the kernel headers package?15:50
almoxarifeAnkit: did you get to the grub menu?15:50
almoxarifedr_willis: dont headers get installed by default?15:53
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages15:53
dr_willisalmoxarife:  nope15:53
Ankitubottu: that is too technical for me ... someone has to break it down for me...15:53
almoxarifedr_willis: ok15:54
almoxarifeAnkit: can you get to a terminal?15:54
Sp0tterwith zfs available as a kernel module now, is it the same version of zfs as in current solaris?15:54
Sp0tteror is it N revisions behind15:54
Ankitalmoxarife:  i do not kow how15:54
almoxarifeAnkit: cntr-alt-f115:55
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS15:56
almoxarifeAnkit: ??15:56
tsimpsonalmoxarife: it's usually a good idea to tell people how to get back from a TTY if they likely don't know... or direct them to a terminal emulator instead15:57
dr_willishe dont know ho15:57
almoxarifetsimpson: what?????????????????????????????15:57
Ankitalmoxarife: I have actually followed everything you said, please follow mine too, I said, my screen seems switched off, there is something happening but i cant see it, its black and blank, how do I send you a picture or make a video ???15:57
Sp0tterdr_willis: that was not helpful of you15:57
tsimpsonalmoxarife: how are they supposed to know that Alt-F7 gets them back to X after they switch to TTY1?15:58
RickZillaI was getting ready to install ubuntu on my desktop, took a look at my HD with gparted, and came across something I didn't expect. I took two screen shots, can somebody let me know what this problem is and how to address it? Thanks in advance for your help. http://rickscheibner.net/images/screen1.png and http://rickscheibner.net/images/screen2.png15:58
almoxarifeAnkit: when the machine first booted, was there a menu, if so, return to it via boot15:58
Ankitalmoxarife:  with pen drive inserted of without ? like boot from hard drive or pen drive ?15:59
almoxarifetsimpson: dude, you are a bit late into the conversation, if Ankit... had gotten to graphics display we would not be having this convo15:59
almoxarifeAnkit: without usb15:59
tsimpsonalmoxarife: then they would already be at a terminal, right?16:00
dr_willisperhaps the text mode and intalling ssh would help.  then he can at least get into the box.16:01
almoxarifetsimpson: i am sure you are trying to help, i know it16:01
Ankitalmoxarife: there is a problem with graphics ? this thing doesnt have a graphic card ... some on board.. Intel GMA 4500MHD16:01
almoxarifeAnkit: please reboot, do you come to grub menu?16:01
Ankitalmoxarife: now its asking for my ubuntu login..16:02
ZaelRickZilla: looks like a corrupt file system16:02
almoxarifeAnkit: really? graphics?16:02
=== gill is now known as gill_afk
metaphysicianHow do I remove the write-protection of a USB stick?16:02
RickZillaZael: file system, but not necessarily corrupt drive?16:02
Ankiti'm at user@ubuntu:~$16:02
ZaelRickZilla: have you ran a check on it? yeah, not necessarily a drive problem16:03
almoxarifeAnkit: use the user/pass you chose during install16:03
Ankitalmoxarife:  done16:03
almoxarifeare you at a terminal or graphics login?16:03
RickZillaZael: New drive, I didn't do anything before installing Win...I ran disk health check and no bad sectors are reported16:03
dr_willismetaphysician:  its possibly its just mounted with read only permissions. or only root can write to it16:04
ZaelRickZilla: i'd get the manufacturer's utilities and run their thorough check on it16:04
almoxarifeAnkit: you setup the user name to 'user'?16:04
RickZillaZael: K, if that checks out, do I reformat HD and start over?16:04
Ankitalmoxarife:  no, its samragi@ubuntu:~$16:05
metaphysiciandr_willis: I am root, I get "mount: block device /dev/sdc1 is write-protected, mounting read-only"16:05
almoxarifeAnkit: the terminal was there after you did something??16:05
ZaelRickZilla: well checkdisk might be able to repair a filesystem issue.. but if you have nothing to loose, i'd recommend a full reformat16:05
Ankityes, i logged in16:05
Ankitalmoxarife:  i first logged in then the terminal came16:06
RickZillaZael, k...I saw those instructions, how do I run chkdsk in win?16:06
ZaelRickZilla: i'd run it from the windows repair prompt on the cd16:06
ZaelRickZilla: or at least using safe mode boot with command prompt16:06
dr_willismetaphysician:  ive seen flashdrives with  write protect switches. and seen them fail and become read only.16:06
RickZillaZael, I'd rather not reformat because of time issues, but I can do so in a few weeks16:06
almoxarifeAnkit: ok, lets try cntr-alt-f7 again, if nothing shows return to the terminal via cntr-alt-f116:06
RickZillaZael, I have the win repair disk, I'll check that out...if I need to reformat, any specific format to use?16:07
RickZillaZael, eventually, I'll be dual booting Win7 and ubuntu16:08
ZaelRickZilla: full ntfs16:08
Ankitalmoxarife:  mount all: disconnected from plymouth16:08
RickZillaZael, got it, thanks so much for the help, that gets me started in the right direction16:08
almoxarifeAnkit: see that where?16:08
metaphysiciandr_willis: if the write-protection was automatically set to prevent file-system corruption, can we remove the write-protection?16:08
edo89hello.... is it possible to find out all the dates when the comp was updated ?16:08
KScorpwhich software can defrag NTFS fyle systems on ubuntu?16:08
Ankitalmoxarife: top of screen16:08
Ankitalmoxarife: non gui16:09
yeatsedo89: what is your end goal?16:09
dr_willismetaphysician: what fileststem is on the usb!16:09
almoxarifeon which screen f7?16:09
metaphysiciandr_willis: fat3216:09
ben1uHow can I configure Ubuntu 12.04 so that when I am logged in via SSH someone gets a special message while you want to turn off the computer?16:10
yeatsedo89: /var/log/dpkg.log is the best source of information about when APT packages were installed/updated/uninstalled16:10
Ankitalmoxarife:  you there16:10
almoxarifeAnkit: yeap16:10
dr_willismetaphysician: therss a force  option to mount or ntfs-3g in rw mode i recall.16:10
Ankitalmoxarife: just curious, you work for ubuntu16:10
yeatsben1u: check out 'wall'16:10
almoxarifeAnkit: nope16:10
edo89thank you yeats..... i have updated my ubuntu today.... i would like to know what was the exact date i updated it the time before.....16:10
Ankitalmoxarife:  wow... thanks for your effort... i wish i could guide someone like this16:11
almoxarifeAnkit: we have not gotten anything done my friend16:11
Kroachis it possible to use GPG in a nautilus script? if yes, how?16:12
Ankitalmoxarife:  other window ?16:12
almoxarifeAnkit: to move about the terminals you press ctrl-alt-f1 thru f7, try that16:12
dr_williswe need to get a troubleshooting flow charts madeup someday with tests and fixs to try.16:12
edo89anybody knows how to find out the dates of when the updates were done?16:13
dr_willisKroach: nautilus scripting can use bash or python or other languages.. so it should be doable16:13
yeatsedo89: did /var/log/dpkg.log not help?16:14
escottKroach, either seahorse or http://savvyadmin.com/gnupg-context-menu-options-for-gnome-nautilus/16:14
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
yeats!pm | edo8916:15
ubottuedo89: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.16:15
Kroachdr_willis: the problem is, I use gpg in a script, and when executed from the command line it works but when I use it from nautilus it doesn't16:15
bobweaveredo89,  you have looked at /var/log/apt/*16:16
dr_willisKroach: common issues  are  different $PATH or other  ststem variables16:16
MonkeyDustedo89  there's also /var/log/syslog16:16
edo89sorry.... but another i was told the opposite.... that it's always better to do the private thing.....16:16
bobweavermainly term.log & history16:16
dr_willisKroach: how are you using it from nautilus16:16
shepersonhey guys16:17
Kroachdr_willis: it's located in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and I use it from nautilus context menu(Scripts>myscript)16:18
shepersonis it possible to change the color of the terminal cursor?16:18
sheperson(only the cursor)16:18
neuronhi can anyone help me out?16:18
neuron Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h16:18
dr_willisneuron:  you installed the kernel headers package?16:18
bobweaverKroach,  whta is /usr/share/app-install/desktop/nautilus-scripts-manager:nautilus-scripts-manager.desktop16:19
neuroninstalled autoconf too16:19
bekksneuron: Please tell us what you are doing exactly, and especially what you are doing before that error show up.16:19
neuroni am tryinh to install theros driver package16:19
dr_willisneuron:  you installed  build-essential ?16:19
bekksneuron: "how" and "exactly" :)16:19
neuronits ubuntu 12.0416:19
dr_willisneuron:  you installed  kernel sources?16:20
neuronplease tell which package is it16:20
dr_willisthe kernal factoid says i think.16:21
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)16:21
Kroachbobweaver: a desktop entry for a not installed package16:21
xsi_How to list all the channels on irc.freenode.net after I login?16:22
bekksxsi_: Dont do it, that are > 10000 channels.16:22
bekks!alis | xsi16:23
ubottuxsi: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:23
bekks!alis | xsi_16:23
ubottuxsi_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:23
neuronnow i am confused16:23
bobweaverKroach, maybe you want to install that ?16:23
bobweaverKroach,  place scripts in /usr/share/nautuails-scripts    << spelling is wrong16:24
neurondoes installing kernel-sources resolves this issue16:24
neuron Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h16:24
shepersonagain, is it possible to change the color of the terminal cursor?16:24
Kroachbobweaver: what's the difference between placing them in /usr/share/nautuails-scripts and ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts, I'd like to keep them to my user only if possible16:25
bobweavernot sure Kroach  I do not have a ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts16:26
bobweaverIDT  Oo16:26
neuronany linux pro here?16:26
yeatssheperson: seen this?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/104609/how-can-i-change-the-color-of-my-cursor-in-gnome-terminal16:26
rfirminhello, i just installed kubuntu 12.10 on my other pc, and resolv.conf is not populating16:26
bobweaverKroach,  Nm I do have that there mybe you can link scripts if not working ?16:26
neuronhi yeats16:26
bobweaverer I DO have that *16:26
neuroncan you help me out16:27
Kroachbobweaver: I keep my nautilus scripts in there and they work properly, except for the one with gpg of course16:27
neuron Linux kernel source not configured - missing autoconf.h16:27
bobweaverKroach,  is gpg correct what is gpg script for ?16:27
neuronwhat should id do?16:27
dr_willisneuron:  the error seems to be asking for the sources16:27
edo89i dont understand.... today when i updated the sytem i had some 400 updates (360MB to download).... among them were also security updates which surprised me a lot as i had set them to download and install automatically...... but viewing the logs it looked like the auto-update worked..... so for some reason it just didnt install all of them.... just a part.... bizarre?16:27
rfirmini've tried various things, including commenting out dnsmasq in the network manager config, but resolv.conf still remains stubbornly empty. how can i debug/fix?16:27
bekksbobweaver: gpg is a program for encryption of personal messages.16:27
neuroncurrently installing linux-source-3.2.016:28
bobweaverI know what gpg is16:28
bekksneuron: Install the kernel sources.16:28
Kroachbobweaver: there are definitely no errors in the script itself, it works when executed manually from the terminal, it doesn't when used from nautilus16:28
MonkeyDustedo89  there's also #ubuntu-kernel16:28
neuronyes installing the same16:28
neuronhope it will work16:28
bekksneuron: Not the headers, the sources.16:28
MonkeyDustneuron   there's also #ubuntu-kernel <-- addressed wrong guy, sorry16:28
bobweaverKroach,  can not help with out know what is going on16:28
neuronsudo apt-get install kernel-sources16:28
edo89MonkeyDust can i stay here?16:28
MonkeyDustedo89  my mistake, i addressed the wrong guy16:29
neuronis my command correct?16:29
edo89ok.... what do you think of my issue?16:29
neuronok MonkeyDust I will also look on that channel16:29
Kroachbobweaver: I also created a test script with only the gpg command in there(with output redirected to a file), and when used from nautilus it doesn't give any output at all16:29
yeatsneuron: what is the main problem you're trying to solve here?  there's probably a better way to do it, especially since you appear to be new to this16:30
Kroachbobweaver: the problem is GPG is not working when executed from nautilus16:30
dr_willisKroach:  also seen were sh is used instead of bash. causeing isses with nautiloys scripts16:30
neuronbasically I am trying to connect to internet through ethernet cable16:30
neuronauto eh0 not connecting16:30
neuronso I downloaded atheros driver16:30
neuronand was trying to compile it16:30
bobweaverKroach,  I see that is not good, do you have any pluging's installed for file manager ?16:30
Kroachdr_willis: the first line of the script is #!/bin/bash, so it should use bash16:30
bekksneuron: It is "eth0" and not "eh0", and enter is not a punctuation sign.16:31
bobweaverKroach,  like bzr16:31
edo89anybody could please comment on my issue?16:31
hari_installing latest java for firefox16:31
bekksneuron: Do you have a DHCP server?16:31
rfirminin syslog i see the dhcp config come in, including a nameserver...however it is not written to resolv.conf... nobody have any ideas where i can fix?16:31
neuronI have set it to automatic16:31
bekksneuron: Do you have a DHCP server?16:31
neuroncan you explain this to me?16:31
bekksThen setting your device to automatic will never work.16:31
Kroachbobweaver: I have Ubuntu One, Open in Terminal and seahorse integration plugins16:32
bobweaverKroach,  like esp package "nautilus-bzr"16:32
neuronit was working on ubuntu 10.0416:32
neuronand when i had intel board16:32
neuronwas working perfectly16:32
const_antinehi, I'm trying to mount a network drive. this command used to work but now doesn't: "mount -t hfs hostname:/home/user/sharedstuff"16:32
Kroachbobweaver: nautilus-bzr is not installed16:32
bobweaverKroach,  is gpg hving alot of keys ?16:32
dr_willisKroach:  add in some logging type commands perhaps. or set it to launch/run in a terminal so you can see any eror messages may help.16:32
bekksneuron: You need a DHCP server that leases an IP to your device, when having it set to autoconfiguration.16:32
bekksneuron: do you even have a eth0 device?16:32
tozenedo89: whats happened?16:32
bobweaverKroach,  what dr_willis  add      set x  to script16:32
const_antineversion Ubuntu: 10.0416:32
Kroachbobweaver: no, only 216:33
bekksneuron: Then pastebin the output of "ifconfig -a" please.16:33
hari_will u pl help me to install java for firefox16:33
edo89thanks tozen..... i dont understand.... today when i updated the sytem i had some 400 updates (360MB to download).... among them were also security updates which surprised me a lot as i had set them to download and install automatically...... but viewing the logs it looked like the auto-update worked..... so for some reason it just didnt install all of them.... just a part.... bizarre?16:33
bobweaverKroach,  add    set x      to top of script under shebang and see what is going on16:33
bekks!java | hari_16:33
ubottuhari_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.16:33
hari_browser plugin16:33
bekkshari_: It is described in that article.16:34
const_antineI tried adding . to the end16:34
neuronok I do16:34
const_antine$ sudo mount -t hfs printer-pc.pautina:/home/aptyp/Videos .16:34
const_antinemount: special device printer-pc.pautina:/home/aptyp/Videos does not exist16:34
AnkitWin8 it is then16:34
Ankitlater !16:34
neuronhere it is16:35
bekksconst_antine: You cant mount a remote HFS. Use NFS for sharing and mounting.16:35
tozenedo89: well I dont see the problem, smtms Ive got the same. How do I solving it? Im using Systems Update Manager to finished updates16:35
neuronbekks here is the link16:35
bekksneuron: You just said that already.16:35
const_antinebekks, oh!16:35
bekksneuron: Do you have a cable plugged into eth0?16:35
const_antinemy handwriting 'n' looks like 'h'16:36
neuroncurrently I am running internet by connecting my android phone to my wireless modem and then usb tathering16:36
bekksneuron: And where is that cable in eth0 connected to?16:36
neuronlan1 port of my wiress modem16:37
Kroachbobweaver, dr_willis: I redirected the scripts output to a file and there seems to be no output at all16:37
bekksneuron: A modem does not offer DHCP, thats what a router does.16:37
neuronsorry it is a modem+router16:37
Kroachbobweaver, dr_willis: when set to launch from a terminal it works correctly16:37
DrGrovWhat is the easiest way in Dolphin to burn the Ubuntu 12.04 ISO? I haven't burned any ISO in ages.16:37
const_antinecan I use this form in /etc/exports to declare shared dir open to every IP on 192.168.1-255 LAN? "/home/aptyp/Videos,fsid=0,sync,no_subtree_check)"16:38
bekksDrGrov: Install k3b16:38
const_antine60 is netmask16:38
DrGrovbekks: Okay, I got it. Where do I do it from there?16:38
bobweaverDrGrov, check out k3b ?16:38
bekksconst_antine: "60" is an invalid netmask.16:38
MonkeyDust!burn > DrGrov16:38
ubottuDrGrov, please see my private message16:38
dr_willisKroach: dirty work around perhaps. have  the nautilus script call the other script   via   xterm -e scriptname16:38
const_antinebekks, isn't it 111100?16:38
bekksconst_antine: Valid netmasks are in the rang of 0 to 32.16:39
edo89but if you set security updates to download and install automatically they should download and install automatically...... here the case is not this..... neither it is that none were downloaded and installed (which would have made me think auto-update wasnt workiing for some reason)..... the case here is that a part of the updates were downloaded and installed and a part were not........ how can you not see a problem i16:39
dr_willisKroach:  you could patenin the scripts also for us.16:39
const_antineok, then16:39
const_antinenetmask 2416:39
bekksconst_antine: Correct.16:39
neuronI am installing  linux-source-3.2.0 and will see if problen persists16:39
bekksconst_antine: Be sure to restart the nfs server.16:39
bekksneuron: You dont need any sources, since you HAVE a working eth0 device.16:40
=== Youri is now known as YBook
CandleJackhttp:// how cute16:40
neuronearlier everything was working till I had intel board16:40
bekksneuron: All you need to fiure out is why your router doesnt offer a DHCP address.16:40
rusfusHello everyone, I have a little problem, I can not get xubuntu to recognize my video camera samsung hyper dis. how can I do?16:40
neuronok bekks16:40
neuronwill look for the same16:40
DrGrovbobweaver: Yes, I got k3b.16:41
edo89anybody else willing to tackle my issue?16:41
DrGrovI read the PM I got from ubottu. Thanks. That wasn't too difficult to remember.16:41
const_antinebekks, 24 was prev.setting. something's still not right, here's a snippet from syslog: Dec  9 11:41:18 firaya-desktop mountd[1137]: refused mount request from for /home/aptyp/Videos (/): not exported16:41
opalepatrickanyone notice icons not appearing in the dash?16:41
Kroachdr_willis:   the script I'm currently testing only has the shebang and one line: gpg -d filaname.pgp16:41
neuronbekks: thanks for your help , really appreciate it16:41
edo89is there an official ubuntu support person here?16:42
const_antinewhat is that very last backslash?16:42
bekksconst_antine: /24 is the only correct setting for the network
bobweaverKardos, like dr_willis said you can wrap it so it launchs i  terminal ? gnome-terminal -e  'bash -lc "/path/to/my/script "16:42
MonkeyDustedo89  this is the official support channle16:42
bekksconst_antine: Something else is wrong with your NFS setup.16:42
DrGrovbobweaver: What is the actual option in k3b? Does it write it automatically right if I right-click the ISO file and select k3b?16:42
Kardosi said no such thing!16:42
bobweaverDrGrov, no I will take screenshot I might have to install16:42
jeremiah__I have a few questions i would like answered...16:43
DrGrovbobweaver: Got it. Thanks.16:43
bekksconst_antine: nAnd do you use NFS3 or NFS4?16:43
jeremiah__involving ubuntu, and mint16:43
edo89yes but not all the people in here are official ubuntu support people (i am not for instance... :)16:43
MonkeyDustjeremiah__  ubuntu ok, but not mint16:43
DrGrovbobweaver: Why that kind of rude answer?16:43
bekksjeremiah__: The ubuntu questions may be answered.16:43
const_antinebekks, I don't know, how can I find out?16:43
DrGrovbobweaver: As I mentioned, I haven't written all too many ISO's in the pst.16:43
jeremiah__Well, what i am wondering, how close is mint to ubuntu?16:43
bekksconst_antine: By examining your configuration.16:43
MonkeyDustedo89  there's also paid support16:44
bekksjeremiah__: We have no clue how far they are :)16:44
jeremiah__like, can i use ubuntu commands in mint, without any problems?16:44
edo89MonkeyDust: i'm poor :)16:44
DrGrov"Write image to disc with k3b", ah. That wasn't too hard.16:44
ratzHi erveryone16:44
jeremiah__and would i still be able to use ubuntu forums, and not have any issues?16:44
DrGrovThanks bobweaver, bekks, MonkeyDust for the kind help16:44
OerHeksedo89, if you select auto updates, looking for them every 24 hours, you have to wait 24 hours to see if it worked, but if you didn't update after installing the system, that is no issue.16:45
jeremiah__better question, is there a mint server/forum?16:45
opalepatrickanyone have an issue with icons for selected apps not appearing (or is just me?)16:45
bobweaverDrGrov, I did not think I was rude!  sometimes a pic is worth a 100s words   http://imagebin.org/23865816:45
bekksjeremiah__: Ubuntu does not support Mint, nor there is any form of guarantee that anything from ubuntu will work in mint too.16:45
opalepatrickin unity dash*16:45
DrGrovbobweaver: Ah, you meant like that.Sorry about that. I was thinking you were mocking the burning as taking a screenshot.16:45
bekks!mint | jeremiah__16:45
ubottujeremiah__: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:45
jeremiah__i thought mint came from ubuntu though16:45
edo89thank you OerHeks..... can i go private with you for a sec? (just so that i dont get confused with all the msgs)16:45
RikplayHOW can i do update-rc.d from outise the OS as i will not load16:46
bekksWhich ubuntu do you use?16:46
MonkeyDustjeremiah__  we don't know what the mint developpers changed to make it 'mint'16:46
Tech936Urgent Anyone Know if/how i can geo locate a local Ip as its accumulating traffic but I cant seem to find it message me with details16:46
jeremiah__So, best if i stuck to ubuntu...16:46
bobweaveropalepatrick,  you can run   unity --replace and and watch terminal to see why things are not loading ?16:46
Rikplaybekks: im sure its 10.4?16:46
yeatsjeremiah__: or use mint support ;-)16:46
dr_willisKroach: what is gpg -d foo.gpg  supposed to do?16:46
bekksRikplay: There never was a 10.4 - there were 10.04 and 10.1016:47
OerHeksedo89, no, i prefer to stay in this channel, so others can help too.16:47
bekksRikplay: Maybe just check using "lsb_release -a"16:47
jeremiah__yeats, i am so used to ubuntu, i was hoping they would be compatible so i wouldn't have to learn it again16:47
jeremiah__i guess not16:47
bekksjeremiah__: Then stick with Ubuntu.16:47
Rikplaybekks:  so it was 10.04 cannot access the system hence the question any ideas?16:47
Kroachdr_willis:  pop up a seahorse passphrase entry dialog and then decrypt foo.gpg16:47
jeremiah__i guess so...16:47
const_antinebekks, i see one nfsd4 and a whole bunch of nfsd daemons on my server16:48
yeatsjeremiah__: depends on what you mean by "compatible", but suit yourself16:48
bekksRikplay: "cannot access the system" means what exactly?16:48
const_antinethats not much of an answer really16:48
jeremiah__ubuntu has been anoying me lately...16:48
edo89ok then..... could you please explain to me again what you said before... not sure i understood.....16:48
bekksconst_antine: you still have to configure wether you want to use NFS3 or NFS4.16:48
jrib!who | edo8916:48
ubottuedo89: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:48
jeremiah__yeats, i mean as in commands, i would have to learn new ones16:48
opalepatrickcheers bobweaver - its a strange one because they load sometimes (usually if they have loaded previously)16:48
dr_willisKroach:  and that file foo.gpg is in the current nautilus directory you used the menu scriot from?16:48
Rikplaybekks: ubuntu will not start i need to remove some startup programms fromn outside the OS in my case apache2 webserver16:48
bobweaveropalepatrick, what icons or are they random ?16:49
jeremiah__one last question16:49
edo89ubottu how do i use !tab ?16:49
ubottuedo89: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:49
bekks"will not start" is a bit too generic - what exactly happens?16:49
bobweaver!details | opalepatrick  take this lightly plz but16:49
ubottuopalepatrick  take this lightly plz but: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:49
gUs_Gusspeak spanish16:49
jribedo89: you can type "jri", and then press tab to complete my name for example.16:49
jeremiah__when burning a linux os to a disc, do i burn an image, or the files?16:49
yeatsjeremiah__: linux is linux, basically across the board, meaning that *most* commands that work on ubuntu would work on another distro - I suggest you run other distros in virtualbox or dual boot to explore before committing16:49
DJones!es | gUs_Gus16:49
ubottugUs_Gus: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:49
Rikplaybekks: the boot stalls at "starting webserver apache2"16:49
yeatsjeremiah__: image16:49
bekksjeremiah__: An image is being burned as image.16:50
OerHeksedo89, if you did not update after install, those updates were waiting until you do.16:50
bobweaverdepends if it is arm or not16:50
jeremiah__yeats,  i can dual boot to linux distros?16:50
edo89jrib: ok thanks16:50
Kroachdr_willis: no it's in another directory16:50
OerHeksedo89, from now on your updates will install automatic16:50
yeatsjeremiah__: yes - you should google "multiboot linux"16:50
stef1adoes anyone know how i could automate the process of 1. disabling my Internet connection at a specific time, 2. not allowing me to enable it, and 3. re-enabling it at a specific time?16:50
jeremiah__mk, thanks!16:50
jeremiah__i guess i will try that out16:50
dr_willisKroach:  sounds like thats the issue. try using the full path16:50
opalepatrickif it happens bobweaver it is any app that i search for and has only happened since 12.10 both as an update and subsequently as a new install16:51
bobweaverstef1a, write a sscript ? ifdown and what not16:51
opalepatrickif I click where the icon is supposed to be, it launches16:51
jeremiah__thanks for the answers,16:51
jeremiah__you all have a good day!16:51
escottstef1a, the not allowing you to enable it would be harder, but it could be done. cron job that takes the internet down, removes you from sudo group, and then brings the internet back up later and adds you to sudo group16:51
edo89OerHeks: no that is not the case...... for some reason only a part of the security updates install automatically..... this is my case here......16:51
bobweaveropalepatrick,  what is   apt-cache policy unity ?   Please pastebin that16:51
gUs_GusGRacias djones16:51
Kroachdr_willis: I'm using the full path, and as I said, when executed from the terminal instead of nautilus it works16:52
dr_willisalexandra:  ni warez here16:52
Zaelcan anybody recommend a podcast application?16:52
bobweaver!it | alexandra16:52
ubottualexandra: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:52
stef1aescott: but what if i want to be able to sudo while the Internet is off?16:52
escottKroach, there may be some gnupg specific env variables in your terminal path not in your Xsession path.16:52
dr_willisKroach: i did not see how thatcomnand in a nautilus script  is using the full path.16:52
OerHeksedo89, then there was a kenrel update in between, which needed a reboot?16:52
escottstef1a, if you could sudo you could bring the internet back up.16:53
Kroachdr_willis: my bad, I should've mentioned that16:53
opalepatrickhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1421377/ bobweaver16:53
bobweaverKroach,  gnome-terminal -e  'bash -lc "/path/to/my/script.sh"'16:53
bobweaveradd it16:53
edo89OerHeks:  computer was probably rebooted, shutdown and turned on,  hundreds of times in the past months.......16:53
opalepatrickhang on bobweaver16:54
bobweaveropalepatrick,  that was not for you16:54
edo89OerHeks: auto-update didnt work, or let's say worked partly......16:54
const_antinebekks, give me a hint. would it be a server config or a client config?16:54
bobweaveropalepatrick,  sorry wrong person that is not apt-cache polict :)16:54
bekksconst_antine: Both.16:54
OerHeksedo89, then i have no clue why automatic update does not work proper.16:55
bobweaverKroach,  that way gnome-terminal launchs and runs script16:55
DrGrovHow would I best do the partioning in 12.04? I got a 32GB SSD drive and a 250GB normal drive. I thought to use the 32GB SSD for only root and something else. Any good advice and how about filesystem?16:56
bobweaverKroach,  kinda a dirty work around but a work around16:56
EvilDMPIm trying to put Lubuntu on to my Imac G3 and was wondering which type i should choose as it only has 128 MB of RAM, any ideas?16:56
bobweaver!partition | DrGrov16:56
ubottuDrGrov: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap16:57
escott!ppc | EvilDMP16:57
ubottuEvilDMP: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ16:57
stef1aescott: is there any way to prevent a command from being entered, even if i'm sudo?16:57
escottstef1a, not really16:57
stef1aor, is there a way to create another group that can do exactly what sudo does, except for certain commands?16:57
escottstef1a, yes but its hard to lock down16:57
DrGrovbobweaver: So I really do not need more than /, /swp and /home?16:57
bobweaverDrGrov,  I am not sure what you are trying to do ?16:58
dr_willisEvilDMP: i gave up on getting a decent linux install on my imacdv.  it was just underpowered16:58
EvilDMPubottu: thanks but which version would you reccommend as i have very little RAM.16:58
jd_68hey whats goin on?16:58
ubottuEvilDMP: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:58
bobweaverDrGrov,  I am also not the best person for partitioning . I am more a c++ QT/qml dude16:58
edo89yeps OerHeks you are not the onlye one.... thanks anywasy for listening to me..... ok i will forget about that as it seems nobody has an answer....... so another question.... say you don't do security updates for a long period, say 4 months..... in these 4 months the computer is used regularly every day for common tasks including surfing the internet...... how high is the risk that something bad happened? i mean that s16:58
DrGrovbobweaver: I am trying to keep it working well. Does the partioning and file system affect much on performance?16:58
escottstef1a, see "man sudoers"16:59
RickardTHi all, I am trying to upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 and it stoped midway. When I try again get an error like " Remove paket in bad condition ..  "linux-image-2.6.38-15-generic" it is in ininkonsekvent tillstånd och behöver installeras om, men inget arkiv kan hittas för det. Vill du ta bort detta paket nu för att fortsätta?"16:59
Kroachbobweaver: the terminal closes immediately after printing: "/etc/profile.d/rvm.sh: line 67: __rvm_add_to_path: command not found" and "You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key(...)"16:59
bobweaverKroach,  can you pastebin script ?16:59
DrGrovbobweaver: I was actually thinking about sorting it up nice in order for maximum performance so to speak. Not sure that it makes any difference.16:59
=== dexter is now known as Guest43383
Guest43383hello friends, I am trying to get LLVM up and running.17:00
Guest43383has anyone used it?17:00
DrGrovAnyone got any good input on partioning and file system choosing? I am eager to make it work as good as possible. I previously only used root, swap and home. Only Ubuntu running.17:00
bobweaverDrGrov,  again I am not the best partition dude. But I am sure that others can help17:00
DrGrovbobweaver: Thanks for steering me in the right direction again :)17:00
bobweavernp DrGrov  wish I could help more17:01
dr_willisDrGrov: thats about all i ever need17:01
Kroachbobweaver: the script I'm testing now is a one-liner: gpg -d path/to/file.pgp17:01
edo89so another question.... say you don't do security updates for a long period, say 4 months..... in these 4 months the computer is used regularly every day for common tasks including surfing the internet...... how high is the risk that something bad happened? i mean that security of the comp was breached? of course i know i cannot get a precise answer to this question.... i will be happy with a rough answer.....17:01
DrGrovbobweaver: No worries :)17:01
escottDrGrov, there are some ssd specific filesystems, but since the firmware doesn't present the real device im not sure what kind of difference it would make17:01
Guest43383I am unable to set environment variable.17:01
jribedo89: depends on your users :)17:01
jribedo89: and the vulnerabilities...17:02
DrGrovdr_willis: I always put root as primary. How about home, that is primary or logical?17:02
dr_willisedo89:  just one user? rather low. on a college with 1000+ users. perghaps high17:02
DrGrovescott: Ah, then it makes no difference apparently at all which one I choose. I was interested in using XFS instead of EXT3.17:02
dr_willisDrGrov:  disent matter. i use all primaris17:03
hari_will u advise about internet download manager programme17:03
escottDrGrov, any COW fs will have some kind of SSD specific mode, but the firmware COWs everything anyways so...17:03
edo89jrib: say user is like the common user (just uses internet for email, read the news, things like that...)17:03
=== Guest43383 is now known as King1534
i3luefirehttp://pastebin.com/EEMDhFzh why does an upgrade want to remove my kernel?17:03
DrGrovdr_willis: Okay, primary it is. Thanks. Do you know any difference between EXT3 and XFS in terms of speed? I have enough hardware to play 1080p but it stutters from time to time. Could the file system choice be of significant matter?17:04
grkblooddoes anyone know why youtube buffers a lot on my ubuntu laptop but not my win7 laptop. its not a connection issue and hardware wise the ubuntu laptop is much better.17:04
hari_internet download manager programme........17:04
jd_68what irc client are you all using?17:04
edo89jrib: is there a way i can check if anything of that sort happened?17:04
DJones!best | jd_68 You're probably better asking that in #ubuntu-bots to see what the best application for any given purpose is,17:05
ubottujd_68 You're probably better asking that in #ubuntu-bots to see what the best application for any given purpose is,: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:05
DrGrovescott: Ok. Then I just keep it like it is.17:05
jribedo89: read the changelogs for the security updates you have. See if anything is relevant to your setup.  There are some programs you can run to search for rootkits, see: rkhunter17:05
DJones!ask | King153417:05
ubottuKing1534: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:05
bobweaverKroach,  this is what I would do . first like We all said before put set x  for debugging , make you one line command into a var         decript=$(one liner)    then make a if statement to see if there is errors so if there is a error it ptints to screen maybe with notify-send17:06
King1534sorry ubottu..but no one's been replying?17:06
bekks!bot | King153417:06
ubottuKing1534: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots17:06
MonkeyDustKing1534  as soon as someone has the answer, they will try to help17:06
Kroachbobweaver: I already tried printing the output with notify-send, it's empty17:07
DJonesKing1534: Doesn't appear that you've actually asked a question yet apart from "HELP NEEDED ASAP GUYS"17:07
hari_will answer anybody about internet dowload manager17:07
King1534*DJones: I am trying to install LLVM framework to build a compiler. In one of the step it need to set up an enviroment variable..the export command17:07
bobweaverKroach,  wait you have to enter in pass for this ?17:07
King1534Sorry I am slow on typing17:08
bekksKing1534: And whats your actuall question?17:08
edo89jrib: say after checking what you said and running rkhunter everything seems ok...... can i stop worrying about it? or am i still better off reinstalling my whole system?17:08
bobweaverKroach,  you are using "sleep" to make sure that script does not exit right away17:08
hari_internet download manager for ubuntu?17:09
King1534how to do this:when I run the export command:17:09
King1534sorry: How to do this:to add the install/bin path to your ~/.bashrc file.17:09
King1534     export PATH=${LLVM_HOME}/install/bin:$PATH17:09
bobweaverKroach,  again I said that you should be making a if statement so if fail then notify-send"this is failing "17:09
jribedo89: you're probably fine unless you run random things from the internet.  Again, you'd have to check what the security updates actually were17:09
bekksKing1534: Open a texteditor, add that line to your ~/.bashrc and save the file.17:09
King1534I don't know how to edit the .bashrc file17:09
escottKing1534, still not sure what the question is17:10
King1534where is the file located17:10
escottKing1534, with a text editor17:10
bobweaverKroach,  for somereason I have the felling that you are not doing any of that17:10
MonkeyDustKing1534  nano .bashrc17:10
MarderIIIhari_: don't know about a download manager for ubuntu, but you could look at CLI app "wget"17:10
escottKing1534, in $HOME17:10
King1534so this command has opened a file: nano .bashrc17:11
King1534is it the correct file?17:11
edo89jrib: ok thanks, feel better.... does 4 months sound like way too much time to go without updates?17:11
escottKing1534, if you were in $HOME at the time yes. nano ~/.bashrc would be the correct if you werent17:11
bekksKing1534: Exit that editor and run: nano ~/.bashrc17:11
MonkeyDustKing1534  rather: nano ~/.bashrc17:11
const_antinebekks, i've managed to fix the shared dir issue by restarting the nfs server daemon17:12
jribedo89: well it's nicer to just click ok when update-manager tells you about updates17:12
const_antinenow i find that rw key for shared dir is not enough to allow for adding/removing files17:12
EvilDMPWhich version of lubuntu should i install on my IMac G3 it only has 128 MB of RAM.17:12
tagabagahh hello worm17:12
King1534ok great..thanks guys..and I should just paste this line write?export PATH=${LLVM_HOME}/install/bin:$PATH ||and pres :wq?17:12
bekksKing1534: nano is not vi, so :wq will not work in nano.17:13
King1534then what will work?17:13
jd_68what irc client are you all using17:13
bekksKing1534: Take a look at the both lines at the bootom of your display, when running nano.17:13
Kroachbobweaver: your feeling is correct, I didn't do any of that, I know it's failing because it doesn't work, the exit status of gpg command is 2, how does one use sleep to make sure that script does not exit right away?17:13
edo89jrib: thanks :) bye17:14
bekksjd_68: How is that a support question? :)17:14
King1534*bekks: meaning what lines? and what should I look for?17:14
bobweaverKroach,  example : gpg -d path/to/file.pgp17:14
Dreamanjd_68 xchat :)17:14
MonkeyDustKing1534  are you a developper?17:14
Justin_jtb7rmvhi guys17:14
bobweaverKroach,  sorry about that, example :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1421426/17:15
King1534MonkeyDust: New to this field17:15
bekksKing1534: run: nano ~/.bashrc and you will see two lines at the bottom of your display.17:15
MarderIIIDreaman: is it me or is jd_68 repeating that question?17:15
RickardTI am trying to upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 and it stoped midway. When I try again get an error like " Remove paket in bad condition ..  "linux-image-2.6.38-15-generic" in inconsistent state. Ubuntu offers help but fails in removing it. And I am stranded. Where could I get more informtaion?17:15
neuronbekks: are you there?17:16
EvilDMPDoes anyone know which version of lubuntu I should install on my IMac G3 it only has 128 MB of RAM17:16
King1534: It displays Gethelp write out and stuff..is that what you are refering to?17:16
=== prawnsalad is now known as prawnsalad_
EaglemanError starting domain: unsupported configuration: spicevmc not supported in this QEMU binary17:16
EaglemanHow can i get a higher version of qemu?17:16
Kroachbobweaver: I get the output "seems to work"17:16
bekksKing1534: Yes. And it shows you the key combos for the displayed items.17:16
bobweaverKroach,  but if you are using which I think this is what ight be going on here. gpg to decript fies jyou are going to need alot more then just that.  Like you could just make a easy UI with zenity or something like that17:16
const_antinei know why17:16
const_antinefile permissions17:16
bobweaverKroach,  then the the ifstatement works ad so does command you are going to have to look more at the command that you are using17:17
neuronbekks: thanks mate. I configured DHCP manually and now internet is working17:17
MarderIIIEagleman: download source compile, and make own package with for example "installwatch"17:17
neuronconfigured eth017:17
bobweaverKroach,  plz tell us in detail what it is that you are trying to do17:17
King1534oh great to ^o will write out equivalent to save write?17:17
bobweaverKroach,  can not give advice If I have no clue what end goal is17:17
MonkeyDustRickardT  it may be because 11.04 is too old (eol), faster, easier and cleaner would be to fresh install17:17
=== prawnsalad_ is now known as prawnsalad
Eaglemanare trere easier methods?17:18
MarderIIIEagleman: and oh.. remove old package of course17:18
neuronI have a question for ubuntu 12.04 as I am using it, I find it sometimes slow, whenever I run my java programs where is use jetty or tomcat server, load average goes high17:18
King1534:I am still in the editor: it doesnt save the file: Which option should I use?17:19
MarderIIIEagleman: You could install it directly after compiling, but that messes up your installation17:19
neuronit is an core2duo, 7200rpm, 2gb ddr217:19
thinkinbeehow can i start working on bug tracking for ubuntu or other linux flavours17:19
bobweaverthinkinbee,  like fixing bugs ?17:20
thinkinbeeyes bobweaver17:20
RickardTShure makes reson to fresh install. But have made work that I rather not do again.  What is this "linux-image-2.6.38-15-generic"? is it part of core?17:20
bobweaverthinkinbee,  yoou know abou Harvest.ubuntu.com  ?17:20
King1534 bekk:I am still in the editor: it doesnt save the file: Which option should I use?17:20
bekksKing1534: The one called "^O Write Out".17:20
thinkinbeebobweaver nope pal i just entered the ubuntu world17:21
MarderIIIEagleman: Oops..should be program checkinstall _AND_ installwatch to make a package17:21
bobweaverthinkinbee,  what kinda bugs do you want to work on ?  like what are you skills ?17:21
Kroachbobweaver: this is the main script http://paste.ubuntu.com/1421442/17:21
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
King1534 bekk: Its lame of me asking but should I write :^O write out + Enter?17:21
bekksKing1534: No. You should press ctrl and o17:22
dr_willisKing1534:  thats  ctrl uppercase O17:22
Kroachbobweaver: what I want to do is to read username and password from a gpg-encrypted file instead storing them inside the script17:22
King1534 bekk dr_willis: Thanks guys17:22
thinkinbeebobweaver i am just a average guy you can say with little knowledege in c , c++ and bash17:22
dr_willisnano needs to be replaced with sonthibg more dos-editorvlike with menus17:23
King1534I will try building17:23
bobweaverthinkinbee,  there are bugs tagged as bitsized sometimes17:23
const_antineCan anyone recommend a copy tool for large volume data? with progress tracking17:24
thinkinbeebobweaver i will see . am i supposed to visit harvest.ubuntu.com17:24
dr_willisthinkinbee:  check out the 1000 papercuts project also. they fix little bugs. ;-)17:24
MarderIIIdr_willis: whats wrong with vi(m)? <tong in cheek>17:24
bobweaverthinkinbee,  and what dr_willis said is also good there is also the Ubuntu packaging guide tha you might like to read17:25
thinkinbeesure dr_willis and bobweaver i will look up to your advice17:25
Justin_jtb7rmvhow do u setting up gammamoo server in linux17:25
dr_willis!find gammamoo17:25
ubottuPackage/file gammamoo does not exist in quantal17:26
bobweaverthinkinbee,  here is packaging guide http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/17:26
bobweaverthinkinbee,  thanks ! you are awesome17:26
thinkinbeebobweaver you too are awesome man :-)17:26
_TristanCan anybody suggest a document editor that isn't ugly?17:27
bobweaverKroach,  I am afraid that I can not help with that bash script sorry some one else will though maybe try in #bash ?17:27
foggalong_Tristan, what sort of editor you looking for?17:27
dr_willisi prefer functional over looks..17:27
bobweaver_Tristan,  add plugin's to gedit ?17:27
foggalong_Tristan A MS Word style thing or for editing code?17:27
bobweaver_Tristan,  editor or IDE ?17:28
thinkinbee_Tristan why not xemacs or gedit ?17:28
Kroachbobweaver: ok, thanks17:28
_Tristanlibreoffice without the windows 98 ui, or abiword without the left-aligned page at 100% zoom17:28
dr_willisgeany. abiword. lyx17:28
MonkeyDust_Tristan  to edit what kind of files?17:28
_Tristanoffice document editor17:28
Lord_IronNeed help! Everytime I install ubuntu on a cd it installs, then asks me to take out the installation media, it restarts the computor and its not loaded, do I need to burn another disc and try again or what? PLease help!17:28
bobweaver!md5sum | Lord_Iron  you have checked the....17:29
ubottuLord_Iron  you have checked the....: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows17:29
MonkeyDust_Tristan  there's gnome-office, star-office, maybe more17:29
Lord_IronGood idea17:29
dr_willisLord_Iron:  or its just the grub menu having issues17:29
foggalong_Tristan Right. Yeah, the interfaces aren't usually beautiful. It's just something that tends to come with free software (Generally, not a a rule)17:29
thinkinbeeLord_Iron check for the MD5sum17:29
irishmac1022hi, i just installed ubuntu livebootable onto my flash drive and i used Unetbootin, i ran it and i get a wireless unavailable when i try to connect to wifi, what do I do?17:30
_Tristanfoggalong: yeah, I know, I'm just hoping there's something that won't make my eyes bleed17:30
RaionMaybe your wireless needs a driver...17:30
RaionBetter to go with ethernet while installing...17:30
irishmac1022i am not able to do ethernet17:30
foggalong_Tristan: Haha, yeah I got ya. Libre Office is the nicest I've been able to find. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful there.17:31
escottMonkeyDust, star-office.... is this the tour of historic office projects17:31
dr_willisthis is when a cheap ubuntu compatiable wifi dongle is handy.17:31
_TristanI just don't get why it looks so... redmond.17:31
_TristanWhy not just use native ui components like a civilized suite?17:31
RaionHmmm... Then I suggest install without Internet and then get a driver from other pc for your wifi card and then install it on your ubuntu....17:31
irishmac1022i am currently on a netbook17:32
escott_Tristan, that is common for cross platform projects17:32
_TristanI know, but I still want to rant about it17:32
dr_willismy netbooks wifi have worked.. perhaps the switch is just off.17:32
RaionHmmm... Did u try the live bootable usb?17:33
Justin_jtb7rmvhow do u setting up GammaMOO 1.8.3 RC4 server in linux17:33
irishmac1022i did do the live bootable17:33
irishmac1022Raion: ^17:33
RaionI see, and from the live environment you are unable to connect to wifi...?17:34
irishmac1022no i am not17:34
irishmac1022i used Unetbootin and chose try ubuntu without installins17:34
RaionHmmm... Perhaps your wifi is off from the hardware...17:34
RaionI see...17:35
irishmac1022what shall i do?17:35
MarderIIIirishmac1022: unetbootin sometimes causes the live iso's to work incorrectly, had the same experience with puppy linux17:35
blondielegshey fudge are you here?17:35
foggalong_Tristan: In the end I guess I've just got used to it looking a little outdated. Have you tried looking for a theme plugin?17:35
blondielegscan i message you17:35
blondielegsi gotta question17:35
_Tristanfoggalong: themes, eh?17:36
MarderIIIirishmac1022: installed puppy to usb from live cd and everything worked ok. Just a thought...17:36
Guest93711Hey does anyone know how to get  monochromatic themes ?17:36
=== Youri is now known as YBook
irishmac1022MarderIII: my netbook has no cd drive17:36
RaionDon't use unetbootin, make a live usb and then try, that gives the proper results...17:37
Guest93711Anyone ?17:37
foggalong_Tristan: It might be worth a look. I don't even know if they exist, but most Linux things can be pulled apart and neatened up a little bit17:37
irishmac1022how do i do the live usb method17:37
RaionWait a second...17:37
MonkeyDust!themes > Guest9371117:37
ubottuGuest93711, please see my private message17:37
MarderIIIirishmac1022: then your out of luck. find a usb-cdrom or try another live-cd with unetbootin17:37
locojayhi anyone running ubuntu hvm?17:38
locojayvia xen17:38
irishmac1022MarderIII: Raion is helping17:38
MarderIIIirishmac1022: ok. succes!17:38
locojayi have an intel 3000 but only get a 1024*768 resolution17:38
irishmac1022MarderIII: he is finding me a different live usb method17:39
darkhalo117Does ubuntu come with a diagnostic tool for HDD's?17:39
Raionhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows for making live usb...17:39
DJonesdarkhalo117: smartmontools17:39
irishmac1022Raion: thank you!17:40
darkhalo117That should work with my raid configuration right?17:40
_Tristansuite jesus. libreoffice writer alone looks awful, but when I installed the suite it looked good again.17:40
DJonesdarkhalo117: For more info, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools17:40
Link9001So any chromatic themes ?17:40
darkhalo117Again thnx17:40
escottdarkhalo117, unless your hardware doesnt report smart data17:40
IdleOne!themes | Link9001  have a look for yourself17:40
ubottuLink9001  have a look for yourself: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:40
blondielegsis there anyone here who can help me fix my computer. its stating that there is a error with the Ubuntu 12.04 and its reporting a crash17:42
blondielegsif anyone can help can you please send me a private message17:42
foggalong_Tristan: Any luck?17:42
DJonesblondielegs: You'll bet better off giving details of your problem in the channel, if you speak to one person in private, if they go off line, you'll be left with no reply, plus in channel helps other people learn as well17:44
blondielegswhen i start my computer it says mem timing table lenth unknown17:45
blondielegsdoes that mean anything to anyone17:46
MonkeyDustblondielegs  is that before or after the grub menu?17:46
escottblondielegs, it means the kernel doesn't know how long the mem timing table is17:47
blondielegswhat is a mem timing table17:47
blondielegshow do i fix it17:47
escottblondielegs, it means your bios is in some way broken. the kernel should pick a conservative timing (presumably the first entry)17:48
Dandylionhi all, can you give some examples on how much space you assign to the main Ubuntu partition to make room for a couple of years updates, etc.? What is a good ("enough"...) size?17:48
blondielegsok how do i fix it17:48
Dandylion(for Ubuntu 12.04)17:48
blondielegsand how bad is it17:48
diosdelanetAlguien me puede ayudar17:48
MonkeyDustblondielegs  i read here, it may be due to overclocking17:48
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:48
rkhdmi sound does not work in my hp pavilion laptop with ubuntu 12.04. Can anybody help me?17:49
escottblondielegs, you could look for a bios update from your manufacturer, but as long as the system works its not a problem. you may not be getting the best performance but otherwise if it works it works17:49
blondielegsi do not know much on how my computer works. what is overclocking17:49
blondielegsoh ok17:49
blondielegscool thank you17:49
darkhalo117If I get "error setting up gfxboot" and I get a bunch of numbers with "error 2" on a live boot, what does that mean?17:50
darkhalo117Besides the graphics aren't loading properly17:50
irishmac1022Raion: so, after ive installed it onto my flash drive using pen drive, what option will i choose when i boot it?17:50
DJonesescott: blondielegs Just looking at that "mem timing table" error, most hits seem to relate to the nouveau driver, don't know if that helps, its not something I've come across17:50
=== brittnee_ is now known as brittnee-air
Mensch-MaschineHi, eveyone17:51
diosdelanetNesecito ayuda en algo me podrian ayudar ho dar informacion?17:52
escott!es | diosdelanet17:52
ubottudiosdelanet: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:52
rkhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1421520/ this is aplay -l output... i have selected hdmi in sound configuration window but i only achieve sound stop playing from speakers and no sound from hdmi :S17:52
Mensch-MaschineMight not be ubuntu-related, but "PXE-E01: PCI Vendor and Device ID do not match" at boot, is that likey to mean “dead ethernet controller" ?17:53
diosdelanetubottu: thanks17:53
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:53
blondielegsescott: the manufacturer of my computer or ubuntu?17:54
escottblondielegs, the hardware17:54
blondielegswhich piece of hardware17:55
escottblondielegs, as DJones pointed out there are multiple pieces of hardware which might have timing tables. without more context from dmesg its hard to say what hardware is confusing what software component17:55
blondielegsMY graphics card freaked17:56
blondielegscause i was trying to update the drivers and then it went into low graphics mode and was stuck17:56
blondielegsfudge helped me fix it17:56
blondielegsi can see my desktop now17:56
MonkeyDustblondielegs  don't hit the enter key too often, it's getting a headache17:57
irishmac1022bye all, wish me luck, tried a new live boot usb method. Hopefully i will see in the Ubuntu universe next time17:57
const_antineIs it possible to set shared NFS directory to adopt mounting user's UID and GID?17:57
escottconst_antine, you can supply a mapping table to the nfs mount17:57
const_antinemapping table?17:58
const_antineis that a list of directories?17:58
blondielegssorry whats getting a headache? the message server here17:58
t4nk584anyone have any experience with loading a drobo share via fstab?17:59
escottconst_antine, /etc/nfs.map evidently17:59
yeats!enter | blondielegs17:59
ubottublondielegs: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:59
yeatsblondielegs: ^^that's what MonkeyDust meant, I believe17:59
blondielegssorry im knew didnt mean to upset you guys18:00
blondielegsthanks for your help18:00
escottt4nk584, i imagine its not any different than any other kind of share. you just have to pick your protocol and go from there. drobo should support a lot of protocols18:02
escottconst_antine, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man5/exports.5.html see the section on   User ID Mapping18:02
EaglemanError starting domain: unsupported configuration: spicevmc not supported in this QEMU binary   How do i compile QEMU myself and what should i look out for?18:03
ikoniayou really don't want to do that18:03
ikoniacompiling qemu is not a trivial thing, especially to get it laid out/intergrated with the ubuntu setup18:03
_Tristanfoggalong: yes, I just had to install the libreoffice suite instead of just the writer. Apparently the suite has the proper theming stuff in it.18:03
const_antinety escott man file doesnt have that18:03
EaglemanSO what should i do ..18:04
escottconst_antine, that is hardy so see if there is a precise version of that, but i can't imagine nfs has changed that much18:04
ikoniaEagleman: what do you actually want to do ?18:04
yeatsEagleman: see here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/spice18:04
=== jack_123 is now known as jtr
escottEagleman, isn't spice a redhat product? you might try fedora18:05
EaglemanI want to be able to change my resolution in my windows guest OS to 1920x120018:05
foggalong_Tristan: Ah right. Problem solved then.18:05
ikoniaEagleman: what is the limiting factor stopping you ?18:05
_Tristanyeah :)18:05
Eaglemanwell vga std isnt working, and i've heard i can get it to work with qxl and spice18:06
ikoniaI'd do more research than that18:06
yeatsEagleman: you might do better with VirtualBox for desktop virtualization (just my opinion) - virtualbox + guest additions will do what you want18:06
Eaglemani switched over from virtualbox to kvm18:07
Eaglemanbecuase i once tried to move a virtual machineto another location on my harddisk, and then the trouble began18:07
ikoniaI'm running a windows XP guest in KVM at 1600x80018:07
ikoniait's only limited by the resolution of my laptop display18:07
EaglemanWell how did you do it :P?18:08
ikoniait was an available option18:08
EaglemanI am using virt-manager with x11 on windows to manage VM's but the resolution is bothering me18:09
ikoniahang on18:09
Eaglemanok, thanks18:09
ikoniavirt-manager on windows....18:09
ikoniais windows the guest or the host18:09
ikonia(I know that sounds stupid)18:09
Eaglemanmy ubuntu server is the host18:09
Eaglemanand on the host there are guests18:09
ikoniaright, so which resolution do you want to change18:09
ikoniathe windows machine you are using to manage, or the guest's18:10
EaglemanOf my windows 8 machine18:10
Eaglemanthe guest orcourse :P18:10
ikoniaso why are you telling me about using virmanager on x11 on a windows desktop ?18:10
EaglemanI am not here to ask on how to change my resolution on my main pc18:10
ikoniadoes that have some relevence ?18:10
EaglemanBecuase thats how i manage the guest OS's on my host ( ubuntu server )18:11
ikoniadoest that have anything to do with the issue ?18:11
Eaglemanyes it does18:11
escottikonia, i think he just means his main client that he interacts through is windows. and that spice server runs on windows18:11
Eaglemanbecuase i use virt-manager to manage the machines, so if i want to change settings i have to change it there18:11
Sheikhmakhey guys this is a bit silly, but i can't seem to find a way to do it. when I use gnome-screenshot in the command, it auto saves the file, I don't want that, anyone knows how to do that?18:12
ikoniaEagleman: that doesn't make sense18:12
davidoknerI've been thinking that Ubuntu should try to become a gaming platform.18:12
escottSheikhmak, gnome-screenshot --help18:12
davidoknerBecause gaming on Windows/Mac sucks18:12
angelpossumhey its me18:12
ikoniadavidokner: ok, thanks for your thoughts,18:12
Sheikhmaktried that lol. escott either i don't understand the options, or its simply not there18:13
ikoniaEagleman: what display setup are you using18:13
escottdavidokner, a bit late to come to that conclusion, and its off-topic18:13
angelpossumopps wrong ckannel18:13
DJonesdavidokner: Probably better for discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic18:13
ikoniaescott: what's being used to render / draw the display18:13
davidoknerOh, Support Channel?18:13
escottSheikhmak, if you just run "gnome-screenshot --help" in the command line it will print out the options including "-f" to save to a file18:13
ikoniaescott: sorry that was for Eagleman18:13
escottikonia, no problem... im almost as confused as you18:14
yeatsdavidokner: you might try #ubuntu-offtopic18:14
escottEagleman, are you doing any kind of vga_passthrough here?18:14
davidoknerok. I tried to install Ubuntu on my 27 inch 2010 iMac btw, and it wouldn't get passed spinning logo or whatever.18:14
ikoniadavidokner: that's not really anything to do with ubuntu18:14
ikoniadavidokner: so not really appropriate for this channel18:14
Sheikhmakescott, not what i need lol. ahhaa, I want it to launch the window, not -i but the window you'd get natively when you press screenshot button in ubuntu18:15
davidoknerikonia: It sounds like Ubuntu doesn't support my computer.18:15
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages18:15
ikoniadavidokner: you're not using ubuntu, you said you're trying to install windows18:15
Eaglemanikonia and escott maybe this makes sense:  http://imagebin.org/23866618:15
ikoniadavidokner: oops, sorry, I totally miss-read that18:15
davidoknerkonia: No, I said ubuntu, yeah18:15
ikoniadavidokner: you are installing ubuntu, my apologies18:15
mcgreteHello.  I am having trouble with authentication using freenx and nx client.  Tried many different methods/posts on web.  Using custom key, not using standard port22; appear able to connect, but kicked off?  Any help?  Here is the NX Client details of the failure.18:16
mcgreteNX> 203 NXSSH running with pid: 798318:16
mcgreteNX> 285 Enabling check on switch command18:16
mcgreteNX> 285 Enabling skip of SSH config files18:16
mcgreteNX> 285 Setting the preferred NX options18:16
FloodBot1mcgrete: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:16
mcgreteNX> 200 Connected to address: myipaddress on port: myport#18:16
davidoknerikonia: Yeah, but its ok, I don't want to try to install it right now.18:16
CatbuntuWhich video editor do you recommend me for creating amateur Youtube videos?18:16
escottSheikhmak, i dont follow what you want18:16
mcgreteChecking to see if I am unmuted now; sorry for the 'flood', unintentional...18:17
Sheikhmakescott, i'm on lubuntu, when you on ubuntu  and you press screenshot on your keyboard, you get a little window that asks you where to save the screenshot. I'm trying to do the same in lubuntu using gnome-screenshot.18:18
escottSheikhmak, doesn't seem you can set the filename in that interactive prompt if that is what you want18:19
Justin_jtb7rmvunrealircd tar: You may not specify more than one `-Acdtrux' or `--test-label' option18:19
Justin_jtb7rmvTry `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.18:19
espkunHow do i add this PPA to ubuntu software center? https://launchpad.net/~andrikos/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=quantal18:21
espkuni need the xorg files and fgrlx drivers, from the PPA for 12.1018:21
Sheikhmakyeah my best shot is to use -i, after i take screenshot I can save.18:21
Justin_jtb7rmvi need helping18:21
ikoniaJustin_jtb7rmv: what command are you running18:22
Zeelotdoes anyone here know how to change the icon a usb drive shows up with? I plugged in a device and it had an icon but then I formatted it and lost it… I have the ico file but don't know how to tell ubuntu to use it18:23
escottSheikhmak, you can probably specify -i and -f if you wat18:23
Zeelotwindows uses the autorun.inf file for this but that doesn't seem to do anything here18:23
mcgreteZeelot: have you tried right clicking and selecting properties, then icon on left of window shows current icon, click it and select new icon18:24
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
mcgreteZeelot: are you using windows?18:25
Zeelotmcgrete: I was looking for how the drive did it internally18:26
Sheikhmakfor the mac ubuntu users, any of you ever tried to format entire disk to use only ubuntu?18:26
Zeelotsince it came with an icon on the first try18:26
Zeelotmcgrete: the properties thing didn't work18:27
mcgreteZeelot: sorry, no suggestions18:27
Zeelotalright thanks anyway18:27
Justin_jtb7rmvi want runing unrealircd in linux18:28
dr_willisso whats stopping you Justin_jtb7rmv18:29
DrGrovNow I seriously wondering.18:30
DrGrovMy DVD burner is saying "Multi Recorder". Can I then burn DVD+R and DVD-R? I am not too sure.18:30
dr_willishow old is the drive DrGrov18:30
dr_willisid think it should do both unless its reral old18:31
Justin_jtb7rmvtar: You may not specify more than one `-Acdtrux' or `--test-label' option Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information.18:31
=== Sazpaimon__ is now known as Sazpaimon
DrGrovdr_willis: I am not too sure. I am trying to figure out from where in Ubuntu I can check the actual name of the LG DVD burner. It says Super Multi on one sind. The other side is says DVD Multi Recorder.18:33
maslanoveverybody is here?18:33
dr_willisJustin_jtb7rmv:  what are you doing exazctly18:33
maslanovi am in wc18:33
dr_willisDrGrov:  'actual name' ? meaning what?18:33
irishmac1022maslanov: TMI18:33
DrGrovdr_willis: The product name that LG gave it. Perhaps it is visible within Ubuntu as well somehow?18:33
Si2100yeah !18:33
psiklopsHi. I wish to share a UMTS (USB-Modem) internet connection with my built in Ethernet (eth0) so i can share to an other Machine.18:34
dr_willis!info hwinfo18:34
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2.2 (quantal), package size 17 kB, installed size 99 kB18:34
psiklopsWhere can i find Documentation on this this ?18:34
dr_willistry hwinfo tool  perhaps  DrGrov18:34
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing18:34
Justin_jtb7rmvtar zxcf filenanes.tar.gz18:36
DrGrovdr_willis: The issue I have is that this is the only machine I have :( But it is good. Hwinfo is what I meant. Just downloading it now to verify what the LG DVD station is called. Got a Samsung similar one that says Multi Recorder as well.18:36
RustybladeHey guys I am using Ubuntu 12.10 and I am trying to remove Wine 1.4 using synaptic because it is a broken package, but doesn't let me. Screenshot: http://imagebin.org/23867018:36
DrGrovdr_willis: Shouldn't it be so that the DVD burner refuses the DVD if it is wrong?18:36
RustybladeSo can anyone help me?18:37
Si2100have you tired from termina l?18:37
dr_willisi would think the cdrecord tools or other tools would give an error      message18:37
Si2100what it sya ?18:37
RustybladeThe reason I am doing this is to install wine18:37
Si2100try downloading from thier site ?18:38
dr_willistry installing it via apt-get and report any error messages18:38
Si2100or apt-fast =)18:38
Justin_jtb7rmvdr_willis tar zxcf filenanes.tar.gz18:39
RustybladeI do "sudo apt-get -f install"18:39
RustybladeAnd it says 0 to remove 0 to bla bla bla18:39
RustybladeThat mean it THINKS nothing is broken18:40
DrGrovdr_willis: The problem I am facing now then includes what is the most reliable DVD burning software since I only have one DVD?18:40
RustybladeI disabled the Main Wine HQ repo18:40
RustybladeLike it told to18:40
rushboyhello can anyone help me out with this query i have : how do i search for a particular .src file in github thry ough my terminal in ubuntu ?any example would do . thanks in advance :)18:40
dr_willisJustin_jtb7rmv:  c = create. x = extract  i think you are using opposite options18:40
RustybladeBut why can't I remove the package from synaptic18:40
dr_willis!info unp | Justin_jtb7rmv18:40
ubottuJustin_jtb7rmv: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7+nmu1 (quantal), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB18:40
Si2100youy should be able t from termianl18:40
RustybladeIt doesn't work...18:41
dr_willisJustin_jtb7rmv:  unp foo.tgz18:41
Si2100Rustyblade, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207077118:41
BluesKajSi2100, apt-fast is ok for upgrading packages , just noting that don't try major upgrades to the desktop versions because it's failed and really screwed up my system sources18:41
RustybladeI also went to Edit>Fix Broken Packages and I get this18:41
DrGrovdr_willis: Got it :) Device: "DVDRAM GSA-H12L"18:41
BluesKajSi2100, and it isn't real fast anyway :)18:42
Arashhow can I kill my firefox process ?18:42
clausenis there anything like sshfs that can access remote block devices?18:42
dr_willisArash:  killall firefox18:43
Si2100BlueEagle, Lies it say its faster =P18:43
Arashthanks doc18:43
Aaron123Hey guys! I dual boot windows & Ubuntu, However after reinstalling windows, I no longer have the option to choose OS during boot. Is there a way to fix this inside windows ?18:44
Justin_jtb7rmvdr_willis i am talking you on open window18:44
RustybladeSi2100: I tried it using Synaptic I get this IN Synaptic: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1421638/18:44
DJones!grub | Aaron12318:44
ubottuAaron123: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:44
DrGrovdr_willis: This is the one. http://reviews.cnet.com/dvd-drives/lg-gsa-h12l-super/4505-3212_7-34936090.html18:45
Aaron123thanks ubottu18:45
Si2100Rustyblade, you might have done this but: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94712418:45
DrGrovdr_willis: Should that not work as well with DVD-R ?18:46
shPikachuhi ppl18:46
* Justin_jtb7rmv {{{{huggles}}}} dr_willis18:47
shPikachui want to do autologin and to start directly into fluxbox in ubuntu18:47
shPikachui already disabled lightdm18:47
shPikachubut i dont know what to do next18:47
Si2100shPikachu, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/startfluxbox.1.html18:48
erposhPikachu: lightdm might have a feature that lets you log in automatically.18:48
RustybladeSigh* doesn't work...18:48
kelvinellawhat is the best way to convert eps files to png or gif without much lost of image quality in ubuntu?18:49
Si2100Rustyblade, Dunno what to do then... am out of ideas18:49
shPikachuSi2100 : thanks18:49
BoreeasI added a directory to the path in my .bashrc file, but it appears that the executables in that directory aren't found by bash18:49
Si2100shPikachu, its cool18:49
Justin_jtb7rmvdr_willis i am talking you on open window18:49
erpokelvinella: A lot of files or just one or two?18:49
BoreeasHow do I refresh the path-cache, if it exists?18:49
erpoBoreeas: Did you log out and back in?18:50
Boreeaserpo: No, just executed bash again18:50
dr_willisJustin_jtb7rmv: theres no need to be pm-ing me.18:50
erpoBoreeas: I'm not 100% sure bash reads .bashrc every time it's invoked. I think it might be just when you log in.18:51
dr_willisJustin_jtb7rmv:  you are not using the right options.18:51
RustybladeHere is what I tried, Went to Synaptic>Searched Wine>Right Clicked Wine1.4>Mark For Installation>Edit>Fix Broken Packages>I get this18:51
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression18:51
RustybladeE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:51
RustybladeE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.18:51
RustybladeE: Unable to correct dependencies18:51
RustybladeE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.18:51
RustybladeE: Unable to correct dependencies18:51
Boreeaserpo: Alright, I'll relog then, thanks18:51
Si2100Cya later guys18:52
dr_willisRustyblade:  tried a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?18:52
erpoBoreeas: If that doesn't work, pastebin your .bashrc.18:52
Mensch-MaschineAnother question, definitely system related this time. On 10.04, no X, my caps lock light doesn’t work. It stops working during boot and remains lit or unlit depending on what was it states at that point. Any idea?18:52
Rustyblade0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:52
anepanal1ptoshowdy, how do i change the metric in a dhcp-obtained default gw?18:53
Rustybladedr_willis: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:53
thomasdhay does Ionice also change network schedueling priority?18:53
kelvinellaerpo, 12 eps files18:54
dr_willismy apt fu skills are all used up then Rustyblade18:54
erpoanepanal1ptos: The command that can do that is called "ip". I don't know how to use that command, but you might start reading the man page.18:54
RustybladeThx for the umm.. help I guess?18:54
kelvinellaerpo, i know i can open one file at a time in gimp and convert them to png, but is there a terminal way to convert them with commands?18:54
anepanal1ptoserpo: that works. i was tring to use route18:54
kelvinellaerpo, without much lost in image quality?18:55
dr_willisRustyblade:  askubuntu.com may have some suggestions18:55
kelvinellaerpo, i dont know why i cant insert some eps files in word2007?18:55
dr_williskelvinella:  imagemagick perhaps18:55
erpokelvinella: Install imagemagick and use the convert command: convert input.eps output.png.18:55
kelvinellaerpo, the eps files i created with xfig can be inserted into word 2007 but some eps files i created with other program i can not18:55
erpokelvinella: I found that solution by googling for: linux convert eps command line and then choosing the first link.18:56
bat21How come I get an error using Firestarter with Ubuntu 12.10 about not having access to the system logs... ? I was started with sudo ? Anyone, thanks in advance.18:57
roothow are you18:57
thomasdhay does Ionice also change network schedueling priority?18:57
=== root is now known as Guest24591
erporoot: I recommend not using IRC as root. \18:57
erpothomasd: I don't think so. What are you trying to do?18:58
Guest24591you can help me plz???18:58
kelvinellaerpo, i also found that in google i just want some more expert advices18:58
erpokelvinella: It looks like the best solution to me.18:58
erpoGuest24591: If you need help, it's OK to just ask your question.18:59
irishmac1022do you think i should install ubuntu alongside my Windows 7?18:59
erpoirishmac1022: As opposed to not installing ubuntu at all? As opposed to installing it in a virtual machine?19:00
irishmac1022not installing at all?19:00
thomasderpo: i have applications that require a small amount of bandwith reliably (minecraft) and other ones that require large amounts but not so reliably (youtube) is there someway i can keep youtube from choking out minecraft?19:00
erpothomasd: Yes. Linux has a facility called "traffic control" that will allow you to do exactly that.19:01
erpothomasd: The generic terms for what you want to do is called "quality of service", which is what it's called outside of the Linux world.19:02
thomasderpo: tyvm. I write web-pages i should be more informed with the mechanics of how they git to the client :P.19:02
erpoirishmac1022: If you're curious about ubuntu, just put the CD in the drive and boot off of it. You can play around with it without actually changing your computer. When you're done, just reboot and take the disc out and you'll have your computer back the way it was.19:03
erpothomasd: Personally, I'm glad I don't have to know every little thing about computers to make them work.19:04
irishmac1022erpo: my netbook has no cd drive, but i am using a live usb to do it19:04
erpoirishmac1022: In that case, you can boot off of the live USB until you figure out whether you want to install it or not.19:04
ftruzziHi, anyone knows how I can listen to the stereo line input?19:05
zoite_with your ears usually19:05
ftruzzizoite_, >.> found in alsamixer the control19:05
erpoftruzzi: Which version of Ubuntu and which desktop environment?19:05
irishmac1022erpo: im just wondering the pros of having it installed19:05
bat21How come I get an error using Firestarter with Ubuntu 12.10 about not having access to the system logs... ? I was started with sudo ? Anyone, thanks in advance.19:05
erpoirishmac1022: I'm not an ubuntu salesman. What got you interested in the first place?19:06
irishmac1022erpo: ive used it before, so im just trying to see if the new 12.10 is worth installing19:07
MacuserDoes anyone know if both the java JRE and JDK come pre-installed on Ubuntu?19:08
yeatsirishmac1022: no one but you knows what your needs/preferences are - if you want to, install it and see if you like it.19:08
erpoirishmac1022: In general, I think every version of ubuntu is better than the last. I haven't tried 12.10, but I hear it has some privacy issues (e.g. sending what you type into the launcher to Amazon.com).19:08
irishmac1022yeats: how do i uninstall it if i need to19:09
yeats!java | Macuser19:09
ubottuMacuser: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:09
=== acidflash_ is now known as acidflash
erpoMacuser: There is more than one JRE and JDK. What do you want to do?19:09
irishmac1022erpo: i heard about that, i was going to disable that when i had it up and running with wifi19:09
MacuserI know what a JRE and JDK are. i just wanted to know if Ubuntu comes with a JRE and JDK. It doesn't matter which one.19:09
yeatsirishmac1022: there are many forum threads, blog posts, etc. on the web, but the basics are: 1) delete the ubuntu partition and 2) restore the MBR with your windows install disc19:09
erpoMacuser: I don't know if it's installed by default, but it's easy to install a JRE and JDK from the official repositories.19:10
irishmac1022yeats: i planned to install it on my school netbook, so i wont be able to do replacement boot manger19:10
yeatsirishmac1022: then that probably settles it then, right?19:11
irishmac1022yeats: yup19:11
MacuserWhat's up with installing Linux on netbooks these days?19:12
irishmac1022yeats: i have to return the laptop when every year, so i'll just make them deal with it19:12
erpoMacuser: You use a flash drive since many netbooks don't have an optical drive.19:12
irishmac1022unless there is a way to install ubuntu into a flash as fully standalone19:13
irishmac1022*flash drive19:13
yeats!liveusb | irishmac1022 - that's possible too19:14
ubottuirishmac1022 - that's possible too: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:14
ubottutilliboy_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:14
erpoirishmac1022: You could also save a disk image of the system now, install ubuntu for the year, and restore the image when you have to return the hardware.19:14
irishmac1022erpo: how do i do that?19:15
erpoirishmac1022: Google clonezilla.19:15
irishmac1022i already have clonezilla, that is probably what they use for their images19:16
Mensch-MaschineAny idea why my caps lock light does not work after boot? It works fine before that point. 10.04, no X.19:16
mcgreteHello.  Can anyone help me with resolving an issue with freenx?  I appear to connect, but get disconnected/reset for some reason.  NX> 200 Connected to address: MyIPAddress on port: MyPort;   Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer19:17
RichardRaseleyI am running a fresh install of 12.10 and Chromium (22.0.1229.94~r161065-0ubuntu1). I can't seem to get the unity web app thing working at all (no prompts when navigating to sites, etc). Any suggestions?19:17
escottmcgrete, what is between you and the server19:18
t432I accidentally entered the command: sudo apt-get autoremove openjdk-*19:18
mcgreteescott: I have a router LinksysE3000 if I recall.19:19
Ankithelp with installation ? anyone ?19:19
irishmac1022t432: how did you do that?19:19
mac_i was reading news and found a shoking news about ubuntu ad it broke my trutst on ubuntu19:19
erpot432: That's a heck of a typo.19:19
mac_the news saying ubuntu contain malicious code and it spy on users..19:19
irishmac1022mac_: elaborate, please?19:20
DJonesmac_: Just turn it off19:20
t432what did i do?19:20
mac_read news here...19:20
DJones!adlens | mac_19:20
ubottumac_: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ19:20
Ankitim stuck at login screen19:20
escottmcgrete, then its probably not that. its something on the server. anything in the logs19:20
Ankitmouse freeze19:20
mcgreteescott:  I don't know how to check logs; advice? WHich logs?  sudo gedit /path?/logfile?19:20
irishmac1022Ankit: did you reboot the machine?19:20
mac_ubottu can u give me tuth for being safe19:21
ubottumac_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:21
t432anyway to to recover?19:21
xangua!ot | mac_19:21
ubottumac_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:21
mac_some help19:21
Ankitirishmac1022: yes, then ctlr alt f7 on gui screen and mouse stuck19:21
mcgreteescott: I have installed freenx server, and NX Client19:21
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:21
dr_willismac_:  if you dont wand the adlens then remove it19:21
irishmac1022Ankit: are you on a laptop?19:22
mac_dr_willis how to remove it?19:22
gorgonzolahello peoples! i'm seeing a weird problem but i have no idea where to begin looking into it. My video card (ATI m96, mobility radeon hd 4650) is supposed to have 512mb dedicated video memory, but for some reason, lspci and apps report it having only 256. what gives? thanks!19:22
dr_willisits been well documented since befor 12.10 came out.19:22
escottmcgrete, /var/log19:22
=== gill_afk is now known as gill
DJonesmac_: Read the link ubottu gave you, that explains it19:22
Ankitirishmac1022: yes19:23
mac_ok thnkx19:23
mcgreteescott: Oops, ignore entry.19:23
dr_willismac_:  ubottu  just told you..........19:23
irishmac1022Ankit: is there a key that looks like a mouspad with a x in it?19:23
mac_des it spy on im chat and skype etc?19:23
dr_willismac_:  it dosent spy on  anything19:24
Ankitirishmac1022: didnt get you19:24
irishmac1022Ankit: on the f1-f12 keys19:24
mcgreteescott:  Still there?19:24
dr_willisits well documented what it does19:25
escottmcgrete, yes19:25
mac_i was just shocked from this news..and many people rmeove ubuntu from there