xubuntu563need help dont kno if im in the right place i just installed a copy of xubuntu and i cant seem to get the sound to work00:12
Zelouillexubuntu563, yes you are.00:28
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:28
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keithclarkHow do I access a drive on another computer in xubuntu?  I don't seem to be able to get the file manager to work with a ssh session01:01
ochosikeithclark: what version of xubuntu are you using=01:02
keithclarkochosi, 12.1001:03
ochosikeithclark: then just hit ctrl+l and enter "sftp://$user@$server-ip:$port"01:04
ochosi(obviously $user stands for your username etc.)01:04
ochosiin the filemanager01:04
ochosi== thunar01:04
keithclarkwhy not just ssh://user@x.x.x.x01:11
ochosikeithclark: because sftp is ssh's file transfer protocol?01:20
keithclarkAh, it worked fine.  Thanks01:20
ochosigood :)01:21
mark_Hello.  I want my default browser to be Chrome, but whenever I set it as default (through preferred applications or the browser itself) it always goes to not being the default.  How can I go about fixing that?01:37
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lotatoI had a quick question regarding method three listed on this page02:36
lotatowhat is the command I should be mapping to a key?02:36
lotatoI don't seem to have it as an unset option in my list02:36
lotatocould someone kindly check to see if they have in their keyboard shortcut list? It'd be greatly appreciated! :]02:37
drcIt's in my 12.04.1 system, unset, like the page said02:39
lotatowhat is the command that should be mapped to a key? I unfortunately don't seem to have it in same system02:41
lotatoin the* same system (12.04.1)02:42
drcYou sure it's not there?  In my system, it's the 17th item in the list, between Move Window and Shade window (you have to scroll down to see it).02:44
drcAnd I suspect that clicking the Reset to Defaults button would put it back.02:45
lotatoI must've removed most of the options when I was making my own to unclutter the list. I guess I'll have to reset it after backing up my custom ones02:47
lotatohuh. I reset them to the defaults, yet I still don't have it02:50
lotatoalong with Move Window or Shade Window or anything like that02:50
drcThen one of us is looking at the wrong place :)02:51
drcJust to be sure, you aren't looking at Settings>Settings Manager> Keyboard> Applications Shortcuts?02:52
lotatoAha, you've got me! I've been looking in the wrong place, and just where you mentioned. Boy do I feel silly now02:53
drcBeen there, dome that, got the silly grin :)02:53
lotatoThank you for the help drc! When I was reading that page, I must've glossed over the location as soon as I saw the word Keyboard. I automatically assumed it was Applications > Shortcuts02:54
lotatoShows how important it is for me to read first :]02:54
lotatoThanks drc!02:54
drcRead Twice, Code once :)02:55
lotatoWords to live by! I need to start by learning those words! Haha. Have a good night and once again, thanks!02:55
drcNP...good night....02:55
xubuntu998hi, since updating to 12.04 lts i have no main menu, can anyone help03:34
xubuntu998There is an alacarte (?) menu but it is limited03:36
asterismoxubuntu998, there is alacarte, but it is not installed by default03:38
drcYou mean you have no Applications Menu?  The one usually on the far left side of the top panel?03:38
asterismoopen a terminal and execute "sudo apt-get install alacarte"03:39
xubuntu998nothing, nada, i'm pretty clueless but i did a google and found no help03:39
drcnothing, nada...what?  I'm confused.03:41
xubuntu998it just says whatever application is open or 'ubuntu desktop' if none are open but no menu, no options03:41
drc"It" ??????03:42
xubuntu998:-) you're confused, i'm clueless. Top panel -if no applications are open it says 'ubuntu desktop' in top left corner, if an app is open it has ththe name of app in top left and option to close, minimise ore max when mose hovers over, but nothing else03:44
drcwhat did you update from?03:45
xubuntu998not sure, had an 'updates available' top right and clicked ok03:46
drcAt some point you had to install xubuntu (from a cd or usb)  what was that?03:49
xubuntu998that was a couple of years ago, not even sure what version, would have downloaded or dorrowed the disk,03:50
xubuntu998was working fine till this upgrade03:50
xubuntu998can't even open terminal as it is not on alacarte menu03:56
drccan you right click on an open space on the top panel, go to the bottom of the drop down menu where it says panel?03:58
xubuntu998no, nothing happens when i right click (or left click)04:00
drcAre you sure you're using XUBUNTU, not UBUNTU ?04:01
xubuntu998i was pretty sure, how can i check now......      only thing that happens is if i double click on top panel web browser goes from full screen to window04:03
drcWhat happens if you move the mouse/sursor all the way to the left?04:06
xubuntu998nothing, alacarte is always visible04:06
drcwhat;s on the far right of the top panel?04:07
xubuntu998 an envelope, volume icon, time, user and shut down/system settings dropdown04:09
drcsystem settings?  that's an item on the men that drops down?04:14
xubuntu998yup, opens a window, has three main catagories,  personal, hardware and system.04:16
xubuntu998in system is backup, details, management services, time, universal access and user accounts04:17
drcOK, if you have "alacarte" always visable on the left, and a systems settings on a drop down menu on the right, I'm going to hazard an informed guess that you have UBUNTU, not Xubuntu (unity not xfce)04:18
xubuntu998Hmmmmm, im gonna reboot and see what it says, i was damb sure it was Xubuntu, but now i'm not sure.04:19
xubuntu998Thanks for youre help04:19
drcno problem04:19
* drc just shakes his head04:22
Psykusinstaller keeps hanging for me after the timezone selection, any ideas?04:39
Psykusgoing to try reformatting the usb stick i'm installing from04:43
JennyBlueBirdHi guys, could anybody tell em which package I need to get a panel volume control for ALSA in 12.10? I had to remove pulseaudio because of some programs that did not work well with it, and sound works rgeat now, but I don't get a volume control in the panel.06:28
JennyBlueBirdthe mixer and all works fine, I just can't find any volume control in the "add items" menu for the panel, nor is there any in the notification area06:28
JennyBlueBirdI assume I just miss some package or startup script06:28
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vlothoSympa le client irc pendant l'install08:58
Unit193Indeed, hello.08:59
ubottuTämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)08:59
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:59
Unit193Sorry about that.08:59
vlothothank you, bye :)09:01
Zelouilledamn, i can't find the equivalent of gdmsetup in xubuntu 12.04. Where an autoconnected user can be choosen.10:48
koegsZelouille: http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/10:55
koegsthere you get info about autologin10:55
soreauhey guys, how can I enable internet clock sync in xubuntu?11:15
* soreau remembers vaguely something about installing ntp11:17
soreaunow from two minutes slow to a minute-and-a-half fast11:18
soreaugetting there, close enough for now11:18
soreauah now it sync'd up11:28
soreauthanks for watching me figure this out :)11:28
Zelouillekoegs Oh, great, thank you. I should check that FAQ more often.11:37
bartzyHow do I open docx document with Abiword ? :\11:41
knomeyou don't, abiword doesn't support docx11:42
bartzyknome: I thought it did. through plugins or something ?11:44
knomebartzy, i don't think it supports docx anyway. doc, yes, but not docx11:46
knomeright, it might. but the problem is, if it doesn't open...11:46
bartzyAnd libreoffice requires gnome libs11:46
knomethen you're kind of out of luck11:47
bartzySo I should install libreoffice to get a normal "Office" experience ?11:47
knomeif you need better compatilibity with microsoft "x" formats, then probably11:47
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davi upgraded to quantal and then removed all the packages from ubuntu-desktop that aren't on xubuntu-desktop12:48
davnow lightdm won't start on boot12:48
davI tried sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults -g lightdm-gtk-greeter12:48
davand /etc/X11/default-display-manager contains /usr/sbin/lightdm12:48
davI reinstalled/reconfigured lightdm, nothing seems to do it12:49
davany idea?12:49
simpleuserBefore i could triple tap on my touchpad (1 tap : left click, 2 taps : middle click, 3 taps : right click). But not anymore.14:24
simpleuserHow could i change this ? For now 2 taps give me a right click.14:24
ochosisimpleuser: you mean that was the default setting "before"? what do you mean by that exactly? when did it change?14:48
simpleuseractually, before i had the distribution called "Voyager".14:48
simpleuser( http://voyager.legtux.org/ ) based on Xubuntu14:48
simpleuserNow i installed Xubuntu (the official one) and i don't have it.14:48
simpleuserochosi, ^14:48
ochosinever used voyager, sry14:52
ochosinot sure i can be of any help there14:53
simpleuserok no prob, thx anyway ochosi  :)14:55
ochosimaybe the voyager guys have a support channel or something14:56
simpleuseryeah i should go there, thanks for the idea !14:56
ochosisimpleuser: if you find out how, i'd be interested to know (it's probably not a usecase for me, but in general)15:00
simpleuserok no prob !15:00
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tomatopotatoCatbuntu: hi18:09
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Fudgehi is there anyone here using a unity precise that has installed xubuntu-desktop? I am hoping to find someone who can run orca, which is a screen reader for the blind and see if it is reading23:57

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