inetprogood mornings05:39
* inetpro wonders what Kilos was looking for05:40
Kilosmorning all05:46
inetproah wb Kilos05:54
inetproand good morning05:54
inetprooh and pong05:55
Kiloshi inetpro wb to you not me05:55
* inetpro been here earlier already05:55
Kilosyou wanna give me the correct info to tweet inetpro ?05:55
inetprolike what?05:56
Kilosja man but you pong a day late05:56
Squirmnice being able to wake up later than usual05:57
Kilosabout tonights meet with agenda and minute links05:57
Kilosi see agenda up top05:57
inetproReminder: Monthly meeting this evening at 19:30 on IRC-freenode #ubuntu-za. Agenda: http://bit.ly/T0K4ry05:58
inetproKilos: you mean something like that ^^ ?05:58
Kilosyes ty. is that all?05:59
inetproKilos: what more do you want?06:00
inetproyou can tweet more later06:01
inetprothanks Kilos06:04
Kilosi thought you had gone away for the weekend06:05
Kiloshi SeeBorg 06:07
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za06:08
Kilosi see you are still in Beta so things can just get better06:09
theblazehenhi kilos yeah just started him up last night06:12
Kilosah hi theblazehen morning to you06:12
theblazehenyou too06:12
Kilosthats good06:12
theblazehendid you talk to him?06:13
theblazehenok. I set him to not say anything06:13
Kilosonly saw him now for the first time06:13
theblazehenah ok06:14
Kilosis he a bot?06:14
theblazehenyeah a learning chatbot06:14
Kilosdo you do python programming?06:15
theblazehennot really. I onlt know the basics06:15
theblazehenOn saturday I made a program in C++ to change my display brightness06:16
Kilosclever hey?06:17
theblazehenIt's just a wxSliderand wriite to file though06:17
theblazehenback in 10 min06:18
theblazehenim back06:36
theblazehenyou know I went to a larger channel yesterday and I bet SeeBorg would fit right in...06:37
Kilostheblazehen, have you joined our mailing list?06:38
theblazehennope... where?06:38
Kilossec i find it06:38
theblazehenso what do i do? just send it a mail?06:39
Kilossec i gotta think06:40
Kilosyou join somehow06:40
KilosMaaz, google how to join ubuntu-za mailing list06:40
MaazKilos: "ubuntu-za Info Page" https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za :: "[ubuntu-za] Electrical Design Software/GIS/iTunes" https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2011-February/007213.html :: "Mailing Lists - Ubuntu" https://lists.ubuntu.com/ :: "[ubuntu-za] Launcher icons" https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2012-May/008926.html ::06:40
Maaz"[ubuntu-za] Continual error message in top right screen" https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubun…06:40
* inetpro wbbl06:41
Kilosk inetpro 06:41
theblazehenI found it06:41
Kilosnice im struggling some today06:42
theblazehenok I subscribed.06:43
theblazehenNow to deal with the mess of an inbox I call gmail06:43
Kiloswhat a pain that can be hey?06:43
theblazehenyeah... I should clean it out sometime06:44
Kilosi just keep important ones and limit who i get mails from06:44
theblazehengood idea.06:45
Kilosand evolution only fetches new mails06:45
theblazehenhave you seen http://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn ? Some nice desktops there...06:47
Kilosi didnt enjoy thunderbird much, and evo can make its own backup of settings etc06:47
theblazehenI'll try it sometime then.06:47
Kiloshi timkeller 06:52
Kilosthis one i like06:52
theblazehenIt is pretty good06:53
Kilosonly on unity if i changed mine it shows on all desktops where kde can have each desktop with a different one06:56
theblazehenI don't get what you mean ?06:57
theblazehenah. nice06:57
Kilosas in unity comes out with for as default06:57
SquirmKilos: do you use Compiz?06:58
Kilosim too old to enjoy the minimizing thing06:58
Kilosi dunno Squirm 06:58
Squirmopen a terminal and type `ccsm`06:59
Squirmif you do it should open the settings manager06:59
SquirmCompiz allows you to set a different wallpaper for each workspace06:59
Squirma quick google07:00
Kilosnot installed it says07:00
Kilosah ty Squirm 07:01
Kilosdont work Squirm 07:40
Kilosnever mind07:40
Kilosdoesnt get to the show desktop thing07:41
Kilosill play with desktops on kde07:41
* Squirm shrugs07:42
Kiloslol np ill leave 12.04 default while its working07:44
Kilostim having probs with connection again07:44
magespawnmorning all07:45
Squirmhi magespawn 07:49
magespawnhey Squirm07:49
Kiloshey magespawn 07:49
magespawnKilos you've been busy today already07:50
magespawnsuperfly i have had no luck w8th updating the new package manager for the n900. any ideas?08:10
superflymagespawn: not a clue, I'm afraid. Mine works fine08:11
Kilosmorning superfly 08:11
magespawnk will see what i can find08:13
magespawnreading time08:13
superflyhi Kilos08:18
charl_good morning08:45
magespawnhey charl_ 09:03
magespawntimkeller is a bit like a yo y909:04
nuvolarimornings everyone09:15
nuvolaritime to prepare09:15
* nuvolari cracks his knuckles09:15
nlsthznmorning nuvolari 09:16
nlsthznyour photo's are coming along nicely... pity the native sphere for android not that good yet09:17
nuvolarinlsthzn: thanks! :> I made 1 with the Android that came out pretty nice actually09:19
nlsthznsaw that one I think... but the last few are very good... like the way the trees stand out, looks shopped :)09:22
nuvolariI'm just struggling to find the best zoom 09:25
nuvolariI messed up the focus on the last one09:26
nuvolariit was too close so the objects in the distance is out of focus, but the nice thing is that with the stereographic projection it looks like it should be like that09:26
magespawnhey nuvolari nlsthzn 09:39
nlsthznmorning Maaz 09:42
nlsthznmorning magespawn 09:42
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 09:43
nuvolariargh :-/09:44
nuvolarihow can I insert bullet points in the loco wiki?09:44
charl_hi magespawn10:02
charl_wow timkeller is sitting on a bad network :(10:02
magespawnnot sure nuvolari i think inetpro did mine10:02
charl_nuvolari: link?10:03
nuvolaricharl_: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/506/detail/10:06
nuvolariI found it 10:06
nuvolarijust need an empty line between items10:06
nuvolariwhich is weird :-/10:07
nuvolarihmm, I wonder whether we need more photo's...10:07
nuvolarithere's a lot of pics in the existing album 10:07
charl_weird wiki, no obvious links to documentation on formatting10:08
charl_oh well, you got it right :)10:08
nuvolaridoes anyone know who has access to the mailing list stats?10:09
nlsthznnuvolari: wouldn't the list admin perhaps have access to it|10:11
theblazehen /join #alife10:13
nuvolariooh, nice! We have a good number of reports for 2012 compared to 2011 and 201010:18
nuvolarithanks for that nlsthzn :>10:19
nlsthznjust trying to help.. feels insignificant vs all others are doing however10:20
nuvolariwell, everyone needs a thank you10:25
nuvolarithere's no I in loco team :P10:25
nuvolariI've added the 2 Ubuntu Hour meetings we had in the last 2 years that I could recall10:42
nuvolari:> Just read the testimonials10:47
nuvolarifriggin awesome10:47
nuvolariand sad that I can't be around more often to provide a helping hand10:47
mazalAfternoon all11:26
magespawnlater all12:04
LangjanHi Kilos, just checking in to make sure you're not always the oldest chatter around... 12:09
zerefhi tumbleweed: i'm trying to build a package of mine on another computer but i get a running debsign failed: i moved my .gnupg folder from the other computer to the new one but still the same error.12:30
zerefshould i create a new key and link it with my launchpad account12:30
=== Kanchi is now known as Cantide
nuvolarioh come on!! :-(13:19
nuvolariwhy does flash always have to be the only app causing issues during upgrade?13:19
Cantidei have blue videos again .-.13:20
Cantidesilly flash :/13:20
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
tumbleweedzeref: I recommend avoiding creating new keys where possible14:02
tumbleweedonce published no keyservers, gpg keys are there forever14:02
Kilosafternoon all. been busy with visits from brother and old buddy that moved to aus in 9614:15
Kiloshi nuvolari , jy reg vir more?14:15
KilosMaaz, hi14:17
MaazSup Kilos14:17
Kilosjust checking14:17
nlsthznguys, the family and I have been invited out for dinner so I doubt I will make the meeting tonight... I will check the logs however and I am still on to make it to the re-submission tomorrow (just need to check the time) 14:43
Kilosty nlsthzn enjoy14:43
nlsthznwill do (and if I eat quickly I will be here :p)_14:43
Vince-0guess what - installing fedora 17 over ubuntu just to try at work15:25
SquirmI had Fedora 1615:25
Squirmdidn't like it at all15:25
Vince-0got way better battery survival on ubuntu recently with nvidia drivers but the hdmi out is an issue15:26
Vince-0gome3 is pretty15:26
Squirmand I really don't like gnome 315:26
Kiloshey theblazehen you hanging in here hey15:27
Kiloswell doner15:27
Kilosdone too15:27
magespawnafternoon all15:43
Kiloshey magespawn 15:43
magespawnall ready for tonight?15:46
Kilosaw wassup inetpro 15:46
Kiloswhat isnt ready15:46
* inetpro tired :-)15:46
Kilosaw what you been doing15:47
inetprorunning around away from home15:47
inetprowith family15:47
inetprobut I shall try to be present15:47
Kilosgood ty15:48
Kiloshave lotsa coffee till meeting over15:48
Kilosanyone heard from maia?15:48
inetproKilos: send her an email15:49
Kiloshehe you think she will get it onna fone15:51
Kiloswe'll see15:52
Kiloshi superfly , you gonna be here hey?15:52
Kilosand tumbleweed 15:52
superflyKilos: if I'm not too sick15:53
Kilosah no superfly take double meds and suck thatbottle thing15:53
Kilosthe pump goodie15:54
Kiloshope its not a cortizone one15:55
Kilosor just now you will look like arnie15:55
magespawnsuperfly no luck with the spplication manager or the dep downloads16:15
magespawnand what are you sick with?16:15
magespawnmaybe you should not come to the meeting, might make the rest of us sick too16:16
Kilosshame magespawn 16:17
Kilosour fly be struggling16:17
Kilosyou guys got time for a 1 hour nap before meeting16:23
* Kilos wbb now now16:28
=== SmilyBorg_h is now known as SmilyBorg
Kilosi hope we get some new faces here tonight16:58
SmilyBorgHey Kilos17:00
Kiloshi SmilyBorg you ok?17:01
Kilosbeen away long time17:01
SmilyBorgI'll probably be around for the meeting. Not likely to be too talkative though17:01
SmilyBorgI'm surviving hey. I've had a bad few weeks17:01
Kilosty for being here at least17:01
Kilosi go eat quick17:02
SmilyBorghad 3 car accidents, 2 were in the same day, my grandmother passed away on friday after beening ill for quite a while and my girlfriend is away at a spa for a week17:03
SmilyBorgI sould grab some food too17:03
magespawnhectic SmilyBorg if we can do something say17:09
SmilyBorgthanks magespawn. nothing at the moment. thanks17:10
nuvolarimeh! :( I am failing to set up a Billion router as a wireless AP17:12
nuvolariI have my wireless AP set up nicely back home, and I can kick myself for not bringing it with :-/17:12
magespawnnuvolari: is the billion the router and adsl modem too?17:15
nuvolarimagespawn: yeah17:15
nuvolariIt doesn't seem like I can configure it like my wireless AP17:16
magespawnshould be able to17:17
magespawnwhat is it not doing?17:18
Kilosaw smilesorry to hear that17:20
Kilosyou onns fone thing magespawn ?17:21
magespawnno pc tonight17:22
nuvolarimagespawn: well, I can see all the other devices on the network, but I want to share the internet connection that is provided via my USB modem on my laptop17:22
Kilosfound another frightening tool17:22
nuvolariI can't seem to get the gateway set up correctly17:22
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 17:23
Kiloshi nuvolari 17:23
nuvolarigaan dit goed oom Kilos ?17:23
Kilosja dankie en jy nuvolari ?17:23
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom 17:23
magespawnso the billion is not the gateway? but is the ip router?17:23
theblazehenhi everyone17:23
nuvolarimagespawn: yeah17:23
Kiloshi magtie theblazehen 17:24
magespawnhi theblazehen17:24
nuvolarihi magtie 17:24
magtiehi evryone17:24
nuvolarieek, i need to open up the agenda quick17:24
Kiloshiya maiatoday 17:25
nuvolarihallo bytjie17:25
superflynuvolari: I'm busy working on a new track17:25
maiatodayHi all17:25
nuvolarisuperfly: ooh... with FL Studio?17:26
maiatodayWifi may be dodgy sorry if I appear and disappear 17:26
magespawnnuvolari: not sure but i think you have to check the gateway settings on the other devices they might default to the router as it is the server17:26
magespawnhi maiatoday17:26
superflynuvolari: ja, FL Studio 10 works nicely in WINE17:27
nuvolarimagespawn: that's exactly what happens :-/17:27
KerberoHmm, vergadering tyd? 17:27
* Cantide still likes milkytracker17:27
nuvolariKerbero: affirmative17:27
Kiloshi Kerbero 17:27
superflynuvolari: LMMS has potential, but too few good instruments17:27
KerberoQueery is te dronk om by te woon17:27
KerberoDrubin ook 17:27
maiatodayWe have a meeting, no?17:27
KerberoEk oom17:27
superflyand I couldn't figure out how to get the VST plugins to work17:27
nuvolarimeh, I don't want to fork out a lot of money :-/ How much is fLStudio these days?17:27
Kilosyes maiatoday 17:28
nuvolariI played around with seq24 and some of the synthysizers this past week17:28
superflynuvolari: I dunno... when I bought it back in 2003 or so, I got the Producer Edition for around R200017:28
superflyquite cheap compared to Reason, Cubase and the others out there17:28
mazalEvening everyone17:28
KerberoMaiatoday: Brazens, queery is visiting 17:28
Kiloshi mazal 17:28
mazalGaanit oom Kilos ?17:29
Kilosgoed dankie en self17:29
mazalGoed dankie , raasie baie nie17:29
magespawnhey mazal17:29
nuvolarihey mazal 17:29
magespawnnuvolari: i think there might be a setting in the billion to control the gateway17:30
maiatodaySay hi to Queery I was going to be there but family decided to visit17:30
magespawnKerbero 17:30
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:31
Maaznuvolari: Okay17:31
magespawnlog them in anyway17:31
theblazehenI am Jeandre Henderson17:31
magespawnMaaz: I am Greg Eames17:31
Maazmagespawn: Alrighty17:31
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:31
MaazKilos: Alrighty17:31
mazalMaaz I am Wikus van Dyk17:31
Maazmazal: Sure17:31
theblazehenMaaz: I am Jeandre Henderson17:31
Maaztheblazehen: Yessir17:31
nuvolarimagespawn: the billion doesn't seem to take the settings when I apply them :-/ it's a mission17:31
nuvolariI'll try later17:31
nuvolariWelcome everyone17:31
KerberoMaaz: I am jp Meijers 17:32
MaazKerbero: Alrighty17:32
magtieMaaz: I am Magda Smith17:32
Maazmagtie: Okay17:32
KilosMaaz, welcome17:32
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:32
magespawnTelkom Billion nuvolari?17:32
nuvolarithank you maiatoday for being around tonight :>17:32
SmilyBorgmaaz: I am Una Karlsen17:32
MaazSmilyBorg: Done17:32
nuvolarimagespawn: MWeb17:32
nuvolaribut I guess they are the same17:32
magespawnlets chat later17:33
CantideMaaz: I am Karl Wortmann17:33
MaazCantide: Righto17:33
maiatodayKilos who is chair17:33
nuvolariOk, who still needs an introduction?17:33
Kilosnuvolari, maiatoday 17:33
Kilostumbleweed, you here?17:33
* nuvolari het skaafwerk nodig, die stoel het splinters :P17:34
Kilosinetpro, ping17:34
nuvolariMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction17:34
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction17:34
nuvolariwhich is actually done...17:34
nuvolarisorry, I was asleep :P17:34
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass 17:34
Maazmaiatoday: Sure17:34
nuvolariMaaz: topic Review Previous Minutes17:35
MaazCurrent Topic: Review Previous Minutes17:35
nuvolariOk, link for the previous minutes: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-11-19-17-32-43.txt17:35
nuvolariI'm quickly going to scan through it. Please feel welcome to bring up points of interest from the past meeting if you have the urge to do so17:36
tumbleweedKilos: hi, I'm here17:37
Kilosah good ty tumbleweed 17:37
Kilostell the bot who you are17:37
nuvolariWe have a good attendance tonight, even though it's a quiet time (people spending time with loved ones etc.)17:38
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:38
Maaztumbleweed: Righto17:38
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:38
Maazsuperfly: Sure17:38
nuvolarihmm, think I forgot to say hi SmilyBorg :) Hello17:39
superflynuvolari: I'm not spending time with my loved ones, I just have the family around today17:39
SmilyBorghi nuvolari17:39
maiatodayI have no comments on the minutes,. 17:40
nuvolariin the meantime, was there any new IRC-faces around this month?17:40
Kilosbut none here now17:41
nuvolariok, done scanning, I don't have any comments either17:42
nuvolariI think we are doing good generally speaking 17:42
nuvolariI'll give it a minute or 2 more17:43
Cantidei missed the last meeting :'(17:45
nuvolariaw :-/ Well, you can always make up tonight Cantide :)17:45
Cantidebut after scanning it, there is nothing from it that i wish to discuss :p17:45
Cantidenuvolari, I hope i can :)17:45
nuvolarimoving on...17:45
nuvolariMaaz: topic Administrativia and Announcements17:46
MaazCurrent Topic: Administrativia and Announcements17:46
nuvolariI think the most important announcement is tomorrows LoCo Re-Approval meeting17:46
nuvolaribut I added it as an item under events17:47
magespawnWhere and when is the meeting taking place?17:47
nuvolariso we might keep it off until then17:47
magespawnokay 17:47
nuvolaritrying to find the exact channel quick17:48
Kiloswe meet here around 19.30 and join there before 20.0017:49
Cantidewhen, tomorrow?17:50
Cantidecool, i should be around17:50
Kilosmaiatoday, channel for reapp?17:50
superflyNo, it is 20:00 UTC, which makes it 22:00 for us17:50
maiatoday#ubuntu-meeting I think17:50
Kilosoh my17:50
Cantideouch, that's after my bedtime :p17:50
* inetpro stepping into the room17:50
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:50
Maazinetpro: Done17:50
nuvolari"Tuesday 18th December 2012, 20:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net. I have put us on the agenda."17:50
maiatodayYes 22:0017:50
inetprosorry for being late17:50
nuvolariwelcome inetpro 17:50
nuvolariquoted maiatoday there17:51
Kiloswb inetpro 17:51
maiatodayMy cut and paste us slow I am on the tablet17:51
Kilosty superfly 17:51
nuvolariwho's running the mailing list?17:51
nuvolarior has access to the info17:51
Kilospeeps can take an early nap and come back for the meeting17:51
nuvolarithat I don't know, and we need some of that numbers for the stats17:52
maiatodayI will work on the wiki page tomorrow morning some more17:52
maiatodayI will add the photos I collected17:52
nuvolarimaiatoday: I took a look at the wiki page and I think it looks good, thanks!17:53
nuvolariThe only section bugging me is the stats section, it's kind of repeating the online activities section, not?17:53
maiatodayIt needs a few touch ups and then I think it should be ok17:53
inetpronuvolari: as far as I am aware drubin_ still has access to the mailing list details17:53
maiatodayWe had a stats section last time but we are missing something stats17:54
nuvolariinetpro: thanks, I'll mail him to find out about that17:54
maiatodayLast time we had graphs of irc activity 17:54
nuvolariMaaz: agreed nuvolari to find out about mailing list stats from drubin_ 17:55
MaazAgreed: nuvolari to find out about mailing list stats from drubin_17:55
maiatodayIf we don't have useful stats by tomorrow we could take that section out17:55
inetpromaiatoday: we tried getting some irc stats 17:55
inetprosadly the page which gave stats last time around stopped doing it some time I think in 2010 or 201117:56
nuvolarimeh :-/17:56
maiatodayI don't think it's that serious if we don't have stats17:56
Cantideshould someone be tasked with running a bot that collects stats?17:56
nuvolariyeah, they can take our word for it :P we were quite active this year17:56
inetprosuperfly and myself tried something but it ended up not being so simple as expected17:57
mazalI think the most important one is the number of active members in the community17:57
inetproproblem is to find the time17:57
maiatodayIf the wiki page is pretty decent and a fair amount of us go to the  meeting we should be ok17:57
superflyI have something that is workable (And I'm working on at the moment)17:57
maiatodayAlso once I add the slide show it will help too17:57
nuvolariooh :> slides17:57
superflyit is not 100% accurate, but it should be good enough to give people a feel for how active the channel is on average17:57
maiatodayThat's fine17:58
inetprosuperfly: good news!17:58
magespawnokay ?17:58
nuvolarithank you superfly, greatly appreciated!17:58
inetprothanks for your efforts17:58
maiatodayJust a 17:58
maiatodayPicasa album I'll see if I can make it work on the wiki17:58
Kilosty maiatoday 17:59
magespawnthat will be cool to see17:59
Kilosty superfly 17:59
maiatodayBleargh tablet auto correct 17:59
maiatodayIt's the same one that is on my last Blogger post 17:59
nuvolariok, I'm moving the reapproval items to administrativia18:00
nuvolarithink it's that one18:00
nuvolariwent straight to google+ for me18:00
SmilyBorgpicasa has basicly been rolled into g+now18:01
nuvolarimaiatoday: can I add al link to the google+ event for the meeting we had in durbs?18:01
* Cantide missed the meeting in Durban, too :'(18:02
Kiloshi smile welcome to our meeting18:03
nuvolariwelcome smile :)18:03
SmilyBorg:-) that was a fun event18:03
smilehi :)18:04
inetpronuvolari: what else is there to discuss about tomorrow?18:04
maiatodayAdd links to the wiki18:04
nuvolariditto! It's been nice to get out to mingle with geeks in the area18:04
nuvolariinetpro: I don't think there is much more for tomorroww18:04
nuvolariI'm pretty excited for tomorrow's reapproval meeting18:04
maiatodayOr in here then I'll pick them up from the minutes and add tgem18:04
smilethanks nuvolari 18:05
smilefrench did to well :)18:05
smile* go18:05
inetpronuvolari: in that case I just want us to focus for a minute on our website, that is if superfly is ready to discuss it18:05
superflyI guess18:05
inetproperhaps we can move the item to our next meeting18:05
superflywhat's up?18:05
nuvolariok right, we can do that18:05
inetprosuperfly: we where discussing having just a plain static site18:06
nuvolariinetpro: your decision18:06
inetproso the meeting has to decide whether we keep things as is or whether we simplify it18:06
smileKilos: thanks I'll not disturb your meeting18:07
inetpronot a lot of things that are changing on the website at the moment18:07
Kilosyou may join in smile just give your name to maaz18:07
smileMaaz: I am smile18:08
Maazsmile: Righto18:08
smileMaaz: smile18:08
Maazsmile: smile is showing you some love18:08
inetproanyone is welcome to share their point of view18:08
Kilosno man true name18:08
smileMaaz: geoffrey18:08
Maazsmile: Huh?18:08
smileI don't get it :|18:08
KilosI am Name18:09
smileMaaz: I am Geoffrey18:09
Maazsmile: Okay18:09
smilejaay :)18:09
Cantidewhew '<18:09
smilesorry for the "flood"18:09
nuvolariI don't have any comments on the website18:09
smileI do have some :)18:09
Cantidewhat website are we discussing? link?18:09
nuvolarianyone want to add something? 18:09
smilestatic is always faster :)18:09
nuvolariI think to simplify it would help ya18:09
smilebut more difficult to edit :|18:09
magespawnwhat is the benefit of static inetpro?18:09
Cantideaah, of course18:09
nuvolaribut it's good as is, not?18:09
inetprosuperfly: you are hosting?18:10
smileyeah, some design tweaks maybe :)18:10
mazalI had an idea for the website18:10
inetpromazal: an idea?18:11
mazalHow about a little "bio" area where members can just give their short history of how they started with ubuntu and their experiences etc18:11
inetpromazal: we can have that on the ubuntu wiki18:11
superflymazal: the problem with the web site is that no one has the time to maintain it.18:12
superflyinetpro: no, CLUG hosts it18:12
* inetpro remembers now18:12
magespawnsuperfly maybe a team to do it?18:12
magespawnor group18:12
superflymagespawn: doesn't work, already did that18:12
magespawni can do basic stuff18:12
smilesuperfly: what is CLUG? :)18:12
smilea hosting company?18:12
magespawnoh okay18:12
superflyMaaz: google for CLUG18:12
Maazsuperfly: "Urban Dictionary: clug" http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=clug :: "Clug" http://wiki.clug.org.za/wiki/Main_Page :: "CLUG | All Linux, All the Time" http://www.clug.org/ :: "Edward Clug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Clug :: "Welcome to Canberra Linux Users Group" http://clug.org.au/ :: "CLUG Home |18:13
MaazCanberra LEGO® User Group - Adult LEGO Fans ..." http://www.clug.com.au/ :: "Clemson Linux…18:13
magespawnthe second one smile18:13
* inetpro love Lego18:13
smileokay, cool! :)18:13
SmilyBorgI would start a lego user group but got too many things on my plate as it is18:14
magespawnsuperfly as long as the changes are not too hectic i should be able to manage it18:14
nuvolariCan we agree that this will be discussed in more detail?18:14
magespawnsuperfly in drupal?18:14
superflymagespawn: yes18:14
magespawnwould be a good learning curve18:14
superfly*IF* we continue with Drupal, we will also need to upgrade to D718:15
inetprobut we need more than just one person18:16
magespawnahh well i am fairly easy18:16
nuvolariok, we might need to move on if we wish to cover everything in time. We can add this to the following meeting's agenda too?18:16
CantideI have some experience with PHP18:16
CantideI may lend a hand when i have time18:16
inetprook superfly, do we agree to keep as is and try get more people involved?18:17
inetprothen we discuss again at next meeting?18:17
superflywe can do that18:17
superflyI'd like us to look at the purpose of the web site18:18
superflyCantide: learn some Python18:18
* Cantide dies18:18
superflyCantide: leave PHP for the script kiddies and the wannabes18:18
inetpronuvolari: next topic?18:18
CantidePythons are dangerous >_>18:18
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Discuss future of the website by involving more help and re-thinking the purpose of the website.18:18
MaazAgreed: Discuss future of the website by involving more help and re-thinking the purpose of the website18:18
nuvolariMaaz: topic Ubuntu+1 status and feedback18:19
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu+1 status and feedback18:19
superflyinetpro or magespawn: are you going to run with that?18:19
inetprosuperfly: I will follow up again in the evenings, and will try help where I can18:20
* superfly has family to deal with now18:20
smilesuperfly: :(18:20
magespawnwith the website superfly?18:20
superflymagespawn: yes18:20
nuvolarii've seen some more complains this last couple of weeks on the mailing list on the latest ubuntu release18:20
* inetpro will discuss with magespawn and others and when superfly has time he will chime in18:21
magespawnsure i can commit sometime to it18:21
nuvolariI don't know how much of that is caused by user error though :P18:21
superflynuvolari: in most cases, user error I think18:21
superflyalso, people thinking that a reinstall will fix stuff when 99% of cases it won't18:21
nuvolariAs for 12.10, I'm still running 12.04 so I can't comment. However, I did upgrade my brother's netbook to have an ubuntu  dualboot with 12.1018:21
Cantidenuvolari, I had trouble and went back to 12.04; but then again, i did an upgrade and not a clean install, and on top of that i had some hardware trouble at the same time, so I can't make a fair judgement18:22
mazalI did use 12.10 and it was very buggy and very slow18:22
smilemazal: I have the same experience.18:22
nuvolariIn general it seems that we have mixed experiences, both great and less great18:23
Cantideall in all, i felt that webapps were not as useful as i thought they'd be, and there wasn't much else new there that would bring me back to 12.10 instead of just waiting for the next version18:23
* nlsthzn pops in and says, "alo"18:23
smileyeah.. I expected the alpha releases/beta releases to be buggy (they were)18:23
nuvolarihi nlsthzn 18:23
Kiloshi nlsthzn 18:23
smilebut the stable releases were still buggy18:23
smilewhich is a shame18:23
Cantidehey nlsthzn :)18:23
maiatodayMy web apps crash alot18:23
Kilostell maaz who you are nlsthzn 18:23
nlsthznah meeting still ongoing18:23
nlsthznMaaz: my name is Neil Oosthuizen18:24
Maaznlsthzn: One learns a new thing every day18:24
Kiloslol i am18:24
nuvolariwell, I guess you can't blame them that much, as the LTS versions will be around much longer now18:24
Cantidemy web apps used a lot of memory and weren't really helpful because i had to have the web pages open anyway -.-v18:24
inetpronlsthzn: please sign the register18:24
nlsthzndid I do it wrong again18:24
SmilyBorgthe llvmpipe thing has made a world of difference to me, but had a nasty issue in lightdm the other day that wouldnt let me change between windoww managers/desktop environments18:24
nuvolariI suspect they will not focus on it to have the releaces in between spotless18:24
Kilosnlsthzn, maaz i am 18:24
* inetpro 's connection is lagging18:24
nlsthznMaaz: I am Neil Oosthuizen18:24
Maaznlsthzn: Sure18:24
nlsthznthanks uncle Kilos 18:24
* nuvolari googles llvmpipe18:25
Cantidenuvolari, all releases should be spotless - what if it's a new users first experience with Ubuntu18:25
mazalI agree with Cantide 18:26
mazalWhat's the point of having a release every 6 months , but it feels like a beta18:26
nuvolariI guess you're right :-/18:26
tumbleweedwe aim to have all releases be high quality18:26
mazalThen rather release once a year a proper stable one18:26
tumbleweedLTS releases get special polish because they have to be supported for longer18:26
tumbleweedbut all releases should be fit for use18:27
magespawni usually stay on the lts18:27
mazalI feel they don't give themselves enough time on each release18:27
nuvolariI'm one of the lucky ones, I did not have many issues lately18:27
Cantidei usually skip a release18:27
nuvolariok, time is chasing us :-/18:28
Cantidei had a lot of freezing on 12.10, but i'm not sure if that was caused by faulty hardware or not18:28
tumbleweedI don't think more time would help. More time spent on polish rather than features, wouldl, though18:28
Cantidetumbleweed, agreed18:28
Cantidenuvolari, yes :/18:28
* nlsthzn wonders what the topic is?18:28
nuvolariMaaz: current topic18:29
Maaznuvolari: *blink*18:29
nuvolariargh :-/18:29
nlsthznah blink...18:29
Cantideit seems we went a bit off topic :D oops!18:29
nuvolariUbuntu+1 status and feedback <-- nlsthzn 18:29
mazalIt is Ubuntu +118:29
nuvolarimoving on...18:29
mazalWhat is Ubuntu +1 btw ?18:29
Cantidei wanted to ask the same thing18:29
nuvolariMaaz: topic Events18:29
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:29
nlsthzn12.10 + 1 = 13.0418:30
maiatodayI need to go now thanks all,  I sort the wiki page for the re-approval and see you at the meeting tomorrow 18:30
Kilosty maiatoday 18:30
nlsthznmaiatoday: good night18:30
Cantidethanks maiatoday 18:30
Cantidesee ya18:30
Kilosfor everything18:30
maiatoday:) 18:30
nuvolariok maiatoday, thanks for popping in18:30
mazalOk so just for info's sake , it's 10pm tomorrow ?18:30
Kilossee you morrow night18:31
nuvolarimazal: affirmative18:31
nuvolariin #ubuntu-meeting18:31
* nlsthzn does the math... midnight in the UAE :'(18:31
Kiloseek nlsthzn 18:31
nuvolariaw :-/18:31
nlsthznno worries, will be there18:31
nlsthznback on topic... tomorrow is an important event :p18:32
* Kilos agrees18:32
nuvolariyeah, but we covered most of tomorrow earlier18:32
nuvolariI'm confident that it will go well18:32
mazalHow many you need ?18:32
nuvolaricommunity participation was good the past year18:32
nuvolarimazal: how many of what?18:33
mazalMembers to join the meeting tomorrow 18:33
* SmilyBorg adds tomorrow's meeting to her calendar18:33
nuvolariwell, as many as we can get18:33
SmilyBorgcan't promise anything, but will attend if I can18:33
nuvolariwe need pom-poms to cheer us on too18:33
Cantideme, too18:33
mazalnuvolari, I'll try to be here too18:34
nuvolariok great18:34
mazalWeather permitting18:34
nuvolariis there any other events this holidays?18:34
nuvolariwe discussed some things for next year in the Durban area18:35
nuvolariLPI get-togethers18:35
* SmilyBorg nods18:35
nuvolariand a DLUG meeting in January/February18:35
CantideI missed those discussions 'o'18:35
Cantidewhere could i get the log?18:36
nuvolariCantide: did you attend the last get-together?18:36
Cantideno :/18:36
nuvolariCantide: we discussed it at the DLUG year-end18:36
CantideI was working18:36
nuvolarimeh :-/18:36
Cantideokay, no worry, i will keep an eye out here for info as things happen18:36
SmilyBorgthe DBN-LUG is kinda quite most of the time but things are warming up. we've managed to have events about every 6 weeks lately18:36
nuvolariI had a look through my mail today, the first Ubuntu Hour we had in durbs was Dec 2010 I think18:37
nuvolariand not that frequent after that18:37
nuvolariyo Vince-0!18:37
Vince-0*jamming games18:38
SmilyBorgthe meetings might not be the conventional sort with a dedicated speaker or anything, more social geek out and show and tell sessions18:38
nuvolariyou have a last-minute opportunity to id to maaz for the meeting18:38
Kiloshi Vince-0 youre late18:38
Vince-0ow soz18:38
KilosVince-0, type maaz I am Nmae18:38
nuvolariVince-0: I was talking to you :P18:38
nuvolarimoving on18:39
nuvolariMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting18:39
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting18:39
* Kilos says nuvolari 18:39
* Cantide agrees18:39
Vince-0maaz I am Vince-018:39
MaazVince-0: Sure18:39
magespawnnuvolari: +118:39
nuvolariI'm available for the next meeting if you're okay with that18:39
* inetpro got distracted by a phone call18:39
nuvolariook... amazon geek dinner in January :>18:40
Kilosnp inetpro life happens18:40
nuvolariok cool18:40
nuvolariMaaz: agreed chairperson for next meeting: nuvolari 18:41
MaazAgreed: chairperson for next meeting: nuvolari18:41
nuvolariMaaz: topic Closing18:41
MaazCurrent Topic: Closing18:41
nuvolariRight, the next meeting will be on the 21st of January 201318:41
Kilosthanks nuvolari and all attendees18:41
nuvolariThank you everyone for attending.18:41
nlsthznthanks all , and hope to see many tomorrow night again!!18:42
Kilosnight nlsthzn sleep tight18:42
nuvolariThis meeting was quite important IMO and we did a good job18:42
Kilosya as well18:42
nuvolariSo see you guys and ladies tomorrow evening18:42
nuvolari(those that can make it)18:42
nuvolarinight nlsthzn 18:42
Kilosnight nuvolari sleep tight18:42
* nlsthzn will still be around a bit... thinking of trying out a spherical cow >.>18:43
nuvolariThanks for a great year everyone, our LoCo made it a great year :)18:43
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:43
MaazMeeting Ended18:43
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-12-17-17-30-59.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-12-17-17-30-59.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-12-17-17-30-59.html18:43
Kilosthanks all night from me too18:44
mazalNag oom18:45
Kiloslekker slaap18:45
magespawnnight Kilos18:45
Cantidenight Kilos :)18:45
nuvolariok, I'm out, family waiting :P18:45
mazalNight everyone , sleep well18:45
nuvolarinight everyone, oom Kilos, magespawn, mazal, Cantide 18:45
magespawncheers nuvolari18:45
* inetpro back again after a very flaky 8ta connection18:45
Cantidegood night '-'//18:46
inetprogood night Cantide18:47
SmilyBorgnight all. I had better get some sleep since I still have 3 more days of work left18:47
magespawnnight all18:51
magespawni am not going just to be clear18:51
inetpronuvolari: just for the record, my thoughts on the Ubuntu+1 topic was to get feedback from others involved with Ubuntu development or testing18:52
inetpromagespawn: good night18:52
magespawnsuperfly do you have a deb for the Quassel2go? seems to have removed from most places on the net18:53
superflymagespawn: I'll look around18:53
magespawncool ty18:53
inetproas far as I understand Ubuntu+1 is the next release, which would be 13.0418:53
superflymight even still have it on my phone...18:54
superflywhich is downstairs... *sigh*18:54
magespawnno worries18:54
inetprohmm... 18:55
* inetpro thought magespawn is leaving18:55
magespawnnot yet, bit like a bad cold18:57
superflymagespawn: http://www.jabawok.net/uploads/quassel2go_0.8-pre5_armel.deb18:58
superflydownload, copy to device via USB, use file manager to find deb, open it to install it18:59
magespawncool ty superfly19:00
* inetpro crashing early tonight19:03
inetprogood night all19:03
magespawnnight inetpro19:03
smilegood night inetpro 19:15
magespawnHey superfly am on the phone, ty.19:20
superflymagespawn: w00t!19:20
magespawnOoo lots of pretty colours19:22
superflymagespawn: yeah, pretty awesome to have a Quassel client on your phone, eh?19:24
magespawnVery cool.19:25
magespawnI still think this phone is the most awesome piece of engineering around even now19:25
smilegood night! :p19:28
magespawnNight smile19:28
smilethanks :)19:29
superflymagespawn: I agree19:30
superflyI have decided to stick with it and give mrs_fly a new phone, and she'll probably get a droid19:31
magespawnMaybe go and buy a whole load of new ones keep them in the boxs till you need them19:32
magespawnHey Squirm19:32
magespawnBoxes even19:32
magespawnbrand new only R4000.0019:35
nuvolariwtf :-/19:40
nuvolarisomething is wrong with .tar.gz19:40
nuvolariit only transfers the first 2mb then freezes19:40
Squirmsomething is wrong with your gunzip :P19:41
nuvolarier, it's before I have the complete file19:41
nuvolariwhen I bzip2 the file, it transfer without error19:41
magespawnsuperfly do you read snargawok?19:49
superflymagespawn: can't say I even know what that is19:49
magespawnthe blog at www.jabawok,net19:50
magespawnthe blog at www.jabawok.net19:50
Squirmso a client brought in a laptop today. It doesn't power off unless you hold down the off button. Ok, it turns off, but it turns itself back on. It's like the power option is set to 'always on', but it isn't. there is no such option in the BIOS and I've reset the BIOS to factory defaults. It stays off if you hold down the off button, or disconnect the battery and AC and connect them again. It's a Toshiba Satellite. I know this is a linux channel, 19:55
Squirmbut anyone had this problem before?19:55
magespawnno thats a good one Squirm19:55
magespawnwe also chat about other things in ##kilos, just to help keep this channel on topic19:56
Squirmand for the life of me I can't find anything on google. everyone talks about them not turning off or not turning on. this turns off and on perfectly. but as it turns off it turns back on19:56
magespawnnot a faulty switch?19:58
nuvolarioh come on :-/ I feel like throwing my laptop against a wall or something19:58
SquirmI thought it could be. but if I disconnect all power source and connect it back. it stays off. or if I hold down the power button it stays off19:59
nuvolariwhy can't flash be packaged like all the other apps?19:59
superflynuvolari: what do you need flash for?19:59
magespawnprocess of elimination Squirm19:59
Squirmnuvolari: apt-get install adobe-flashplugin20:00
nuvolarier... how many times did you install flash Squirm ? :P20:01
nuvolariit downloads a .tar.gz file20:01
SquirmI never20:01
Squirmcame with mint20:01
Squirmmagespawn: yep20:01
nuvolarisuperfly: well, the sites that still have flash plugins here and there20:01
nuvolarithe nonsense is that every freaking time it downloads to a new tmpXYZ.gz file :-/20:02
magespawndepressing quite a few20:02
nuvolariI don't know how to intercept that download20:02
superflynuvolari: download the official tar.gz from their site?20:03
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
nuvolarithis is absurd20:17
nuvolarimy install is now broken20:17
nuvolarinothing I do would fix this flash mess20:18
magespawncool nuvolari20:27
nuvolarinow, on to the router *sigh*20:27
* nuvolari maintains radiosilence20:28
magespawnrouters are simple compared to flash20:28
magespawna lot of the billions that i have worked on have a problem when you try to apply any setting changes20:29
magespawngood night all20:42
superflyMaaz: tell Kilos You're a bigmouth. You contribute about 48% of the chatter in here.20:53
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:53

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