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jmlbzr push lp:~jml/$(basename $(pwd))/`bzr nick` ... *sigh*12:55
ReekenXHello. How to remove file from bzr history? I am in commit 500, and in commit 400 there is Django.tar.gz. I want to remove it and change entire history, but can't find anything on Google..13:47
LeoNerdThe chnage you need to make is a history-rewrite operation.. not a simple one13:57
LeoNerdDVCSes by their nature don't take kindly to history-rewrite13:57
LeoNerdYou -can- do it but it will be very disruptive to anyone who has taken a branch of your project since -r40013:57
ReekenXLeoNerd: I know there will be some bad things to other who already pulled changes. But it doesn't matter, they can clone repository starting from new. So I still want to learn to rewrite history somehow.13:59
LeoNerdWhat I suggest is to rename the current branch (it's just a directory on the filesystem, to something like foo.BROKEN)13:59
LeoNerdThen branch that at the revision before (-r399), and use replay to replay every commit from -r401 onwards. This will give you a branch in which -r400 is entirely missing from history14:00
LeoNerd(The original -r400)14:00
LeoNerdIf you want to preserve numbering, you could create a new -r400 at that point, which is empty14:00
LeoNerdIf -r400 contained anything else that you still wanted to keep, you'll have to pull that in as well at that point14:00
LeoNerdPlus this way, nothing can go wrong because at worse, you still have the original branch :)14:04
ReekenXLeoNerd: Thanks for the tips. Trying to do that right now.14:12
ReekenXI have a file ./.bzr/repository/packs/d3cfd48157817d9c08ef3c8636b74329.pack which is 390 MB. Maybe it's possible to unpack it?15:22
xnoxLeoNerd: what you want is filter-branch like functionality. there is experimental code to do that https://code.launchpad.net/~asabil/bzr-rewrite/filter-branch17:17
LarstiQReekenX: unpack won't be helpful, but repacking might17:17
xnoxLeoNerd: or you can bzr fast-export / fast-import with filter.17:18
xnoxto achieve removing part of the history (e.g. offendings commits that touch .that binary blob)17:18
LeoNerdOh, true17:19
LeoNerdI was presuming there was just a single add commit then it was never touched17:19
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ReekenXThanks xnox and LeoNerd - everything solved using bzr fast-import/export18:02
xnox=)))) \o/18:03
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