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kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1080861] package qt4-doc-html (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: cannot copy extracted data... @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1080861 (by heathhensh)02:59
ScottKxnox: Is the cmake patch upstreamed?03:10
soeegood morning06:50
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yofelcould someone please look at armhf build https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/avogadro/1.0.3-5ubuntu4/+build/4076596 and tell me what I did wrong o.O?10:40
apacheloggeryofel: it includes GLES and GL10:51
persiaLooks like fallout from rebuilding lots of stuff for GLES rather than GL, but I would have expected that to be abstracted at a Qt level10:51
yofelah, I did notice that it included both - but I have no clue why it does..10:52
* yofel -> lunch10:52
apacheloggerpersia: it's more painful to do drawing using Qt4's regular drawing API than by writing a shader10:52
apacheloggerthough you could indeed abstract GL in parctise it rarely makes sense 10:53
* persia dreams of the QtGL abstraction layer10:53
apacheloggerin fact that goes away somewhat entirely in Qt510:53
persiaAnyway, probably have to make a GL vs. GLEZs decision for now (unfortunate, as there are devices for both APIs for that architecture)10:53
apacheloggeras with QML you are encouraged to write GL shaders directly10:53
apacheloggeryofel: btw, I had a dream about release packaging automation last night10:54
apacheloggerah, I was running proposed, that's why my initramfs broke over i91511:00
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jussigles is the way forward imho...11:28
* persia mumbles something about having GL-supporting devices for every architecture supported by Ubuntu in pluggable form-factors that work on other folks hardware too11:31
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yofelapachelogger: as in making our process better or a completely different one?11:54
apacheloggersomeone runs a cron that ignites mad automation11:55
yofelwhat for?11:55
apacheloggerupdates tars from ftpmaster (triggering version bumps and rebuilds accordingly), updates branches from bzr (triggering rebuilds accordingly), rebuilds whatever needs rebuilds and uploads wahtever needs uploading11:56
apacheloggerso it becomes continous integration and the intended workflow is: throw random change at bzr->see if it works (for 99% of the problems)11:57
yofelwould need an untrusted pgp key, but I guess doable if someone finds the time to implement it11:58
yofeland don't look at me - my vacation todo list is pretty full as it is11:58
apacheloggerdefine untrusted11:58
yofelor how would you upload packages from cron?11:58
apacheloggerone can script the way out of that11:58
persiaapachelogger: Don't run a cron: rather take the notication from upstream VCS when the release is tagged, and drive from that.11:58
apacheloggerplus since only one person in theory has access it matters little11:59
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apacheloggerpersia: what notification?11:59
persiaapachelogger: Which VCS are you using?11:59
apacheloggerle git11:59
* persia tries to track down that bit of code11:59
apacheloggerwell, the point is that tarballs get rerolled ever so often between official tagging and actual release12:00
yofelwhich reminds me that we need something that shows us post-release commits to the bugfix branches in kde12:00
apacheloggerso IMO the most reliable way is to simply check checksums of the tars and if they changed, update them bumping the version12:00
persiaAdd a post-receive hook, which can be an arbitrary shell script.  Have it wget something as a trigger.12:00
yofelto find 4.9.5+ commits etc.12:01
persiaBetter yet, have it send an IRC message or do something else everyone can use.12:01
apacheloggerpersia: KDE has that12:01
apacheloggerIRC messages require someone to do something though12:01
persiaYeah, it's the tarball re-rolling bit that gets in the way.12:01
persiaWhy?  Bots can subscribe to IRC messages...12:01
persiaWhat's the notice procedure when the re-rolling is complete?  Posting on a web page?  Mail?12:02
apacheloggermail on private list12:02
yofelwell, usually kde-release is CC'd12:02
persiaDoes anyone on that private list use a mail filter?12:02
persiaHave one of those folk trigger something when the magic message is received (maybe provide automation to the release team to ensure it is a machine-readable message), and then trigger from that.12:03
apacheloggersingle point of failure12:04
persiaAnd a cronjob isn't?12:04
apacheloggerI want this to have as few requirements and as few failure points as possible12:04
apacheloggerpersia: not if the system it invokes is so simple that you can just as well invoke it by hand or setup another builder on another machine12:04
yofelhm... do we have a team-internal dev TODO list? The blueprints are more about release work12:05
persiaOK.  I just don't like polling.  I think it damages the planet.12:05
apacheloggeryofel: no, how would a team-internal list be different?12:05
yofelapachelogger: I mean for stuff like our support scripts - where to keep that todo list?12:06
yofelI'll put some notes on the pad for now12:06
apacheloggerpersia: I'd usually agree, but in this case simplicity takes lead ^^12:06
apacheloggerpersia: on a related note ... we'd also have to somehow watch bzr changes12:06
persiaI know lots less about bzr hooks, but I hear they exist.12:07
apacheloggeryeah they do12:07
apacheloggerbut I doubt we get one on launchpad12:07
apacheloggerso those needed to be client side (ewww) or mail filtering again12:08
persiaI think LP supports them: at least there are several LP-hosted branches with notifications, etc.12:08
yofelI wouldn't mind to have a mailing list for our commits actually...12:08
apacheloggerpersia: yeah there are email notifications12:08
apacheloggeryofel: set a mailing list for ~kubuntu-packagers12:09
yofelthat and change the subscription settings IIRC12:09
apacheloggerhf with the 300 branches12:09
yofelshouldn't be hard to script12:09
apacheloggerif one can script that :P12:09
apacheloggerwhich reminds me12:09
apacheloggeryofel: newpackage still broken :P12:10
yofelthe API is junk in some places, but overall it's good12:10
apacheloggeralso it's not working :P12:10
yofelapachelogger: right, on todays todo list, I'll get to it later...12:10
* apachelogger draws diagrams12:10
apacheloggerah yes, I forgot12:10
* yofel makes a lucid chroot in the meanwhile12:10
apacheloggerso then you have the second piece which continuously builds the build status page12:11
apacheloggercompletely independent of the builder, so that can run on another machine etc.12:11
apacheloggerand finally the conflictchecker which builds a list of all binary packages supposed to be built, installs those in a clean chroot from a stable version, then tries to upgrade12:12
yofeldefine continuously. The lp admins don't like cron scripts that pull all the time too much. Ideally the page would be cached and have a refresh button on it12:12
apacheloggeri.e. QA for file conflicts and broken maintscripts etc.12:13
* yofel needs an IRC to pad parser btw.12:13
apacheloggerdunno what that is12:13
apacheloggeryofel: and by continously I mean every 15 minutes12:14
yofela simple version of the brain to pad interface :P12:14
apacheloggerif builder and buildstatus on the same machine one could think about smarter behavior here12:15
apacheloggere.g. track all versions uploaded by builder, status then removes them as it gets the data for that version12:16
apacheloggerif no packages pending -> no autorefresh12:16
* yofel wonders if one can deduce whether there was an update from the Packages.gz in the binary archive12:20
yofeltimestamp I mean12:20
yofelnot sure which of those files are updated when something is published12:21
yofelhm, if I find out how to do the https authentication that's doable actually...12:26
yofelfun, wget can handle the password url's for apt, so it's in fact trivial12:28
yofelapachelogger: newpackage should work on lucid now13:07
persia"continuous" as in "continuous integration" shouldn't be time-based, but rather event-based.  Packages.gz always gets updated when stuff gets published (the version strings in the file need to change)13:22
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shadeslayerbtw does this look good : http://paste.kde.org/628682/ : for kde-workspace?14:20
shadeslayeror should I install Minimalistic/None/Simple ?14:21
shadeslayerhmm ... I guess I should14:21
yofelshadeslayer: that's fine14:22
yofelcurrent kde-workspace git has no themes folder anymore14:22
yofelsee d4b00fa89292e4dc84ba344cedbaa645ef3ebe9a14:23
shadeslayerbtw regarding active dual building kde-workspace14:24
yofelshadeslayer: ah, not quite, only the default one is gone14:24
shadeslayershould we rebuild all binaries with active in the binary name?14:24
shadeslayerbecause we're building with a different profile ....14:24
shadeslayers/we're/we will be/14:25
kubotushadeslayer meant: "because we will be building with a different profile ...."14:25
shadeslayerpossibly kickstart a discussion on the ML?14:25
yofelshadeslayer: feel free to, but looking at my todo list don't count on my much in the near future wrt active14:36
shadeslayerheh ok14:36
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shadeslayer~seen SteveRiley14:46
kubotuSteveRiley was last seen 1 month, 2 hours, 35 minutes and 18 seconds ago, quitting IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)14:46
shadeslayerhe seems to have disappeared after UDS :P14:46
shadeslayerHopefully we didn't scare him off14:47
persiashadeslayer: You can just say something, rather than pointing me somewhere I am :p15:08
shadeslayerheh :P15:08
shadeslayerpersia: anywho15:08
shadeslayerso you're saying that the config in /etc/kde4 should override the kubuntu-settings-desktop?15:09
shadeslayerthen the entire point of custom configs is lost 15:09
persiaI'm saying that there should be the potential for local-system-config that overrides packaging config, unless that packaging config is a conffile or local-system-managed configuration file.15:09
shadeslayertbh any custom configs should be debated upstream and resolved as either useless on our side, or committed upstream15:10
persiaI won't agree with that: I think there's value in distribution defaults.15:10
persiaI just think that sysadmins should be able to set local default that override distro defaults in a way that is preserved accross upgrades.15:11
shadeslayeryeah that's easily doable15:11
persiaDoesn't have to be in /etc/kde4rc15:11
shadeslayerjust add your path before kubuntu-desktop-settings ?15:11
shadeslayerso it'll do cascaded configs15:11
shadeslayersysadmin settings > distro settings > kde upstream settings15:11
persiaRather, package should already have an (empty) local system config listed before the disto config, and the documentation should tell system administrators to change things there.15:12
persiaWell, user settings > admin settings > distro settings > upstream settings15:12
shadeslayerthat's already done by KConfig15:12
persiaThought so: you should tell people do use the admin settings rather than hunting under /usr/share :p15:13
shadeslayerI see, I probably explained it a bit poorly in #kubuntu then :)15:13
persiaAt least enough to get the response "that gets lost on upgrade", but really it belongs in good docs, not your head and channel logs.15:14
shadeslayeror API docs15:14
persiaNo: admins don't read API docs, only devs do.15:14
shadeslayerthat's what I meant15:14
* persia ignores the existence of the devops crowd for the sake of argument15:14
persiaOh, right.  Yeah, I suppose it is in the API docs already :)15:15
shadeslayerI've actually been working a derivative for the last 4-5 months so I've experienced all of these issues :P15:15
shadeslayerand I've seen people ( i.e the mint team ) implement this horribly15:16
shadeslayereven more fun is software that doesn't respect XDG settings, like QtCurve15:17
persiaThere's KDE software that respects XDG?15:18
* persia still has ~/.kde/ and .kderc15:19
yofelakonadi would be one15:19
shadeslayerthere's the gtk3 kcm15:20
shadeslayer<3 apol_ for respecting XDG15:20
yofelwell, the kcm is good, the gtk3 settings not. Not that you have a better chice15:20
persiaNo, I'm making fun.  More and more bits seem to be in the right places, and things that aren't (like KDECACHE KDEVARTMP KDETMP) do interesting things that would be hard to do within the .xdg framework15:21
kubotupersia meant: "△o, I'm making fun.  More and more bits seem to be in the right places, and things that aren't (like KDECACHE KDEVARTMP KDETMP) do interesting things that would be hard to do within the .xdg framework"15:22
persiakubotu: Err, not quite, but good try15:22
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yofelshadeslayer: how's kde-workspace?15:41
Peace-rc is out ?15:41
Peace-:D annoying question i know15:41
Peace-i mean packaged :P15:42
yofelstill WIP15:42
shadeslayeryofel: still building15:42
shadeslayerwill upload as soon as it's done15:42
yofelshadeslayer: what did you do about the themes now?15:43
shadeslayerI removed the default one, kept everything else15:43
shadeslayeryofel: btw with the active profile it's just ifdef'd code right?15:53
shadeslayernot a single mention of the tablet profile in kde-workspace15:55
yofeldon't ask me15:55
yofelit seems not choosing desktop simply disables lots of stuff15:56
yofelso maybe just stick to desktop if it doesn't hurt15:56
shadeslayerI guess15:56
shadeslayerso we don't need to dual build?15:56
yofeldon't you still need an alternate kwin? or is that now merged?15:57
shadeslayerthere was no mention of it from sebas15:57
yofelwell, then yay15:58
shadeslayershouldn't that be "Tablet" or sth?15:58
yofelwell, that works too...15:59
yofelbut seems like you still need to double build15:59
yofelthough just keeping it as it is should work it seems15:59
shadeslayerit looks as if it merely turns off some kwin options16:00
yofelseems we never backported amarok16:00
shadeslayerScottK: should I put ktp in kubuntu-updates or backports?16:01
shadeslayersince I would like to get that SRU'd, I was thinking updates16:01
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.kde.org/628742/16:04
shadeslayerjust to make sure I didn't do something wrong16:04
yofellooks ok as I understand it16:05
shadeslayeruploaded to ninjas16:08
yofelamarok 2.6.90 uploaded to /beta for quantal16:51
doctorpepperhi guys !!! 19:27
doctorpepperis there any way to get kde 4.10 rc on  12.04  ?19:28
shadeslayererm, nope19:28
doctorpeppershadeslayer:  why   ? 19:28
shadeslayerbecause we usually don't backport for stable-119:29
shadeslayerbuild deps are *usually* too old19:29
doctorpepperwell 12.04  is supported  for 5 years so  according  what you say  i am stuck with 4.9  for the next 4 years19:31
shadeslayeron a related note, does unity get similar upgrades?19:32
doctorpepperi dl19:32
doctorpepperi dont know  since  i dont use anything but  kde  or fluxbox 19:33
shadeslayerhmm .. maybe someone else knows?19:33
yofelwell, it's probably not impossible, but I don't see how we'll have time to do this currently19:34
yofelif someone wants to try it we can give pointers on how to do it19:35
shadeslayerwe could just run backportpackage on stuff19:35
doctorpepperyofel:  is there any plan to  build kde 4.x with  qt5  for future kubuntu releases ?19:37
yofelwell, we'll first need qt5, but IIRC we wanted qt5 in raring?19:37
JontheEchidna^not all of it would necessarily build anyway19:38
JontheEchidna(all of kde)19:38
yofelwasn't qt5 supposed to be api compatible?19:38
yofel(except webkit maybe)19:38
JontheEchidnaan easy example, kwin won't19:38
yofelbecause it uses gl?19:38
JontheEchidnaanything using Qt3support still won't19:39
doctorpepperand 3D stuff  is expected  for 5.1 or 5.0.119:39
JontheEchidnakwin because this: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2012/12/the-road-towards-kwin-on-qt-5/19:39
yofelah thx19:39
JontheEchidnaI don't suspect that KDE will be built against Qt 5.x until KDE Frameworks 5 is out19:40
JontheEchidnahere's some more stuff that has to be changed, in general: http://www.kdab.com/porting-from-qt-4-to-qt-5/19:41
afiestasJontheEchidna: Frameworks depend on at leat Qt 5.119:46
afiestasI say at least because maybe somebody gets out of Qt 5.1 and we have to wait until 5.219:47
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Riddellevening, what did I miss?23:30
shadeslayernot much I think23:37
rbelemhi Riddell :-)23:39
rbelemRiddell, all patches merged on icecc upstream23:40
rbelemRiddell, media.rbelem.info/icecc_0.9.98~git2012122001-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz http://media.rbelem.info/icecc_0.9.98~git2012122001.orig.tar.bz223:40
yofelhm, which reminds me that I forgot to report icecc bugs23:45
yofelstart-stop-daemon: unable to open pidfile '/var/run/icecc/iceccd.pid' for writing (No such file or directory)23:45
rbelemyofel, fixed :-)23:47
yofelgreat :)23:47
rbelemhow do i submit these changes to debian?23:48
shadeslayerreportbug + patches?23:49
rbelemhum... how about utunubu?23:49
shadeslayerpoke the person who last uploaded icecc?23:49
shadeslayerwhich would be you ....23:50
shadeslayerimho you should have packaged 0.9.8 with proper patches in debian/patches23:50
shadeslayerunless the next version comes out before feature freeze23:51
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Raring Alpha 1 Released | Packaging TODO: http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas http://yofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.9.95_raring.html | oxygen-fonts in experimental PPA (from oneiric to raring)
rbelemshadeslayer, i think it will be ready before. i will poke upstream to make sure23:54
shadeslayerin which case ignore my comment :)23:54
rbelemshadeslayer, yesterday 0.9.97 was released two days ago iirc23:55
rbelemshadeslayer, soon we will have 1.0 :-)23:55
rbelemand with support to multiple compilers23:56

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