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xrsunable to install 12.04.1  "Unable to delete partition: Unrerognized disk label"01:29
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OerHeksi hate elite-guys, and warez are offtopic here, zombie0104:07
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foad_my sound not work in ubuntu 12.0407:53
foad_plz help07:53
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:03
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hemppacould som1 help me whit a  tiny problem10:58
hemppai installet java7 and tried to  run Tekkit mod for minecraft via OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime.... it starts but after that jsut disapears11:00
hemppasame hapens to normal minecraft too.11:01
navlelohemppa, have you tried the oracle jre?11:11
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mime_1111hey ppl, is any way to use kdeglobal shortcuts separately? i mean, running it into shell for using it without kde, thnx13:18
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markithi, anyone knows how make firefox from blueshell repo be "prevalent" over normal firefox. I want to have it installed even if of older version14:41
yofelshadeslayer: ^14:44
shadeslayermarkit: you can do apt pinning, however you'll be susceptible to security issues14:45
shadeslayerso keep that in mind14:45
shadeslayermarkit: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?59011-Firefox-KDE-support&p=316978&viewfull=1#post31697814:46
markitshadeslayer: are you from blueshell team?14:47
markitdo DO thank you A LOT14:47
shadeslayernp :)14:47
markitwithout decent FF support I was doomed at school14:47
markitor would have been "chromenized" ;P14:47
shadeslayertbh I use chrome myself :P14:48
shadeslayerquite the irony ...14:48
markitshadeslayer: chrome = proprietary = market of proprietary programs, a sort of "androidization"14:48
markitchromium = looks like chrome = children don't get the difference and think is good14:48
markitbut FOSS is in a bad position in those app stores / Clouds days14:49
shadeslayerI actually like the native pdf rendering in chrome14:49
markitin any case, back to my LTSP tests ;P14:49
shadeslayerooh, LTSP tests?14:49
markitshadeslayer: is all about freedom, at least for what concerns me14:49
markitshadeslayer: yep, I had huge problems with KDE and ltsp in FAT configuration14:49
shadeslayerI see14:50
markitmaybe I've found a suitable nfs config option14:50
shadeslayermarkit: that's something I want to work on14:50
shadeslayerJust need to finish off current projects14:50
markitshadeslayer: with sshfs there are problems due to where and how kde creates the cache (in /var/tmp)14:50
shadeslayermarkit: there was a thread on plasma devel about this14:50
shadeslayernot sure if anything came out of it14:51
markitand with sshfs AND nfs, in any case, there is a LOT of I/O, expecially at the first login14:51
markitshadeslayer: yep, was mine :)14:51
shadeslayerah :D14:51
shadeslayermarkit: yeah understandably, KDE creates a ton of config files at startup14:51
markitunfortunately I've limited knowledge so troubleshooting is a nightmar for me14:51
markitshadeslayer: yep, and also there is all that ORRIBLE akonadi / nepomuk / whatever stuff14:52
shadeslayerhave you tried exporting KDEVARTMP to something local?14:52
shadeslayerand KDETMP14:52
markitshadeslayer: yes, but was not easy in LTSP structure14:52
markithave not found a good point where insert it14:52
persiaWouldn't it be better for the LTSP environments to mount /var/tmp and /tmp locally directly, rather than using environment variables?14:52
shadeslayeroh good point14:53
markitand in any case, since you have a diskless PC, every "disk" I/O is a network I/O14:53
markitpersia: no local HD14:53
markitis one of the main selling point of LTSP14:53
markitno hd, no M$license... so good ;P14:53
persia /tmp on tmpfs is usually safe, unless people are dealing with very large files and very small RAM.14:53
markitpersia: KDE fills /var/tmp with 100MB of stuff at first run14:54
markitI know people that have some GB there...14:54
persia /var/tmp is a bit trickier, but one could add an upstart job that prepopulated it on boot and rsync'd it to network on shutdown.14:54
markitpersia: we have no local HD, and 1.5 GB ram14:54
markitjust because I've expanded the pc from standard 512MB14:55
persiaAre you using zram-config?14:55
shadeslayermarkit: you can put scripts in /usr/env/ and export vars there14:55
markitgnome-fallback  has 20MB of transfer on login14:55
markitkde with standard config... 400MB!14:55
markitshadeslayer: vars that need to be related to the user?14:56
persiazram-config should give you a bit more space, at least for KDE's use of /tmp.  /var/tmp probably still needs to be network mounted, if the thin clients only have 1536MB RAM14:56
markitbecause KDEVARTMP need to know username14:56
shadeslayermarkit: yep, like KDEVARTMP and KDETMP14:56
shadeslayerit's run by startkde14:56
markitshadeslayer: I'm not lazy, just ignorant... what would you exactly put there?14:56
persia(other users of /tmp may prohibit /tmp on tmpfs even with zram-config though: depends on what else you have installed)14:57
markitI've done a lot of experiments ... tired also the "pam" stuff since those were ignored14:57
markitpersia: I'll have a loot at zram-config also, I know some very good ltsp devs14:57
shadeslayermarkit: pretty much any bash script afaik , for eg https://github.com/netrunner/netrunner-settings-lp/blob/master/desktop/usr-share/netrunner_set_env.sh14:58
persiaIt just allocates half the RAM as compressed swap, and then only uses it on-demand.  It's a package that can be installed, which I find useful for low-ram environments.14:58
shadeslayermarkit: apart from the IO issues, what problems did you face?14:59
markitshadeslayer: I love kde, I've installed kde in the 3 schools that, as parent of 2 children, I've converted to FOSS14:59
markitltsp in thin client config works fine a lot14:59
markitthe troble was when I expanded the ram of 24 pc and tested kde fat with more than 2 pc for the first time14:59
markitshadeslayer: the problems I had, except I/O are:15:00
markitif user logs out, some processes are still alive, akonadi AFAIR15:00
markitbig problems with FF integration that you solved ;P15:00
markitbig problem with recent FF and copy/paste images in LiBo15:01
shadeslayers/solved/hacked around for the moment/15:01
markit(they past a link, not embedded image, since FF changed how things are put in clipboard)15:01
shadeslayermarkit: can't help that :P15:01
markitbig problems in having teachers understand the importance of FOSS, and what they are doing in general15:02
markitshadeslayer: I filed a bug in LiBo bugtracker, hope 4.0 will fix it15:02
shadeslayerbut if there are issues related to Kubuntu/KDE please come to #kubuntu-devel to poke us to fix it ;)15:02
shadeslayeras for akonadi, #akonadi could provide some insight15:02
markitshadeslayer: really would be fabolous have some KDE devs be also LTSP users15:02
markitthat's great in schools... and if you teach freedom to children, you will win15:03
shadeslayerI'm not too familiar with LTSP, but I'd like to work on it for some time15:03
markitalso I've the feelings that KDE is becoming too "desktop centric", while GNU/Linux is amazing in client/server model like LTSP15:03
markitand more and more devs have SSD, so I/O is not a big concern to them15:03
markitwhile should be in any case15:04
shadeslayerheh, true15:04
markitI mean, graphical effects are fun to hack, but brings you nowhere15:04
shadeslayerI also like how Edubuntu has a LTSP install mode15:04
markitshadeslayer: yep, I will write docs about KDE and ltsp, and I'm creating some scripts (at the moment in italian, and in ruby language) to make installation much easier15:05
markitand also KDE configuration, you have to set a lot of stuff "globally"15:05
shadeslayercool! please share them on the wiki :D15:05
shadeslayerthat's fairly easy isn't it?15:05
markitthat only in part can be done in /etc/kde15:05
shadeslayererm no :P15:05
markitno documentation15:05
shadeslayerif you have kubuntu installed, see /etc/kde4rc15:06
markitwas a lot of "set in the home, find last changed config files, compare with a copy, and try in /etc/kde")15:06
shadeslayerand then /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/15:06
markitit took a LOT of time and frustration on my side, I'm not a KDE devs15:06
shadeslayerKDE does that for you afaik15:06
markitshadeslayer: there is NOT the right place, since is distro-chained15:06
markityou upgrade and you loose (risk of)15:06
shadeslayerit has cascaded configs15:07
shadeslayermarkit: you should have emailed ML's :P15:07
markitshadeslayer: do you mind if we keep in touch for ltsp and kde related stuff? are you a kde dev?15:07
* persia agrees: everything in /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings should be overridable in /etc/kde4rc15:07
shadeslayerpersia: actually nope :P15:07
shadeslayerI'll explain in a bit15:07
shadeslayermarkit: sure, also a kubuntu-dev so feel free to poke about kubuntu issues :)15:07
markitshadeslayer: next step should be create javascript scripts to tailor plasma worksplace globally15:07
markiti.e. I need to get rid of activities15:08
shadeslayerpersia: move to #kubuntu-devel? :D15:08
shadeslayerah :)15:08
shadeslayermarkit: that15:08
markitthey are WONDERFUL, I use them15:08
markitbut at school they are a nightmare15:08
shadeslayermarkit: caveat : plasma will force the activities plasmoid15:08
markit(like multple desktops are, but I solved it, easy to config only 1)15:08
shadeslayerwhen you start kde for the first time15:08
markitshadeslayer: could you please, if interested, give me in private your email? I you think you can help me with ltsp / kde config, I will give back a lot to the community with Ubuntu Wiki about that15:10
markitback to my tests, so if something goes wrong, I can ask you in a short time ;P15:12
markitbtw, there is still some activity in #libreoffice-qa for the 4.0 release, if someone wants to help, is welcomed15:12
AknotHow do i get rid of the taskbar transparency?15:17
shadeslayererr ... I'd guess disable desktop effects15:18
AknotI disabled transparency from kwin but it only disabled it for folders etc15:18
shadeslayermaybe someone in #kde would know15:19
Aknoti asked there aswell no answer15:27
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mr0wlhey all15:35
mr0wldoes Kubuntu have the Amazon search thing built into it like Ubuntu does?15:35
yofelmr0wl: no15:36
mr0wlyofel: okay, great15:36
mr0wlwhen is the next version of Kubuntu due?15:39
mr0wlgood, it's a long way15:40
adamkexHey, how do I remove the wallet from KDE?15:47
markitadamkex: you can disable it from system settings -> look for "wallet" in the uupper right text box15:47
adamkexmarkit: Thanks I found it15:49
mr0wlis there a faster way to install Kubuntu other than downloading the entire DVD iso?15:50
mr0wlis there a Kubuntu minimal iso?15:50
adamkexthere is a cd version i think15:51
adamkexwhich is 700mb large15:51
AbortDis there something similar to compiz-fusion for kde?15:51
Aknotits part of kde15:51
Aknotu already have it15:52
AbortDalright nice does it pretty much duplicate compiz-fusion in the kde envinroment?15:52
Aknotcheck desktop effects on system settings15:53
Aknotthats kwin15:53
AbortDim choosing beating kubu and ubu havent been on linux in a few years15:53
adamkexgo kubuntu15:53
adamkexunless you like unity15:53
AbortDwhat do you mean by unity?15:54
adamkexAbortD: this is unity http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/06/Unity_5.12_on_Ubuntu_12.04.png15:54
yofelmr0wl: there is a mini.iso which pretty much a minimal installer and downloads the package during install - other alternative would be to install ubuntu-server and put kubuntu-desktop on it15:55
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Peace-mr0wl: download the mini iso then sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop #- KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications15:55
AbortDbarf nevermind15:55
AbortDthanks for the heads up that looks like the new windows15:55
adamkexAbortD: haha, kde all the way15:55
Peace-kde for ever15:56
AbortDdefinately i used to like gnome for the applications but that killed it15:56
Aknotgnome and ubuntu went to shit. Kde ftw15:57
Peace-AbortD: kde can be what you want :) http://wstaw.org/m/2012/12/20/plasma-desktopMB2769.png15:57
AbortDyeah i usually keep my bar at the top easiest positions15:58
AbortDgoing on it now with my laptop online reason i kept windows was for a game from 1996 haha15:59
Peace-AbortD: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-UzcsH0qKhSc/T9SZ9BLP6aI/AAAAAAAAZV8/gcSBgBa5Kks/s800/Selezione_015.png15:59
AbortDnice what tdo you recommend the lts or the latest16:00
Peace-AbortD: depends on you  i have both16:00
Peace-AbortD: i have 4 partions16:00
Peace-one for unstable with is 13.04 alpha16:01
Peace-one for 12.1016:01
Peace-and one for /home16:01
AbortDoh nice i see where you are coming from one as a stable16:01
Peace-that is shared between the systems16:01
AbortDnever tried that16:01
AbortDsharing /home16:01
Peace-well i change name for users16:02
Peace-so no problem16:02
Peace-for me it's the best configuration16:02
AbortDnever really had a need to though16:02
Peace-cuz if i want delete a system i need just to delete a little 15 GB16:02
adamkexI just use 12.1016:02
AbortDit would be nice to get kubuntu onto a little arm pc dev board :P16:03
Peace-AbortD: i have16:03
AbortDrunning smooth or?16:03
Peace-AbortD: well http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/raspberrypiplasma.jpeg?w=89016:03
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Peace-this is debian with plasma16:04
Peace-on rasperberrypy16:04
AbortDdamn nice16:04
AbortDim getting a rasp pi soon i think16:04
AbortDim back ordered till january16:04
Peace-don't think that is a beast16:04
Peace-it runs16:04
Peace-but you need to tweak it16:05
AbortDhow is it with video?16:05
AbortDyou can overclock the rasp pi too16:05
Peace-i didn't btw16:05
Peace-i got a 512mb raspberrypi so it' s good enough for me16:06
AbortDi would toss a heatsink on maybe a little fan and try it16:06
AbortDi just want to do one as a media center16:06
AbortDthat i could easily plug into a mini arcade machine16:06
Peace-for that you can use the img with xmbc16:06
Peace-AbortD: i used for webcam :) http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/rpiffmpeg.jpeg?w=630&h=39316:07
AbortDi hate that this crap is so far back ordered?16:07
AbortDnevermind the question mark16:08
AbortDmy typing is shit today16:08
Peace-lol ok16:08
Peace-AbortD: just a silly question where are you from ?16:08
adamkexPeace-: That's debian?16:09
Peace-adamkex: yep16:09
adamkexI had the same color in the terminal on gentoo16:09
Peace-adamkex: i used kubuntu :D ssh => rpi with debian16:09
Peace-AbortD: so american16:09
markitPeace-: reading the irc log... do you have plasma on raspberry (512MB I assume)?16:10
Peace-markit: yes16:10
adamkexI don't understand this hype of the raspberry pi16:10
markithow is it possible? at school can't run decentrly a P4 with anything below 1GB of ram16:10
adamkexit's just a small computer16:10
Peace-markit: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/configure-rasperberry-without-monitor-with-a-laptop-kubuntu/16:11
AbortDadamkex its pretty much a energy efficient hackable small computer16:11
markitadamkex: yes, but a children can buy it and hack without parents screaming "you are ruining my M$ PC!"16:11
Peace-adamkex: i can use rpi to see my house when i am out from internet16:11
AbortDpeople are using it for quad copters and home file server/cloud16:12
Linkmaster_You guys talking about the Raspberry Pi? I want one, haha16:12
markitPeace-: I assume is slow like hell with plasma, right?16:12
Peace-markit: well via ssh it's slow but not so much16:13
Peace-markit: if you use it directly it should run normally16:13
AbortDyeah link order now they are on back order16:13
Peace-ssh is not designed to run X programs16:13
AbortDi expect to get one by january 1716:13
AbortDwhats the difference of the cd and dvd of kub? do you have to download the rest with the cd?16:14
Peace-markit: with debian i used debian + kde 3.5 in a pentiuym 2 350mhz16:14
adamkexunless you're young or poor, why would you want a rpi when you can get regular computer?16:14
markitkde 3.5 is a different story ;P16:14
Peace-markit: with matrox milleium g200 8mb of memory16:14
Peace-markit: 3.5 is not lighter16:14
AbortDadamkex rasp pi runs on minimal power without screens and is cheap and completely open source16:15
AbortDadamkex i plan on running a cheap arcade machine off of it16:15
markitadamkex: try to convince your parent that you can "play" with a 400$ PC, and if you break it have another one soon16:15
markitadamkex: much easier if costs 35$ no?16:15
adamkexmarkit: I said unless you're young16:15
Peace-adamkex: cuz 30 euros is nothing and i get a running system with linux always online16:15
markitadamkex: ehm, I'm old and my parents are still alive ;P16:15
* markit missed that part, lol16:16
Peace-i am not young :)16:16
AbortDrasp pi runs off of mini usb instead of a power supply the size of a brick16:16
Peace-AbortD: yep16:16
Linkmaster_anyhow...I transferred all of the files from my mothers MS computer to an external harddrive, and since it's for her business, I want to doubly check that every single file made it to the harddrive. is there a simple way in Linux to do this? I know it's possible, but my searching didn't work as well as I would have hoped, and I have no clue, nor do I care how, to do it on Windows16:16
AbortDand you can still use it as a micro controller16:16
adamkexAbortD: that's actually cool, the arcade machine, how are you going to get it to work?16:17
yofelLinkmaster_: you could use rsync in checksum mode I guess16:17
Peace-AbortD: i have even arduino :D16:17
yofelLinkmaster_: but on windows I don't know either...16:17
kristjanHi guys, can anybody tell me what program i can use to convert MP4 to avi16:17
adamkexPeace-: Unless you can connect a HDD to it I don't see the point of having it online 24/716:17
Linkmaster_yofel: would that work if I wanted to check the whole folder? I just moved her username folder over16:17
yofelLinkmaster_: just mount the drives in linux? ^^16:17
AbortDi want to get a arduino Peace- after i learn to program a lil better16:18
Peace-kristjan: ffmpeg -i /paath/file myfile.mp416:18
AbortDadamkex you can16:18
Linkmaster_yofel: I had a small linux partition running on the desktop, and I'm currently logged into that, and have both drives loaded and accessed with it16:18
yofelLinkmaster_: well, rsync syncs recursively, so it would check everything16:18
adamkexAbortD: I know, I said how16:18
Peace-kristjan: maybe better ... ffmpeg -i /paath/file    -ab 128k -b 1000k       myfile.mp416:19
AbortDusb hard drive16:19
Linkmaster_yofel: I'm not particularly familiar with rsync, where is the tutorial for it, etc.16:19
kristjanThanks Peace, im newbe, is there any easy to use app16:19
AbortDPEace- whats the dif between cd and dvd kub16:19
adamkexAbortD: I mean the controls, the emulator, the monitor, the actual cabin16:19
Peace-kristjan: mmm yes but the best thing its' ffmepg16:19
Peace-AbortD: nothing you get the most of the stuff on the dvd16:20
AbortDbuild the cabin16:20
Peace-AbortD: but i use mini iso :P16:20
AbortDthe controls and monitor plug into it easily through a hdmi or another port and usb16:20
kristjanthen i need step by step instructions Peace16:20
AbortDthe emulator is typical linux emulation16:20
yofelLinkmaster_: lots, but I'm having a hard time right now to find a *simple* one16:20
adamkexAbortD: so will you make your own controller?16:21
Peace-kristjan: ok install this one Handbrake16:21
AbortDi could but i probably wont i will end up modding one16:21
yofelLinkmaster_: maybe just 'rsync -avhc source_folder/ destination_folder' would be enough (note: the slashes matter).16:21
Peace-kristjan: it's not bad16:21
adamkexAbortD: like buttons on the machine16:21
AbortDim not that savvy and program16:21
Linkmaster_yofel: yeah, I know how that is...do you know the command to essentially "rysnc -check /path/to/system-drive /path/to/external" ?16:22
kristjanok , ill dry16:22
AbortDadamkex arduino could be used for programming the controller though16:22
Linkmaster_yofel: aah, you answered when I was asking, haha16:22
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AbortDadamkex my goal for this is be cheap as possible16:23
Linkmaster_yofel: I'll give that a shot. And you said that slash mattered, is that basically an "end" call or something?16:23
adamkexAbortD: Oh so you want to sell it?16:23
Peace-kristjan: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install handbrake ; handbrake16:23
adamkexI thought this was going to be a hobby16:23
AbortDit is a cheap hobby :)16:23
Peace-kristjan: that should add the ppa , update the repository , install the program  and run the program16:23
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yofelLinkmaster_: not really, it has a tricky way to handle folders and if you do it wrong you'll end up with not source in target, but source in target/source/16:24
kristjani installed it via muon16:24
Peace-kristjan: good16:24
AbortDadamkex if i ever did decide to sell one id prolly have to produce the board my self16:24
yofelLinkmaster_: note that the rsync manpage is rather good16:24
Linkmaster_yofel: ah, herm. thanks for mentioning that, I'll explicitly state the file path now16:25
Peace-yofel: btw is a rsync function  present on owncloud?16:25
Peace-if you know16:25
Peace-i know you know16:25
yofelPeace-: I don't actually - haven't had time to play with it enough yet :/16:26
yofelIIRC it supports webdav, so that would be one way to handle that16:26
Peace-yofel: bad yofel lol16:26
adamkexAbortD: Ok, do you know if it is powerful enough to play games at speed?16:27
AbortDall emulated games like mame nes snes sega yada yada16:27
AbortDn64 im pretty sure16:27
adamkexAbortD: There isn't good n64 emulation16:28
Peace-adamkex: this is quake 3 on rpi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULKSflai7I816:28
kristjanHey peace , handbrake converted it to mkv file16:29
Peace-kristjan: ok ... you need to set it ..16:29
kristjani dont see any options to convert it to avi16:29
Peace-lol it's a converter so it converts in several stuff16:29
Linkmaster_yofel: I just realized, rsync is one of the best ways to transfer files, isn't it?16:29
yofelLinkmaster_: if you need more than cp does, yeah16:30
Peace-kristjan: http://main.makeuseoflimited.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/handbrake.png16:30
Linkmaster_So, I'm thinking...instead of checking it, I just *use* rysnc to move the files instead of windows itself @ yofel16:30
yofelLinkmaster_: feel free to, though that would mean copying everything *again*16:31
adamkexPeace-: That looks nice16:31
Linkmaster_bah...it's only 106gb16:31
Peace-adamkex: i was thinking to use it like server instead16:31
Peace-adamkex: if i am out i leave it open so i can access to my own data from internet16:31
adamkexPeace-: what kind of server?16:31
Linkmaster_I'll let it run the check anyhow, see if anything comes up. Is there a way to use rsync to copy only the files that didn't get transferred?16:32
Peace-adamkex: i guess i will install owncloud on it16:32
Peace-adamkex: something like this http://demo.owncloud.org/16:32
Peace-adamkex: you can set it up even on your kubuntu box right now16:32
Peace-kristjan: good16:33
kristjanI need to merge some clips16:33
kristjanwhat app i can use?16:33
Peace-kristjan: kdenlive16:33
Linkmaster_I'll let it run the check anyhow, see if anything comes up. Is there a way to use rsync to copy only the files that didn't get transferred? yofel (sorry, forgot to tag you, not sure if you saw it)16:33
yofelLinkmaster_: that's the default behaviour. As I'm not sure how NTFS handles timestamps I told you to use 'c' which needs more traffic.16:33
yofelusually it just compares the timestamps and compares what's new16:34
Linkmaster_yofel: could you explain what the different flags do?16:34
kristjanThanks again Peace16:34
yofelnote that by default it doesn't *delete* anything if you sync, you need to tell it that if it should16:34
adamkexPeace-: I don't need a cloud on my computer right now :P16:34
adamkexI had a funtoo server but the HDD broke16:35
Peace-kristjan: http://www.kdenlive.org/tutorial/basic-introduction-kdenlive16:35
Linkmaster_yofel: since the desktop hasn't been touched since I've got my hands on it, there (shouldn't) be any differences16:35
yofelLinkmaster_: a is archive (summary for -rlptgoD), h is human readable size values, v is verbose, c is checksum checking16:36
yofelLinkmaster_: rsync has a gazillion options, enjoy reading the manpage16:36
yofelLinkmaster_: the manpage also actually explains every option so it's worth to read16:37
Linkmaster_hahah, alright. sometimes the manpage isn't all that "semi-geek" readible though, so that's why I was asking...this will take some time though. going through 106gigs of data, I'll get back to you in a bit yofel , see how it goes16:37
howudodatI have noticed a wierd problem with my kubuntu desktop.  It usually is present in the monring after I wake up the screens.  Upper right hand corner of the screen ~4" wide 2" tall is a blurry box.  I am thinking it is a blurred background from one of the notify windows.  Refresh of the desktop doesn't remove it.  Any ideas how to kill this box?16:39
adamkexI'm leaving the chat, bye guys!16:39
yofelhowudodat: that box *should* have the name of the activity that you're using in it as it's the activity menu16:39
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Linkmaster_Oh, random question...how do you tell a linux computer to switch the fans on?16:41
* yofel only knows how to do that on thinkpads16:42
AbortDin C16:42
Linkmaster_Well...I'd like to know how to do it on a thinkpad as well, seeing as two of my personal computers are thinkpads, haha xD but it's for the Dell that I'm currently asking..16:43
yofelthere is this 'fancontrol' package in the archive that might be useful16:43
howudodatyofel: I dont think it's an activiy menu, but it might be.  There is no title, no borders.  it doesn't appear to be an undecorated window.  imo it's a blurr that a window would be layed on top of16:43
yofelhaven't really used it16:43
AbortDbbl guys16:43
yofelhowudodat: that somehow sounds like plasma isn't actually rendering that window...16:43
Linkmaster_yofel: thanks, I'll play around with that16:43
Linkmaster_howudodat: I had a similar problem back in KDE4.7 I think, where a notification came up from the system monitor thing, but the desktop never quite rendered the image away. An update fixed it though, so I never really figured out what happened...16:45
yofelLinkmaster_: as for thinkpads, there you can install tp-smapi-dkms, enable fan control by passing fan_control=1 to the thinkpad_acpi module and then control the fan from /proc/acpi/ibm/fan16:45
Linkmaster_maybe it was 4.5...something around the days of Kubu10.1016:45
howudodatLinkmaster: I think that's on the right track.  It appears right where all my notoify popups appear.  I am on Kubu 12.10, not sure the version of kde, how can I check?16:46
Linkmaster_Just open up dolphin, go to "help" and click on "about KDE"16:47
Linkmaster_But..it should be something around 4.9 if I believe, and I haven't had such a problem on my 11.10, KDE4.8.ish system, so..I'm not quite sure16:48
yofelofficial 12.10 is 4.9.3 currently16:48
howudodatyup kde 4.9.316:48
Linkmaster_howudodat: how long has this problem persisted for?16:49
yofelneed to go - bbl16:50
Linkmaster_howudodat: also, random idea I came up with just now...tonight when you go to sleep, lock the screen, and then go to sleep like normal. When you turn the monitors back on, you'll have to log into the desktop again. See if that provides a work around16:50
howudodatLinkmaster_: pretty much since install.  also, I just noticed if I move my mouse around the screen (ie homer on a foldr in dolphin) it slightly messes with the blur.  Hard to describe, but it's like a clean shift in the blur window (picture 3 vertical bands).  After moving mouse a little more the blur restores to one solid band16:51
howudodatbrb, will lock the screen and come back16:51
howudodatLinkmaster_:ok, lock screen and use pw to enter didn't remove the box16:52
yofelcan you try if disabling effects with shift+alt+f12 helps?16:53
yofelit could be that the driver isn't rendering it right16:53
Linkmaster_yofel: it might be the "blur" effect..I don't know why, but ever since 11.04 came out, blur has never worked for me16:54
Linkmaster_not even 11.04, it "broke" at the KDE4.6 update.16:54
yofelit works usually, but on my netbooks intel 945GME it's so slow that it's unusable16:55
howudodatyofel:disable effects and then re-enable removed the window16:55
yofel... fun16:55
yofelanyway, really gone now :)16:56
Linkmaster_yofel: gone, but doesn't tell us why xD16:59
howudodatLinkmaster_:my guess is the notify process never died correctly, which is why it would still be visible after I lock the screena nd come back or switch users, which should force a total screen redraw.  I guess I could file a bug on it17:00
Linkmaster_Yah, that's along the lines I was thinking, since it happened to me long ago, and that's what I figured it out to be then...not sure why though..unless you do have the "blur" effect on, and that would explain it(in my world, that effect is nothing but trouble)17:02
howudodatLinkmaster_: agreed it's trouble, but a bit of eye candy is /nice/ to have.  after all I stare at these monitors for the better part of 14 hours a day :(17:03
Linkmaster_howudodat: also agreed. I just stopped using it because it gave similar issues to yofel's, creating the system to become unusable. For whatever reason, it actually locked up my desktop. I was shocked, haha17:04
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howudodatLinkmaster_:  wow, my system locked up too, but when I switched to nvida drivers that problem got better.  so far other than the nagging window it /seems/ to be ok.  I'll have to keep an eye on it.17:06
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Linkmaster_howudodat: yeah, the computer(s) that it locked up either had /no/ video card at all, or the AMD stuff..17:09
howudodatinteresting.  well someone's telling me it's time to eat, and I smell cinnamon rolls....I'm outa here.  Thanks for the help!17:10
Linkmaster_howudodat: hahah, I'd have been gone at the smell, have fun, and no problem17:11
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Linkmasteryofel: ping17:34
Linkmasteryofel: here is the end of the rsync: http://paste.kde.org/628832/17:41
yofelLinkmaster: looks ok17:53
Linkmasternot like I have any idea of what it means xD17:53
yofelwell, you would see any errors while it's checking, or to see transfer progress for every file you could use --progress (only shows actually tranferred files)17:54
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LinkmasterWould the errors have only shown up while it's checking, or would it have listed it at the end? I didn't watch the entire thing, though I did see a large bit of it17:55
yofelseems like it sent 136.23M (includes rsync metadata) and checked 112.81G.17:55
yofelwhile it's checking17:55
yofelthough it usually says a sentence if there are errors17:56
LinkmasterI'll just run it one last time...nothing wrong with redundancy...(RAID, anyone?)17:56
yofellike "some files vanished while it was transferring" or "there were errors"17:56
LinkmasterOhh, okay17:56
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cjae974 MB dowload now?17:58
yofelthe desktop image is ~1GB now17:58
yofel~ = roughly18:00
cjaealso is there still the issue of using an older version of startup disc creator with a newer distro iso?18:01
cjaeeg. startup on 12.04 to make a usb bootable of 12.1018:02
Linkmasteryofel: if you were to say that ~ something is ~ large, would that mean it's exactly that size?18:09
yofelwell, I usually know ~ as meaning 'about', so it's the opposite18:10
yofelit's not like there is that distorted = on a keyboard18:10
LinkmasterYeah, I know, I'm just using the word as a trick sentence...you know, 4 - -5 is 9 type of thing18:14
LinkmasterIs that why they use "~" for "home"? =P because no-one knows what's actually there, so it's "approximately" that?18:16
yofelgood question - but I don't know the answer for that either ^^18:16
Linkmasterhahah, I just literally thought of that18:17
AknotHow do i turn off taskbar translucency18:17
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landracerhey folks!21:06
landracerWho's loving KDE!? :-)21:06
landracerme, me, me!!!! :-D21:07
cornfeedhas anyone ever setup keybindings to tile windows? like how you can now drag a window to the edge and it will only fill up 50% of the screen, of the top and it fills the whole window...any way to make that happen with like win+up,down,left,right?21:08
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mime_1111hello ppl, my volume wheel only works on master channel, leaving the internal channel to be at the same volume once i volume down my wheel, is there any way to move both, please? thank you all21:48
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howudodatok, hre comes another problem.  this tie with kopete.  for about a day or maybe 2 kopete cant connect to google talk.  I dont really get any error messages, it just never goes online.    just for giggles, I did a apt purge of kopete, and used "Instant messenger kontacts" and when I added the account, kopete popped up a kde-wallet dialog box.  hmmm.... also IM Kontacts wouldn't connect either, but I can use gtalk from my chrome22:04
howudodatbrowser.  Ideas?22:04
shadeslayerhowudodat: seems like you used kde telepathy22:11
shadeslayerfor adding the account again22:12
howudodatshadeslayer: yes looks like it v.0.5.1 but that didn't work either22:15
shadeslayerI see22:15
shadeslayerhowudodat: so your contacts don't show up the contact list and there's a error notification?22:16
shadeslayercould you tell me what the error notification says?22:16
howudodatkde telepath error says authentication failed....i 2x checked the pw and it works in pidgin and in chrome22:16
shadeslayernot sure then, but if says auth failed, it's usually an incorrect password/username22:20
mime_1111hello ppl, is any way to set pcm as default in kmix or alsamixer? thnx22:21
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shadeslayermime_1111: right click the sound icon > Select master channel ?22:21
mime_1111it just dont react at that22:22
mime_1111after the update22:22
mime_1111so, im asking if there is a way to change any txt and always my build in wheel change pcm instead of master, because my built in speakers have speaker and subwoofer, both, but volume up/down only change the speaker, leaving the woofer to loud when i volume down22:24
mime_1111its very stupid22:24
mime_1111i just want to set pcm as default in alsamixer, or watever i use22:25
mime_1111im tired of searching22:25
shadeslayermaybe #alsa can help?22:26
shadeslayerif kmix doesn't work22:26
mime_1111my wheel keeps moving master, instead of pcm22:27
mime_1111thnx  anyway22:29
mime_1111any way  to set pcm as default in alsamixer, making my built-in volume wheel move that channel?22:42
AknotHow do i install flash? there isnt .deb on adobe site23:11
OerHeksAknot, install Kubuntu restricted extra's for flash, openJDK and codecs23:12
Aknotits working like shit23:15
Aknotis there a way to watch youtube videos with vlc?23:15
markitAknot: I usually download locally with a Firefox plugin23:29
markiteven if don't think google is happy about that23:29
Aknotmarkit u mean u download the file to computer and then watch it?23:30
markitAknot: yes23:30
markitAknot: and this is not windows, go around and install proprietary software is not at all, use only sw that is in the repo and that is Free, like gnash23:30
markitAknot: there is also proprietary flash in ubuntu repo, but this is a different story that I will not discuss ;P23:31
markitalso you can set youtube to show html5 videos, so you can see also a lot without plugins (but not all)23:31
Aknotdownloading the file is too much hassle23:32
phiscribei don't like gnash.  i just use the adobe one.23:34
OerHeksphiscribe +123:35
Aknotlol tried gnash, lags like hell when fullscreen23:41
bazhanggnash is not a viable option23:43
OerHeksAknot, install Kubuntu restricted extra's for flash and you'll be fine23:43
Aknoti did, but im having some trouble with flash now23:44
OerHeksAknot, you need a reboot after that.23:45
Aknotwtf i uninstalled gnash then installed flash but it says that i dont have flash when im trying to watch youtube videos23:47
Aknotthey worked before23:47
Aknotfucking gnash fucked everything up23:49
OerHeksWith that language i don't care, good luck with it.23:50
Aknotok now it works23:50
bazhangAknot, no cursing here23:51
bazhangremove gnash23:52
bazhanginstall flash from the repos23:52

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