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dholbachgood morning08:03
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janimostgraber, please file a bug on linux-nexus7, the kernel team is maintaining it now14:29
stgraberjanimo: yeah, I did and I sent a patch to the mailing-list14:30
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dholbachachiang, awesome! :-D16:36
achiangdholbach: hi. :)16:36
dholbachso looking forward to it16:36
achiangdholbach: the UDW session? :)16:38
achiangheh, we'll see what we can do16:39
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LisaNoriI'm still seeing "button1 gets stuck after a while" (#1068994) a lot on the nexus7. I'm using 3.1.10-8-nexus7, Dec 14.  Should I be using something else?21:21
LisaNori(that's version 13.04, by the way)21:24
TasssadarI have the sama issue, but well, the bug report is not yet closed, and people are working on it21:25
LisaNoriOk.  I was just wondering if I would be better off on 12.x, but I would generally think the bleeding edge would be best right now.21:29
TasssadarI think that it was present on 12.10, too21:29
gurgalofit's present in 12.10 too21:30
Tasssadarby the way, I saw "splash" parameter in 13.04's cmdline, does plymouth already work?21:34
LisaNoriI had autologin on so I never saw a splash screen.  (Even though when I checked system settings, it said it was "off".  Turning it on and back off again, reset things, however.)  I rebooted now and I see a simple login screen, so if this is what you're wondering about, then it seems to work.21:48
TasssadarI mean the splash screen during boot - after the Google logo, it either enters console or shows up Ubuntu logo with some progress dots below21:50
LisaNoriNope, don't see the Ubuntu logo.  it goes straight from the google logo to showing some startup commands running, then clears the screen and later comes to the login screen.21:51
gurgalofi see a ubuntu logo, and the "points" that shows its loading....21:56
Tasssadaron nexus7?21:56
gurgalofyes, i will test again to check my memory21:56
gurgalofTasssadar, yes, but it dissapears kinda quickly. all dots gets fully colored, then its booted21:58
Tasssadarchm Oo21:59
LisaNoriOn a nexus7 4G?  I'm guessing this is a similar issue to the previous problem with the  top menu bar not showing correctly on nexus7 4G while working on previous nexus7s.22:00
* Tasssadar wonders why the logo does not show up for him22:01
gurgalofi have a nexus 7 32GB without 3g, running 13.04 a dailly build from a cpl of days ago22:02
gurgalofbut updated with apt-get upgrade22:03
Tasssadarcould you tell me that is in your /proc/cmdline?22:03
Etherninjust curious u guys - anyone know if xrotate has been tied to the accelerometer yet?22:06
gurgalofwait a cpl of minutes and i will paste /proc/cmdline22:06
Tasssadarwell, it does not change rotation automatically, if that is what you ask)22:06
Tasssadargurgalof: thanks22:06
EtherninTasssadar, yeah i know that, was curious if it had been updated, thanks tho22:07
gurgalofTasssadar, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1453424/22:16
gurgalofaww, forgot to redact my serialno...:(22:16
TasssadarWhat could I do with serial number Oo22:18
gurgalofidk, nothing i suppose22:18
Tasssadarbesides identifying the device, but that seems kinda useless, since you are probably half a world away22:18
Tasssadarhmm, tty0, I have tty1, let's see what that does...22:19
Tasssadaruuu, najs, now it shows the logo)22:22
Tasssadar*nice ..22:22
LisaNoriHas anyone verified that the 3G works on a nexus7 3G?  I tried with an AT&T and a truphone.com SIM.  Neither seems to work, so I'm just curious.22:30

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