vibhavGood Morning01:42
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philipballewmorning vibhav02:28
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dholbachgood morning08:03
philipballewmorning dholbach08:03
dholbachhi philipballew08:04
philipballewhowdy czajkowski08:52
philipballewLaunchpad going well I assume?08:58
czajkowskiyup :)08:59
philipballewperfect. Still looking for cheat codes to bring up my karma there.09:00
czajkowskipeople get so worried about karma not updating aat times09:01
czajkowskiI get at least 3 questions a week re karma09:01
czajkowskiit's one of the most costly things to run in fact on LP09:02
czajkowskias it's time intensive09:02
vibhavGood Morning09:07
philipballewczajkowski, but people still like it I guess.09:09
czajkowskiyes they do09:09
vibhavAFAIK, there was some free karma package09:27
khildinhack the package and make it get you a gazilion karma... :P09:30
vibhavyes, its free-launchpad-karma09:33
vibhavIt was rejected09:33
vibhav(As it was not April 1)09:33
jussiphilipballew: the cheat codes to get karma are: (DOMOREWORKW)09:35
Tm_Thappy thursday everyone09:40
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dpmdholbach, here's one for you https://twitter.com/Aeyoun/status/280866360345640961 :)13:30
dholbachdpm, ok13:30
czajkowskidholbach: is something up with http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/14:19
czajkowskiit;s on the redirect from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete14:20
jcastro_popey: ugh, the G+ thing sucks now14:21
jcastro_either cleaning spam all day or reading wrong advice for wrong questions. :-/14:21
popeyhaha, wondered how long that would take14:21
jcastro_I wish we could run like a banner on it14:22
smartboyhwWow spam:P14:22
jcastro_the spam I'm confident they'll fix14:22
jcastro_the topicness of the community is our problem though14:23
dpmdholbach, do you happen to know how I can install a package from a PPA I'm subscribed to that's got the same name as a package on the archive?14:23
dpmI.e. how can I give priority to the PPA's package14:23
jcastro_hmm, Linaro has an enterprise group14:25
jcastro_it's called "LEG".14:25
jcastro_akgraner: are you a leg?14:26
mhall119jcastro_: so they have ARM and LEG?14:26
jcastro_hah yeah14:27
jcastro_the possibilities are endless14:27
nigelbthey cost an ARM and a LEG?14:28
akgranerjcastro -if by that you mean a Light Energetic Go Getting soldier then um maybe :-P14:30
akgraneroh you mean our LEG group yep14:30
akgranerwriting the release announce for that now :-)14:31
akgranerjcastro - I hear LEG and think LEGG too many years at Bragg14:31
akgranerjcastro_, where have you been that was announced at Connect from Techcon  - Canonical is a member of it14:32
jcastro_I was just reading in our monthly report14:33
jcastro_so I am late14:33
jcastro_you need to find something to call HEAD.14:33
jcastro_Huge Engineering and Development or something14:33
nigelband that can be the new name for HR.14:34
akgranernigelb, and jcastro_ I am resisting the urge to be totally inappropriate over HEAD....you guys give me so much ammunition - jeez - why do you torture me like this14:54
nigelbakgraner: haha, I thought of that.14:55
nigelbakgraner: I was trying  not to violate the CoC :P14:55
akgranerGod I am crying here I am laughing so hard - I think you all do this to me on purpose14:55
nigelbmhall119: you're just mad you don't get the joke fast enough :)14:58
akgranermhall119, "that's funny right there, I don't care who you are" - larry the cable guy14:58
mhall119to both of you15:00
jcastro_akgraner: I blame linaro for your big.LITTLE ARMs and LEGs15:02
mhall119man, you can tell it's almost holiday time for everybody can't you?15:03
czajkowskimhall119: aye all the stuff I mailed people about tfor the last 2 weeks are replying today15:04
czajkowskinever been as busy15:04
mhall119you too?15:04
czajkowskiall the licence reminders I sent out to people are now coming back to haunt me :)15:05
akgranerjcastro - resistance is becoming futile15:06
akgranerahhhh you're killing me15:07
jcastro_dpm: you mispasted in that mail you sent me wrt. what you want closed.15:12
vibhavjcastro_: Does the "delete a wiki article" talk still hold true?15:16
jcastro_of course. :)15:16
jcastro_not an entire wiki! Just the worthless parts15:16
vibhavyes, I had seen some old outdated articles. must rewrite articles15:20
dpmjcastro_, argh, sorry, sent the correct link now15:22
jcastro_btw, when you vote to close it sticks it in the review queue15:22
jcastro_things are actually much easier to close when you have like 10+ people checking it every day15:23
mhall119kids.../w 4115:27
cjohnstoncalling us kids?15:28
mhall119I did that earlier15:28
cjohnstonprobably daily15:28
mhall119only in my mind15:28
vibhavbzr branch ubuntu:gpsdrive15:32
vibhavoops, sorry :)15:32
jonomhall119, dpm hey16:26
jonosorry I am late16:26
jonorough night with Jack so I needed to get some sleep16:27
dpmjono, no worries, we were just slacking16:27
jonomhall119, dpm setting up the hangout now16:27
jonodpm, I figured as much16:27
jonoyou guys do nothing16:27
jcastro_did someone say slacking?16:28
IdleOneNice that he included #62 Living Colour17:44
IdleOneThat band always gets forgotten.17:44
dholbachall right, I'm packing my records and am off! see you all tomorrow!17:55
czajkowskitoodle pip17:55
dholbachbye :)17:57
jcastro_akgraner: for you18:42
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