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czajkowskihmmm latest updates on 12.10 is causing me no end of woes on compiz crashes, bt it wont open up a crash report for me to follow up on it :/  anyone seeing anything similar?12:12
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mhr3larsu, what installs com.canonical.indicator.sound?16:18
mhr3and hello btw :)16:18
larsumhr3, indicator-sound16:33
larsumhr3, and hello btw :)16:33
mhr3larsu, that exact pkg?16:34
mhr3includes the schema?16:34
larsumhr3, yeah, I think so. I couldn't imagine anything else creating that schema16:35
larsulet me check16:35
larsu$ dpkg -S /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.indicator.sound.gschema.xml16:36
larsuindicator-sound: /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.indicator.sound.gschema.xml16:36
larsumhr3, ^^16:36
mhr3hmm, now i wonder how come that libunity tests pass then16:36
larsua bug?16:37
jbichamhr3: is it because unity depends on indicator-sound?16:38
mhr3unity might, but libunity doesn't16:38
attenteis anyone able to bzr branch ubuntu:empathy?16:40
attentesorry, never mind, i did lp:empathy instead16:45
mhr3oh, i see why do they pass16:46
mhr3TEST: test-blacklist-crash... (pid=12577)16:46
mhr3(process:12577): libunity-WARNING **: unity-sound-menu.vala:149: Could not create a desktopappinfo instance from app: rhythmbox.desktop16:46
mhr3(process:12577): libunity-CRITICAL **: unity-sound-menu.vala:120: Cannot locate the Desktop file16:46
mhr3(process:12577): libunity-CRITICAL **: unity_mpris_gateway_export: assertion `self != NULL' failed16:46
mhr3(process:12577): libunity-CRITICAL **: unity_mpris_gateway_unexport: assertion `self != NULL' failed16:46
mhr3PASS: test-blacklist-crash16:46
mhr3tests that really isn't testing anything16:46
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Sweetsha1k22:23 <@shm_get> Sweetsha1k I could not help 1/ I was not here, 2/  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452996/plain/ apparently request a launchpad login22:06
Sweetsha1k^^ why are we doing this ^&*^ btw? The only thing it does is: a/ make ubuntu-users chance of help go to zero on a general question b/ make people hate ubuntu22:08
desrtSweetsha1k: people were using it for distribution of malware22:24
desrtrequiring signon short-circuited that22:24
robruthis is why we can't have nice things :-(22:25
desrtfpaste solves the problem in a much nicer way22:25
desrtit asks for a captcha after a certain number of views22:25
Sweetsha1kdesrt: yep.22:38
Sweetsha1kdesrt: the problem is, people arent even noticing it. they are signed on, use paste.u.c without a hassle, and ask over at e.g. #libreoffice and get flamed by someone who actually wanted to help them ...22:40
desrtSweetsha1k: i use fpaste :)22:41
Sweetsha1kI use good ol' pastebin, it does what I need. Its other users that get the trouble.22:42
Sweetsha1kdesrt: and if its 'hey, this is my first build and I have this problem?' post that sucks ...22:43
rickspencer3hey all ... let's say I had "a friend" who wanted to buy a game to "test" steam on Ubuntu23:01
rickspencer3which would you recommend?23:01
bcurtiswxTF2 is free, thats OK23:01
bcurtiswxWorld of goo has high ratings, it's more like a puzzle game, but fun too23:02
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, ok, I'll let him know23:02
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, well, this friend has played world of goo, and found it to be kind of like work23:02
bcurtiswxhaha, so don't use the brain.. got it23:03
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, anyway he/she is trying team fortress 2 ;)23:03
bcurtiswxgood, i'm waiting for counterstrike to make it to Linux, if that happens in the next century23:03
rickspencer3tf2 is a 12.2 gb download?23:08
bcurtiswxorangebox is large23:09
bcurtiswxbut a lot of games run on it23:09
bcurtiswxso i hope porting those to linux will be quick.. even in valve time..23:09
sarnoldrickspencer3: how much effort was it to go through the wine+windows steam route to unlock the beta?23:10
bcurtiswxsarnold, it's open to everyone now23:10
rickspencer3sarnold, I just downloaded directly from steam23:11
sarnoldbcurtiswx: oh, heh, so I'm back to nothing special? :)23:11
sarnoldwell, that's probably for the best. I let the whole wine+steam thing to unlock it block me from ever trying the beta...23:12

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