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bryceslangasek, .11 up.01:18
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voldymanguys i am trying to write an application that manages and draws wallpaper on the desktop. is there any documented way to doing this?06:08
RAOFvoldyman: Depends ?06:14
voldymanRAOF, ??06:14
voldymanRAOF, it will be written in vala. i tried gnome-settings-daemon but i couldn't find most of the functions in vapi for x1106:15
RAOFvoldyman: You could just frob the relevant gsettings keys and get whatever's drawing the desktop to do the drawing for you; I don't know what those keys are, though.06:20
voldymanRAOF, isn't there a way to draw the surface ourself. i have been looking for sometime and it isn't documented06:21
RAOFvoldyman: You can always draw on the root window :)06:23
voldymanRAOF, how ?06:25
voldymani have been trying to do just that06:25
voldyman_RAOF, can you point me from where i can learn to draw on the root window06:35
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RAOFvoldyman: Sorry for the delay - in C it's pretty easy, you just grab DefaultRootWindow(dpy) and then pass that through to gtk. Vala might not have the requisite stuff hooked up, though.07:17
RAOFvoldyman: Oh, now that I think of it, unity-greeter is written in Vala, and it does some draw-to-the-root-window malarkey. Take a look at that.07:17
voldymanRAOF, thanks i'll take a look at unity-greeter. would you happen to have an example in C ?07:18
RAOFvoldyman: Not off the top of my head, sorry, no.07:18
voldymannp. thanks a lot07:19
RAOFBut as I say, it's as simple as dpy = XOpenDisplay(); Window = DefaultRootWindow(dpy); create_a_gtk_drawable(Window);07:19
voldymanRAOF, i was reading the libgnome-desktop3 they've used a very complicated method for setting the wallpaper07:20
RAOFThey need to do funky things because they're trying to handoff from the greeter (to do a transition greeter?session)07:21
voldymannope nothing like that07:22
RAOFThey're doing funky things because they're trying to handoff from the greeter (to do a transition greeter?session) :)07:27
RAOFparticularly - they're setting things up so that it'll persist after the client quits07:28
voldymanclient as in gsd?07:31
voldymanso when it itself quits the background should persist07:32
RAOFClient as in whatever; IIRC gdm uses it, too.07:32
RAOFhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/gnome-desktop3/precise/view/head:/libgnome-desktop/gnome-bg.c#L1560 is basically the operative bit.07:32
gotwigHey, may you help to fix me bug #1032534 ? It refers to a fault of ubuntu, to include the string unity into the translateable descriptions. I don't find the translations for the po files when I do apt-get source from jockey-gtk .07:33
ubottubug 1032534 in elementary OS "Jockey refers to Unity" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103253407:33
RAOFvoldyman: The rest is ensuring that the Pixmap they generate doesn't die when the client dies, setting a property on the root window that they can read later, reading from that property?07:33
gotwigbut I find the relevant strings when I search here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/jockey/+pots/jockey/de/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=unity07:33
voldymanRAOF, so they dont need to maintain a buffer with the wallpaper image, just get it from X07:34
dholbachgood morning08:03
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darkxstSarvatt, did you ever get a chance to look at my other two ppa-purge merge requests?09:12
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hyperairwhat's "ay" in gsettings?14:54
hyperairi recall "a" being array14:54
hyperairbut what's "y"?14:55
hyperairah, okay, y is byte14:57
hyperairarray of bytes.14:57
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hallyninfinity: SpamapS: around by chance?18:38
infinityhallyn: I might be.18:38
infinityhallyn: ┬┐Que pasa?18:38
hallyninfinity: qemu-kvm SRU...18:38
hallyngah, i didn't push the quantal one yet anyway...18:38
infinityhallyn: The one with 4 unverified bugs?18:39
hallynbut i'm pushed a new precise-proposed to surpass the one there now18:39
hallyni'm verifying them today, butone is actually still bad.  I just pushed a new pkg with a better fix18:39
hallynoh. interesting.18:40
hallynin quantal we're doing || true after modprobes.18:40
hallyni'd prefer to drop those actually...  but that's not for this upload18:43
hallyninfinity: new versions uploaded for precise-proposed and quantal-proposed.  if possible to accept them that'd be great, i'll verify them today.18:47
hallyn(I'm pretty sure the quantal woudl verify without the new change, but i uploaded it anyway to keep behavior 100% consistent between prcise and quantal.  not sur eif that's a priority or not)18:50
infinityhallyn: I'll look at them sometime today when I'm bored with being on holiday. ;)18:50
hallyninfinity: thanks - and enjoy :)18:51
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hallyninfinity: well, OTOH, in quantal the version already accepted checks out fine.  so I could go either way, - accepting or rejecting the one i just pushed19:24
hallynslangasek: on precise, udevadm trigger --subsystem-match=misc --action=change19:37
hallynslangasek: does the righ tthing and fixes acls for the group.  but on quantal it doesn't seem to19:38
* hallyn lunches19:40
slangasekhallyn: hrmmmm, really?20:01
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hallynslangasek: yeah (unless I'm doin gsomething wrong - always a possibility) trying to verify bug 1057024; works fine in precise, not q.  weird20:13
ubottubug 1057024 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Quantal) "kvm kernel module always loaded, without setting /dev/kvm permissions" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105702420:13
gotwigwhere has  /usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/Ubuntu.py moved??20:16
gotwigits no more out there20:16
infinitygotwig: It just got lowercased.20:31
infinitygotwig: /usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/ubuntu.py20:31
gotwiginfinity, it seems my distro just removed it...20:32
gotwigI use elementary Luna20:32
gotwigwell, its based on Ubuntu20:32
gotwigbut I can't buy paid apps. I want to fix that20:33
gotwigHow different is Ubuntu here?20:33
gotwigDoes it not allow, that other distros use paid apps?20:33
infinityI imagine you'd do better by asking the person who modified the package for Elementary.20:34
gotwiginfinity, I don't see here elementary as the thing that caused that20:35
gotwigor the person20:35
gotwigbut the software center dudes20:35
infinityEh?  You said that the file didn't exist on Elementary.20:35
gotwigI already read stuff on the net, where people said that they cant install paid apps20:35
infinityUbuntu developers didn't log on to your system and remove the file.20:35
gotwiginfinity, of course it has its own file. Without that file it wouldnt even run20:36
gotwigyou should know that20:36
infinity13:32 < gotwig> infinity, it seems my distro just removed it...20:36
gotwiginfinity, if its elementary, it uses its own file.20:36
gotwigevery distro got its own file20:36
gotwigbut I also read on the net, that linux mint users were not able to install paid apps as well20:36
gotwigso I think its a bigger problem20:36
infinitySure, no one's dictating what elementary's should do.20:36
infinity(Nor Mint)20:36
gotwiginfinity, they downloaded it for their self20:37
gotwigand did steps that I can reproduce20:37
gotwighowever the result not20:37
gotwigthey just copied the ubuntu.py file over, renamed all important stuff, so it could even run20:37
gotwigwithout, it wouldnt20:37
gotwiginfinity, are you interested in a diff?20:38
gotwigI know, that this is not "upstream"20:39
infinityNot particularly, no.20:39
hallynslangasek: before installing the qemu udev rules, getfacl shows http://paste.ubuntu.com/1453236, after it shows http://paste.ubuntu.com/145323820:39
infinityAfter spending 10 minutes trying to find the source on the elementary website, I've lost whatever curiosity I had.20:39
gotwiginfinity, which source20:39
gotwiginfinity, you can find everything on launchpad20:39
gotwigjust like at ubuntu20:40
infinitygotwig: "Find it on launchpad" is meaningless.  Where?20:40
gotwiginfinity, the elementary package for software center?20:40
infinitygotwig: I'd interpret what you're saying as "https://launchpad.net/elementary/+source/software-center", which is clearly not true.20:40
infinitygotwig: So, again, where?20:41
slangasekhallyn: so it looks like the rulse have been /partially/ applied - group is fixed, mode is wrong?20:41
hallynslangasek: right20:41
slangasekhallyn: is it possible you have some other rule in your quantal env that's overriding the mode?20:41
hallyngrep kvm /lib/udev/rules.d/* didn't show any20:41
hallynunless udev now merges 40-* with 70-* rules?20:42
hallynlemme remove the 70-* rules jsut to make sure20:42
hallynnope, still ignored20:43
slangasekhallyn: well, it might be a broader rule of some kind that's setting modes it shouldn't20:43
gotwiginfinity, https://launchpad.net/~elementary-os/+archive/os-patches20:44
hallynslangasek: is there a way to tell udev what rules it's considering?20:44
slangasekhallyn: not AFAIK20:44
hallynslangasek: and it should only use the first rule it finds right?20:45
slangaseknot at all20:45
slangasekit processes all rules in order20:45
slangasekhallyn: if you *reboot* the quantal test, do you get the right acl?20:46
slangasekif not, that's fairly definitive that the problem isn't with the SRU :)20:46
hallynslangasek: yup20:47
slangasekhmm, darn20:47
hallynget the right acls that way20:47
slangasekso that sounds like a udev bug of some kind20:47
hallynwonder if it's present in raring20:47
hallynwonder if i have enough disk space to test that here20:48
hallyn7G.  that'll do20:48
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gotwiginfinity, what are you up to20:59
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quantalrabbiti'm trying to build debuild php5-5.3.10 precise and it is failing with some errors such as "dpkg-source: error: cannot represent change to php5-5.3.10/mysql_base/bin/my_print_defaults: binary file contents changed".  Haven't changed any of the source files yet.  I'm a bit new to ubuntu-devel, any help greatly appreciated23:11
RAOFquantalrabbit: It sounds like maybe your clean target hasn't cleaned the build tree properly?23:37
quantalrabbitRAOF: thanks, you are correct.23:38
quantalrabbitRAOF: i removed files it was complaining about and it now is rebuilding.23:38
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