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ubot5directhex called the ops in #ubuntu-steam ()18:29
AlanBell83 people in that channel and one op in the access list along with ubuntuirccouncil18:42
IdleOneyou might want to add a few :)18:44
AlanBellyeah, I asked bryce to pop in here to have a chat about it18:44
AlanBellthere are a few likely candidates in the channel (including directhex)18:45
AlanBellwe should probably get a logbot in #ubuntu-steam too I guess18:58
IdleOnefinally got my steam account password sorted19:06
Tm_Thi bryce19:55
bryceTm_T, hi19:55
AlanBellhi bryce20:24
AlanBellapparently there was a bit of trolling or something in -steam earlier, do you think we should add some more operators there?20:24
Tm_TI think yes20:25
Tm_Toh, you meant bryce20:25
AlanBellbryce2 is the only operator in addition to UbuntuIrcCouncil20:26
bryceAlanBell, yeah probably would be a good idea20:54
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bryce2AlanBell, want to walk me thru how to do that?20:55
AlanBellsure, firstly who do you want to add?20:55
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, he shoudl add you as a backup :P20:56
* TheLordOfTime returns to lurkmode20:56
AlanBellI can use ubuntuirccouncil account so no need to add me individually20:56
AlanBelland I don't tend to be in that channel anyway20:56
TheLordOfTime<offtopic> wait, you're not *everywhere*? </offtopic>20:57
AlanBelldirecthex popey bkerensa would be people in the channel I know and are likely to be reasonably active20:57
bryce2hmm, deryck, bkerensa, popey20:57
bryce2derickhex is pretty active, he'd be good20:58
bryce2AlanBell, think that's enough?  how many ops is a good number?20:58
AlanBellthat sounds fine, you can always add more later20:58
TheLordOfTimebryce2, i think "good number" varies based on channel traffic20:59
TheLordOfTimefor #ubuntu, for example,  4 or 5 ops isnt enough.20:59
bkerensabryce2 / AlanBell : I saw the troll earlier but couldnt act20:59
TheLordOfTime(based on observations)20:59
bryce2yeah guess we can start with them.  I should add my 'regular' account too.20:59
IdleOne#ubuntu has >9000 and it never seems to be enough20:59
bkerensaeven though people ping me about him20:59
AlanBellso start with /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-steam list20:59
bkerensa<tgm4883> bkerensa, I was seeing if you were able to get rid of a troll in #ubuntu-steam, but he seems to have stopped caring20:59
AlanBellthat will show you the current access list20:59
bryce2AlanBell, ok.21:00
AlanBellthen /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-steam popey +Aiotv21:00
IdleOnebryce2: I'm new to the channel but I don't mind being idle in there and acting if needed.21:00
IdleOneI won't be hurt if you don;t add me :)21:01
TheLordOfTimeIdleOne, true statement (for #ubuntu > 9000)21:01
AlanBelland same for the other people you want to add21:01
AlanBellthen "access #ubuntu-steam list" again to see if you got it right21:01
AlanBelland tell the people concerned what you have done :)21:01
bryce2ok, bryce, popey, bkerensa, deryck, directhex added as ops for #ubuntu-steam21:03
bryce2AlanBell, will notify folks directly.  :-)21:03
Fuchsbryce2: if you want staff to intervene in case of no ops being around, you might want to add us. Note that this is entirely optional21:03
bryce2Fuchs, UbuntuIrcCouncil is on there currently; anything more needed?21:04
IdleOnealways a good idea to have them in the access list21:04
TheLordOfTimebryce2, freenode staff21:04
Fuchsbryce2: as said, optional, but *!*@freenode/staff/*21:04
TheLordOfTimeif i remember the pattern right.21:04
Fuchsyes, yes you do21:04
AlanBellgood point21:04
TheLordOfTimeFuchs, suggested ACL flags?21:04
bryce2-ChanServ- Flags +Aiotv were set on *!*@freenode/staff/* in #ubuntu-steam.21:05
TheLordOfTimethat works :P21:05
Fuchs+votiA seems common, but for most things we would actually do  (e.g. remove trolls) +o alone would be sufficient21:05
AlanBellgreat, thanks bryce221:05
Fuchsthanks :)21:05
bryce2no prob.  Ok, notices sent.21:12
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hggdhOK, folks I need help on the #ubuntu-br23:46
TheLordOfTimehggdh, issues?23:46
hggdhthere is one op there -- Rudolf -- that is completely uncontrolled23:46
* TheLordOfTime pokes AlanBell23:47
hggdhand has just banned me from the channel23:47
hggdhso I will need a real op to set things right (whatever is right)23:48
TheLordOfTimewell, anyone with +o can undo the ban, per se, if nobody on IRCC shows up any ubuntu member can suffice23:48
AlanBellhi hggdh23:49
TheLordOfTimeSPEAKING of the IRCC, isnt abusive-ops one of the things they typically handle? :P23:49
AlanBellit is23:49
AlanBellhggdh: what time did this happen?23:49
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, i've pulled banlogs, timestamp ~ 18:45 UTC-0500 if the system's reporting right...23:50
* TheLordOfTime glances briefly at the server correctly reporting bantimes :P23:50
TheLordOfTime(so, approximately 5 minutes ago give or take?)23:50
hggdhAlanBell:  17:45 CST23:51
AlanBellok, lets give it a few minutes for the logs to update at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/12/20/%23ubuntu-br.html23:51
TheLordOfTimeso yeah, 7 minutes ago.23:51
AlanBellwhat was the reasoning behind the ban?23:51
hggdhAlanBell: I asked him to control his language (a dialog earlier on from him was completely off-limits)23:52
hggdh*why* he banned, I do not know. I did not even know we would accept ops like him23:53
TheLordOfTimespeaking of logs updating, how often do they update, AlanBell?23:53
AlanBellTheLordOfTime: it writes to disk every hour23:54
hggdh17:45:50               -- | Mode #ubuntu-br [+b *!*hggdh@ubuntu/member/hggdh] by Rudolf23:54
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, as an aside, I see one thing out of place in that channel: the person in question is +o still23:54
TheLordOfTimeisn't it op-act-deop?23:54
AlanBellone would normally do that, but it isn't in itself a big deal23:55
Fuchsthat is merely a guideline than a fix rule. Also out of experience, letting things de-escalate instead of looking for more things to fight over is more productive :)23:55
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, i think i can see the "bad language" in question, and attitude, although google translate's pretty crappy with translations... (I only /join'd to check its +b list)23:56
hggdhindeed. I have been seen the channel go south for a while now, and today I saw a really low-level chat from Rudolf, and I asked both participants to control their language, and respect the channel23:57
hggdhs/been seen/been seeing/ # <sigh/>23:57
TheLordOfTimeAlanBell, if I had any sway, i'd say he's far abusing operdom, and acting like someone who shouldn't have +o23:58
* TheLordOfTime sees a couple of things that'd be against the ops guildelines for ubuntu23:58

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