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nevynI have an insanely stupid question. what is the best path to a very current kernel (really just need a very very current alsa)) on quantal?05:52
apwnevyn, i assume you are saying that the quantal kernel is not sufficient for your needs.  there is no supported later kernel.  you can (and i do) run raring kernels on quantal, but you do need to manually maintain them in the face of updates09:26
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apwhggdh, you guys do a bunch of kvm based testing right?  had any problems with recent rarings ?09:30
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apwhenrix, this CVE with kees patch, have we asked security to add the POC to the QR tests ?12:48
henrixapw: no, i haven't done that12:49
henrixi guess i should :)12:49
henrixi'll ping jj about that12:49
apwthanks :)12:50
* henrix -> lunch12:50
apwhenrix, this -ELOOP patch, for P doesn't apply12:51
apwwell without fuzz anyhow12:52
apwis that to be expected12:52
hggdh_apw: we are running Precise for the formal tests (and yes, we have been having issues). On my local machine I run Raring, bu not as intensive (3, 4 images per day)12:59
apwhggdh_, i am seeing corrupt background in my raring vms backed by precise, all crosshatchy, wondered if you had seen similar13:00
apwhggdh_, though the whole thing was precipitated by someone asking on #ubuntu-quality about kvm and implying raring doesn't boot there, which does nto match my experience13:01
hggdh_apw: I have not, but most tests are automated. OTOH we are seeing failures to start the domain. I do run raring KVMs on Precise (mostly no-desktop envs), and I have had no prolems13:02
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apwit would be nice to try and confirm if this is a local to apw issue or a general issue with graphics in the VMs13:03
apwi would expect the unity lot to be moaning a lot if it doesn't work mind you13:03
hggdhapw: the failures to start the domain happen (on Precise) on all tested versions. I will start monitoring for these paiting issues13:04
apwhggdh, thanks13:05
henrixapw: ah, i see. you're seeing the 'Auto-merging ...' messages, right?13:22
henrixapw: i guess i mixed up all the patches13:22
* henrix should have sent all the patches separated, per serie13:23
henrixapw: if that's what you're complaining about, i just checked that the patch applies ok (i checked against the kernel i've tested)13:23
henrixapw: but i can resubmit the whole set13:24
henrixapw: i'll prepare the patches again, and send them again. this time, i'll send 5 different sets (L, O, P, Q and R)13:25
apwhenrix, no don't bother, i have applied them all now, you can make sure they are right on master-next once my build tests finish13:37
henrixapw: ok, cool.  i'll do that. let me know when you push them13:38
apwhenrix, but for next time, i do tend to send out one series per release when it is complex, and say in teh 0/N which ones are identicle13:38
henrixapw: yeah, makes sense. will do that next time. its too easy to mess up the whole set...13:39
henrixapw: thanks13:40
apwneither is ideal sadly, it is just a hard problem, people don't cope with lots of anything very well13:40
henrixheh, true.13:40
* apw bets gomeisa is howling right now13:41
henrixit is ;)13:42
henrixfortunatly, my build ended already :)13:42
apwload of 80, not bad13:44
apwhenrix, all pushed14:12
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henrixapw: Precise looks fine. shall i check all the others?14:22
henrixapw: also, want me to build test them, or you've done that already?14:22
apwall build-tested, p was the most worrying, but you might pass an eye and make sure on the others14:24
henrixapw: ok, will do14:24
henrixapw: diff returned 0 changes from my trees, so they all look ok to me14:37
apwhenrix, yay brill thanks, at least i did something right today14:42
apwhenrix, did you add the break-fix magic for 2012-4530 in the end?15:43
henrixapw: no, not yet. thank you for reminding me15:43
apwhenrix, i recon a :title() will work best on that one, using local-2012-4530, and the same in the tracker15:44
henrixapw: yep, makes sense. i'll check the examples and add that to that CVE15:45
apwyeah so as it is a U: S: patch it won't pick up the upstream one when that comes15:47
apwso we will have to be sensitive to that appearing15:47
apwand switch the local-NNN to that sha1 when it arrives15:48
henrixapw: ok, i'll monitor that15:49
* henrix hopes not to miss it...15:49
apwyeah it is not idea, as it will drop off the radar probabally15:50
apwas in no longer be on the matrix to remind us15:50
henrixi've added that to my todo list, so i'll see it everyday in my list15:51
henrixhopefully that'll be enough :)15:51
henrixapw: ok, just committed linux-overlay and cve-tracker15:58
apwhenrix, don't see the linux-overlay pushed ?16:07
* henrix goes check..16:08
apwand hurry, :10 is when it all kickes off :)16:08
henrixapw: it should be now16:08
henrixheh, its done. i had forgot to press enter in the terminal :)16:08
apwgot it16:09
apwlooks right to me16:09
henrixi added the two break-fix lines: one for the SHA1 and other for the local-16:10
apwyep that look plausible16:10
apwwe'll know at about :4516:10
dhanasekaranwhat is kworker?  I've started seeing something called "kworker" listed recently when I run top. 16:29
dhanasekaranI have server running with 32 core, it's says kworker/3:016:30
apwkworker is a thread executing code on behalf of the kernel normally, code which needs a process context to allow it to sleep or the like and so cannnot be naturally executed as kernel code16:31
apwi think the /3 suffix indicates it is a per-cpu kworker thread16:31
apwfor cpu #3 in this case16:31
dhanasekaranapw: please look my log http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452690/16:33
dhanasekarantop out put16:33
dhanasekaranIn my case running 32 cores16:33
apwyes, and only top is runnig ?16:34
apwdhanasekaran, nothing apparently unsusal about that output16:35
dhanasekaranapw: kworker/28:1  ? kworker/11:0 ? 28:1 what? and 11:0? what, i think 28 is mean by core and :1 means what?16:36
apwdo you have 32 cores or 32 threads, they may be the hyper-thread number i am not 100% sure off the top of my head16:41
Nafalloapw: what class of hardware? :-)16:42
Nafallooh. nvm.16:43
keesapw: hrm, which patch?16:54
henrixkees: he was referring to CVE-2012-4530, with commit d740269867021faf4ce38a449353d2b986c34a67 and the -mm patch exec-do-not-leave-bprm-interp-on-stack.patch16:58
henrixapw: btw, looks like the matrix has not been updated as i expected16:58
* henrix goes back to see what's wrong16:58
keeshenrix: ah! yes. I'm still hoping akpm will send that to linus.17:04
henrixkees: me too :)17:05
keesthe other patch that went certainly helps, but doesn't strictly solve it. :) (http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git;a=commitdiff;h=d740269867021faf4ce38a449353d2b986c34a67)17:05
henrixkees: yes, we've applied that one for this CVE plus the -mm patch17:06
infinityhenrix: Hrm, the bot seems to have failed its derivative security check.17:07
infinityhenrix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-armadaxp/+bug/1087212 was a rebase including a CVE, the master bug had a promote-to-security, I thought we'd agreed that meant derivatives should also?17:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1087212 in linux-armadaxp (Ubuntu Precise) "linux-armadaxp: 3.2.0-1612.17 -proposed tracker" [Undecided,In progress]17:08
infinity(And I swear this worked on some other rebases...)17:08
hertoninfinity, I'll take a look17:09
henrixherton: thanks :)17:09
keeshenrix: cool, great :)17:09
infinityherton: I'll leave the bug alone for now so you can look at it, but I'll release this kernel to both updates and security, as that's where it should go.17:10
hertoninfinity, ack thanks17:11
infinityherton: When you figure out what went wrong with it, feel free to set my tasks to Fix Released for me. :P17:12
apwhenrix, it seemed to not update the kteam-tools repo locally, not sure why17:13
apwlet it run at :20 and see then17:13
henrixapw: ack, thanks17:14
hertoninfinity, sure, I'll take care of remaining status on the bug17:14
infinityherton: Danke.17:17
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xnoxis it expected that : include/linux/version.h is now under include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h or is this "temporary" ?23:11
Sarvattxnox: intended23:52
xnoxSarvatt: /me is going through pains of porting dkms module..... to this whole new uapi world order. It moved header files around as far as kernelnewbies is teaching me.23:53
Sarvattyeah its a pain in the butt, all the blob video drivers needed fixing too23:54
ohsixit's good medium & long term :]23:56
xnoxthis is me first time tinkering with kernel related stuff. But I guess modules is not really kernel hacking...23:57

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