c7phello all !19:01
* c7p i've to login here for ages 19:01
c7pwhat's up godbyk19:01
godbykhey, c7p.19:01
godbykI just got back inside from blowing and shoveling snow.19:02
godbykA bit of a blizzard here.19:02
c7phaha cool19:02
godbykI'm guessing we got about 20 cm of snow overnight here.19:03
c7pi can't say it's cold here :P, it's about 5 degrees Celsius19:03
godbykIt's only about -5°C here.19:04
cqfd93hello all!19:04
godbykHey, cqfd93.19:04
c7phey cqfd9319:04
c7pgodbyk: i got a strange problem with the compilation of greek manual19:05
godbykc7p: Oh yeah? What's happening?19:05
c7pit says ! LaTeX Error: Too many unprocessed floats.19:05
godbykThat should only happen if you have a *lot* of screenshots in one chapter.19:07
godbyk(Well, screenshots and margin notes both, I guess.)19:07
c7pit happens on a desktop chapter section19:07
godbykBut since we have the same number of screenshots and margin notes, I'm not sure why yours would complain and no one else's would.19:07
c7pthere is too much text in tex file19:07
godbykOkay, you can try adding \FloatBarrier every once in a while..19:08
godbykThat will force LaTeX to place any screenshots and margin notes that it hasn't already placed before it starts the next page.19:08
godbykThe downside is that it can cause a backlog of screenshots to get placed on their own pages in the middle of a chapter.19:08
godbykWhich branch is this? precise-e2 or quantal?19:09
godbykAre you using the el.po from Launchpad?19:09
c7pi haven't pushed it to the branch19:09
c7plemme do it19:09
c7pbtw here is the affected section19:09
godbykbrb.. on the phone19:09
c7pi've just uploaded the po file and screens19:24
godbykOkay. I'll pull that and try to build it here.  One moment...19:39
godbykc7p: I have a bunch of LaTeX errors..19:41
godbykc7p: e.g., \itemΕγκαταστήστε should be \item Εγκαταστήστε19:42
c7paha, it seems that i skipped warnings (that's how it appears to me) and focused on Latex Errors instead19:44
godbykYou mean you looked at the warnings but not the errors?19:48
godbykAh, okay. I've done that before, too. :-)19:48
godbykTo find the errors, I search the log file for lines beginning with !19:48
godbyk(If your text editor knows regular expressions, you can search for ^! to find them.)19:49
c7pah that's great info19:49
c7pi use gedit19:49
c7por geany19:50
c7pgodbyk: i fixed many many errors :), but i can't deal with the "! LaTeX Error: Too many unprocessed floats." and relevant errors22:03
c7pi've commited the fixes to the branch22:04
godbykc7p: Okay, I'll try the latest el.po.22:10
godbykc7p: Okay, it's happening on p. 33 of the manual.22:19
c7pon pdf ?22:20
godbykyeah.. the page that has '33' printed on it.. (actually it's the 35th page including the title page, etc.)22:20
godbykThe giant paragraph that starts "Στον Ναυτίλο μπορείτε..."22:21
godbykFirst, that period should go inside the \marginnote. But that's not the problem.22:21
c7pyeah... that's HUGE22:21
c7phow can i break this into 2 or 3 paragraphs from the po file ?22:22
godbykIn the string before the Αντιγραφή και μετακίνηση αρχείων και φακέλων section heading, add a \FloatBarrier.  See if that helps any.22:22
godbykYou can try adding \par to start a new paragraph in the middle of that string somewhere.22:22
godbyk(If you're editing the .po file with a text editor, you have to use two backslashes: \\par.22:23
c7pcool, i'll try these22:23
godbykGood luck.22:24
godbykRemind me to look at the Greek fonts sometime, too.22:24
godbykI think Ubuntu supports Greek now, doesn't it?22:24
c7pand it's a great font22:26
c7pactually it was supported from the start22:27
godbykI'll update the um-greek.clo file to use it for headlines and sidenotes then.22:27
godbykI can't remember why we didn't use it originally.. I think Greek just wasn't up to par or something.22:27
c7pidk maybe22:29
godbykIt's been so long ago.. :)22:29
c7pactually last greek manual was the 10.04 e2, so maybe that's why22:29
godbykI'm sure we had our reasons.22:29
c7pcool the error doesn't appear anymore, but the "! LaTeX Error: Float(s) lost." persists22:30
godbykhmm.. that's no good.22:32
godbykI just pushed a new um-greek.clo file that uses the Ubuntu font.22:34
godbykIt won't help with the current errors though. :-/22:34
c7pdats much better22:41
c7pi've generated the titlepage22:48
godbykOkay. I'm sure thorwil will create an official one for us after we inform him.22:51

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