mfischwhere do I find the build logs for a given package?  I'm trying to figure out why libseccomp wasn't built for armhf04:12
mfischit's not on the ftbfs page04:12
mfischah, looks like for precise it only made it in as amd64 and i38604:14
mfischactually this may not exist for armhf at all04:15
micahgmfisch: check the debian/control file04:51
micahgmfisch: architectures are listed on teh build page as well: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libseccomp/1.0.1-104:53
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gotwighey, can you tell me where I can find the relevant po strings , where "unity" is part of for the package jockey-gtk? I dont find it when I do apt-get source jockey-gtk from ubuntu 12.04. But I find it here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/jockey/+pots/jockey/de/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=unity07:34
gotwigI want to fix bug #103253407:36
ubottubug 1032534 in elementary OS "Jockey refers to Unity" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103253407:36
gotwigmorning, guys..07:41
gotwighey, can you tell me where I can find the relevant po strings , where "unity" is part of for the package jockey-gtk? I dont find it when I do apt-get source jockey-gtk from ubuntu 12.04. But I find it here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/jockey/+pots/jockey/de/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=unity I want to fix bug #103253407:53
ubottubug 1032534 in elementary OS "Jockey refers to Unity" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103253407:53
dholbachgood morning08:03
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RhondaHmm, why does libpulse0 have an epoche in ubuntu but not in Debian?   :/11:03
RhondaHmm, is Luke Yelavich around? :)11:04
tumbleweedsome mistakes stick with us forever...11:04
RhondaYes, but maybe the Debian people could be convinced to add it too.11:04
tumbleweedRhonda: he's TheMuso on IRC, don't see him around11:05
persiaHe seems away now (usually is TheMuso)11:05
RhondaIt's causing third-party packages to pick it up and thus make them non-usable for Debian  (read: steam)11:05
RhondaI wonder if he tried to contact the pulseaudio maintainers of Debian for that.11:05
RhondaAnd … I wonder if the people caring for libjpeg-turbo are willing to get that package into Debian, too.  :)11:06
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RhondaI wonder if I edit the meta data of the steam package to drop the epoch - is the epoch also somewhere within the library too, or should that actually work?11:07
persiaI'd be careful about asserting that folk care long-term about specific packages in Ubuntu: while there are exceptions, a lot of the not-in-Debian stuff tends to bitrot if not gardened.11:07
tumbleweedlibjpeg-turbo is fairly important, though11:08
persiaShouldn't that only affect packaging stuff (dpkg, shlibs, etc.)?11:08
Rhondapersia: libjpeg-turbo is maintained by "ubuntu core developers" - so I would assume that there is some longtime interest in it, not?11:08
RhondaOr do I read too much into that role? ;)11:08
ZhenechRhonda, epochs should not be anywhere but debian metadata, so should work11:08
tumbleweedthe Maintainer field means almost nothing in Ubuntu11:08
* Rhonda cries on tumbleweed's shoulder :)11:09
tumbleweedRhonda: it has advantages, too :)11:09
tumbleweedbut on the whole, it means ubuntu-only packages get neglected11:09
persiatumbleweed: Sure, but I don't see lots of consistency in uploaders for the past year :)11:09
Rhondaeven core team ones?11:09
persiaRhonda: core team stuff gets neglected *even more* than other stuff.11:10
RhondaCan someone check the reverse depends of libjpeg-turbo8 please?  :)11:10
tumbleweedyes. things get cared about if they get used a lot / need to be cared about11:10
Rhondapersia: Don't burst my bubbles!11:10
persia*but* stuff that's core to Ubuntu (all flavours) is almost never neglected.11:10
persiaWe've had a number of cases where some team asserted control over a package and it became absolutely useless until it could be pried away from them again.11:11
persiaAs a result, we're fairly leery of that class of assertion.11:11
persialibjpeg-turbo8 rdepends are all also provided by the libjpeg-turbo source (I haven't checked recursively)11:12
RhondaBut libjpeg-turbo is neither in Debian. :)11:14
persiaRhonda: You could upload it ...11:14
RhondaI don't even know what that is.  :)11:14
RhondaAnd don't put another load onto my shoulder.  :/11:15
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persiadget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libj/libjpeg-turbo/libjpeg-turbo_1.2.1-0ubuntu2.dsc11:16
persiaHeh, yeah, that's the problem with maintainers: one has to be confident of being a maintainer to upload :)11:16
nigelbRhonda: Excuses like "I don't know what that is" tend to not work with persia.11:16
persiaAnyway, tgall_foo might be willing to be sponsored, if someone wanted to hunt him down (he doesn't hang out in this channel)11:17
Rhondanigelb: Does excuses like "I'll do it if you care for my games in Debian for the time being, in exchange" work with persia?11:17
persiaRhonda: You know me better than that! :)11:18
nigelbAlso, no.11:18
nigelbhahaha, persia answerd that better :P11:18
Rhondapersia: But we need something for your DM application!11:19
RhondaYou know you want to do it!11:19
nigelbWait, persia isn't a DD?11:19
nigelbI'm surprised. For once.11:19
persiaDM  Why would I want to be a DM?11:19
persianigelb: There were some scheduling issues11:19
RhondaLike, it would involve doing stuff?  *nudgenudge*11:20
Rhonda(sorry, that was low, my bad)11:20
persiaBecoming a DM would be more work at this point than becoming a DD, but yeah, I should hunt down that file that got lost.11:20
persianigelb: And as further background, Debian has this strange requirement that one use email as more than a write-only-medium, which requirement I failed to meet for about 5 years: don't think that my lack of being a DD has *any* relation at all to the nature of the NM process or it being difficult or anything.11:22
nigelbpersia: I was under no such impression.11:23
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gotwigwhere can I find the relevant po files (for the different languages) for jockey-gtk?11:58
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gotwigthe strings for unity are missing: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/jockey/+pots/jockey/de/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=unity <<< these strings, when you do apt-get source jockey-gtk from Ubuntu 12.0411:59
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gotwigcome on :D no packagers here?12:52
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persiagotwig: Rather, nobody has a good answer to your question (or they likely would have answered from the backscroll).  You might try a local build without binary-mangler, and see if that gets you strings, but it could as easily be an LP bug.13:20
gotwigpersia: maybe the po files get created at build?13:21
persiaPossibly.  I have no idea: I haven't tried the build.13:22
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mfischmicahg: thanks, I never even thought to check control because I was building something on armhf and didn't expect it to ask for something not packaged15:01
persiamfisch: Rather, not instructed to be built: maybe it has a known failure, or maybe someone just forgot.  Try changing control locally, and running an armhf build.  If it works (both builds and can be used by client packages), it's worth a bug asking for armhf supoort (ideally with your debian/control patch and a test report)15:04
mfischI found out this morning that I was missing a patch to remove a required lib and so life is good now or will be as soon as i get coffee15:04
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micahgmfisch: there was also a bug in the changelog associated with the x86 only change15:54
mfischmicahg: turns out that it shouldn't be in the makefile, the patched tree works great15:54
alo21hi. I am trying to apply a patch with quilt, but it tells me that a patch can't be applied16:50
alo21this is the patch: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1452731/16:51
alo21this is the makefile: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1452738/16:52
alo21As I noticed, the raw does not match. What should I do?16:53
micahgalo21: looks like it's been applied already or applied upstream16:54
Zhenechwell, ther eis no test target in the makefile, so why are you trying to remove it?16:54
alo21micahg, If I download a source from debian with pull-debian-source, are all the patches apply automatically?16:56
micahgdepends if it's source format 3.0 or not16:56
micahgcheck quilt applied16:57
alo21yes. the patch has been applied yet.... how can I build a package running 'merge-buildpackage', without get the error that a patch is just applied?16:59
alo21micahg, did you read?17:06
micahghuh?  if it's been applied you shouldn't get an error17:07
alo21micahg, here is the error that I got: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1452784/17:08
micahgyeah, you can't have fuzz with source format 3.0 packages17:10
micahgrun this on the troublesome patch: quilt refresh --diffstat --no-timestamps17:10
micahgI forget the command to do it to all patches17:11
alo21I got: Nothing in patch 01_deactivate-nosetests.patch17:11
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alo21I am merging a package from 0.2 (in ubuntu), to 0.3 (in debian), but a new version (0.4) comes out in upstream, but not in debian. Can I merge directly merge to the new upstream, or not?18:07
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xnoxalo21: whichever =) but e.g. 0.4 can go into debian experimental.18:09
alo21xnox, but isn't in debian experimental yet18:10
alo21it isn't*18:10
xnoxalo21: sure, but it doesn't mean that you can't get it sponsored there =)18:11
alo21xnox, fine18:11
xnoxalo21: as I said: merging 0.3 into ubuntu, publishing 0.4 into experimental, publishing 0.4 into ubuntu. Are all valid paths here and will be beneficial.18:12
xnoxalo21: depends on what you really want and/or have time to do.18:12
alo21xnox, I think would be better if I push 0.4 in experimental, but I haven't upload right, and I can't package for debian18:14
xnoxalo21: then you what to do next ;-)18:14
alo21xnox, have I to fill in a bug report to require sponsor?18:15
xnoxalo21: debdiff+bug or branch+merge-proposal18:35
alo21xnox, as I said, I can't create the .deb package18:36
xnoxalo21: oh you can't package at all? then bug to request a version upgrade / merge.18:36
xnoxalo21: what package is it for?18:36
alo21xnox,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gbirthday/+bug/102078318:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 1020783 in gbirthday (Ubuntu) "Please merge gbirthday 0.6.6-2 (universe) from Debian Unstable (main)" [Wishlist,In progress]18:37
alo21the last post, suggests to upgrade into version 0.6.718:38
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