ajmitchit feels a bit like that00:49
ibeardsleeohh steam for linux beta is now available for all users03:06
lifelessyah :)03:14
Atamiraoo yay03:58
Atamirathe other version just wouldnt play properly03:59
ojwbhmm, i have a package and I'm unsure what it was built for19:55
ojwbhelpfully I left the distribution as "UNRELEASED"19:55
ojwbis there a way to prod a compiled binary to work out the GCC version used or something?19:55
ajmitch_the version of libc6 depended on might give a clue19:55
ojwbit was (probably) either lucid or precise19:55
ajmitch_ok, libc6 dependency looks to be really not helpful19:57
ojwbhmm, 2.3.419:57
ajmitch_yeah, that's ancient but it could just be because of which symbols it needs19:58
ajmitch_at least it should run on hardy then :)19:58
ojwbindeeed, but libstdc++6 (>= 4.6) means it isn't lucid19:59
ajmitch_oneiric or precise then19:59
ojwband the final answer came from running md5sum on it and comparing with the versions in various PPAs21:06

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