almoxarife[404] almoxarife #ubuntu Cannot send to channel <-- how long is this set to last? and what is the official reason given, plse02:28
ikoniaalmoxarife: hi there02:28
almoxarifehi ikonia ...02:28
ikoniayou know exactly why you are muted02:29
almoxarifeikonia: no i dont really02:29
ikoniareally you don't remember telling a user to re-install to "punish" him for using gentoo02:29
ikoniaand then being proud of it enough to ping me in ##linux to laugh about it02:30
almoxarifei told some nick who had arch running on a vm to re-install yeah, but i am thinking he knew better than what he seemed02:30
ikoniathe guy had a basic dns problem02:31
ikoniahe was pointed at the #archlinux channel (sorry arch not gentoo)02:31
almoxarifeikonia: the guy was running arch on a vm02:31
ikoniayou then made a point of telling him to re-install02:31
ikoniawhich was just uncalled for02:31
ikoniayou also then pinged me in linux to confirm you tried to "shaft him"02:32
ikoniaso the mute stayed in place02:32
almoxarifeikonia: seems like the answer in channel for alot of other reasons not needing a re-install02:32
ikoniasometimes re-installs are needed02:32
ikoniano question of it02:32
almoxarifeikonia: i am just wanting to know the time period of the penalty thing02:33
ikoniabut you work out the best approach and help, sometimes that's pointing them at the right channel, sometimes a simple fix, sometimes a re-install02:33
ikoniaas well you know02:33
almoxarifeikonia: i have seen 're-install' for some really ridiculous reasons, and not a peep, but who am i to argue02:34
ikoniaalmoxarife: then you should have said something02:34
almoxarifeas you can tell i have no love for arch, it shows02:34
ikoniaand if others are giving bad advice, that doesn't mean you then copy it02:34
ikoniaI don't care if you like arch or not, but you don't try to punish users for using it02:34
almoxarifeikonia: really, argue it? it never works out, you tend to own it issue from then on,02:34
ikoniaalmoxarife: no you don't02:35
ikoniaand if you don't understand the issue enough to help or "own" it, then you probably are not in a place to say if a re-install is needed02:35
ikoniaif you know a re-install is not needed then you should step in to help02:35
almoxarifewell, if i argue it then i feel i own the fix to the nick02:35
ikoniathat's your issue then02:35
ikoniathere is no obligation to help02:35
ikoniabut that has nothing to do with your recent behaviour02:36
almoxarifei just want to know how long to bug out for, thats all02:36
ikoniano idea at this time02:36
ikoniaI can't see you coming back until your attitude changes02:37
ikoniaand I don't see anything to suggest it will02:37
almoxarifeoh, i see, lets just give it a date, shall we, its not life and death, i have done that02:37
ikoniawhy ?02:37
almoxarifeikonia: thats fine, make it permanent, see ya , it was fun02:37
ikoniaI've just told you the reason it's not got "a date"02:38
ikoniahello chillpill_04:05
Tm_Thi chillpill_06:14
Tm_Tbkerensa_: identify? (:06:15
bkerensa_Tm_T: sorry my znc has been acting up it should do that automagically06:44
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
Tm_Tno excuses! (;06:50
OpenSorceWhat happened? Last week you guys changed ubottu's !netflix response to reflect the support channel #netflix-desktop now it no longer mentions it...10:35
Tm_TOpenSorce: it was reversed, as we would rather point to official support channel or estamblished community10:36
OpenSorceRight, the channel is official support10:36
Tm_TOpenSorce: officialness is indicated in where?10:37
OpenSorceWould you like to join the channel and speak to Mr. Hoover himself about it?10:37
Tm_Tif you could discuss with him about listing support options here? http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/10:39
ubottuIf you use Netflix, instructions on a method of installing it via PPA are detailed here http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2012/11/ppa-for-netflix-desktop-app.html - If you need support,please contact the developer through the comments section on that page.10:39
OpenSorceI will, in the meantime it would be great if ubottu could let people know that there is a channel that will give them more help than "Netflix doesn't work with Linux" which we see so often in #ubuntu that would be awesome :-)10:41
OpenSorceAlso, web support is handled through https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop not the comments section of the page ubottu states.10:41
Tm_TI understand, but I'm not enthusiasted about leading people on #ubuntu to some channel that has no trrail, so to speak10:42
Tm_TOpenSorce: yeah, I'm changing that factoid currently10:42
OpenSorceTrail? The developer is a channel owner and constant resident of the channel. We help people there every day. So he just needs to mention the channel on the webpage then?10:43
Tm_TOpenSorce: yes please10:44
OpenSorceGreat, I'll check back in here after he does that...10:44
Tm_Tubottu: no, !netflix is <reply> If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop10:45
ubottuI know nothing about !netflix yet, Tm_T10:45
Tm_Tubottu: no, netflix is <reply> If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop10:45
ubottuI'll remember that Tm_T10:45
Tm_Tthank you10:45
ubottuMTW called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:31
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1626 users, 6 overflows, 1632 limit))13:40
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1669 users, 6 overflows, 1675 limit))13:41
ubottuIn #ubuntu, notwist said: !op computer is still in the channel as nick computer_ from open proxy15:59
tbrtrbsomeboy here ?16:25
DJonesHi tbrtrb16:25
tbrtrbI was bann since 20 Min  I think in ubuntu servers16:26
tbrtrbthere were a troll who was COMPUTER16:26
tbrtrband I was COMPUTER_16:26
DJonestbrtrb: I was the op who set the bans, just let me check something16:26
tbrtrband I was ban coz I had a similar name16:26
tbrtrbnotwist tell me that also16:27
tbrtrbnice open proxy you rookie troll16:27
tbrtrbthat same man said ' !op computer is still in the channel as nick computer_ from open proxy'16:28
tbrtrbthen I said that there were 2 computer, the troll computer and me computer_, notwist tell a wrong thing and ban16:28
tbrtrbU are still here DJ ? can I pm u ?16:30
IdleOnetbrtrb: Please be patient a moment16:30
DJonestbrtrb: Just hold on, still checking16:30
tbrtrbok, is it ok to pm admin ?16:31
tbrtrb* computer (~computer@72-57-226-176.pools.spcsdns.net) has left #ubuntu (requested by DJones (Please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess if you feel mistreated))16:31
tbrtrb* caddoo (~quassel@ has joined #ubuntu16:31
tbrtrb* caddoo has quit (Remote host closed the connection)16:31
tbrtrb* ChanServ gives channel operator status to DJones16:31
tbrtrb* peddor (~quassel@p5B33AE2A.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #ubuntu16:31
tbrtrb* DJones sets ban on *!*computer@*.pools.spcsdns.net16:32
tbrtrb* ChanServ removes channel operator status from DJones16:32
tbrtrb* Gamer1990_ (9c22ba47@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #ubuntu16:32
tbrtrb<thunkee> lucido: ok i had to install adobe version to get youtube right16:32
tbrtrb* jtheuer__ has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)16:32
Picitbrtrb: please don't paste here.16:32
PiciWe have logs.16:32
tbrtrbwhat is * Pici sets mode -q #ubuntu-ops tbrtrb!*@*16:33
tbrtrb* Pici removes channel operator status from Pici16:34
PiciI quieted you because you were spamming the channel.16:34
IdleOnetbrtrb: Please be patient a moment16:34
ubottujoey8 called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:34
DJonestbrtrb: Sorry about that, looks like I caught you in the ban by mistake, apologies for that, give me a minute to remove the ban16:35
DJonestbrtrb: You should be fine to continue now16:38
tbrtrbI'm not anymore ban normally ops16:39
DJonesNope, the bans been removed, you can go back to your old nick of "computer_" as well if you want16:39
tbrtrbok allright thk bye ppl16:39

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