phillwxnox: bug 1092349 is all yours :)00:12
ubot5bug 1092349 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "encrypt /home in raring fails on reboot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109234900:12
phillwNoskcaj: oops, just as you posted your reply!!!!00:25
phillwhave a read of mine :)00:26
Noskcajphillw, i did. thats what i get for replying instantly00:36
phillwNoskcaj: no offence meant, I was in chat elsewhere when he sent the question into lubuntu-qa people.00:39
phillwcrikey... about 2 hours after I said I'd look into you bug.... I'm just setting up a slice of disk for it to install onto.00:41
phillwNoskcaj: root@piglet:/home/phillw/enc-etc# lvcreate -L 10G -n r-desktop phillwvol00:43
phillw  Logical volume "r-desktop" created00:43
phillwNoskcaj: started :)00:46
Noskcajslow success00:47
phillwi have to tell the VM where everything is :P00:48
phillwtotal fail00:49
Noskcajwhat happened?00:49
phillwThe last comment was * Stopping00:51
Noskcajit takes me ~15seconds to get a vm going, why is this taking so long?00:54
phillwNoskcaj: maybe the hint *Stopping gives it away?01:03
Noskcajy u no just use testdrive?01:07
phillwy u no use KVM / VBox etc?01:08
Noskcaji use both01:09
Noskcajmostly via testdrive01:09
phillwNoskcaj: I'm still getting used to work arounds on KVM for raring... at least they exist :P01:13
phillwNah, straight into liveCD mode :)01:13
phillwubiquity fails again... I'll keep the VM and catch up with xnox later as to what logs he needs.01:15
Noskcajthen if you can't confirm it i will message random lurkers till someone does01:16
balloonschecking the encrypted install now01:16
balloonsphillw, it booted ine01:17
balloonsdid you do home encrypton too?01:18
balloonscryptsetup successful01:18
balloonsphillw, did you use kvm?01:20
balloonsI've got to find my usb drive01:20
phillwNoskcaj: after installing the latest VBox, which required removal of old VBox, it has now affected my KVM syste, It is now 01:30 here, so I'm off to bed and will investigate later. It could well be that having both installed causes a fight.01:31
phillwballoons: Noskcaj I'm going to install raring onto my main system and keep qauntal as a test area.01:32
phillwraring has the fixes needed for KVM instead of trying to grab bits and pieces from raring into quantal. that system is un-supportable.01:33
Noskcaji shall ask random lurkers then01:34
Noskcajgood night01:34
phillwI know that lubuntu-alternate 13,04 works :)01:35
Noskcaj__apr__, ajmitch apw bdrung your task is to confirm bug 1085577, please do that now01:35
ubot5bug 1085577 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu daily's CLI links dont work" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108557701:35
phillwAs to the idea of encryption of /home... I've never been a fan of it.01:35
Noskcajjaysonr, manjo nagappan nuclearbob could you also do it01:36
Noskcajone of them should respond01:36
phillwI'd much rather they offer to install /home on a seperate partition.01:36
phillwballoons: yes, I used kvm (12.10 version)01:38
ajmitchpinging random lurkers is a good way to annoy people & get them to ignore whatever you say, fwiw01:41
phillwhi Noskcaj01:45
phillwthis issue with KVM is going to get a bit bloody, this is me on the same KVM using a precise VM01:46
phillwubuntu can complain as much as they wish, but KVM is not in a rush to change as it also runs Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora etc.... if Ubuntu raring does not run, it is a problem ubuntu need to sort out.01:47
Noskcajphillw, understandable01:48
Noskcajajmitch, i ran out of ideas. speak more often01:48
phillwwhat actually staggers beyond belief is that KVM is at the heart of Cloud computing, of which Canonical (ubuntu money side) are a platinum partner, yet their latest release fails on KVM..... I really do not know.01:50
Noskcajphillw, so much logic. i there a way to make canonical hear your rants, not just me01:52
phillw"oh, let's ask for a change in the kernal which involves KVM and is used across every distro..." honest, my young friend... there are times!01:53
phillwNoskcaj: hopefully I'll be in a better mood once I change over to 13.04 :)01:54
Noskcajyou have a point,  but there is more chance of getting something done that way. and u hope so too02:03
Noskcajlol, phill isn't even online02:05
phillwNoskcaj: I'm off to bed, but I'm setting piglet a task... burn me the latest 13.04 alt-lubuntu onto a disk :)02:11
Noskcajphillw, ok, good night02:12
Noskcajcan someone please confirm bug 1085577 as phill is sleeping02:46
ubot5bug 1085577 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu daily's CLI links dont work" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108557702:46
jaysonrNoskcaj: is 1085577 what you wanted me to test?02:51
Noskcajyes, jaysonr if you could that would be great02:51
jaysonrNoskcaj: dl'ing iso now02:54
Noskcajthanks, the bug has been around for maybe a month now with no confirmation at all03:08
jaysonrNoskcaj: was able to confirm - commented on bug and uploaded logs in a .tar.gz03:10
Noskcajjaysonr, thank you, say thing more btw.03:11
Noskcajit gets boring with only about 10 people very talking03:11
jaysonrNoskcaj: glad to help03:13
jaysonrNoskcaj: sorry I haven't had much time to get around to the Autopilot stuff much yet.03:13
Noskcajjaysonr, don't worry, i have done nothing with it yet.03:15
jaysonrok, well, hopefully after Christmas I'll have some time ;-)03:18
jaysonrIf I'm around I can always help w/ stuff like this in the evenings - just ping me.03:18
Noskcajhey tripelb03:52
tripelbAm back, alive.. Sort of. I have to get SD card cable. Downloaded ububtu for this old Mac ppc I was given. Now I need to get it out of the nexus and onto the Mac, make a cd , test it, try it out, and burn a live CD.. Then I can install it on the Mac. Hmmm, need a wireless receiver for the Mac I think.07:18
dholbachgood morning08:17
Noskcajdholbach, evening08:18
dholbachhey Noskcaj08:18
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Noskcajphillw, to confirm bug 1092349 what do i do, you left out repeat instructions19:16
ubot5bug 1092349 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "encrypt /home in raring fails on reboot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109234919:16
phillwNoskcaj: after installing, follow the 'remove media' prompt & reboot.19:17
Noskcajok, simple enough. it's alternate only isn't it?19:19
phillw-vmthat's the only one I've tested it on. I'll have to update my xubuntu install to try that.19:19
Noskcajok, i am getting alternate amd64 and lubuntu desktop amd64 now19:20
phillwI'm just updating my precise VM, I'll update my xubuntu-raring iso once that is done.19:24
Noskcajphillw, where is the release notes link meant to be in lubuntu?19:50
phillwin release notes: :D .. let me grab the link for you.19:51
phillwWe follow the standard format for release notes, else Liz would nag us to death :)19:52
phillwsorry, not Liz... Kate :)19:52
Noskcajphillw, i meant in the raring installer19:53
Noskcaji didn't appear for me19:53
phillwthere are no release notes for raring... it has not been released!19:54
Noskcajphillw, what about the link everything else has?19:55
phillwI'm not aware of 'what everything has' means?19:55
Noskcajall the other distros19:55
Noskcajhave a link the goes to the ubuntu homepage19:56
phillwThose flavours following the alpha release schedule will have their alpha notes. I'm not aware of any notes released via Cadence testing.19:56
Noskcajphillw, my point is lubuntu didn't have the release notes link, but it may just beconnection related19:57
phillwafaik, Kate looks after that and then digs me & Julien in the ribs to get it all filled in :)19:58
phillwAlthough I do need to ask gilir why there is no https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ReleaseStatus/Raring19:59
phillwThat's him pinged :)19:59
NoskcajThat link is what all flavours should have instead of the Ubuntu homepage(xubuntu, Ubuntu) or the kubuntu news page20:01
phillwI'm sure he said he was filing it... I'll await gilir 's reply. It may be an oversight.20:03
Noskcajphillw, ok, just noticed in your bug report it says you we using quantal, bugception?20:03
phillwmy test machine is running quantal, the latest stable release, using VM's I then install raring.20:04
Noskcajphillw, just realized i finished the install without ticking "encript my home directory"20:19
phillwahhh.... that's a bitch :)20:21
phillwNoskcaj: after my attempt at trying to install onto a 1GB root partition, I wouldn't feel to bad :)20:26
Noskcajlolololololololololol :)20:28
Noskcajphillw, it doesn't seem to affect lubuntu AMD6420:47
phillwalternate or desktop?20:48
phillwwe don't have a test case for encrypted on desktop? Possibly needs adding.20:49
Noskcajdefinitely, no-one has an encript home folder test20:50
phillwNoskcaj: lubuntu alternate does :)20:50
phillwI was finishing my alternate tests before moving to desktop. I was then going to try and replicate your reported bug.20:51
Noskcajworked fine for me phillw21:43
phillwNoskcaj: thanks, I've just installed Q using LVM onto my KVM system, now going to try encrypted to see if that works22:03
Noskcajok, it could always be a kvm bug22:09
phillwindeed, that is why I'm now trying Q with encryption.22:09
phillwI'm not a fan of encrypted /home... I'd much rather they offered the option to have a sperate /home by default :)22:11
Noskcajmuch better idea, you could put home a a big usb stick if you wanted privacy22:14
phillwI'll see how this install goes, then try R with enc, using a section of hard drive instead of using my LV pool.22:16
phillwhmm, this is odd... it didn't ask me for a passphrase22:29
phillwxnox: are you about?22:32
phillwNoskcaj: were you asked to enter a passphrase when you selected encrypt /home in your raring install?22:34
Noskcajphillw, no, just the popup once i was at the desktop22:37
phillwhmm, I was....22:38
phillwYeah, that worked as you stated for 'Q'.... most peculiar22:44
phillwI'll add the information to the bug.22:45
Noskcajit could always have been me not doing the right thing , but my advice is try in at least Vbox and kvm yourself, real hardware if possible22:46
phillwNoskcaj: the behaviour you report is what I see in Quantal with encrypted /home. It is not what I see with Raring. I doubt it is a KVM issue because of that, but yet a glitch with Raring and KVM.22:50
Noskcajphillw, i think that's what i meant, maybe23:09
phillwI'm putting Raring onto my laptop tomorrow as a 'main' system, replacing my other 12.10 installation.23:14
phillwA bit of fdisk'ing needed to grab it a 10GB / partition - it will share /home and /swap with my 12.10 area.23:15

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