dholbachhello my friends :)17:03
Gwaihirhello all, there is a catch-up with the CC in #ubuntu-meeting, anybody around?17:03
dholbachToday is the Catch-Up with the Community Council, to be more exact... exactly, what Gwaihir said... :)17:03
* dholbach was too late17:03
dholbachkelemengabor, Mirv: are you around? (or anyone else, really)17:04
kelemengabordholbach: I am17:04
dholbachwe are just going to have a brief chat about the translations community and see if there's any problems we might want to look into together - a quite informal update if you will - so if you have a little bit of time, it'd be great if you could hop into #ubuntu-meeting17:05
dholbach(everyone else is invited as well)17:05
teolemoni've joined the trello pad18:01

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