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directhexarkham asylum/city00:00
ali1234lol. i thought mst of them were source?00:00
directhexsource is only used in like 3 games other than hl200:00
directhexand other valve titles00:00
ali123450 cent: blood on the sand. looking forward to that one :)00:00
directhexborderlands. gears of war. mass effect.00:00
ali1234ok, yeah, that's pretty important then00:01
ali1234devil may cry00:01
directhexi reckon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanctum_(2011_video_game) could be a candidate for HIB8 now, if they get icculus to port it00:01
directhexUE3 is popular for indies, it's very cheap for an AAA engine00:02
directhexalso http://www.unrealengine.com/en/showcase/00:03
ali1234rise of the triad? i remember that game from DOS00:03
ali1234ooo the new xcom game too00:03
directhexhttp://www.unrealengine.com/udk/licensing/commercial_license_terms/ shows the pricing on the cut down version of UE300:05
ali1234hmm so a better question would be what games aren't either source or UE3?00:05
ali1234battlefield and CoD spring to mind00:06
directhexbattlefield is "frostbyte 2" iirc, which is EA's engine of choice now (ME4 and DA3 will use it, for example)00:06
daftykins*shakes fist at EA*00:07
directhexall call of duty games use versions of the "IW Engine"00:07
directhexwell, not call of duty 100:07
directhexbut 2 onwards00:07
ali1234cryengine games too i guess00:07
directhexcryengine is relatively fringe00:07
ali1234and whatever bethesda uses00:08
directhexbethesda uses various versions of gamebryo, although they pretend it's not called that anymore, for their RPGs00:08
directhexand iD are still making their own engines, although not really licensing them anymore00:08
ali1234iD have always been good to linux though... well relatively speaking00:09
directhexubisoft has its own engine, called anvilnext nowadays00:10
ali1234what is "dunia engine 2"00:11
directhexrockstar have an engine called "rage" which is not to be confused with "id tech 5" used in the game "rage"00:11
directhexdunia is ubisoft's fork of cryengine 100:11
ali1234hmm... yeah totally forgot about rockstar00:11
directhexused in far cry 2 and 300:11
ali1234so still plenty of games to be ported00:12
directhexas opposed to cryengine 2 and 3 used in crysis 1 and 200:12
ali1234valve using github for steam bug tracking?00:13
ali1234it looks like 2013 might actually be the year of the linux desktop this time00:14
directhexnowadays more games are using their own engines (compared to the early unrealengine and quake engine days), but a lot of them share middleware platforms, e.g. havok physics is in many many games00:14
directhexyear of the steambox. linux desktop comes along for the ride.00:14
popey\o/ http://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/174766017333271677300:14
ali1234steambox. chromebox. whatever00:15
ali1234it's all linux00:15
daftykinsare loading times lovely under Steam on Linux?00:15
ali1234not for TF2 they're not00:15
ali1234i don't have any other games on it00:16
popeydirecthex, you had a 5450?00:16
ali1234also i don't have windows to compare it to00:16
popeyi have a machine with steam on linux and on windows00:17
popeynot really noticed much difference00:17
popeynot looked for it though00:17
popeyoh look, steam client update00:17
daftykinsi just remember the loading time being amazing on a Linux native install of whichever UT it was that did that00:18
daftykins2003 maybe00:18
directhexupvotes plz!00:18
popeyoh dear, the linux section is broken for me00:19
popey"Uninitialized" everywhere00:19
directhex:o debs!00:19
popey"The package is of bad quality"00:20
popeyUse of uninitialized value $ENV{"HOME"} in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/lintian line 108.00:20
popeyE: steam: malformed-deb-archive found 4 members instead of 300:20
popeytsk tsk00:21
ali1234wasn't it always in debs?00:21
popeynot in the original beta00:21
popeywhen it opened to 80K people it did, yes00:21
neuro00:14 <ali1234> it looks like 2013 might actually be the year of the linux desktop this time00:54
popeyyou have that phrase on highlight? :)00:59
daftykinsgotta love the mr.kipling seasonal feeling01:22
neuropopey, no i just happened to look at the scrollbacj01:23
popeyheh, you should see the one we got a few christmasses ago which had plastic IN the mince pie01:28
daftykinsthat's not festive, that's not festive at all!01:31
daftykinsdid you send off with a complaint to get some freebies? :)01:31
popeydunno, it was AlanBells01:36
daftykinswhoa :o01:37
popeygosh, that long ago01:37
daftykinstime, eh :(01:37
popeyI was in my thirties when I took that :(01:37
daftykinsi'm getting dangerously close to my 30s01:38
daftykinsit's a bit scary01:38
daftykinsi've still managed to resist growing up, though i've bought a place locally now, so baby-steps...01:38
popeylocally being?01:39
daftykinsnah Guernsey01:39
daftykinsi sold up over on the mainland01:39
popeyoh you're back on the island?01:40
daftykinsyep, now i'm poor due to the vast difference in property cost :)01:40
daftykinsi've been back since i graduated in '0801:40
daftykinsfair bit of travel in the last few years though01:41
popeyright, I'm getting uglier by the second, need my beauty sleep!01:42
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bigcalmGood early morning peeps08:20
popeypip pip08:21
TheOpenSourcererLike it - MS are effectively challenging Apple to open up.08:24
TheOpenSourcerercheck your (apache) servers? http://arstechnica.com/security/2012/12/apache-plugin-turns-legit-sites-into-bank-attack-platforms/08:34
popey\o/ lighttpd :)08:40
TheOpenSourcererThat's a really clever module - lots of tricks to avoid admin detection..08:41
TheOpenSourcererWhat none of the links say is how to identify if you have it or not :-(08:41
TheOpenSourcererIt sounds unlikely but hey ho.08:41
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TheOpenSourcerermorning czajkowski08:50
czajkowskiello TheOpenSourcerer all set for Christmas?08:55
TheOpenSourcererNope :-D08:55
JamesTaitMorning all! o/09:16
solarcloud_3scrnAlanBell, Nice post on The Open Sourcerer 'Privacy is hard. Lets go shopping!' .. I'm checking my amazon EC2- tor account just now, but I'll read it in full later :) http://wp.me/phA9d-R410:26
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* solarcloud_3scrn wonders why no picture of the multicolor socks came with the email .. like his other Wpress email (??) http://wp.me/p9k-63Z10:34
* Laney remains in bed10:34
solarcloud_3scrnWas that a slight net-split 3-mins ago ?10:34
DJonesCertainly was10:37
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:42
solarcloud_3scrnbrobostigon, morning All.10:43
brobostigonmorning solarcloud_3scrn10:44
mungojerrycan any parents tell me if the "terrible twos" ends at 3rd birthday?11:46
* mungojerry hopes so11:46
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czajkowskimungojerry: that bad11:57
mungojerrymassive screaming tantrums, hissy fits, smacking himself, smashing stuff up11:57
mungojerryat the smallest thing11:57
czajkowskihow do ye deal with it? give him notice or repremand him?11:58
mungojerrydepends on the severity of tantrum11:58
czajkowskinote I don't have kids, but have been baby sitting since i was 1511:58
mungojerryremoval of privileges, time out in bedroom, smack (don't really work while tantrum is going on)11:58
czajkowskinot the same thing though I handed them back11:59
czajkowskicurrent little counsin is 3 and a bit and has a temper on her, when she pulls a strop and cries and screams I walk way from her and no attention given, she calms down much faster11:59
* czajkowski has no tolerance for tantrums 11:59
czajkowskinot letting a kid dictate to me :)12:00
mungojerryhe had time out in room yesterday...trashed it12:00
mungojerrywe don't give in, so we are setting boundaries12:00
czajkowskihas to be hard12:00
mungojerryhe is quite feisty but hopefully will grow up knowing right from wrong and not givign in to peer pressure12:00
mungojerrymy wife and I are quite similar12:00
mungojerryapparently i was a "spirited" child12:00
mungojerrymy dad couldn't smack it out of me either12:01
mungojerrybut when all my mates turned into massive druggies as teenagers, i didn't want to compromise my principles, so i thank my parents for that12:01
mungojerryjust hope they stop soon12:02
czajkowskimungojerry: just the one ye have ?12:03
mungojerryyeah , another due in march :D12:03
AlanBellit can get better, or the tantrums get further apart mungojerry12:03
mungojerryi remember someone in here saying they could count tantrums between 2-3 on one hand. (christel?) i have multiple per day.12:04
mungojerrypotty training at the mo, so increased tension12:04
AlanBellfun when you get called into school to discuss fighting with boys in the class12:05
DavieyAlanBell: They called to say they weren't doing enough of it?12:06
popeymungojerry, when our kids were naughty it was the naughty step12:06
popeyroom is a bad idea because thats where toys are12:06
popeynaughty step for 1 minute per their age12:06
AlanBellDaviey: they called to say she has to stop12:06
popeymungojerry, friend of mine did potty training by rewarding each success with a very tiny reward. she gave a single piece of brio train track. so started with nothing and by the end was able to build a decent track12:08
popeywe never really had tantrums though, especially not multiple times a day12:08
mungojerrythe potty training is working, but i think it's making him more grouchy, especially grim weather at the mo12:08
popeywhat time is bed time / getting up time?12:09
mungojerry7.30-8am get up, go bed 6.15-6.30pm12:09
mungojerrybut he recently dropped his morning snooze12:09
czajkowskimaybe that's why he;s a bit more tired12:09
czajkowskihmmm latest updates on 12.10 is causing me no end of woes on compiz crashes, bt it wont open up a crash report for me to follow up on it :/12:12
popeyczajkowski, apt-cache policy compiz12:12
popeypastebin it pls12:12
czajkowskibest tool you ever told me to install pastebinit12:13
popeywhat triggers a compiz crash for you?12:14
czajkowskinothing specific, alt tabbing loading rhythmbox up, plugging phone in and then unmounting it12:14
czajkowskiso not one specific thing12:14
popeywhat if you do "ubuntu-bug compiz"12:15
popeydoes that let you file a bug?12:15
czajkowskilemmie try12:16
czajkowskias what is happening now is  is the usual dialogue box pops up12:16
czajkowskicompix has crashed12:16
czajkowskiwant to submit data12:16
czajkowskiand it goes into a loop and then never opens up12:16
popeynever opens up?12:17
czajkowskihave done a lot of updates this week, it's been quiet up till12:17
popeyits not supposed to open up12:17
czajkowskiin a browswer12:17
czajkowskito the bug12:17
popeynot supposed to12:17
TheHustleI'm at the command line in ubuntu, could someone tell me please how to make an image of my cd to .cue, thank yyou.12:17
popeyit submits the crash to daisy12:17
czajkowskihow am I mean to find the bug12:17
popeyyou aren't12:17
popeysomething crashes, apport detects that and writes out a crashdump12:18
popeywhoopsie spots it and if you're online will ask if you want to submit it12:18
popeyif you click the buttons and don't just kill the window, it submits to daisy12:18
popeyand will be in http://errors.ubuntu.com/ somewhere12:18
popeythen the backend reports a bug for you12:19
popeybut you dont worry about that, it gets taken care of12:19
popeyhowever if you _want_ to file a bug, then ubuntu-bug <packagename>12:19
czajkowskiproblem is A) the window seems to stay open but you've no idea whats happening or when it's over12:19
czajkowskib) is a bug created from that report and if so are you added to it ?12:19
popeyok, hang on..12:19
popeydoes compiz _actually_ crash, i mean do the windows go mental?12:19
popeyor do you just keep getting the popup?12:19
popeycompiz crashing looks like the windows lose their decoration temporarily and the launcher disappears for a couple of seconds12:20
czajkowskiwindows go mental12:20
czajkowskiand then I cant alt tab between then12:20
popeydo this:-12:20
czajkowskias it keeps saying compiz neds to restart12:20
popeyls -l /var/crash | pastebinit12:21
popeyok, so the crash you had has been uploaded12:22
popey-rw-r----- 1 czajkowski whoopsie 14636852 Dec 19 17:32 _usr_bin_compiz.1000.crash12:22
popey-rw-rw-r-- 1 czajkowski whoopsie        0 Dec 19 17:33 _usr_bin_compiz.1000.upload12:22
popey-rw------- 1 whoopsie   whoopsie        0 Dec 20 10:39 _usr_bin_compiz.1000.uploaded12:22
popeyyou had a crash yesterday12:22
Laneyecho http://errors.ubuntu.com/user/$(sudo printf /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product_uuid | sha512sum)12:23
popeyok, lets clear that out and start fresh12:23
popeyoh nice Laney12:23
Laneyif you can view crashes (bug control?) you can see your submitted stuff there12:23
popeyczajkowski, sudo rm -rf /var/crash/*12:23
czajkowskipopey: thanks12:23
popeyand yeah, pm me the output of what laney said12:24
popeyand I'll find your crash reports12:24
popeyshows none for me Laney, you sure about that?12:24
popeyi dont see czajkowski's either12:25
Laneyok, try making it: printf $(sudo cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_uuid) | sha512sum12:26
popeywont let me login12:26
TheOpenSourcererping popey12:26
TheHustlecan i make an image of my cd @ the command line, please?12:27
TheOpenSourcererIf you saw a list of products from SAP that had a column "Issue Type" with Inter and Back in it, what would you think they mean?12:27
czajkowskiTheHustle: what do you mean ?12:28
popeyaha! thats better12:28
popeyTheOpenSourcerer, got a url?12:29
TheOpenSourcererno - a csv file ;-)12:29
TheHustleczajkowski: I have a CD, I don't want to risk loosing the important data, i would like to make a 1:1 .bin file of it12:29
TheOpenSourcererIt's a table of some products.12:29
TheHustleat the command line12:29
TheOpenSourcererThe other columns make sense. If you don't know never mind I will ask the customer - at least it's not something taht's totally obvious.12:30
popeybah, can see your error reports czajkowski but can't click the individual ones :(12:31
czajkowskiTheHustle: not sure this is of help to you but have you looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning12:32
czajkowskipopey: this is all a bit confusing :( this is wy I like LP ;)12:33
popeywhat's confusing?12:33
czajkowskinot as easy to find - I know it's there but just I guess not as intutitive.12:34
popeyyou're not supposed to12:34
popeythats the point12:34
czajkowskiwell now I know12:35
czajkowskicheers for the help popey12:35
TheHustleczajkowski, thank you12:36
BigRedSAnyone know of a good shop (or shops) in London to go to to look at and buy outdoorsy knives? £50-£70ish12:53
Laneyfind an army surplus store12:54
bigcalmBigRedS: try a scuba diving shop12:55
BigRedSOooh, not thought of scuba diving12:55
bigcalmI remember the knifes my parents used to own. Huge and vicious looking things12:56
BigRedSah, yeah, a sheath knife rather than a folding one. Most surplus places only do folding knioves, though I think crews hill does sheathes12:56
brobostigoni have a leatherman, myself.12:57
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MyrttiI want a thing to cut yarn with but so far the best suggestion has been a box of dental floss12:58
BigRedScut yarn with dental floss?12:58
bigcalmI was wondering that myself12:58
Myrttimost tiny leatherman have knives in them12:58
czajkowskiBigRedS: what are you up to ?12:58
BigRedShaha, it's for a friend!12:59
Myrttiso they might be confiscated at airports12:59
BigRedSMyrtti: ahhh, leatherman used to do an airport-friendly knife. Style? Either way, I find it easiest to put anything remotely tool-looking in the hold13:00
Myrttiyeah well the point is that I might actually knit in the plane13:01
MyrttiCheck this out on AMZN:13:01
MyrttiClover Yarn Cutter Pendant Antique Silver13:01
czajkowskiBigRedS: cant go wrong on amazon13:01
Myrttieven that might get confiscated apparently13:01
Myrttias it is a rotary blade13:01
Myrtti(sorry about the sucky paste)13:02
BigRedSczajkowski: yeah, he wants to ask somebody which kife to get, though13:03
BigRedSOh! That sort of yarn!13:03
BigRedSThis is all making sense now. I'd pictured you as some travelling net-maker or something. :)13:03
Myrttihehe, nono13:04
Myrttihttp://www.ravelry.com/projects/Myrtti/haruni it ended up being very Ubuntuish in colours13:05
BigRedSoh wow13:08
Myrttiwhich was fitting because it was for elky13:08
AlanBellczajkowski: popey: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/2832 Aldershot!14:07
czajkowskioh :)14:12
popeysaw this and thought of czajkowski http://imgur.com/gallery/Ptnzd15:26
directhexhttp://store.steampowered.com/about/ is very linuxy now15:40
bigcalmSomething don't install for me :(15:44
popeyheh, nice!15:48
popeydirecthex, see system requirements in bottom right15:48
sprmtt39 games just isn't enough for linux :(15:50
bigcalmGames seem quite expensive once again15:50
popeyit's still in beta15:50
sprmttI don't mind the cost of a game... if it's good15:50
directhexpopey, the giant "join the steam beta" penguin is on *all* versions of that page, not just linux15:51
popeymost of the games in my steam thing came from humble bundle15:51
directhexi.e. the "Not running on Linux yet? Grab Ubuntu 12.04 LTS" download is shown to every single man woman & child trying to download steam on windows right now15:51
czajkowskipopey: ROFLOL15:53
bigcalmWould be nice to add games via the website15:53
popeynow we need to badger indiecity for their linux client15:54
popeyoddly they made one for RPi15:54
czajkowskipopey: you free for a quick call?15:55
popey5 mins, just packing everyone out15:56
czajkowskiinvite sent join whenever15:57
AzelphurI'm thinking of buying this ikea galant combination desk, thoughts? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/misc/2012/December/layout.png :P16:04
directhexmy desk is galant#16:05
directhexyour office is about a million miles square if it has room for that16:05
dogmatic69maybe someone here could help (if you worked on / know gfx drivers) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13975917/calculate-colour-temperature-in-k16:05
Azelphurdirecthex: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvltgec8fm4jtpo/2012-12-20%2015.54.15.jpg is the clearance, haha16:06
dogmatic69The gfx card configs normally show temperature.. its a long shot16:06
popeyczajkowski, i broke hangouts16:11
n1md4hi there.  anyone know which config to check to see if auto-updates has been configured.  I've not had to update a system for a long time now, it's getting suspicious ;)17:56
dave101010steam for linux19:15
Azelphurfirefox for linux19:15
dave101010fire fox is a natural par but steam was relaies today19:16
Azelphuropen beta, fun19:16
dave101010yeah tyr omgubntu or google buut i just got it19:17
AzelphurI've been in the closed beta for a while :P19:17
dave101010you lucky b!"£$%d19:17
dave101010i want to go closed betea twice but they did not acsept me19:18
dave101010thaey are adding new games and software all the time so soon it will be so good on ubuntu19:20
dave101010welcome back fwerede19:22
dogmatic69in C, Temperature_to_RGB(*T, testRGB); after that call T would be changed by the Temperature_to_RGB() function right?19:26
dogmatic69that is by reference or something?19:26
dave101010i think so19:29
AlanBellanyone running gnome shell and want to test an extension?20:40
AlanBellyou should be able to download that, and use the gnome-tweak tool to add it20:45
ubuntubhoydone, what should it do ?20:48
AlanBellyou should then be able to hit super (to go to overview mode) and type something like "a hot sauce" or "a green shoes"20:49
AlanBellnot sure if it will require you to restart gnome-shell or not20:51
ubuntubhoyhmm, nothing20:51
ubuntubhoyalso, should it show in the extensions list20:52
AlanBelltry alt-f2 r20:52
ubuntubhoycause it ain't there20:52
AlanBellhttps://extensions.gnome.org/local/ not there?20:52
ubuntubhoyshowing, and active20:58
ubuntubhoybut only apps, settings and contacts are showing20:58
ubuntubhoywhen I search20:58
ubuntubhoylost connection20:58
ubuntubhoydid you get that previous20:59
ubuntubhoybut only apps, settings and contacts are showing20:59
AlanBellok, thanks ubuntubhoy21:02
ubuntubhoyAlanBell: you forgot to say I needed the 'a'21:02
ubuntubhoyits working21:02
AlanBellin the settings you can remove the "a" or change it21:03
AlanBellif you remove the "a" prefix then it works like the unity shopping lens and searches for everything you type21:03
ubuntubhoyI think I will change it21:04
ubuntubhoydon't want it all the time21:04
ubuntubhoyshop will probably suffice21:04
ubuntubhoyAlanBell: you should allow multiple sources21:06
ubuntubhoyrather than just one21:06
ubuntubhoyI would use it if I could add ebay21:07
ubuntubhoywould be quite handy then21:07
AlanBellyeah, I would like to do that21:07
AlanBellnah, loadsa terms and conditions for using the ebay API from a downloadable application21:14
ali1234http://www.grimrock.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4571 <- can anyone confirm this?21:14
Myrttiwohoo! it turns out I'm not supposed to eat sprouts because they increase blood clotting. WIN!21:36
ubuntubhoyAlanBell: one other slight omission from your extension - the price should really be on the results21:36
AlanBellubuntubhoy: yeah, it should, I think below the image or something21:40
ubuntubhoyas long as it stands out21:40
ubuntubhoymaybe even just a larger bolder font21:40
cocoa117has anyone noticed when you using inotifywait program for notification when the file is created and closed. If the file is big like 4G, and take a while for scp to copy it over to the machine, you still get close_nowrite event, and even you somehow move the file to different folder, the scp continues without issue22:06
cocoa117is this the supports to happen?22:06
ali1234you can move an open file without invalidating the file descriptor on linux22:13
ali1234in fact you can even delete it22:13
ali1234for example, download a large file in firefox and accidentally deleted the file half way through downloading?22:14
ali1234firefox will continue downloading22:14
ali1234you can still access the file in /proc/`pidof firefox`/fd/22:15
ali1234it will disappear as soon as the file finishes downloading though22:15
ali1234what you need to do is tail -c +0 /proc/`pidof firefox`/fd/<fd> > myfile22:15
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