raevoloh man00:00
raevoltime to learn xen00:00
raevolthis kind of stuff is still black magic to me00:01
pleia2xen is cool, I mostly use kvm though00:03
raevolit looks like we'll have to rebuild our server to use it00:04
raevolthis is why i was looking at virtualbox initially00:04
raevolbut vb brings in a bunch of gui dependencies i don't want..00:05
pleia2it's much easier these days now that xen is mainlined00:05
raevolbut we'd still have to rebuild our server00:07
raevolmaybe it wouldn't be so bad00:07
raevolok we're just going to have fun with apache instead00:22
raevolbut someday we'll xen all of it00:22
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Torikunanyone good with setting up postfix to work with godaddy?17:37
MarkDudeGO Daddy? Maybe find another host?17:50
* MarkDude kids - due to his nature to kid17:50
Torikunhow you been MarkDude18:01
MarkDudeOk, busy18:02
MarkDudeDoing a Pi event- you used Puppy Linux?18:02
MarkDudeAfter Xmas18:02
TorikunMarkDude: I am running arch on my pi : rusher81572.com18:02
TorikunI do not like puppy much, not featureful18:02
MarkDudeTrue, altho there are versions that work with both Ubuntu and Slackware repos18:03
MarkDudeThose have a bit of features18:03
Torikundo you have a pi MarkDude ?18:03
* MarkDude arranged to get a few of them18:04
MarkDudeWe will have at least 3 to play with18:04
Torikunwhat have you used them for ?18:04
MarkDudeNothing yet,18:04
TorikunMY daughter uses it as her room pc18:05
Torikunand me web/torrent server18:05
* MarkDude wants to try whatever will work the best on it18:05
akkI'm trying to use mine for robotics/hardware control, but haven't done much with it yet.18:05
MarkDudeAs part of the donation of re-used hardware- Pis sound nice18:05
MarkDudeAs a basic machine, they would work in remote areas, like OLPC18:06
Torikunthat is about all it is good for18:06
MarkDudeMore power tho- still less than a desktop18:06
MarkDudeWell sure18:06
MarkDudeVideo and basic comp stuff18:06
MarkDudeWhat many folks need in other countries- as well as here18:07
MarkDudeother options involve OLPC or using sumthin lite- like Puppy18:08
MarkDudePuppy runs nicely on older machines. Power costs more money in some places.18:09
Torikunas a Desktop, the pi sucks18:09
Torikunsomeone decent as a media center18:09
Torikunsmall server18:09
MarkDudeIn truth tho- the OS would sorta depends on folks being able to maintain the machines18:10
akkFunny, I had the opposite impression -- I got dropouts trying to play videos, but it seemed fine for running a basic window manager.18:10
akkNot everybody needs a full-blown gnome/unity desktop.18:10
MarkDudeWell, taking some of the machines I have here, and think adding a Pi or two for the folks that help keep the machines running- good incentive18:11
TorikunGood torrent /webserver18:11
Torikunmy daughter's PI has to use chrome over ssh on it18:11
MarkDudeakk: at OSCON, rumor has it that the Fedora Pi had a few video issues, so 480 was used18:11
MarkDudeOther resolutions would not work18:12
akkI keep hearing people talk about using them as media centers, so there must be some trick to it.18:12
Torikunopenelec was the best but kinda unstable18:12
akkI wasn't trying to play high res, but I think it was mpeg4, maybe everything needs to be re-encoded into specific formats first.18:12
akkWhich, if true, seems like it would make it a hassle as a media center PC.18:14
TorikunYeah =(18:14
TorikunSome videos I watched would skip and the audio would not sync18:14
akkSince you can buy a used laptop on ebay that'll play nearly any format just fine.18:14
TorikunI wish it was x86 atlease, make it more useful18:14
kdubdo raspberry pis have video decoders? o.O18:14
akkAAUI, the video chip has some video decoding but you can't use it, because it requires proprietary Broadcom firmware or something.18:15
Torikunyou need a license or something right akk ?18:15
akkTurning that on would have required the Pi foundation paying Broadcom and therefore making the machines more expensive.18:16
* akk so loves the modern world18:16
MarkDudeThat kinda stuff makes me feel like getting all RMS :D18:16
akkYeah, exactly.18:16
* akk has no love for Broadcom anyway18:16
MarkDudein the neck I say18:16
MarkDudeEff 'em in the neck18:16
akkBroadcom's business model seems to be to ship super crappy hardware that doesn't work without tons of proprietary firmware18:17
MarkDudeTrue story.18:17
akkbut charge $0.17 less for it than the next company, so everybody buys their stuff anyway.18:17
MarkDudeI figure they will make a fun toy at least18:17
akkThe first thing to do after buying any laptop is "Spend 2 hours figuring out how to open the laptop so you can replace the crappy OEM Broadcom wi-fi card with a decent Intel one."18:18
akkWhat a collosal waste of time and energy.18:18
akkOr, alternately, if you're afraid of tinkering with hardware, "Go to your local Ubuntu hour and get all 8 people there involved with trying to get your crappy Broadcom wi-fi working with Ubuntu."18:19
MarkDudeZareason had one machine that they had to remove a crappy ethernet plug in card to replace with a not crappy one18:19
akkI mean really, what percentage of Ubuntu hours end up being 3 hours of trying to get someone's Broadcom working? Around a third of them?18:20
MarkDudeWell, I know it will be even more fun trying to get Fedora working, since it does so well with drivers, and codecs as well18:20
MarkDude<sarcasm> :)18:20
* kdub has just adapted to never buying certain infamous hardware brands :)18:20
akkYeah, it's easier on ubuntu than on other distros -- and that's not saying much.18:21
MarkDudeTrue kdub - donation tho- create another scenario18:21
akkkdub: It's true, my Lenovo actually came with a non-Broadcom wi-fi. But it's the only laptop I've seen in years that did.18:21
akkAnd some Lenovos of that model did have Broadcom, so there was no way to be sure before buying it.18:21
* MarkDude still loves Puppy, its failsafe tends to work better with old as well as new18:22
akkYeah, ubuntu drops support for older hardware sooner than other distros.18:22
darthrobotTitle: [Rusher's Raspberry PI Server]18:23
Torikunmade some progress18:23
kdubhardware support is generally getting more open, especially in the arm world i feel18:24
toddcnbI have two with raspbian loaded and tsted with 1080 but using rca atm18:25
MarkDudeIn truth- most folks could get away with Vlc, and chrome18:25
MarkDudeAnd maybe Abiword18:25
MarkDudeAnd tell them to cope on the light features for anything else18:26
MarkDudeHere is a free comp, no complaining18:26
MarkDudeKidding again18:26
MarkDudeOh wow, http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=2327218:29
darthrobotTitle: [Raspberry Pi • View topic - snes9x-1.39-rpi -- full speed SNES emulation with sound]18:29
MarkDudeUsing SNES games on the Pi18:30
akkI don't think of vlc as being that lightweight (though it's good, I use it).18:30
akkI use mplayer when I want lighter weight.18:30
MarkDudeYes, Mplayer is default on Puppy, vlc does more tho. I use Mplayer, unless- it says no workie.18:31
Torikunomxplayer is the only video player for raspberry pi now18:31
kdubphilipballew, you should sign up for some google summer of code! :D18:32
philipballewThey take people who code really badly?18:32
kdubphilipballew, dont know :)18:43
philipballewthere is only one way to find out18:49
Garethbkerensa: ping21:08
bkerensaGareth: hi21:14
bkerensaGareth: I have to run to a job in a few? Wanna e-mail me? bkerensa@ubuntu?21:15
Garethbkerensa: just a quick question.  Mozilla logo.  I'm going to use this one, unless there are objections.21:19
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