rick_h_really cool https://github.com/blog/1359-the-octoverse-in-201200:42
greg-grick_h_: that fluidinfo post... that company was courting us (CC) hard a few months back03:57
rick_h_greg-g: ? fluidinfo ?04:10
greg-gthe parens thing04:10
greg-gyou retweeted it04:11
rick_h_oh, gotcha. I didn't notice the company, just disagreed with that blog post04:11
* greg-g nods04:11
rick_h_I can't get over that a dev wrote this line: "The #1 reason is that you’re making your code more difficult to read for people who know the language better than you do. "04:11
rick_h_ah ok, never heard of fluidinfo. They were courting you guys to buy into their products?04:12
rick_h_greg-g: you still interested in hitting up a woodworking party tomorrow night?04:14
greg-goh crap, totally forgot, lemme let you know tomorrow before noon04:18
rick_h_greg-g: yea, np. Just cool if you're not busy but know how this time of year gets04:19
greg-gyeah, def04:19
snap-lI did not realize Magnatune had a lifetime subscription04:31
snap-l$240 for lifetime is tempting04:31
snap-lthat's ~5 3-month subscriptions04:31
jcastro_rick_h__: I see you're working on my rating thing15:24
rick_h__yea, my squad will get that going after the new year.15:25
rick_h__why did I not know these existed?! http://matthewhelmke.net/2012/12/lego-books-for-all/17:20
snap-lThat lego buiders book looks interesting.18:14
brouschsnap-l: I listened to the new OMC yesterday. You are a silly bastard18:18
snap-lbrousch: Thank you. :)18:27
snap-lBlame JoDee, as I was thinking of not doing one, until she suggested the Mayan Apocalypse. Then it all clicked.18:27
shakes808Good afternoon peoples20:40
shakes808I have been looking for a way to compose an email with hyperlinks in it. I found how to make a website but I need to do it through outlook or an email friendly way. Anyone have any idea how to do this?20:40
shakes808needs to be done in scheme20:40
brouschWhy not use plain text and let the user's email reader determine if it's a link or not?20:42
shakes808that is what I tried and it shows the <a href ..... > site </a>20:43
shakes808doesn't alias it, if that is the correct turm20:43
shakes808Can't sepll today lol20:44
brouschAh, yeah that won't work20:44
brouschWell you are entering a world of pain, so be strong20:44
brouschAnd in Scheme?20:44
shakes808you're telling me20:45
brouschIt's not fun in Python, I can't even begin in Scheme20:45
Blazeixyou probably need to set the email's content type to "text/html"20:45
brouschWho the heck is using Scheme?20:45
Blazeixall the cool people20:45
shakes808my work20:47
brouschI had no idea people wrote actual programs with it. I thought it was an academic language20:48
shakes808HA HA HA HA haha .... haaaaaa20:49

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