rrittenhouseCheri703: You around by chance? I've been meaning to mess with this Quassel so I can figure it out.16:09
Cheri703yep, doing my "pre-workday random internet browsing" so yeah :)16:09
rrittenhousesame LOL16:09
paultagknits a scarf once a year16:10
rrittenhouseWhen I fire up Quassel Core at home, it connects to the IRC server and channels that i apparently specified somewhere. Now when I connect with Quassel Client from work (or anywhere) it joins all of the channels as a second username. Is this right?16:10
rrittenhouseI thought it would attach to the server session? I understand this enables it to be multi-user but I just wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not.16:10
Cheri703did you install just quasselclient or quassel?16:11
rrittenhouseon the server it installed client and core16:11
rrittenhousebut on my machine at work I installed the client only16:12
Cheri703hmm..you have to manually install quasselcore, not full quassel16:12
rrittenhouseI take that back, both are installed on here. wtf16:12
Cheri703ok, yeah, that's what happened16:12
Cheri703quassel is both in a standalone thing16:12
Cheri703quasselcore/quasselclient are what you want16:12
rrittenhouseEven though Quassel Core, Quassel Client, and Quassel are listed as being installed (Windows 7) I launched Quassel Client to connect back to Quassel Core at home. That should work, no?16:13
rrittenhouseI didn't launch core or just "quassel" on the client PC16:13
Cheri703you install quassel core and connect with the client to set it up.16:13
rrittenhouseon the server I launched Quassel Core16:13
rrittenhousehmm ok16:14
Cheri703if core is installed and you are connected to the internet, it might be running on its own16:14
Cheri703so auto connecting16:14
Cheri703I'd uninstall core on the client machine and see what happens16:14
rrittenhouseAh ok.. let me do that.16:14
rrittenhouseThanks :) brb16:14
Cheri703yup :)16:14
rrittenhouseCheri703: The 0.80 windows package installs everything with no choice of what to install.16:30
* Cheri703 goes to look around16:30
Cheri703on the website it says "with core, client, and standalone client" I'm going to open up my win7 vm and poke at it16:31
rrittenhouseNow, I basically installed the same "all package" on the server and client. When I fire up the server it connects as rrittenhouse. Now, I don't remember setting that part up but i'm sure I did. Then on the client machine I launch Quassel Client (not quassel core or just quassel) and it has me put in my quassel core info and then after I connect it has me enter a new IRC server to connect to. I would like if it would just sync to what16:35
rrittenhousethe server is running.16:35
Cheri703when you open quassel on the windows machine, do you click on "quassel" or on "quasselclient"?16:35
Cheri703rrittenhouse: yeah, something is wonky16:36
Cheri703I'd start by uninstalling everything everywhere. is the server linux or windows?16:36
rrittenhouseThe other end is Windows 7 as well16:36
Cheri703ahhh, ok16:36
Cheri703hang on, let me explore a bit16:36
rrittenhouseMainly because the ubuntu server that I had irssi+ssh on died and I've been lazy16:36
Cheri703do you have access to the server right now?16:37
Cheri703ok, so here's what I'd suggest. uninstall on both. on the server, initiate "quasselcore" it'll pop up a command prompt and do some stuff. then open up quasselclient (from either machine, but just for a test, try it from the server), set it up with the core located at, sign in. It should take you through the "core configuration wizard". After that, reinstall on the client computer and ONLY run quasselclient. connect using the info16:39
Cheri703you set up in the core configuration. ???? profit16:39
rrittenhousethat is what I did step for step besides I had to add a quassel user using the cmd line because no wizard came up.16:40
rrittenhousebut I will gladly redo it because thats the only thing that I haven't done yet :)16:40
Cheri703ok, yeah, try it again and see what happens, if the same thing happens, then we'll go from there :)16:40
Cheri703btw, what did you use to connect this time?16:41
rrittenhouselol ok... thanks :)16:41
rrittenhousequassel stand alone16:41
Cheri703ah, ok16:41
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rrittenhouseCheri703: Heh I think it worked.17:13
rrittenhouseThe only thing that I didn't do the same as the first time was connecting to on the machine with the server. I connected on the server (with the client app) but I used the DNS name that I assigned to it.17:14
rrittenhousewhich didn't run me through the setup17:14
rrittenhouseIt did this time... Thanks for the help :)17:14
Cheri703awesome :)17:14
Cheri703I tend to use ip addresses when working locally, like it wouldn't even occur to me to use an assigned name17:15
rrittenhouseNow I need to figure out the SSL portion sometime soon.17:15
Cheri703ah, yeah17:15
rrittenhouseI had just set it up so I was testing the name resolution17:15
rrittenhousebut didn't think twice about it haha17:15
rrittenhouseyou might have to use the interface to make it work the first time17:15
rrittenhouseIDK :) Anyhow thanks.17:16
rrittenhouseGoing to d/c and test it now17:16
Cheri703not sure. if you were connecting from a client, you might just be able to use the local server ip17:16
Cheri703that's what I do17:16
Cheri703ok, cool :)17:16
rrittenhousestill up on the server side..gonna close this too.17:16
rrittenhouseAwesome. Still works as it should.17:17
rrittenhouseYay less productive time at work again!17:17
rrittenhouseKidding of course, IRC makes me more productive. Or thats what I tell myself anyhow.17:17
* Cheri703 ....helping destroy the productivity of others for many years now17:17
drkokandywhen I installed Quassel compiled for Windows, It installed 3 different programs - Quassel, Quassel Client, and Quassel Core. But this was on Windows 8 Pro... I've never tried installing it on Windows 7. Glad it ended up working though!17:46
rrittenhousedrkokandy: Cheri703: Yeah and then we suffer our first power outage at home after I get it working LOL had to boot the machine back up while I was home for lunch.19:58
Cheri703heh, that sucks, but it is still working, so thats good!19:59
rrittenhouseYeah it was something I did on that initial setup. Now the PC should fire up when it gets power back (good and bad).20:06
drkokandywhoops lol20:30
* skellat starts throwing emergency power brick onto charge in preparation for idiot drivers who've migrated to Ashtabula and haven't driven in a "proper" snow storm before taking out a power pole or two23:05
paultagaw man, why do I always miss skellat23:28
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