wrstcyberanger: sounds good, even with consumer level on the hub and AP i think something doing only one thing will perform better00:23
wrstbut use thinking of going a little higher than consumer level00:23
wrstwb chris458501:12
chris4585hey wrst01:15
chris4585just installed my new cpu, and cleaned my computer01:15
chris4585how are you?01:16
wrstim good. what type of cpu chris4585?01:34
chris4585wrst, http://chris4585.tumblr.com/post/38346722764/i-bought-a-upgrade-for-my-computer-amd-phenom-ii01:34
chris4585thats good wrst01:39
chris4585I've come to a realization if I wake up before 3pm I become really bored and take a nap anyway lol01:40
wrstnice processor chris458501:43
chris4585yeah, decent upgrade01:44
chris4585was only $87 with shipping from tigerdirect01:44
wrstnot.bad at all01:44
chris4585I figured I might aswell go ahead and get one before they are all sold out01:45
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
pace_t_zuluwhat's up jfenn219914:32
jfenn2199oh not much did my comment give what you were asking for?14:32
pace_t_zuluyea ... was just curious14:33
jfenn2199no problem I've been up and running since 2:30pm wed, after going to bed 4:30am from being up since sometime monday...14:34
jfenn2199finally got inspiration to work on it again if you want to browse the code (very sloppy right now) it on launchpad lp:libraryopen14:35
pace_t_zulucool ... installing bazaar on mac os x now14:52
pace_t_zului use git14:52
pace_t_zulugit is fucking awesome14:52
pace_t_zulujfenn2199: did you create any models?14:53
jfenn2199if so unintentionally this started as teaching myself gui programming with tkinter and the core ui shows it (nothing in classes just one long cacophony of lines) gonna fix that after I get everything working right14:56
jfenn2199but most functions are in modules14:56
jfenn2199oh and Add User button is broke right now trying to the dbconnector function to have it's db connection and cursor as attributes so I can cutout connecting on each individual function14:57
pace_t_zuluyou should create Book and Library classes15:09
pace_t_zuluthat handle everything associated w being a book and everything associated w being a class15:10
jfenn2199and same for user?15:13
pace_t_zuluanything that would be a kind of object in real life  ... should be a class in you code - those are your models16:14
pace_t_zululook up "mvc programming" ... it is a good concept to understand once you understand object oriented programming16:14
jfenn2199awesome pace_t_zulu  thanks the tip16:30
pace_t_zuluprogramming will get you far16:35
jfenn2199yeah I'm upset with myself for not progressing past the basics initially, cause now I'm gonna have a ton of rewriting but live and learn17:16

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