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mhall119cjohnston: daker: can you guys take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-community-webthemes/django-stricter-nav-elements/+merge/14097719:26
mhall119I needed those changes for jono's Accomplishments website19:27
mhall119hang on, targetted the wrong branch19:27
mhall119https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-community-webthemes/django-stricter-nav-elements/+merge/140980 there we go19:29
dakerwee postgres can't truncate the nickname which throws an error :D20:42
mhall119daker: ubuntu sso?20:43
dakermhall119: did you get the traceback mail from LTP ?20:43
dakerso someone is trying to connect to LTP his "viasoluciones--deactivatedaccount" which is bigger than 30 caracters20:44
dakerthen you will get this : DataError: value too long for type character varying(30)20:44
mhall119daker: ah, nice20:45
mhall119daker: I've seem them come with with random hashes generated by Ubuntu SSO, but not like that before20:45
dakeri'll report a bug on the django-openid-auth20:47

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