superflyMorning nlsthzn05:15
nlsthznGood morning superfly 05:16
nlsthznhow are you?05:16
superflyMaaz: tell Kilos GOOD MORNING!!!05:16
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:16
superflynlsthzn: Mostly OK05:16
superflyand you?05:16
nlsthznNot to shaby, last day of leave today, starting again tomorrow :'(05:17
superflyAh, tomorrow is my last work day till the 2nd05:18
superflyHoping my S3 arrives today or tomorrow... Wishful thinking though...05:19
nlsthznah yes... my spelling is going to be bad as I don't have spell check at the moment :/ (makes me lazy)05:19
superflyGonna miss my N900 though05:19
nlsthznS3 is an amazing device :)05:19
superflynlsthzn: neither do I :-P05:19
nlsthznwell correcting all the mistakes on the internet is a noble cause, good luck with that ;)05:20
superflylooking forward to it05:20
nlsthznonce you get tired of the easy peasy touchwiz interface it will be time for some custom ROMS :)05:21
superflyYeah, I don't want touchwiz05:21
superflygonna see if I can find the stock launcher somewhere and install that05:22
superflyAnd if I can't, CM here I come :-)05:22
superflyWill be cool to actually be able to use Google Now, unlike my Kindle which is a very plain tablet05:23
nlsthznthere are all the standard launchers in the play store... and Google Now is pretty awesome05:24
nlsthznCM not the best for the S3...05:24
nlsthznseveral big wholes they won't fix for it05:24
nlsthznI am using a ROM based on CM and AOKP (or what ever that accronym is)05:25
superflyAOSP, I think... Android Open Source Project05:26
nlsthznya that one :p05:26
superflyWhat sort of holes?05:26
nlsthznfew things not working, radio, tethering and as per last time I checked a nice big memory whole05:28
superflyAh, OK05:28
nlsthzneven now I have found I have to reboot my device sometimes and my camera will just not respond05:28
nlsthznI am currently on http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=181528505:28
nlsthznso far I like it a lot (except the touch tone keys seem to be buggy so when I have to enter numbers in an automated phone system it gives the wrong sounds :/05:29
* nlsthzn goes to play a game Dota while he still can... bbl05:31
superflyAh, OK05:31
superflyCape Town!05:32
barrydkGoodmorning all05:35
magespawnmorning all05:36
magespawnwow Kilos must be sleeping late today05:37
barrydkyip too quiet05:37
magespawnsuperfly a change of planes about the phone?05:45
magespawnplans rather05:46
magespawnnew google doodle, 200th anniversary of Grimms Fairy Tales05:48
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:50
Kiloshi barrydk 05:51
barrydkBig problems with my eyes this morning must go and see the doc05:52
Kiloswhats wrong?05:52
barrydkCant see myself working today and tommorow05:53
Kiloswhat is the prob05:53
Kilosdust infection or what05:54
barrydkEk wil nie vandag en more werk nie. I dont want to work today and tommorow!!!05:54
Kiloshow does that affect your eyes?05:55
barrydkI cant see myself working today05:55
Kiloshi magespawn 05:57
Kilosfunny peep05:57
nlsthznmorning magespawn , barrydk and uncle Kilos 05:57
magespawnhey Kilos05:57
magespawnhey nlsthzn05:57
Kilosmorning nlsthzn 05:58
* nlsthzn goes for a SSandS... bbl05:58
barrydkIsh oom Kilos you are slow this morning. Morning nlsthzn05:58
Kilosim cross the game 0AD05:59
Kiloskeeps rebooting the pc06:00
Kilosall that lovely data wasted06:00
magespawnjust by installing or buy running the game Kilos?06:00
Kilosoh i see barrydk 06:00
Kilosi installed about a month ago and yesterday while playing it rebooted once magespawn 06:01
Kilosso i got it upgraded last night and it rebooted twice this morning so now i give up with that game06:02
Kiloseverything else works kiff on unity06:02
Symmetrialol, I swear my neighbors cat is living on borrowed time06:02
Kiloshi Symmetria 06:02
magespawnmaybe not the game?06:02
magespawnmorning Symmetria06:02
Symmetriait comes into my yard and wonders why it gets chased by a very angry snarling puppy06:02
barrydkHi Symmetria06:03
Symmetria(and my dog is fairly placid, it loves everyone and everything, except that cat)06:03
Kilosbarrydk, you using the eyes as an excuse ?06:03
Kilosand the peeps you chat to online Symmetria 06:03
Symmetriahahaha kilos ok yeah, she doesnt like people on the other end of skype06:04
Symmetriabut thats because it confuses her and she cant find them06:04
Symmetriashe runs in, looks at the tv, sees someone, can hear them, snarls and growls and runs around for half an hour trying to find them06:04
Symmetriagetting more and more pissy when she cant06:05
Kiloslet her spend time watching tv to get used to the missing peeps06:05
barrydkThats right Kilos06:05
Kiloseyes are a feeble excuse06:06
Kilosmagespawn, do you do the G+ hangout thing?06:07
Symmetriakilos lol, my dog is a little strange, certain things that really piss it off, lightning is another one06:07
Symmetriashe is scared of thunder, and growls and barks at lightning06:07
Kiloshaha one of my staffies was like that . gun fire and car backfires as well06:07
Kiloshad a souped up beach buggy that liked to backfire and he used to chomp on the exhaust everytime06:09
Symmetriathe funniest thing I think that annoys my dog though is if she's sitting on the bed or something, and you slip your hand under the blanket and then scratch against the mattress, she thinks its a rodent or something, goes completely ballistic06:09
Symmetriastarts attacking the bed as if it was coming to bite her or something06:10
Symmetriaits hilarious06:10
Symmetriahttp://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/1219/breaking49.html <=== omg, you know how drunk I coulda gotten on that?!06:10
magespawnKilos i have not yet been to a hang put06:10
Kilos<superfly> so who is up for weekly G+ Hangouts?06:10
Kilosdunno where guys will find time06:11
Kilosi just wanna know how much data it will use each time06:11
magespawnis you use the video, a lot i should imagine06:12
Symmetriawtf drugs is the ANC on... gotta love this statement:06:12
Symmetria“Commissions (at national and provincial level) will be able to hold disciplinary hearings but we hope members will make it easy for the ANC by resigning or stepping aside if there are serious allegations of corruption. 06:12
Symmetriayeah, the corrupt people are gonna make it easy by stepping aside the moment they are found out, because they have shown SUCH moral integrity 06:12
magespawnSymmetria: the remaining bottles just trippled in value06:13
* Symmetria rolls his eyes06:13
Symmetriamagespawn lol this is true06:13
Symmetriamagespawn its like my bottle of middleton single cask reserve (whisky) 06:13
Symmetriathey make 100 bottles every 25 years, each bottle is numbered, and signed by the distiller06:14
magespawnnice, you ever going to drink it?06:14
Symmetriawhen I bought my bottle (bottle number 78), it cost like, 700 euros, that was 4 or 5 years ago, when I had it valued 4 months ago, apparently only 12 of that run are still known to exist, bottle is now valued at 3 thousand euros 06:14
Symmetriamagespawn I doubt it :P 06:14
Symmetriasomething about opening a bottle of anything worth that kinda money would make me ill :p06:15
magespawnbetter taste good then06:15
magespawnnah that is what it is for06:15
Symmetriathat or I'd be so upset by opening it I'd have to drink it all to drown my sorrows :p06:15
Symmetriamagespawn lol, not as bad as the bottle of Jameson Gold Reserve I saw for sale in the celtic whisky store in ireland06:16
SymmetriaCost for the bottle....... wait for it..........06:16
magespawnthe current value is not in the taste but in the scarcity of the bottles06:16
Symmetria*38 THOUSAND EUROS*06:16
magespawnand then it tastes like vinegar or worse06:16
Kilospeeps are crazy06:16
Kilosexpensive headache06:16
Symmetria:P I wanna win like, the euro millions or something, then buy a 35 thousand euro bottle of something, walk into a pub and go "HEY! Lets play coinage!" :p06:17
Symmetriathat would be fun :P 06:17
KilosSymmetria, no feedback on a host for us yet?06:27
Symmetriakilos was told that the place I wanna put it at isnt looking at anything till at least January06:28
Symmetriathey were in kinda, crisis mode trying to get everything ready for this stupid anc conference06:28
Kilosah ok ty06:28
Symmetriaand now no one is on campus at all because campus is in lockdown while this goes on06:29
Symmetriaroyal pain in the ass if you ask me06:29
Kiloshey Symmetria dont you wanna post me all the scrap harddrives you come across?06:32
Symmetrialol, those are few and far between these days, most of them get reused in the test clusters06:33
superflymagespawn: yes, I saw I can get the S3 for R9 more than what I was already paying monthly, so I decided to just go for it.06:53
superflyMaaz: tell barrydk LOVE your comment about you eyes :-D06:54
Maazsuperfly: Got it, I'll tell barrydk on freenode06:54
Kilossuperfly, superfly ?06:54
Kilossup i mean06:54
superflyhi Kilos :-)06:54
superflyhi barns07:11
superflyargh!!! again!!!07:11
superflyhi barrydk07:11
Kilosthings getting tough. one needs to type 4 characters nowadays07:12
barrydkHi Superfly and again Kilos. Dam laptop freez had to reboot. Told you i cant see myself working today07:13
Maazbarrydk: By the way, superfly on freenode told me "tell barrydk LOVE your comment about you eyes :-D" 19 minutes and 4 seconds ago07:13
Kilosbarrydk, excuses excuses07:14
barrydkIm gona leave this chanel and look for one where one can get some sympathe 07:16
Kiloslast mail from maia is a buglink07:20
magespawnsuperfly you got the n900 on contract?07:21
superflymagespawn: nope, bought it on cacell.co.za07:21
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magespawnmm never saw it on contract or at any cellular outlet07:22
magespawnsuperfly you gonna carry two phones?07:23
magespawni have always wanted to see if you could use a usb to lan adapter to hardwire the n900 onto a network07:24
superflymagespawn: it never was, none of the networks imported it, and Nokia only does things officially via the networks07:28
superflymagespawn: no, will likely only carry the S307:28
superflynot sure what I'll do with the N90007:28
superflylove it to bits though07:28
Kiloshi mazal 07:29
magespawni did find it once in a vodacom store in ballito07:29
magespawncould use it as a server superfly07:29
superflyI'll use it as my toy phone for installing MeeGo and SailFish07:29
magespawninstall it in your car, use the smscon software, and you have gps tracking 07:30
mazalMorning all07:30
magespawnhey Mazal07:30
superflyhi Maaz07:32
superflyag, there I do it again07:32
superflyhi mazal07:32
magespawnsuperfly the fingers are already on holiday07:33
magespawnbbl y'all07:34
Kilostoods mage07:34
Kiloswhen you upgrade cpu to core 2 or dual core is your pc still a P4?07:47
superflyKilos: it can be07:53
Kiloswhat decides superfly ?07:53
superflyKilos: the CPU you buy... I don't think you get P4's anymore though07:54
Kilosi get lost with all these cpu's07:54
Kilosthe pc shop here still supplies from a intel C 1.8g to a core 2 duo 2.8+07:58
inetprogood mornings08:26
superflyhi inetpro08:27
Kiloshi inetpro 08:29
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KilosMaaz, lunch please11:29
MaazKilos You are just in time to grab a steak off the braai and there is pap, onion and tomato gravy and salads ready next to the stove.11:29
barrydkIf any of you guys believe the world will end on the 21 Dec according to the Maja Calender, please make a list of your most valuable stuff and let me have it. Thanks 12:12
barrydkBuy Guys have a great evening12:45
Kiloshome time guys14:31
superflyHi Kilos, you still around?14:52
Kilosyou onna train yet superfly 14:52
superflyYou've been quiet today, alles reg?14:53
superflyJa, Obs station approaching14:53
Kilosyes ty. pc was rebooting more and more14:53
Kilosfound its a bad connection on the psu mb connector14:53
Kilosstill havent pinpointed it yet14:54
Kilosnow it doesnt wanna reboot so will try get some of that switch cleaner soon14:54
Kiloson its own i mean14:56
magespawnevening all16:08
Kiloshi magespawn \16:12
Kilosthe rebooting is a bad connection somewhere16:13
Kilosnot 0AD16:13
magespawnthat is sort of good i suppose16:35
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zerefhave not chatted here in a while.16:37
zerefhi Ubuntu-za16:37
magespawnhey zeref16:37
magespawnjust lots of hmmm16:37
Kiloshi zeref 16:37
Kilosya hes the hmmmmer16:38
Kilosstorm coming16:38
Kilosinetpro, get home quick if you not there already16:38
inetproKilos: to late16:39
inetproit's raining at home already16:39
Kilosaw you wet?16:39
inetprobut I'm at home :-)16:39
magespawnthen stay at work16:39
inetproKilos: but thanks for the thought16:40
inetprocoming down in bucket loads here16:40
Kilosgood. nothing here yet16:41
Kiloseek power crashed once already and it hasnt even started raining yet16:42
magespawnKilos i just realised the other day what you email is16:42
Kiloslol what took so long magespawn 16:42
Kilosthe pro moaned at me in the beginning16:42
magespawnspelt it out did not read it aloud16:42
Kilossaid its ugly16:42
magespawnthought it was funny16:43
Kilosthe dom donner one?16:43
magespawnthats the one16:43
Kilosthe pro wants to buy it from me16:43
Kilosfor his off days16:43
Kilosjust slight mod needed16:46
Kilosnou eers reen dit hier inetpro 16:55
magespawnlater guys, on my way home at last.17:02
Kilosbbl power gone17:09
* inetpro 's 8ta network just died after a massive strike of lightning18:31
inetprocan see no further than the 3rd hop18:32
inetproand I'm back again18:32
inetprojust thought I would have to fall back to Vodacom18:34
superflyARGH!!!! They tried to deliver my S3 today!!!!!18:43
inetprosuperfly: eish! Sorry.19:06
inetprosuperfly: what happened?19:07
superflyah well, môre is nog 'n dag19:07
superflyinetpro: they tried to call me while I was on the phone19:07
smilebyeee :)19:34
inetprosmile: goeie nag19:34
smiledankie jy ook :D19:35
Kilospower just came back and unity booted to 640X480 resolution20:06
Kilosnight all sleep tight20:09
tim-cthi all20:18
superflyhi tim-ct20:26
inetprohi tim-ct20:40
charl_hi tim-ct 20:51
charl_good evening all20:51
tim-ctanyone tell what I done wrong on my fireall   http://pastebin.com/uMHh6Vt721:42
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smileI am back :)22:32
smileMaaz: 5+122:33
Maazsmile: 622:33
smileMaaz: 6!22:34
Maazsmile: 622:34
smileshould be 72022:34
smileMaaz: you are cute22:36
Maazsmile: I already know stuff about you22:36

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