GhostlyPJSingh5000, ...strange i can not find anything related to java there -.-00:01
dr_willisYuriRev01: you want only one user that can ssh in?00:02
YuriRev01yes that user being me the owner00:02
gener1cgod damn it00:02
gener1cmy qt is too old to compile the prog i want00:02
dr_willisYuriRev01: sshd configs can do that i belive00:03
PJSingh5000Ghostly, Then the item must be under /usr/share/...00:03
bjrohanIs there a Keep alive feature for wifi in Ubuntu that will keep it connected even when logged out?00:03
GhostlyPJSingh5000, ...digging around thanks for the help so far :D00:04
drRocktopus_is there a way to see if you have made a connection to the ubuntu server via SSH before you type in password?00:04
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dr_willisbjrohan: mine does that by default00:05
YuriRev01how do i use sshd00:05
PJSingh5000bjrohan, this is a fair and reasonable request.  I am about to log-out to test my user wall paper.  While I am on the log-in page, I'm going to see if I can select a network from the Network Manager applet at the top right.  I'll let you know, (if you haven't tried this already).00:05
bjrohanPJSingh5000: dr_willis: I know mine does not stay on, When logged in, I can ping and SSH into that computer, When logged out, computer on beside me, I can't get a ping return or log in00:06
adamsilverwill this usb stick work on pc as well: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx ?00:07
jrib!ssh | YuriRev0100:08
ubottuYuriRev01: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:08
dr_willisbjrohan: weird. i just powerup and ssh in.00:09
dr_willisbjrohan: i thiught you can login to wireless at the lightdm screen also00:10
dr_willisim not even running a dm.00:10
cadshey guys00:10
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cadscan I make a bootable ubuntu USB device out of a smart phone?00:11
xisorhi i seem to be having a problem installing , or even booting a live disc/usb of ubuntu on my system00:11
xisorcan anyone help me figure out how to fix it? i get the boot menu via usb just fine, but when i select an option, the screen goes all white and corrupted00:13
xisorits continuing to boot, but i get no display00:13
PJSingh5000I'm back.  Don't remember who was asking about the wi-fi network connection being active when logged out, but I see that you can select your network connection from the Network Manager on the log-in screen.  However, if you have a download occurring and you log out, I'd bet the download would be disrupted when you log out.00:13
xisorguess nobody can help =/00:14
PJSingh5000xisor, I think the installer can't handle your graphics display.00:15
xisorits a geforce 8700M00:15
xisorits a laptop00:16
xisorit does the same thing if i install with wubi, once it reboots it goes wonky and corrupted00:16
PJSingh5000xisor, When I had this problem, I had to pick some "edit comand" option and then I had to enter some parameter telling the installer which VGA mode to use.  Sorry, I don't remember more.00:16
YuriRev01is there and commands to use a key for ssh im new to linux and not understanding00:16
xisorso i cant try out ubuntu00:17
YuriRev01i can read files but not write00:17
dev_does anyone know when steam will be released for linux00:17
blimePJSingh5000, xisor: if you feed it vga=  with nothing defined, it'll provide a list of vga modes00:17
xisorcan i feed it that with wubi? its not just the installer, wubi gives the same result00:18
blimexisor: i don't know anything about wubi00:18
xisorim assuming the problem is that the freeware driver cant understand how to drive my laptop display?00:18
xisorthe open source driver i mean00:18
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YuriRev01also how would i set the server to a static ip00:19
xisoris there some way to embed the official nvidia driver into the iso and have the installer use that from the get-go?00:19
PJSingh5000xisor, You could, but you have to set the VGA mode when you boot it.00:19
xisorevery time i boot the OS?00:19
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blimexisor: you'd modify your grub configuration to keep the settings00:20
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
xisori have no idea what that even means i just want to try out ubuntu =/00:20
PJSingh5000xisor, let me see if I can find what that needs to be.  Does anyone here know how to modify the boot parameters on the live USB to set the VGA mode?00:21
xisorim assuming once i have it installed and booted and install the nvidia driver that the problem will go away?00:21
YuriRev01is there an easy way to add me as the only user with read/write access on ssh?00:22
YuriRev01i connect through sftp00:23
PJSingh5000xisor, you may have to change stuff in grub (like blime suggested) but FIRST you just want try Ubuntu.00:23
PJSingh5000xisor,  first check out http://www.pendrivelinux.com/vga-boot-modes-to-set-screen-resolution/.  This lists some VGA settings.00:24
xisorok ill try it00:25
lynx7os5YuriRev01: do you mean a ssh key authentication? so you dont have to type a password to log in?00:25
PJSingh5000xisor, see this page for instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions00:25
YuriRev01cause right now anyone can view my files00:26
PJSingh5000xisor, Unfortunately, this is for an older Ubuntu installer.  I don't know how you change the boot parameters on the newer installer.00:26
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SalmanCan someone help me? Some things in Lubuntu are not displayed correctly00:27
dev_salman what things are not displaying00:28
SalmanI can't really explain but can i post a screetshot of PCManFM?00:28
lynx7os5YuriRev01: you@yourcomputer:~ $ ssh-keygen -t rsa     this will give you two files in ~/.ssh/00:29
Salmandev_: http://imgur.com/3ViTD00:29
lynx7os5YuriRev01: id_rsa  and id_rsa.pub00:30
SalmanAs you can see Lubuntu isn't displaying the folders00:30
veryhappyhi guys i wanted to get my sound over hdmi on my tv working and i read in the internet that i would have to try to completely remove pulseaudio to get alsa running but now i don't have any sound anymore. please help. thank you00:31
dev_so your icons arnt showing up did you install any updates recently?n00:31
YuriRev01and yourcomputer would be the ip of the server or the computer im connecting with?00:31
SalmanI installed all the latest updates00:31
lynx7os5if you copy the contents of id_rsa.pub to the remote system and put it into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys  you can then log into the remote system using that key.00:31
Salmanbut even before that i had the same problem00:31
dev_Where you having problems before the update?00:32
lynx7os5YuriRev01: yes the one you're currently using,00:32
SalmanI have a Nvida Quadro$ 580 XGL (old i know but thats why i installed linux so i can use this computer XD)00:32
Salmandev_: Yes i was having problesm before updating00:32
lynx7os5keep in mind that anyone with access to your id_rsa.pub file also has the same access to the remote system, so keep it safe..00:33
ikoniano they don't00:33
ikoniathey need access to the private key00:34
ikoniaand they need the passphrase for the private key00:34
ikoniathe public key is just that..."public"00:34
ikonianot the public key00:34
FloodBot1ikonia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:34
lynx7os5er, yea, sorry, ikonia is right00:34
YuriRev01im lost00:34
lynx7os5and as for the privelleges, i use openssh and i would check with /etc/ssh/sshd_config ( not sure of the location on ubunt sorry)00:35
veryhappyYuriRev01: get found :D00:35
yeatslynx7os5: that's where it is on ubuntu too00:35
cmeccahey all --- anyone ever seen "gss_create: Pseudoflavor 390003 not found!" in syslog before, regarding ldap+kerberos+autofs... everything works except the home dir's  when i su - user on the client machine, the home dir doesnt mount from the server, and thats the error in syslog00:36
lynx7os5YuriRev01:  maybe this link can help to clear what i was saying a little better then i could :\ http://sdf.org/?tutorials/SSH-SDF#public_key00:36
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SalmanI'll try figuring out the problem by myself00:37
PJSingh5000xisor, Great.. I just realized that the link I gave you (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions) is OK for the current version of Ubuntu.  You can get to the advanced page by pressing any key when you see little icons on the bottom.  (I hope you can at least see those icons, since you are having graphics problems).00:37
YuriRev01im not sure how to edit files00:37
blimeYuriRev01: read this from top to bottom: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys00:37
blimeYuriRev01: editing files: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Nano00:38
xisorquestion, after i get it to install, how do i set it so it will also work once booted?00:40
xisorso i can install the nvidia drivers and stuff00:40
lynx7os5YuriRev01: sudo nano -w /etc/ssh/sshd_config ?  also heres what mine looks like http://lynx7os5.mdns.org:12345/sshd_config.txt00:41
dev_xisor what are you asking about00:41
ikoniawhy are you editing sshd_config00:42
ikoniawhat are you actually trying to do ?00:42
veryhappyis there anybody who knows how i can get my ALSA working on my tv i don't have any sound at all. i'm using hdmi.00:42
lynx7os5YuriRev01: the bottom has to do with a chroot enviro for a specified user...00:43
YuriRev01yea i want access just for me00:43
YuriRev01im getting permission denied when trying to save a key00:44
=== frodopwns__ is now known as frodopwns
YuriRev01im pretty much getting permission denied for anything i try to do00:44
sl00How do I install a quantal package (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/3.7.13-1) if I have oneiric?00:44
dev_Thats sucks for you if you are getting permission denied00:44
YuriRev01all this server is hosting is an rcon program for a game server so it does not have to be secured with the best00:45
bjrohanI have my command line commad written for recording my desktop. I would like to assign it to a hotkey in Ubunut, can anyone help me do this?00:46
lynx7os5the key will only allow you to log in and not have to use a passwd but others can log in with the passwd eh00:46
lynx7os5YuriRev01: do you need to have ssh access then?00:46
bjrohanI would like to preferabbly press the hotkey once to start the ffmpeg, and press it again to stop.00:46
YuriRev01i have the server sitting next to me00:46
xisorwell setting the vga mode didnt change a thing00:46
YuriRev01i jsut want to be able to upload files using filezilla sftp00:46
xisordoes anyone have any idea why it isnt working?00:47
lynx7os5YuriRev01: hmm, imho i would try to find an sftp program, do a little research and find the one best suited to my prefered setup.00:48
dev_filezilla is good00:48
Dr_Willis_xisor:  give the channels details of what you are doing00:48
xisoroh, sorry :P00:49
lynx7os5YuriRev01: i would also not even host an ssh server if i didn't 'need' the remote access... but this is only my opinion....00:49
xisorwell, i cant get ubuntu live to boot, because after choosing the option from the boot menu, it does some commandline stuff then goes to a corrupted white screen00:49
xisorits still DOING stuff, its just not apparently able to drive the display properly00:49
YuriRev01well i need to upload files to it somehow00:49
xisori tried setting vga mode with vga= and it didnt help00:49
Dr_Willis_xisor: tried the nomodeset option yet?00:49
PJSingh5000xisor, you need to add the correct boot option to keep the screen from corrupting.00:49
joggerscan anyone help with ubuntu 12.10?00:49
xisorno, what is that?00:49
Dr_Willis_!nomodeset | xisor00:50
ubottuxisor: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:50
dev_joggers what do you need help with00:50
dev_dont just ask for help00:50
Dr_Willis_xisor:  i dont think the vga= option does anything these days on current releases.. i may be wrong00:50
xisorwell thats what i was told to try00:51
YuriRev01does anyone have vent or teamspeak i could talk to them on>00:51
quantrabbiti've run into roadblocks trying to rebuild the package php5 for precise.  Went through the usual: apt-get source php5, apt-get builddeps php5, etc.  First problem is when running debuild -us -uc.  I get this error: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: locales-all | language-pack-de00:51
xisorwhere in the boot options would i add nomodeset?00:51
Dr_Willis_xisor:  you can do it from the grub menu, hit E to edit it.. add nomodeset -->   'quiet splash nomodeset'  in the options00:52
xisorgrub isnt installed because its a livecd00:53
Dr_Willis_joggers:  you would get better help if you states the problem IN THE CHANNEL not msging people00:53
xisormaybe im just too stupid to use linux :(00:53
Dr_Willis_xisor:  then you follow that GUide for nomodeset... it shows how to do it00:53
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:53
xisorproblem is, after the installation is done, it seems to want me to opena  terminal after it boots the installed OS to do the changes00:53
xisori cant get a terminal, i cant get display00:53
xisori cant even use ctrl+alt+F2 to get a commandline00:54
xisorit sits at that screen00:54
xisorand does NOTHING00:54
Dr_Willis_xisor:  then you try the nomodeset option after you install.00:54
=== pp00 is now known as Guest24513
xisorand how would i do that if i cant get the system to come up to make that change?00:54
xisorthats the problem00:54
Dr_Willis_Its at the GRUB menu after you install..00:54
PJSingh5000Dr_Willis_, I agre with you.  Where does xisor set that?  xisor would have to mount the new disk, cd to the /usr/share/grub directory, and set it there, right?00:55
Dr_Willis_PJSingh5000:  you CAN edit the grub options From the GRUB boot menu00:55
xisorill try nomodeset and see if i can even get the live USB to load00:55
xisorif i can ill be back, if not ill be back once again in windows00:55
Dr_Willis_xisor:  how did you install if you cant get the cd to load?00:56
Dr_Willis_Somthing is confseing here.00:56
corpDr_Willis_: I think he didnt install anythin00:56
OerHeksDr_Willis_ +100:56
xisori didnt yet00:56
Dr_Willis_I hope hes not using WUBI...00:56
PJSingh5000Dr_Willis_, Ahhh.  I remember now.  Those changes are not committed to disk, though, are they?  (It's been a while since I've installed more than one OS on the same machine).00:56
xisorim trying to get the liveusb to load first00:56
Dr_Willis_PJSingh5000:  one time use.00:56
xisorno, i tried wubi and ended up with the same corrupted crap, after the liveusb didnt work00:56
xisorand then i came here after removing wubi00:56
xisorso, im off to try nomodeset00:57
Dr_Willis_xisor:  and your video card is?00:57
xisorand see if i can get something to happen00:57
xisorgeforce 8700M00:57
xisormobile chip00:57
Dr_Willis_xisor:  so after you boot. you will most likely want to install the 'nvidia-current' package for proper drivers00:57
xisoryes i assumed as much00:57
xisorfirst i need to get the liveUSB to function00:57
Dr_Willis_Unless its one of those dual-gpu optimus things00:57
xisornvidia drivers is after an install00:57
dev_installing packaged drivers for me didnt work00:58
xisornot that i know of, this laptop existed before all that junk00:58
xisorcore2 duo 2.5ghz 4 gigs ram and 8700M00:58
dev_i still have a major bug that is when i use wifi it randomly stops working00:58
xisorits a behemoth of a laptop, a dell XPS00:58
dev_even though i have perfect connection00:58
xisorbrb hopefully from the liveCD00:58
Dr_Willis_I had a toshiba with a 18In Monitor. ;) and 2 HD.. weighed like 18lbs.. ;P00:58
veryhappyplease don't let me wait and admit if you don't have a solution for me on alsa. i can't stand to wait so long, then i rather change the room.00:58
Dr_Willis_veryhappy:  i dont even recall seeing the issue stated.00:59
mickster04veryhappy: also where would you go?00:59
PJSingh5000veryhappy, you don't seem very happy! :) (Sorry).00:59
Dr_Willis_ #alsa   ;)00:59
veryhappyright now i don't sorry..00:59
veryhappyi was already writing my issue but thank you dr willis you gave me the best answer this day01:00
Dr_Willis_veryhappy:  thers askubuntu.com also and the forums01:00
veryhappyi'll go to alsa thank you01:00
dev_Ok veryhappy01:00
xisor_nomodeset does NOT fix it01:02
xisor_i can confirm that my usb stick isnt corrupt because it works in a virtual machine and the integrity check passes there01:02
xisor_so thats not it either01:02
xisor_so i have no idea what to do01:02
mickster04xisor_: you cannot boot into the usb stick?01:04
CoxieFresh install 12.10, screen frozen at login, any ideas?01:04
xisor_correct, white corrupted screen instead of proper display01:04
corpxisor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions?action=show&redirect=BootParameters01:04
mickster04Coxie: check the disk is good (and the image you downloaded)01:04
corpxisor: You can start with no X01:04
mickster04xisor_: then your BOIS might not like booting from the drive01:04
=== \KsM is now known as KsM
Coxiemickster04: How do I do that?01:05
mickster04try another drive and/or check your bios01:05
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:05
xisor_mickster, thats not it, the boot menu comes up fine, it does the commandline stuff fine01:05
xisor_its having the problem when it comes to loading the display01:05
Coxieubottu: Thx01:05
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:05
mickster04xisor_: boot menu? like try install etc?01:05
corpxisor_ try booting in text mode01:05
xisor_md5 check passes, integrity check on usb passes in virtual machine01:05
xisor_its NOT the stick01:05
xisor_corp, booting in text mode helps me how?01:05
dev_ubottu, What will the weather be like tomarrow?01:06
ubottudev_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:06
dev_ubottu, What will the weather be like tomarrow?01:06
nullp0interi am having a weird problem where i cannot access certain URLs...if i do wget http://feeds.downrightnow.com/downrightnow?format=xml it times out...but this is not true for all URLs. also within PHP connectign to my email address via IMAP times out as well. how could i debug this problem01:07
corpxisor_, you can try to launch graphical mode from there01:08
corpxisor_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/NonGraphicalBoot01:08
xisor_i have no idea how to use a commandline ive never even used linux before01:08
dev_xisor then why are you using linux as all?01:09
PJSingh5000xisor_, do you have tow PCs, so you can chat here while on command line?01:09
xisor_no i only have this one pc01:09
dev_Lol im chatting froma command line01:09
PJSingh5000dev_, you you don't have to use command line to use linux.01:09
xisor_dev_ because everybody in this room, and everyone who develops these operating systems was new at one time as well01:09
xisor_EVERYONE starts somewhere01:09
xisor_thats kind of a terrible attitude to have towards someone new01:09
dev_Naw you just took it to heart01:10
nullp0interanyone ever see these timeouts only affecting certain URLs01:10
dev_null no01:10
nullp0interand i do not have a firewall01:10
xisor_could it be 12.10 specifically causing the issue PJSingh5000?01:11
xisor_linux mint 14 does the same thing but it is 12.10 based, should i try a different linux entirely and see if the live usb for that has the same problem?01:12
MagoogleHey fellas01:12
Magooglegot a PPTP question01:12
dev_Xisor you can try using a lower version01:12
chachinhola people01:12
chachinoh hai capeta01:12
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chachindang it captain*01:12
=== fr0stium is now known as ArchIsTheTits
xisor_any disadvantages to using 12.04 instead of 12.10?01:13
xisor_and if 12.04 does the same thing, should i go even older?01:13
chachinhah stirlingsilver01:13
MagoogleAnyone have information for connecting to a PPTP VPN via terminal only with no GUI? PM me please01:13
LigeiaXsometimes lower is more stable01:13
captainI have a wireless card that is showing as activated in hardware devices, and I've also gotten it to install drivers successfully with ndiswrapper but i get no wlan0 device01:13
dev_xisor you can sure try it. If you are loading from usb why not01:13
jribxisor_: software is 6 months older, but 12.04 will be supported for 5 years (so you can wait a long time before you need to upgrade).  12.10 has support for 18 months01:13
xisor_should i try something that isnt ubuntu at all to see if the same thing happens? would that help narrow down the cause at all?01:14
dev_Xisor just try a older version01:14
LigeiaXxisor_ you can if all else fails01:14
jribArchIsTheTits: don't post random links in this channel please01:14
YuriRev01how would i give myself and only me access to download/upload file to my server i use openssh01:14
ArchIsTheTitsI promise you it's very relative.01:15
* ArchIsTheTits dances01:15
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
captainArchIsTheTits: it doesnt matter01:15
ArchIsTheTitsEnjoy :D01:15
xisor_ok ill download 12.04 and see if it does the same thing01:15
dev_arch dont post links01:16
chachinhe left01:16
xisor_question, will i be able to get the newest software and things with 12.04 or am i stuck since its not the newest version?01:16
dev_I just noticed01:16
stirlingsilveryeah he bailed01:16
chachinhai jrib master01:16
dev_you can update xisor01:16
Magoogleanyone know how to connect to a PPTP vpn via terminal?01:16
PJSingh5000xisor_, stick with it.  I remember being where you are, and I remember all my struggles with back screens.  Eventually, you'll figure it out.  You might try 12.04.  If you have two USB sticks, keep your 12.10 and put 12.04 on the other one.  See if it works for you.01:16
LigeiaXYuriRev01, what sort of server are you running? (besides ssh)01:16
dgbaley27Does anyone know where I can get libvirt 1.0 for ubuntu 12.04? I ppa I guess...01:17
xisor_it only takes a couple minutes to make a usb stick out of any bootable iso01:17
xisor_so im not worried about that01:17
corpPJSingh5000, +1 some years ago it was a nightmare XD01:17
dev_xisor then try it01:17
xisor_downloading 12.04 amd64 desktop iso01:17
Magoogleanyone tried ZorinOS?01:17
xisor_10 minutes and i can try again01:17
Magoogleits off of ubuntu01:17
PJSingh5000xisor_, ok.01:18
Magooglei really like its GUI01:18
LigeiaXxisor_ I missed the part where you said what your problem was01:18
xisor_corrupted display where a desktop should be when booting my ubuntu live usb01:18
YuriRev01ubuntu server lts01:18
LigeiaXxisor_ that sounds more like a video problem. what kind of video are you running01:19
corpLigeiaX, geforce 8700M01:19
xisor_geforce 8700M01:19
=== default is now known as Guest77124
xisor_its not THAT old, it cant be incompatible01:19
CoxieOK I'd like to check the md5sum of the disc but I can't access my Windows drive now.01:19
xisor_its still supported in nvidia driver releases even, so yea01:19
PJSingh5000xisor_, I found this on askubuntu.  Did you try this?... http://askubuntu.com/questions/162075/my-computer-boots-to-a-black-screen-what-options-do-i-have-to-fix-it01:19
ClientAlivedoes anyone here happen to run eclipse? #eclipse is like a gost town over there and I really need help.01:20
lynx7os5how can i recursively chmod --7 * but keep the settings for owner,group?01:20
CoxieTHe link in GRUB is broken and when I change boot order in BIOS I get a grub rescue prompt01:20
xisor_yes that tells you to use nomodeset01:20
xisor_i tried that, nothing01:20
ClientAliveattempt to install linux tools results in unmet dependency. I've been googling around for over an hour now and not finding anything specific to my problem. Please help! Details (including installed on my system and more) can be seen here: http://pastebin.com/CzxeiDN6   <-   please help!01:20
LigeiaXYuriRev01, I meant what type (samba? ftp? ...)01:20
dr_rocktopushaving a bunch of trouble diagnosing an SSH problem --> works internally but not outside router…anyone have any ideas?01:20
PJSingh5000ClientAlive, I use eclipse.  I can probably help you with install, but if it's more advanced than that, I may be no help.01:21
jribdr_rocktopus: have you forwarded port 22 on your router?01:21
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: I would like that if you can try - thank you01:21
dr_rocktopusjrib: yes...01:21
CoxieUbuntu broke my pc01:21
LigeiaXxisor_ in that case, it doesn't seem like much chance 12.04 will do it better (though I'm often wrong)01:21
dev_coxie how01:22
jribdr_rocktopus: unless you've done something very strange (and then you would know), it's likely an issue with your router configuration01:22
xisor_so what other option do i have?01:22
xisor_a quick google tells me that people DO install linux on this laptop01:22
dr_rocktopusjrib: that is what I figured, but I'm wondering how to diagnose01:22
LigeiaXtry the 12.04, maybe I'm wrong01:22
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: for the record. This eclipse was not installed through the package manager. It was downloaded from their site. It's Juno.01:22
PJSingh5000ClientAlive, it soulds like you've already installed eclipse, but are having trouble installing some tools into it?01:22
jribdr_rocktopus: well what happens when you try to connect?01:22
dev_linux on a laptop lol01:22
Coxiedev_  The link in GRUB to my windows drive doesn't work. Changing boot order to windows drive primary now gives me a grub rescue prompt.01:22
PJSingh5000ClientAlive, I just installed Juno myself.01:23
dr_rocktopusjrib: I get permission denied on ssh and unable to connect on telnet01:23
LigeiaXxisor_ they may have had linux running on your laptop, but was it ubuntu?01:23
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: yes, this is one of two things I've tried to install and get problems (the other one is the e4 xml editor)01:23
xisor_no idea01:23
corpxisor_, try different distros too01:23
xisor_but this laptop isnt even that old01:23
xisor_its a dell XPS M173001:23
xisor_core 2 duo01:23
molqr it is possible to display the time elapsed since screen lock was activated using Ctrl+Alt+L in gnome?01:24
LigeiaXxisor_ some linux distros don't use a gui for install, they use text mode01:24
dr_rocktopusjrib: also I can see my apache and tomcat servers no problem with the same style of port formwarding01:25
xrs"Unable to delete partition: Unrerognized disk label"01:25
jribdr_rocktopus: could it be something your ISP blocks?  You might try a different port01:25
jribdr_rocktopus: I have to leave now for a bit01:26
dr_rocktopusjrib: I tried mapping 2000 on the router to 22 on the server01:26
CoxieCan anybody help me get to where I can use my Windows drive again?01:26
CoxieUbuntu done goofed01:26
dev_ Have you tried grub repair01:26
xrstrying to make a headless server and its just been a damn nightmare. gave up on debian, it just refuses to "mount CD-ROM" so now im trying 'buntu and it wont partition01:26
dev_To fix your windows location01:26
micromI have a very slow startup (close to 1.5 minutes to boot, it used to be super-fast, why is it slow now? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1451272/01:26
Coxiedev_ Can I use supergrub2disk ?01:27
xrsinsert you windows disk, boot from that and run startup repair01:27
dev_try that01:27
xrshow can i delete partitions if gparted reports "unrecognized disk partition"01:28
xrsdisk label*01:28
xrs]/join #kubuntu01:28
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: fwiw (may have forgotten to mention this in that paste) what I've done to try solve the problem is...  (1) sudo apt-get install lttng-tools <install was successful> (2) sudo apt-get install antlr <don't recall if it worked from the command line or not> (3) opened synaptic, did search "antlr" and checked everything that cam up on the list, installed it. I'll sit back and wait for you now though - just thought I should mention.01:28
xisor_ok brb trying 12.04 usb01:29
dev_xisor ok01:29
LigeiaXxrs, so something like "mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/sr0 /mntpt" fails in debian?01:29
xrsit was the graphic installer, no shell01:30
micromI disabled ipv6 but dmesg still shows "eth0: no IPv6 routers present" and appears to waste 50 seconds to figure it out...01:30
LigeiaXxrs, what does their graphic installer give for options?01:31
PJSingh5000ClientAlive, When I install eclipse manually, I usually add tools from the Help | Install New Software Option inside eclipse.01:31
CoxieMy Windows disk doesn't have startup repair01:31
xrsoptions? i havent gotten anywhere.01:31
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: let me check that01:31
corpCoxie, try dev_ option01:32
YuriRev01i cannot upload/edit files to my server under any folder01:33
xrsCoxie,  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair01:33
CoxieOk you're missing the point, I can't access either drive at all01:34
xrspaste that into konsole01:34
CoxieTHere is no way to run commands01:34
xrsuse a live USB or CDS01:34
Coxielol What console01:34
corpCoxie, from a livecD01:34
xrsfrom a live disk dude01:34
dev_yea you can do it from a live disc01:34
xrscome back in once you got a live disk loaded and ill give you the command again01:35
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: If I do a search for "tools" under all available sites I get main headings: CDT Optional features -> sub category (1 item) -> Unified Parallel C Berkley UPC Toolchain Support, E4 Toolkit Model (one of the things I've tried to install before and get problems), E4 Tools, E4 XWT, Linux Tools, and Linux Tools Sources <these latter being the problem I'm here for>01:36
dev_Ill be back later, switching rooms01:37
dev_ok back :)01:37
=== Evil_Eric is now known as trolololol
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: "Hide items that are already installed" is checked.01:39
=== trolololol is now known as non-Evil_Eric
LigeiaXYuriRev01, what protocol were you using when you try to transfer files?01:39
PJSingh5000ClientAlive, Usually, the "work with" URL is provided on the web site that supplies the tool.  So I get it from there, instead of the defaults shown in Eclipse.  Do any of the tools you want to use provide that?01:39
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: I'm trying to recall where I got my update site urls for linux tools. Let me check and check if there is a better source.01:41
dev_its always funny seeing a car backing up a hill only to go up a hill forward :p on snow01:41
xisorim back01:42
xisor12.04 boots the live USB with no tweaking at all, so what gives on 12.10?01:42
corpxisor, nice.01:42
xrswasnt here to hear the problem01:42
dev_xisor congrats01:42
LigeiaXxisor, you could upgrade after install01:42
xisorwas speaking more to all these guys who were helping me sorry xrs01:42
xisorLigeiax, wouldnt that cause the same error that a native 12.10 does?01:43
xisornow i have another problem, sort of01:43
xisormy built in wifi doesnt work i had to dig out a usb stick, any way to fix?01:43
LigeiaXbut since 12.04 has a longer support life than 12.10, no need, 12.04 is probably fine01:43
xisornot installing this if the hardware isnt gonna work01:43
xrs12.10 doesnt give enough improvement to make it worth too much hassle01:43
dev_install proper drivers01:43
xisorand how do i see if my wifi is supported/01:44
xisoror even what wifi it is?01:44
LigeiaXxisor, after install your wifi may work01:44
dev_pgo to the wifi cards site and look for packaged drivers01:44
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: It seems I got the url from here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Linux_Tools_Project/PluginInstallHelp  <- which came from a link here: http://www.eclipse.org/linuxtools/downloads.php01:44
craniumslowsGood Evening.  Is there gwibber support here or is there another room for that?01:44
corpxisor, lspci | grep -i wireless01:44
xisordev, its dell, and i highly doubt they have drivers for linux but i can look01:44
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: is that the right place to get it?01:44
xisorcorp, what do i do with that information?01:44
corpxisor, you get your wireless card info01:45
dev_Its toward the bottom if i remember right01:45
xisoryes, but where do i put that in it?01:45
xisori found a terminal thing01:46
corpxisor, console or terminal01:46
xisorthat command does nothing01:46
corpxisor, yep01:46
LigeiaXxisor, you would take the chipset it says your wifi uses, and look that up online for linux support01:46
xisorit doesnt output anything01:46
dev_yea what ligeiax said i was saying that before01:46
xisorit doesnt even show my usb wifi in a list01:46
xisorbut that CLEARLY works or i wouldnt be here01:47
LigeiaXoh it usb wifi? then use lsusb01:47
xisorno, the built in wifi is what im trying to find01:47
dev_no he needs help with chip01:47
xisorit doesnt see it01:47
xisorits old as dirty01:47
dev_try and disconnect usb and use command?01:47
xisorthe usb one works fine, but i dont wanna use it01:47
PJSingh5000ClientAlive, I'm not familiar wit the tools you want to install.  But just to give you an example, I like to install the SQL Explorer plugin into Eclipse.  So I go to the Eclipse SQL Explorer site (http://eclipsesql.sourceforge.net/).  There, at the bottom of that page in the "Eclipse Update Site" section, they give me the URL I would type into the "Work with" text box.  You don't have anything lie that for the tools you need to inst01:49
LigeiaXxisor, are you able to get a terminal window at all?01:49
xisor_still nothing01:49
xisor_just typing lspci shows a ton of hardware though01:49
dev_look at bottom01:49
xisor_0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4321 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 03)01:50
jribdr_rocktopus: and?  what happened?  Are you even seeing the connection attempts in the server logs?01:50
xisor_confirmed thats not the usb because lsusb lists my ralink usb stick01:50
xisor_is that wifi supported in linux?01:50
dev_look on google01:50
ClientAlivePJSingh5000: ok, thanks. I'll check it out01:50
dev_type that and look for linux support01:50
dr_rocktopusjrib: I messed up the A record in the redirect :(01:50
dr_rocktopusso stupid! lol01:50
corpxisor, have you enable wifi?01:51
YuriRev01i need help01:51
xisor_corp, what do you mean enabled?01:51
xisor_the network button at the top of the screen says firmware missing for the other wifi chip01:52
dev_is wifi enabled01:52
YuriRev01im trying to be able to upload/download file to my ubuntu server right now i get permission denied01:52
CoxieOK I'm back, I checked the md5sum of the disc and the iso and they're both good01:52
xisor_clearly or the usb stick wouldnt be working01:52
dev_look on google01:52
corpdev_, maybe thats the problem01:52
CoxieSo something went wrong in the installation01:52
CoxieOr something01:52
CoxieBut I'm in livecd right now01:52
matbeeHey there, any idea why my ultrabook won't boot up Ubuntu? It's a blank screen... I tried replacing quiet splash with nomodeset to no avail.01:53
dev_xisor http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=563649501:54
xisor_ok so, is that going to be hard to do once i install this?01:54
iceroothttp://steamcommunity.com/games/221410/announcements/detail/1747660173332716773   steam is open beta now01:54
xisor_assuming since i have video on the liveusb that an install will be fine also, so its safe to go ahead and do it?01:54
dev_no it wont01:54
xisor_also, will it mess up my windows 7?01:54
dev_yea install and then go back to that link01:55
xisor_i will return here after installing so i can get the link again, also, it wont break my windows 7 right?01:55
xrsit will01:56
dev_if you install currectly01:56
xrsyou will need to fix the windows boot loader when ur done01:56
dev_if not then you will have to use boot repair01:56
xisor_ok so... what do i do now?01:56
xrsdo it then run boot repair01:56
LigeiaXwindows 7 doesn't like coexisting with anything else. might be better if you installed to a usb key01:56
xisor_how do i do boot repair?01:56
xrssudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair01:56
dev_i am using windows 7/ ubuntu latest atm.01:56
xrspaste that command01:56
LigeiaXbut windows doesn't *like* it01:56
xisor_so i WONT have to repair windows 7 dev?01:56
xisor_im not installed yet xrs01:56
corpme too, there is no problem at all.01:57
dev_If you install currectly in the settings yes, if you mess up you will then need to go back to live disc and run boot repair01:57
xisor_should i check the box for download updates while installing?01:57
kevinchhi all, looking for a solution that would allow my mac and PC to backup to my ubuntu server.  any suggestions that are relatively straight forward to setup?01:57
xrsin the future you will want to install windows after linux. if you install linux after windows you will need to run boot repair01:57
kevinchautomatically incrementally01:57
dev_make sure you have a partition for linux and another for swop01:57
corpxrs, what?01:58
xisor_installing windows after would erase grub from the boot sector of the drive i would assume01:58
xisor_rendering linux inoperable01:58
xisor_unless im missing something with my noobish-ness01:58
CoxieAssuming Ubuntu will even work once you install it01:58
dev_xrs not exactly true i had windows 7 and instlal linux fine after01:58
icerootxrs: complety wrong, first install windows, then install linux01:58
CoxieMine hasn't even made it past login screen yet01:58
kevinchxrs: what about windows?01:58
Guest96298is there any CUPS wizard in the room? I need help with a custom backend that has been created following this: http://alien.slackbook.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=slackware:cups#installing_a_new_cups_backend01:58
YuriRev01how do i give myself access to upload file to my server which sits next to me01:58
icerootxrs: every other order will overwrite grub201:58
xisor_anyways, do i want to check the box that says download updates while installing in the installer dev_?01:59
KI4ROxisor_, First windows then linux01:59
corpxrs, I think he meant contrary01:59
ikoniaYuriRev01: how do you want to upload ?01:59
dev_doesnt matter i didnt01:59
LigeiaXxisor_ the others may disagree, but I think it's much simpler to install to a usb drive and run off that01:59
xrseither way, windows doesnt like to co-exist. the reason i saw linux first is most people use windows as their primary OS and thats where most of their data is held01:59
dev_Its simpler with windows 7 installed already lig, and since he already has it installed01:59
xisor_i only have the one, and its running the live environment ligeiax01:59
chachinis taken 2 worth  a watch?02:00
chachinI too believe its just way too early for a sequel of the movie :\02:00
matbeeAny hints why I'm getting a blank screen after install wubi ubuntu?02:01
PJSingh5000YuriRev01, if your server is Ubuntu, and you are on Ubuntu, ope Nautilus file manager.  Key in CTRL-L.  Then type ssh://<server_name>.local.  You should have an account on your server.  Just enter your user id and pass for the server.02:01
dev_chaichin please stay on topic this is for support02:01
chachinwtf im on #ubuntu02:01
xisor_the installer has chosed my 2nd hard drive when i chose to install alongside windows 7, will it create swap and all that automatically?02:01
Guest96298I got an "/usr/lib/cups/backend/pdf failed" error message when trying to print a test page, error_log shows this: failed to CreateDevice: org.freedesktop.ColorManager.AlreadyExists:device id 'cups-Printer' already exists02:02
corpxisor_, I dont remember i nver used the automatic option :(02:02
dev_i didn't to that option and i hear alot don't recommend that way, do it manually02:02
dev_create partition in windows and another for swap and configure the locations manually02:02
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
PJSingh5000dev_, automatic should work fine.  I do it that way in virtual machines, and it goes smoothly.02:04
dev_PJ when i needed help with this when i first started out, others recommended not to do it that way cause of problems with will rise later on02:04
corpIm with dev_02:05
xisor_it is installing now02:05
xisor_wish me luck that it works :D02:05
PJSingh5000xisor_, good luck.02:05
corpxisor_, it will work dont worry ;)02:06
xisor_according to the tiny terminal below the installer thing it created a 4 gig swap, resized the ntfs partition on my 2nd hard drive, and created something called ext4 with the rest of the space02:06
xisor_so im assuming all is normal?02:06
dev_You may have problems later on xisor02:06
dev_That is if its even  sucessful02:06
corpxisor_, I would do it manually and in the first drive02:06
corpxisor_, anyway it will work I guess02:06
dev_Yea thats the way i did it corp02:06
PJSingh5000dev_, I don't disagree.  It's just that xisor_ just wants to try Ubuntu.  I didn't want to make it more complicated than necessary.02:06
xisor_wait problems because of what dev_?02:07
corpPJSingh5000, thats true, too.  Anyway as dev_ , I find manually better.02:07
dev_Ether way if he just wants to try it, and later on has problems, he'll be right back here asking for same help. Thats why i said do it the other way now so problems dont rise later on02:08
xisor_2nd drive was empty anyway so the worst it can do is i have to format it and start over right?02:08
xrspretty much02:08
LigeiaXexcept for the boot sector on the first drive02:09
xisor_main windows 7 drive is too small for both OS i think, its a 128 gig SSD, 2nd drive is 500 gig02:09
straysscusi please. does anyone know anything about telstra usb modems and ubuntu?02:09
xrsyou dont want to part out an SSD02:09
dev_Well you could fit both just wouldnt have much room for media.02:10
roastedAnybody know of a way to push my USB webcam and USB microphone streams to be, well, streamable from another ysstem on the LAN?02:10
matbeeI can't, for the life of me, figure out how to boot ubuntu on my ultrabook. Always booting blank.02:10
corproasted, vlc i believe02:10
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
matbeewith nomodeset, I get the wall-of-text, starts to load gnome and then blank.02:11
xisor_which we will see in just a minute02:11
xisor_if i can learn ubuntu ill replace windows with it entirely, i dont really play games or anything on here02:11
xisor_IF it works properly02:11
gooshiematbee have you tried linux live usb creator?02:11
roastedcorp: I heard that too, but I wasn't sure how I'd actually get the"server" to launch the video/audio to other systems. I've only dne it in reverse, where the client is using VLC to receive the stream.02:11
dev_matbee have you tried restarting02:11
matbeedev_, yes.02:11
matbeegooshie, no..02:11
LigeiaXxisor_ much as I hate saying it, it's always good to keep a working windows for just in case times02:12
gooshiematbee u can put the same live distro on the usb drive and then they have an install icon on desktop02:12
xisor_well i have the dell install cds that came with it02:12
dev_If i predict the future right alot of people will be going to linux :)02:13
xisor_so i can always just use those and restore it to factory if i have to02:13
matbeeI'm going to keep different boot options and hope02:13
corproasted, I really cant recall how it was but mainly is playing /dev/video0 and streaming it02:13
corproasted, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6297348/vlc-record-webcam-and-stream-to-chrome-linux02:13
matbeegood thing this thing is an ultrabook and only takes 10s to boot :P02:14
dev_I dont shut off my laptop that much to need a "UltraBook"02:14
corpdev_, XD02:14
LigeiaXdev_ especially with how windows 8 has a publsihed backdoor to allow MS (or any hacker) to remotely change code on your windows install02:15
corpLigeiaX, Windows per se is a trojan XD02:15
xisor_mac would be more popular than windows if they let you install it on everything instead of their own overpriced stuff02:16
xisor_dev_ alot of people will go to linux when EVERY game has a linux version and its as simple as point and click, i dont think too many people will deal with learning complex stuff02:16
xangua!ot | xisor_ dev_02:17
ubottuxisor_ dev_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:17
MagoogleI have searched online and on forums for this.. But all i can find is how to setup a PPTP server or on how to turn on a previously made VPN conneciton with the GUI from the terminal.. I NEED to know if anyone can help me with creating a new VPN PPTP Connection via terminal only on 12.1002:17
corpxisor_, yeah, sometimes I missed playing some games, anyway, the linux hard stuff was years before now its much easier02:17
avickeryFirst lynx now irssi, this is a banner evening!02:18
corpMagoogle, vpnc02:18
LigeiaXavickery, what do you mean?02:19
dev_avickery ?02:19
MagoogleCorp - THANKS! that turned up much better google results!02:19
xrsscary thought: HR Block is highing technicians. one of the requirements is knowledge of Win95 & Win2k02:19
corpMagoogle, you welcome ;)02:19
avickeryFirst time using a text browser since 1994 and same with a text IRC client, very cool.02:19
dev_You are using irssi?02:19
avickeryon Xubuntu 12.1002:19
corpMagoogle, vpnc --help will be good too02:19
=== marvin is now known as Guest65459
dev_Same here02:20
avickeryI'm really enjoying this learning curve. Haven't been excited about computing in a long time.02:20
pozhello, i need help. My audio is making a popping sound02:21
LigeiaXavickery, "links" is also good :)02:21
pozI dont know how to make it stop02:21
avickeryI'll check it out. How is it different from lynx-cur02:21
=== xrs is now known as XRS1
LigeiaXavickery, in "links" it's text mode, but the mouse actually works02:21
avickeryWhere's the fun in that? It's like cheating on your keyboard.02:22
pozhow to access advanced sounds settings02:22
xisor_its installed, rebooting so i can get that link for my wifi :)02:22
nullp0interdoes anyone know how i can force my box to prefer IPv4 over IPv6 DNS lookups?02:22
dev_Ok xisor02:22
w0rm-_xSetHandler server-info02:23
LigeiaXdon't give it a ipv6 dns server?02:23
nullp0interLigeiaX : so I cannot have both enabled on my machine? That is, having an IPv6 ip associated with it02:24
LigeiaXoh, I thought you were saying you didn't want the ipv602:25
nullp0interLigeiaX: , I don't mind having IPv6 enabled on my server, but its causing timeouts when trying to access sites even using wget...when I run wget forcing it to use ipv4 it works fine, but then this is also occuring in PHP connections, so I need a global way to stop it from doing this02:26
PJSingh5000xisor_, This is Great!  Welcome to Ubuntu!02:26
pozHey, does anyone know why the auto mute is causing my speakers to pop?02:27
pozlike all the teim02:27
pozabout once ever five seconds02:27
nullp0interLigeiaX I can;t find anything about this on goog;le02:27
PJSingh5000Has anyone popped in who has knowledge on how to get the user wallpaper to show up on the LDM login page, if a wall paper is selected from the user's Pictures?  This si *supposed* to work, and it used to work for me, but now it stopped working.  I don't know what I might have done to inhibit this functionality.  Now, I only get the default Ubuntu wallpaper on the login screen.02:27
Dr_Willis_poz:  ages ago there was a power-saveing issue that shut down the speakers. when they came back on - they would pop02:28
tomreynavickery: try that with a leading slash02:28
corpnullp0inter, found this I hope it helps you: http://askubuntu.com/questions/32298/prefer-a-ipv4-dns-lookups-before-aaaaipv6-lookups02:28
avickeryThanks man02:28
Dr_Willis_poz:  i think it was only affecting some intel chipsets02:28
LigeiaXnullp0inter, yes ipv6 is very problematic. looks like you have a choice to make about whether it's omportant to you to have it available02:28
MagoogleCorp - Im still only seeing information with VPNC for GUI installation.. Any help?02:29
Dr_Willis_PJSingh5000:  using encrypted home can break that.02:29
pozDr_Willis_: If it was ages ago then why might the issues to be around? I mean the auto mute was on by default (I just reinstalled ubuntu today, it also did this last time as well)02:29
Dr_Willis_poz:  differnt chipset similer bug.02:29
PJSingh5000Dr_Willis_, my home is not encrypted.  Also, I have read privileges for group and others o nthe image I selected.02:30
Dr_Willis_poz:  ive seen similer bugs on other disrtos with some sound cards also.02:30
corpMagoogle, have you tried vpnc --help ?02:30
xisorweirdest thing.... halfway through the install now, the built in wifi starts working on its own02:30
xisorany idea wtf just happened to make it work?02:30
pozoh okay02:30
=== pp00 is now known as Guest59812
dev_xisor what happen?02:30
pozSo anyone else try ubuntu 12.10 with a nvidia card?02:30
corpxisor, maybe trying to search for updates02:31
pozIt fails to work with mine02:31
LigeiaXxisor because it installted the wifi suplicant (probably)02:31
tjbiddleanyone happen to know if the tool dependencies differ for 12.04 from 10.04 for https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile ?02:31
pozI had to go back to 12.04 lts02:31
xisorwell, the installer is doing updates and stuff now02:31
xisori guess it detected the chip and found a driver for it during the setup when it did detecting hardware?02:31
XRS1on boot02:31
XRS1linux understands the internet at a very fundamental level02:31
LigeiaXxisor, for wifi it's not enough that it detected the wifi card, there is also some extra software that needs installing before the wifi can be used02:32
xisorbut the usb wifi one worked without it02:32
LigeiaXbut that software is included on the install iso02:32
dev_yes ligeiax is right02:33
xisorso i dont need that link and it will work on its own once it reboots into the installed OS?02:33
nullp0inter: LigeiaX after making the changes to gai.conf do i need to restart any services?02:33
dev_If you experienced problems with it or bugs you may need that link later on02:33
dev_so save it02:33
LigeiaXnullp0inter, don't know. I disabled ipv6 altogether02:34
xisorhow will i save it in a read only live environment? :P02:34
dev_Remember it the old way02:34
corpnullp0inter, I pointed you to the page. I havent read that much02:34
xisorim sure ill have questions once this thing is actually running02:35
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
LigeiaXxisor, the pen and paper editor02:35
corpnullp0inter, I would say yes02:35
xisorligeiax isnt that what they used before man discovered fire?02:35
xisorand the microchip?02:36
pozanyone else have a problem with ubuntu 12.10 and nvidia?02:36
xisorpoz, dont even get me started there lol02:36
corppoz, xisor had some02:36
nullp0interLigeiaX : thanks a lot that finally worked, GoDaddy is useless02:36
pozlol okay, I just wanted to know if I was the only one. I tryed to install it three times (twice with usb and once with a dvd) and could not get it to work02:36
LigeiaXYes, they are useless02:36
xisorcorp, still have is more accurate, considering im installing 12.0402:37
xisorpoz, what happened to you?02:37
xisorand what nvidia do you have?02:37
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
ItsMeLennycould someone give me a hand please; i cant install the 32bit version of the wx libs on my 64bit ubuntu, when i go to install the i386 version (downloaded from launchpad) it tells me its already installed02:38
BigGreenCanoeHaving an issue upgrading from 10.10 to 11.04, the upgrade manager says that several files are missing and quits.02:38
pozwell in grub, the "ubuntu" did not work (mostly just a black screen, sometimes it showed an [ ok ] or a command promp). if I went to advanced ubuntu options I could get it to load, but after updating it was just a small screen02:38
pozafter logging in, it never loaded anything02:38
xisorbrb, rebooting into installed 12.04, hopefully!02:39
pozI could right click but no unity, no place to open a terminal... no top bar thingy. nothing...02:39
pozif i did not update, i could run unity, but when I tryed to open firefox it would crash, go black and then go to the log in screen02:39
sasori1hey guys any vbox gurus in here????02:40
pozit had a number of issues02:40
pozI have nvidia 68002:40
pozI forget what it is call, it has been awhile since I had to know. how can i look it up?02:40
puppy_parademade a software raid, performance isn't what I was expecting. Is there a good place for how to tune/configure it?02:41
puppy_paraderaid 5*02:41
ikoniapuppy_parade: how did you make it ?02:42
ikoniapuppy_parade: what controller are they on02:42
puppy_parademotherboard, mdadm02:42
BigGreenCanoenevermind, I'll deal with it later, I have a final in 9 hours.02:42
ikoniapuppy_parade: what type of controller02:43
ikoniapuppy_parade: what are you doing to measure the performance ?02:43
puppy_paradeubuntu disk measurement tool, palimpset?02:43
majusculeHi, I've installed mysql-server on an ubuntu 12.10, and i can't seem to log in to the database. What might be going wrong? I never set a password.02:43
puppy_paradeno controller02:43
puppy_paradejust software raid02:43
ikoniapuppy_parade: there has to be a disk controller02:43
ikoniathats how you access your disks02:43
puppy_paradeonboard Intel02:43
LigeiaXpuppy_parade sata? pata? scsi?02:43
ikoniapuppy_parade: foret the measuremurement tool02:44
ikoniapuppy_parade: worry about real life usage02:44
puppy_paradethanks for the pantload of help02:44
ikoniapuppy_parade: drop the attitude and you'll get more02:44
xjiujiu Can I ask a question about my centos system?02:44
corpmajuscule, mysqladmin -u root password NEWPASSWORD   try that in console02:44
LigeiaXpuppy_parade with software raid on sata, there isn't a whole lot to tune02:44
ikoniaxjiujiu: no02:45
puppy_paradeall I am seeing is chunksize02:45
ikoniapuppy_parade: what file system is on it, how big are the disks, how many disks, how big is the block size on the array and then on the file system02:45
ikoniawhat stripe method did you use02:45
pozhow do I set default applications?02:45
LigeiaXxjiujiu, there is a centos channel on freenode02:45
xjiujiuI can't find it.02:45
mazda01i just installed steam beta and now chromium-browser keep segfaulting with this error. pool[4892]: segfault at 10 ip 000000000042e1a7 sp 00007fb2f3ffe9e0 error 4 in gnome-keyring-daemon02:46
ikoniaxjiujiu: #centos02:46
majusculecorp: i get an accessed denied error02:46
puppy_paradeno FS, 2TB, 1TB blatters, 4 disks02:46
mazda01any thoughts?02:46
ikoniapuppy_parade: no file system ?02:46
EagleScreenpoz in System Settings -> Details02:46
ikoniapuppy_parade: how are you using the disks ?02:46
=== kemosabe is now known as yugnip
xjiujiuikonia: It's need register...02:46
puppy_paradethe benchmark is using raw disk writes02:46
pozthanks eaglescreen02:46
ikoniaxjiujiu: then register02:46
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
ikoniapuppy_parade: focus on real world usage02:46
ikoniapuppy_parade: you're chasing numbers, rather than genuine performance02:47
ikoniapuppy_parade: are the disks 1 TB ?02:47
myk_robinsonapparently I f-ed up my partition tables.. My home partition is only showing about 60GB free, but I have a blank partition showing over 600GB free.. How do I move my /home partition to this apparently unused partition?02:47
puppy_paradeno, 2TB, 1TB platters02:47
ikoniapuppy_parade so each disk is 2TB02:47
ikoniamyk_robinson: no need for the language02:47
puppy_paradeand I don't think I want to be changing parameters on the RAID once I put data on it02:47
myk_robinsonikonia: sorry :(02:47
puppy_paradeso, benchmarks for now.02:47
ikoniapuppy_parade: benchmarks are not going to be a good way to measure the file system02:48
myk_robinsonthe LVM is showing the partition structure correctly, but the df command is not02:48
ikoniapuppy_parade: each disk is 2TB correct ?02:48
ItsMeLennycould someone please biddle biddle help me02:48
ikoniapuppy_parade: and there are 4 disks, so that = 6TB device02:49
ikoniaItsMeLenny: biddle biddle ? what ?02:49
ikoniacorrect ?02:49
ItsMeLennyjust a little help02:49
puppy_paradeyes, that would be what raid 5 does.02:49
mazda01anyone else have issues after they installed steam?02:49
ItsMeLennyim trying to install the i386 libwx on 64bit ubuntu02:49
mickster04mazda01: nah it's ok here02:49
ikoniapuppy_parade: what is it your not liking in the benchmarks, give me something to reference02:50
mazda01mickster04, are you using chromium-browser version 20.0.1132.47~r14467802:50
puppy_paradewell, I was getting 120/120 per drive average. Now I am not getting close to double that02:51
puppy_paradeit gets better if I increase the write size02:51
ikoniapuppy_parade: why do you expect double that ?02:51
Tecananyone here have usermod for apache2 enabled ?02:51
mazda01everytime I try to open chromium-browser it crashes completely back to the greeter for me to relogin02:51
puppy_paradeRaid 0 scales close to linearly02:51
mazda01this is in kern.log pool[4892]: segfault at 10 ip 000000000042e1a7 sp 00007fb2f3ffe9e0 error 4 in gnome-keyring-daemon[400000+da000]02:51
=== yugnip is now known as kemosabe
ikoniapuppy_parade: raid 0 is a stripe02:52
ikoniapuppy_parade: raid 5 is not02:52
Tecani cant get rid of a 403 error for my home html folder02:52
puppy_paradeI expected raid 5 to  as well,  with some slowdown02:52
puppy_paraderaid5 is stripe02:52
ikoniapuppy_parade: you can't expect raid 5 to performa anthing like raid 002:52
puppy_paradewith parity02:52
mazda01i have an apport report also02:52
ikoniapuppy_parade: no, it's not,02:52
ikoniathe parirty is an overhead,02:52
puppy_paradeyes, it really is striped02:52
Jgmgd 002:52
mickster04mazda01: Chromium 22.0.1229.94 Ubuntu 12.1002:52
ikoniayou can't compare raid 0 and raid 502:52
lostfilecan i connect to juniper VPN on ubuntu?02:52
LigeiaXpuppy_aprade, if you got a SAS controller, it could handle your sata drives and give you much better performance02:52
ikoniapuppy_parade: I know what the raid levels are02:53
puppy_paradeLigeiaX, would you say it would be closer to raid 0 on n-1 drives?02:53
JgmgdAny1 here?02:53
mazda01mickster04, you sure that's chromium and not google chrome?02:53
puppy_paradeI was expecting more like 2.5x with 4 disks in raid502:53
LigeiaXpuppy_parade, yes, because a SAS controller could do hardware raid, not just software02:54
ikoniapuppy_parade: things to consider, you're using reasonable size disks, maybe increasing the chunksize can help, also the parity mode, chanking it to symmetric may help if your motherboard can deal with it as you're on an internal controller02:54
mazda01mickster04, plus you're on 12.10, im on 12.0402:54
ikoniapuppy_parade: your expactations are way off02:54
ikoniapuppy_parade: also what cpu/ram setup have you got ?02:54
puppy_paradeyeah, I think it might be worth the money LigeiaX, I was expecting something better since I have a pretty beefy machine02:54
puppy_paradei7 3930k, 16GB of RAM02:54
ikoniapuppy_parade: ok great, so no bottleneck on cpu wait there02:55
LigeiaXpuppy_parade, LsiLogic makes a very nice SAS controller card02:55
mickster04mazda01:  chromium-browser --version02:55
mickster04Chromium 22.0.1229.94 Ubuntu 12.1002:55
ikoniapuppy_parade: somethings to consider02:55
puppy_paradeLSI is what I was looking at02:55
ikoniapuppy_parade: (apart from the optiosn I've just given you)02:55
xjiujiuI can't accept the  email for register ...02:55
puppy_paradebut that would about double the cost of everything02:55
ikoniapuppy_parade: if you put a file systme on it and access as a file systme your performance will increase as you'll have file system caching02:55
myk_robinsonis it normal for the disk usage analyzer and the logical volume manager values to not agree?02:55
LigeiaXpuppy_parade, but a SAS controller could use your existing sata drives at least02:56
puppy_paradewhy would the motherboard have anything to do with it ikonia?02:56
ikoniapuppy_parade: because you're using the internal bus to manage your disks02:56
puppy_paradeLigeiaX, you mean upgrade to RAID in place?02:56
ikoniapuppy_parade: so how linux supports your controller and throughput is a factor02:57
ikoniapuppy_parade: and the cpu is used to manage the raid array,02:57
puppy_paradethe bandwidth on my board is pretty insane.02:57
ikoniapuppy_parade: yes, it's a reasonable spec system, hence why I said "no bottleneck there on cpu"02:57
puppy_paradealso, the writes are slower on raid 5 then they were with a single disk02:59
LigeiaXpuppy_parade, that's because with software raid, every write is multiple writes03:00
puppy_paradedoes the HW card help with that much?03:00
jakepetrouleswhat's the easiest way to mount an NFS share in linux without resorting to terminal commands?03:01
LigeiaXpuppy_parade, because with hardware raid, one write to the controller turns into multiple writes in parallel that the system doesn't need to care about03:01
=== aaa_ is now known as Guest52463
xisorback, installed 12.04 :D03:02
LigeiaXpuppy_parade, while with software raid, the multiple writes are sequential03:02
puppy_paradeLigeiaX, thanks for the input; I didn't know the performance delta would be so large03:02
xisorapparently i needed the nomodeset option still, so, how do i install nvidia drivers so i dont need it anymore?03:02
puppy_paradeyeah, with the slower SATA bus in between03:02
Guest52463ciao a tutti!03:03
tjbiddleanyone know what generates /usr/include/linux/limits.h ? i made a change to /etc/security/limits.conf and limits.h was improperly generated (c preprocessor not prefixed with #)03:03
LigeiaXxisor, you have two nvidia drivers to choose from, the opensource and the close source03:05
SolarisBoytjbiddle: seems like it may be installed with the kernel source03:05
SolarisBoyyou can try dpkg -S <fullpathtofile>03:05
SolarisBoytjbiddle: linux-libc-dev: /usr/include/linux/limits.h03:06
matbeeso I got my ultrabook booting ubuntu desktop with acpi=off, but now I'm left with a problem of a VERY slow wifi connection...03:07
LigeiaXwifi is usually slower than people would like03:08
SolarisBoylot of overhead03:08
jakepetroulesi tried `sudo smbmount "\\\\host\\share" /mnt/emptyfolder` but i'm getting an error saying 'mount error(22): invalid argument'03:08
matbeeit takes about 2 minutes to just connect03:08
tjbiddlesolarisboy: it is - it's part of the kernel headers, but the changes i made to limits.conf apparently change limits.h as well03:09
ItsMeLennyhow do i make a link which makes it look like one lib is in another location03:09
SolarisBoyi dont think so tjbiddle03:09
tjbiddlesolarisboy: don't think what?03:09
SolarisBoythat changing a conf would adjust a header file in the kernel source tree03:09
* tjbiddle shrugs03:10
tjbiddlefar as i know - it did. unless someone shelled in and made the change, lol.03:10
LigeiaXItsMeLenny, try "man link"03:10
tjbiddlei'll experiment to make sure though.03:10
SolarisBoywhat would changing the header file did unless someone recompiled the kernel?03:10
SolarisBoyother than affect anything trying to build from that file in the future in some include statement03:10
tjbiddle(hence how i found it originally - couldn't install a ruby gem that was using it)03:11
ItsMeLennyLigeiaX, ta03:11
tjbiddlereally curious on what the hell made the change though03:11
SolarisBoyyou could try to --reinstall the dev package if thats the case i guess03:11
tjbiddlealready did03:11
tjbiddleit's all fixed03:11
SolarisBoyo cool lol03:11
tjbiddlei'm just really curious on why it changed03:11
SolarisBoyno clue atleast afaik03:12
tjbiddlesomeone in #linux suggested it was glibc03:12
SolarisBoythats a seperate package though - did you upgrade it or something?03:12
tjbiddlei'm wondering if i upgraded that at somepoint - and it rebuilt limits.h when doing so?03:12
JikaiHi! Anyone knows how to change file size units to IEC's binary prefix?03:13
SolarisBoytjbiddle: i enabled change logs on my system so i could if needed go back and see the history of changes03:13
SolarisBoydont use it much but i could see it being helpful - not sure of any other way to see a specific change history like that other than if you had you / under version control lol03:14
AbeFMAnyone around feel like pitying me then telling me to reinsall?03:15
tjbiddlesolarisboy: i'll just have to try to reproduce :p03:15
LigeiaXAbeFM, ok, if that's what you want :)03:15
AbeFMHaving annoying seemingly minor issue logging in, but there it is - I can't use the machine.03:15
SolarisBoyya - be careful though with glibc lols03:16
LigeiaXAbeFM, we pity you, so reinstall :)03:16
lostfilehic, i have to use dual boot because i cant connect to DC through Remote VPN. Junos Pulse is not work on Linux. Can anyone establish connection to Juniper VPN on Ubuntu!? :(03:16
tjbiddlesolarisboy: i only screw around on vms - no worry :)03:16
AbeFMWhew, thanks. Wish someone had told me a couple days ago. It takes two hours to get up and running and I'm probably 15 into this.03:16
SolarisBoytjbiddle: thats the way to go ;>03:17
AbeFMShould I try to retell everything, or just post a link to forum thread?03:17
tjbiddleabefm: you're using a GUI - that's your problem ;)03:18
AbeFMha. Indeed. Makes it easier to run all those windows applications.03:18
* tjbiddle cringes03:19
SolarisBoylol well thats a good reason if any03:19
AbeFMMainly, trying to watch movies.03:19
user55gui is the future?03:19
comicaHey any gtk programmers here?03:19
AbeFMit's the past, and the past is here03:19
comicaOr c programmers?03:19
ItsMeLennycomica #gtk03:19
LigeiaXAbeFM, so your problem is it takes 2 hours to boot up?03:20
comicaItsMeLenny: I'm trying to override a gtk function with LD_PRELOAD.  Here my function at pastebin:03:20
comicaIt won't compile: override.c:8:21: fatal error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory03:21
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
ItsMeLennycomica, i know nothing with gtk, i was directing you to the gtk irc03:21
AbeFMno no, not at all. It comes right up, brings me to login screen (normally I have that bypassed for the GF who's of the macintosh persuasion). Type in password, get black screen for a couple seconds and it returns to login screen03:21
LigeiaXobviously wong password03:22
AbeFMwrong password gets a wrong password complaint03:22
AbeFMguest account does same thing03:22
AbeFMcan log in on command line03:22
comicaNo such channel, #gtk03:22
AbeFMlots of details @ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1241321003:22
comicaDo you know the server?03:22
AbeFM(and on askubuntu, and on linuxquestions, etc etc)03:23
LigeiaXso, I would guess X isn't starting your video driver correctly03:23
AbeFMSpecific errors of note:03:23
AbeFMabe@HBO:~$ cat .xsession-errors initctl: Unknown job: lightdm-session The script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, but gnome-session --session=ubuntu is not supported for Upstart jobs.03:23
juniouri am not able to install addtional drivers03:23
ItsMeLennycomica, #gtk-devel03:24
comicaok, thanks03:24
AbeFMcan I TELL if it's the video driver? Every time I try in fallback graphics mode it gets caught up trying to use fsck.ext2 to examine system drive03:24
hmmhi, I am having a really annoying problem.  For some reason ubuntu 12.04 has decided to clone another mac address in my network on its own.  Is there a way to change it back?03:24
AbeFMwhich doesn't work03:24
juniourgiving error take a look at /var/log/jockey.log03:24
ItsMeLennyor comica #gtk+03:24
xman23quick question: If I have a trash HDD and can't get a replacement today, can I run Ubuntu 12.10 off of a DVD-R I burned the .iso onto an hour ago?03:24
XRS1want to go from wifi router to laptop to second router via ethernet to second laptop via wifi. how would i do this?03:24
comicaok thanks03:24
hmmit's causing tons of collisions03:24
XRS1you can run it live. set up ranfs to save to USB03:25
juniour i am not able to install addtional drivers03:25
dev_xmas yes you can03:25
LigeiaXAbeFM, that's not good if you're getting disk corruption03:25
AbeFMI'm not sure if I am03:25
juniourgiving error take a look at /var/log/jockey.log03:25
pozHello, I need some serious help with a dual moniter display03:25
poznvidia graphics card03:25
xman23One second...03:25
AbeFMtought I was, but it's got virtual partitions or whatever they are called03:25
AbeFMabe@HBO:~$ sudo fsck -n /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root fsck from util-linux 2.20.1 e2fsck 1.42.5 (29-Jul-2012) Warning!  /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root is mounted. Warning: skipping journal recovery because doing a read-only filesystem check. /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root: clean, 346460/1684256 files, 1778855/6725632 blocks03:26
SolarisBoyhmm: do you use interfaces file or network-manager or other for network?03:26
hmmi can use either03:26
pozwho is up for the challenge ?03:26
hmmI added stuff to the interfaces file but that doesn't change it back03:26
SolarisBoyAbeFM: can you break to a terminal and umount the root lvm?03:26
hmmit's driving me crazy.03:26
AbeFMsure - wouldn't I have no OS then?03:26
juniourplz helpme03:27
SolarisBoyAbeFM: no you would be in /bin/sh or such03:27
AbeFMI'm logged in via SSH, so just "sudo umount " path as above?03:27
xman23Okay. It says: Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. I tried digging around in BIOS for a bit and it says that my primary boot option is the DVD...03:27
hmmis there a way you can figure out if the old mac address is still located on the network card?03:27
SolarisBoyAbeFM: youll need to do it from boot up03:27
AbeFMsudo umount /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root03:27
SolarisBoyyou can either do init=/bin/sh and boot or boot into recovery mode03:27
pozhere is my problem. I have a dissociation between display and control. I have to click on a black left monitor and display on the right03:27
SolarisBoyonce your in - switch to root unmount the lvm and run fsck on the device in /dev/mapper/**lvmname**03:28
pozall I can see on the left monitor is the mouse03:28
SolarisBoybut anyway -- it said it's clean actually now that i read it03:28
pozclicking on the right monitor does nothing03:28
AbeFMslightly lost here.03:28
AbeFMyou want me to boot in recovery mode? What are you trying to get at? I can boot off live CD or pendrive too03:28
SolarisBoyAbeFM: so nevermind - whats the actual problem?03:28
AbeFMwon't log in03:29
SolarisBoyAbeFM:  clean, 346460/1684256 files, 1778855/6725632 blocks || it just ran fsck but it was clean anyway03:29
LigeiaXhmm, that's weird03:29
hmmit is weird..03:29
pozcan you guys help me with my problem after his?03:29
hmmI can't figure out why it would do it in the first place03:29
SolarisBoyAbeFM: which one do you get the pam error or th acpi one?03:29
LigeiaXhmm, so it's copying another machine's mac address from your nic?03:30
AbeFMWhich pam error? You mean from forum post?03:30
SolarisBoyAbeFM: yes03:30
hmmyeah.. but it now seems to be permanent03:30
hmmif I load up win7 it's the same03:30
hmmif I run a livecd it's the same03:30
hmmit doesn't make any sense03:30
LigeiaXhmm, and you're sure it wqasn't that way before?03:30
AbeFMboth perhaps? I'm running this command which basically runs around and grabs error messages from a variety of logs (suppose I should have it collect .Xauthority too) - see next message03:31
LigeiaXhmm, what kind of nic is it?03:31
AbeFMMYLOG=/media/HBO-RAID/RAID-Storage/MyLog$(date +%Ss%Mm%Hh.%d-%m-%C%y).log; echo '['"code"']' >> ${MYLOG} && uname -a >> ${MYLOG} && lsb_release -a >> ${MYLOG} && for LOGFILE in $(ls /var/log/*.log); do sudo grep -iHw 'segfault\|warning\|error\|critical\|lightdm\|\(WW \)\|\(EE\)' $LOGFILE | tee -a ${MYLOG}; done && echo '['"code"']' >> ${MYLOG}03:31
hmmit's whatever is on my laptop?03:31
hmmit's wired03:31
hmmnot sure what brand it is03:32
hmmoh wait.. it's atheros03:32
dev_gotta love errors03:32
AbeFMno errors actually show up on the terminal. Could I do like a "restart lightdm" in verbose mode?03:32
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
LigeiaXhmm, it is possible for a driver to do this, but this is the first time I've heard of it happening03:32
hmmhaha... yeah.. that's what I thought03:32
AbeFMfull output of that script is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cNNdi1RWLPL9CqCPG1LJ89wARLFk45rHt3BQ9xD6pYA/edit03:33
hmmit was working until I had to reinstall 12.04..03:33
hmmI know it's cloning because I noticed in my router an old entry for the computer.. and the mac address was different03:33
LigeiaXhmm, it is possible to change it back, but that would require some hacking03:33
AbeFMI've seen lots of people with the issue - all have stuff I've either eliminated, or they gave up and reinstalled. :-)03:33
hmmwill it permanently change it back?03:34
hmmbecause the same mac address is now showing up when I boot win7 or linux mint, or ubuntu03:34
LigeiaXhmm, you'd need to use a hacked version of the driver to deliberately write the original mac address back to the card's eeprom03:34
hmmugh... that's going to be hard to find right?03:35
LigeiaXhmm, and the details of that are beyond my skills03:35
LigeiaXhmm, it might be easier to get rid of the other ethernet card that it's copying03:36
hmmthe other one is an old laptop that I use for internet radio03:36
hmmperhaps that would be easier...03:36
yankees9920hello, i just installed 12.10 on a new pc i built that has AMDs integrated graphics. I'm using the motherboard's HDMI out but HDMI audio does not show up in the sound settings03:36
hmmany idea why something like this would even happen?03:37
AbeFM(ehternet issue) - some routers are made to pick up mac addresses - perhaps his card has the same option, already built in?03:37
LigeiaXhmm, or you could use a usb thernet for the old laptop03:37
LigeiaXhmm, sort of like plug in a usb ethernet to it, and sddenly no more conflict03:37
hmmperhaps... do you know why I'm not able to even change the mac address temporarily on the atheros card?03:37
LigeiaXhmm, when drivers do stuff like this, it's an accident, they aren't usually designed to rewrite mac addresses03:38
hmmI have under the /etc/network/interfaces hwaddress  ether "mac address"03:40
hmmwhen I restart the network.. it says ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth003:40
LigeiaXhmm. it wouldn't be that simple if it's also effecting windows03:40
hmmyeah... I know..03:41
hmmbut it seems like I can't even clone a different address either03:41
yankees9920I tried running XBMCBuntu and the audio worked just fine there03:42
LigeiaXhmm, I just thought of a solution, but it would be severe and maybe risky03:43
hmmwhat does it involve?03:44
LigeiaXhmm, when you flash your computer's main bios, often times you need to enter a parameter for telling it the mac address of the builtin ethernet.03:45
hmmactually.. I just noticed that I typed something wrong in the interface file...  so now I can clone an address!03:45
LigeiaXhmm, so in theory you could flash your bios and reprogram the mac address back to it's orignal state03:45
hmmdo you know if amd bios normally allow you to enter in a new mac address?03:46
Magoogleanyone with knowedge on how to setup and connect to a PPTP vpn via terminal, could use a hand!03:47
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
LigeiaXhmm, actually the bios on my machine does allow you to enter a new mac address, even without flashing anything03:47
hmmoh cool lemme see if mine can too03:48
DredTigerAnyone done a dist upgrade from quantal to raring? If so, how's it going?03:50
NCS_Onethis new ubuntu DM really sucks on my laptop03:51
yankees9920Can anyone help get my HDMI audio working?03:51
NCS_Onealot of times it starts breaking03:51
DredTigerNCS_ONE: DM?03:51
LigeiaXyankees9920, what is the problem?03:52
NCS_OneDescktop Manager03:52
NCS_OneDredTiger: ^^03:52
LigeiaXNCS_One, you have the option of using others03:52
yankees9920I had an installation of XBMCBuntu running and audio worked fine, I reformatted to install vanilla ubuntu 12.10 and now my HDMI audio device is not even showing in the sound settings03:53
yankees9920using integrated audio03:53
DredTigerNCS_One: which DM are you using? Which version of Ubuntu?03:53
NCS_OneLigeiaX: do you know why ubuntu changed it, is the new gnome that bad?03:53
NCS_OneDredTiger: ubuntu 12.0403:54
NCS_OneDredTiger: unity DM03:54
LigeiaXyankees9920, does the sound show up using "lspci"?03:54
DredTigerI believe Unity became the default back in 11.0403:54
LigeiaXNCS_One, if you don't like unity there are other dm's to choose from03:55
hmmligeiax: okay weird.. so after I cloned the address back.. and rebooted it's showing the old mac address again both under win7 and linux......03:55
LigeiaXhmm, excellent, case solved :)03:55
yankees9920LigeiaX, yeah i see 2 entries for AMD audio devices03:55
hmmcan changing the interfaces really do that?!03:55
DredTigerThey wanted to deliver a simple, unified interface for netbooks, laptops, desktops and even tablets03:55
LigeiaXhmm, apparently so03:55
hmmlinux can be scary haha03:56
yankees9920also with 'aplay -l' I see  2 records for HDA ATI HDMI03:56
LigeiaXyankees9920, so the sound card is being seen by the system03:56
LigeiaXyankees9920, perhaps you could check whether it is seen by alsa?03:57
DredTigerso, anyone here done a dist-upgrade from quantal to raring?03:57
yankees9920LigeiaX, in alsamixer I see 2 SPDIF ports under the HDMI card - I'm guessing 1 for the onboard display port and 1 for my HDMI port03:58
yankees9920The second was muted which i just turned off, but still not showing in sound settings after a forced reload03:59
LigeiaXyankees9920, it's good that alsa is seeing the audio. so there must be a configuration somewhere between alsa and the desktop03:59
NCS_OneLigeiaX: its not that I don't like it, some times when I change desktop or access Dash Home it starts breaking and I have to hit the power bottom for my laptop to turn off03:59
LigeiaXNCS_One, for whatever reasons it's not some treaon against ubuntu to try a different dm. Maybe you'd like xubuntu with xfce?04:01
yankees9920LigeiaX, hrmm its a vanilla install :/04:01
LigeiaXyankees9920, I don't know, I'm just grateful that my old Santa Cruz works right04:02
mladouxexactly, I love Ubuntu, hate Unity with a passion. Thankfully, it's Linux and I have a choice.04:02
Cantidei have a problem on 12.04 - no sound, despite it picking up my sound card04:03
Cantidechecked alsamixer, checked everything ._.04:03
yankees9920Cantide, welcome to the club :)04:03
OerHeks!raring | DredTiger04:03
ubottuDredTiger: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+104:03
Cantideit worked yesterday! and i don't recall changing anything! -_-;;04:04
cookiehai o:04:04
kanylhow do I restart apache?04:05
LigeiaXNCS_One, why not try my favorite DM, Afterstep :)04:05
mladouxdid you try opening up terminal and running alsamixer to check the volume levels there? I'd try tweaking with that. I'm not sure if it's installed by default.04:05
ghostd0gfrom a terminal how can i verify how ubuntu sees a usb key ... would it be in the /dev ?04:05
mladouxsorry, that was at Cantide04:05
Cantidemladoux, yeah, i checked alsamixer several times ._.04:05
mladouxAlright, well that's all I got, I never got the hang of sound systems, sorry.04:06
LigeiaXghostd0g, yes, and it would also show up in "lsusb"04:06
ghostd0gthanks Ligeia04:06
yankees9920mladoux, in alsamixer i cant seem to edit the sound settings for my spidf output, just my analog one04:06
NCS_OneLigeiaX: :)04:06
mladouxyankees9920, I really suck at sound system. I'd google your sound card model and ubuntu. I really have no idea how to fix that.04:07
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
mladouxhola n00bz04:08
ghostd0ghmm /dev/lsusb no such directory04:08
Cantidei think my problem may be related to a kernel update04:08
Cantidebut i've not idea how to go back to the previous one to test04:08
LigeiaXNCS_One, but seriously, Afterstep is lighterweight than xfce and very stable04:08
n00bz'llo mladoux04:08
mladouxCantide I think you can get to it from the grub menu.04:09
LigeiaXghostd0g. no "lsusb" is a console command04:09
mladouxon reboot.04:09
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
Cantideoooh yeah!! why didn't i think of that -.- and how do i access the grub menu again?04:09
mladouxand it should present itself for a few seconds04:09
ghostd0goh no i need to run this "mke2fs /dev/sdz1" where sdz1 is the usb stick04:09
Cantideit doesn't unless i push something, but i forgot the key04:09
mladouxjust hit your down arrow when it comes up to go into selection mode and pause the timer.04:10
NCS_OneLigeiaX: on openbsd I used FVWM window manager :)04:10
mladouxyou can also edit your grub timeout...04:10
mladouxjust a sec04:10
ghostd0gi just am having trouble seeing where ubuntu sees the usb04:10
LigeiaXNCS_One, cool. I tried openbsd, but it always crashed before it finished booting04:10
mladouxthere you go04:11
DredTigerLigeiaX: I loved WindowMaker back in the day04:11
mladouxthat'll tell you everything you never wanted to know about configuring grub on ubuntu Cantide04:11
Cantidethanks '-';;04:11
yankees9920Would AMD/ATI gfx card drivers potentially help my audio issue or do they strictly affect gfx?04:12
NCS_OneLigeiaX: I have one home server with it working for more that 3 years04:12
xisorhi im back again.... lol04:12
ghostd0gis there a terminal command that will list all physical disks ?04:12
UltimaKRhey i just got to this site is this the place to go for help installing ubuntu/xubuntu?04:12
mladouxjust search for timeout to get to the section you want04:12
xisori have another problem, the same one someone else had earlier04:12
mladouxalso look at changing the default kernel04:12
xisori installed the nvidia driver and now the system boots and stays at a blank desktop with nothing on it04:12
mladouxyou'll want to test it of course before you do that.04:12
LigeiaXghostd0g, "dmesg | less" should tell you04:12
xisori had to google a shortcut to load a terminal using my phone and then load firefox from there to get here lol04:12
xisorhow do i fix my issue?04:13
ghostd0gLigeiax kk thank again04:13
LigeiaXghostd0g, there will be a lot more than just the disks04:13
UltimaKRwhen i try to install ubuntu i select the "install ubuntu" option and then all that comes up is a black screen with a blinking cursor...then a series of numbers and letters shows up...does anybody know what to do?04:14
Cantidetimeout is set to 10 and uncommented..04:14
Cantidehmm, i think the problem is elsewhere04:14
=== Gara is now known as Ical
xisorLigeiaX: can you help me fix my problem? i installed nvidia driver and now the system boots to a blank desktop with the wallpaper, but nothing else04:14
LigeiaXxisor, you're going to have to find some way to get a console screen to fix this04:14
UltimaKRcan anybody help me with my problem?04:15
xisoralready did that LigeiaX , ctrl+alt+t = terminal, i googled it hehe04:15
n00bzi've never used linux before, installed ubuntu yday, and can't get my internet to connect, can anyone help, pls.04:15
Cantidemladoux, i'll try shift and esc, apparently those may reveal the menu04:15
DredTigercat /proc/scsi/scsi will show all "scsi" devices04:15
UltimaKRi have no idea how to do the install...i get a blinking cursor and it doesnt work04:16
LigeiaXxisor, so you will need to "cd /etc/X11" and manually edit the nvidia driver of the config files04:16
xisorok, edit it with what?04:16
xisoris this a common issue or something?04:16
LigeiaXxisor, well most people like "vi" but I think it's cryptic04:16
DredTigerxisor: vi, emacs, nano....04:17
xisorno i mean, what do i change?04:17
UltimaKRliegeiax do you know how to get past the screen with the blinking cursor?04:18
ghostd0gLigeiax ok although i am sure the info might be in that .."output" I am sure there is a easier way to find what i need ... i need to run this command "mke2fs /dev/sdz1" where sdz1 is the usb ... the issue is i am unable to determine what the usb is actually called on my system ... I am trying to follow this http://www.ve3syb.ca/software/bootableusb.html04:18
xisorthere is no xorg.conf in /etc/X1104:19
LigeiaXoh, I forgot, I put my own xorg.conf there04:19
mladouxxisor, that's default04:19
mladouxdo nvidia-xconfig as root04:19
mladouxsudo nvidia-xconfig04:19
xisorok it wrote  anew file04:19
xisorwhat now?04:19
mladouxif it breaks, just delete the file.04:19
mladouxrestart X1104:20
mladouxeasiest method is a reboot04:20
UltimaKRok now some bug is coming up saying "bug and cpu #0 stuck for 22s!"04:20
xisorok brb04:20
mladouxit may go horribly wrong, if it does, delete your xorg.conf04:20
\\Mr_C\\what file do i need to edit to allow root in telnet in ubuntu?04:20
mladoux\\Mr_C\\ I can't stress how bad an idea that is, btw04:21
UltimaKRmladoux or ligeiax can either of you help me with the install?04:21
mladouxfrom a security standpoint.04:21
\\Mr_C\\i know04:22
\\Mr_C\\its just for my own knowledge04:22
mladouxWhat are you having a problem with, and maybe UltimaKR04:22
xisor_im back, well, it spat out an error message about screen resolutions, and is running at something absurdly low now, and still no desktop04:22
mladouxAlright, just so long as you know the risks \\Mr_C\\04:22
UltimaKRi have a dimension 4300 and im trying to install but when i select the "install ubuntu" option, i get a black screen with a blinking cursor04:22
mladouxxisor_ one moment.04:22
xisor_mladoux: is this a common problem?04:23
UltimaKRwhen i burned the disk the md5sum matched perfectly04:23
mladouxit's common04:23
LigeiaXghostd0g, how many drives do you have other than the usb drive?04:23
mladouxwhat version of the driver are you using?04:23
mladouxyou may want to try one of the other versions.04:23
mladouxthere are a few other things you might want to look at04:23
xisor_310 driver, i tried the reccomended tested one last time, and ive tried the 30404:23
xisor_all do the exact same thing04:23
xisor_of the nvidia created drivers04:24
mladouxdid you try nvidia-current?04:24
xisor_and i tried the two testing ones04:24
xisor_all 3 do the same exact thing04:24
n00bzi'm using a VM for linux, so i can use my wondows internet connection. if anyone can help a tard, i'd really like to just boot linux?04:24
mladouxalright, now that I know what you've done, try opening nvidia-settings ( hit f2 to get a run dialogue ) and see if it lets you set another resolution04:24
LigeiaXghostd0g, if you have one regular hard drive then the usb drive will be called "sdb", if you have two other drives then the usb drive will be "sdc"04:24
xisor_3rd reinstall so far lol, im getting good at doing it in 5 minutes :P04:24
mladouxlet me know how that works04:25
mladouxI've done this a few times, I might be able to get you through it.04:25
Septiman00bz: what's stopping you04:25
xisor_F2 does nothing04:25
xisor_i have no desktop at all04:25
xisor_ctrl+alt+t brings up a terminal though04:25
mladouxalt+f2 sorry04:25
\\Mr_C\\mladoux, you going to tell me?04:25
xait91anybody know flask?04:25
xisor_alt+f2 does nothing04:25
n00bzSeptima, it doesn't detect my usb as a modem04:25
mladouxI did already, but here it is again http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-telnet-as-the-root-user/04:26
UltimaKRxisor how are you even getting the install to work? mine gives me a blinking cursor04:26
mladouxxisor_ just type it in terminal, that's fine04:26
mladouxI'm trying easiest methods first, lol04:26
xait91:) flask/ html forms anybody?04:26
xisor_UltimaKR, try hitting a key when the purple screen first shows up, then hit F6 and choose nomodeset option, hit esc and then run the live cd however you want04:26
mladoux\\Mr_C\\, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-telnet-as-the-root-user/ sorry04:26
Septiman00bz: the modem doesn't have ethernet?04:26
xisor_if that gets you further, youll be at the same point i am04:26
xisor_anyways, ok you said nvidia-settings mladoux04:26
UltimaKRok be right back, I will try that04:26
n00bzno it's a usb modem Septima04:27
xait91sudo nividia-settings04:27
mladouxyou shouldn't have too sudo04:27
Septiman00bz: some usb modems have ethernet as well; what's the make and model?04:27
xisor_i do not appear to be using the nvidia driver04:27
xisor_is what it says04:27
mladouxwell, yeah, if it works you'll want to04:27
mladouxthen you're having another issue.04:27
mladouxopen your control panel, and select software sources04:27
xait91xisor_ , whats the issue?04:27
mladouxthere's a tab for 3rd party drivers, make sure nvidia is selected.04:27
xisor_there is no tab for me, i have no desktop04:28
xisor_i can bring up a terminal and run things, thats all04:28
mladouxafk, one moment04:28
xisor_ok mladoux04:28
mladouxoh... okay04:28
n00bzSeptima, telstra zte 4G04:28
mladouxbrb, and I'll get to fun stuff for you to try04:28
xisor_xait91: no desktop after installing nvidia driver04:28
xait91you did sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings04:28
xait91and now u just have a terminal04:29
LigeiaXxisor_, was this the proprietary nvidia-made driver?04:29
xisor_no, i installed them using the control panel software sources alternate driver tab04:29
UltimaKRok i tried the "nomodeset" but when i click "install ubuntu" i still get the blinking cursor04:29
xisor_yes LigeiaX04:29
voldyman_guys i want to write a simple wallpaper drawing application for Ubuntu. how can i do so??04:29
xait91try reinstalling using my command04:29
LigeiaXxisor_, that's your problem, the nvidia-made driver basically has a lot of problems04:29
mladouxI think I know what's going on now04:30
mladouxI ran into this on my laptop04:30
xisor_LigeiaX: well, i need full support for all my resolutions, the default driver only lets me use 1024x768, and i assume no 3d acceleration04:30
xisor_how do i fix it mladoux ?04:30
mladouxxisor_ in the terminal, type the following --> apt-get purge nvidia-driver-experimental-31004:30
UltimaKRmladoux do you have any other suggestions? i still get the blinking cursor04:30
mladouxto uninstall the driver first04:30
mladouxwe'll need to re-install04:31
UltimaKRthen random bug errors appear04:31
mladouxdon't worry04:31
SolarisBoyvoldyman_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66914/how-to-change-desktop-background-from-command-line-in-unity | like this?04:31
mladouxyou're driver never got built04:31
mladouxafter that, do the following04:31
LigeiaXxisor_, there is also an open-source nvidia driver made by the linux community, which has a better success record04:31
mladouxsudo apt-get install linux-source linux-headers-generic04:31
mladouxthen re-install the nvidia driver04:31
voldyman_SolarisBoy, no i meant write an application in python or vala that reads the file and then draws it on the desktop04:31
xait91sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings04:31
n00bzSeptima, pretty sure this is what i need to do, i'm just not confident to try http://tinyurl.com/cr9eoda04:32
UltimaKRmladoux, what is causing that blinking cursor? the CD is fine04:32
Septiman00bz: yes, i believe that's correct; i was just looking at the same site04:33
n00bzthat's not what i wanted to hear04:33
mladouxblinking cursor where UltimaKR04:33
n00bzwhy cant it be easy04:33
SolarisBoyvoldyman_: ok so i guess your looking for modules with binding on doing the similar thing? (although you could run system calls in most languages python included)04:33
UltimaKRwhen i click "install ubuntu" the screen goes black and i get a blinking underscore in the top left corner04:33
Septiman00bz: the adventure will strengthen you04:33
voldyman_SolarisBoy, yeah. somewhat. like use cairo or pixbuf and draw the background surface04:34
mladouxxisor_ did you get all that?04:34
n00bzbut i think i've already broken stuff, and it's only gonna get worse >.<04:34
mladouxUltimateKR, ah04:34
Septiman00bz: you could always start with a fresh install if you did.. i'd give a try and see first though04:34
SolarisBoyvoldyman_: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2051905/access-to-gnome-configuration-information-using-python04:34
mladouxUltimateKR, did you try waiting, on some computers I've seen it sit there for up to 2 minutes.04:35
n00bzhah, it's windows that's screwed now, not ubuntu Septima04:35
mladouxthen the desktop loads.04:35
SolarisBoyim sure pip or easy_install have some --search or -s arg you can use to find other options as well04:35
Septiman00bz: oh.. lol04:35
mladouxI guess so.04:35
UltimaKRi waited about an hour, this is the first time trying to install it04:35
mladouxUltimateKR what graphics card do you have?04:35
mladouxsounds like you may need to do the alternative install.04:35
voldyman_SolarisBoy, you are thinking about changing the key and let gnome-settings-daemon draw it. i want an app to replace gnome-settings-daemon's background plugin04:36
UltimaKRummm not sure I will check...should be the default for the Dimension 430004:36
n00bzalso, i had issues finding ubuntu when i added an OS to my VM, soooo  now i have several partitions and 2 installs of ubuntu on my HD Septima04:36
UltimaKRwhat is the alternative install?04:36
mladouxOkay, one moment.04:36
mladouxUltimaKR something you don't want to do unless you have no choice04:36
mladouxdon't worry about it yet, lemme see what we're working with first04:36
Septiman00bz: gparted can clean the extra partition up and even let you easily resize the other, easily04:36
n00bzoh, thanks Septima, i will google the crap ooutta that, if i get my internet sorted04:37
UltimaKRi think the card is a 32mb geforce04:38
SolarisBoyvoldyman_: i see - that sounds like your going into c coding (or not)04:38
Septima32 mb? you just gave me an ulcer04:38
voldyman_SolarisBoy, i'll prefer python or vala04:38
UltimaKRit is an 11 year-old dimension04:38
mladouxUltimaKR, does this look right? http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/SYSTEMS/dim4300/specs.htm04:38
UltimaKRthat's why i want to run ubuntu, since the requirements are lower and can be more streamlined04:39
SolarisBoyvoldyman_: have you looked at the source for gnome (or whatever) to see how they do it?04:39
UltimaKRyes that is it04:39
SeptimaUltimaKR: i'd recommend xubuntu or lubuntu04:39
mladouxUltimaKR I don't think you're going to get vanilla running smoothly on that, you may want to look into one of the other flavors like lubuntu or xubuntu04:39
UltimaKRthis is xubuntu04:39
mladouxLubuntu is going to be lower resource04:40
voldyman_SolarisBoy, gnome-settings-daemon's code is not very documented and uses alot of gnome-desktop. i was wondering if any other application draws the background then i could check out its source code04:40
n00bzok, wish me luck Septima, and thanks for your help! least i know i'm on the right track04:40
SolarisBoyvoldyman_: not quite sure on that one04:40
UltimaKRbut what is causing the blinking cursor? xubuntu is what i tried now but what seemed to fail04:40
Septiman00bz: good luc04:40
mladouxI'd go with the lowest resource version possible04:40
mladouxit's X11 not loading04:40
mladouxor trying to load, rather.04:40
=== voldyman_ is now known as voldyman
UltimaKRwhat version do you recommend? is there any way to give me a link to the lubuntu version you think would be best?04:41
xisori am back, and have a desktop04:41
xisorbut no nvidia driver04:41
mladouxYou might want to do the alternative install, and install in CLI mode.04:41
mladouxyeah, lemme get you the lubuntu link04:41
mladouxdid you reinstall the nvidia driver xisor04:41
mladouxsorry, on two convos04:42
UltimaKRwhich of us are you saying to do the alternative install?04:42
LigeiaXxisor. why not try the "nouveau" driver instead?04:42
mladouxdid you remove it?04:42
mladouxUltimaKR, you04:42
mladouxhttp://lubuntu.net/ <-- UltimaKR try this first.04:42
xisorthats the one thats installed04:42
xisorit doesnt support my screen resolutions, and probably isnt accelerated04:42
xisori need full hardware support04:42
mladouxLigeiaX he didn't have linux sources or headers installed, his nvidia driver didn't even build04:43
mladouxhe'd lose X11 entirely04:43
UltimaKRok and how would i go about doing that install? what makes it alternative?04:43
mladouxoh wait04:43
mladouxmisread you LigeiaX04:43
xisorit already says i have the nouveau driver in use04:43
xisori need the real one to work04:43
mladouxUltimaKR, it's alternative because it has no GUI04:43
mladouxdid you install the the linux-sources and linux-headers-generic?04:44
xisorno? nothing said to04:44
mladouxI know it didn't04:44
UltimaKRok, so what do i need to do in order do the alternative? I will try this one first though in the morning (letting it download now)04:44
mladouxxisor: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-experimental-31004:44
mladouxremove the nvidia drivers first04:44
xisoralready did that and rebooted04:44
mladouxlet me know when that's done04:44
LigeiaXxisor, I just looked at the nouveau man page, it provides HW acceleration04:45
FloodBot1mladoux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:45
xisorits using the default driver now, and my desktop works04:45
mladouxsudo apt-get install linux-source linux-headers-generic04:45
xisorbut it doesnt support my resolutions, only 1024x768 according to the displays section04:45
mladouxwe'll get there04:45
mladouxjust install those files, then reboot04:45
mladouxyou don't need to reboot04:45
mladouxonce those are installed, re-install nvidia drivers04:45
UltimaKRok i will let that install and will work on it tomorrow...thanks so much for your help04:45
xisorok its installing04:46
mladouxUltimaKR, just a sec, getting you a link04:46
mladouxonce it's installed, reboot04:46
xisorreboot before the nvidia driver or after?04:46
xisorshould i update these 200 something packages it says have updates before i do the nvidia driver?04:47
mladouxUltimaKR, ^^04:48
mladouxafter xisor04:49
xisornvidia driver is installing now04:49
mladouxxisor perfect04:49
mladouxxisor let me know if that fixes the nvidia problem.04:49
mladouxif it doesn't I have 2 more solutions for you04:50
xisorapparently it skipped module build because kernel source isnt installed04:50
xisorbut i just installed that04:50
xisorno i mean just now it did that04:50
xisorit still says i dont have the source that you JUST had me install04:50
mladouxxisor i knew that was the problem when it said the nvidia driver wasn't loaded04:50
mladouxreally now04:51
mladouxin that case04:51
xisorit fetched source for 3.5.0-29 and i have 1704:51
mladouxxisor, purge the driver again04:51
xisoror something like taht04:51
mladouxI know how to fix this04:51
mladouxdon't worry04:51
xisorwhats the command to purge it again?04:51
CatMtKingso.. i don't understand Ubuntu's desktop notifications.  for example, dropbox creates a notification that a file was updated, and states "click to view".  but the notification fades out when the cursor approaches it, and becomes unclickable.04:51
mladouxsudo apt-get purge nvidia-experimental-31004:51
mladouxi think04:51
xisori installed current this time, purging now04:52
mladouxit might be sudo apt-get purge nvidia-experimental-driver-31004:52
xisorso what do i do next?04:52
xisorits purged04:52
mladouxsudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:52
mladouxthen reboot04:52
xisorwhy would they give you a cd that breaks your OS when trying to install drivers?04:52
mladouxyou may be running a older kernel than the sources.04:52
xisori dont understand04:52
mladouxlol xisor....04:53
xisorwill i have to reinstall the source again after this finishes?04:53
Septimayou mean like the cds that isps give people?04:53
yankees9920so I got my audio working by installing the AMD Catalyst drivers, however now the display looks terrible, everything is very blurry with lots of aliasing even after turning off their underscan04:53
mladouxthe dist-upgrade will do that automagically04:53
xisoris it normal for things to go this horribly wrong in linux? this is my first time having it04:54
mladouxor rather, it doesn't need too, since it's just installing the kernel that matches your sources.04:54
Sazpaimonso my live usb install is not detecting any wireless networks, but my card is being detected04:54
mladouxxisor, not usually, but nvidia has been known for issues.04:54
Septimaxisor: video drivers can be a pain sometimes04:54
Sazpaimonit's an atheros chipset btw04:54
mladouxit's due to them being closed source.04:54
xisorsazpaimon, start the install process and see if it kicks in, same thing happened with mine04:54
mladouxSazpaimon, amen to that04:54
LigeiaXxisor, I have a second machine with some nvidia card using the nouveau driver at 1280x 1024, and it works that way for some reason04:55
Sazpaimoni don't want to install04:55
mladouxIf nvidia would open up their drivers, it wouldn't be so difficult04:55
xisorbut does it support your monitors native resolution LigeiaX ?04:55
SazpaimonI just want a live usb stick04:55
xisor1920 x1200 in my case04:55
mladouxLigeiaX not all nvidia cards are equal04:55
mladouxI can probably get you native res on novoue as well.04:56
mladouxI've done that too.04:56
LigeiaXxisor, I don't know, the monitor that second machine is on is only good for 1280x102404:56
xisorSazpaimon: youll have to setup whats called persistence when setting up your stick, not sure how to do that, but if you have a windows machine linux live usb creator can do that for you while converting your iso into a usb stick04:56
xisoronce THATS done, they can help you get your wifi working permanently04:56
SazpaimonI have a persistent partition already04:56
xisorplus side is your settings can be stored for your wifi network etc04:56
xisorthen these guys can surely help you :D04:56
mladouxxisor we can try, lol04:57
mladouxI know how nvidia inside and out, so you got lucky with me.04:57
xisorwow my terminal is showing a whole bunch of random looking crap04:57
yankees9920my display literally looked 1000x better before installing the ATI drivers :/04:57
mladouxany other card, you'd be sol04:57
xisoris this what an OS really does in the background?04:57
mladouxactually, it does more than that that you can't even see at the terminal level04:58
Sazpaimoni have tried two cardsp the internal one, and an expresscard card. both have atheros chipsets, and neither show any wireless networks04:58
LigeiaXany other kind of card, and there might never have beena problem04:58
xisoris there a program to see the 0s and 1s in realtime?04:58
mladouxSazpaimon lspci and tell me what it says for your wireless card04:59
LigeiaXthe nvidia in my second machine is just builtin to the m/b, it shares system ram of 256meg04:59
mladouxopen a terminal to run lspci ( sorry )04:59
mladouxLigeiaX I've found some nvidia drivers are easier to deal with than others05:00
mladouxnvidia cards*05:00
Sazpaimoni dont have network acess at the machine, so I cannot paste it05:00
xisormladoux: someone once told me ATI is really bad in linux, is nvidia worse or something? i know intel is supposedly the best05:00
mladouxnvidia is great once you get it working, ati doesn't perform as well, but is easier to setup05:00
Sazpaimonbasically, two atheros cards. one AR5418 and another AR242x05:01
mladouxI'm trying to avoid the novoeu solution as a final resort, as it can crash sometime.s05:01
mladouxthanks, Sazpaimon that's what I needed, just a moment05:01
Sazpaimonthe ath5 driver is loaded05:02
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest3286
mladouxgood, it's supported.05:02
mladouxthat's what I needed to get out of the way first05:02
Sazpaimonthe cards how up in iwcconfig and rfkill list05:02
yankees9920Hello, does anyone know why my text is really blurry after installing the ATI gfx drivers and how I can fix this?05:03
xisoryankees9920:  check your screen resolution and set it to whatever your monitor is supposed to use05:03
LigeiaXyankees9920, I thought your problem was sound?05:03
mladouxSazpaimon, is this a laptop or a desktop with a card installed?05:03
xisorLigeiaX: i think his ATI defaulted to a lower resolution on him when he installed it05:03
xisormladoux: rebooting, the dist-upgrade is done05:04
mladouxxisor, lemme know when your back05:04
LigeiaXxisor, what does that have to do with the sound though?05:04
yankees9920Well... I fixed the sound problem when I installed the ATI drivers, res is set to native 1920x1080@60hz and overscan turned off, which for some reason was on by default05:04
LigeiaXyankees9920, were the sound and the video sharing an irq?05:05
mladouxSazpaimon - the hardware switch on your laptop to enable and disable your wireless, turn it off and then on again, that will sometimes fix the issue05:05
=== oneseventeen_ is now known as one17
LigeiaXyou know what an irq is, right?05:05
mladouxInterrupt ReQuest05:05
one17is there any way to force uninstall mysql after it failed during install?05:05
TimFreemanI see that the packages related to opie are no longer in Ubuntu as of 12.04.  Is there some other one time password packege that is present?05:05
Sazpaimontried that, no luck. like I said, I'm using an expresscard wifi card too, so that switch shouldn't apply05:05
mladouxLigeiaX, I would assume that he doesnt.05:05
yankees9920LigeiaX, no clue05:06
mladouxSazpaimon, oh, missed that part.05:06
yankees9920im running AMD/ATI integrated graphics which basically has a Radeon built on the mobo, that is where I am getting my HDMI out from05:06
mladouxSazpaimon open a terminal and run: sudo iwlist05:06
mladouxtell me if you get output05:06
mladouxif it lists networks, we're good05:07
mladouxand I can fix this.05:07
Sazpaimonmladoux, strangely, I did a hard reboot and it started working ahain05:08
mladouxSazpaimon I love it when bugs fix themselves.05:09
Sazpaimonapparently ubuntu doesnt like soft reboots with wireless on this computer05:09
LigeiaXyankees9920, if your video was blocking the sound before, maybe the sound is now causing bad video?05:09
one17using sudo apt-get remove mysql-server or mysql-client, or even trying to run autoremove, simply results in an error that mysql-server couldn't be started...05:09
ramonmy system cratched and i got the default desktop and my files are not longer in my folders...is there a way to get them back?05:10
Abhijithi. what is the default xubuntu theme name and icon set name in latest xubuntu?05:10
xisorim gonna assume it worked, 1920x1200 and nvidia logo for a brief instant before the desktop loaded :D05:10
Abhijithelp please05:10
mladouxSazpaimon, lol05:10
one17if I had a USB drive I'd just wipe & reload this machine... :(05:10
Sazpaimonok, the network shows up, I try to connect and it doesn't seem to work05:10
xisornow, a few other minor things to fix/setup and ill be all set to explore linux for the first time05:10
mladouxxisor, that's what I like to hear05:10
irc4anyone try steam for linux yet05:10
irc4err ubuntu05:10
mladouxTold you I could get you working, and I still had 2 backup plans in reserve05:10
xisorhow much more complicated were those?05:11
Sazpaimonwell it'd help if I gave the right password lol05:11
one17is there a way to do a system restore or in-place reinstall?05:11
mladouxwell, the backup plans are a lot less fun05:11
Sazpaimonits working now, user error05:11
mladouxI'd rather not think about them05:11
mladouxSazpaimon, yeah, typo's are a bitch05:11
yankees9920LigeiaX, idk that seems weird because its over HDMI and i've had it working on XBMCBuntu which runs 12.0405:11
xisorok, now, i need my sound to come from my built in speakers, and switch on its own if i plug in headphones05:11
xisorhow do i do this?05:11
mladouxxisor, this is where I'm no longer of use to you, sorry05:12
xisorok then05:12
xisorhow about, how do i install programs and where do i begin with exploring linux?05:12
snuffthey guys05:13
LigeiaXxisor, where is the sound coming from now?05:13
xisorbuilt in apparently, maybe it works on its own05:13
snufftstupid, small question that i can't seem to find the google answer for: How do i find out what groups have permission on a folder, through the shell?05:13
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
LigeiaXxisor, and what happens if you plug in the headphones?05:14
yankees9920thanks guys, I think im going to try Lubuntu, thats what was working for XBMCBuntu05:14
xisordont know, type my name again so it beeps05:14
mladouxyankees9920, good luck05:15
tomreynsnufft: ls -l /path/to/directory showns the owning user and group and their permissions, as well as those of everyone else.05:15
tomreynsnufft: -l as in loooong05:15
snuffttomreyn: i'm after the specific groups who have access though05:15
xisoroh hey it works properly LigeiaX , it didnt on the livecd thats why i was asking05:16
snuffttomreyn: eg, i need to add myself to a group that owns this dir, but don't know what the grou[s called :)05:16
tomreynsnufft: there can be just one group assigned per file system object. ls -l shows you which group that is.05:16
LigeiaXproblem solved, xisor, a lot of the required software needs to be installed to run right05:16
MasterBobSo, I'm having issues with my crontab. my full cron script> http://pastebin.com/aCXKDk09 | and this is the mail I get > http://pastebin.com/Z2mxLW5v05:16
mladouxxisor, a lot of times things are detected during the install but won't work without a reboot, hence doesn't work on livecd but does once you're running.05:16
MasterBobRunning which dtach via crontab outputs the correct location for dtach05:17
snuffttomreyn: aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, i'm with you05:17
snuffttomreyn: thank you very much :)05:17
xisorso, whats next for me? what do i need to do to begin to learn ubuntu?05:17
xisornow that my hardware is apparently all functioning as far as i can tell05:17
tomreynsnufft: you're welcome05:17
mladouxum, what do you want to do with it xisor?05:17
LigeiaXxisor, patience05:17
xisoreven my bluetooth works and i didnt even have to do anything05:17
LigeiaXyou're doing well05:17
mladouxxisor that's how it is with most things, your gfx card was the only pesky bit05:17
xisoralot more pesky than download nvidia driver, run it and hit next a bunch of times thats for sure05:18
mladouxxisor i'd just click around and get a feel for it, try random stuff, you might break it, but more importantly, you'll learn.05:18
mladouxxisor, it's only pesky in your case because it doesn't automatically require the source and header dependencies.05:18
ramoni have the system drop down and restarting the computer my desktop when back to default and all my file dissapear so how that can happened?...is there a way to get them back?05:19
mladouxthere's a reason for that of course, I just don't remember what it was.05:19
xisorshouldnt ubuntu hard code its alternate driver page to fetch sources for your INSTALLED kernel? or ship them with the iso to begin with?05:19
xisorwouldnt that solve 99% of these issues?05:19
mladouxlol,I don't think it works that way, but they could make it refuse to install them without upgrading05:20
mladouxand you can manually request the correct outdated sources, if you really need too.05:20
xisorthey can very well ship the headers and sources for the kernel on the cd that you install, or if you have a net connection, force a dist-upgrade during install, or allow the option for it05:20
tomreynramon: are you saying you rebooted and when the system was back some files were gone?05:20
mladouxand even ignore upgrades if you want too05:20
ramontomreyn, yes05:21
mladouxxisor, that's a holdback from the days when they used to have to fit it all on a cd, now everything is on a dvd.05:21
LigeiaXxisor, you might want to save the sources you fetched to make it easier next time05:21
mladouxThis is the first release without a cd install.05:21
xisorwell, ubuntu is still cd sized from what i can see05:21
xisorthey should do away with that nobody has a system that can run this OS properly that DOESNT have a dvd drive05:21
mladouxLigeiaX won't do him any good, if there are any updates, those sources won't match the kernel.05:21
L3topxisor: It would require a matrix by pciid which require what across which kernels... the headers package is not always desired in all cases either.05:21
ramontomreyn, everything ...pictures, downloads, documents05:21
mladouxthey are larger than cd sized in 12.10 at least05:22
mladouxcd is less than 700 MB05:22
LigeiaXmladoux, he has fetched the correct sources now. perhaps he should save those?05:22
tomreynramon: this shouldn't normally happen. it could happen that some files no longer show if your file system is corrupt. also if you stored files on a RAM disk / temporary partition all of them would be gone. yet another possible explanation is that a partition (probably /home) was not mounted on boot for some reason.05:22
mladouxLigeiaX no, when he upgrades, those sources won't be good for him anymore.05:23
tomreynramon: how did you install?05:23
xisormladoux: i fetched sources for a newer kernel than what came with the cd05:23
mladouxLigeiaX and they don't match the kernel on the cd, so it won't do him any good anyhow.05:23
xisorso i had to dist-upgrade to fix the problem before nvidia driver would function05:23
xisorit seems a bit convoluted to me :P05:23
ramontomreyn, i have not partition my system...is only ubuntu05:23
tomreynramon: did you make any changes to file systems / partitions / mounts lately?05:23
ramontomreyn,  no05:23
mladouxxisor, no worries, the issue is fixed, the dist-upgrade was because of updates since the cd was released.05:23
tomreynramon: do you basically know how to work on the terminal?05:24
xisorthank you mladoux05:24
mladouxxisor, thankfully, now that you have it set up, it will update itself whenever you do an upgrade.05:24
L3topxisor: this would only be necessary, I am guessing, on a GT series nvidia card... probably a 4xx-6xx series I would guess. What is the output of lspci -nn | grep VGA05:24
xisorand i know how to fix it if i reinstall05:24
xisorits fixed alread l3top05:24
xisorits a 8700M GT actually :P05:24
mladouxl3top we fixed it05:24
xisorquite older than that05:24
L3topI am not trying to fix it05:25
L3topnow THAT I find odd.05:25
ramontomaw, it went to several system failure and now i just find out there is not files and my desktop when back to the default...even the back ground ...although when i put my password to open my session i can see the background i had05:25
mladouxL3top it was because he didn't have the correct linux source and header files installed, so the kernel module wasn't built05:25
ramontomreyn, i know the terminal a bit05:25
xisorand the driver section didnt say a word about any of it05:26
xisoryoud think theyd at least say hey! upgrade your distro or fetch THIS kernel source and header first!!!!05:26
tomreynramon: okay, do you also know the pastebinit command ?05:26
xisoryou know?05:26
L3topI understand. I would question what an "incorrect" source and header file would be? You mean mismatched? as in headers was not updated but source was?05:26
mladouxxisor they have a wiki page that tells you just that.05:26
xisorbut the OS should tell you that, people install and use an OS, they dont automagically think they need a wiki05:27
mladouxno, the headers and source were updated, but the kernel wasn't05:27
ramontomreyn, yes...i will paste it and give you the link05:27
xisorits frustrating from a beginners point of view05:27
mladouxxisor, that's why we're here.05:27
XRS1uh... theres too much hardware to be able to document everything, and we dont have companies throwing hardware at us to make sure its compatable05:27
tomreynramon: great, please paste the output of: cat /proc/partitions && echo === && cat /proc/mounts && echo === && cat /etc/fstab05:27
mladouxXRS1 amen to that05:27
xisorXRS1, but ubuntu devs have probably known for years that the nvidia driver requires sources and headers to function05:28
mladouxxisor, unless you reinstall, you won't have to deal with it again.05:28
xisorallowing you to install it without that, and break your OS temporarily, is a bit odd05:28
xisoryup mladoux  i know :)05:28
mladouxxisor, but at least know you know what you're in for with your next nvidia05:28
LigeiaXso newbies need to reinstall often05:28
mladouxxisor, in the end, nvidia is worth the hassle imho05:28
xisornothing at all since id dist-upgrad eand grab sources and headers before bothering05:28
XRS1Linus Torvalds to nVidia: "Fuck You!"05:28
L3topXRS1: Language is an issue in here, and that is off topic.05:29
mladouxXRS1, lol, because their poor interactions with the linux community, I agree with him, they could make their end of it much simpler.05:29
xisormatter of fact, my friend who told me about ubuntu and said i should try it, his 12.04 alternate driver button installed sources and headers for him before proceeding05:29
xisorhe didnt have to do it manually it just worked with 1 click and a password + reboot05:29
xisoror maybe that was 11.0405:30
mladouxyeah, xisor that changed in 12.10, i'm not sure why, but I believe there was a good reason for it.05:30
mladouxi think it's alternative headers that is the main reason.05:31
xisori see05:31
lickalottAll:   my server has been randomly going "offline".  3x in the last two days.  I've checked the syslog but didn't see anything that jumped out at me.   I rebooted it this morning and it was fine, at about 4:00 i was unable to reach it (across the network).  When I hit a button on the keyboard nothing happens (the monitor shows an empty black screen.  I hit the reset button on the case and it05:31
lickalottacts like it's going to reboot but nothing happens.  The only way it comes back is if I cold boot it.05:31
LigeiaXI thought xisor had backtracked to 12.04?05:31
lickalottWhere else would I look to find out whats happening?05:31
ramontomreyn, http://pastebin.com/H0859yBN05:32
XRS1add the -debug options?05:32
mladouxLigeiaX, I don't know, I never ran 12.04. I updated from an older version.05:32
lickalottXRS1 who was that for?05:32
pozhello all, I am wondering if anyone has experence getting vlc to play mp405:32
mladouxvlc should just play mp4... I think the codecs are hard-coded in that one.05:33
mladouxtry sudo apt-get install non-free-codecs05:33
pozE: Unable to locate package non-free-codecs05:34
pozi get that error05:34
mladouxmebbe it's nonfree-codecs05:34
mladouxlemme check05:34
pozi get the same error with sudo apt-get install w64codecs05:35
mladouxah, this is what I forgot -- http://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php05:35
mladouxfollow the instructions on that page05:35
mladouxyour issue will be solved05:35
xisorpoz did you ever fix your issue you were having with nvidia?05:35
mladouxnp poz05:35
mladouxwell, on that note, I have to work in the morning, see you folks later.05:36
* mladoux goes to bed05:36
pozxisor, which one? the ubuntu 12.10 or the dual monitor one? the dual monitor one I did. the ubuntu 12.10 I did not, I gave up and went to 12.04 lts05:36
tomreynramon: so you have two partitions, sda1 and sda5, but apparently only use sda1 (this one is the largest, too). you also seem to have an ecryptfs encrypted home directory. i don't know the details of how this works (I don't use it myself). chances are the decryption failed and so you aren't seeing your files.05:36
mladouxI'll be back tomorrow, no worries.05:36
xisorjust so happens i can fix your 12.10 issue05:37
xisori had it and it got fixed05:37
pozthanks mladoux05:37
mladouxlol, xisor, good job, pass it on.05:37
pozwhat did you do?05:37
xisorinstall 12.10, before you do anything else (other than getting your network up and running)05:37
xisorsudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:37
pozthats it?05:38
mladouxdon't forget05:38
xisorreboot, then sudo apt-get install linux-headers and linux-kernel-source? i think?05:38
xisormladoux: ?05:38
mladouxthat was it05:38
xisorthen you can sudo apt-get install nvidia-current05:38
mladouxthen install the nvidia drivers05:38
mladouxnot before05:38
xisorand all will be well05:38
xisorafter a reboot05:38
FloodBot1xisor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
mladouxxisor that doesn't always work btw05:38
xisorwell, its worth a shot :P05:38
pozwhat does05:38
xisorit worked for me :D05:38
mladouxit works about 90% of the time05:38
mladouxpoz nothing works ALL the time.05:39
pozI think I will stick to 12.04 lts, after reinstalling 3 times I just cant stand to have to do it again05:39
mladouxpoz that one is just the one that fixes it MOST of the time.05:39
ramontomreyn, this was an option to scrypt the personal file for the local network but never worked and always had the possibility to manage my files..anyway....what you suggest me to do?05:39
poznow I am trying to get ubuntu 12.04 just the way I like it05:39
pozThanks though. I will keep it in mind05:39
mladouxpoz if it works out of the box for you on 12.04, it's most likely that will be your fix on 12.10.05:40
mladouxI'd try it on a second partition first.05:40
mladouxif it works, then go for it.05:40
mladouxdang, I'm supposed to be sleeping.05:40
pozI am guessing that it will work. so what happends if you dont do that. how would you describe the problem xisor?05:40
pozlol well i guess i could. I left 65 gb free05:41
ramontomreyn, do you think ubuntu partitioned the file is corrupted? and is on my personal desktop?...really dont know what i even saying myself05:41
tomreynramon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory explains how ecryptfs can be used manually05:41
mladouxif it doesn't happen, we'll get into cvt and xrandr, but you have dual monitor, I'm not sure if that will work for you.05:41
mladouxI'll be in tomorrow.05:42
ObsidianBlade_Hi everyone05:42
ObsidianBlade_I'm hoping someone here can help me as I've been struggling to resolve this issue: I recently purchased this awesome gaming laptop that comes with two SSDs in RAID 0. I want to install Linux onto the RAID, but it seems to be an impossible task. Can anyone help me out here?05:43
Guest44859ObsidianBlade_ buy me two ssd and i will demostrate and teach u how live05:44
pozmladoux, medibuntu did not work05:44
ObsidianBlade_lol Guest44859 good luck with that endeavor :P05:44
tomreynramon: since you are saying you didn't make any changes, it might be possible that your encrypted filesystem or the physical hard disk is corrupt. you can use the "testdisk" command to check the disk surface, and the fsck command on the encrypted block device.05:44
Guest44859come on.. for christmas05:44
tomreynramon: i'm afraid i am too tired to guide you through this right now, hopefully someone else will take it from here.05:45
Phixxyis there any way to upgrade from ubuntu 11.10 to ubuntu 12.10 without installing 12.10 from scratch?05:45
ObsidianBlade_I'll tell ya what. You hook me up with a car and I'll get you a couple of SSDs. Sound good Guest44859? :P05:45
pozi see05:45
poznever mind05:45
ramontomreyn, i appreciate it though...thanks...no hurry...i may do it tomorrow anyway...thanks en good night05:46
tomreynthanks :)05:46
ObsidianBlade_Guest44859: I mean I do have a car already, but it's a gas guzzler. I need something like a 4 cylinder lol05:46
poznope, still can not play mp405:47
pozvlc can not play it05:47
pozbut 'movie player' does05:47
tomreynPhixxy: upgrade to 12.04, then to 12.1005:47
ObsidianBlade_So anyway, can anyone help me out with this?05:48
SolarisBoypoz: try running vlc from the command line and seeing what errors if any are reported05:49
tomreynObsidianBlade_: it may help people help you if you would be more specific in how the raid setup doesn't work.05:49
pozVLC is unable to open the MRL05:50
RajeevKI have downloaded public and private key from hosting server & when I am trying to execute "puttygen /path/to/puttykey.ppk -L > ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub" it says "puttygen: unable to load file `puttykey.ppk': not a private key"05:50
ObsidianBlade_True. Well I haven't tried to do it for some time but if I remember correctly, it would go through the majority of the installation and then fail while installing GRUB.05:50
pozi cant not find the log for details05:50
SolarisBoypoz: so it's a network link?05:50
pozno def not05:51
gimmickless12.04 LTS here.  Having trouble with adding libraries for video card drivers.05:51
gimmicklessSince Synaptic went away, I don't recall the command to whitelist a repository.05:52
SolarisBoypoz: you may be able to turn up the logs in vlc and redirect the log to a file or should be able to - you can check the man page or --help output05:52
milambergimmickless: sudo add-apt-repository ?05:54
RajeevKanybody can help me with putty here ?05:55
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=== tscop is now known as tscopp
milamberRajeevK: what are you trying to do?05:59
gimmicklessmilamber: After further searching, it turns out my driver isn't the problem. "On all operating systems, WebGL is disabled on the Intel Mobile 945 Express family of chipsets."  :-(06:00
pozthe log says nothing06:00
pozvlc mp4 problem solved06:03
RajeevKmilamber:  I am trying to execute "puttygen /path/to/puttykey.ppk -L > ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub" it says "puttygen: unable to load file `puttykey.ppk': not a private key"06:03
pozit was in a location that apparently vlc could not access (the trash)06:03
pozwhen I move it to the desktop, it plays fine06:04
RajeevKmilamber: when I tried "sudo puttygen puttykey.ppk -O private-openssh -o ~/.ssh/id_rsa", it said "puttygen: this command would perform no useful action"06:05
rushboyhello can anyone please help me out with this : I already have libjpeg8 installed on my pc but a when running autogen.sh for a certain program gives the following error :06:09
rushboychecking which jpeg to use... external06:09
rushboychecking jpeglib.h usability... no06:09
rushboychecking jpeglib.h presence... no06:09
rushboychecking for jpeglib.h... no06:09
FloodBot1rushboy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:09
rushboyconfigure: error: jpeg.h not found. install libjpeg06:09
milamberRajeevK: shouldn't it be id_rsa.pub?06:10
rushboyhello can anyone please help me out with this : I already have libjpeg8 installed on my pc but a when running autogen.sh for a certain program it says it can't locate jpeg.h06:11
milamberrushboy: install apt-file (sudo apt-get install apt-file) and then search: apt-file search jpeglib.h06:11
milamberrushboy: and for the sake of saying it, you usually just need the -dev version (i.e. libjpeg8-dev)06:12
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milamber!pastebin | rushboy06:13
ubotturushboy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:13
RajeevKmilamber: I copied it from cPanel and saved with this name...should I download it directly and then do the same ?06:15
milamberRajeevK: http://forums.cpanel.net/f5/ppk-putty-key-conversion-75458.html   looks like that might be a puttygen bug, depending on the build06:17
malkaunshow do i get mp4 thumbnails to be generated?06:17
milamberbug 833507 | malkauns06:18
ubottubug 833507 in totem (Ubuntu) "Nautilus doesn't show thumbnail preview for mp4 video icons" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83350706:18
malkaunsalready tried that solution but it doesnt work for me :(06:19
malkaunshmm i see, works in nautilus but not marlin :(06:22
rushboymilamber: yes it worked but now I get this error : Unable to locate package gnome-vfs-2.0 . Please could you help me out with this too ?06:23
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malkaunsanyone know if the compiz memory leak bug is fixed?06:24
milamberrushboy: apt-cache search gnome-vfs    (again, you probably want the -dev version)06:24
milamberrushboy: what are you trying to compile?06:24
black_angelwhere I can find python manual files on my ubuntu 10.10 system.06:24
milamberblack_angel: man python06:25
black_angeldoes it on /usr/share/doc/python*06:25
rushboymilamber: I am trying to build my own libreoffice :-)06:26
black_angelmilamber: I means that i can read it on firefox, something like that.06:26
black_angelCause I wanna read some info about python's string methods.06:28
Septimarushboy: sudo apt-get install libgnomevfs2-006:28
milamberblack_angel: file:///usr/share/doc/python<WHATEVER_VERSION_YOU_HAVE>/html/index.html06:28
rushboySeptima: Thanks . But if I want to install the -dev version >06:29
Septimarushboy: libgnomevfs2-dev06:30
milamber!info libgnomevfs2-dev06:30
ubottulibgnomevfs2-dev (source: gnome-vfs): GNOME Virtual File System library (development files). In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.24.4-1ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 433 kB, installed size 3127 kB06:30
RajeevKmilamber: So what should i do now ?06:31
RajeevKmilamber: As I am working on local, so is there way to do it manually ?06:32
rushboySeptima: Thanks a ton :-)06:32
blackshirt!find ureadahead06:32
ubottuFound: ureadahead06:32
Patero-ngI'm afraid to install the new ubuntu 12 I hear bad things about unity is it really that bad?06:32
blackshirt!info ureadahead06:33
Patero-nglike you can't find the advanced settings anywhere06:33
ubottuureadahead (source: ureadahead): Read required files in advance. In component main, is important. Version 0.100.0-12build1 (quantal), package size 26 kB, installed size 123 kB06:33
milamberRajeevK: you should be able to use the openssh tools06:33
RajeevKmilamber: Should I copy paste these files in ~/.ssh/id_rsa ?06:33
milamberPatero-ng: everything is still available from the command line, so it depends on how advanced of a user you are and what you think you will need to modify as far as "advanced" settings go06:34
black_angelyep, I can find /usr/share/doc/python2.6-dev/python-policy.html/index.html on my system, but...that's not my answer.06:34
milamberRajeevK: i'm not really sure what you are trying to accomplish06:35
black_angelthat's about policy, I don't care about policy.06:35
milamberblack_angel: that is the dev documentation, if you installed the correct documentation and put the file link that i provided into your web browser, i believe that is what you are looking for?06:35
rushboymilamber: please guide me on this : configure: error: Ant not found - Make sure it's in the path or use --with-ant-home06:36
RajeevKmilamber: I have to connect to my shared hosting account. I have created public & private key from there06:37
black_angelmilamber: ah, may be i need to try: sudo apt-get install python-doc06:37
keanne1021hello channel. anyone running 389-ds installed using apt-get?06:37
milamberrushboy: sudo apt-get install ant06:37
Patero-ngmilamber I don't like it then I like it the way 10.04 was06:37
RajeevKmilamber: Then I am trying to execute these to set them to my SSH at my local system so that I can access them from here06:37
milamberRajeevK: have you tried just ssh'ng into the boxes?06:38
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milamberrushboy: any particular reason you are compiling your own libreoffice?06:39
black_angelmilamber: oh, yeah, you're right. Actually I didn't install python-doc package. lol06:39
black_angelmilamber: Thanks, man.06:40
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RajeevKmilamber: I am newbie to linux..I don't know how to do that. I just followed a tutorial, where these steps were written to get connected with my shared hosting by putty06:40
milamberblack_angel: no worries, glad you were able to straighten it out06:40
milamberRajeevK: ok, do you have an ip (or web address) to log in to from the hosting provider?06:41
rushboymilamber: yes , I want to solve some bugs present in it :-)06:42
RajeevKmilamber: Yes I have IP address06:42
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milamberRajeevK: do you know what your login name is?06:44
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cute_bettongcan someone help me with this network error http://pastebin.com/VRiGPeXX06:44
milamberRajeevK: if so from the command line: ssh -l <your name> <the ip address>06:45
xisoris it possible to install ubuntu onto a usb stick (not liveusb) from within a booted ubuntu installation?06:45
Snurre86hello guys  i connected my desktop keyboard t omy laptop and now i cant get my laptop lay ou to work06:45
milamberxisor: can you be more specific? what do you mean by not liveusb?06:46
Snurre86as u is 4 and i is 6 etc06:46
xisori want to install it to the usb stick as if it were a fully installed OS, not a live cd environment06:46
cute_bettongso can anyone help me to fix this network error on my lappy http://pastebin.com/VRiGPeXX06:47
aeon-ltd!persistent | xisor06:47
ubottuxisor: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:47
xisorno, not either of those06:47
xisori want the usb stick to contain a fully installed linux, able to be fully updated including the kernel06:48
Snurre86is there a way of changing between desktop and laptop layout ?06:48
Snurre86as letters give me numbers on my laptop keyboard06:49
aeon-ltdSnurre86: i think you'll have a special numlock for that06:49
aeon-ltdSnurre86: look up the name of your laptop then google how to disable that feature06:50
nicholascan i get source code for the system settings somewhere ??06:50
aeon-ltdnicholas: find the name of the package first06:50
aeon-ltdcute_bettong: hi06:50
aeon-ltdnicholas: what is the application called?06:51
cute_bettongaeon-ltd, can you or anyone be kind enough to help me with this issue? http://pastebin.com/VRiGPeXX i know your all busy and stuffs06:51
milambernicholas: what do you mean by "source code for system settings"?06:51
Snurre86aeon it hapened after connecting the desktop keyboad to the laptop06:51
aeon-ltdSnurre86: rebooting didn't help?06:51
cute_bettongSnurre86, i would reccomend plugging the keyboard back in, then turning num lock off, then unplug the keyboard and see what happens06:52
nicholasi want to change the distro name under the information tab. I could maybe do it by getting the code of system settings06:52
RiXtErSnurre86, or the is likely a num lk function key on your laptop.06:52
Snurre86yes it worked06:53
marhi I have a problem in my laptop hp ProBook when I insert the headphone the sound come out from both headphones and speaker I made many seach in google but there is no solution any help please06:53
cute_bettongSnurre86, your welcome! ^_^06:53
Snurre86plugging the keyboard back in, then turning num lock off, then unplug the keyboard06:53
milambernicholas: gksu gedit /etc/*release06:53
cute_bettongso no one can help me fix this http://pastebin.com/VRiGPeXX06:54
Snurre86yes thx cute06:55
K4rn4KHi all I have a strange question about the command shred and the ubuntu in live mode06:58
milamber!details | cute_bettong06:58
LuvLinuxOSjoin #lubuntu06:58
ubottucute_bettong: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:58
K4rn4Kcan someone hep me ?06:58
milamber!ask | K4rn4K06:58
ubottuK4rn4K: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:58
cute_bettongalright this issue happens randomly, im using ubuntu 12.04 32 bit pae compltely updated the wifi card is a 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (rev 34) running the iwlwifi driver, this issue happens at random times, the card does not seem to loose connection to the router, but all data seems to stop, sometimes it corrects it's self and sometimes it does not, using dmesg i managed to isolate what i think the e07:01
cute_bettongrror is here is that output http://pastebin.com/VRiGPeXX07:01
nicholaschange the name of os-release in /etc but nothing happens?07:02
milambernicholas: did you restart?07:03
milambercute_bettong: sorry, that's closer to network stuff than i am familiar with07:04
K4rn4KOk, I have launched the command shred -n 15 -vfz /dev/sda when sad is the primary disk where there is the O.S. I launched it while the O.S. still running. So, I did it because I want to do it, but I don't know how it is possible that shred command overwrite 15 times the HD where there is the O.S. installed when it is running. When I launche the shred command I thunked that the O.S. will be restart like chkdsk on windows07:04
RajeevKmilamber: ssh: Could not resolve hostname quiveote: Name or service not known (This is the login username which i used)07:04
nicholasnoo.....maybe have to do that. coming back in a minut07:05
milamberK4rn4K: what is the file system?07:06
RajeevKmilamber: If I am using my own name..it's asking password, so which password I am suppose to give ?07:06
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milamberK4rn4K: if i remember correctly, shred won't work on ext3, you can check the documentation by: man shred07:07
milamberRajeevK: whatever password you use to login to your hosting07:07
Snurre86the answer to what is my password question is always "iam a virus", yes i do get that question some times ....07:09
RajeevKmilamber: I login with username - quiveote, but it says name or service not known07:09
K4rn4KI'm  honest, it can be the ext2 or ext4, I not remember it and Gparted show me, now, that the file system where there is the O.S. don't have a file system. But the shred command still overwrite the HD. I launched it yesterday evening, and now it is at the pass 11/1607:10
nicholasokay it didn't work...still ubuntu 12.1007:10
milamberRajeevK: can you pastebin the command and the response? you are using the format: ssh -l quiveote <ip_address>   ?07:11
tewe__iam using  ubuntu 8.04 ubuntu serever and iam trying to take backup the whole system  using Remastersys in order to change by other server but i coudn't install any package even upgrade is there any help?07:11
RajeevKmilamber: ssh -l quiveote07:11
RajeevKmilamber: ssh: Could not resolve hostname quiveote: Name or service not known07:12
SolarisBoyRajeevK: -l specifies username07:12
LearningNoobcan i just put the file i downloaded from ubuntu.com on  a flash drive and plug it in and install? :07:12
milamberRajeevK: you have to put the username after the -l and then the ip address07:12
RajeevKmilamber: Ok07:13
milamberLearningNoob: with dd, yes07:13
roodkapje112good morning07:13
RajeevKmilamber: Now it says - ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused07:13
SolarisBoyssh is not running or blocked RajeevK07:14
LearningNoobmorning  its 1am07:14
RajeevKSolarisBoy: So what to do ?07:14
roodkapje112here its 0800 in the morning07:14
SolarisBoynothing from remote really - if you have capability to get hands on the box have someone walk to terminal and check if the daemon is installed/running and such07:14
SolarisBoyRajeevK: ^07:14
SolarisBoyRajeevK: you can make sure you are using the proper user and all as it's possible to get that message from using the wrong user in some configurations but thats just assuming - i'd have someone check the host07:15
roodkapje112i have put a sec hd in mijn pc but ubuntu do noy mount it, i have download orios , and instal , but  i reboot and my hd do not mount can somebody help me ?07:16
RajeevKSolarisBoy: I have cPanel access where SSH/Shell access option has given though07:16
SolarisBoyits not uncommon for the hosting provider services to go down or even go misconfigured07:16
K4rn4Kmilamber: how is it possible to erase the same HD where there is the O.S. installed while it run ?07:16
tewe__iam using  ubuntu 8.04 ubuntu serever and iam trying to take backup the whole system  using Remastersys in order to change by other server but i coudn't install any package even upgrade  some body help me07:16
SolarisBoyor again - it may be a user error - so ensure you are using all the right settings for ssh into the system07:17
milamber!8.04 | tewe__07:17
ubottutewe__: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.07:17
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Thats what I was trying before I think...07:17
SolarisBoybut it just seems the ip your connecting to is not running ssh or something is blocking it - so again - get remote hands on it07:17
SolarisBoythere is no other solution unless you have another remote access setup07:17
tasosi want to ask about ubuntu,i istalled it yesterday on my netbook but i cannot use it because it asks for super user password and when i type my user password it says authentication unsuccesfull..what is happening?07:17
milambertewe__: can you pastebin: lsb-release -a please07:18
RajeevKSolarisBoy: I have downloaded private & public key from there...but the question is how to use them at my local so that I get to connect07:18
SolarisBoyRajeevK: if thats the problem thats different07:18
SolarisBoyafaik ssh wont tell you connection refused if your using the wrong auth method - it will tell you your using the wrong auth method07:18
SolarisBoyhowever you use -i on the command line and point to the key file07:18
rd4when clipboard has new cotent ,I want to get it  .How can I do it ?   I  have used pygtk get the clipboard object07:19
RajeevKSolarisBoy: How to do that ? I am totally new to linux...just trying to learn07:19
SolarisBoyssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub localhost || for instance goes to my localhost using my current user and that key file in my home directory07:19
tasoscan anyone help?07:19
SolarisBoyso you want to use the proper user and point to the key file which should be permissioned as 0600 and preferably under you ~/.ssh/ directory (which should be 0700)07:20
blackshirttasos, whats the problem ?07:20
tasos i want to ask about ubuntu,i istalled it yesterday on my netbook but i cannot use it because it asks for super user password and when i type my user password it says authentication unsuccesfull..what is happening?07:20
nicholasmilamber: changing the name of ubuntu 12.10 didn't work. changed some names in /etc/os-release + restart but didn't work what did i do wrong07:20
SolarisBoyRajeevK: tell me the user and ip of the host you need to access - and also confirm that you received 2 keys from the hosting provider and you have them on your disk somewhere07:20
milambernicholas: lsb-release?07:20
RajeevKSolarisBoy: IP -, username - quiveote07:21
SolarisBoyRajeevK: cool07:21
milambernicholas: did you edit that file in /etc/  (lsb-release)07:21
RajeevKSolarisBoy: I have id_dsa & id_dsa.pub at my system07:21
SolarisBoyRajeevK: do you have this directory "ls ~/.ssh" present? it will return an error if not after you ran that command in qoutes07:22
Patero-ngdoes unity sucks?07:22
raesihi my sound not work in 12.04 plz help07:22
dav1dp0101tasos: your superuser password should be the password of the user that created the install.07:22
RajeevKSolarisBoy: It has id_rsa.pub07:22
SolarisBoyhmm ok - thats fine i guess.. you want to copy those keys in taking care -not- to over write any thing there already..07:23
SolarisBoyRajeevK: so you can copy them in as different names if you like for instance "cp /path/to/key_dsa ~/.ssh/hosting_key_rsa"07:23
RajeevKSolarisBoy: in this ~/.ssh ?07:23
SolarisBoyRajeevK: and then "cp /path/to/key_dsa.pub ~/.ssh/hosting_key_rsa.pub"07:24
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Doing07:24
SolarisBoyyes RajeevK copy both keys there giving them unique names making sure you keep the pub and non-pub (private) seperate07:24
SolarisBoyonce done let me know -07:24
LearningNoobSolar what are you guys talking about?07:25
SolarisBoytrying to help him use ssh public key auth to access a hosted box on the web07:25
RajeevKSolarisBoy: It says - cp: cannot create regular file `/home/rajeev/.sss/quiveo_key_rsa': No such file or directory07:25
SolarisBoyRajeevK: look at your command - you spelled .sss07:25
raesimy sound not work plz help07:26
raesiversion 12.0407:26
SolarisBoythe directory should be .ssh as you mentioned it contains the one key file so far (that we want to take care not to overwrite, so watch your command when you do it, make sure to rename the files as previously posted)07:26
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Oh sorry...but now it's done07:26
Patero-ngraesi is it using open drivers or propietary07:26
SolarisBoyRajeevK: awesome - now you want to ensure they are permissioned properly (and owned properly)07:27
pedahzurSo, now that Oracle doesn't let distros redistribute Java any more (siiiiigh), has anyone come up with a script that takes the binary blob (or RPM) from the Java site, and repackages it into a nice .deb file?07:27
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Now ls ~/.ssh show 3 files - id_rsa.pub  quiveo_key_rsa  quiveo_key_rsa.pub07:27
SolarisBoyRajeevK: "chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/*" if they are currently owned by root you will need to prefix it with sudo07:27
SolarisBoyRajeevK: nice looks good now check the command there ^07:28
RajeevKSolarisBoy: chmod done07:28
nicholasmilamber: have done a restart with both lsb-release and os-release edited....didn't work?07:29
milamberwhat does lsb_release -a say?07:30
SolarisBoyRajeevK: "ssh -i ~/.ssh/quiveo_key_rsa.pub -l quiveote"07:30
tewe__milamber: sorry it is 9.1007:31
RajeevKSolarisBoy: ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused07:31
nicholasmilamber: no command by the name lsb-release07:31
SolarisBoyRajeevK: and this is at a hosting provider correct?07:32
milamberlsb <underscore> release -a (lsb_release -a)07:32
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Yes it's shared hosting07:32
cute_bettongSnurre86, check your im's07:32
SolarisBoyRajeevK: in which you paid/subscribed for ssh access that was confirmed? - if so maybe take a tcptraceroute to the ip and send them the results in a mail/ticket - or call their support line07:32
Ben64RajeevK: ssh is running on port 222207:33
RajeevKSolarisBoy: You mean I should contact hosting provider then...it's not the issue of my side07:33
nicholasmilamber: it worked. thx :) but can i also edit the thing in system settings that says ubuntu 12.1007:33
SolarisBoyRajeevK: no doesn't seem to be,, i mean unless ofcourse you have an invalid ip address or something07:35
tewe__is thera any method to upgrade or update  those end of life ubuntu verstion like 10.10,9.10?07:35
SolarisBoyor maybe even bad user07:35
Jordan_U!eol | tewe__07:36
SolarisBoyRajeevK: is it theplanet or something?07:36
ubottutewe__: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:36
Ben64SolarisBoy RajeevK: ssh is running on port 222207:36
SolarisBoyRajeevK: then you need to specify a special port i just actually did a tcptraceroute to the ip on 22 and got the rst packet myself07:37
SolarisBoyRajeevK:  ssh -o Port=2222 -i ~/.ssh/quiveo_key_rsa.pub -l quiveote
agselwhat should I modify to change /etc/mtab ?07:38
milambernicholas: you should check the code for gnome-control-center (not sure about where it reads in the data for release)07:39
SolarisBoyagsel: you should use fstab07:39
nicholasokay i'll do that :)07:39
SolarisBoyagsel: /etc/fstab rather07:39
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Sorry...it was out of screen07:40
SolarisBoyno worries07:40
agselSolarisBoy: if there are about 10 rows in mtab, but only 2 in fstab. and I want to modify one row in mtab, which is not present in fstab07:41
RajeevKSolarisBoy: Its asking unlock password for private key07:41
SolarisBoyagsel: which row is that?07:41
agselSolarisBoy: virtualbox shared folder07:42
SolarisBoyRajeevK: priv keys can have passcodes - it would imply you knew it =)07:42
SolarisBoyyou mean - inside the vm?07:42
agselSolarisBoy: share /media/sf_share vboxsf gid=1001,rw 0 007:42
SolarisBoyi think that gets mounted by vbox tools and stuff07:42
brandon420Can anyone direct me to a place to get help with pgp?07:42
nicholashow can i get/browse the source, "sudo apt-get source [pakage]" it dosen't show me the source?07:42
SolarisBoyif you enable the feature and have the tools installed - what did you want to do with the directory options?07:42
SolarisBoynicholas: it would be under you current directory afaik and dont think you need sudo for it07:43
RajeevKSolarisBoy: I just created then at cPanel without giving any password07:43
nicholasokay :)07:43
agselSolarisBoy: otherwise the mounting is good, except I don't have permissions07:43
agselSolarisBoy: I could unmount it and mount it again with different options (or into my home folder)07:44
SolarisBoyits mounted with gid 1001 which group is that? agsel07:44
agselSolarisBoy: but I have to do it every time after reboot07:44
SolarisBoymaybe you can try to add your user to that group i believe those mount options are somewhere in vbox without control over them07:44
SolarisBoyagsel: you can write a script to mount and unmount it at boot up07:44
SolarisBoyif it's always present i guess..07:44
agselSolarisBoy: is it the "right" way? to add myself to that group? or would be better to mount it somehow for my user? so that I'm the owner?07:46
agselI guess I have enabled automounting somewhere in VB options. I could try to remove that and add it manually into fstab07:47
SolarisBoythat would be the right way - mounting it properly - but i was considering a workaround assuming you don't have access to when that call is made to mount07:47
SolarisBoyyou can try just putting it fstab to see if that overrides whatever is mounting it07:47
tewe__jordan_U: can i lost my file when i upgrade?07:47
agselSolarisBoy: ok, thanks. I will look into that07:48
SolarisBoyagsel: http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html#sharedfolders07:48
SolarisBoyagsel: search for 'To mount a shared folder during boot, add the following entry'07:48
RajeevKSolarisBoy: What to do now ?07:48
SolarisBoysounds like a key error or an operator error RajeevK call your hosting provider - i would say check the logs and such - but you dont have access to them07:49
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RajeevKSolarisBoy: Ok Thanks07:49
=== Limit_ is now known as Limit_afk
Unifxany one have any decent widgets for gmail or any chat07:51
Unifxor is there even a widget for IRC?07:51
Patero-ngwhat's a widget like an app for tablets?07:51
Unifxits an app on main screen07:51
Unifxso i dont have to open it all the time07:52
Unifxits always tehre07:52
SolarisBoyeasy interaction07:52
Unifxlike i have a few for temp management but i want something more usefull07:52
Patero-ngwidget sounds like a plugin for a browser to me07:52
Unifxhave you got a smart phone07:53
m1r1unfix, try conky07:53
Unifxthanks mlrl07:53
Patero-ngI have a cellphone with a keyboard that I don't use07:53
m1r1who needs phone when u have irc ^^07:54
Patero-ngthat's true!07:54
SolarisBoycall 911?07:54
m1r1cavalry always comes late , in best case late , so no use for 911 imho :)07:54
Patero-ngI don't trust the system07:54
SolarisBoylol okies07:55
Unifxhaha man i havnt used irc in years07:55
Unifxmissed it :(07:55
Unifxi have forgotten all codes haha07:55
Patero-ngthere is a cool irc program for ubuntu but I forgot what it was called is not xchat07:56
Unifxah yeah thats what im using now. xchat only because all i had access today at work was my konsole terminal07:57
Unifxwas running lynx browser hahaha07:57
SolarisBoywas using bitchX at one point then switched to irssi never looked back07:59
Unifxping Unifx08:00
SolarisBoyuhh "/command args"08:00
Patero-ngirssi has a terminal look to it why do you like it08:02
SolarisBoyits not a terminal look - its a terminal app08:02
m1r1speed, eficency, stability08:02
SolarisBoyeasily extended - writing plugins and making changes is also easy08:03
pinchweldyanyone know how to enable either ftp or nfs server in ubuntu 11.10?08:03
SolarisBoyalthough its the same for pidgin but meh - id rather use my memory on more useful things08:03
SolarisBoypinchweldy: sure why ftp though? you can use sftp or scp to xfer files and securely08:04
m1r1pinchweldy: nfs is fastest, and easy to setup08:04
pinchweldyneed to connect from win2k08:04
m1r1pinchweldy: use samba08:04
SolarisBoywhy? unless you need to incorporate winblows08:05
pinchweldycan't make any changes on win2k, using guest account08:05
SolarisBoyahh didn't see that win2k thingy08:05
m1r1samba ^^08:05
pinchweldyso samba can be enabled on ubuntu only? without making ANY changes on win2k?08:06
pinchweldyok, how can i do it?08:06
m1r1pinchweldy:  got gui or CLI on ubuntu ?08:07
m1r1go synaptic , install samba08:08
m1r1after install system-config-samba and configure your shares08:09
pinchweldyah, i see, thank you!08:09
m1r1for more options on shares you can use gadmin-samba08:09
Unifxhaha installed conky and now cant even close it08:10
zantekkkillall conky08:10
m1r1just look to install samba (version3) as i am not sure if tthese gui tools works with samba 408:10
m1r1pkill conky08:10
m1r1and is not intended to be killed :D08:10
pinchweldybut doesn't samba require a shared folder to be setup on win2k also?08:10
Unifxyeah but the conky had no skins08:11
Unifxlooked a tad boring08:11
m1r1conky need manual skining08:11
m1r1a bit of work08:11
Unifxyeah im a bit lazy at the moment08:11
m1r1but options are ...08:11
zantekkor search for premade conky confs08:11
Unifxjust want a quick set up, work on another later08:11
Unifxwill do :)08:11
SolarisBoyyea they have a lot of prebuilt stuff online08:11
m1r1pinchweldy:  one share is needed for server08:12
pinchweldybecause as a guest user on win2k, i can't create a shared folder there08:12
zantekkdoes anyone of you had worked with a xerox colorqube?08:12
m1r1pinchweldy: you need transfer data to win2k or to *nix ?08:13
SnapSnapWhen I do "sudo apt-get upgrade" I get "dpkg: error processing linux-headers-3.5.0-21 (--configure):   package linux-headers-3.5.0-21 is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')  Errors were encountered while processing:   linux-headers-3.5.0-21  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"08:13
pinchweldyboth ways actually, but primarily to Linux08:14
zantekkSnapSnap: tried sudo apt-get -f install?08:14
m1r1pinchweldy: with one share you will be enough for file transfers08:14
m1r1server(share)*nix <<< LAN >>> win2k's08:14
=== Limit_afk is now known as Limit_
SnapSnapzantekk, returns the same message08:14
pinchweldybut how does win2k know about the share - how do you go about accessing the share from win2k?08:15
zantekkm1r1: is there any comfortable gui client for managing samba shares? I have to deal with a lot of them, would make my life much easier08:15
m1r1zantekk: system-config-samba , gadmin-samba or such08:15
coraxxok...here is a silly question.  How do I type the circumflex symbol in Ubuntu ...(just the symbol ...not with any letters underneath) ?08:16
m1r1pinchweldy: samba will take care for you08:16
coraxx(oh ...and I have the Danish Keyboard Layout)08:16
m1r1pinchweldy: you need just one share for start, later you figure out storage paths08:16
pinchweldyok thank you. I will give it a try. Thanks m1r1!08:17
Patero-ngdoes ubuntu comes with directx08:17
zantekkm1r1: ty08:17
m1r1nps guys :)08:17
zantekkits win stuff08:17
Patero-ngthen I can't play my racing game08:18
m1r1Patero-ng: try install WINE08:18
m1r1maybe its supported08:18
Patero-ngis that a open source version of directx08:18
m1r1Patero-ng: its diferent08:19
m1r1it can install windows programs08:19
m1r1but DX9,10,11 ... otehr story08:19
SnapSnapzantekk, any ideas?08:20
m1r1SnapSnap: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade08:20
zantekkPatero-ng: wine is just a kind of "translator" which "translates" windows-calls into unix-calls, doens't work perfect but its getting better and better ;)08:26
SnapSnapm1r1, when I tried "sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" It returned "E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)  E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?" right after reading the package lists08:27
zantekkSnapSnap: "sudo" is missing at the second command08:27
=== wk is now known as Guest32595
SnapSnapzantekk, when I run "apt-get update" with and without sudo, both complete. When I run "apt-get dist-upgrade" without sudo it returns the above error. With sudo it returns the original error.08:30
Patero-ngso what if I run dxsetup from wine can that turn my ubuntu into a gaming platform08:31
m1r1SnapSnap: apt-get install -f08:31
zantekkPatero-ng: no, if you want to see which games run well on linux, especially with wine, visit http://appdb.winehq.com08:31
m1r1Patero-ng: you be better off with native linux games08:32
zantekkSnapSnap: try the following commans, step by step.. :08:32
zantekksudo apt-get install -f, sudo apt-get clean, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:32
m1r1zantek ^^08:32
zantekkwhat? ^^08:32
m1r1:) nice08:32
zantekkfirst day in the channel, only try to help :)08:33
m1r1then welcome :)08:33
zantekkthanks ;)08:33
SnapSnapm1r1, zantekk, It looked like it was downloading linux-headers-3.5.0-21 but then returned the original error. :(08:34
SnapSnapzantekk, thanks for the help08:34
m1r1SnapSnap: fixed ?08:34
SnapSnapm1r1, no :( "Errors were encountered while processing: linux-headers-3.5.0-21"08:35
m1r1SnapSnap: got previos kernel versions ?08:35
zantekkSnapSnap: 32 or 64 bit?08:35
SnapSnapm1r1, I'm running 12.10 and updated this morning. zantekk, 32 bit08:36
zantekkwget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-headers-3.5.0-21-generic_3.5.0-21.32_i386.deb08:36
m1r1SnapSnap: try boot with 3.5.0-20 ?08:36
zantekksudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.5.0-21-generic_3.5.0-21.32_i386.deb08:36
SnapSnapzantekk, got it. now what? m1r1 how?08:37
zantekkdownloaded the .deb?08:38
zantekkand installed it?08:38
SnapSnapzantekk, one sec. installing08:39
SnapSnapzantekk, won't install. :/ Anyway, I'm off here for now. I'll try again in a few hours.08:42
SnapSnapzantekk, m1r1 Thanks for all the help.08:42
zantekkokay, np08:42
Polwari think im in the wrong channel. is this where i can ask about communications with my phone? or should i try #android?08:47
Unifxmwhahhaha love ordering pizza online and roomie picking it up08:47
Unifxhaha try android unless your running linux or ubuntu on it08:48
Unifxwhats the prob any way08:48
zantekkyeah Polwar , I'm good at Android, whats the prob?08:48
Polwarok. well i accidentally soft bricked my nexus. im trying to figure out how to push to my gnex sdcard, but i cant get my pc to read it in bootloader08:49
zantekkyou need the android sdk08:49
Polwari have that but it will only read while phone is on08:49
zantekkafter you got it you can work with adb to push or pull files08:50
Unifxhehehe just re-directed my mates router instead of going to google.com it goes to meatspin08:50
zantekkcan you boot into recovery?08:50
Polwarit wont show up in adb devices in fastboot08:50
Polwarrecovery and bootloader but not the os08:50
zantekkgo into recovery08:50
zantekkdo you have cwm?08:50
Polwaryeah i have touch08:51
zantekkhaha nice, me too :) boot into it, mount /sdcard08:51
Polwarive alredy formatted everything though08:51
zantekkthen adb kill-server08:51
zantekkadb shell08:51
Polwarone sec08:51
Polwarwill linux detect it in recovery mode?08:52
zantekkI think you need the android udev rules mom08:54
Polwaradb wont even detect it though :/08:55
zantekkpls try this at first: http://forums.androidcentral.com/linux/57132-how-set-up-udev-rules-ubuntu-10-10-a.html08:55
black_angelmay be you need to be <root user> using 'sudo su', and then type "adb devices"08:57
Polwaroh wow im still on 10.04 lol08:57
zantekkwhat? :D08:58
zantekkand yes, black_angel  is right, you have to use sudo08:58
Polwarwindows didnt detect it. lets see if ubu does lol08:58
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black_angelit must change to be <root user>08:59
zantekkmaybe you're still running win95? ^^08:59
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
Polwarclose! 'xp lmao08:59
Polwarfrom like '0209:00
zantekkoh..okay. You should think about "I-Update-All-My-Systems"-Day09:00
zantekkbut pls do not install win8..09:00
hipstar2is it possible to assess if a USB device is drawing power?09:00
black_angelPolwar: adb will detect your android device automatically in linux os. But first you must change to be root user, and then...anything is ok.09:01
Polwar....wth is my root pass now...09:01
Ben64Polwar, black_angel: you don't need to be root to use adb09:01
zantekkyou have to if youre not in the adbusers group09:02
zantekkor at least use sudo09:02
black_angelBen64: zantekk is right.09:02
Ben64black_angel, zantekk: that is not correct09:03
black_angelBen64: I always change to be root user to run 'adb devices'09:03
zantekkit is, if it isn't, we have a big lack in the unix kernel security system09:03
black_angelBen64: when i just using 'sudo adb devices', it doesn't work.09:04
Ben64black_angel: just because you use root doesn't mean you have to; zantekk: there is no security flaw from being able to use a binary as a normal user09:04
zantekkblack_angel: adb kill-server09:05
zantekkthen try again09:05
black_angelBen64: I don't know why, so my fix is to be root user.09:05
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Ben64thats a bad fix09:05
Polwarsorry, but can you link the adb tools for linux?09:05
zantekkBen64: but the binary must have access to the kernel so it has to set the kernel bit09:05
zantekkthat's a bad thing as normal user09:05
Polwari got it09:05
zantekkPolwar: wuhu! :)09:06
Polwarnot detected09:06
Ben64zantekk: I don't think you know what you're talking about09:06
Polwarjust found the adb tools lol09:06
black_angelPolwar: adb kill-server09:06
black_angelPolwar: and then start it. adb start-server09:07
zantekkBen64: why? every program which needs several hardware components or access to the kernel has to switch the kernel bit to get access to it09:07
Polwarnvmd, can you link the tools dl page please?09:07
Ben64zantekk: no09:07
Ben64Polwar: have you tried googling "adb linux"? it's the first result09:08
m1r1zantekk: program used by who ? :D09:08
zantekkBen64: of course, I'm studying information engineering and that's what we've learned09:08
zhenbeijuPolwar,  maybe you need set a file like   http://source.android.com/source/initializing.html09:08
Ben64zantekk: that's nice, but still wrong09:08
zhenbeijuthe page's tag "Configuring USB Access"09:08
Polwardl'ing right now. sorry guys, i hope this is a linux noob friendly channel lol09:10
m1r1everyone was noob once ;)09:11
Ben64Polwar: what exactly are you trying to accomplish09:12
zantekkBen64: so every user has unlimited access to kernel functions? oO I don't think so..09:13
m1r1zantekk: it depends all on user, thats the beauty09:13
Polwarsoft bricked my galnex.09:13
Polwar wont pass google splash screen09:13
zantekkBen64: on the groups he is in09:14
Ben64Polwar: well this channel is for Ubuntu support, not android support : /09:14
Hapzzzhow do i stop the annoying window groupin09:14
swiftkeyhello there09:14
Ben64zantekk: you know, adb doesn't really do anything on the local computer09:14
zantekkBen64: yes, but does it not need access to the usb interface?09:15
black_angelthere is an android-developer channel, may be #developer-android or #android-developer, I don't know, but there must be.09:15
Ben64there is #android #android-root both of which would be more appropriate09:16
black_angeljust have fun.09:16
swiftkeyi get this tons of errors09:16
zantekkpls use pastebin..09:16
Abhijit!details | swiftkey09:16
ubottuswiftkey: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:16
swiftkeyi already tried apt-get -f09:17
swiftkeyand update09:17
swiftkeybut its still the same09:17
zantekksudo apt-get -f install09:17
zantekksudo apt-get clean and then upgrade again09:17
joey8is "apt-get clean" a normally safe command to run??09:19
ubottumorpheus: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:19
Patero-ngcan ubuntu run codmw209:19
Patero-ngtru wine09:19
Ben64Patero-ng: check the appdb09:20
joey8zantekk→ is "apt-get clean" a normally safe command to run??09:20
eGetinyes it is09:21
joey8eGetin→ thanx09:21
swiftkeyhello again09:22
swiftkeyi need to quit09:22
swiftkeymy xchat doesnt cooperate09:22
swiftkeyi still have the same error09:22
swiftkeyE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:23
eGetindid you use it with sudo?09:23
joey8egadw→ yes thanx09:24
joey8eGetin→ ooops - yes thanx09:24
Patero-ngsudo sounds japanese09:26
pedahzurTo answer my own question: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html09:26
swiftkeyhere is another error again09:34
swiftkeydpkg: error processing fonts-opensymbol (--configure):09:34
swiftkey Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should09:34
swiftkey reinstall it before attempting configuration.09:34
Patero-ngany euros in here09:36
auronandacePatero-ng: why is that important?09:39
eniacWhen using byobu I get 2 hardstatus lines from screen09:40
Patero-ngI want to ask them a regional question09:40
AbhijitPatero-ng, we have country specific channels09:40
Patero-ngbut this is world wide09:40
eniacHow can I disable byobu's default hardstatus line for screen ?09:40
axgbMy mic port does not work on my laptop, Are there any drivers to fix it09:40
AbhijitPatero-ng, then ask here only09:41
aeon-ltdaxgb: check if your mic works then check if the input's muted09:41
=== demonic is now known as Guest41876
axgbthe microphone literally has to be in your mouth for it to give a tiny bit of very bad quality sould09:42
axgband it works perfect on windows XP this laptop is dualboot with09:42
swiftkeyi hve this error now09:42
swiftkeyalready removed the other one09:43
swiftkeybut this one sticks09:43
Patero-ngaxgb you still use xp? amazing I use it on my other pc with older cpu09:44
MrWibbleshey i was reading this guide on server security, and one of the suggestions was to uninstall any packages you don't need09:45
MrWibblesgood advice?09:45
axgbYes, I still use xp, but I mainly use Lubuntu. I really prefer XP to 7 or vista. Its not like outdated, all software still works on it, i see no point in upgrading09:45
axgbnow the mic is silent09:45
axgbbut i did change some settings09:46
m1r1MrWibbles: more packages = harder to pinpoint problem, same for security09:46
MrWibbleshttps://gist.github.com/5e4e2c37a0d857d079f3 << any ideas if i need or should remove any of these packages/09:46
MrWibblesm1r1: right.. but working out which ones you can remove09:46
MrWibbleswithout breaking stuff. is not that easy right?09:46
m1r1MrWibbles: i use minimal servr install , then build up what i need09:47
Ben64MrWibbles: only you know what you need09:47
axgbhow do i fix soud card problems09:47
Patero-ngcan I play supernintendo on ubuntu09:47
m1r1Patero-ng: YES!!! :D09:47
MrWibblesBen64: oh.. as i do apt-get install.. then only specific packages will kick in?09:47
MrWibblesbecause they will show up in the dependecies09:47
m1r1MrWibbles: and their dependencys09:47
MrWibblesah ok09:48
MrWibblesyeah i use my hosting providers default package09:48
MonkeyDustPatero-ng  http://maketecheasier.com/play-classic-console-games-in-linux/2009/11/13?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MakeTechEasier+%28Make+Tech+Easier%29&utm_content=Google+Reader <-- NES09:48
Patero-ngm1r1 wanna play?09:48
m1r1Patero-ng: work, work , work :(09:48
Patero-ngwork and play09:49
Patero-ngsay to your boss I'm testing this controller or sum works with my mom09:49
m1r1lol :D only problem, i am boss :(09:49
Patero-ngthen tell some of your employee to play with me09:50
Patero-nghow old are you? what do you work on? where?09:50
kaleidonhi everyone :)09:53
kaleidoni get this when i run ps aux | grep http://pastebin.com/RFiRnnkP how do i start apache as not root?09:54
l057c0d3rjoin #ubuntu-chat09:55
szxis /etc/envoronment ignored if I specify a DEFAULT value in pam_env.conf ?09:55
l057c0d3rjoin #ubuntu-chat09:55
l057c0d3rjoin #lubuntu-chat09:55
MonkeyDustPatero-ng  better /join #ubuntu-offtopic for that kind of chit chat09:55
DJonesl057c0d3r: You're missing the "/" in front of the join command09:56
l057c0d3ri realise that now :-p09:56
l057c0d3rheh sorry09:56
kaleidoni thought that's what you were telling me to do lol09:56
l057c0d3rits what i get for talking in to many places and trying to skype at the same time09:56
l057c0d3rthanks for nick alerting me though.. because i was going wtf in my head09:57
dchernivkaleidon, the main process is started as root which forks child processes as www-data09:58
dchernivkaleidon, this is normal09:58
kaleidondcherniv: *phew* ! thank you so much :)09:58
diverdudeI have 12.10. How do i set Windows-button+D to minimize all and show desktop?09:59
kaleidonone more thing, who should the owner of the apache dir be? should it be www-data with the group ownership as www-data as well?10:00
Patero-ngkaleidon the owner should be lex luthor10:00
kaleidonsorry, by apache dir, i mean the folder that the virtualhost is running from10:01
dchernivkaleidon, the owner of wwwroot dir is www-data10:01
dchernivkaleidon, right10:01
kaleidonand group as well?10:01
dchernivkaleidon, yes10:01
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:03
kaleidondcherniv: if i ls -l i get drwxr-xr-x  9 root root     4096 Dec 20 11:11 www  but apache still seems to be able to serve files normally. is that normal?10:03
dchernivkaleidon, also you can set different users for different vhosts.10:03
dchernivkaleidon, yes because www-data can still read the files, since you have read permissions for other10:04
kaleidondcherniv: is that what shared hosts do? sym link to users host dir then set their vhost folder as theyr own account?10:04
dchernivkaleidon, drwxr-xr-x, last r-x is READ for everyone that is not root10:04
=== daniel is now known as Guest54409
dchernivkaleidon, exactly10:04
dchernivkaleidon, thats what we did back when i was working for webhosting company10:05
Guest54409i need help with printer sharing via cups and avahi10:05
Guest54409in the past CUPS could share printers in a generic way so the clients didn't need a specific driver10:06
kaleidondcherniv: ahhhh! i've always wondered how that worked :) how did you go about automatically allocating space etc to the user? is that something you can automate with standard linux, or do you need 3rd party software for that?10:06
Guest54409now i fail to setup cups and avahi to share my printer with a generic interface10:06
cubi thought CUPS is what people drank out of10:06
dchernivkaleidon, for VPS we used VMware, when user ran out of space or requested more space the virtual machine was automatically cloned, ips reassigned, old vmachine was shut down and new one brought online10:07
dchernivkaleidon, im sure there's different way to accomplish that on standard linux, LVM maybe, vmware was simply easy10:08
kaleidondcherniv: i meant more for shared hosting :)10:08
Patero-ngcub you are so funny man10:09
Ben64kaleidon: you can have user quotas10:09
kaleidonBen64: and is that folder specific or everything that the user owns? eg, do you set a quota on /home/<user> and whatever symlinks off it for example?10:10
cubgnome panel is being gay10:10
cubtime to kill it10:10
hateballPatero-ng: Do you explicitly need avahi? Otherwise you can use cups client.conf10:11
Ben64kaleidon: usually it's their home directory10:11
Patero-nghateball me?10:11
kaleidonBen64: so in the case of shared hosting, you'd vhost out of their home dir, yeah?10:12
dchernivkaleidon, ah. shared hosting was manual. All user data was on a big RAID, on some servers up to 2000+ users on the same storage array. We used filesystem quota to limit space available to each user10:12
hateballPatero-ng: oh I thought you were Guest54409, my bad10:12
hateballGuest54409:  Do you explicitly need avahi? Otherwise you can use cups client.conf10:12
dchernivkaleidon, if RAID ran out of space we simply threw couple more disks in it or move biggest users to a new RAID10:12
kaleidondcherniv: ahh, ok!10:12
kaleidondcherniv and Ben64 thank you so much for your help :)10:13
kaleidonactually, i have one more question. should I set the serving dir (in this case there is and only ever will be 1 serving dir for this machine) to chown www-data and chgrp www-data?10:14
Guest54409hateball, i'd like to advertise to printer to all network clients including guests10:15
joey8Guest54409→ no adverts allowed10:16
hateballGuest54409: Alright. I'm not in the know with avahi so I'll step back10:16
dchernivkaleidon, if you have active pages (ie wordpress and such) better localize it to a separate directory and give apache write perm to that directory only10:16
dchernivkaleidon, i wouldnt give apache write perm to entire wwwroot10:16
kaleidondcherniv: even when there's only 1 site in that dir?10:17
dchernivkaleidon, what kind of site?10:17
kaleidondcherniv: Drupal, so a php based cms10:17
kaleidoni know there is only one dir that needs write access as its current instance, but that might change10:18
dchernivkaleidon, yes it should be safe to change the owner then10:18
kaleidondcherniv: awesome! thank you very much :)10:19
dchernivkaleidon, the way i would do it is, everything is read only and go from there though10:19
dchernivkaleidon, remember to keep drupal install up to date10:19
kaleidondcherniv: yeah, the drupal side of things i can manage. i do that for a living :) it's the linux/ubuntu bit that i'm not too familiar with. i come from whinedoze10:20
user82_hi. how can i delay autostart programs? adding sleep 5 && [originalcommand] in startup programs does not work. do i need "" or something?10:20
dchernivkaleidon, ah, good to go then10:20
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* dcherniv brb formation10:21
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MonkeyDustelect  it works, you're in10:25
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kaleidondcherniv: thanks again :)10:28
joey8sorry guys i know this is asked so many times BUT what is the command to see which version of unbuntu i am running. thanx. (sorry)10:28
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joey8- - please somebody?10:29
SolarisBoyjoey8: you can use lsb_release -sc10:29
joey8SolarisBoy→ thanks v m10:29
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:29
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joey8SolarisBoy→ ah ha this gives me the NAME of the release and not the NUMBER10:30
joey8i need the number10:30
strempohey guys10:30
SolarisBoyjoey8: lsb_release -a10:30
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SolarisBoyjoey8: or just -d really but both will give that also10:30
joey8SolarisBoy→ aaaaaah thats it - thanx very much10:30
Sefid_parI wanted to program my microcontroller using uisp and parallel port10:31
Sefid_parusing this command: uisp -dprog=dapa -dlpt=0x37810:31
Sefid_parBut I got error: Failed to get direct I/O port access.10:31
Sefid_parWhat does it mean?10:31
SolarisBoythat it failed to access the i/o port - possibly permissions?10:32
Sefid_parand before the error: "ioprm: success"10:32
SolarisBoySefid_par: what user did you do it as?10:32
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Sefid_parSolarisBoy: I used ubuntu live10:33
Sefid_parSolarisBoy: I think it has the administrative permission10:33
ubottuIf you use Netflix, instructions on a method of installing it via PPA are detailed here http://www.iheartubuntu.com/2012/11/ppa-for-netflix-desktop-app.html - If you need support,please contact the developer through the comments section on that page.10:33
OpenSorceThougt so...10:34
distrozionecan anyone help me?10:38
MonkeyDustdistrozione  start with a question10:39
distrozionei have a problem with my wifi antenna... i can "reach" (sorry my english is very bad) my connection but i can't download, use the browser or anything else...10:40
distrozionei think can be the driver or the network manager, because aircrack and similiar programs by terminal still work10:40
tombeversHi all.10:40
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tombeversI just did an apt-get update on a server (Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick)10:41
maetthew-anyone know why i get this error?10:41
maetthew-why ZNC10:41
maetthew-[11:41:13] <*status> Attempting to connect to [irc.quakenet.org 6667] ...10:41
maetthew-[11:41:13] <*status> Cannot connect to IRC (Cannot assign requested address (Is your IRC server's host name valid?)). Retrying...10:41
maetthew-ubuntu 12.0410:41
MonkeyDusttombevers  10.10 is no longer in use or supported10:42
maetthew-*with ZNC10:42
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tombeversand got Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick-security/main/source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found10:42
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MonkeyDusttombevers  it's because 10.10 is !eol10:43
jonesn420could someone point me to the directory where the autostart configuration is for lubuntu?10:44
jonesn420so I can ADD programs to it10:44
MonkeyDustsfsdfsdf  ok, you're in10:45
sfsdfsdfHow would i replace eth0 with a wifi?10:45
sfsdfsdfLike what is the name for wifi like ethernet is eth010:45
MonkeyDust!wifi > sfsdfsdf start here10:45
ubottusfsdfsdf, please see my private message10:45
tombeversThanks for the response @MonkeyDust10:46
sfsdfsdfI dont need that information10:46
sfsdfsdfIm looking to replace a setting in a conky conf10:46
MonkeyDustsfsdfsdf  usually, it would be wlan010:46
sfsdfsdfits set to eth0 but i am on wifi10:46
sfsdfsdfneed to know what i would type so the conf reads from my wifi10:46
sfsdfsdfwlan0 ill try10:46
jonesn420wlan0 sfsdfsdf or wlan1 would be what to use if u did not know10:46
jonesn420ifconfig will tell u10:47
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sfsdfsdfifconfig doesnt tell, but wlan0 worked thanks10:48
jonesn420could someone please point me to the directory of lubuntu to add programs to startup and to also remove some. the folder directory. to edit with leafpad. i know how to just dont remember the directory and linux directories are foreign to me lol10:49
ouyesjonesn420, what is lubuntu10:50
sfsdfsdfI love conky10:50
ibihello, I have an Acer Aspire One with 32bit Ubuntu 12.04 installed, and my WebCam doesnt work, I couldnt get proper answer googling. How can i make it work? my lsusb output for this: Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0c45:62c0 Microdia Sonix USB 2.0 Camera10:51
sfsdfsdfget proper drivers for it10:52
ibithere is a video0 device10:52
ibisfsdfsdf: from where ?10:52
rokjhi; anyone knows how would i change boot logo during boot in livecd?10:53
sfsdfsdfThere website ? if they support linux or open source if you can find any10:53
MonkeyDustouyes  lubuntu is ubuntu with lxde, something lighter and faster than gnome10:54
sfsdfsdfWhy would you want to change the boot logo on a livecd?10:54
matanyahi, just went into this error: http://askubuntu.com/questions/207680/run-jnlp-application-on-xubuntu-12-1010:55
MonkeyDustrokj  you would have to change the live cd itself10:55
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jonesn420could someone please point me to the directory of lubuntu to add programs to startup and to also remove some. the folder directory. to edit with leafpad. i know how to just dont remember the directory and linux directories are foreign to me lol10:58
SolarisBoyrokj: sure check out live-build package10:58
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SolarisBoyits fairly simple using that package to change the boot splash and more (like the packages, content, etc)10:59
rokjMonkeyDust, i know, just do not kknow where to find splash image, i am booting over network using pxelinux and want to change that logo during boot11:01
rokjSolarisBoy, i did11:02
SolarisBoythat package also lets you just remix the pxelinux stuff also11:02
SolarisBoyrokj: you'll need to reference the docs from here11:02
SolarisBoyrokj: i would look at the docs on debian site, if you peek at the man pages for ubuntu the devs hint to check there for most up to date docs11:03
SolarisBoyif you go to the html page and search for splash you'll find the info11:03
SolarisBoyi recently saw a manual for customizing the splash rle file manually in pxelinux -- lost it11:04
MonkeyDustrokj  opened an ubuntu iso with archive manager - there's /./pics/logo-50.jpg11:05
rokjSolarisBoy, thx11:05
rokjMonkeyDust, thx11:05
commie_Excuse me, I got Shank 2 and it won't extract11:05
SolarisBoyyea thats probably easier - thought you actually wanted to do other customization @live cd stuff11:05
commie_gzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated11:06
commie_tar: Unexpected EOF in archive11:06
commie_tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now11:06
commie_What does this mean?11:06
rokjMonkeyDust, thats not the right image11:06
l057c0d3rthat the end of the file came before it should have11:06
l057c0d3rmore then likely the archive is damaged or corrupt11:06
MonkeyDustrokj  i'm browsing the mounted iso11:07
commie_Why would humble bundle release a corrupted archive?11:08
l057c0d3rcommie_ i would try redownloading it...  or finding it from another source..11:08
l057c0d3rstuff happens11:08
commie_I got both the direct link and the torrent11:08
commie_same issues11:08
l057c0d3rit might have got corrupted while being downloaded.. happens from time to time11:08
MonkeyDustrokj  try isolinux/splash.png11:08
jonesn420could someone please point me to the directory of lubuntu to add programs to startup and to also remove some. the folder directory. to edit with leafpad. i know how to just dont remember the directory and linux directories are foreign to me lol11:09
MonkeyDustrokj  or splash.pcx11:09
rokjMonkeyDust, i want to change this one http://ctrlv.in/14627011:09
l057c0d3rcommie_ my best bet would be to try to find another source. or contacdt humble bundle..11:09
l057c0d3rerr contacdt11:09
jonesn420how are there hundreds in here and 5 talk?11:10
l057c0d3rsigh.. im tired i cant type...  contact11:10
MonkeyDustrokj  i see, don't know how to do that11:10
dr_williswould you rather there be 10?11:10
rokjMonkeyDust, ok thx anyway11:10
l057c0d3rjonesn420..  there should be a app in the lxde settings for that...11:10
l057c0d3rif i remember correctly11:10
jonesn420there isn't l057c0d3r i mean there is but you can only click to enable or disable the current there is no where to add or remove11:11
l057c0d3rjonesn420, ~/.config/autostart11:12
jonesn420thank you l057c0d3r11:12
l057c0d3rand btw.. most people just idle in  here.. so they are connected but sleeping.. working.. just not at computer..  or maybe even doing other things atm11:13
TannerNCruzIs anyone available to evaluate my Partitioning Schema for my first Linux HDD :)?11:14
lieferI have setup a small home server, how do i get a DNS record without buying a domain? I remember back in the day you could get <whatever>.opendns.com , but i think they no longer offers that? What are the alternatives?11:14
lieferTannerNCruz: if its your very first time, why not let ubuntu do it for you?11:15
MonkeyDustliefer  there's also #ubuntu-server11:15
srhbliefer: Sounds like you want to search for dynamic dns services11:15
l057c0d3rTannerNCruz, sure what you got11:15
lieferMonkeyDust: thanks11:15
TannerNCruzBecause I did my research and it's my first self builst Desktop unit and I want it to be special :3.11:15
liefersrhb: thanks, i will. You happen to be able to recommend any?11:15
TannerNCruzI'll paste it, one moment please.11:15
l057c0d3rliefer.. dynodns ?11:15
srhbliefer: No, but I can recommend buying a domain, it's cheap. :P That is, if you can get a static WAN IP.11:15
TannerNCruzWindows: Partitioning irrelevant.11:16
TannerNCruz/dev/hdb (Linux: Ubuntu 12.XX/250000MB(250GB) Sata HDD/3.0 GBps)11:16
TannerNCruz      /dev/hd1 Primary /(root) 4000MB(4GB)11:16
TannerNCruz      /dev/hd2 Primary /boot 100MB(0.1GB)11:16
TannerNCruz      /dev/hd3 Extended (no association) no size11:16
TannerNCruz            /dev/hd5 Logical /swap 5000MB(5GB)11:16
FloodBot1TannerNCruz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:16
TUIHello, WINE crashed my Xwindow while playing (the screen froze without response) so i pressed ctrl+alt+F1 to TTY1 and then back to ctrl+alt+F7. somehow i got back my GUI and restarted my game. however now when i reboot my computer GUI fails to start up and TTY1 show up like a 5 seconds. If i press ctrl+alt+F7 after a start up and find "Starting load fallback graphics devices [fail]"11:16
TannerNCruzOops. Sorry about that.11:16
l057c0d3rif you cant get a static ip  dynodns  worked great for me a few years ago11:16
srhbdyndns works, I just dislike the hassle of it.11:16
l057c0d3rsrhb, right..11:17
dr_willisdyndns works well for me. i still have a free account11:17
TannerNCruzhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1452045/ There we go, a normal paste.11:17
TannerNCruzNot used to using IRC chat clients yet haha.11:17
lieferYeah im a cheap bastard, it has to be free. Dyndns doesnt appear to be free11:17
dr_willisi think they may still have a free acvount.. if you can find the right links.11:18
MonkeyDustTannerNCruz  what command did you use to get that output?11:18
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lieferI can only find a 14-day trial11:19
srhbdr_willis: I think you are mistaken.11:19
TannerNCruzWhat output?11:19
lieferskp1: will check it out thanks11:19
MonkeyDustTannerNCruz  in the pastebin11:19
TannerNCruzI didn't use any commands, just the ubuntu paster.11:19
l057c0d3rwait dyndns isnt free anymore.. when did this happen.. my account is still free11:19
s0u][ighthello, I have my ipod classic connected to my pc, i want to change the permissions of a file on my ipod, but the changes refuse to take effect11:19
srhbl057c0d3r: They grandfathered all existing free accounts, 4 million of them11:19
TannerNCruzOh, no it's my HDD partition schema.11:19
srhbl057c0d3r: No more new free accounts, however.11:19
dr_willissrhb: i saw it mentioned at lifehacker. but that was a year ago11:19
l057c0d3raww well that sucks11:20
dr_willisim grandfathered in. ;-)11:20
l057c0d3rme to i guess11:20
MonkeyDustTannerNCruz  type sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit and paste the url here11:20
lieferHmm apparently i made a dyndns account in 2010, maybe its been grandfathered too11:21
TannerNCruzThis isn't the Linux computer, this is my laptop. I'm just planning the Partitioning for when the computer can be assembled.11:21
srhbliefer: Probably.11:21
TannerNCruzRight now I've got an old motherboard conected to my tv with a VGA cable so I can wipe the old hard drive haha.11:22
lieferNope, my account was considered inactive has expired11:22
lieferoh well11:22
MonkeyDustTannerNCruz  read this first https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes11:22
l057c0d3rTannerNCruz, i would make it more simple.....  say 100mb for boot..  20 gb for root..  swap is fine.. and then the rest for root...11:23
l057c0d3rerr the rest for home11:23
l057c0d3rno need for the usr ext11:23
RomeoAvaDear friends, I have this error: http://pastebin.com/mseB0Vgk11:23
l057c0d3rTannerNCruz, unless you plan on running a lamp server  then you will want /var on its own partition11:24
l057c0d3rhell really dont even need the boot one11:24
l057c0d3rjust 20gb root will be fine for software and boot..11:24
l057c0d3rand make sure swap is at the end or beginning of the disk.. best to put it at the end of the disk11:24
srhbThough a tiny boot partition is really nice to have, and at no real cost..11:25
dr_willisthese days im not sure it matters. but i put swap at the end11:25
TannerNCruzIf you have a /usr can't your /root be a bit smaller?11:25
TannerNCruzIf not significantly smaller?11:26
dr_willisif you are using swap its such a bit hit on speeds.11:26
srhbWhy would you ever put swap at the end?11:26
dr_willisi use a big  /boot/ to store iso files on. and setup grub2 to boot then11:27
l057c0d3rsupposedly the drive accesses the beginning and ends faster then the middle its what i've always been told at least11:27
dr_willisi put a small swap at the end of each hd. or used to.11:28
l057c0d3rhonestly.. the more ram you have.. the less needed a swap becomes.. but its still good for sleep / hibernation.11:28
srhbIsn't the inner part of the platter the beginning of the drive?11:28
dr_willisit used to be a common question/thread/argument/flamefest years ago. ;)11:29
srhbThen again, newer drives probably lie about where the sectors are.11:29
Jordan_Usrhb: l057c0d3r: At this point, almost any assumption about such things is likely to be invalid.11:29
wdp_l057c0d3r, that's a very general statement and not true in every use-case.11:29
MonkeyDustpartitioning <3   (not)11:29
wdp_l057c0d3r, we for example have some servers with 32gb ram, and still swap is required and useful.11:30
l057c0d3rright..  server.....11:30
dr_willisif you are using swap in daily ussage.. get moar rams.     ;)11:30
Patero-ngdr_willis is unity bad as in disfunctional11:30
srhbwdp_: I think the argument is very applicable in general.11:30
dr_willisPatero-ng:  i find unity works well for me. it has a lot of neat features11:30
Patero-ngbut I can't find the administration tool11:31
l057c0d3ri find unity messes up a lot on me....  but its still nice...11:31
dr_williswhat admin tool?11:31
srhbIf you're not going to hibernate and you don't care if your programs crash if you end up using more memory than you have in RAM, why have swap anyway?11:31
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TannerNCruzHow big should a /var partition normally be?11:32
dr_willissrhb:  years ago i saw articals/benchmarks that showed with no swap partition the kernel would be a little slower.. but no idea if its true any more11:32
TannerNCruzFor a 250G HDD and 8GB ram system?11:32
l057c0d3rtanner.. depends.. what kind of server are you running....  how much space will be needed for the website / services / features of the said server11:32
srhbTannerNCruz: some gigabytes if you really need to partition it seperately. Do you?11:32
Jordan_UTannerNCruz: I would highly recommend having everything except swap in a single / partition. A separate /boot/ partition gains you nothing (unless you have a buggy BIOS), and if you want to start splitting up things more than that (which also for the most part gains you nothing) you'll want to at least use LVM so that you can change sizes more easily later when you find out that your initial assumptions about how big each ...11:32
Jordan_U... partition will need to be were wrong.11:32
dr_willisTannerNCruz:  with that small a hd i wouldent seperate them11:32
srhbdr_willis: Really, I would like to see that link.11:33
dr_willissrhb:  this was 5+ yrs ago11:33
srhbdr_willis: Personally I'm running a SSD so I have other concerns. I don't want to ever write temporary files to it. But that's a different story of course.11:33
dr_willisi got a 128gb ssd. i just have  a single / partition on it11:34
l057c0d3rJordan_U, really.. i like to keep my home seperate..  just because if something goes down.. and i loose access ext.. it just seemed easier to reinstall and still have all my personal files /  settings already there still11:34
wdp_srhb, would take a bit longer to explain; also it's OT, however, take a look for the various swapiness discussions and check what really happens with your ram. a lot is used for caching; your swap takes stuff which is not used that much, so more is available for caching and your apps which actually require memory. which is why running without swap, regardless of the amount of available ram is generally considered bad.11:34
srhbdr_willis: I have that and boot, works fine for me. I might end up partitioning /home if something ever fucks up, though.11:34
RomeoAvaAny help please: http://pastebin.com/mseB0Vgk11:34
dr_willishomes on its own 3TB hd. ;)11:34
Jordan_Usrhb: Theoretically, having swap can allow the kernel to swap out very infrequently unused (but non-cache, and thus needing to be preserved) pages to make more room for cache. More room for cache means more speed for the things you're actually doing.11:35
dr_willisits  easy to move home.11:35
TUIHello, during start up i get "Starting load fallback graphics devices [fail]" and TTY1 login screen shows up for 5 seconds11:35
wdp_srhb, hence all i said is: that argument is not applicable everywhere. there are a few more factors to think of.11:35
dr_willisor have some users on the ssd and others on a different hd11:35
TUIso my GUI fails to start11:35
srhbwdp_: As I understand it, as long as you have free memory (besides cache) there's zero need for swap.11:35
domiedoes anyone have a clue about these artifacts?  http://imagebin.org/24006211:35
Jordan_Ul057c0d3r: Ubuntu's installer has an option to re-install preserving /home/, even when it's not on a separate partition.11:35
srhbwdp_: I think we're splitting hairs over the word "generally" - nevermind. :-)11:36
wdp_probably. i'm not a native english speaker, so i might mess up words :)11:36
l057c0d3rright.. well its getting early...  i need to sleep for work...  has been fun :-)11:36
l057c0d3rJordan_U, i did not know that.. that is good to know..  i've only ran ubuntu a few times.. have lubuntu on my lappy as a dual boot system.. and gentoo on my main desktop11:37
TUIcan i somehow change TTY1 as a default during start up from grub?11:37
dr_willis!text | tui11:38
ubottutui: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode11:38
Jordan_Usrhb: Having swap also means that you have more time between an app misbehaving and eating RAM and the OOM killer kicking in.11:38
domieis there any alternative to unity with unified title bar + menu ?11:39
MonkeyDustdomie  unity is a completely new concept11:40
Patero-ngthat hides all my tools11:41
Jordan_Udomie: http://code.google.com/p/gnome2-globalmenu/ though from that page it looks like getting support for GNOME3 might take some work as it's still in-development.11:41
dr_willisthere may be some global menu thing for gnome-shell11:41
agselif I have file which belongs to group X. I have a user U which belongs to group X. I want to remove the file with user U, but cannot do that. the folder where the file is, does not have sticky bit. how can I make the file deletable?11:42
MonkeyDustTUI  gdm has the option to login in the terminal, you can install it on top of lightdm11:42
agselrather, file is owned by group X11:42
Patero-ngwho are they11:42
TUIMonkeyDust: the problem is that gdm fails to start11:43
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MTWhey guys11:44
MTWanyone around?11:44
MTWgot a ubuntu question11:44
MTWok, so I ran ubunt for the first time11:44
MTWand it looks weird as hell11:44
MTWbig sidebar and no way to either put it at the bottom or go back to the old way i see whe i google image search ubuntu11:45
MTWso my question is, how do I go to the classical interface?11:45
Jordan_Uagsel: What are the permissions of the file and the directory containing it?11:45
MonkeyDustMTW  we all had to get used to it, it's called 'learning'11:45
l057c0d3rmtw..  the gnome interface...11:45
MTWi am not interested in learning it, I feel it is fundamentally bad11:45
MTWit doesn't work the way I work11:45
MonkeyDustMTW  install 'fallback'11:45
MTWfallback? what repo is that in?11:45
n00bzi'm running ubuntu for the second time, where should i learn about terminal commands?11:45
agselJordan_U: dir has drwxrwx---, file has -rwxrwx---11:46
MonkeyDust!classic | MTW11:46
ubottuMTW: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity11:46
l057c0d3rn00bz, http://linuxcommand.org/learning_the_shell.php11:46
MTWi'm on 12.1011:46
MTWso that doesn't apply to me11:46
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MTWlet me paste what someone else said about unity, which sums up why i can't use it11:46
MTWMy computer has two 30" screens.  That makes the desktop 5120x1600 pixels.  Unity forces the launch menu and the application menus to be at the far top left regardless of where the application's window is on my substantial desktop.  That is way too much mouse scrolling for me.11:47
n00bzthanks l057c0d3r, i've to do some, and i'm lost  :P11:47
MTWunity is like osx, if osx was terrible. so what repo is fallback in again?11:47
dr_willisyou can have unity show the panelsa on both monitors11:48
Patero-ngMTW wow that big monitor you must pretty rich11:48
MTWi don't want that11:48
MTWi want quality11:48
MTWi want what fucking works, not what is new11:48
MTWand unity doesn't work11:48
MTWand it isn't well designed11:48
FloodBot1MTW: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
l057c0d3rmtw.. lxde11:48
dr_willisenought ranting please...11:48
MonkeyDustMTW  try sudo apt-get install gnome-sesiion-falback to get Classic Ubuntu11:48
l1nx_cMTW install the gnome-shell11:48
MTWthank you, monkeydust11:48
MTWdoes that install gnome2 or gnome3?11:48
l1nx_cgnome 311:49
dr_willisgnome2 is basically dead.11:49
MonkeyDustMTW  it's gnome3, but looks very much like gnome211:49
Sven_vBi'm trying to install a network printer. system-config-printer has detected it using Bonjour and now requires me to give a username and password. in the printer, i cannot find any options to make the printer itself require a login. (which matches the behaviour that windows clients never needed login information.) several default logins (including both fiields blank) didn't work. what could i try next?11:49
Tm_TMTW: please try keep language clean11:49
MTWhaven't played with gnome3, but i hear lots of complaints11:49
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dr_willispeople complain about everything11:49
TomyLobodoes "apt-file search" only look for amd64 packages?11:49
MonkeyDustMTW  that's normal with something new11:49
l057c0d3ryeah but unity does kind of blow..11:50
sfsdfsdfIf only i had Google Glasses that ran ubuntu 40.9911:50
MTWnot really, monkeydust. things that are both new and are plainly better don't have that issue11:50
dr_willisi have very few issues with unity11:50
MonkeyDustMTW  so now you now what to do11:50
TomyLobo"$ apt-file search libGL.so | grep dev | pastebinit" leads to http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452097/11:50
MTWi do11:50
l057c0d3rbut then again unity and windows 8 have something in common11:50
MTWand i will boot my ubuntu vm again and type that in11:50
MTWboth are unusable trash?11:50
TomyLobothere should definitely be 32 bit libs in there11:50
MonkeyDustMTW  and no ranting here, please11:51
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MTWmonkeydust, no telling me what to do here, please11:51
Patero-ngyou must be 4011:51
sfsdfsdf^ Open source community :P11:51
TomyLoborelated question: why do the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of libgl1-mesa-dev conflict with one another?11:52
sfsdfsdfBecause one is stronger then the other?11:52
MTWaaah fallback, thanks MonkeyDust.11:52
MTWnow why is that not installed by default?11:52
dr_willisTomyLobo:  different statically compiled .a libs perhaps?11:52
TomyLobonow i can only either run steam or the 64 bit build of cogs11:52
dr_willisMTW:  its scheduled to be removed in a future release11:53
l1nx_cbecause they want everyone to use unity11:53
MonkeyDustMTW  to keep the iso small enough, some packages are left out of it11:53
TomyLobodr_willis obviously, yes. they're for different architectures11:53
MTWdr_willis: WHY?11:53
dr_willisMTW:  why not..11:53
MTWMonkeyDust: i consider this a vital package, so does anyone else who cares about productivity11:53
Jordan_UMTW: l057c0d3r: MonkeyDust: Anyone else: This channel is for technical support, not discussion of your opinions on software. Please take offtopic chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic.11:53
dr_willisno one wants to waste manpower maintaining it.11:53
MTWwaste? making ubuntu usable is a waste?11:54
dr_willisit was schedules to be removed in the next relaeas but i hear its been extended11:54
MonkeyDustMTW  ok, message received, you don't like it11:54
dr_willisfrom what i hear the fallback mode is lacking in useability11:54
MTWi am looking for a solution, I am being completely reasonable11:54
MTWi like ubuntu, i like using the most popular distro, I don't like unity11:54
MTWi was hoping for a solution11:54
dr_willisMTW:  you want old skool desktop try lubuntu or xfce11:55
MTWare both of those maintained?11:55
Jordan_UMTW: I would recommend XFCE for a GNOME2 like experience that is actively maintained and supported.11:55
srhbMTW: You really aren't. Stay on the ball and stop insulting whatever software package you don't like and in turn every user of it. Keep your questions to what specifically is bugging you in the form "I would like to have my GUI do X, how do I do so?"11:55
Jordan_UMTW: Yes.11:55
Sven_vBok solved... seems the printer had a firmware update in the meantime.11:55
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
MTWgnome2 is supported?11:55
dr_willisgnome2 is basically dead.11:55
MTWyeah, that is why i was confused when he said gnome2 is supported11:56
dr_willisits still in 10.0411:56
dr_willisso will be around for a little while. butt the gnome devs have stopped working on it11:56
Jordan_UMTW: I said that XFCE provides a GNOME2 like experience, and that XFCE is maintained and supported.11:56
MTWxfce doesn't look bad!11:56
MTWseems like that'll do!11:56
MTWnot a big fan of the file manager11:56
TomyLoboyes, it doesnt look bad, so it can't be gnome2-like11:57
dr_willislooks are often the least imporntant part11:57
Jordan_UMTW: You can use nautilus with XFCE.11:57
MTWoh, sweet11:57
srhbDoesn't naitulus work in XFCE too?11:57
srhbAhh, too slow.11:57
sfsdfsdfMTW seems to me all you do is complain,11:57
Patero-ngI use 10.04 still11:57
sfsdfsdfWhat exactly do you need help with ?11:57
domieor marlin as a file manager, which is pure awesome, but very buggy11:57
MTWi like the search for apps part of unity, but it being on the sidebar and also not liking dual monitors/high res is the issue. i am not here to complain, more to get a resolution. don't hate!11:58
MTWi don't like going back to the old way of doings things, but there is no alternative, you know?11:58
l1nx_cold way is the best way11:58
TomyLoboMTW kde4 has an app search too11:59
sfsdfsdfIm still using rocks to do my math11:59
MTWi've always thought kde was a childs toy, no offense11:59
Patero-ngkde smells like windows 9811:59
sfsdfsdfHow exactly do you say UBUNTU like ubuntOO or UUU ?11:59
MTWPatero-ng: nailed it12:00
TomyLoboi've always thought of kde as the thing that works and doesnt give me the creeps12:00
MTWand gnome3 seems like what a blind person would think osx looks like if you described it to them12:00
TomyLoboyou know, the same creeps i get when operating a mac12:00
Jordan_Usfsdfsdf: Here is Nelson Mandela pronouncing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQ4WiDsEBQ12:00
sfsdfsdfok thanks jordan12:01
Jordan_UMTW: Please, stop with the offtopic commentary and stick to support. You've been asked enough times to do so already.12:01
Jordan_Usfsdfsdf: You're welcome.12:01
l1nx_cMTW dont use it if you hate it12:01
MTWok, i'll go to offchat, christ12:01
agselanyone? I have a file and I belong to the right group, but I cannot delete the file (I can create files)12:02
MTWis XUbuntu actively suported? last qusetion.12:02
Jordan_UMTW: Yes.12:02
Jordan_UMTW: You're welcome.12:02
joe__did anyone have issues with the flash player sound after the most recent kernel upgrade12:03
MTWflash is a turd, so yes12:03
TomyLoboJordan_U hey, he pronounces it like i do :)12:03
l1nx_cagsel tried sudo ?12:03
joe__MTW: indeed, though, it was working previous to the upgrade a few days ago12:03
joe__do you know if there is a fix for it?12:03
agsell1nx_c: sudo works, but I need files to be deletable by the user itself12:03
Jordan_Uagsel: What happens if you run "touch /path/to/directory/test_file && rm /path/to/directory/test_file"?12:04
agselJordan_U: it removes it12:04
=== wylde_ is now known as wylde
killerhow do i get apng support in precise12:04
killerit says  system's libpng doesn't have APNG support12:05
Jordan_Uagsel: So I think you're mistaking the situation somewhere. If you can create a file as a user in a given directory, you should be able to delete that file as that same user.12:05
Jordan_Uagsel: Sorry, forgot about the fact that you're asking about the group rather than the owner.12:07
flash_Hi guys. I'm having some trouble running sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. When I do so, everything seems to install fine except for a particular package: java 7u10. The error I'm getting is: mv: cannot move `jdk1.7.0_10' to `java-7-oracle/jdk1.7.0_10': Directory not empty12:07
agselJordan_U: group yes12:07
agselJordan_U: here's the output:12:07
agselago@ago-VirtualBox:/media/sf_share$ touch .svn/test.txt12:07
agselago@ago-VirtualBox:/media/sf_share$ rm .svn/test.txt12:07
agselago@ago-VirtualBox:/media/sf_share$ rm .svn/entries12:07
agselrm: cannot remove `.svn/entries': Operation not permitted12:07
FloodBot1agsel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:07
agselsorry :)12:07
flash_I have backed up this directory under another name, but another instance of it is created and the error persists. Any ideas?12:08
=== akgraner` is now known as akgraner
TomyLobohow do i list the contents of a package i dont have installed?12:08
agselJordan_U: ls -la gives me: -rwxrwx--- 1 root vboxsf  155 Dec 20 09:12 entries12:08
agselJordan_U: -rwxrwx--- 1 root vboxsf    0 Dec 20 14:08 test.txt (that file I can delete)12:09
TomyLobonm, found it: apt-file list package12:09
agselthe only difference is size12:09
agselcan it be that the file is in use?12:09
Jordan_Uagsel: No. *NIX doesn't care about you unlinking a file that's in use.12:10
TheHustleHi, I'm at the command line in ubuntu, could someone tell me please how to make a .cue file from a cd, please, thank you12:11
TomyLobohttp://pastebin.com/42Dr63JT Why on earth are these 2 packages marked as conflicting?12:11
zgrhello I can't access launchpad.net, only via proxy. How to fix that?12:11
agselJordan_U: actually, sudo rm is also not permitted12:11
TheHustlezgr: that sounds like an issue with you ISP12:11
Jordan_Uagsel: That's expected, because you're probably dealing with an attribute rather than a standard *NIX permission.12:11
TomyLobothe only files they share are some text files that are likely identical between them12:11
Jordan_Uagsel: lsattr entries12:11
agselJordan_U: lsattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device While reading flags on .svn/entries12:12
zgrTheHustle: yes, but could it be that their ip range got banned for some reason? though ubuntu.com is loading ok12:12
Jordan_Uagsel: What filesystem is .svn/entries on?12:13
agselJordan_U: virtualbox shared folder12:13
agselI guess physically it's NTFS12:13
TheHustlezgr: yes12:13
BlackDalekdoes anyone here know how to get bluegriffon to show up in the "other applications" list for opening files of a particular filetype?12:13
TheHustlezgr: when it happens with my ISP I usually have to wait a day then all is fine12:14
Jordan_Uagsel: Then it follows whatever odd semantics a virtualbox shared folder has, in addition to whatever odd semantics are on the guest OS, in addtion to whatever odd semantics are in the NTFS filesystem.12:14
BlackDalekI want to be able to right-click on a htm file and open it in bluegriffon... how do I do this?12:15
TUIis it possible to use recovery mode non-read-only?12:16
MTWis there anything I should know when picking hardware for linux usage? any recommened mobos, bluetooth adapters, etc?12:17
bhavesher I get default wallpaper when I do  gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri'file:///home/mac3.jpg' even though I have mac3.jpg in my home folder :912:18
bhavesher not that12:18
Jordan_UTUI: Yes. I believe that it's an option in the menu that comes up, and if not you can always manually "mount -o remount,rw /". That is assuming that it's not read-only because of filesystem errors, in which case you need to fsck first.12:18
srhbMTW: I find it easiest finding the stuff I want and then determining compatibility via Google.12:18
bhaveshthis: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri file:///home/mac3.jpg12:18
Jordan_U!hcl | MTW12:18
ubottuMTW: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:18
bhaveshwhen I enter that in command line, I get default wallpaper, which normally would come when it fails to find that particular file. But I have mac3.jpg in my /home12:19
TUIJordan_U: "the menu that comes up" is grub, right? i try that mount -o remount, rw. thanks12:20
bhaveshoh my mistake, I thought my home folder was the one with my username12:21
Jordan_UTUI: No. Selecting the recovery mode entry at the grub menu should bring you to a recovery menu with different options.12:21
ModNStuffDoes anyone know how i can change the Ubuntu Loading screen when turning on back to the old version where it just showed a terminal of it loading?12:22
Patero-nganybody knows if ubuntu protects me against mitm attacks12:22
Jordan_UModNStuff: Remove the "splash" kernel parameter (by editing /etc/default/grub, then running "sudo update-grub").12:23
vallerssl protects against this12:23
ModNStuff So in other words, i would gedit /etc/default/grub ..?12:24
Patero-ngdoes ubuntu protects me against impersonators with stolen CA private keys12:24
Jordan_UModNStuff: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub12:24
Jordan_UPatero-ng: If the keys haven't been revoked, no. Because that's impossible to protect against.12:24
ModNStuffjordan what exactly am i looking for in the file? splash?12:25
Jordan_UModNStuff: Yes.12:25
=== stas is now known as Guest30138
ModNStuffGot the file open do not see anything relating to splash,12:26
Jordan_UModNStuff: Please pastebin the contents of the file.12:26
Patero-ngI heard many of the CA private keys have been stolen according to a guy on #networking named pppingme12:26
vallergrep splash /etc/default/grub12:27
Patero-ngshouldn't the CA authorities be warned and the browsers update their database I heard rumors that chrome doesn't care12:27
vallerline 1112:27
ModNStuffi see quiet splash12:28
Jordan_UModNStuff: On line 11 change   GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"  to    "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet"12:28
TomyLoborumors arent facts and revoking most of the CA keys on rumors equals breaking the internet12:28
ModNStuffAlright then run sudo update-grub12:28
Patero-ngI hear rumors is true12:28
ModNStuffAlright ill go see if it worked brb12:29
Patero-ngI read it on the daily planet12:29
Jordan_UPatero-ng: Rumors of offtopic on this channel, true or false. There is a framework in place for revoking keys, if will be used if it needs to be.12:29
Patero-ngI also heard CA servers don't care12:30
Jordan_UPatero-ng: This is the wrong channel for such discussion. Last warning.12:30
TomyLobothe daily planet? dude, that's from superman12:30
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!12:31
Jordan_UMTW: Yes?12:31
MTWban Patero-ng12:32
TomyLoboi think he was calling you for yourself :P12:32
MTWfor sucking at trolling12:32
Tm_TMTW: TomyLobo: behave please12:32
Patero-ngI say the truth I heard it on #networking12:32
TomyLoboTm_T what12:32
* dr_willis waits for an actual support question12:33
TomyLobohere's one: http://pastebin.com/42Dr63JT these 2 packages are marked as conflicting. why?12:34
TomyLoboi need both12:34
MTWis the crash-on-login vmware fusion 5.0.2 issue a ubuntu one, an Apple one, or a Vmware one?12:34
andrea_I was wondering if anybody can help me with a problem I'm having to get my HP Truevision HD webcam to work on Ubuntu 12.10. This used to work in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and it also works with Linux Mint 14. The output of lsusb seems to show that the camera is indeed detected. But cheese gives a black image. If I try something like: mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0 -nosound   I get a green image12:34
MTWturning off 3d accel fixes it12:34
ModNStuff_Alright it worked :)12:34
TomyLoboMTW for the record: what's the guest and what's the host os?12:35
Jordan_UTomyLobo: Both contain a file /usr/share/bug/libgl1-mesa-dev/control.12:35
MTWguest: 10.8.312:35
MTWguest: 12.10 ubuntu stock12:35
MTWhost: 10.8.312:35
MTWalso happens in 10.8.212:36
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest84340
TomyLoboJordan_U yeah, but says "bug", so i assume it's just for bug reporting. why would that be a reason to mark them as conflicting?12:36
TomyLoboit even looks like they're absolutely identical12:37
TomyLobosame with the "script" in the same folder12:37
ModNStuff_In the Grub file what is "GRUB_TIMEOUT=10" ?12:39
Jordan_UTomyLobo: Packages which contain conflicting files probably are made to conflict with one another through some automated process. The packages probably need to be simply fixed.12:39
ModNStuff_What does this mean/do12:39
TomyLoboJordan_U is that likely to happen or would i have to update to quantal?12:39
TomyLobo(or beyond)12:39
MonkeyDustModNStuff_  if you don't hit a key, grub loads the default after 10 seconds12:40
Jordan_UTomyLobo: I don't know, try filing a bug report.12:40
ModNStuff_but thats not true though, cause on my grub there is no time limit i remember changing it if not removing it12:40
TomyLobothe problem is: there's this piece of software called "steam", which only comes as a 32 bit package and which requires libGL.so12:40
ModNStuff_So is that the time limit after i click on the os for it to load up to terminal?12:41
AbhijitModNStuff_, after changin grub settings you have to run update-grub12:41
ModNStuff_Abh I know this, i havnt changed anything yet, just was wondering what that means12:41
Jordan_UModNStuff_: That's because Ubuntu's grub overrides that setting if it's detected that you only have one OS (Ubuntu) and hides the menu. To see the menu hold shift during boot.12:42
ModNStuff_Jordan i have windows 7 also, 2 os12:42
Jordan_UModNStuff_: os-prober didn't detect Windows then.12:42
ModNStuff_GRUB actually doesnt have time limit, i remember changing that cause i like the image in the background :P. So i was just wonderng what that option was,12:43
=== sharky1 is now known as sharky
killerhow do i add apng patch in libpng precise12:44
TomyLobosolved it: ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 ~/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/libGL.so.112:45
MonkeyDust!yay | TomyLobo12:45
ubottuTomyLobo: Glad you made it! :-)12:45
whitmanAnyone know of a PPA that provides the oci_ php functions? Before I go an compile it.12:48
ModNStuff_If im wanting to run terminal upon startup, under start up programs settings, the option Command. What would i put there?12:48
andrea_I was wondering if anybody can help me with a problem I'm having to get my HP Truevision HD webcam to work on Ubuntu 12.10. This used to work in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and it also works with Linux Mint 14. The output of lsusb seems to show that the camera is indeed detected. But cheese gives a black image. If I try something like: mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video0 -nosound   I get a green image12:48
whitmanModNStuff_, gnome-terminal12:49
vibhavIs is any way I can map my right alt key to the spacebar?12:49
ModNStuff_Andrea i have the exact same webcam, if not laptop? But myn works so i can not help12:50
killerhow do i add apng patch in libpng precise12:50
TomyLobospacebar enlargement now! see your inbox for how!12:50
ModNStuff_thanks whitman,12:50
vibhavTomyLobo: Was that for me?12:51
TomyLobovibhav there most likely is a way. i don't know it but i'd assume googling for "linux remap keyboard" might give you some results12:51
andrea_ModNStuff_, yes its a Pavilion dm1 laptop....thanks anyway12:51
circlemy colours are stuffed in every player but one12:52
circlethe only one that has colours correct is mplayer12:52
circleand it has no sound12:52
circleI want to listen/watch some media files, haha12:52
mazda01i installed steam beta and steam skin manager but now want to remove the skin manager, how do i do that?12:54
mazda01also, chrome or chromium both segfault the whole machine and i presented with the greeter login. it seemed to start happening after I installed steam12:55
=== K-Lab is now known as dlambrec
dr_willistest with a newly made user? Tried removeing steam?12:56
mazda01didn't try removing steam because I want it for serious sam 3 bfe I purhcased12:58
ModNStuff_Media or steam ?12:59
srhbmazda01: You can always install it again, but this way you can try to figure out if it has anything to do with your crashes (probably not)12:59
mazda01also, steam says I need flash player installed. i followed its instructions but still no demo's show. it still says I need flash player installed12:59
mazda01srhb, how do i remove them, they are both .debs. i tried to remove the steam-skin-manager with dpkg -r steam-skin-manager to no avail13:00
dr_willisyou use apt-get13:01
Patero-ngI heard mandrake was the first gui linux available is this true why is ubuntu more known now13:01
dr_willisor synaptic, or software center13:01
dr_willisPatero-ng:  there was distros out befor mandrake13:01
dr_willisPatero-ng:  so thats a false statement13:01
Patero-ngI heard it on the scrensavers13:01
mazda01dr_willis, what's the command for removing?13:02
dr_willisapt-get remove packagename13:02
dr_willisor use the gui tools13:02
mazda01sudo apt-get remove --purge steam steam-skin-manager did the trick13:04
dr_willispurge wont remove user settings or files in their home13:05
ModNStuff_anyone know a tweak or package for a animated background lol?13:05
dr_willis!info xearth13:06
ubottuPackage xearth does not exist in quantal13:06
dr_willishmm.. used to be xearth. :)  gives an animated globe13:06
mazda01i wonder if it's because I am running 64bit and a bunch of :i386 packages are being installed with steam13:06
circlecan someone help? totem and any other player but mplayer have their hue off13:06
circlenormal hue is all blue13:06
dr_williscircle:  what video card/drivers?13:08
metaphysicianI am using 12.04. I want to install 12.10 afresh, and I want all my current configs and customizations to be applied to 12.10. How can I do it with less efforts?13:08
circledr_willis: the hue is fine in mplayer, it's not the card13:08
circledr_willis: when I run gstreamer-properties it segfaults13:08
dtcrshrmetaphysician: well, first of all move all your desktop data to your documents folder13:09
dr_willisit could be vpadu or other things.13:09
dtcrshrI had an update issue that ubuntu purged all my desktop files13:09
dr_willisor other driver quirks13:09
tboatis the server channel ubuntuserver or ubuntu-server?13:09
circledr_willis: what do you suggest I do13:09
dtcrshrbesides this metaphysician if you simply dist update it will have your configs mantained13:09
dr_williswell a page/pastebin with full system details and specs and what players have the issues and what ones dont  would be a good idea13:10
cba123I have a RAID5 I made with mdadm.  For some reason, it won't add a spare.  When I do mdadm -D on the array, it says clean FAILED, but I can mount it.  I have 5 working devices, and 4 active (out of 6).  One says faulty spare the other says spare.  How can I get the spare to be in active sync without losing my data?13:10
dr_willisweird that gstrreamer is sebfaulting also13:10
circledr_willis: easy enough to just tell you here. Totem and VLC have the problem. Mplayer doesn't. I have an 8600GT.13:10
=== donald is now known as Guest91234
metaphysiciandtcrshr: will it work? i've heard about lots of failed dist upgrade attempts..13:11
mazda01dr_willis, nope, it still segfaulted without steam installed.13:11
mazda01dr_willis, when I try to open chromium it crashes X server and it shows this. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-uCI9RPLJouI/UNMN7GdvjoI/AAAAAAAAAx4/wZ6oj_9jcew/s720/IMAGE_7A986D66-212C-42E6-96A7-56A7F0E78695.JPG13:12
tboathey so nobody seems to be alive over at ubuntu-server, anyone here able to help me out?13:13
Guest91234Where am I?13:13
tboatubuntu server 12.04, recent kernel update broke samba, get the following error: /var/lib/dpkg/info/samba4.postinst: 14: /var/lib/dpkg/info/samba4.postinst: /usr/share/samba/setoption.pl: Permission denied13:13
tboatdpkg: error processing samba4 (--configure):13:13
tboat subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 12613:13
tboatErrors were encountered while processing:13:13
tboat samba413:13
FloodBot1tboat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:13
tboatE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:13
ModNStuff_you are in ubuntu universe13:13
Guest91234What is this place?13:13
tboatsorry about that13:13
Guest91234Oooh... Colors!13:14
dr_willismazda01:  thats just showing the console/boot messages..  no error messages. check the xorg logs perhaps13:14
mazda01dr_willis, and ther'es nothing in Xorg.0.log, .xsession-errors kern.log or anywhere about the segfault13:14
Guest91234Look at the colors!13:14
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest7639
n00bzif i just lurk here a while, will someone else eventually ask the same questions i might?13:14
mazda01dr_willis, yes, but that's on tty7, which is where the X server "was"13:14
dtcrshrmetaphysician: cant grant that. mostly updates iv done went rogue, Id rather backup my files and do a full install as windowze alikes13:15
Guest91234Anyone here experiencing where flash eventually crashes when viewing youtube videos at fullscreen on firefox?13:15
mazda01dr_willis, i don't know what's going on. i was running chromium since I installed 12.04 a while ago, then I installed some games from humble bundle 7 and steam and now chromium and chrome both cause X crashes13:15
ModNStuff_Noob lurk and learn, lol. I have learn alot by just reading questions and answers to them in here13:15
ModNStuff_even about stuff id never do lol,13:16
Guest91234how do I change my username in xchat?13:16
tboatat least people chat here, the server channel is 371 silent creeps13:16
computerunity amazonnn13:16
n00bzthat's the plan ModNStuff_ ATM i've too many questions to know where to start :P13:16
mazda01dr_willis, i have to go to work. are you aware if chromium and chrome are suppose to work in 64bit xubuntu?13:16
Guest91234We need some techno music to keep this channel alive!!!!13:17
mazda01thanks for your help anyway. ttyl13:17
dr_willismazda01:  they work fine on my 64bit systems13:17
Touhou11mazda01: I wouldn't use Chrome, it's part of a botnet and isn't an open source browser13:17
computerwho like ubunut 12.1013:17
domieTouhou11, but chromium is open source no?13:18
ModNStuff_Its 7am no sleep. Techno would do good,13:18
RollinV2chrome has been crashing with flash on win8 for me, so it might not be an isolated ubuntu issue13:18
Touhou11domie: Sort of13:18
ModNStuff_im running 12.1013:18
andrea_i love ubuntu 12.10....my only issue is my webcam, which works perfectly under mint 1413:18
Guest91234Im starting to get adapted to unity though I still hate it.13:18
ModNStuff_I hate it also13:18
Touhou11Guest91234: If you hate it just use Kubuntu or Xubuntu...13:18
andrea_i actually prefer unity to cinnamon/gnome313:19
dr_willislubuntu ;)  jwm+rox-filer13:19
VegetablesaladHello. I'm sure this is simple, but I can't find how to do it. I removed clock from my sys tray (12.04LTS Unity) and now have no idea how to get it back : /13:19
RollinV2or use elementary (the beta is currently stable enough for daily use)13:19
computerhate amazon and drivers13:19
vmousethere is more problems than debian13:19
computerelementary is nice but imho not good coz apps13:19
vmouseubuntu is unstable13:19
computerI uninstall elementary apps and install firefox, this kill elementary integration13:19
* dr_willis waits for actual support questions13:19
vmousechrome is better than firefox13:20
andrea_dr_willis, can you help me with a webcam problem?13:20
Guest91234ubuntu is pretty much stable for me.13:20
Guest91234firefox is better than chrome.13:20
ModNStuff_Dr_willis when will there be actuall questions in ubuntu support channel?\13:20
Vegetablesaladthats crazy talk13:20
computerFF win vs chrome vs midori lol13:20
domieVegetablesalad, afaik, the package indicator-datetime should be the one displalying the clock13:20
dr_willisandrea_:  from what ive experienced - either they work. or are unsupported. a newer kernel may add more supported cams13:20
n00bzdr_willis, i need help, to do this. http://tinyurl.com/cr9eoda :P13:21
computerthis is support channel ?13:21
ModNStuff_Official support channel13:21
andrea_dr_willis, the same cam works when i use it in Mint 1413:21
Guest91234someone tell me how to change my name in xchat. PLEASE! :(13:21
ModNStuff_Atleast it says13:21
dr_williscomputer:  yes. do you have a support question13:21
Vegetablesaladdomie: so when I removed clock from tray, it removed the package ? :o13:21
andrea_i also upgraded to kernel 3.7.1....still no luck13:21
dr_willisandrea_:  check kernel versions and what modules it uses in 1413:21
RollinV2ubuntu like osx/windows, you can change the defaults as you wish. don't like it remove or replace the apps13:21
DJonesGuest91234: I think all you need to do is type "/nick newnickname"13:21
philinuxGuest91234: /nick inputsillynamehere13:22
vmousebut can you give me some advices for kde pdf viewer? thankss13:22
=== Guest91234 is now known as DonoPatay
DonoPatayAh there!13:22
andrea_dr_willis, mint 14 is based on the same kernel as ubuntu 12.10 no?13:22
DonoPatayThnx man. very much appreciated.13:22
ModNStuff_what is the latest kernal for ubuntu?13:22
dr_willisGuest90418:  xchat used to have a nice beginners guide in its help menu13:22
ModNStuff_i have 3.2.3513:22
dr_willisandrea_:  no idea13:22
domieVegetablesalad, if you still have it installed, go to System Settings -> Time & Date -> Clock13:22
ModNStuff_ok then im good :P13:23
philinuxModNStuff_: in 12.1013:23
vmousewhich pdf viewer shuould i use in kde?13:23
DonoPatayAnyone here experiencing where flash eventually crashes when viewing youtube videos at fullscreen on firefox? weird because this only happens in firefox but not on other browsers13:23
philinuxModNStuff_: what version ubuntu you got13:23
andrea_dr_willis, this same cam also worked in 12.04 LTS.....really weird13:23
gustav__Hello everyone! I NEED something! I can't install Steam Beta and it says I need something but it's installed. Where do I download Steam .deb:s?13:23
DJones!steam | gustav__13:24
ubottugustav__: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.13:24
Vegetablesaladdomie: thanks, I feel dumb not thinking of that myself. I was just clicking all around panel hoping for gnome like settings13:24
skp1hi i am using ubuntu 12.10 and i installed emerald, but now i want the default window decorator back. how do i do that?13:24
ModNStuff_Lol im not even sure13:24
computersteam not good with ati13:25
philinuxModNStuff_: open system monitor and look at the first tab13:25
computerI can't install new drivers from ati site, sombedy did succedd plz ?13:25
dr_willisskp1:  used to be somthing like  gtk-decorator --replace13:25
dr_willisskp1:  there used to be a setting for it in the ccsm tool also. i recall some indicator applete to let you change it also13:26
skp1dr_willis, command not found13:26
DonoPatayanyone has a fix for the gwibber bug on the facebook account authentication?13:26
ModNStuff_:0 i guess i dont have 12.10 i have 12.04 LTS13:26
dr_willisuse tab sompleton to spell it right13:26
philinuxskp1: try this but not the ppa method http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-reset-compiz-and-unity-in-ubuntu.html13:27
philinuxModNStuff_: that explains that then13:27
ModNStuff_should i update to 12.10?13:28
philinuxModNStuff_: not at all if all is well13:28
ModNStuff_If and when, how does updating go? Do i lose my modifications ive made to this ?13:28
computerwhat u problme13:29
philinuxModNStuff_: LTS is fine newer kernels have extra hardware support do if your system is fine leave it13:29
computeri ahve question, can i13:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:29
computerwhat is the newest kernel in ubunut 12.04 coz i saw kernel 3.5 in synaptic "linux image 3.5é what is it13:30
ModNStuff_lol !patience13:30
EMKOCan spaun run on ubuntu?13:31
canihojrsome channel on spanish???13:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:31
notwistcanihojr ^13:31
canihojrty :D13:31
computerconar lol13:32
computersorry miss channel13:32
computermiss channel srry admin13:32
ModNStuff_If and when, how does updating go? Do i lose my modifications ive made to this ?13:33
EMKOhttp://nengo.ca/build-a-brain/spaunvideos this should work on ubuntu since it's java right?13:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:33
ModNStuff_If and when, how does updating go? Do i lose my modifications ive made to this ? 12.04 LTS to latest?13:33
notwistModNStuff_: you should backup your stuff and do a complete reinstall instead, that is the best way to update13:34
ModNStuff_Awh well im not updating then, went through hell already with drivers and fixing to go through that again.  plus mods / tweaks ive made13:35
philinuxModNStuff_: stick with 12.0413:35
=== Akira_ is now known as Ajira
RollinV2ModNStuff_ depending on your skill level, you can also run scripts to automatically reinstall ppa and apps13:36
philinuxModNStuff_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/153325/will-linux-kernel-3-5-be-coming-to-12-0413:37
ModNStuff_phil thats good to know13:38
notwistModNStuff_: no point in upgrading from 12.04 as its relatively new and also LTS13:39
domieword ^13:39
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Touhou11notwist: 12.04 is already severely outdated for lots of its software packages13:41
Guest84340I was under the expression that you could host your own DropBox13:41
dr_willissome would say it was outdated  when released. ;)13:42
notwistTouhou11: if theres a specific software package that is outdated for you and you really need it, surely you can upgrade that software package manually instead of upgrading your entire OS just for that13:43
rikonorwhat do you mean by outdated13:43
=== Mike is now known as Guest10379
dr_willistheres always ppas and backports13:44
=== maetthew- is now known as maetthew
Touhou11Everything should be updated at all times, there's no reason to use old versions of software13:44
dr_willisubuntu is not a rolling release..13:45
dr_willisother distros are,13:45
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:45
Touhou11I know what rolling release is13:46
AxonetBEMy domain is not usign a FQDN when I'm sending mails. I will change this to for example webserver.domain.com, but what do I have to create for this in the dns? an A record or a MX record?13:46
RollinV2update if the latest release is stable. stay put if not.13:46
notwistTouhou11: if new versions of software do not 1) fix security issues 2) add functionality you need, no, there is no need to update just because its new13:47
domie12.10 is released, i have updated to it, and yet, 12.10 is not stable for my laptop13:47
rikonorif updating linux programs a hassle13:47
cgtdkrikonor: usually not13:47
RollinV2for example, 12.04 is overall superior to 12.1013:47
notwistrikonor: if they are in the repositories you can do it with apt-get easy as pie13:47
dr_willisive no issues with 12.10 - but it depends on a lot of things13:47
Patero-ngyou don't have issues becuase you're a pro13:48
canihojri have nvidia gtx 560, howto install?? any tutorial? plss13:48
dr_williscanihojr:  just install the nvidia-current packaje?13:49
domiei have random freezes whereas in 12.04 i never did, also i had to downgrade xorg 1.12 because my video card is old and amd drivers don't support it anymore, thus new software isn't the best in all cases13:49
cgtdkdr_willis: If he has to ask, I think he's going to need a little more instruction than that13:50
boernhello, i can you help me with steam for linux? i have a 64bit ubuntu and it wont start. i heard i need 32 bit binary? where do i get that?13:50
cgtdkboern: You should go to the official Steam for Linux forums. We do not support third party software.13:51
Ankur_Agarwali have installed gstreamer plugins in /usr/local/13:51
cgtdkcanihojr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia13:51
Ankur_Agarwalso i want to set the search path of the gstreamer13:51
Ankur_Agarwalhow can i set it13:51
boernok, thank you :)13:51
cgtdkcanihojr: This is probably better: http://techhamlet.com/2012/11/install-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10/13:52
DonoPatayAnyone know any fix on Gwibber not authenticating facebook accounts?13:54
Patero-ngdoes anyone knows if a firewall is needed in ubuntu13:56
compdocPatero-ng, depends on many things. is it behind a router or firewall?13:57
llutzPatero-ng: it's not, just make sure to confiure your services correctly13:57
Patero-ngis behind a router and it slittle firewall yea duh13:58
the_anti have DVD repositories. i want to make local repositories mirror. which link should i  read?13:59
DonoPatayPatero-ng: Depends on what programs you use and what you want to go in and out of your of your system.13:59
WeThePeoplehow do i edit the side bar in 12.0413:59
ModNStuff_Wait, i just wondered something. Go named Earth and why?14:00
ModNStuff_* Goes to google14:00
xwalkWeThePeople: What kind of changes are you trying to make to it?14:00
the_antWeThePeople: explain edit.14:00
DonoPatayWeThePeople : Try the appearance setting and what do you mean edit the sidebar actually?14:00
the_anti have DVD repositories. i want to make local repositories mirror. which link should i read?14:01
WeThePeoplexwalk, edit the size of the icons14:01
n00bzif i make changes to ubuntu in a VM, are they permanent on my HD?14:01
xwalkWeThePeople: You can use MyUnity to edit that.14:01
the_antn00bz: no.14:01
DonoPatayWeThePeople : Use the appearance setting14:01
nitzeri had an horrid waiting for my system to give me the login pane after it locked, this happens even if i reinstall my system ... :( it takes sometimes like 10 minutes if i'm lucky, but many times i have to restart lightdm to start working :( :( :(14:01
DonoPatayin the system settings14:01
xwalkWeThePeople: sudo apt-get install myunity14:02
nitzerany idea? any issue of this?14:02
n00bzthen how, eithout the internet, do i google the problems, when i can't get it to work in linux :(14:02
DonoPatayWeThePeople: Dont even need myunity just change the size of the icons in the sidebar.14:03
bazhangxwalk, myunity is no longer in the repos14:03
xwalkbazhang: I just apt-cache searched it and found it immediately.14:04
bazhangxwalk, for what version of ubuntu, and what version is WeThePeople using14:04
xwalkbazhang: 12.0414:04
DonoPatayWeThePeople: Just go System Settings --> Appearance --> Launcher Icon Size14:04
bazhanghe's gone14:05
DonoPatayWhat a twist?!14:05
DonoPatayAnyone want to play Sauerbraten in here?14:06
Patero-ngI want to play snes14:06
DonoPatayWhat game?14:06
ModNStuff_I want to play ping ball but a remixed version :P14:07
DonoPatayMortal Kombat in SNES?14:07
Patero-ngI suck @ it14:07
Patero-nglet's play mario kart14:07
fazei just installed 12.04 64bit desktop and now my mouse and keyboard don't work14:07
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bazhang!ot | Patero-ng14:07
ubottuPatero-ng: please see above14:07
fazei just had 12.10 installed, and it worked in there14:08
fazethe lights on both shut off after i select ubuntu via GRUB14:08
c[_]2 questions, 1: I just installed ubuntu 11.04 onto a new laptop is there any reason why it's not charging. 2: I used gparted to make a partition for ubuntu but I think it overwrote windows, is there any way I can get windows back without a disk?14:08
=== Slagwag- is now known as Slagwag
fazei read some forums posts where people suggested "unplugging and plugging in your keyboard and mouse" which didn't work14:09
fazeunfortunately i cannot ssh into the machine14:09
fazei guess i'll reinstall if no one else has any ideas14:09
nitzeri had an horrid waiting for my system to give me the login pane after it locked, this happens even if i reinstall my system ... :( it takes sometimes like 10 minutes if i'm lucky, but many times i have to restart lightdm to start working :( :( :(14:09
ModNStuff_2 questions look for boot repair14:09
notwistfaze: your computer wont boot at all after choosing ubuntu in grub, it shuts off?14:09
fazeno, it boots to the login screen14:10
fazemy keyboard and mouse lights shut off after that14:10
notwistfaze: I really would recommend a clean install over an update14:10
fazeso i can't even ctrl+alt+f2 to get a terminal14:10
fazenotwist: that is what it was14:10
notwistfaze: theres usually a "safe mode" boot option14:10
fazei wiped 12.10 and installed 12.04 fresh14:10
notwistfaze: like "recovery mode" or something or other14:10
fazenotwist: i'll give that a shot14:10
fazenotwist: reinstalling on an ssd takes like 10 minutes anyways14:11
DonoPatayc[_]: I think you need to reinstall windows and how do you know its not charging?14:11
fazecould it possibly have something to do with keeping the same /home partition?14:11
fazei could flatten /home too, nothing in there except steam games14:11
c[_]DonoPatay: i'll leave windows off if I have to do that and it shows the battery icon in red and has been like that over a few hours14:12
c[_]it only charges if I turn it off14:12
ModNStuff_lol a laptop that only charges if you turn it off ha14:12
c[_]ModNStuff_: it charged on windows fine14:13
cgtdkc[_]: Have you tried installing a newer version of Ubuntu, such as 12.04 LTS or 12.10?14:13
c[_]cgtdk: i'll download 12.10 and tell you if it works14:14
canihojrhowto activate repos non-free and contrib??14:15
ModNStuff_silly earthling14:15
DonoPatayc[_]: You must be experiencing those li-on battery problems. i have experienced it myself. Try charging it without turning it on for a few a for hours.14:15
llutzcanihojr: /j #debian14:15
fazenow my mouse and keyboard aren't working in the installer14:15
fazewhat the hell14:15
canihojrllutz, on ubuntu?.. same?14:16
cgtdkfaze: Use the text-based installer. The graphical one is terrible.14:16
fazecgtdk: how do i do that14:16
fazei would prefer the text-based one, if that's what the server install has14:16
fazei am booting from a usb stick14:16
c[_]DonoPatay: i'll try that thanks14:16
llutzcanihojr: they don't exist in ubuntu afaik. its debian-repos14:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:17
canihojrllutz, aha, then, for install nvidia ofi? any tutorial?14:17
cgtdkfaze: Yes, it's the installer the server uses. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:17
fazedoes this channel have a knowledge bot14:17
fazecgtdk: thanks14:17
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:17
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
fazellutz: thanks14:17
pozanyone here an expert on dual boots on different hard drives?14:17
c[_]lenovo: don't dcc me use pm14:18
dr_willispoz:  should work fine. its fairly common practice14:18
=== enchiladead is now known as enchilado
Toph2poz,,, ask your question,,, there probably are14:18
pozdr_willis, it is not. when i try to load windows 7 from grub it says that it is an invalid device signature or something alone those lines14:19
fazecgtdk: so if i select the 'Desktop' generic package in the text based installer it will grab unity?14:19
poznot working fine, I mean. I am sure it is common practice...14:19
PoolShark_hi. I'm having trouble installing afterstep in Precise. The packages installed and the /usr/share/xsessions/Desktop.afterstep file is there, and the binary is good, but the option does not show up in the sessions selection at the login screen14:19
cgtdkfaze: You're talking about the package selector interface in the text-based installer right?14:20
DonoPatayc[_] : What i meant for a few hours is actually how long your laptop usually charges up to a full charge. Then after that discharge the battery to about 40% below and try charging normally. If the symptom still persist you may need to replace your  battery.14:20
fazecgtdk: yes14:20
pozI could restart and get exactly what it says...14:20
fazesince you asked that question, i assume the answer is yes :)14:20
cgtdkfaze: I usually just select no packages in that one so I don't get a graphical desktop14:20
cgtdkfaze: and then when the installation is done I install whatever desktop I want14:20
fazecgtdk: ah. i am trying to set this up to run Steam14:21
fazeso i suppose i will want the desktop14:21
cgtdkfaze: Sure, but I think you should wait until the installation is done. That always works better for me.14:21
fazecgtdk: ah ok. so apt-get install unity will install the necessary packages14:21
cgtdkfaze: actually I think the package is called "ubuntu-desktop".14:22
c[_]when i'm installing ubuntu do I really need an internet connection?14:22
fazeok, that's what i thought14:22
fazethanks for the help14:22
cgtdkno problem :)14:22
fazei prefer command line whenever possible anyways :)14:22
DonoPatayc[_]: nope. dont need to.14:22
c[_]ah good :) thanks DonoPatay14:23
dean_Hi all is there anyone knowledgeable with devede?14:23
dr_willisdean_:  used it befor.. state the actual  problrm andf see14:23
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:24
dean_dr_willis, I am trying to convert an mkv format to iso but it isn't converting the subtitles within the mkv?14:24
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=== Mike_ is now known as Guest14456
pozso what i want to do is recreate an item in grub which will direct to windows 7 bootloader. I am not sure how though14:26
ModNStuff_POZ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair14:26
fazecgtdk: my keyboard and mouse die as soon as i get into the text installer!14:26
fazei wonder if the command line installer will work..14:27
pozthank you ModNStuff_14:27
=== rla is now known as Guest29592
fazehuh, maybe i should bust out some ps/2 equipment14:27
belgianguyhmm, seems there _are_ quite some games for ubuntu14:27
fazei have no idea why this is happening14:27
belgianguyjust played an alpha version for a game called 0AD (zero A.D.), looks great14:28
cgtdkSeems like an annoying problem, faze. Good idea about the PS/2 equipment. PS/2 is much less of a hassle than USB devices in my experience.14:28
DonoPataybelgianguy: try MegaGlest14:28
dr_willisdean_:  cant say ive ever used subtitles.  could be you need to split them out with ffmpeg or mencoder14:28
fazei have a ps/2 keyboard and an adapter for the mouse. it seems like the power dies whenever i get in an installer14:28
belgianguyDonoPatay: oh, nice!14:29
fazemmm ps/2 keyboard is functional14:30
dean_dr_willis, In the past when doing mp4 or avi you attach the srt to do project but with mkv it is contained in the mkv file so not sure what I have to do and devede hasn't got any support for this issue?14:30
fazeold tech saves the day14:30
belgianguywhy don't these things ever bubble up on tech forums? :/14:30
belgianguyor am I looking in the wrong places?14:30
dr_willisdean_:  you may want to check the devede forums14:30
dr_willisor homepage14:30
DonoPataybelgianguy: what do you mean?14:30
dean_dr_willis, Thats where I am at the mo but there is nothing posted on this particular issue14:31
ModNStuff_i BELIVE he misses bubbles14:31
belgianguyDonoPatay: If you hadn't shown me that, I wouldn't know of its existence14:31
ModNStuff_GOOD OL cherry chew tabac14:33
bazhangModNStuff_, ?14:33
bazhangModNStuff_, what are you talking about14:33
TheLordOfTimeModNStuff_, do you have a support question?14:34
fazecgtdk: the text installer is working well with the ps/2 keyboard. thanks for the help14:34
ModNStuff_thought id say something since no one is asking for help14:34
TheLordOfTime!offtopic | ModNStuff_, you should be aware of this14:34
ubottuModNStuff_, you should be aware of this: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:34
bazhangModNStuff_, keep the chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic , regardless of how busy it is here at the moment14:34
DonoPataybelgianguy: Try visiting these sites. http://www.penguspy.com/ and http://www.penguspy.com/ and welcome to the world of linux gaming!14:35
ModNStuff_Lol obviously you have been gone been in this chat for about 3 hours now and i say something and get ran over by 2 random guys14:35
bazhangModNStuff_, move on14:35
ModNStuff_You move on14:35
cgtdkfaze: awesome! no problem :)14:36
FlamekebabI've got an external hard disk that I'm sharing through Samba. The problem is despite having it setup in fstab using UUID it keeps mounting at a different place (it's supposed to mount at /media/share1 but it's power supply will flake out for a moment and then it'll get mounted at /media/share1_ )14:36
barbadillohi all14:36
nicholashave a display manager problem in ubuntu?14:36
DonoPataybelgianguy: Try visiting these sites. http://www.penguspy.com/ and http://www.playdeb.net/ and welcome to the world of linux gaming!14:36
barbadilloI installed ubuntu via wubi14:36
pozshould my windows boot loader be type chainloader or other?14:37
fazeFlamekebab: rip out the disk and put it in your machine14:37
barbadilloI have a problem, my computer restart by itself after the login in unity14:37
Flamekebabfaze - it's connected to a Raspberry Pi14:37
fazeFlamekebab: secure the power connector?14:37
dr_willisFlamekebab:  mount to like /media/shares/share1  then share the /media/shares directory ;)14:37
fazei suppose placing it in a raspberry pi is impossible :P14:37
pozbarbadillo, what kind of graphics card do you have?14:37
barbadillobut only for the first time, after the spontaneous restart, it goes ok14:38
fazedr_willis' solution is good too14:38
barbadillopoz nvidia14:38
fazei suggest tackling the hardware problem14:38
xetiusbarbadillo, have you tried other login? gnome?14:38
dr_willisflakey power is not good in linux14:38
Flamekebabfaze - the power connector isn't the issue, it's the external supply. I'm looking into replacing it as soon as I can but given the time of year it may take a few weeks :)14:38
xetiusbarbadillo: just unity or gnome etc as well?14:38
barbadilloxetius, no, but it is the same with the other os14:38
fazewell, what dr_willis said would work14:38
Flamekebabdr_willis, that's no good. I need it to stay a fixed point for the other machines that use the shares in XBMC. If the share moves they lose all TV show info.14:39
xetiusbarbadillo: What other OS?14:39
barbadilloxetius, also booting windows it restarts after the login14:39
fazeyou could write a script to monitor the directory and create a symlink if the mountpoint changes14:39
dr_willisFlamekebab:  xbmc can read from  upnp/dlna servers also.. if the hd power is cutting out thats going to be an issue.14:40
pozbarbadillo: this might work, there are some details from a chat I had yesterday. if it is a graphics problem that is... http://pastebin.com/GkUK6jnn14:40
barbadilloxetius, do you think it could be a hardware problem?14:40
xetiusbarbadillo: I would imagine it is when it is trying to initialise some piece of hardware.  Can you try remove all other devices connected14:40
fazeFlamekebab: is the pi just running XMBC?14:40
fazeer, XBMC14:40
Flamekebabfaze, Raspbmc14:40
xetiusbarbadillo: if it is both in windows and ubuntu, then it has to be something common14:40
DonoPataybarbadillo: both ubuntu and windows restarts at login? You sure you dont have faulty hdd?14:40
dr_willisi got 2 pi's running raspbmc14:41
fazeis it able to use samba shares?14:41
fazei mount my samba shares in xbmc over the network14:41
dr_willisthey can share to each other via dlna/upnp  no samba needed14:41
ghostd0ghey folks , i am having a hard time making a bootable usb stic with a minimal ubuntu iso .. i have used unetbootin multiple times used both the network installer iso and the mini 12.10 iso... both refuse to boot ... the full 12.10 install does however work ... is ther a method that i can replace the software on the full version .. to make it a minimal ?14:41
barbadilloDonoPatay, only the first boot, after the restart they both are good14:41
ghostd0gor is ther a method wher i can build my own bootable usb .. without flasing a image to it ?14:42
xetiusbarbadillo: could be anything connected.  Do you have USB devices connected that you can disconnect.  Could be memory... if you have more than one module plugged in, try only running on one.14:42
Flamekebabfaze, it is connected to my TV and also shares the content it houses via samba so I can access it on my other machines. So whenever a HDD disconnects and reconnects (usually in a matter of a second or two) it seems the system registers it unplugging but doesn't remount it in its old location.14:42
xetiusbarbadillo: Only first boot?14:42
fazedo you have a separate box hosting the content, dr_willis?14:42
barbadilloxetius, yes, just the first one14:42
FlamekebabI thought specifying UUID was supposed to solve this issue14:42
barbadilloI thought it may be some mobo problem that fixes by itself with a restart...?14:43
fazepossibly the disk is mounted before it is finished releasing the old mount point?14:44
xetiusbarbadillo: weird.  When it reboots itself it is fine?  If you turn it off, then back on (yes, I know) is it fine still?14:44
dr_willisfaze:  i have several ;)14:44
=== Will|- is now known as Will|
xetiusbarbadillo: My thinking is it may be something inside warming up14:45
barbadilloxetius, no, only rebooting it is safe, if I turn off and then on, it reboots itself14:45
dr_willisfaze:  i have 2 pi's running the xbmc distros shareing to each other and the rest of the house. and a pc ubuntu with ushares shareing to the pis and  lan14:45
fazeFlamekebab: you could do a bash script or something if the drive is always mounted in the same folder each time14:45
Flamekebabfaze, I'm trying to understand why it won't just remount where it's supposed to14:45
xetiusbarbadillo: I don't know what the difference would be between a hard boot and a soft boot (system reboot)14:45
barbadilloxetius, but after the reboot you can use it for hours with no prblems, so I don't think it's about heating14:46
DonoPataybarbadillo: In one of those restarts does Windows go into safe mode or show some selectio to go to safe mode?14:46
xetiusbarbadillo: but I would guess that there will lie your answer14:46
fazeFlamekebab: i would imagine it tries to remount and the mount point it was using hasn't been released yet14:46
fazebut i am uncertain14:46
Flamekebabfaze, that seems right14:46
cristofer6891when receiving a ip address from DHCP the ubuntu kernel crashes & the following error is displayed "kernel BUG at /build/buildd/linux-3.2.0/drivers/pci/msi.c:316!"14:47
barbadilloDonoPatay, yes, after the spontaneous restart, windows asks for safe mode or normal mode14:47
cristofer6891has anyone seen this?14:47
DonoPataybarbadillo: most likely you have a faulty hardware in there. Try booting a live CD and find out if the same thing happens.14:48
guessssssti have blackubuntu wich is based on 10.10 but is no longer supported so i dont have anymore repos14:48
pozinsmod part_msdos14:48
pozinsmod ntfs14:48
pozset root='(hd0,msdos1)'14:48
pozsearch --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root 52E63FB2E63F956714:48
pozchainloader +114:48
FloodBot1poz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:48
pozdoes anyone know why that might not work?14:49
guesssssstwhat should i do?14:49
guesssssstany help?14:49
canihojri, i try install nvidia drivers on ubuntu 12.04 but i have error...... first download .run oficial web... then turn off lighdm then execute script, but he return error: http://pastebin.com/gGSBEiqy any help??? sorry for my english! :P14:49
notwistguesssssst: why do you use an old version to begin with?14:49
k1lguesssssst: use a real ubuntu that got support14:49
cgtdkcanihojr: You shouldn't download the driver from the nvidia website. You should install it from the Ubuntu repositories.14:50
=== james-ubc is now known as mangoSundae
BlackPanxone of my servers @ hetzner reported this problem: http://pastebin.com/Z6Ar1jdU does it mean it's cpu is faulty or it may be something else ?14:50
canihojrcgtdk, where is the packet?14:50
guesssssstbut i dont know if i can install pen package on new release14:50
cgtdkcanihojr: Software center → Edit menu → Edit sources → Additional drivers14:51
xetiusbarbadillo: Also possible that some setting in your bios may be wrong, and the soft reboot is setting and maintaining some state to get around this?  Tentative answer, but something to check (BIOS)14:51
cgtdkyou should choose the one called nvidia-current14:51
Flamekebabfaze, so any idea how I'd force the previous mount point to be released more quickly?14:51
DonoPataycanihojr: why use the official nvidia drivers? Just use the ones in the repository.14:51
DonoPataycanihojr : there no difference anyway.14:52
canihojri try14:52
barbadilloxetius, I think the same thing, but why after logging in? If you leave the computer standing on the login screen without logging in, it doesn't happen14:53
fazeFlamekebab: i have no idea14:53
Flamekebabfaze, thanks anyway :) I at least have a starting point for further research14:53
fazei would just write a script that is something like14:54
shosinany1  here14:54
cgtdkshosin: plenty14:54
fazewhile True: time.sleep(1); if not os.path.exists(mount_point): make_a_symlink_to_mountpoint()14:54
DonoPataywe havin a rave party in here.14:54
shosinnyc :P14:55
fazeyou'd also want a case to update the symlink if the mountpoint changes again14:55
xetiusbarbadillo: Im guessing, that to get to the login screen in both Windows and Ubuntu, it only loads a minimal set of drivers that it requires to get to user login page.  Once you are logging in, in both systems, it will be initialising a myriad of devices, drivers and other pieces of software.  Any one of them could be accessing a faulty piece of hardware, or the thing which is making it reboot.14:55
xetiusbarbadillo: Not knowing what exactly happens during the logging in process, and exactly what the difference is between the hard and soft reboots, it is difficult to say.  Personally, I would try stripping the machine down to its basic components; The minimal items to actually run, and go from there.  If you have replacements for any pieces, then try those.14:57
SolarisBoyFlamekebab: you can execute a script to mount and umount (lazy) if needed on the fs using udev.rules14:58
xetiusbarbadillo: Also, running diagnostics on different things may give you information (Surface scan on HDD for example), but I don't know of a quick answer, i'm afraid.  Someone with more knowledge of Ubuntu may be able to point you to a system log file or debug mode, which may give you more information, but I don't have any quick answers14:58
garfieldairlineshi ! I have lighhtpd with postfixadmin and it makes me an 404 not found. I dpkg-reconfigured the thing to stick with lighhtpd but it still dosent work14:58
barbadilloxetius, ok thanks, I will also write to the mobo producer to see if they can help14:59
garfieldairlinesdoes anyone has an idea what to do ?14:59
pozHow can I find information on a partition? as in which the hard drive number it is located on is and what partition number it is?14:59
xetiusbarbadillo: they may have some diagnostics software that you can run14:59
zantekkgardar: missing symlink?14:59
SolarisBoypoz: fdisk14:59
zantekkgarfieldairlines: : missing symlink?14:59
garfieldairlineszantekk: I don't have one yep, how can I do that ?15:00
pozI tryed fdisk -l but it only gives info on the hard drive running ubuntu15:00
zantekkgarfieldairlines: I don't know the axact path, but I think lighthtpd's root is in /var/www/ where the pfa files are in /usr/share/postfixadmin ?15:01
SolarisBoypoz: you can point fdisk at a device as well but it should list all attached drives afaik15:01
garfieldairlineszantekk: exactly !15:01
zantekkgarfieldairlines: in that case do smth like ln -s /usr/share/postfixadmin /var/www/postfixadmin15:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:01
garfieldairlinesaaaand it works !15:02
vikas_openbeesokey so looks like i am missing any deep concept here ... I am calling a function in init() of Page.php .. it works fine on every page . but its not working on "security/login" page .. anyone have any idea ?15:02
garfieldairlinesthanks a lot for your help, zantekk !15:02
zantekkgarfieldairlines: perfect :)15:02
zantekknp ;)15:03
ghostd0ghey folks , i am having a hard time making a bootable usb stic with a minimal ubuntu iso .. i have used unetbootin multiple times used both the network installer iso and the mini 12.10 iso... both refuse to boot ... the full 12.10 install does however work ... is ther a method that i can replace the software on the full version .. to make it a minimal ? or is ther another  method i can build my own minimal usb stick15:03
SolarisBoyvim ghostd0g live-build15:05
SolarisBoysorry the vim was terminal garbage - package named live-build customized livecd's, os, pxelinux, usb boot, etc15:07
dr_willisghostd0g:  try just dd'ing the iso to the flash15:07
ghostd0gdr_willis : will try that next .. but if that fails ... is ther a methodto build it from scratch ?15:08
dr_willisghostd0g:  dd is about as scratch asa it gets ;)15:08
dr_willisif dd fails theres deeper issues15:08
ghostd0gcourse the amount of time i spent on this its almost worth it to just install the full version and start pulling it apart lol15:10
dr_willisi find unetbootin problmatic15:12
dr_willisi tend to just use dd15:12
pozso should i put grub on to /dev/sdb (120034 mb; Kingston_SH103S3120G) OR /dev/sdb1 (1032 mb; /boot)15:14
dr_willissdb if you are booting sdb15:15
forziall halloy15:16
dr_willisrarely if ever would you want sdx#15:16
pozi am booting sdb15:16
rikonorhi quick question: on ubuntu what is the script langauge (i'm a noob). i know in some dist's it is bash but what is it in ubuntu15:16
pozi was just wondering becuase sdb1 is the /boot partition, i was not sure if grub goes on it or not15:16
zantekkrikonor: bash..15:17
rikonork thanks15:18
pozi hope i never broke my machine15:18
dr_willisgrub gors on the mbr of the disk. not the partition   normally15:21
smartHi everyone15:22
pozanyone know why grub fails to boot windows 7? The error I get is... error: no suchg device: #############. error: invalid signature. Press any key to continue...15:23
pozI have been trouble shooting this for hours15:23
nicholashow do i get the gnome 3.6 login screen?15:23
dr_willisyou have 2 hds?15:23
dr_willisyou have grub on sdb but not on sda?15:24
canihojrohh, my driver nvidia-current no is update.... i need other more update than this.... for steam :/ howto can i update this? :/15:24
dr_willistried telling the bios to boot sda?15:24
dr_willisthat should boot to windows directly15:24
pozthat works15:24
pozbut i dont want to have to go into bios every time I want to get into windows 715:24
dr_willissome bios's ive seen if you boot from a 2nd hd.. switches the drives around. so sdb would become sda and so forth15:25
dr_williswhich can confuse things15:26
davegarathpoz, dr_willis, that's interesting I have the same problem :) and enter in bios every time to switch order is very tedious15:26
pozthere is a problem with my motherboard (I think) where my keyboard is activated in enough time to get into the bios only if I shut it off for a good 5-10 seconds. if it is a quick restart the keyboard does not activeate (to hit the del key - bios) until the log in screen15:26
dr_willisit sounds like the drives are switching and windows is getting confused15:26
dr_willismy mb has a key at boot to show the hds.. trivial to select what hd to boot15:27
davegarathdr_willis, I don't think this is a windows problem because I have the same problem with ubuntu on sdb15:27
pozdr_willis, this makes a bit of sense. I have a quick swap hd computer case and I change the order of the hds some times... I typically just change the boot order. but if I do that does it also change which drive is associated to which sd'letter'?15:27
dr_willisit could. thats why the use of uuids is standard these days15:28
pozthe thing is, when ever I do fdisk or other commands, the windows is always sda (in ubuntu)15:29
pozmaybe it is actually sdb?15:29
pozas far as i know, it has the correct uuid15:29
pozi have been giving google a million questions and have pretty much confirmed every line in the grub.cfg file and have tryed boot-repair15:31
pozit like grub can not see the other hd15:32
pozthat is what the boot-rapair gave me15:33
SorinanMy VT is being set, by some reason, to ISO-8859-1 whenever the system starts, and, also by some unknown reason, being set back to UTF-8 when I issue a "reset" in the terminal. How do I set this to UTF-8 always?15:33
pozsooo, any help?15:36
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fourqI've joined the company Active Directory through a tool called Likewise AD Membership. It joined the domain just fine, but I cannot ping the box from any other machine.15:38
Tecani have an encrypted home directory and the userdir apache2 mod wont work15:39
FlamekebabSolarisBoy, is there a guide on doing something like that I could find somewhere?15:39
fourqI don't know anything about LIkewise except that it claimed to join AD domains15:39
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cristofer6891when receiving a ip address from DHCP the kernel crashes & the following error is displayed "kernel BUG at /build/buildd/linux-3.2.0/drivers/pci/msi.c:316!" anyone know how to resolve this?15:39
=== andromeda is now known as xAndromeda
pozlol Flamekebab15:40
computerpriest walking down the street saw a hooker at a corner, he asked "what will you're mother think of what you're doing young lady!", she replies "she'll kill me for taking over her corner!".  sorry i was bored hehehe15:41
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mikro_hi guys15:43
notwist !ot | computer15:43
ubottucomputer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:43
computer!ot | notwist15:44
ubottunotwist: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:44
notwiststop trolling15:44
computeri havent said a word since!15:44
elementary-site8Hi guys15:45
elementary-site8I need some help with a apparmor profile, anyone on??15:45
SorinanMy VT is being set, by some reason, to ISO-8859-1 whenever the system starts, and, also by some unknown reason, being set back to UTF-8 when I issue a "reset" in the terminal. How do I set this to UTF-8 always?15:45
notwistcomputer: sending me an ot-notification just because I sent you one is clearly trolling, do something useful with your time instead.15:45
computerSorian, reinstall everything :)15:45
computernotwist, get over it!15:46
computerim done! dude15:46
notwistcomputer: stop giving useless advice like that, or I'll get an operator here15:46
mikro_does anyone know a text-based program that can view a picture (jpg, png,...) on terminal15:46
Flamekebabpoz - what?15:46
computeruseless to u maybe...15:46
notwistSorinan: what do you mean by VT?15:46
notwistcomputer: useless to anyone, "reinstall everything" is not helping.15:47
Touhou11mikro_: The closest you can get is programs which convert pictures to ascii and show it on the terminal15:47
Sorinannotwist, Virtual Terminal15:47
Touhou11mikro_: Mplayer can ever play movies in ascii format15:47
notwistSorinan: what program do you use, is it the default terminal program in Ubuntu?15:47
computeryoure not sorian15:47
mikro_yes, ASCII, that is what i thought15:48
mikro_really, can mplayer do this?15:48
llutzmichaelni: mplayer -vo aa  file15:48
elementary-site8any help with this I would be most grateful: ....  "Setting /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox to enforce mode. Warning from stdin (line 1): /sbin/apparmor_parser: cannot use or update cache, disable, or force-complain via stdin AppArmor parser error,  in stdin line 23: Could not open 'abstractions/ubuntu-browsers.d/firefox'"15:48
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llutzerr micro_^15:49
Sorinannotwist, by VT I mean the VT100 terminal that I get when the system starts (no X)15:49
computervlc best video player ever15:49
llutzmikro_:  mplayer -vo aa  file15:49
kullixquestion: i love the Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS interface, and i want to use it until april 2013. but i was wondering, is it really worth getting the newest Ubuntu to get the best Ubuntu experience? i have a core 2 duo t400 with 4GB of ram.15:49
mikro_thanks llutz, i'll try it now15:50
wtingkullix: no15:50
computerkullix, if everything works fine, why fix it?15:50
Touhou11kullix: If you're happy there's no reason you have to upgrade. Though it you want a new Ubuntu with a more "classic" interface, try Xubuntu - it's very similar to GNOME 215:50
computerupgaring isnt always the best option15:51
Sorinannotwist, well, solution found: "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup", thanks ^^15:51
computerupgrading isn't always the best option*15:51
elementary-site8anyone know where the 'abstractions' folder is located at?15:52
notwistkullix: if you dont know why youre upgrading you shouldnt do it15:52
notwistelementary-site8: this channel is for ubuntu support15:52
computernotwist, i apologize.15:53
kullixoh ok thanks guys15:53
kullixi'll stick with 10.0415:53
notwistelementary-site8: if you're using elementary os thats a beta version15:53
* computer was being a troll, i admit it15:53
kullixyou guys like the 64-bit?15:53
computer64bit yes!15:54
lucidohello, I haz problem with youtube. When ŰI maximize a video it shows in a small square in the middle of a black screen. Using proprietary nvidia drivers on amd64 ubuntu15:54
llutzelementary-site8: " /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/" ?15:54
elementary-site8notwist I know but it's pretty much ubuntu 12.0415:54
computerif your system is can handle 64bit go 4 it15:54
wyldeelementary-site8, you could always 'sudo updatedb; locate abstraction'15:55
computer_mint ftwww15:55
thunkeelucido: try using adobe flash player15:55
computer_kidding hi15:55
elementary-site8sudo updateb; locate abstraction15:55
computer_how to install drivers from ati site ?15:55
magezheys, someone knows of a cheap 1155 ?ATX mobo that is for sure compatible with ubuntu 64?15:55
notwistIgnoring ALL from *!*@72-57-226-176.pools.spcsdns.net FYI computer15:56
lucidothunkee, but I am arent I, I istalled the restricted extraqs package15:56
kullixcomputer: well i put windows 7 64 bit on yesterday and it was so fast, just to test the speed (this is my first 64-bit cpu cuz money is tight), and im wondering, ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, hmmmm15:56
Gamer1990_i want to know how to do a distribution upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04 beta15:56
thunkeelucido: default is gnash in 12.10 i think15:56
notwistGamer1990_: clean install.15:57
notwistGamer1990_: you don'15:57
computerkullix, want faster? go with xubuntu15:57
notwistt upgrade to a beta15:57
elementary-site8They used ubuntu to built their system but they probably changed the name of the folders that's why it can't find "in stdin line 23: Could not open 'abstractions/ubuntu-browsers.d/firefox'"15:57
computernotwist, well then...fuck u!15:57
notwistelementary-site8: it's irrelevant, this channel is for ubuntu support only.15:57
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Gamer1990_watch your language15:57
computernotwist, good day sir!15:57
DJonescomputer: Drop the bad language, its not appreciated in the channel15:58
Gamer1990_is it even possible?15:58
lucidothunkee, nope, its the flashplugin-installer package that comes with the system at least when rextras are installed15:58
computerk, notwist, well then... screw u!15:58
elementary-site8I know notwist but I would like to know where the 'abstractions' folder is located in ubuntu... is that too hard?15:58
llutz!13.04 | Gamer1990_15:58
ubottuGamer1990_: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+115:58
kullixcomputer: hmmmm, xubuntu 64-bit, ey?15:58
computerDjones, is that better?15:58
notwistI've already put computer on the ignore list but if he's abusive you should call an op with exlamation op command15:58
thunkeelucido: ok i had to install adobe version to get youtube right15:59
notwist!op computer is still in the channel as nick computer_ from open proxy15:59
computer_ppl we have 2 computer16:00
computer_i'm not the computer who said injuries16:00
allsystemsaregoHi all, how can I get in touch with someone from the LoCo team in Zurich, Switzerland? I'd like to send someone their way, and I'd like to ask them to help install Ubuntu on the laptop of a relative of mine who lives there.16:01
=== DouglasKWanderin is now known as DouglasK
lucidoanother question is, how can I stop youtube in html5 mode to exit from fullscreen igf I click on something on another twinview display? I can do that with normal flash if I edit some .so file (see http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/ubuntu-multi-monitor-tweaks-full-screen.html)but when a vid is playing in html5 something else is handling it16:01
newroadhullo all. I'm having an issue where it seems that sound through headphones seems to be playing without any bass. What could cause that?16:02
Touhou11newroad: Buy new headphones?16:02
lucidoNewa, change headphones?16:02
newroadNo matter what pair of headphone I use, there is absolutely 0 bass. It I use and equlizer to turn up the bass or emphasize the bass, there is either no difference or the sound disappears16:02
newroadthe laptop itself has both speakers and a dedicated subwoofer16:03
elementary-site8well thanks for nothing I'm out you rude idiots... I guess telling me where the abstractions folder is at is 2 difficult16:03
elementary-site8if I didn't have this nick I bet you would16:03
kaosfuryIf you were asking about ubuntu, they would16:03
newroadso my guess is that the laptop drivers aren't reassigning the subwoofer to the headphones16:04
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
newroadi've tried three different pairs.16:04
dhanasekaranHi Guys What is kworker?16:05
newroadTouhou11: thanks but believe me, ive tried that repeatedly.16:06
kaosfurydhanasekaran: Kworker is what controls the ACPI wakeup signals from the BIOS.16:08
newroadthe laptop is a Sasung Series 7 Chronos NP700Z7C, with a JBL speaker system built in, and Optimus as well if that makes a difference (i don't think it would but just in case)16:08
Touhou11elementary-site8: Just grep/find to locate it16:08
elementary-site8OK OK OK I have one GREAT BIG FAVOR TO ASK:  can someone with ubuntu 12.04 please send me the 'firefox' test file located in /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/firefox16:08
Pinkamena_Dhi, i am trying to run a wimple windows program that a friend gave me to review math concepts. Al the program does is play mp4 videos located in a folder, but i believe it uses flash player for this16:08
newroadis there perhaps a better audio driver I could try?16:08
Pinkamena_Di could just play then manually, but they all have weird filenames16:08
Pinkamena_Dit gives an error in the problem for macromadia director:script error, i believe because teir is no player installed16:09
Pinkamena_Dis this possibl to fix with wine?16:09
Touhou11Pinkamena_D: Have you tried just playing them with VLC?16:09
Pinkamena_Dagain, their are tones of small videos located in a folder with weird filenames, and the exe file opens a program where they have legible titles and a player16:10
Pinkamena_Di could play them manually, but it would be a pain16:10
pozso i dont know if anyone here remembers my booting problems but I have another detail. if I boot into windows - restart booting into grub - I can load windows fine. However, if I load into ubuntu - restart into grub - windows does not boot. I get this error: no such device: ###############. error: invalid signature. Press any key to continue...16:10
pozwhat is up with thaT?16:10
Touhou11Pinkamena_D: Drag them all into a VLC Playlist. If the video files have standard metadata, VLC should also be able to display legible titles16:11
MonkeyDustpoz  if it's win8, UEFI needs a signature16:11
Pinkamena_Dok, i will try it16:11
fazedoes anyone know why using the experimental nvidia drivers has the unfortunate side effect of disabling my mouse and keyboard16:12
pozMonkeyDust: windows 716:12
fazein 12.04 desktop 64 bit16:12
elementary-site8CAN SOMEONE JUST COPY AND PASTE THE CONTENTS OF  /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/firefox so I can make that text file.... damn16:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
elementary-site8no help uh16:13
b14d3You're still not asking about Ubuntu. There's a trend.16:13
newroadHello, I'm having an issue where no matter what headset I plug in, I have 0 bass. ALSA shows 00 for bass and there is no ability to turn it up. If I unplug the headset (any headset) the bass come through the laptop speakers just fine. I am certain this is a driver issue. If I use a pulseaudio equalizer to emphasize bass, the sound disappears. The laptop is a Samsung Series 7 Chronos.16:13
pozEver hear of this problem before? I reinstalled everything to hopfully avoid it but it persists16:13
fazeelementary-site8: i have no such file16:13
b14d3newroad: Did you try plugging something else into the jack that the headphones are plugged in?16:14
fazei had nowhere near this much trouble with 12.10, is 12.04 just a crap release or something?16:14
fazeit's an LTS, it should be more stable than 12.1016:14
elementary-site8ok b14d3 can anyone please check if they have a file named 'firefox' in   /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/   in ubuntu 12.04 12.10 or 13.0416:15
fazea better question is, why are you missing that file16:15
elementary-site8because they used ubuntu and then removed stuff from ubuntu?16:16
fazesudo apt-get install firefox16:16
dhanasekaranI've started seeing something called "kworker" listed recently when I run top.16:16
fazeor download the installer16:16
pozelementary-site8 I do not16:17
newroadb14d3, ould you give me an example?16:17
pozI do not have that file and I have firefox16:17
newroadplug what into the headphone jack? you mean speakers?16:17
b14d3newroad: Do you have a set of external speakers?16:17
newroadI don't :(16:17
b14d3newroad: Do you have another set of headphones?16:17
newroadbut I have three different headsets16:17
b14d3newroad: Do the other headphones get bass from that jack?16:18
newroadall of them produce that same problem.16:18
b14d3newroad: Then how are you so sure it's a driver problem, and not a hardware problem with that jack16:18
newroadah, because the bass is perfect if I reboot into Windows16:18
joey8elementary-site8→ hi there. i have come accros the same problem as you and i have the answer.16:18
erncicdhanasekaran, http://askubuntu.com/questions/33640/kworker-what-is-it-and-why-is-it-hogging-so-much-cpu16:19
elementary-site8joey8 what is the answer?16:19
b14d3newroad: Ah, that makes sense, and is also important information.16:19
newroadAND because if I open AlsaMixer, it shows bass as 00 with headphones plugged in, and I can't turn it up, but if I unplug the headphones, I CAN adjust the bass volume16:20
joey8elementary-site8→ i was just about to give it to you but then i realised that you think i am a rude idiot so... sorry about that.... you can go suck a lemon :¬)16:21
* joey8 laughs16:21
poz:( joey8 you should always help16:21
cazecaceazceazhi ppl16:21
cazecaceazceazi was banned16:22
cazecaceazceazcoz error16:22
b14d3poz: I agree, but he's not wrong.16:22
cazecaceazceaza troll was here who was 'computer'16:22
pozlol oh16:22
cazecaceazceazand i was 'computer'16:22
pozI just wish some one could help me with my boot problem16:22
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=== helping_servant is now known as L3mce
tbrtrbi wanted to say 'computer_'16:24
tbrtrbNOT COMPUTER16:24
tbrtrbstop ban me plz, i was COMPUTER_ not COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!16:24
b14d3Flooding about who you aren't isn't helping :P16:25
tbrtrbso I was not the troll, sorry i don't know where to msg16:25
DJonestbrtrb: Please join #ubuntu-ops to resolve the ban as you were asked to do in the ban message16:25
forzihay krey16:25
elementary-site8actually all I had to do was copy and paste ubuntu file on mine and it worked16:26
krey_forzi: o/16:26
elementary-site8but now it asks for another one :(16:26
elementary-site8stdin line 155: Could not open 'local/usr.bin.firefox'16:26
Kion1is there an easy way to get rid of all the past kernels on my system?16:26
bdi_hmmm ok...i have added this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452657/ to the bottom of /etc/ssh/ssh_config. I have created a group called sftp, and i have a user called joe. /home/joe exists, and i executed http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452668/ However when i try to connect i get connection refused...When i try logging in with root credentials it works fine. Am i missing something?16:26
forzikrey I live in PMR, Wthont you?16:28
Karoliina_Question: I screwed up an LXDE installation and it broke Unity. Would backing up and reinstalling, then restoring from the backup solve the problem?16:29
pozif you know what you are doing in terms of dual boot on multiply hard drives in grub, can you pm me?16:29
dchernivbdi_, well yea16:30
dchernivbdi_, you set the shell to /bin/false16:30
forzipoz set not meltiple.16:30
bdi_dcherniv, yeah, but i should still be able to connect to sftp according to this tutorial: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/opensource/chroot-users-with-openssh-an-easier-way-to-confine-users-to-their-home-directories/22916:31
pozsure, a set of hard drives (only 2 actually) lol16:31
elementary-site8AHAHHAHAHA I GOT IT TO WORK16:31
elementary-site8MY FIREFOX NOW HAS APPARMOR16:32
=== Chads is now known as Chad
pozwhat is apparmor?16:32
pozwhy so mean?16:32
pozsuch bm16:32
elementary-site8 ELEMENTARY IS WIN UBUNTU IS FAIL16:32
=== Chad is now known as Guest22822
pozsir, you have bad manners16:32
forzibengaza see TV16:33
newroad*rolls eyes* what a moron16:33
newroadHello, I'm having an issue where no matter what headset I plug in, I have 0 bass. ALSA shows 00 for bass and there is no ability to turn it up. If I unplug the headset (any headset) the bass come through the laptop speakers just fine. I am certain this is a driver issue. If I use a pulseaudio equalizer to emphasize bass, the sound disappears. The laptop is a Samsung Series 7 Chronos.16:34
newroadAND because if I open AlsaMixer, it shows bass as 00 with headphones plugged in, and I can't turn it up, but if I unplug the headphones, I CAN adjust the bass volume16:34
dchernivbdi_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452657/ this added to sshd_config not ssh_config correct?16:34
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler or Jordan_U!16:34
Jester_Hi All16:34
IdleOnejoey8: ?16:35
joey8IdleOne→ bad bad language here16:35
DJonesjoey8: He's left the channel already16:35
joey8IdleOne→ he's gone thanx anyway16:35
pozlooking for someone who has experience with grub and 2 hard drives16:35
AbhijitIdleOne, the person joey8 complaining about has already left the channel.16:35
IdleOneok, thank you.16:35
Abhijitpoz, just ask away the question with details.16:36
pozAbhijit, I have before, there are a lot of details...16:36
pozbasically I get this when I try to load windows 7 from grub : error: no such device: ###############. error: invalid signature. Press any key to continue...16:37
forzigive mi vk hacker plise/16:37
Abhijitpoz, are you using UEFI?16:37
pozwhat is UEFI?16:38
Abhijitthat means you are not using it!16:38
Abhijitpoz, do you have dual boot? which are the os you are having in your hdd? how many hdd? which os on which hdd?16:38
FlowRiserHow do i install a .tar.gz file in ubuntu ?16:39
AbhijitFlowRiser, you dont. you first extract it and then follow the instruction to compile and insatll it16:39
FlowRiseri see, thanks16:39
AbhijitFlowRiser, to extract it, in the terminal do, tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz16:39
forzitar and gz thise arhive16:39
pozI have dual boot (atleast I think i do). I have win 7 on one hd (sda) and ubuntu on another hd (sdb)16:40
pozubuntu 12.04 lts16:40
Abhijitpoz, thats not a dual boot. both os on different hdd! does your grub shows windows 7 entry ?16:40
KI4ROFlowRiser, You're better off trying to find a .deb file16:41
MonkeyDustpoz  type sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit and paste the url here16:41
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=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
percent__I am wanting to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro 13" can I just install it off the live disk without boot camp if I plan to wipe the entire HD?16:41
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MonkeyDust!mac | percent__ read this first16:42
ubottupercent__ read this first: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:42
pozAbhijit, it does. at first it just showed one windows 7 entry. after i tryed boot-repair, it shows 2 entrys (one for each partition sda1 and sda2). this is the pastebin from boot-repair: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452519/16:43
Abhijitpoz, whats sdc?16:44
Abhijitpoz, i think sda and sdb are you two main hdd. sda has windows 7 and sdb has ubuntu. right?16:44
pozthis is fdisk -l : http://pastebin.com/XdL3hZxj16:44
Abhijitthen what is that sdc?16:44
TomyLaptophow do i regenerate a package's default configuration files?16:44
percent__MonkeyDust: I have read through a lot of that, but can't find anything specific about wiping the HD and having only ubuntu. Most everything explains how to Dual boot.16:45
pozsdc and sdd are just storage16:45
pozsda (win 7) and sdb (ubuntu) are my main ssd's with the os's on them16:45
pozit is strange. when I follow this order of actions this is what happens: I boot into windows - restart booting into grub - I can load windows fine. However, if I load into ubuntu - restart into grub - windows does not boot. I get this error: no such device: ###############. error: invalid signature. Press any key to continue... SO somthing happens when I boot into ubuntu16:48
pozlooking at the fdisk I can see that sda is ubuntu and sdb is windows 716:49
pozThis was not true an hour ago16:49
pozI was swapping the hard drives trying to debug this16:49
MonkeyDustpoz  normally, windows sits on sda116:50
pozmy computer case lets me swap hard drives very easily16:50
pozI can see that the hard drives are all mixed up16:51
melfyecho 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches  ==> permission denied as root ??16:52
pozI will be right back. I am going to correct the hard drive problem16:52
llutzmelfy: using sudo?16:53
Picimelfy: use: echo 3 | sudo tee /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches16:53
ashpAnyone here know where /etc/init.d/ scripts obtain $PIDFILE from?  Jenkins calls to $PIDFILE all the time but doesn't have it defined anywhere.16:54
TomyLaptophttp://pastebin.com/7zqG871X I get this error when installing nvidia-current-updates. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452737/ this is the log file mentioned.16:54
ashpI'm baffled by this because it works sometimes then randomly breaks for me.16:54
TomyLaptopError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.2.0-35-generic (x86_64)16:55
SietsemTomyLaptop, do you have the kernel headers installed?16:55
TomyLaptopi think so16:55
TomyLaptopwhich package would that be?16:55
MonkeyDustTomyLaptop  what ubuntu version?16:56
TomyLaptoplinux-headers-3.2.0-35 is installed16:56
TomyLaptopubuntu 12.04 LTS16:56
MonkeyDustTomyLaptop  12.04 has 3.2, not 3.516:56
MonkeyDustok, correct16:56
llutzashp: usually the PIDFILE is defined at the start of init-scripts, see " (grep -l PIDFILE) /etc/init.d/skeleton"16:57
MonkeyDusti misread16:57
pozOkay, here is my new fdisk -l http://pastebin.com/UpAf6LCB16:57
tomreynashp: it should be defined in the init scripts header, usually somewhere below /var/run/16:57
pozsda is windows 7 and sdb is ubuntu16:57
pozI also double checked to see if the following still occurs: I boot into windows - restart booting into grub - I can load windows fine. However, if I load into ubuntu - restart into grub - windows does not boot. I get this error: no such device: ###############. error: invalid signature. Press any key to continue... SO somthing happens when I boot into ubuntu16:58
pozit does16:58
pozsorry about the confusion before16:58
hrolfHi #ubuntu, I have a folder which contains like 1800 files (mostly PDFs books) and the problem is that folder takes time to load, like 6 to 7 seconds whenever I open it16:58
=== grimeton_ is now known as grimeton
hrolfis there anything that I can do?16:59
hrolfthough when I do ls it is very fast16:59
=== grimeton is now known as Guest72598
MonkeyDusthrolf  maybe because 1800 icons loading need some time16:59
hrolfMonkeyDust: I don't want icons, how do I hide them?17:00
hrolfMonkeyDust: I have decreased the size very small still takes time17:00
tomreynhrolf: the classic approach to deal with this is to have create more subdirectroeis, such as creating one subdirectory for every first character and move the matching files into it.17:00
MonkeyDusthrolf  View > Compact17:00
hrolfMonkeyDust: I have already selected Compact17:00
MonkeyDusthrolf  what do you mean by hiding icons?17:01
hrolftomreyn: Isn't there any other way to disable icons for that particular folder?17:01
tomreynhrolf: there are also some file system options which could improve handling many smaller files  in the same directory (but i would need to look them up, too)17:01
pozlol he calls them "pdfs" :P17:01
pozhow cute17:01
tomreynhrolf: depends on your file browser, i guess17:02
hrolfMonkeyDust: You said it could be due the loading icons, so I asked if there is any way I can hide the icons17:02
=== dan__ is now known as Guest25882
hrolfpoz: They are not illegal books (if that's why you meant).17:02
Guest25882i have the source code for ios 6 anyone intrested ?17:02
joggersdoes anyone here know how to install VM with a template i have?17:02
joggersdoes anyone here know how to (re)install VM with a template i have?17:03
hrolftomreyn: File browser?17:03
joggersubuntu 12.1017:03
MonkeyDusthrolf  no, in the GUI it's always with icons17:03
tomreynhrolf: fwiw, i didn't get poz's comment either17:03
=== Guest72598 is now known as grimeton
nopzHi there, I have an ubuntu machine inside a VirtualMachine, when I run iotop nothing gets updated17:03
MonkeyDusthrolf  or try xfce's file manager, i forget the name17:03
pozhrolf, I did not mean that. I am sure they are pdfs, but was just insinuating that they are of adult material (photos, vids, ect...)17:04
Guest25882full ios 6 source code here17:04
tomreynhrolf: a file browser is like a web browser, but for files / directories17:04
melancholiedoes "working every two weeks" mean a week on and a week off?17:04
hrolftomreyn: What else file browsers are there available for Ubuntu?17:04
tomreynMonkeyDust: thunar17:04
TomyLaptopError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.2.0-35-generic (x86_64) http://pastebin.com/7zqG871X full log http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452737/ the log file mentioned.17:04
MonkeyDust!info pcmanfm | hrolf17:05
ubottuhrolf: pcmanfm (source: pcmanfm): extremely fast and lightweight file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 175 kB, installed size 1441 kB17:05
TomyLaptopcan someone tell me how to solve that?17:05
dchernivhrolf, pcmanfm17:05
hrolfMonkeyDust: Would it affect my system? Like do I have to remove the current one? Or can we keep it side-by-side?17:05
dchernivhrolf, great lightweight multi-tabbed file manager17:05
tomreynhrolf: i can think of neutilus, thunar out of the box. i think kde uses the same as its web browser, konqueror. not sure about others, i mostly use a terminal for file operations.17:06
MonkeyDusthrolf  side by side, just select the other as default17:06
Abhijitpoz, do one thing. take the question on askubuntu17:06
TomyLobotomreyn dolphin, nautilus, thunar... what's it with the maritime animals?17:06
pozokay Abhijit. Will do17:07
hrolfMonkeyDust: I see. Let me try (downloading).17:07
dchernivTomyLaptop, did you install kernel-headers?17:07
pozThanks for the advice17:07
TomyLobodcherniv as a package name? no17:07
TomyLoboi have linux-headers-3.2.0-35 though17:08
hrolfAnother question, how in Linux/Ubuntu you open the terminal in a specific dir (sort of like a shortcut) without cd'ing to that dir.17:08
tomreynTomyLobo: dunno, i didn't invent those names. maybe the idea is that they deal with what's under the surface.17:08
MonkeyDusthrolf  in synaptic, look for nautilus scripts17:08
dchernivTomyLobo, linux-headers-3.2.0-35 installed in package manager?17:09
pozI think the built in file manager is better then pcmanfm17:09
dchernivnothing is better than pcmanfm, hands down the best file manager on linux17:10
TomyLobodcherniv i A   linux-headers-3.2.0-35 3.2.0-35.55 i A   linux-headers-3.2.0-35-generic 3.2.0-35.5517:10
pozi find the default to be just as fast17:10
dchernivpoz, magnitudes faster and lighter than anything else out there while maintaining the same feature parity17:11
dchernivTomyLobo, hm looks right, what does uname -a say?17:11
TomyLoboLinux ideenpad 3.2.0-35-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 5 17:42:16 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:11
pozdcherniv, maybe I do not notice a difference because my machine is to fast already?17:12
tomreynhrolf: depends on the terminal emulator you use. For gnome-temrinal it's: gnome-terminal --working-directory=/tmp --window17:13
TomyLobodcherniv Linux ideenpad 3.2.0-35-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 5 17:42:16 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:14
dchernivTomyLobo, hm i dunno should work17:15
dchernivTomyLobo, try installing full sources, though that shouldnt be needed17:15
pozAny  recommendations for download managers?17:15
dchernivpoz, its possible17:15
tomreynpoz: i've rarely needed one, but there is the "downthemall" extension for firefox, pyload, jdownloader, aria217:17
BluesKajodd, I have no grub menu text after upgrading the latest kernel , only a grey-brown blank page with no text ...any others encountered this ?17:18
tomreynBluesKaj: i haven'T, maybe your grub defaults were changed?17:19
fazeis there another distro that is pretty much identical to 12.0417:19
pozI guess jdownloader will do. I like fdm in windows, nice and simple17:19
fazei am encountering horrible issues with 12.0417:19
fazemy keyboard and mouse refuse to work half the time, i get some weird usb error17:20
BluesKajtomreyn, I forgot to mention I get the menu if I hold the shiftkey down right after the bios page17:20
MonkeyDustfaze  other distro's have adopted unity, but don't know which17:20
faze10.04 was a solid release, but 12.04 desktop is literal trash from what i've seen17:20
TomyLobodcherniv installed linux-source-3.2.0 (3.2.0-35.55), same error17:20
fazei just want something to run linux steam17:20
faze12.04 lts is their recommended version, but it is buggy as hell17:21
MonkeyDustfaze  ask in #linux, we cannot promote other distro's here17:21
dchernivTomyLobo, hm17:21
TomyLoboinstalled kernel-package too, for good measure17:21
fazeMonkeyDust: ok17:21
dchernivTomyLobo, im lost here17:21
dchernivTomyLobo, you have build-essential installed?17:21
fazewell, has anyone else experienced keyboard and mice not working in 12.04 lts?17:21
numbertoHi guys. I am on ubuntu 12.10 and I have issue which I don't know how to troubleshoot. On my keyboard the up and down arrows have "page up" and "page down" functions at the same time (if fn button is pressed). When I press Fn+down arrow  page goes down one page, but when i press Fn+up arrow, nothin happens. So now I don't understand why one of the combos work and the other don't17:21
tomreynBluesKaj: check/edit  /etc/default/grub17:21
dchernivTomyLobo, kernel-package?17:21
TomyLoboyes, just installed17:22
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
dchernivTomyLobo, are you running a custom kernel?17:22
fazemy mouse light is on until i select ubuntu in GRUB17:22
tomreynBluesKaj: run update-grub afterwards to apply your changes17:22
fazethen it fucking shuts off!17:22
fazewhy would ubuntu SHUT OFF my mouse and keyboard, that is absolutely ridiculous17:22
MonkeyDustfaze  mind your language17:22
IdleOnefaze: No swearing please17:22
TomyLobodcherniv i dont know, so probably not :)17:22
morsnowskifaze, thats good it means your mouse is working17:22
fazethis is why i use an operating system you have to pay for on my main machine17:23
fazethe one not made by the seattle company17:23
fazei just don't want to use a redmond operating system, but ubuntu isn;t quite ready for real consumer use yet17:23
dchernivTomyLobo, hm. try the drivers from nvidia.com maybe.17:23
fazei suppose this is offtopic so i'll stop complaining17:23
TomyLobodcherniv last time i did that, some guy here said i broke my ubuntu17:24
morsnowskifaze, what type of mouse is it?17:24
fazea logitech that worked perfectly fine in 12.1017:24
dchernivTomyLobo, ook. ehm pastebin lspci output?17:24
fazeit is a g5 gamer mouse17:24
TomyLobolspci -nn http://paste.ubuntu.com/1452676/17:24
fazemy usb keyboard refuses to work, but a ps2 keyboard works17:24
fazei don't have a ps/2 mouse handy17:24
MonkeyDustfaze  did you go back to 12.04?17:25
fazei mean, this is unacceptable behavior for an operating system17:25
fazeMonkeyDust: i clean installed 12.0417:25
fazeimagine if you sold someone a computer and they took it home and their mouse and keyboard refused to work17:25
morsnowskihmm i have a logitech mouse on 12.04 with no problems at all. is it an 12.04 out of the box? and did you check the md5 hashs17:25
tboatWell, that is the risk you take with Linux and open source, not hardware is compatible17:26
fazeit was an install from the mini.iso17:26
tboatnot all*17:26
fazetboat: i understand17:26
dchernivTomyLobo, two video cards then17:26
fazethere are companies that are betting a portion of their future on this platform though17:26
tboatfaze: installed all updates?17:26
dchernivTomyLobo, still doesnt explain why nvidia module wouldnt compile17:26
MonkeyDustfaze  i guess companies don't use gamer mice17:26
morsnowskifaze, and thats OK. i have HW here that doesn't run under winows17:26
InspectorCluseauI had a wireless usb mouse issue. Fixed by using an adapter to use ps2.17:26
fazeit worked for a while, and then i installed the drivers required by the steam beta client17:26
fazethen i rebooted and the issue happened again17:27
fazeand now on a clean install they won't work17:27
fazemaybe i should just go back to 12.1017:27
tomreyntboat: you could also put it this way: that's the limitation you buy when buying hardware form a vompany which doesn't make specs available and does not spend money on developing drivers for linux (but other operating systems).17:27
morsnowskihmm, odd17:27
dchernivTomyLobo, i dont know man17:27
TomyLobodcherniv yeah it's this optimus crap17:27
=== Guest46216 is now known as euphoria
tboatfaze: did you roll back to 12.04 because of mouse issue or something else?17:28
fazesomething else17:28
morsnowskifaze, could you try to run 12.04 from a live cd or usb stick ?17:28
fazemore for the long term support17:28
fazethe 12.04 graphical installer didn't work17:28
fazei had to use mini.iso and a ps/2 keyboard17:28
fazemy usb keyboard refused to work in the text installer as well, which i thought was weird17:28
TomyLobodcherniv i'm using bumblebee too17:29
morsnowskihmm i suggest you get a fresh 12.04 iso, check the hashs and try again17:29
tboatwell if the graphical installer didnt work, then you had a bad image.17:29
fazetboat: the graphical installer started up fine, but my mouse and keyboard didnt work17:30
fazethey work in windows17:30
tboatwell yeah, its windows, thats why it costs money17:30
tboatyou said its a g5 gamer mouse? what kind of keyboard is it?17:31
fazei just thought it was a weird problem. i'll try a fresh iso and i'll md5sum it17:31
fazejust some generic "media keyboard"17:31
OerHeksfaze maybe it is a bios setting > usb legacy support17:31
tboatlenovo, dell, hp, or just a keyboard with no labels on it?17:31
fazeOerHeks: why would 12.04 not work and 12.10 work?17:31
tboatfaze 12.10 is newer...17:32
fazetboat: it's a dynex17:32
fazetboat: i used this mouse on 10.0417:32
fazethat is older17:32
tboatand more stable, i ha